„Franz von Sales Messe“ composed by Gerald Spitzner

„Franz von Sales Messe“ composed by Gerald Spitzner (conductor playing Viola)

„The association “VENITE” annually performs the “Mass of
St. Francis de Sales in B-major” on the feast day of St. Francis de
Sales in memory of Fr. Franz Lachinger, SDB, who died in 2001.
From 1997 to 2001, Fr. Lachinger was the one who made it
possible to perform this work, composed by Gerald Spitzner and
conducted by both handicapped and non-handicapped
musicians at the celebration of the Eucharist. This special
musical event, whose proceeds benefit mentally and physically
handicapped people, was honored by the municipal government
of Vienna, Austria, with the “Silver Medal of Vienna” in 2006.
The initiator and founder of this musical event is Professor
Renate Spitzner“, (pdf) ICSS – Newsletter (2007)

(ICSS – Newsletter – Founded in 1997 and published biannually by the International Commission for Salesian Studies (ICSS)
of the Oblates of St. Francis de Sales)

LISTEN: https://vimeo.com/253214225

8. Palma’s and Palminas great chance – The Venetian-Chinese Concert (Palma il Giovane 8)

8. Palma’s and Palminas great chance –

The Venetian-Chinese Concert

(Palma il Giovane 8)

left: Doge’s Palace on the Saint Marco Place

4th of September. Now the big day.
Palmina was well prepared for her big international performance to represent her culture with her beautiful Lute.
Only special guests where invited. Only V.I.P.s and the mightiest persons of the State where allowed to enter to this „one in a life time event“ and a lot of Chinese friends.
After a lot of friendly introduction speech and applause in the audience came a big silence.

Doge’s Palace in Venice whit paintings by Palma il Giovane

Palmina entered the little wood stage and started to play. Very clear and beautifully. She played a very soft an slow melody.
She is sitting on the right site of the little stage.
A female dancer with white-pink dress entered from the left side of the stage holing a pink flower which seems to radiate pink light. Palmina played wonderfully.
Behind them a big painting of Palma il Giovane was visible.
After her, step by step, came also with white-pink dress a few other female dancers on the stage, also holding a pink lighting flower.
They described with their aesthetic slow poetic moving the poesies of the language of flowers. They where all dressed in beautiful byzantine-Asian style.
This Style should represent also the idea of her culture: A culture that combines East with West.
Venice culture is also strongly influenced by the Byzantine culture and also by the West-European culture.
The Byzantine royal family was also at the audience. So they felt very touched that the Chinese concert has a very decent dedication to the Byzantine-Asian culture which defines itself as a Bridge-Culture between Asia and Europe. (East and West)
Palmina’s culture was defined in being like an isolated little island, surrounded by the sea water. But exactly this situation makes it possible that a special East-West culture could develop through its great painters, musician, and all artists. It is an island of the art.
Palmina is now representing this cultural idea like an cultural ambassador…
And then Palmina played some variations: She combined very well known traditional music-pieces into one piece.
The Byzantine prince liked her playing and their dancing and said to his mother: „Hm, this is a very beautiful performance: Asian-European Style. Look, at the byzantine-Roman-Asian-Chinese-Style the dancers are wearing!“. His mother liked it also and understood his son very well without saying any word.

Painting: Palma il Giovane at Doge’s Palace

And Palmina played Palmas composition which was a combination of old Venetian and old Chinese style.

The Chinese people in the audience liked also the performance of Palmina, the dancers and Palmas artwork.
They are very proud of her: „She is the best Lute player! What a big talent she is! And the music, this is a dedication to us…“
They looked at each other and feld very, very honoured that a European famous artist like Palma made them such a respectful dedication to her old traditional and very beautiful culture which has so much wisdom and spiritual knowledge to teach to Europe…
And now he will paint them in agreement of his master Titian.

The audience made a big applause than the ceremony master
announced the next music piece:
„The next music piece has the name „The 64 Hexagrams of the I-Ging – The Marco-Polo love song“
It is a special dedication to the Chinese culture in describing the 64-Images of ‚I-GING, The Book of Change‘ also known as ‚Book of Wisdoms‘.“
– The translator translated all words direct into Chinese language –

Doge’s Palace in Venice with paintings by Palma il Giovane

„We have in Venice an old tradition: If a man wants to express his love to a woman he sometimes comes to her window with his music instrument – a Lute or a mandolin – and playing music for her. Often his word are: ‚Princess Gogatine, open your heart, I, I (Marco Polo) play for you…“ (s.bar 72 and bar 92 )

The Chinese women in the audience smiled and nodded to each other, some laughed very shy and held their hands upon their mouth.
„And in this composition…“ – the ceremony master continued – „…between the Chinese Hexagrams the composition describing Marco Polos first love feelings as he meet his love and his future wife in the boat. She was painting in Chinese style and he played an Venetian melody for her not knowing that she is a Chinese princess. But their souls found themself inside their heart again, as if they know each other since thousands of years. She painted traditional Chinese and he played traditional Venetian style on his Mandolin for her. Both together in a fer-boat travelling to the Chinese emperor falling in love. The Venetian people like this scene of the Chinese boat very much because it remembers them going with a Gondola here in Venice.“

„Ohh…ooh, Hen Hao, HenDuo GanDongDe…“ said the people „Oh, very good, very moving and touching …“

Painting: Palma il Giovane at Doge’s Palace

And Palmina started to play this special composition.

Also V.I.P.s of Venice from now on opened their heart as they heard Palmina wonderful interpretation.

Palmina could transform HEARTS OF STONE into HEARTS of FLOWERS…

Palma who heard her playing thought: „She played with all her heart and it touches me very much.“
Palmina understood his secret love message in that music: He is Marco Polo with the Mandolin and she is the drawing Chinese little princess.
None at the audience would figure out that this is his love declaration to her. But they all could fell there is something real in the room.

