12a INSPIRATION – Palmina inspired Palma to compose

 12a INSPIRATION – Palmina inspired Palma to compose

Back at the Titian-Art-Gallery where Palma’s mum and a lot of servants of the Dogan’s palace are preparing today’s concert Palma said to his mother excited:
„…I could see her for 2 minutes! Look, how I drew her with her Lute….and I have to write down a new INSPIRATION music!…where is my music paper…“
Mum looked at the drawings and observed Palma looking at his eyes.
„Hm, hm, she is very inspiring…to higher dimensions…“
„Today the Chinese delegation will come and see how you draw them, Palma…“
And you will draw Princess Lin with her Pipa. –
And she will hear also our music compositions. –
It is good that you are learning how to draw the instrument Pipa. – This must be also done very well…“
Palma ran fast into the little private flat through the big palace door to compose his INSPIRATION.
After a few hours he took the music score and put on the harpsichord in the representative rooms.
„Come, mother, I want to show you my new composition! Today Palmina inspired me to write this…“, asked Palma like a little boy.
„Oh it’s for Violin, Pipa and Viola!“
„Yes, I will play it on the harpsichord…Can you play the Violin part?“
Mother was thinking if it is enough time to rehearsal that new composition and she decided to bring her Violin and to try out Palma’s new „INSPIRATION“.
And so they both played now and it was like this:

VIDEO: INSPIRATION Violin-Viola-Mandolin-Harpsicord (old: https://vimeo.com/257941260) new: https://youtu.be/frWVHjjlITQ

„Great! Palmina is really inspiring. You composed so fast…“, said Palma’s mother. And Palma felt again the golden light between his heart and the heart of Palmina.
* * *
Palmina looked suddenly up from her Lute during she exercised hardly so that her left hand is hurting a little bit. (The distance between the notes are big intervals…)
She smiled as she thought on Palma and than the pain was gone and she continued playing. But Palmina was carefully rehearseling now. „Not to much power at the rehearsal!“, she thought.
* * *
Palma sat at the harpsichord, smiled and was very thankful to know Palmina.
He drew her with her lute, he composed being inspired from her playing.
Today the concert will be a very interesting dialogue being East and West culture.

music: INSPIRATION – Palma il Giovanne by Gerald Spitzner
Violine: Renate Spitzner
Hapsicord, Mandolin and Viola : Gerald Spitzner
paintings: Dogan’s Palace with drawings of Palma il Giovane


(to be continued…)


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12. Before the concert Music inspiration – Palma il Giovane

Palmina is still preparing for the concert in the Titian Gallery:
During this day Palma felt suddenly such a strong smile.
He went through the streets of Venice to buy some fresh breads. So he went of course to the small little street where Palmina’s Window is open.
She now rehearsals for today’s concert in the Titian Art-Gallery.
Palma wanted not to disturb her now, but he stopped to listen her and to see her a little bit.
„Oh, this is a very, very difficult music piece….“,Palma thought and listened.
And then she stopped to say a text. It was a text for the presentation around the concert welcoming all the audience…

She is wearing a very nice bright cloth in the style of the 16th century.

Palma felt very lucky to see her for these 2 minutes and he smiled and Palmina smiled also.

„Good luck, Palmina,for you concert, I am with my thoughts with you.“

„…If we would be able to conserve the concert so that other can see it later… but we in the 16th century have only our hearts to conserve it…“

Palma thought: „I can’t wait to see her again….“
He took his pencil and paper to make some drawings of her…


VIDEO: (old: https://vimeo.com/257759117) new: https://youtu.be/WK2AD2uNexo

picture: Dogan’s Palace in Venice (Palma il Giovane and Tintoretto)
music:   Before the concert Music inspiration – Palma il Giovane
Violine: Renate Spitzner
Viola: Gerald Spitzner

(to be continued…)

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Palma il Giovane ‘Ritratto di Paolo Veronese’ music dedication

Palma il Giovane ‘Ritratto di Paolo Veronese’ music dedication


Music dedication for our neighbour who suddenly died
1. Violine solo
2. Violine and Viola (at 4:23)
painting: Palma il Giovane ‚Ritratto di Paolo Veronese‘

