„Hommage à Bach et Mozart“ (Dante , Divina Comaedia III,14)

In the Bach-Year 2000 we made a little concert in Vienna.

Thanks to all musician who performed my composition
„Hommage à Bach et Mozart“
The Text ist from Dante, „Divina Comaedia“ III,14, see also: http://www.leeds.ac.uk/arts/info/125127/paradiso/1749/5_heaven_of_the_sun_cantos_x-xiv

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composer & conductor: Gerald Spitzner
Sopran, Bariton, Mandoline
Violin – Renate Spitzner
Viola – Gerald Spitzner
Piano, Contrabass

recorded in Vienna, 2000,
at Hospital ‚Barmherzige Schwestern‘

Pianosolo ‚Remembrance – for the victims‘ by Gerald Spitzner

Now I composed this new artwork:

‚Gedenken – Pour les victimes‘

In english this means: ‚Remembrance – for the victims‘

CLICK TO LISTEN / Klicken um anzuhören:

video: http://youtu.be/8CUbRpbfBes

This drawing is also dedicated to this Remembrance intention:

Zeichnung/ drawing: Renate Spitzner