34. A Bird helps to inspire Palma thinking on Palmina

34. A Bird helps to inspire Palma thinking on Palmina

And also at this 23rd (11 p.m.) hour of the day they continued to dream their common dream, sitting in their Peony Gondola:
Palmina is putting her head on his side and Palma is putting again his arm around her, giving her a tender kiss on her cheek.

* * *

They saw now Palma going at a sunny day in the „Giardino“. The Giardino is the official garden at the South-Est-End of Venice.

It was a wonderful atmosphere there…

„…Hm..what should I prepare for Palmina…?“
He went around the beautiful garden to get some inspiration.
Suddenly he saw two flowers on that beautiful garden’s floor…
„Beautiful…a very beautiful symbolic inspiration…two white flowers…“

And suddenly a bird came very fast.

Palma looked to the bird and he thought asking: „You little friendly bird, what would you prepare for my Palmina, for my Pipa princess…?“
And the bird started to sing a Variation of the „Happy birthday to you“ – Melody.
Palma started to think on his Palmina and looked straight ahead as if he could look through walls.
He looked as he was connected to an other dimension:
His heart was now connected with Palmina.

* * *

Palmina sat with her Chinese Lute in her little small room at her window making some soft sweet accords on her instrument with the typical tremolo of the Chinese lute.
Suddenly a bird started to sing in her little garden under her little window, beside the small, short street, where she suddenly met Palma after a long time.
She looked straight ahead, as she could see through walls.
Palmina started to smile slowly more and more till her heart radiated beautifully and was connected with Palma’s heart.
Yes, this ‚heart-to-heart‘-connection between them was a deep eternal secret and a higher dimension.
They now both remembered the first 8 minutes they saw in the little church:
As Palmina explained her beautiful music instrument to Palma…
As they spoke about the names of the strings of her lute…
As their heart connected the first time without looking each other into their eyes….
As she showed him the highest tones she can play on her lute…
As they where so lucky to meet them again after such a long, long time…
This all makes them smile, remembering, hoping, sending each other thoughts of love …

And Palmina smiled now, she knows it now: Palma is searching for a music inspiration for her birthday as a surprise…

„He is thinking on my birthday, which is in a few days….“, she thought happily.

* * *

Palma could feel her strong smile and he started also to smile.
This smile gave him the power: Now he has a great idea „This is it!“

And he tried to answer the bird with some answering whistling-tones.

The bird gave again music answer to Palma il Giovane.

„This is such a beautiful way to communicate only with tones through music…“

And this little sweet music-dialogue about the thought of the „Happy birthday to you“ – Melody was like that:

VIDEO: [bird and Palma music dialogue about the ‚Happy birthday to you“-Melody] old: https://vimeo.com/267297289  new: https://youtu.be/RK_GWsvh4oc

(to be continued….)


33. Palma plays an Inspiration during painting session on the Organ

33. Palma plays an Inspiration during painting session on the Organ

And they saw in their Peony-Gondola that vision at 11 p.m.:

* * *

Palma was again alone in the church where he paints nearly every day on the artworks in the north of Venice.

During he was painting he always thought: “ What should I compose or play for Palmina?“

After a while he went up to the organ to try out secretly a new music „Inspiration for Palmina“.

Should I play this for her birthday… a few days I have…?

Would she like this…hm…?

I can not ask her…

If I could ask her…

But: It should be a surprise,… for my Palmina, my Pigeon!“

Palma selected some Register of that little Venetian Organ and started to play, hoping that his Palmina will like:

VIDEO: „Inspiration for Palmina“ old: https://vimeo.com/267042105 new: https://youtu.be/pHpzyaEY0to

(to be continued…)


32a. Pigeons cage exchange on the Rialto bridge – Palma’s music secret idea for Palmina

32a. Pigeons cage exchange on the Rialto bridge – Palma’s music secret idea for Palmina

Palmina and Palma continued to dream their common dream:
They saw themselves in a vision:

* * *

Palmina was so happy to receive Palma’s letter.
„The letter Pigeon is the best way the send a letter to Palma!“, Palmina said full of joy.

Also Palma was very, very lucky to continue the written contact with the help of a letter-pigeon.

But how can they answer a letter? –
The letter pigeon does not fly back!

They have to exchange the cages with the pigeon at a place in Venice. Where?

Both had now at this 23rd (11 p.m.) hour of the day the same thought:

„We have to meet at the Rialto Bridge….!“
This bridge was especially designed for the secret meetings of Palma and Palmina by the famous Da Ponte 1691 as inspiration of the painting-progress by Master Titian and Palma.

And so they did….

The next day they met at the Rialto Bridge as they usually shortly-secretly met there.

She went from the south-side steps and he went from the north-side-steps…
No one could see that they are coming to meet on the bridge.
Palma was the first. He had his pigeon in his cage and some painting utensils with him.

He put the cage under the north-arch at the left side.

A few moments later he saw a smiling pretty women with a cage and a lute.
This is Palmina! – She puts her cage with her pigeon under the south-arch on the right side.
Palmina smiled to Palma sending a golden heart-to-heart smile to him.
Palma seemed now to look ten years younger and had also a smile in his face.

As they saw that no one is observing them Palmina went to Palma’s pigeon cage and Palma went to her pigeon cage.
So both changed their position. Palma picked up now the other pigeon cage from the floor an went along the south-side steps back and Palmina picked up now also the other pigeon cage and went her way along the north-side steps.

No one observed this secret exchange.

So they made this nearly every day to exchange their letter pigeons.

And every day they wrote them their secret love-message…

No one could read their letters!

Both were very careful and their white pigeons also.

No one could figure out that they exchanged secretly their pigeons on the Rialto Bridge

* * *

Later at one day at his speech in the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery Master Lao explained that in China the people likes to have birds in a cage. Very often they take their beloved bird with their cage and they bring them into a beautiful park. So the imprisoned birds can sing and talk to others in that park. They can see each other and they can exchange beautiful melodies with singing for each other poetically.
But only letter pigeons are allowed to fly free and to come back as they want to fly.
But every time they come back!