Violin solo: Renate Spitzner
Viola solo: Gerald Spitzner

VIDEO: old –  https://vimeo.com/257452935

new –  https://youtu.be/fVmXd4XlDzw

(to be continued…)

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11. Palma il Giovane music inspiration – Thinking on each other

After Palma il Giovane dedicated this morning music to Palmina he prepared himself mentally for the event in the Titian-Art-Gallery.
„Today I will paint the Chinese women delegation… This will take hours…Palmina will shurely play for them very beautifully on her lute….“

* * *

Palmina felt that Palma played music in this moment for her; she smiled and her soul seemed to listen and feel his music…

She decided to begin AGAIN A LETTER FOR PALMA:
She always writes down a copy of her letter on paper an hides always this copy on a secure place for the case that someone tries to steal her letters.

„Dear Palma,
I love your compositions…“

* * *
In that moment Palma tried to paint
some studies of the Chinese women he remembered the last concert.
He tried to paint their eyes and made some studies…
This afternoon, after Palmina’s solo playing, he will start to paint them.

This event is part of the cultural bridge between East and West here in Venice, the city of art and music.
As he painted some studies suddenly he felt a warm friendly thought coming from Palmina’s heart.
He started to smile…

* * *

Palmina felt this and smiled stronger during she wrote his letter for him.

* * *

Palma felt her positive thoughts so much and all her love she is now radiating.

Palma took his Viola and started to play:

e’g e   d – e ,  c – a   a – –

* * *

Palmina felt his smiling and took also her lute and played:

c’d c   a – c ,  a – g   g – –

* * *

and both now played together:

g a g   e – g , e – d   d – –

c° d e   g a c ,

e° g a   c d e ,

c d e   g a c‘

* * *

Palma wrote this melody on his paper…

* * *

Palmina wrote his letter for Palma…

* * *

And always as Palmina wrote a short letter for Palma he could feel it.
He then always plays this music inspiration
on his music instrument. Sometimes on his Viola da braccio, sometimes on his little Venetian Mandoline.

* * *

Palmina started to exercise and to rehearsal for her next concert very hard.
Her fingers begun to hurt and sometimes she must make a break so her fingers get not hurt or bleeding.

* * *

As Palma continued drawing on his studies of Chinese women eyes he suddenly felt a pain in one left hand finger.
The Index-finger hurt so much that he couldn’t draw.
He stopped drawing ad looked at his Index-Finger.
His finger begun to bleed.

„Oh, no,…what’s that?“

He suddenly felt that Palmina has pain on her left hand.

He tried to write a letter with his right hand:

„Dear Palmina,
I want to thank you for playing my compositions.
You played it so beautifully and full of heart. You are inspiring me so much for composing for you.

But you are sure now rehearsing and working hardly for your next concert!

Please take care on your hands! (My left Hand Index-Finger begun suddenly to bleed…)

If so much people are reading our private letters, It it’s like posting a personal letter in the public…

Maybe in 300 or 400 years later this will be a better time of communication and people are more open hearted than today in  this 16th century.

The reason could be: You are now the 1st Lute Solist of our Dogan’s Palace and there are people who want to isolate you from being in contact with others to push you away from your 1st position at the Palace.  You are now protected by our state…

I am not shure if this letter can reach you…

Looking forward to see you again!

Sending you greetings
for this new year,
symbolising the thought of fidelity

With much love

Your Palma,

                        Venice, 5th September 15..“

* * *

Palmina thought now about Palma and smiled.

She nodded a little bit during her thoughts.
Than she looked wondering on her left hand…

LISTEN to the music inspiration:
Palma il Giovane music inspiration – Thinking on each other

music: Viola solo by Gerald Spitzner
painting: Palma il Giovanne

VIDEO: old: https://vimeo.com/256815541

New: https://youtu.be/VMZfZXjtK3s


10. Palma il Giovane music inspiration – After the Concert (dreaming 2)

* * *

…during this dreaming again both are looking to SIRIUS through their windows, remembering this magic moment in the Venetian church as Palma asked her for the names of the strings of her lute as she presented Palmas artwork at the official event over an year ago.
And there was a little ray of light falling directly on them.
That remembers a moment as if it was maybe 300 or 400 years ago…

And now it happens again here at the stage!