A golden light, the mystic golden light which is the higher love between him and her, which he expresses also in his hundreds of paintings. Also here in the Dogan’s Palace it is visible at the big paintings of Palma.

Doge’s Palace in Venice with paintings by Palma il Giovane

Without Palmina and her magic Lute playing there would not be this magic golden light in his paintings. („Golden Heaven Light“)

San Geremia (Venice) Annunciation by Palma il Giovane 1628 with „golden heaven light“

Palma remembered how often Palmina did come with her Lute assisting him as he was painting. Often till the evening alone here at his big artworks at this giants Dogan’s Palace. She came and brought him light with her lantern, brought fine fresh breads and her music…
During the painting this gives him so much power not to give up and to work and stay on.
And often she played the ‚Marco-Polo-love‘-melody for him in his earlier version Palma composed for her.
And how often he understood her playing this melodies. Sometimes, during the painting-work there where a lot of painting students from the Titian-Art-Gallery helping Palma painting at the huge paintings. They did not know what this melodies are like. Only Palmina and Palma did know the meaning. So it was possible to express with music their love to each other without being observed by others although they where in the same room“.
Palmina also played sometimes the „Are you hungry? Should I bring you some food?“-melody and Palma answered with a melody which has two variations, in major meaning „Oh, yes!“ or in minor meaning „Its ok, thank you“.
The other students should not realize that Palmina has access to the Doge’s Palace cooking rooms and was able to bring some food for him.
Palma thought also about their secret art-projects at the „Spring-Moon-Light-River-Island“ – her first tender kiss to him who inspired him to draw „Mars and Venus“. The first moments as he stood under her window of her little garden with the mandolin and the day meeting her in the small street after a long time.
All this Palma was thinking while she played for the Chinese audience of over hundred people.
Palma smiled – none knows that he is the composer – for Palma it was enough honour to be the famous painter of Venice who will paint for 44 Chinese Women…
The Chinese women had tears in their eyes. They might think what a beautiful moment: A man from Venice like Marco Polo bringing the Peace-Message from Europe expressing his feeling to his Chinese princess Gogatine without knowing that she is a princess.
The Chinese men nodded looking very seriously and listened to the European-Asian composition with big respect.
After that music performance Palmina stood an bowed herself in front the audience. The Venetian Government also was proud of Palmina being such a friendly representative of her country and culture.

And now the Chinese people made some presents.
They over-handed Chinese paintings, and a Chinese lute.
They over-handed it to Palmina with friendly smiling.
Palmina was now very, very lucky to own an original traditional Chinese Lute.

„Our princess Lin liked your Lute playing very much. She wants to learn European Lute playing from you during the years the paintings are made by Palma il Giovane. And the princess also is a good music teacher: She wants to teach you to play the Chinese Lute.“, the translator said.
„Oh, yes I want to learn it… it is a big honour for me to learn it from you.“, Palmina said.
Palmina took that instrument, which was very heavy. She hold it on the stage and the audience applauded very strongly.
„And if she learned it she will play here the Chinese Lute for us!…“
And also the Venetian made presents to the Chinese: The Paintings which Palma will draw, a Venetian Lute for Princess Lin and handwritten copies of old masters, books and music and some music compositions of Palma.

Now the Chinese instruments where playing with a little chamber ensemble presenting traditional Chinese music to the Venetian people.

„And now our Venetian Government is inviting you all to the big dinner here at the Doge’s Palace in-front of our big paintings by Titian, Palma il Giovane and all famous painters.“
They showed them the paintings on the walls and on the top.
The Chinese people where very impressed. It is the first time they see such impressive artful European paintings.

After that they spoke all friendly altogether at eating and drinking very fine cooking special made for the friends from Asia.

They decide to make more inter-cultural exchange meetings in the next months. They should take place at the „Titian-Art-Gallery“ which is organized by the mother of Palma here nearby in a very beautiful little palace. At this palace of Palmas mum will Palma draw each of the 44 Chinese woman with the assistance of his students and with the music assistance of the artists and musicians of the members of „Titian-Art-Gallery“.

This will be a very great inter-cultural productive time!
The Chinese wanted also to held there some speech about the Chinese Philosophy and Art, especially about the I-Ging which is a 5000 years old book with nature-philosophical-images inside.
This speeches will be held by old Chinese masters live translated into Venetian language.
And they wanted some more composition by the artist who composed the „Marco-Polo-love-song“ which was Palma. But his new compositions should be for Pipa, the Chinese Lute.

Palmina and Palma looked and nodded at each other.
Palma thought that he will call her „Princess Gogatine“ if they where in the city together so that none could know her real name.
Palma’s name was famous here in Venice but he was not often seen in the public so that not every Venetian knew how Palma is looking like if they meet him on the street. But Palmina knows him very well:

„Much work is awaiting us, learning lute, composing and drawing, my dear Marco!“
Palma was surprised that Palmina called him now Marco.
Did she read his thoughts?
Yes, sure, she is his personal angel, directly from the golden coloured heaven…

Listen to the „Marco-Polo-love-song for Princess Gogatine“
(The 64 Hexagramms of the I-Ging)

VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/253107247



(to be continued…)


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Mozart Coffee Talk / Reconstruction of the Viola Part of KV 306a /

Gerald Spitzner talking about the Reconstruction

of Mozarts Viola part in the Sonata for Violin and Piano Kv 306a

LISTEN HERE (click on the link below)

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/15Mda_YLbik


Happz birthday! Mozart

7. The big Chinese Reception at the Doge-palace in Venice (Palma il Giovane music inspiration 8)

The big Chinese Reception at the Doge-palace in Venice

(Palma il Giovane music inspiration)

[en/de] (German translation will be soon available below)

Doge’s Palace Sala del Senato at Venice – paintings by Tintoretto und Palma il Giovane

Listen to The 8 Images of the I-GING:  https://vimeo.com/252415653

„Do you think the Chinese princess did feel that Marco Polo is coming into her live? I mean a women can feel that something is going on…“,
Palma asked Palmina, because he was inspired.