* * *

As Palmina a Palma saw this in their dream, she put her head on his side and he put his arm around her with much tender love feeling.

They are sitting together in their Peony-Gondola in their soft seats and smiling and dreaming.

* * *
And they saw Palma thinking:
„Oh, in a few days Palmina will have her birthday. This is a few days after my birthday,
In three weeks and 3 days…“
How can I surprise her? With what a music piece? A composition?

..I have an idea…“

VIDEO: [poetically singing birds] old:  https://vimeo.com/266458410

new: https://youtu.be/M_4h7pypD3w


(to be continued…)


32. Unexpected concert in the church in Venice – and Palmina’s Idea – the present of Prinzess Lin

picture: 2 white pigeons of ‚Mars and Venus‘ by Palma il Giovane

 32. Unexpected concert in the church in Venice – and Palmina’s Idea – the present of Prinzess Lin

And after they heard the musics of the spheres Palmina gave Palma a tender soft kiss.
„I am proud of you, Palma!“
And Palma felt again inspired and started to write down the music of the spheres.
He had only to write down the music they heart at the spheres around them.
Palma’s kiss and her smile and her tender words gave him the power, and he felt it around his heart, to compose this eternal music inspirations.

There was no time-dimension and no space-dimension in this Peony Gondola. So Palma wrote this composition so fast in this 23rd (11 p.m.) hour of the day.

Palmina laid again her had on Palmas side and he put his arm around her sitting in the soft seats of their Peony-Gondola.

He kissed her tender on her cheek and she kissed him tender also on his cheek.

And again they had a vision:

* * *

They saw themselves again in this church in Venice where Palma is painting on his artwork.

She brought Palma again some food and her Lute to play for him in this lonely church.
Palma realized that if she played for him during he is painting her on his big artworks that he is more and more inspired and he works more efficiently and much faster.

And: Palmina’s secret wish was to play with Palma on that Organ.

So she tried to tell this with her smile and with her lute playing.
And she stood up during she played, and played on an other place in the church.
Palma smiled and tried to understand why she is hiding behind the column.

Then he stood up to see where she is.

There was no Palmina – Where is she?

Palma looked around and didn’t find her…

He went around in the church and his smile was not so strong now.

„Palmina?…. Palmina?…Palmina? Mio amore, my pigeon… wode bai sede gezi.. Ni zai nar? Ni zai nali?“

Palma was a little bit sad because he suddenly remembered on that days he didn’t get answer of his letters. Someone stole his letters he thought. And he didn’t find her in Venice for a long time….
BUT he had a heart-to-heart connection to her during this long time. And their hearts could communicate every day, during day and night.

Suddenly Palmina played the „Spring Melody of the 8 Images“ from the Organ like that:

‚Spring Melody of the 8 Images‘

VIDEO: old: https://vimeo.com/261534433 – (password ‚dgpa‘)

new: : https://youtu.be/rrUiJxY4ksc

And she smiled down to him. Now his fears went away. He took a long breath.

„Oh, Palmina wants to play music with me at this Organ“.

Palma went fast the steps up being very lucky about this music idea.

Both knew: This is a secret music meeting in the church.
the church is officially closed because of Palma’s painting working.
So also no priest will realize that they are both at the Organ.*

* For women of the 16th century there and all over Europe it was not allowed to enter the the organ place, where the choir and only boys are singing, during a religious ceremony in the church.
This will not change till the composer time of Joh.Seb.Bach, 100 years later, brings her future wife to the Organ.
As Bach made an official performance with her playing at the Organ he tried to enforce that women can make music at the organ – But this was very difficult, even 100 years after Palma il Giovane…
Only if the female musician was a V.I.P. it was allowed for a women to make music in a church during a religious ceremony or an official concert.
Also Vivaldi had later problems with his female orchestra and girl’s orchestra in Venice.
They where only allowed to play behind a wall and not allowed to be seen by the audience.
( This was much later after Palma il Giovane’s century )
So we can imagine how protected Palmina was by the Dogan’s Palace to play as women in Venice in the public – for a special circle of public – special guests of the Republic of Venice.

* Joh.Seb.Bach (1685 – 1750)- wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johann_Sebastian_Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach (31 March [O.S. 21 March] 1685 – 28 July 1750) was a German composer and musician of the Baroque period. He is known for instrumental compositions such as the Brandenburg Concertos and the Goldberg Variations, and vocal music such as the St Matthew Passion and the Mass in B minor. Since the 19th-century Bach Revival he has been generally regarded as one of the greatest composers of all time.

* Antonio Vivaldi (1678 – 1741)- wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Vivaldi
Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (4 March 1678 – 28 July 1741) was an Italian[2] Baroque musical composer, virtuoso violinist, teacher and cleric. Born in Venice, he is recognized as one of the greatest Baroque composers, and his influence during his lifetime was widespread across Europe. He composed many instrumental concertos, for the violin and a variety of other instruments, as well as sacred choral works and more than forty operas. His best-known work is a series of violin concertos known as the Four Seasons.


* * *

Palmina and Palma are knowing that and so their secret atmosphere here on the organ was a very magic moment.

Palmina started to play the ‚Spring Melody of the 8 Images‘ sending Palma a love-golden-light wave to his heart.
And Palma felt this and answered on the organ with this free-style playing and
„in-between“ she repeated the ‚Spring Melody of the 8 Images‘.
And she played it in the same tempo as she played it in the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery as sound example for Palma’s speech.

And if we could reconstruct this secret moment today maybe it would sound like that.
No one could see this here; only the sweet pigeons who sat there at the church-windows – the pigeons did bill and coo.

So after they tried out the first time to play Organ and Pipa here in Venice in the 16th century they looked wordless in their eyes.

Now the golden-light was around their hearts. A light Palma often draw in his pictures also in the „Asian Virgin with Child and Saints“.