Both continuing dreaming and remembering in-front of the night heaven full of stars:

* * *

„A-D-E-a“ she wrote on her little sheet of paper.

Palma was so lucky to speak with her again as if it was after maybe 300 or maybe 400 years ago…

„Today the intercultural-dialogue organizers asked me to prepare a speech“, said Palma to her, „…a speech about the relation between the Canticle of Sun – this is the original Italian „Cantico delle Creature“ – and the relation to the Chinese culture. So I will prepare it and I want to compose some music piece for the 8 natural philosophical Trigrams of the 5000 year old Chinese Book of Change, I – GING.
Master LAO from China will explain the meaning for us and I will explain the meaning of the Psalm 104 and the „Cantico delle Creature“.
Do you want to play some music examples for our Titian-Art-Gallery speech?“ with your Chinese Lute?“
* * *
As both remembers this moment looking to SIRIUS Palmina played A-D-E-a on her Lute and Palma answered on his Viola: c-g-d‘-a‘.
* * *
„Yes, I will!“ Palmina said it with her soft voice and her golden smiling.
„This will be a great moment for history of Eastern and Western culture!“ he answered.
Palmas heart was filled with so much THANKFULNESS to know Palmina, to work officially with her for this speech.

They are two artists who like and love each other deeply inside their hearts and want to be very creative.
She will be the first who play for him his ‚8 Soli for Pipa‘ in the history.
She smiled and he smiled. Something very, very big happened now – something you only can feel – only those who can feel it are understanding this moment…

Palmina was the first who immediately understood the importance of this art-project-speech.

But they have to be careful that no one is destroying their common inter-cultural project.

Now so much well educated persons will expect this speech at the Titian-Art-Gallery. Not only the Chinese delegation came for this, also the important persons of Venice like Titian, the Master of Palma and Philosophers, Artists, Poets from all over Europe will come to the Gallery tomorrow.

„Our state is very proud of us to be such engaged artists who workout this intercultural-exchange-speech between East and West.“
„Yes, we are all ONE WORLD we are one Eurasian continent – one big continent with so much spiritual treasures and cultural traditions…“

Generations will speak in the future about this great moment and about us… maybe 300 or 400 years later also…“
* * *
And now both are dreaming, remembering in-front of the bright SIRIUS-‚Sotis‘ that magic moment:
Palma: A-D-E-a on her Lute and Palma answered on his Viola: c-g-d‘-a‘.

Both could feel their smile and thoughts.

And even if Palmina wrote A LETTER FOR PALMA and someone stole it, Palma could feel her writing as if he got the letter from heart to heart being surrounded by good thoughts, sympathy and love.
And even if Palma wrote A LETTER FOR PALMINA and someone stole the letter, Palmina could feel his good thoughts as if she got the letter from heart to heart being surrounded by good thoughts, sympathy and love.

* * *

„Palma?“ – „Yes?“
They where alone at the little wood-stage and the light was not so bright as it was during the concert.
„Palma, what will be in 300 or 400 years?“
„Do you think there is a possibility to meet again? I don’t want to be separated from you, not even in 300 or 400 years…“
„Hmm,… I also…, I also, Palmina… How we can find each other? Will I be a painter? A musician? A composer? A Writer?“
„A composer! …and…sure an artist!…and not a stack-beetle“
They both laughed.

„And you, Palmina?…“ –
„I don’t want to miss playing Lute…sure Lute,… I will…I will…. organise a project like this happened today… If it is possible to do so in 300 or 400 years…“, Palmina said this softly with her beautiful voice. The other people, not caring for them, are making always a soft noise in the background with speaking along their long tables. They are not seeing them on the stage, because the candles from the stage are now at the tables and shining there…

Palmina and Palma where very carefull. So they went together through the door beside the stage to be more un-seen by the public…

* * *
…During they are so dreaming, SIRIUS is still shining for them. Both smiling, as they looked still to SIRIUS, remembering that moment. An then they remembered going to the „Titian-Art-Gallery“ where mum was still busy:…
* * *