„Maybe, women can feel more things between HEAVEN and EARTH as others…Maybe they dreamed from each other before they met the first time.“, Palmina made a short accord on her Lute playing the Notes „A-D-E-a“ together as a soft arpeggio very poetic and tender. Palma was inspired again and made again some drawings of her playing the Lute – Palma is famous for his fast drawings…

Travels of Marco Polo

„Did they have children?“
„Maybe…There is an official version of Marco Polo’s life and a version the people of Venice are telling since his arrival in Venice…In 400 years the historic knowledge will be sure an other version then what the people observed here in Venice.“

„What kind of music the Chinese people have?…and what kind of drawing they have?…Are there different nature philosophic IMAGES?“

Palma looked suddenly to the heaven thinking strongly and then he said:“Palmina, did you know the news of Venice?
„No…tell it!“
… but it is a secret!“
„Ok, I will not talk to anyone…“
„You know my mum is organizing always concerts for the government of Venice, now the mightiest state in the world…“
„Yes, yes you told me…“, Palmina said it with a soft voice.

Junk-Ship from China visiting Venice

„Now a big ship from Asia, from China, has arrived the borders of Venice.
The ship is so big that they wait outside at the Lido and sent a little ship for announcing their arrival.
The Government of Venice is now planing a big Chinese Reception at the Doge-palace here in Venice! There will be Chinese guests – hundreds – bringing presents to Venice – Chinese artists will make a greeting performance for our Venice government – they will bring also paintings from China and asked Titian to draw portraits of 44 important Chinese women – Titian asked me to do this work because this is too much for him – AND they want to hear a few music pieces for Lute and I should compose some music as present…“
„Oh…that’s great, Palma, this is your chance! Paint the Chinese guests and compose for them…but who will…?“
„…you mean who should perform my music…?“, Palma asked her, „…Of course you Palmina, you play that fantastically !!! I LOVE YOU playing my creations!“
„But our love, our relation is secret – None knows that we are friends!“, Palmina had her soft voice again.
„…and you are no official member of the Titian Artists Gallery so I have to ask my mum to organize an official invitation by the government of Venice for you to be a permanent soloist of the Doge-palace. Would you…?“
Palmina started to smile like the sun, stood up and jumped into to air putting her arms around Palma and kissed him tender and soft hundred times.
„That would you do for me? Really?“
„Oh, this is ok…I like you and you are the best Lute of the State of Venice…Mum, which is also a good musician and composer, will manage that. BUT don’t tell anyone before the invitation comes. Your family will be surprised if the Doge’s palace-safety-guards come to your home and overhanding the official invitation personally asking your father for agreement…“
Palmina said with her soft voice:“Yes, but why this will be such a giant act, this invitation…?“
„You know, that there are sometimes criminals who steal personal messages or letters. The government has realized that it is not possible to write a normal letter because someone will erase it for sure…“
„Ohh..oh..I see what an important invitation this is and a big honor!“
„Yes, it is a big honor also for your family…“, said Palma.

After a while of silent thinking Palma said:“But how can I give you the music score for the performance in the Doge’s Palace for over hundred of Chinese guests?“
„Hmm…don’t send with the normal post…it is too dangerous!“

„We have to meet again here with the Gondola on that island. Here we are alone with the animals.“
The animals are knowing Palma very well, he always has some bread for them. And now Palmina brought so much fine little Venetian breads. They also liked Palmina. She also loves flowers and animals…

Birds at the secret island

„And Palmina, don’t tell it to anyone, before it is official…None of your family or friends, no word to your brother…“
If your father has agreed officially than you go straight with your Lute with the guards to the Doge’s Palace at the Saint Marco Place to make a test-play with your Lute. I think this will be no problem for you, isn’t it? But tell none who made this invitation possible. It is a good moment for us artists in Venice! The Titian-Gallery has a good position at the Doge’s Palace!“

Venice (Italy), Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace) –   Sala del Senato (1574 paintings by Palma il Giovane and Tintoretto).

If you have the job you are as female artist accepted and you will be specially protected by the Doge’s Palace. You will be a V.I.P of Venice.
None may touch or abuse you any more, not even your relatives, because you are protected by the state of Venice. Your talent will be protected.
„Oh, I am so looking forward!!!“, Palmina smiled so inspiring.

Palma made some fast drawing of her as she was smiling.
„…we will see Chinese Art, Chinese Music and Chinese Painting, maybe Chinese Poesies …“
„…and you, Palma, will paint 44 Chinese Women…sure they are very beautiful…“-„Yes, So much paintings! more than a year of painting work!!! This is for master Titian to much….44 woman…“

Palmina smiled and looked into Palmas eyes:
„Really 44 Chinese women?….really?…Palma?…really?“

Palmina and Palma started to make jokes…

„…shure they are all very beautiful..hm?…“

Painting by Palma il Giovane – Doge’s Palace, Venice

„This is the first visit by Chinese people since a long time.
The Venetian people do not know how Chinese people look like…There are no paintings here to look at…Maybe they are very beautiful…“

„…maybe some Princess will be there…“

„… But we can not speak Chinese, Palma…“
„…They have an translator for Venetian and Chinese language. No problem of communication…Its a peace project!“
„Fantastic…! I am so looking forward to play your composition…“, Palmina said with her soft beautiful voice.

This made Palma inside his heart so strong that his mind begun to create the first melodies and she could feel that immediately…

And Palma created her beautiful compositions especially for her in the old Venetian and an old Chinese style.
But Palma was not sure if he made it well but soon they can ask a Chinese Lute player at the big Chinese Reception at the Doge’s Palace in Venice… There will be a group of Chinese artists with traditional Chinese instruments. Palma wanted to see this instruments.

So they met here on the secret island nearly every day to draw, to compose, and to rehearsal the music for „The big Chinese Reception at the Doge’s Palace in Venice“.

left: Doge’s Palace on the Saint Marco Place

Palmina got the official invitation, her test-play went well and she was now member of the V.I.P Doge’s Titian-Artists-Gallery of Venice.