But their heart had connected deeply during the music so that they looked at each other is only a result of the silent heart-to-heart communication.

Palmina made her mouth to a kiss saying silent „Liuto“.
And he said silent to her with his mouth „Pi – pa“.

Palmina smiled very heart fully.
Palma loved her smile.

„I have an idea“
– „What idea? shèn me yise ma…?“

Palmina came with her sweet mouth very near to Palma’s ear and said tender in his ear something….

Palma moved his head saying „YES!“

* * *

And as Palma and Palmina saw this from their Peony-Gondola he hold Palmina a little bit stronger but tender with his arm and they continued to dream their common dream:

* * *

The next day at the same church:

They saw now the over hundred of people of Chinese delegation coming in that church, taking their seats.

This was Palmina’s clever idea:
Invite the guests of the Art-Gallery and to held the speech and the concert in this church which was now closed for the public.

A lot of candles had been lit and beautifully placed in the church for the fine guests.
Princess Lin was also there with her children and her husband.

They made the painting session here in the church to finish the painting where the painting will also stay in Venice.

Master Lao explained again something about Chinese philosophy.
He spoke also about Kungze *)

*) Kungze – „Confuzius“ – Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confucius
„Confucius“ 551 (BC – 479 BC) was a Chinese teacher, editor, politician, and philosopher of the Spring and Autumn period of Chinese history.
The philosophy of Confucius, also known as Confucianism, emphasized personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice and sincerity. His followers competed successfully with many other schools during the Hundred Schools of Thought era only to be suppressed in favor of the Legalists during the Qin Dynasty. Following the victory of Han over Chu after the collapse of Qin, Confucius’s thoughts received official sanction and were further developed into a system known in the West as Neo-Confucianism, and later New Confucianism (Modern Neo-Confucianism)….“

picture: The Analects of Confucius

* * *

Meanwhile Palmina played beautifully her Lute…

Palma explained the drawings of this church and showed how he is painting on his big artworks now.

Interior of Chiesa dei Gesuiti (Venice) – sacristy – San Cleto papa fonda l’Ordine dei Crociferi – San Ciriaco vescovo di Gerusalemme riconferma l’Ordine by Palma il Giovane

* Picture one of the paintings Palma il Giovane is painting
during the Chinese Friends came to look how he is painting…

some painting of Palma in the church of Santa Maria Assunta:
„Alexander III confirms the Crucifixes and gives them the rule – Pius II will give the Crucifixes the silver cross and the blue robe. “

* * *

The Chinese friends came to look how he is painting.
And also Chinese painter Masters studies his techniques very interested.

Palmina started again to play during the painting session very lovely on her lutes.
The whole rooms are filled with the heart-to-heart golden-light between Palmina and Palma.
The Auditorium could feel it.
Palma was so lucky to know that she supports him with all her heart.

„And now Palma will explain for us the instrument and type of the Italian organ…“, Palmina said very inspired.

This is Palmina: If she wants something…., if she wants something what is good, she does not stop to believe in it and she does not stop to fight for it – but decently and very clever.
This is also something why Palma loves her so much…
Palmina believed in Palma’s music talent and his ability to invent compositions and to write it down.

Palma was surprised by her creative idea: „Should I really play on the organ something to show how the organ sounds?…“, Palma thought.

Palmina saw that he was shy but she smiled very secretly to him. With her smile she gave him power to believe in his music talent.
She went fast up to the organ on the right side and played on her sweet Chinese lute the „Spring Melody of the 8 Images“ and made some variations about it.
Palma felt inspired and went smiling also up to the organ where his Palmina, his Albina, his white Pigeon is waiting for him to give together with him a little „free-inspiration concert“ for the very interested audience from Asia, sitting in the church here in the beautiful Venice.

Beautifully they played and played surrounded by a golden-colour-light…

Princess Lin was amazed and also her whole family….

After the little concert the whole church was filled with applause.

„This was the first concert with Chinese Lute and Venetian Organ in music history of the whole world.“, the people of the audience said.

Princess Lin said to the servants silently something into their ears…

After a while they brought two cage with two white pigeon.

The translator said very solemn:
„Our Princess Lin is amazed by your beautiful concert and your speech about the Venetian-Organ and your demonstration of your actual painting artwork and all music here in this ancient church.
She wants also to say ‚thank you – Xiexie‘ with giving you this beautiful two white pigeons*).“
– all applauded –
„…This pigeons are able to transport letters to each other.
In China the people love to have message pigeons.“

*) pigeons post- Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pigeon_post
„Pigeon post is the use of homing pigeons to carry messages. Pigeons were effective as messengers due to their natural homing abilities. The pigeons were transported to a destination in cages, where they would be attached with messages, then naturally the pigeon would fly back to its home where the owner could read their mail. They have been used in many places around the world. “

*picture: women with letter-pigeon

* * *

The audience applauded very friendly and nodded and smiled and where amazed.

The Chinese people did understand that Palma and Palmina are a secret love pair and they are loving each other very decently through their hearts.
The Chinese People can understand such heart fully situation…and they feel and see all through their heart and soul…

Palmina came and took the cage with the white pigeon – and also Palma il Giovane came and took as officially present by the Chinese Princess Lin his white Pigeon.

* * *

And late at the evening, as the stars shine on the evening sky, Palmina’s mum said to her „Write him a letter, Palmina, write him a letter…“

And Palmina smiled silently and she took her lantern and begun to write. Then she looked thinking to her white pigeon on her table: „…And you will really bring this letter to Palma?“

The pigeon made some tired eyes, wanting to sleep and then she made short, soft sounds as if she wanted to answers „YES! groooo… grooo…“.