„Tomorrow the event is continuing at my mum’s Gallery Palace nearby the Dogan’s Palace… Come, Palmina, let us go to mum’s Gallery. There are still preparations for tomorrow’s intercultural event. You can try out your lute and show it to Mum. Tomorrow will be there also my first painting session with the V.I.P.’s“

Palma went through a special exit out of the Dogan’s Palace to the soft evening long the street which leads directly to the Gallery.
Palma is holding the Venetian Lute and Palmina is holding the Chinese Lute.
Both going with smiling in their face.
The sky of Venice was again dark-blue and covered with stars and planets at the evening sky. Some windows in the Venetian streets had a soft shine of candle light, some where dark because the people are sleeping now at night.

Now a big intercultural exchange will be here in Venice, the city of art. But they have to be very CAREFUL. They may not talk with others about the projects because others don’t understand the big moment and would do something against this progress, especially those who have no understanding of the importance of art.

„The princess will also explain the Lute there and all things have to went well there…“ so Palma –
„Oh, that’s great, I want to help your mum preparing all for tomorrow…“ –
„Oh Palmina, YOU ARE AN ANGEL… But make also a little break… you worked hard for today’s concert and we all loved it…“

Palmina smiled, this words are so nice, so nice to hear it for her by Palma, yes by her Palma il Giovane.
She gave him a pantomimic kiss through the air. And Palma could feel it like real… he smiled…
Now they went into the 1.Floor where the security guards of the Dogan’s Palace are standing with weapons, saluting and greeting Palma and Palmina. The Palace Security Guards had orders to protect Palmina with their weapons if it is necessary – if someone, for example, is violent to her, he will be put to the jail immediately and punished hardly.
They let them enter the Palace where some candle light are still burning. A lot of palace servants are assisting Palma’s mum preparing the big long rooms for the event tomorrow, the 5.of September, for the Chinese guests.

„Hi Mum, Palmina played my artwork so beautifully! All, also like me, have the opinion: She is the best!“

„Look mum, they gave her an Asian Lute as ‚thank you‘- present!“
Mum looked at the 4 stringed Lute very fascinated:

„Oh, 4 Strings like our Violin and Viola…“ said Mum

After exploring the beautiful Lute Palma said: „Play something, Palmina…“
Palmina smiled very shy.

As mum saws that the servants did their work perfectly she gave them a sign of „Thank you for your assistance, till tomorrow…“ and the friendly servants left the palace with greetings gestures, respectfully and silent.

Palmina started with the deepest string A, than D , E , a which was an Octave higher.
„Wow, this sounds mystic…“, Palma said, „This is a Melody!“

„I will compose this as melody…“ said Palma excited.
And Palmina run in the little room nearby where his Viola da braccio was waiting and came with this music instrument back.
Palma made a pizzicato (plucking) on his Viola starting with his deepest string c, than, g, d‘, a‘.
„Oh, Palma! That sounds like a music answer! Write it down…“
Palmina said this fast with her soft friendly voice like an angel.

„Palma wrote on the paper, which is a music score: A D E a – fermata – c, g, d‘, a‘ – fermata“.


„Let us continue our music dialogue, Palmina…
We can express our feelings, give them a special meaning, and we can communicate…
Our hearts can communicate with music!“

„YES, let us stay on to go this beautiful way of art, light and music…together…“

Now they were alone in this large room hall with candles.
Mum went into her little flat which was accessible through a door or through the large long kitchen…

Palmina started to play something on her new lute.
Palma answered her with some new short creations on his Viola.
The evening room was now filled with the magic sound of a new music-dialogue.

They continued for a long time…


The first thought of Palma in the morning as he stood up on the 5th of September was: „Palmina“.The first thought of Palma in the morning as he stood up on the 5th of September was: „Palmina“. Mum could hear this golden music which came softly into her room. And again there was the golden-light around them and in their hearts.

* * *

Also this remembering made Palma and Palmina in the same moment smiling as they looked to SIRIUS dreaming…

* * *

After a few hours, yes they played that long, Palma wanted to bring her home – at this late night time.