But although she was now the 1.Lute solist of the Doge’s palace she did not get arrogant… She was always PALMINA, the girl with the little fresh breads in the early morning in the small short street with the big heart and with the big music talent playing the Lute from her tiny small room over the small little garden where always sweet birds came to listen to her and to answer her.
But she was now very careful: Letters where really stolen, letters she wrote to Palma and letters which Palma wrote to her…

Stairs at the doge’s Palace in Venice, where Palmina sometimes went

She did not tell anyone that she is 1.solist in the Doge’s Palace, only the other musicians and artists who are members of the Titian-Gallery, are knowing that.
Now she has more freedom about her time then before she got the big musician-job at Venice Government.
Palmina, Palma, his mother and the artists of the Titian-Galery and over hundred of Chinese guests where now looking forward to „The big Chinese Reception at the Doge’s Palace in Venice“.

Listen to Palmas Venetian Chinese Creation about the 8 classic IMAGES of the I-GING:

The 8 Images of the I-GING: VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/252415653


(to be continued…)

 CHAPTER 8: https://geraldspitzner.wordpress.com/2018/01/28/8-palmas-and-palminas-great-chance-the-venetian-chinese-concert-palma-il-giovane-8/

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6. Palmina saved Palmas music score (Palma il Giovane 7)

Palmina saved Palmas music score (Palma il Giovane)

[en/de] (German translation will be soon available below)

The next morning Palmina she waked him tenderly with her soft Lute playing. (She played since hours)

Palma slowly waked up and realized where he is…
„Palma, I dreamed that you played this melody of the planets for me and I dreamed that you composed it for me on a sheet of paper.“
„YES,…. I composed really a planets music and I played it during you were sleeping.“

Palmina continued playing by heart…

Palma was lucky to hear her playing.
As she played his artwork completely, he did not realize that she played the melody from her dreams and not from the music score which was not here, and gave her a little tender kiss.

She sat beside him and they both looked sitting on the herbs in direction of Venice – the city of art.

„Do you think this happened really…?“
„What happened?…“

„That Marco Polo came with his Princess to Venice and lived in a big garden here, very secretly protected by the government of state of Venice and from people of her country?“

„Yes, the people say it and sure there must be something that really happened in Venice. Marco Polo did not only bring the noodles, he brought also music instruments and musicians….I am sure that cultural exchange was also his mission…and this was the beginning…“

„Could you read my music score…?“
„Which music score?“
„…I wrote it this evening…where did you put it?“

„Oh, I am so sorry, I did not receive your music score, i learned it from the melody I dreamed from you…“-
„You are an angel…Only angels can play music from the dreams we have…“

„Ohh nooooo!“, Palmina pointed to a place near the water.
„There is your music score!!! – It is moving by itself!!!!“
Palmina run to the small part which connects the little island to the other part of the island.
She picked up the music score and saw that the stack-beetle was moving the artwork.
„The stack-beetle was it!!!!!“, shouted Pamelina.
„You violent cruel stack-beetle! What are you doing! Preventing me to play Palmas music score? Hmmmmm? Why did you do that?“
Palmina went back and brought Palma his music score.
Than she looked at the beautiful music with the dedication.
She smiled lucky and gave him a kiss so he was a little bit embarrassed
„I know why he did it…“
„He did it because he wanted to make his wife a big present…“
„Yes, last time I was here I drew this beetle and during the night he took my drawing away to bring it to a female beetle….really… I observed it….really!“

They both started to joke…

Palmina went to the Gondola and brought a basked of fine but not fresh little breads. As she arrived she gave Palma it to sniff and then she sniffed on the fine breads and they looked into their eyes smiling.
So they made a little breakfast on their secret „Spring-Moon-Light-River-Island“ speaking about Marco Polo and his princess from China.

Listen to the music: Palmina saved Palmas music score  https://vimeo.com/252225927


5. Planets at the evening Sky – music inspiration [eng / de] (Palma il Giovane 5)

5. Planets at the evening Sky – music inspiration

[eng / de] (Palma il Giovane 5)

[eng / de]
(Deutsche Übersetzung siehe unten / german translation see below)


VIDEO: Planets at the evening sky inspiration.  https://vimeo.com/252048996

Now Palmina laid beside Palma. They looked strait from their „Spring-Moon-Light-River-Island“ in the direction to Venice where the sun has softly set. Palma looked to the left side at the sunset to the Planets at the evening sky. Palmina put her head very carefully at Palmas side.
It was a fantastic view to the evening sky with e special planet formation.
All Planets where on one place visible. Palma wanted to explain her the names of the Planets from the left to right: Mars, Venus, Saturn and moon. The planets stand now together in a line.
But he saw that Plamina felt asleep beside him lying her head on his side.
She was tired because she had to sit for hours being his painting model with her lute. He understood her very well…
He said softly to her „During you are sleeping I will compose for you…“
So he begun very softly to compose for her – each planet on the evening sky as short melody-part. And also the moon he described in his composition.