* * *

At the same time Palma’s mother said: „Write her a letter, Palma, Write her a letter…You have now the letter-Pigeon…“
Palma started to write…
Then he looked at his white Pigeon on his table:
„You will really bring this letter to my Albina, my Palmina, to my sweet white pigeon?…“
And she answered also something like a ‚pigeon-YES!‘

„…and if you fly to Palmina she will put you at her cage… and we can later exchange the cage on a secret place….“

Palmina and Palma, both could not sleep today, both thought about what they want to write each other and how they would exchange their pigeons on a secret place… (Maybe on the Rialto-bridge, which was created especially for them by Da Ponte.)

* * *

And on the next early morning both gave their pigeons the little letter and send them to fly…
Palmina kissed his pigeon saying „Batsi, batsi,..wode baisede xìngē“ and Palma kissed his Pigeon and said „fly, fly to her and tell her that I love her deeply and also greetings from my mother…“

* * *

Palmina’s Pigeon stared to fly to Palma and Palma’s pigeon started to fly to Palmina.

* * *

Palmina could feel that moment Palma did this and started to smile.

* * *

Palma could feel her smile and smiled also.

* * *

Palmina took her Chinese Lute and plugged:

A – D – E – a

* * *

Palma took his Viola and played:

c – g- d‘ – a

And they flyed and flyed and soon they arrived as it was promised.

* picture: painting „Pigeon-post“ by Miklós Barabás, 1843

Palmina’s Pigeon landed at Palma’s open Window.
As she landed secure she made some friendly sounds and: she wanted to have some tender stokes by him.

Palma stroked her and kissed her, opened the letter of Palmina.

The first letter of Palmina after such a long time. They know each other. Yes, they know each other for a long time since centuries.

And of course the content of their private letter is private.
Not even the pigeons did read it, so if they respect their right of privacy, we do also…

* * *

But as they opened their first letter they received after such a long time we are allowed to tell that Palmina smiled like the rising sun…

„Bad rice, bad rice…“ *)

…and Palma smiled like the happiest man in the history:

He also said „Bad rice, bad rice…“

* „Bad rice…“ is an old tradition to express with this sentence, that something good happened, this Master Lao explained at his speech in the church.

* * *

And as Palma and Palmina saw this all in their Peony vision in their Peony-Gondola they dreamed a music like that:

VIDEO: [ 2 Pigeons inspiration ] https://vimeo.com/251713920

music: 2018-01-18 Vl+Kl ‚2 Pigeons inspiration (‚Venus+Mars‘ Palma il Giovane)

(to be continued)

31. The Vision of the Asian Virgin with child and Saints


picture: 1580, Palma il Giovane (is 32 years) ‚Virgin with child and saints“, Venice

 31. The Vision of the Asian Virgin with child and Saints

* picture: 1580, Palma il Giovane (is 32 years) ‚Virgin with child and saints“, Venice

„You played so beautifully for me on this Venetian Organ! Thank you Palma, my composer!“, said Palmina with tears of joy and love.

Palma took her tears from her eyes smiling and said:
„Yes, you inspire me to be a composer and a great artist, and I love you!“

And they suddenly saw on the sky an appearance in a vision:

* * *

They saw an Asian virgin like it was at Titian’s Vision he had for his „Pieta“ *) with Saints around her.

*) see also: Chapter 26 – THE PIETA

The sky became light-blue-white bright like „as if“ it is now day.

They saw this from their Peony Gondola in the 23rd hour of the day (11p.m.):

The Virgin had a child and the saints where around her.

The virgin looked like princess Lin from the Chinese-delegation who came with hundreds of Chinese people here to Venice to honour the Republic of Venice and to show to the Venetians the beauty of Asian Culture and also the music and the instruments, especially from traditional China.

The baby looked like the baby of princess Lin.

Palma made some fast drawings…

Palmina smiled, she seemed to know what this miracle means.
Palmina has a secret connection to heaven…“, Palma thought and Palmina smiled because she could feel his thoughts.
Palmina’s heart was deeply connected with Palma.

Palma drew and drew. As long he painted the first draft the miracle didn’t disappear.

As he has done it they sat into the soft seats of their Peony Gondola which is a present of the heaven, the symbol of eternal compassion.

Palmina put her head on Palmas side and Palma put his arm around her.

And they dreamed and saw together in their vision sitting in their Peony-Gondoly:

* * *

They saw themselves in the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery:
Palmina played Lute Soli.
Palma held an other new part of his speech.
Master Lao explained the different cultural and religion traditions of China.

The Chinese musicians explained their instruments* for the audience.

Every instrument played some tones as example.

* Chinese music instruments like

Pipa (琵琶) – pear-shaped fretted lute with 4 or 5 strings
Guzheng (古箏) – 16–26 stringed zither with movable bridges
Qin – Chinese historical zither, early zither in Chinese.An ancient classical Chinese musical instrument similar to Guqin.
Erhu (二胡) – two-stringed fiddle
List of all at Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Chinese_musical_instruments

The European part of the audience was fascinated and the Chinese Audience looked now to Palma il Giovane, the famous Painter of Venice.

And now Palma explained the Pipa *).

And now we will hear an example how the Chinese lute, the „Pipa“ is making music:

Princess Lin and Palmina played some examples and they looked as if they knew each other of ancient time in China and looked at each other very friendly.

*) Pipa: Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pipa

Palmina played the music examples…

Then the little child of princess Lin came to her mother and wanted to be lifted by her.

Palmina came to take friendly princess Lin’s Pipa.

As Palma observed this scene he remembered suddenly the vision in the Peony Gondola.

Palma asked the translator for Chinese-Venetian language: „May I ask, princess Lin to draw her with her little child as traditional Venetian Saint Virgin, this is a very old Venetian Painting Tradition, with child and Saints to have a remembering of the important friendship between Western and Eastern Traditions?“

The translator spoke Chinese, she smiled and answered him and he translated:“ It would be a great honour to be again portrayed by the first Master scholar of Master Titian. It will be a great pleasure to know that a remembering will stay here in Venice and the other portraits are going to China… and we all will be very proud to have this European artwork. And you can paint me a little bit more in the European tradition if it is possible…“

Palma nodded. Palmina holding her Pipa smiled and saw that Palma understood the miracle vision and what it told him silently.

