3. Palmina saved Palma il Giovane with light and music (Mandolin solo inspiration part III)


(Mandolin solo inspiration part III)

VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/250977540

paintings: Palma il Giovanne

music composed 2016-10-31 by Gerald Spitzner (played Jan 2018)

Gloria di San Giuliano di Palma il Giovane


Today Palmina wanted to surprise Palma with playing his own creation from her window as she did last time.
She expected to hear from him soon – Every day Palma worked on a very large painting in the little church nearby. Often he arrived late with his mandolin to play for her and to listen to her music answer.
But today she waited and waited – there was no Palma…
She looked out of her window down in the tiny small street – but again no Palma…
She waited so long and was a little bid sad. She prepared the music piece so good and to surprise Palma today – but there was no Palma…
As the evening was coming she decided to lit her candle in her small lantern to go down to the small short street searching Palma in the church where he usually is working on his painting.
She took also the Lute with her, some little white Venetian breads and went very fast to the little church nearby.
The door was not locked so she hoped that this means that Palma is there still painting with candlelight. But as she came with her lantern-light into the dark church there was no candle lighting.
The church was without any light. Only from the windows came some dark blue light. She found him sleeping at his big painting making a little break forgetting to wake up and to come to Palmina with his mandolin.
She looked at him and realised how peaceful he is now sleeping. Palmina smiled as she saw him sleeping like a little child in front of the big painting which is his great artwork. But she also saw the music piece on that paper he wrote for lute lying beside the painting.
She learned every note by heard from that music piece.
Palma did not know that she learned his music piece and playing it in her tiny chamber alone every day. Once she wanted to play for him his music creation – Today was the day!
Also Palma planed to play this music piece for her!
He thought that he will surprise her with this music – He learned the piece on his mandolin in his little breaks between when he was alone in the church.
BUT Palmina was faster – Yes, she is able to learn a new music piece incredibly fast.
Every time she visits him at this little church in Venice she learned a few parts from the music-sheet which has Palma always at his working place secretly looking at the music sheet.
But Palmina came often and brought him fresh backed fine little breads (Once Palmina invented these little fine breads and all people of Venice loved her creation – Only in Venice you can get these fine breads also till today).
Palma painted often so long that there was no time for eat. Palmina could feel that and brought him secretly every day some fine little breads if none was in the church.
Today he worked so long and hard on his big painting that he felt asleep. So Palmina set the lantern-light to his head and took her Lute into her hands. Softly she started to play his music piece tenderly nearby his ear. She saw also that he added a dedication with her name at the music-sheet. She was very moved about this – Palma is expressing his feelings and she understood this very well…
She was so lucky that Palmina did not fall from the scaffolding today. It was dangerous to be tired and painting on the scaffolding in this church.
Palma il Giovane heard her beautiful playing and waked up very softly during her gentle Lute playing. First he thought a female angel with a special kind of lute was now playing in the church.
Palma started to smile and listened to her little soft personal concert.
They where at this evening alone in this little church – only the angels where with them and also the golden light which was visible around all things (Palma often painted it in his paintings).
Palmina looked so friendly being surrounded by the warm candle light from the little lantern. Palma was lucky and inspired…
Palmina played with all her heard and warmed Palma’s heard. Now she waked him up so softly and friendly…
She awakes his love to music, to make music, to express feelings with music and to tell little or big things within music…
She was able to heal with music, to make tired hearts lucky and to wake a sleeping soul up for new inspiring life with all her music talent playing her lute.
So Palmina saved Palma il Giovane with light and music.
LISTEN to the music piece:
(played at Jan. 2018)


paintings: Palma il Giovane
music: composed by Gerald Spitzner (31.Oct, 2016)

VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/250977540

(To be continued…)

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4.  https://geraldspitzner.wordpress.com/2018/01/18/2-pigeons-music-inspiration-marsvenus-palma-il-giovanne-eng-de/




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