„Maybe you will play it on your Lute one day – I would be very lucky“, he thought. Palmina smiled during she was dreaming and listening to his composition as if she could feel his thoughts.
Instead of using words Palma now spoke with soft music to her, to her heart…
And even they are separated through over 1000 of kilometers and could not speak to each other he would compose during she is sleeping.
But if they look at the evening stars they would look at the same stars.
Their hearts would feel now the same, they would think the same thoughts. He would feel her beautiful smile, he would feel her tender playing on her lute.
Now she sleeps and is smiling – he feels it -and he, Palma il Giovane, is now playing his new composition „planets at the evening sky“ for her:

Listen to the music: Planets at the evening sky inspiration.  https://vimeo.com/252048996

paintings: by Palma il Giovanne (some very good paintings with music instruments)


(to be continued…)

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[de] german version

Planets at the evening sky inspiration



Anhören der Musik: Planets at the evening sky inspiration https://vimeo.com/252048996

Nun liegt Palmina an der Seite Palmas. Gemeinsam sehen sie von ihrer „Frühlings-Mond-Schein-Fluss-Insel“ in Richtung Venedig wo die Sonne soeben sanft untergegangen war. Palma sah die Planeten am abendlichen Himmel auf der linken Seite des Sonnenunterganges. Es war eine einmalige, fantastische Sicht mit einer besonderen Planeten-Konstellation die sich ihnen am abendlichen Himmel darbot.
Alle Planeten waren nun zusammen auf einer Linie.
Aber er sah dass Palmina an seiner Seite einschlief und ihren Kopf auf seine Seite lehnte. Sie war sehr müde da sie stundenlang für seine Zeichnungen mit ihrer Laute Modell saß. Er verstand sie sehr gut…
Er sagte zu ihr sanft:“Während du schläfst werde ich für Dich  komponieren…“
So begann er sanft für sie zu komponieren – jeden Planeten des abendlichen Himmels als Melodie-Abschnitt. Ebenso beschrieb er in seiner Komposition den Mond.

„Vielleicht wirst du meine Komposition eines Tages für mich spielen – Ich wäre sehr glücklich.“, dachte er. Während Palmina schlief begann sie nun zu lächeln, dies als ob sie seine Gedanken fühlte.
Anstatt Worte zu verwenden sprach nun Palma mit sanfter Musik zu ihr, zu ihrem Herzen…
Und selbst wenn sie durch über 1000 Kilometer getrennt wären und nicht in der Lage wären miteinander zu sprechen, würde er, während sie schlief, für sie komponieren.
Aber wenn sie zu den abendlichen Sternen hinauf sehen würden, würden sie die selben Sterne sehen.
Ihre Herzen würden dasselbe fühlen, sie würden die gleichen Gedanken denken.
Er würde ihr schönes Lächeln spüren, er würde ihr zärtliches Spiel auf ihrer Laute fühlen.
Nun schläft sie und sie lächelt – er spürt es – und er, Palma il Giovane, spielt seine neue Komposition „Planets on the evening sky“ für sie:

Hören Sie die Musik: planets at the evening sky inspiration: https://vimeo.com/252048996

Gemälde: von Palma il Giovane (einige ausgezeichnete Gemälde mit Musik-Instrumenten)

(to be continued…)

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4. Two Pigeons music-inspiration (‚Mars+Venus‘ Palma il Giovanne 5) [eng/de]


(german translation see below / Deutsche Übersetzung siehe unten)

Mars and Venus on the little Venetian Island

or the two tender loving pigeons (2 Pigeons music-inspiration)

Listen to the 2 Pigeons music-inspiration:  https://vimeo.com/251713920


There is a little story about Palma and Palmina the people of Venice sometimes tell till today:

As Palmina ended her Lute solo Palma’s heart was so warm awakened by her, he smiled at her and said:“ Your Lute playing was that impressing and heart full that I can say I will never forget your music performance. I will remember it day and night every moment in my life and hold it deeply inside in my heart.“

„I want to paint you, Palmina!“. She smiled and turned her head a little bit down but her eyes looked straight up to him and smiled a little bit shy.
„…Oh, not here in the church… tomorrow, if it is possible for you, we can take a little boat or a Gondola starting from here to the small little spring-moon-light-river-island. There is an old ruin of an ancient church or monastery with nature, a few trees and a lot of green herbs and flowers. I painted there completely alone very often the nature and the animals…last time a big stack-beetle..He waited till i drew him ready…“
Palmina raised her lantern near to his and her eyes so that they shined and reflected the candle light very romantic.
Palma started to sniff at the lantern as it is a little white fine Venetian bread. She looked into his eyes and started also to sniff and both begun to laughed very naturally. This remembered them at the day they met suddenly in the tiny small street while she was carrying a bag of little fresh fine breads – they sniffed both at this bag at once…

The next day Palma went his way again early in the morning to go painting in this church on his big artwork. He took his way through the little street where Palmina brought fresh little breads and Palma sniffed on the fresh breads as it was her usual „wordless smiling greeting ritual“.
Then he asked her very silent: „Today at 2 pm at the end of the cale dei in the Gondola together to the island?… I will paint you there with the Lute!“
„Yes, but…shhhhhh..silent….“, she answered quick and went fast her way the small street along. Palma went also painting into the church always thinking about her.

Later they started her way from the south of Venice with the Gondola.
(The Gondolas of Venice didn’t have the black colour in this century. This colour was only the tradition after Titian’s death in respect to the biggest painter of Venice – Palma’s Master)
Palma moved the Gondola with his Power and Palmina started to play the Lute for him which empowers him very much. Plamina was able to make lucky with her playing style because she plays with her heart and all her love.