* * *

The security guards from the Dogan’s Palace asked „Should I bring Mrs. Palmina to her home? – She is a V.I.P. of Venice, she is member of the Titian-Art-Gallery and protected by Venice-State! We are responsibly for her security…“

– „Oh, thank you! I bring her personally to her home… I guarantee for her security.“, said Palma friendly.

The security guards saluted both with military discipline and Palma nodded friendly and showed Palmina with his slow ceremonial gesture that she can pass the well dressed security guards.

And they took a little longer way along the big promenade, along the water to see the planets at the evening sky.
„You see this star at the east horizon?“
„Yes, yes…“, Palmina answers with her shy beautiful voice which Palma loves so much.

This is „Sirius! You can see him from 4th of September to 5th of May, every year at different evening or night times. If you look at this star always I look at it to think on you. Let us look always to this star to think on each other… If we where born 300 or 400 years later – let us look at this star. Till we find us again!“
Palma and Palmina’s hearts where so warm at this moment.
And he felt that she nodded although it was dark. There where no electric street lights here in this century…
They only saw the stars, the water and the floor they walked on. She hold her Chinese Pipa like a baby and he hold her Venetian Lute like it was his own.

She played A-D-E-a and he answered c-g-d‘-a‘ softly…

And from now on if there was a day it was not possible to see each other or to get a message from each other or to listen Palmas music creations under her window they thought nevertheless on each other with looking at the evening or in the night at SIRIUS – „Sotis“.

Palma brought her home and went back to the little flat beside the Palace where tomorrow Palmina will play again for the V.I.P.- audience.
Palma and Palmina could not sleep…They are now thinking on each other…

* * *

Palma took his Viola in his lonely bed being ready to play some notes in pizzicato.

Palmina, she was now alone in her little room, looked to the stars through her little window over her little garden.
She took her new Chinese Lute and sat up in her little bed.

She played Palma’s new creation „Music Dialogue for Pipa and Viola“ starting with: A D E a. Palmina played this notes very softly and slowly and with her radiating love full warm heart.

Palma looked also at this late night moment through the window to the stars and started to play the music answer: c g d‘ a‘

It seemed that some stars where lighting now a little bid stronger as if the stars could see there up from here Palma and Palmina thinking on each other.

Palmina smiled strongly and Palma could feel it and he smiled also.
He felt that she is lucky to get a new composition from Palma…
And now they both felt asleep with a smile and thinking on each other…their bodies slept on different places but in their souls and hearts they felt no distance.

* * *

The first thought of Palma in the morning as he stood up on the 5th of September was: „Palmina!“.
He went to his instrument and played for her and she could feel that. (Today she stood earlier up and played on her instruments) She also played for him and he also could feel that.
Some times she played bar 72 and bar 92 from the „Marco Polo Love song“ in her little room and he felt it like a tender spiritual kiss independent from time and space.

But now today he would hear her again in mum’s Palace-Gallery playing for the Special Guests.
And he will start to draw his first portrait for the new V.I.Ps.

He was looking forward to see her again.

[music inspiration will be as LINK here soon…]


(to be continued…)

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9. Palma il Giovane music inspiration – After the Concert

9. Palma il Giovane music inspiration – After the Concert

’Palma il Giovane music inspiration – After the concert‘
pictures: Dogen’s Palace with paintings of Palma il Giovane
music: Violin solo: Renate Spitzner Viola solo: Gerald Spitzner
recorded: 2018-02-17

VIDEO: new: https://youtu.be/gf0CjyKSoCk
(old: https://vimeo.com/256197224 )

Palma and Palmina could not sleep this special night.

Palmina sat up into her little bed, in her little room being alone with her new lute. She is looking over her little garden through her open window observing the bright shining star SIRIUS – „Sotis“ on the night sky holding her new Lute in her hands ready to play.
She loves her Lute. Her thoughts are: „What a wonderful day it was and also the evening…“. Her thoughts are with Palma.
* * *
Palma is also looking through his window in the little flat of his mother…
He is also sitting alone in his little bed, in a little room, observing also the brightest star SIRIUS – „Sotis“ at the late night-sky.
He is holding his Viola da braccio in his hands but like a lute, ready to pluck. The bow is lying beside him.
His thoughts are: „What a wonderful day it was and also the evening…“. His thoughts are with Palmina…