The Chinese audience spoke in Chinese a few silent words of administration to another and then, after a few minutes, Palma started to paint….

As the baby of princess Lin started to move more and more, Palmina had the idea to play on the Pipa some Chinese lovely music, some bars of Palma’s composition.

And suddenly the baby listened to the music and was very quite.

Palma smiled and was lucky to hear his composition, performed by his sweet Palmina, his Albina, his white soft friendly pigeon.

So Palma could continue painting his artwork vision…

Later the baby wanted again to move very much, then a servant took the baby and Palmina had the idea to let the princess hold the Pipa, so her arms had not to be in the air and can rest on the Pipa.
Of course Palma would not paint the music instrument Pipa, he will paint the baby.

Palmina could hold now the Chinese baby and the princess hold the Pipa.

Palma painted and painted….

And so they made it day by day, often after the speech by Master Lao and Master Palma il Giovane.

Often Palmina supported the drawing artwork of Palma with her Lute playing:
She played the Venetian Lute and she played the Chinese Lute very beautifully.

The Chinese audience was fascinated by Palmina’s talented Lute performance. Often the people stood up from the seats to come and to look carefully respectfully how Palma is painting the Chinese Princess Lin.

Palmina realized that Palma liked to paint Chinese women very much.
„Maybe in 300 or 400 years I will be again a Chinese Pipa player…“, Palmina thought by herself.

Palma turned his face to her side and looked at her playing the Chinese Pipa so beautifully. He waited till her eyes looked in his direction to send her a heart full smile.
He seemed to feel what she feels now.
Again a golden light was around them.
Princess Lin smiled, she seemed also to know that they both like another and that there is a deep secret to the instrument Pipa in their common life.
It was as if Princess Lin came with her delegation of hundreds of people was not only to make the diplomatic contact to the Republic of Venice, the mightiest State in the 16th century in Europe and the whole western world, it was because Palma and Palmina have a special cultural mission which is going over centuries and Princess Lin could feel the secret golden light and supports them secretly.
She also smiled now to them.
In 300 or 400 years she will again help them to find together and to overcome the problems of their secret tender love…

Master Lao smiled as if he could read the thought of all of them and he nodded slowly with an old friendly silent smile of an old Chinese Master.

On one day Palma’s painting and music student came to watch and to study how Palma is making this painting.

Palmina played and meanwhile Martin stood up to look suddenly to the beautiful eyes of princess Lin.

Bildschirmfoto von »2018-02-10 09-35-11«
It is his first time that he saw Asian Women in his whole life.
He was fascinated by the aesthetic Asian eyes of the Asian women.
So he could not stop to look at her beautiful Asian face and especially Asian eyes.

Palma liked also to paint the Chinese Asian Women and her Eyes and Martin stood on the left side of princess Lin and looked, and looked, and he did not stop looking.
Palma wondered a little bit.

Bildschirmfoto von »2018-02-10 09-38-31«

„And…and…could you, dear saint virgin, be also my mother…?“
he said and Martin started to cry as he felt that positive energy of all people here.

Palmina came, Palma and the Chinese women came to console him.
„My art scholar Martin cried because he lost his mother a few years ago… and he is asking if the saint virgin could also be his mother….“

The translator understood and translated for the Chinese friends.
All Chinese women tried to help Martin touching him tender on his head.
Palmina was also full of understanding for him and stroke his head.
And then Palmina started to play some beautiful soft music to give him warm energy.

Martin still looked and looked at Princess Lin in his vision to see her as saint virgin, the music and the warm energy of Palmina and of all members of the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery seemed to support him mentally.
He breath very slow and calmed slowly.
„He felt now that the saint virgin will protect him and will also be mother for him“

And as Martin stood so quiet looking fascinated of the Asian eyes of princess Lin Palma il Giovane started to paint and to paint Martin as Saint beside the Saint Asian Virgin with child.

Bildschirmfoto von »2018-02-10 09-37-11«

Now her baby seemed to bless all standing around here with his hands.
„This is a miracle“. All the Venetian and Chinese Audience felt a miracle happened now.
During Palmina’s playing the ‚golden-light music‘ all happened harmonic as a sacred miracle.


A priest came from the audience and felt on his knees and fold his hands for praying.
Palma started to paint this scene and asked the priest to stay in this position to finish Palma’s traditional painting because the miracle will stay as long he paints and Palmina is playing.

And really as long he painted the baby blessed the priest and all around with his hands.

* * *

This could Palma and Palmina see sitting in their Peony Gondoly.

And now Palma took his Viola and played for Palmina like this:

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/Fw52BCk23SY (old: https://vimeo.com/255156832 )


Viola solo music inspiration (Palma il Giovane-Virgin and Child with Saints)
painting:  Palma il Giovane-Virgin and Child with Saints


After that Palmina took her Pipa 琵琶 and played as music answer this, and then the voices of the sphears sung suddenly like this around their Peony Gondola and Palma and Palmina played also:

VIDEO: [Cantico delle Creature 1-4 with Pipa 琵琶 +Viola ] https://youtu.be/ZjJU6j0yur8  (old: https://vimeo.com/255156832 )

(to be continued…)

painting: Palma il Giovane
‚Virgin with child and saints“, Venice, 1580

30. Palma forgets about his birthday – Palmina inspires him with her Lute playing

Organ of Chiesa dei Gesuiti (Venice)

30. Palma forgets about his birthday – Palmina inspires him with her Lute playing

* picture: Organ of Chiesa dei Gesuiti in Venice

Palmina and Palma continued dreaming in their Peony Gondola:

* * *

„You played my composition ‚MOUNTAIN‘ so fantastic… I am full of thankfulness. This you played for my speech in the Art-Gallery where Master Lao will be amazed about your interpretation.“

He took Palmina’s hands and kissed her hands and fingers tenderly.