As they arrived at the „Spring-Moon-light-River-Island“ they searched a quite place. They where alone with the nature.
Palma lied in the herbs painting her and she sat on the ruin-stones holding her Lute playing.
Palma loved to draw and paint her much and to listen to her music. She started to play his composition „For Palmina by Palma“  Mandolin solo inspiration part III  and Palma looked at her with big feelings. She felt that and smiled.
Palma could draw and paint very fast. …
Like that this they did for a frew hours…
Than Palma showed his artwork to Palmina lying down in the herbs to make a break. – „Oooooh, beautiful!!!“, Palmina was surprised. -She could see and feel that he liked her really very much.
She lied herself beside him and looked into the lightblue sky. Than she made long breaths. Two pigeons flyed above them. Palmina pointed to them and Palma looked also. They could see them straight landing on the little tree which was direct under their feeds. The two pigeons seem no to be afraid of them.
Both sat on a root and begun to touch them with their little bills and begun to to bill and coo.
It was so quite and tender that Palmina and Palma where deeply impressed.
But suddenly a stack-beetle came along the root and tried to hurt the little feet of the right pigeon. „Oh, no…how violent the stack-beetle is to the two loving!“ – Palmina was shocked. He reacted very fast and took a little branch (piece of wood) to free the foot of the poor bird.
Now the aggressive stack-beetle bites into the little branch instead of the food that strong that Palma could lift him away and set him back to the floor without touching him.
And soon there was peace on the spring-moon-light-river-island again.
The pigeons started again to bill and coo after a while very tender.
Palmina smiled and said to Palma „I am proud of you!“
Then she smiled stronger and looked down to Palma which was lying at the ground. Palma looked shy why she is so smiling and she came slowly near with her head to his head and looked deeply into his eyes.
„Your creations are so wonderful“ – Than she tenderly kissed him but very soft.
It was overwhelming and full of love, his first kiss in his live.
He felt into a vision: He saw a vision for making a new painting…
Palma saw her as Venus deity and himself as god Mars of the ancient Greek mythology in this moment. Venus was active moving towards Mars. And Mars is overwhelming.
„Venus and Mars – this is a big painting inspiration!“
On the left side there will be two pigeons to describe her tenderness and heart full secret love.
During her soft kisses the stack-beetle bites him into his right foot as he wanted to destroy their spiritual harmony – But their love was bigger!
Normally this hurts terribly, but Palmina’s tender kiss, so soft with all her heart, heals his pain and he decides that he will draw this beetle as little Amor into the painting on the right site down…
Palma was kissed the first time by Venus in his life and bitten by Amor in the foot.
He saw in a vision the painting he should draw. Palmina lifted him into an spiritual high level of being.
The two pigeons will express the whole tenderness and secret deeply love between Palma and Palmina.
The stack-beetle stopped his biting and took the little branch and went slowly away. The stack-beetle was maybe that aggressive because Palma draw him early for hours on that island and now he realized that Palma il Giovanni is now painting Palmina with her Lute and not him.
So strong is the love between Palmina and Palma that they can overcome all things that are against their connection.
Palmina made some drawings from the loving pigeons and she played some variations on her Lute in the soft colourful evening which was slowly coming.
The Lantern of Palmina shined on them very tender and the 4 Planets on the evening sky started to shine nerby where the sun had set a few moments ago.

Listen to the 2 Pigeons music-inspiration: https://vimeo.com/251713920


(to be continued..)

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Mars und Venus auf der Insel bei Venedig oder die zwei liebenden Tauben

(2 Pigeons music-inspiration)

Die Venezianer erzählen manchmal auch heute noch eine kleine Geschichte über Palma il Giovane und Palmina:

Als Palmina nun ihr Lautensolo beendet hatte und sie Palmas Herz so warm erweckt hatte lächelte er und sagte zu ihr: „Dein Lautenspiel war derart beeindruckend und derart herzlich für mich dass ich nie dein Spiel vergessen werde. Ich werde Tag und Nacht, jeden Moment meines Lebens daran denken und es tief in meinem Herzen bewahren. “
„Ich möchte Dich gerne malen Palmina!“. Sie beugte ihren Kopf leicht nach unten aber ihre Augen sahen geradewegs hinauf zu ihm und sie lächelte wieder etwas scheu.
„…Oh, nicht hier in der Kirche…. morgen, wenn es für dich möglich ist, können wir ein Boot oder eine Gondel von hier aus zur „Frühlings-Mond-Schein-Fluss-Insel nehmen. Da gibt es eine alte Ruine von einer historischen Kirche oder einem Kloster mit Natur, ein paar Bäumchen und eine Menge von grünen Gräsern und Blumen. Ich malte dort oftmals völlig einsam die Natur und die Tiere… Zuletzt einen Hirsch-Käfer…Er wartete stundenlang bis ich ihn fertig zeichnete…“
Palmina hob ihre Laterne in die Nähe von seinen und ihren Augen so dass sie im Kerzenlicht leuchteten und sich romantisch reflektierten. Palma schnupperte an der Laterne als ob es ein kleines feines Venezianisches Brötchen (Weckerl) wäre. Sie sah ihm in die Augen und begann ebenso zu schnuppern und beide fingen an sehr natürlich zu lachen.
Es erinnerte beide nämlich an jenen Tag als sie sich plötzlich in der kleinen engen Gasse begegneten während Palmina ein Körbchen mit frischen, feinen, weißen Brötchen (Weckerln) trug und daran als sie beide gleichzeitig an dem Körbchen schnupperten und sich dabei in die Augen sahen.
Am nächsten Tag ging Palma wieder seinen Weg am frühen Morgen um in die Kirche malen zu gehen und an dem großen Decken-Gemälde, dem großen Werk, weiter zu arbeiten.
Er nahm seinen Weg durch das kleine Gässchen wo Palmina stets frische kleine feine Weckerln brachte und Palma an den frischen Weckerln schnupperte so wie es ihr übliches „Wortloses-Lächelndes-Begrüßungsritual“ war.

Dann fragte er sie sehr vorsichtig:“ Heute Nachmittag um 2 am Ende der calle dei… in der Gondola zusammen zur Insel?… Ich möchte dich dort malen mit der Laute!“ –
„Ja, aber…schhhhhhh…leise…“, antwortete sie schnell und ging eilig ihren weg entlang des kleinen Gässchens. Auch Palma ging Malen in die Kirche – ständig an sie denkend.