* * *
Now Palmina played on her Lute „A – d – e – a“ very soft and slow…
* * *
Palma plucked in this moment c – g – d‘ – e‘ on his Viola.
(This way of playing a string-instrument without a bow is called in italian language „pizzicato“ written in the music score often as „pizz.“)
* * *
Palmina and Palma starting to dream about today’s day:
They are both now remembering the day as it was:
* * *


„What a wonderful day it was and also the evening…
After the big Chinese-Venetian concert and the big guide through the rooms of the Dogan’s Palace they all sat at long tables being invited by the Venetian state for eating and drinking finest cooking.

Palma has his place at the important persons of the state of Venice.
He knows all persons very well. He knows them from all that invitations of the government. Palma il Giovane is always invited and there are always the same people…
But as he greeted all of them and as he spoke shortly with all of them as it was usual, his thoughts where again with Palmina.
Today he was dressed very well – also Palmina was dressed very, very well for her big Lute concert.
„Where is she now? – On which table is she sitting?“
He searched her with his eyes slowly and carefully. None should guess for whom he is looking for.

As he saw that she was sitting at the table where the artists and dancers of the pink flowers performance sat, he carefully stood up, excused himself for going, and went slowly but not directly to her table, where one free place beside Palmina was already waiting for him. She always reserved his place for him friendly in her shy manner.

He asked if he is allowed to take place here?
„Excuse, excuse, excuse…“, Palma folded his Hands like praying and bowed himself a little bit a few times.
Palmina smiled very shy – she was secretly lucky that he came to her place – and all women beside her allowed him to sit down on this long table at Palmina.
The light of the candles tried to enlighten the palace hall, but in this century (16.) there was no electric light, so although there are so much candles shining, so much mirrors and google filled with water to use the candle light for enlightenment, it is not very bright at this ancient hall.
But this makes it also very romantic…

It seams that the „golden heaven light“ is now again in this palace, around their hearts. Palmina is looking and smiling – but very shy. She had her head a little bit down but her eves where looking at him with shy friendliness.
Palma said to all artists „Thank you for your performance, especially for the beautiful flower dance with the pink flowers – it is so magic and aesthetic!“.
„Oh, thank you,..“, said the young female dancers with the white-pink(magenta) Byzantine-Chinese dress. One of them seemed to be a very well studied ballet-dancer. Palma could realize her talent. The artists where lucky to hear some feedback especially by Palma il Giovane.
And to Palmina he said smiling:
„…and thank you for your beautiful Lute playing here in our world city of art and music!“

Palmina realized that Palma was speaking very diplomatically beside her colleagues…she smiled to him understanding his intention…

She showed him with her beautiful eyes not to continue to speak because the palace servants came and are standing behind him, they could listen and spy around…
(Venice is a small world and all eyes and ears are listening sometimes too much)

And now the fine food and drinking of the palace was carried at this table by the palace servants.

Palmina thanked like a little princess and Palma thanked also to the servants very friendly.

Palma was very carefull because the servants should not figure out too fast that Palma and Palmina found themselves deeply inside their heart.

He looked very shy and she looked very shy.

It is the first time in their life they are now sitting together on a table at the finest place of Europe – the Dogan’s Palace in Venice. Venice is in this century the cultural centre and city of cultural exchange between the East and West as it was earlier in Byzantine. Some call Venice „The new Byzantine“.

Palmina and Palma both looked to their food but both where now thinking about each other. They raised their heads at the same moment and are now looking into their eyes.
Palmina get a little bit red in her face, but at this golden candle light atmosphere none could see it and the colleagues are now talking very much to each other. They didn’t care about Palma and Palmina, both sitting at the right end of this long table.

Palmina and Palma thought now at this moment how wonderful it is to communicate WITHOUT WORDS carefully only with music.

They remembered the day he played the „Marco-Polo-Love-Song“-Melody in its shorter earlier version like it is now at music score at bar 72 and bar 92. Only she knows the text to this Melody:
„Princess Gogathin, open your heart, I,I, play for you…!

She heard the melody inside her heart without using a music instrument… Deeply inside her heart she was able to repeat the melody.