„Take care on your beautiful, well talented hands.“,
Palmina smiled decently and her eyes shined.

And so they played now all 8 Images in the order of the „Spring Melody of the 8 Images“ here in the Gondola at their 23rd hour of the day:
Each IMAGE has now a Pipa solo composition with a Viola voice: [1] – [8]


And they looked at the evening stars and observed that some clouds are turning to be light-red-pink forming a heart on the evening-night sky.

Palmina made some soft breath and Palma also.

Two birds fly poetically along the pink sky which looked sometimes like a traditional Chinese painting of nature. So at some moments they feel in a Chinese Chunk or in the Venetian Gondola.

Palmina plucked on her Pipa smiling:

A – D – E – a‘

* * *

And Palma plucked also on his Viola smiling back to her:

c – g – d‘ – a‘

* * *

Palmina moved her Lute towards Palma’s side so that the head of the Lute came very near to the head of Palma’s Viola.

Palma moved his Viola so that the head, the scroll of his Viola, came to the head of Palmina’s Pipa very near.

„Oh, look…“, said Palma, „…look, the Pipa Princess seems to like the Viola… She gives him a tender kiss…“

– „…yes, the Viola composed the music for her and she, the Pipa princess, likes this creations so much…“

In this moment the Pipa touched with his A-string-peg “ **) the a‘-string-peg of the Viola.

*) this is the left upper peg from the deep A-String, seen from the front side of the Pipa music instrument. (see picture 2)
**) this is the right lower peg from the a‘-String seen from the front side of the Viola music instrument. (see picture 1)


picture 1: Parts of the Viola

picture 2: Parts of the Pipa

picture 2: Parts of the Pipa

„Look, they are holding their hands, I mean their pegs, tenderly…“

And Palmina moved her Pipa-music-Instrument now in that way that the Lute head touched the Viola-head.

„Hmm…, The Viola and the Pipa kiss each other at the cheeks…“, Palmina said smiling.
The instruments touched now each other’s „cheek-side“.
„And look…how long they kiss each other. I think they are fallen in love…“
Palmina plucked now with her finger the 4 Strings of Palma’s Viola carefully:

c – g – d‘ – e‘

Palma smiled and plucked with his hand now Palmina’s 4 Strings of her beautiful Lute:

A – D – E – a‘

And so their real hands touched now themselves tenderly and their real heads came nearer, and nearer and touched themselves with their nose and they smiled.

The clouds on the sky they saw from their Peony Gondola in their 23rd hour of the day (11.p.m.) turned more and more to be pink-coloured.

Now they saw both a new vision:

* * * * * * * * *

They saw Palma still painting on a big artwork which has to be finished in a few month – Palma forget often to eat something at the middle of the day and he was very hungry.

He was alone in this church of Venice painting and painting.

The only thing he is thinking: „Palmina and her smile – Palmina and her beautiful Lute playing – Palmina and her friendliness and her cleverness and his deeply love to her and her deeply love to him.“

* * *

Palmina prepared some rehearsal note in her little small room.

After that she looked out of her little window of her little garden, where some birds sung. Today they sung especially fine and friendly. Palmina is listening to the little birds and said very softly:“Oh, today it is Palma’s birthday – the birds are telling me: Oh, sure he is still painting on his big artwork – in that church and he forgot his birthday… I have to go to him there and play for him a little Lute solo as happy birthday surprise for him.“, she thought.

She turned inside her room and sat on the little chair and took her lute at her window looking to the flying birds over her little garden.

She played softly the „Spring-Melody of the 8 Images“ on her Chinese Lute Pipa.
„This is our love-Melody! He played 400 years ago, once for me in the Chinese Chunk…“, Palmina played with all her heart like that:

‚Spring Melody of the 8 Images‘
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/rrUiJxY4ksc (old:  https://vimeo.com/261534433 pw: dgpa)

* * *

In the church alone at his paining artwork he suddenly felt a warm light around his heart.
„Oh, this is my Palmina, she plays my ‚Spring-Melody of the 8 Images‘ thinking beautifully on me… This is so, so lovely from her…My Palmina, my Albina, my pigeon!“

Palma painted now the whole morning with much inspiration and much spiritual power, because Palmina send him so much love with her Lute playing.
After a while he had now problems with the colours; he had to mix several colours because a colour was used up. So he was forced to make the same colour with mixing two or more other colours to one colour.

As he stood up – with his painting cloth – to prepare the colours he need – suddenly there was a soft sound of a Pipa in the church.

Palma heard suddenly beautifully played his „Spring Melody of the 8 Images“…

Palmina was standing behind a column and played on her Pipa secretly like that:

‚Spring Melody of the 8 Images‘
VIDEO:  https://youtu.be/rrUiJxY4ksc

Palma looked around to see if it is Palmina who is playing. (He was sure that SHE is it).

Only a little basked on the floor with little potty and Venetian fine little breads in the middle of the church was visible during the heart-to-heart music.

And after she played their „Love-Melody“ Palmina moved his Pipa sideways so that his head of her music instrument looked behind the column and the Pipa music instrument suddenly said: „Tanti auguri… Shēngrì kuàilè …Happy birthday, my Palma, my composer!“.
And Palmina came from her secret position behind the column speaking like a Chinese-Melody with her soft beautiful voice, coming out behind the column where she was hidden.

At one arm she holds her heavy Pipa and with her other hand she is now picking up and holding the picnic basked.

Palma looked smiling at her.
She looks so great and naturally standing in front of him – Palma thought that he could draw her like she is now standing smiling here for him…

In his fantasy he draw her fast standing with her Lute and her basket and a few moments later he said:
„Oh, Palmina…Gratie, mille gratie, mio amore…Ganxie, Wo aì ni! …..thank you, my angel…Wode meilide bái sède gēzi „.

Really…, today is my birthday!!!!