Später fuhren sie vom Süden Venedigs mit der Gondola.
(Die Gondolas Venedigs in diesem Jahrhundert haben nicht die schwarze Farbe wie heute. Diese Farbe wurde erst Tradition nach Tizians Tod als Zeichen des Respekts dem größten Maler von Venedig – Palmas Meister).
Palma lenkte die Gondola mit seiner Kraft und Palmina spielte ihre Laute; sie gab ihm viel Kraft durch ihr Spiel. Palmina konnte mit ihrem Spielstil glücklich machen da sie mit ihrem Herzen und all ihrer Liebe spielte.
Als sie nun die „Frühlings-Mond-Licht-Fluss-Insel“ erreichten suchten sie einen ruhigen Platz. Nun waren sie alleine in der Natur.
Palma legte sich auf die Gräser und malte sie während sie auf den Steinen der Ruine saß und ihre Laute hielt und spielte.
Er liebte es so sehr sie zu malen und er liebte es so sehr ihr zuzuhören. Sie begann seine Komposition zu spielen: „Für Palmina von Palma“ [Mandolin solo inspiration part III ] und Palma sah sie voller Gefühle an. Sie konnte das spüren und lächelte.
Plama konnte sehr schnell zeichnen…
Dies also taten sie stundenlang.
Dann zeigte Palma ihr sein Kunstwerk und legte sich in die Gräser um eine Pause zu machen. – „Ooooooh, wunderschön!!!!!“, Palmina war überrascht. – Sie konnte es sehen und fühlen: Palma mochte sie wirklich sehr.
Sie legte sich zu ihm auf die Seite und sah hinauf in den hellblauen Himmel. Dann machte sie einige lange Atemzüge. Zwei Tauben flogen über ihnen. Palmina zeigte auf sie und Palma sah sie nun auch. Sie konnten sie direkt auf einen kleinen Baum landen sehen der zu ihren Füßen lag. Die beiden Tauben schienen keine Angst vor ihnen zu haben. Beide saßen auf einem Ast und begannen sich mit den kleinen Schnäbel zu berühren und zu schnäbeln. Dies geschah so ruhig und zart dass Palmina und Palma sehr tief berührt waren.
Doch plötzlich kam ein Hirschkäfer entlang des Astes und versuchte das kleine Füßchen der rechten Taube zu verletzen.
„Oh nein! Wie gewalttätig ist dieser Käfer zu den beiden Liebenden!“ – Palma war schockiert. Er reagierte schnell und nahm ein Stäbchen, versuchte den Fuß des armen Vogels zu befreien. Nun biss der aggressive Hirschkäfer in das Stöckchen anstatt in den Fuß derart stark sodass Palma ihn wegheben konnte und ihn zurück auf den Boden setzen konnte ohne ihn zu berühren.
Und bald kehrte Frieden auf der „Frühlings-Mond-Licht-Fluss-Insel“ ein.
Die beiden Tauben begannen nach einer Weile wieder zärtlich zu schnäbeln.
Palmina lächelte und sagte zu Palma „Ich bin stolz auf dich!“
Dann lächelte sie stärker und sah zu ihm herunter der am Boden lag. Palma sah sie ein wenig scheu an weshalb sie so lächelte und sie kam langsam mit ihrem Kopf zu seinem Kopf und sah dabei ihm tief in seine Augen.
„Deine Schöpfungen sind so wundervoll!“ – Dann küsste sie ihn sehr zart.
Es war überwältigend und voller Liebe, sein erster Kuss in seinem Leben.
Er fiel in eine Vision: Er sah als Vision eines neues Gemälde…
Palma sah sie in diesem Moment als Gottheit Venus und sich selbst als den Gott Mars der Griechischen Mythologie. Venus war aktiv auf Mars zugehend. Mars war überwältigt.
„Mars und Venus – dies ist eine Inspiration für ein Gemälde!“
Auf der linken Seite die beiden Tauben um ihre zärtliche und herzvolle geheime Liebe zu beschreiben.
Während ihrer zarten Küsse biss der Hirschkäfer ihn in seinen rechten Fuß als ob er deren spirituelle Harmonie zerstören wollte – Aber ihre Liebe war größer!
Normalerweise würde dies sehr schmerzen doch Palminas zarter Kuss, so zart mit all ihrem Herzen, heilte seinen Schmerz und er entschied sich diesen Käfer als kleinen Amor zu zeichnen an der rechten Seite unten….
Palma war nun das erste Mal geküsst von Venus in seinem Leben und wurde von Amor in den Fuß gebissen.
Er sah in einer Vision das Gemälde wie er es malen sollte. Palmina erhob ihn in ein höheres spirituelles Sein.
Die beiden Tauben werden die ganze Zärtlichkeit und die geheime Tiefe Liebe zwischen Palma und Palmina ausdrücken.
Der Hirschkäfer hörte auf zu beißen, nahm das Stöckchen und ging langsam weg. Vielleicht war der Hirschkäfer nur deshalb so aggressiv weil Palma ihn stundenlang früher auf dieser Insel malte und nun merkte dass Palma il Giovane nun Palmina mit ihrer Laute malte und nicht ihn.
So stark ist die Liebe zwischen Palmina und Palma dass sie alle Schwierigkeiten die gegen ihre Verbindung sind überwinden können.
Palma machte einige Zeichnungen von den beiden sich liebenden Tauben und sie spielte auf ihrer Laute Variationen in den sanften farbstarken Abend hinein, der langsam im Kommen war.
Palminas Laterne leuchtete auf die Beiden sehr zart und die 4 Planeten des abendlichen Himmels begannen zu scheinen, dort in der Nähe wo die Sonne gerade vor einigen Momenten hinter dem Horizont ihren Weg nahm.

