6. Palmina saved Palmas music score (Palma il Giovane 7)

Palmina saved Palmas music score (Palma il Giovane)

[en/de] (German translation will be soon available below)

The next morning Palmina she waked him tenderly with her soft Lute playing. (She played since hours)

Palma slowly waked up and realized where he is…
„Palma, I dreamed that you played this melody of the planets for me and I dreamed that you composed it for me on a sheet of paper.“
„YES,…. I composed really a planets music and I played it during you were sleeping.“

Palmina continued playing by heart…

Palma was lucky to hear her playing.
As she played his artwork completely, he did not realize that she played the melody from her dreams and not from the music score which was not here, and gave her a little tender kiss.

She sat beside him and they both looked sitting on the herbs in direction of Venice – the city of art.

„Do you think this happened really…?“
„What happened?…“

„That Marco Polo came with his Princess to Venice and lived in a big garden here, very secretly protected by the government of state of Venice and from people of her country?“

„Yes, the people say it and sure there must be something that really happened in Venice. Marco Polo did not only bring the noodles, he brought also music instruments and musicians….I am sure that cultural exchange was also his mission…and this was the beginning…“

„Could you read my music score…?“
„Which music score?“
„…I wrote it this evening…where did you put it?“

„Oh, I am so sorry, I did not receive your music score, i learned it from the melody I dreamed from you…“-
„You are an angel…Only angels can play music from the dreams we have…“

„Ohh nooooo!“, Palmina pointed to a place near the water.
„There is your music score!!! – It is moving by itself!!!!“
Palmina run to the small part which connects the little island to the other part of the island.
She picked up the music score and saw that the stack-beetle was moving the artwork.
„The stack-beetle was it!!!!!“, shouted Pamelina.
„You violent cruel stack-beetle! What are you doing! Preventing me to play Palmas music score? Hmmmmm? Why did you do that?“
Palmina went back and brought Palma his music score.
Than she looked at the beautiful music with the dedication.
She smiled lucky and gave him a kiss so he was a little bit embarrassed
„I know why he did it…“
„He did it because he wanted to make his wife a big present…“
„Yes, last time I was here I drew this beetle and during the night he took my drawing away to bring it to a female beetle….really… I observed it….really!“

They both started to joke…

Palmina went to the Gondola and brought a basked of fine but not fresh little breads. As she arrived she gave Palma it to sniff and then she sniffed on the fine breads and they looked into their eyes smiling.
So they made a little breakfast on their secret „Spring-Moon-Light-River-Island“ speaking about Marco Polo and his princess from China.

Listen to the music: Palmina saved Palmas music score  https://vimeo.com/252225927


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