Palma felt that and he heard her moving this little melody deeply in her heart.

None can take them away this melody from their heart.
Not even the aggressive violent stack-beetle from their secret „Spring-Moon-Light-River-Island“.

As Palma saw that the other artists are talking to each other he raised his arms and making with his fingers the pantomimic movements of ‚Playing Lute‘ or his ‚Playing Mandolin‘ or now ‚Playing Pipa‘ as he did it here in Venice as they suddenly met in the small little street under her little window over her little garden where she lives in her little room.

Palmina understood him immediately.

She smiled so lucky and then she said „Pi-Pa!“.
Palma folded his hands like praying or it is usual in Asia to greet respectful and friendly.

„I want to ask you if I may compose some music for your Pipa?“

„Yes, yes…!“

„Oh this is great! You are the best Lute player of the Venice Island-State!“
„Oh, thank you Palma…“,
„May I compose 8 music pieces for your Pipa? “

They felt again the golden-light-connection between their hearts without saying a word.

„YES, yes…“

„…may I…,may I see your music instrument?“
She nodded very shortly and they both went back to the little wood-stage at the other side of the ancient palace-hall in-front of the big painting artwork of Palma il Giovane and Tintoretto.
Her case of her Pipa was on the left side on the stage.
They both went there and they both felt on the knees to see the Pipa.

As Palmina opened her case of her Pipa, it felt like she opened her heart…

None was allowed to see or even to touch her music instrument but now: …She showed it to Palma…

„Oooh, how beautiful…!“, said Palma
„And this…are the nails for the fingers to make the sound…?“
„Yes, yes…“, Palmina said with her soft innocent voice.
She took the Pipa out of the case and gave it to Palma.

As Palmina gave him her Pipa it felt like the Saint Virgin allowed him to hold her baby…

It was such a magic and personal moment.
Palma felt that it was a big honour to see the instrument of such a talented soloist like her and he knew that she is the best…“
Palma was now allowed to hold her instrument.
„Oh,… it’s heavy!“
Palma was fascinated by this Chinese Lute.
„And..And…the names…?“

They felt that their hearts came nearer and nearer…without looking at each other.
„…the names… of ….the ….4 strings…are…“
* * *
Palmina is still looking at SIRIUS remembering this beautiful moment of today’s evening.
She started to plug A – d – e – a on her Pipa.
* * *
Palmina’s heart was now very warm and she sent love and a little smile to Palma.

In this moment Palma also thought on this beautiful moment, his beautiful moment ever, as she explained him the names of the strings. He is also looking to SIRIUS now and could feel her smile and her love…
* * *
Palma plucked on his Viola: c g d‘ a‘
* * *

And then they both continuing dreaming and remembering of the moment at the stage…
* * *

„Oh,…,oh,… I will write it on a little piece of paper for you….“, said Palmina shy and very lovely.

„…I…. feel….. that I play this Lute since…. hundreds of years…“, she said like being in a vision.

Palma had also her vision…

Understanding her he said: „Maybe you played this Pipa for Marco Polo (1254-1324) 300 years ago. As he listened to you, he felt in love with you and he answered with music playing his Venetian Love-song for you as music answer…“

She smiled very very shy but lovely, „…this could really be… …it happened maybe 300 years ago…“

He could feel that Palmina was an open, big hearted soul which is really interested in a music dialogue…and she inspires him very much…
„She is a present of heaven and an ambassador of heaven“, Palma thought, „“Her culture is the golden light of heaven, the heaven of music and the higher inspirations…I love her! I love my music-princess…“

Palmina looking to him as she could read his thoughts.

Palma sees her, he hears her and he feels her with all his heart.

If someone would harm her he would feel it imminently. She is protected by the state and especially by the Venetian Titian-Art Gallery.

She explains him the highest notes possible to play on the Pipa.

„This is a fa…“, Palmina tried to show that it is a semi-tone higher.

„Ah, higher than fa, fa sharp?“
„Yes, yes…“, she said softly.