Hören Sie nun die Komposition hierzu:
„2 Pigeons music-inspiration:  https://vimeo.com/251713920

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5.  https://geraldspitzner.wordpress.com/2018/01/21/planets-at-the-evening-sky-music-inspiration-eng-de-palma-il-giovane/



3. Palmina saved Palma il Giovane with light and music (Mandolin solo inspiration part III)


(Mandolin solo inspiration part III)

VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/250977540

paintings: Palma il Giovanne

music composed 2016-10-31 by Gerald Spitzner (played Jan 2018)

Gloria di San Giuliano di Palma il Giovane


Today Palmina wanted to surprise Palma with playing his own creation from her window as she did last time.
She expected to hear from him soon – Every day Palma worked on a very large painting in the little church nearby. Often he arrived late with his mandolin to play for her and to listen to her music answer.
But today she waited and waited – there was no Palma…
She looked out of her window down in the tiny small street – but again no Palma…
She waited so long and was a little bid sad. She prepared the music piece so good and to surprise Palma today – but there was no Palma…
As the evening was coming she decided to lit her candle in her small lantern to go down to the small short street searching Palma in the church where he usually is working on his painting.
She took also the Lute with her, some little white Venetian breads and went very fast to the little church nearby.
The door was not locked so she hoped that this means that Palma is there still painting with candlelight. But as she came with her lantern-light into the dark church there was no candle lighting.
The church was without any light. Only from the windows came some dark blue light. She found him sleeping at his big painting making a little break forgetting to wake up and to come to Palmina with his mandolin.
She looked at him and realised how peaceful he is now sleeping. Palmina smiled as she saw him sleeping like a little child in front of the big painting which is his great artwork. But she also saw the music piece on that paper he wrote for lute lying beside the painting.
She learned every note by heard from that music piece.
Palma did not know that she learned his music piece and playing it in her tiny chamber alone every day. Once she wanted to play for him his music creation – Today was the day!
Also Palma planed to play this music piece for her!
He thought that he will surprise her with this music – He learned the piece on his mandolin in his little breaks between when he was alone in the church.
BUT Palmina was faster – Yes, she is able to learn a new music piece incredibly fast.
Every time she visits him at this little church in Venice she learned a few parts from the music-sheet which has Palma always at his working place secretly looking at the music sheet.
But Palmina came often and brought him fresh backed fine little breads (Once Palmina invented these little fine breads and all people of Venice loved her creation – Only in Venice you can get these fine breads also till today).
Palma painted often so long that there was no time for eat. Palmina could feel that and brought him secretly every day some fine little breads if none was in the church.
Today he worked so long and hard on his big painting that he felt asleep. So Palmina set the lantern-light to his head and took her Lute into her hands. Softly she started to play his music piece tenderly nearby his ear. She saw also that he added a dedication with her name at the music-sheet. She was very moved about this – Palma is expressing his feelings and she understood this very well…
She was so lucky that Palmina did not fall from the scaffolding today. It was dangerous to be tired and painting on the scaffolding in this church.
Palma il Giovane heard her beautiful playing and waked up very softly during her gentle Lute playing. First he thought a female angel with a special kind of lute was now playing in the church.
Palma started to smile and listened to her little soft personal concert.
They where at this evening alone in this little church – only the angels where with them and also the golden light which was visible around all things (Palma often painted it in his paintings).
Palmina looked so friendly being surrounded by the warm candle light from the little lantern. Palma was lucky and inspired…
Palmina played with all her heard and warmed Palma’s heard. Now she waked him up so softly and friendly…
She awakes his love to music, to make music, to express feelings with music and to tell little or big things within music…
She was able to heal with music, to make tired hearts lucky and to wake a sleeping soul up for new inspiring life with all her music talent playing her lute.
So Palmina saved Palma il Giovane with light and music.
LISTEN to the music piece:
(played at Jan. 2018)


paintings: Palma il Giovane
music: composed by Gerald Spitzner (31.Oct, 2016)

VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/250977540

(To be continued…)

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2. Mandolin solo inspiration – Part II

As Palma finished his mandolin solo he listened if she is playing a music answer from her window. She thought if she plays a little dance as her own composition no one will say anything against it. And so Palmina did. No one will forbid her to play an own composition.
Palma listened to her and started a drawing of her showing her with the lute and his mother playing the violin.
After she ended her own dance composition Palma raised his Mandolin and played this music: LISTEN:



music composed and played by Gerald Spitzner, Jan.2018

painting: Palma il Giovanne, Venice

painting by palma il giovanne

(To be continued…)


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1. »Palma il Giovane – The Peony Gondola« – Mandolin solo Inspiration I – by Gerald Spitzner

1. »Palma il Giovane – The Peony Gondola«

– Mandolin solo Inspiration I – by Gerald Spitzner

· 470 years ago Palma il Giovane lived (* ~1548 in Venice; † 1628 Venice) in Venice (Italy), who was a famous painter and pupil of the great master Titian.
At Venice his painting was presented the first time in a little church. He saw her the first time in his live. She played very beautifully the Lute. After the concert he spoke with her about her beautiful concert and thanked her very much. He spoke with her about the names of the strings of her beautiful instrument. And she was very lucky to explain him the names of the strings. And there was a light-beam coming directly from the church window to that place where they stood. He wanted to see her again but he had no address, he had only her name „Palmina“.
So after a long time it happened during an early morning in Venice that Palma il Giovane went through a very tight and very short street.
Suddenly he met her again in this street:
She was carrying tiny white breads which where freshly backed. Palma made some pantomimic movings with his fingers in the air. It looked like he was playing Lute. Palmina smiled very happy.
As they so meet each other again they smiled and said no word and looked smiling into their eyes. She allowed him to sniff on the fresh tiny fine breads. He sniffed and she sniffed also, both smiling and looking each others into their eyes.
Without saying any word they met again in the next morning in this little street. This they made every early morning in this short tiny street without speaking any words while smiling and looking into their eyes and sniffing at the fresh fine white little breads which where backed fresh and transported by Palmina through this tiny street.
But on one day she was not here on that morning and Palma was very sad because he didn’t not know where she is living here in Venice. Suddenly he heard her playing the Lute. So he raised his eyes up to the windows over the lovely little garden on the right side which was on the other site of the tiny wall and he saw a lot of open windows and he could not figure out from which window Palminas Lute music is coming from and decided to run home and bring his MANDOLINE.
As he heard that she is playing so beautifully he listened to her music. After she stopped playing for a while he started to play on his Mandoline this music:

Please click to listen to Palma’s Mandolin solo:

[video-link]: https://vimeo.com/250000429

composed and played by Gerald Spitzner, Jan.2018


(To be continued…)

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