I forgot it completely …. I am working so intensive on this painting here…

…had no time to celebrate my birthday…hm…

My thoughts are only at the artwork and at you Palmina. I could feel today that you played the „Spring Melody of the 8 Images for me.
It warmed my heart and it makes this day so beautiful and full of light.“

* * *

As Palmina and Palma saw this in their vision they moved their music instruments more and more together that their heads gave each other a sweet short kiss.

Then Palmina leaned her head on Palma’s side and they sat in the soft seats of their Peonoy Gondoly, which is a present by the heaven, watching their vision. Palma took his arm around Palmina.

* * *

In their dreams they saw them in the church together at Palma’s painting working place having a little picnic-rest there. Yes, this was Palma’s little birthday-picnic-party.

„I am so happy to be with you on my birthday, Palmina. You are for me the most important person in my life…“, Palma said very shy.

It was not easy to tell it with words what he feels since month about her and what Palma expressed in his music and in his heart-to-heart messages to hear.
Palmina looked very shy smiling to him, but she was very lucky to hear it from him now.
Their hearts did connect together on that day they „found“ each other after hundreds of years and they decided to stay together and to be creative and inspired.

They spoke and ate so on the art-working place of Palma il Giovane on this very special happy birthday. „Happy“ because he could see his Palmina and she played his „Spring Melody“ he composed for her. She played it for him to support his speech at the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery mentally.

They spoke about art, music, painting, composing, about the speech in the Art-Gallery Palma will soon held there. They are speaking also about the meaning of the ‚8 Soli for Pipa and Viola‘ and his connection to the Chinese Culture and also to it’s connection to European Venetian Culture.

After they had their little picnic in the church Palmina played a sweet little composition she made for him.

A very, very sweet and beautiful composition she made only for Palma…

Palma felt very honoured to hear ‚his Palmina‘, the best Lute player of the whole Republic of Venice, here especially playing for him – only for him – here in this empty Venetian church in Venice in the 16th century, where Palma is working lonely on his artwork.

Without Palmina his life would be very lonely and sad…he would not be able to paint so fast and so good…

He looked very slowly and tender at her during she is playing and he saw that Palmina was completely in ‚trance‘ in the spiritual sphere of art and music as if she is the messenger of music. Yes she’s Palma’s personal music angel – And he was sure, yes he felt it: He wants to stay here with Palmina and he wants not to leave Venice any more. So he wants to see Palmina every day in his live and even secretly or only at the Titian-School, he is now leading, or in mum’s Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery, or on the Dogan’s Palace or at secretly at the beautiful Rialto Bridge (which was designed especially for them by Da Ponte) or in a secret Gondola and at their little „Isola Madona del Monte“.
„Travelling“ once like Marco Polo was only to meet her as Chinese Princess and to bring her to Venice 400 years ago, but: „Art and music“ is now his live, Palmina is also a great artist and musician and he can learn from her so much in musics, he is sure. And: He loves Palmina and he didn’t want to be separated from her any more for such a long time – If she will stay in Venice, so he will stay in Venice…

Palma could feel her warm heart-to-heart message without using any word.
He smiled more and more and felt very lucky: the „Golden-light“ was again around them, here in this little mystic church in Venice.
Since that magic moment he saw her the first time he never stopped thinking on Palmina and he remembers every day at that short moment of maybe only 8 minutes he spoke with her about her beautiful lute after her concert.

She finished her little „Happy birthday Lute concert“ and he gave her a little, but very very tender kiss. „Thank you, Palmina, you played for me so beautifully. I like also YOUR creations!“. Now she gave him a tender kiss.

Now Palma felt very inspired, he stood up and said: „You see this organ here above…
I will play for you a beautiful music dedication as music-answer on it….“

Palmina smiled and looked how he is going up to the organ.

This was the begin of their secret music-dedications and secret music-games they often made if they were alone.

And he played for her like that:

VIDEO [ Organ solo ‚For Palmina‘ ] : https://youtu.be/t0tsI66wvEk (old: https://vimeo.com/264779552)


picture: Organ of Chiesa dei Gesuiti (Venice)
music: Organ solo „For Palmina“ by Gerald Spitzner

( to be continued… )

29. Palma and Palmina and the mystic image of the MOUNTAIN

Sanqing Shan China, * picture: Mountain Sanqing Shan (三清山) Sanqing is a renowned Taoist sacred mountain in China, located in Jiangxi province. The name Sanqing means the ‘Three Pure Ones’, and is referring to the three main peaks at Sanqing. The mountain is famous for its biodiversity also, and has a wide range of geographical diversity.

29. Palma and Palmina and the mystic image of the MOUNTAIN.

* picture: Mountain Sanqing Shan (三清山) Sanqing is a renowned Taoist sacred mountain in China, located in Jiangxi province. The name Sanqing means the ‘Three Pure Ones’, and is referring to the three main peaks at Sanqing. The mountain is famous for its biodiversity also, and has a wide range of geographical diversity.

As they played so beautifully, full of tender love in their Peony Gondola, a present by the HEAVEN, in this timeless place, like the Peony Pavilion of the Chinese literature, at this 23rd hour (11.p.m.) of the day.

They did not felt tired, but Palma and Palmina sat now again in the soft seats of the Gondola to make a short break. They looked at the stars and at the clouds which had a little bit of a colourful light from the horizon which was not dark, it was a little yellow-orange red at the border of the horizon.

Palmina laid again her head on his side and he laid his arm around her.
They played all images as music together, till one: The image of the MOUNTAIN.

Again they looked at the evening sky:
They saw together the star „Sirius-Sotis“

And it looked like this:

VIDEO: [star Sirius-Sotis] – https://youtu.be/-IAa-F6iViQ (old: https://vimeo.com/263930834 ( password „dgpa“ )

„This is Sirius Sotis. He is the brightest star we can see now. He belongs to the star image of the dog, ‚canis major‘. And the dog is the symbol of…“

Palmina said:“…the dog is the symbol of fidelity“.
„And if we look at Sirius-Sotis to think on each other: You can send me a smile looking to Sirius and Sirius will send your smile to me if I look at him sending a smile to you…“

* * *

Now she hears again his heart…
She remembered that Palma often had his head on her side and listen her heart like a melody; and had the same thoughts at this moment.