Palmina played very soft the highest note of her lute – fa# (sharp)

Palma came nearer to see the position she is touching with her left hand.
She played it so naturally and open hearted that Palma felt a big harmony and familiarity now again…“

* * *
As they both dreamed this about their day they took again their instruments, each sitting in their little rooms on their little beds looking to the stars outside:
* * *
Palmina plucked on her lute: A – d – e – a
* * *
Palma plucked on his Viola: c – g – d‘ – a‘
* * *

Both saw now a „shooting star on the night sky“…
Palmina smiled…
Palma smiled…
* * *
 ’Palma il Giovane music inspiration – After the concert‘

pictures: Dogen’s Palace with paintings of Palma il Giovane
music: Violin solo: Renate Spitzner Viola solo: Gerald Spitzner
recorded: 2018-02-17

VIDEO: new: https://youtu.be/gf0CjyKSoCk
(old: https://vimeo.com/256197224 )


(to be continued…)


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8g. Annunciation Music Inspiration (Palma il Giovane 1628)

8g. Annunciation Music Inspiration (Palma il Giovane 1628)

painting:  ‚Annunciation‘ by Palma il Giovane, 1628

music:  Violine and Viola solo
‚Annunciation Music Inspiration (Palma il Giovane 1628)

 LISTEN: Annunciation Music Inspiration (Palma il Giovane 1628): https://vimeo.com/255364616

Annunciation Music Inspiration (Palma il Giovane 1628):

LISTEN: https://vimeo.com/255364616

8f. Viola solo music inspiration ( Palma il Giovane – Virgin and Child with Saints)

8f. Viola solo music inspiration

( Palma il Giovane – Virgin and Child with Saints)

 painting: Virgin and Child with Saints by Palma il Giovane

 music: Viola solo music inspiration (Palma il Giovane-Virgin and Child with Saints)

by Gerald Spitzner (2018-02-09)


Virgin and Child with Saints by Palma il Giovane

LISTEN: https://vimeo.com/255156832

painting: Virgin and Child with Saints by Palma il Giovane

music: Viola solo music inspiration (Palma il Giovane-Virgin and Child with Saints)

by Gerald Spitzner (2018-02-09)


8e. Apollo Viola da braccio music inspiration (Palma il Giovane)

8e. ‚Apollo Viola da braccio music inspiration (Palma il Giovane)‘


painting: ‚Apollo and Marsyas‘ by Palma il Giovane
music: ‚Apollo Viola da braccio music inspiration (Palma il Giovane)‘ by Gerald Spitzner

Info about the painting:
The characteristic artist of Venetian mannerism, the young Palma (the grandson of the brother of Palma Vecchio) divided the story into two parts and painted a matching set of paintings based on it. The first picture depicts the musical contest between Apollo and Marsyas (see also the composition „Phoebus and Pan“ by Joh.Seb.Bach Phoebus=Appollo and Pan=Marsyas) in the presence of Midas, the king of Lydia.

LISTEN: painting: ‚Apollo and Marsyas‘ by Palma il Giovane
music: ‚Apollo Viola da braccio music inspiration (Palma il Giovane)‘ by Gerald Spitzner

LISTEN: https://vimeo.com/254998394

The central character is APOLLO (Phoebus) , dressed in a red robe with his laurel-garlanded head bent over the Viola.

Instead of Marsyas’s (Pan) own instrument (Pan-flute), the Phrygian double recorder, a syrinx or shepherd’s pipe appears in the second picture in front of King Midas. He deemed its music superior to the sound of Apollo’s divine instrument (Lyra, here Viola) and was punished by growing ass’s ears. The pagan flutist, however, received harsher punishment: the majestic but merciless young god is preparing to have him flayed.

The landscape background with clear blue sky in both paintings evokes the world of myths, in which the happiness and cruel justice of the eternal gods coexist for the edification of the observer.

Thus in this artistic conception the elements of Apollo’s two musical duels are present and are even intermingled. It seems the painter did not adhere to the Ovidian source. In this time only the moral of the two episodes was important: the victory of divine stringed instruments like Apollos Lyra, Lute, Harp, Viola, Violin and others.

painting: ‚Apollo and Marsyas‘ by Palma il Giovane
music: ‚Apollo Viola da braccio music inspiration (Palma il Giovane)‘ by Gerald Spitzner

LISTEN: https://vimeo.com/254998394