Palmina was music. If she didn’t play, her smile was music and inspiration.
Often Palma listened to her heart’s melody – yes, like a wonderful dream.
„My composer dreams“, Palmina thought, „… in his secret dreams he is composing for me!“
She thought this often in that moment as Palma felt asleep. He often was so tired from working at his painting artwork in so many churches of Venice and at the countless Palaces of Venice.
He often felt asleep in the churches and Palmina came and she laid his head on her side and played often lute for him – Moments full of secret tenderness –

Also at this scene they are now looking in their common vision in this Peony-Gondola:

* * * * * * * *

They saw this Peony-Vision:
Palmina played often for Palma while he was painting in a church of Venice. This was for Palma the most beautiful moment of the day. Not only because she brought him some food – No,no, this was not the real reason to expect her – she collected secretly from the good eating rest’s, no one has touched, good food for him from the kitchen of the Dogan’s Palace – because he forgot to eat something during his painting work.
(Palmina could feel it if he was hungry, earlier as if he felt it by himself.)
The real reason was because he was lucky to hear HER play beautifully her Lutes and: because he desired to see her, to feel her at his side. She was like a warm lantern which gives light in the dark and night-time.
The time of playing at Palma’s working and painting places, begun to be longer and longer…
Each day she stayed with him a few minutes longer.
And often she made her rehearsal time for her concert program at the Dogan’s Palace in the church where Palma is painting. So she was with Palma, inspired him and she made also rehearsal: very clever!

No one could tell her: „Don’t play a note of Palma’s music… and use your time for rehearsal for the concert…“

She DID rehearsal and she told no one that this music, she played at the concert, is composed by Palma. (Palma didn’t want that other knew that he is also a composer: This brings sure too much problems of jealousy he was afraid – so he stayed as composer „anonymous“ in Venice – Only Palmina knew this secret and the Chinese delegation…)

Palmina was a very economic thinking young women. She never waisted time. She felt what is really important: To help Palma to stay at Venice so his success is slowly growing, and she can also see every day Palma and to make rehearsals in an economic way.

Palma was a good listener of her lute rehearsal and he always was her „first audience“. She gave him love and light with her smiling and her Lute playing and he gave her love and light and also smiling, being thankful that she spiritually supports him.

So a golden light was around them, at both secret heart-to-heart loving white pigeons.
And Palmina was then at the concert performing very happy and full of love about the fact that she today was with him and could see Palma. After her successful concerts in Venice she went to pick up Palma at the evening from the church with a lantern.
Sometimes she waked him up with tender playing lute near his ear. Yes, Palma worked often so long at some big paintings in the church or later at the Ospedale (10 years he painted there on the paintings) *, that he sometimes felt asleep.

* * * * * * * *

* 1583-1593 Palma il Giovane painted at the „Ospedale“ of the „Ordo Crociferi“ in Venice (It was a foundation who helped also women which are very poor)

* * * * * * * *

He was with his soul WITH Palmina in the Dogan’s Palace listening her performance.
His body was in the church still painting, but his soul was with her at the concert.
Sometimes he dreamed himself there listening her beautiful music. (He could really hear her in his dreams playing lute beautifully).

But on some evenings he finished his painting work – only to see her – and he took a beautiful traditional cloth, like it was usual in the 16th century, to go to Palmina’s Lute solo concert at the Dogan’s Palace. Now as V.I.P. of the State of Venice and as member of the Venice-Art-Gallery, also with his slowly growing influence as art-director of the Titian-School, especially after Titian’s death and after he made his first very big paintings at the Dogan’s Palace in Venice, Palma is a very well known person in the higher circles of Venice.

But Palma was shy and he did not like to be in the public called a star. Sometimes he could not avoid that the state of the Republic of Venice often applauded him in the public, especially if international guests came.

But in the face of other „simple people of the street“ in Venice some could feel his great heart and they liked him as he was and greeted him with respect but others thought only: „Who is HE…? That men with the simple painting cloth…? Does he need some food…? Is he poor and a vagabond? This is sure not a famous person of Venice…“

Palmina smiled wordless-decently to Palma and Palma smiled secretly back to her if they faced such unexpected words and they went their way together without caring of them. SHE knew who he is and she loves him as he is.

All threatened Palma il Giovane with big respect at the Dogan’s Palace and in fine circles of Venice.
The mightiest persons of the Republic of Venice knew him very well and greeted him always as he came to the concerts and events of the state with a fine nodding and decent smile.
The guests from ALL OVER THE WORLD, who visited Venice with their ships to make some diplomatic business or cultural exchange with Venice coming from other countries like now the delegation from China.

There Palmina often played her concert program, which she rehearsaled at Palma, with big success.

So Palmina brought as artist all this love energy from the rehearsal at Palma to the audience in the Dogan’s Palace who came from the whole world.

The love energy of Palma and Palmina radiated so outside of the borders of the Republic of Venice around the whole planet to send the thought of harmony and peace between the cultures of the world.

The international audience in Venice could feel that good energy from Palmina and Palma and the Republic was very proud of Palma’s Palmina, his Albina.

* * * * * * * *

And as they saw their Peony vision, Palma was touched by this.
Now he put his head on her side and now he listens to her heart and it was music.

She kissed him on his head, he was her dreaming composer…

And this kiss made him inspired to compose and write down the image of MOUNTAIN.

Palmina understood: He is inspired again! He is composing! How blessed is this 23rd hour!

He took his music book and started to write into it. Palmina smiled soft – the music book of the compositions for Pipa is getting bigger and bigger…

„Yes, he is my composer, for all century“

And the saints and old Masters appeared again ***)

He draw as music the image of a saint MOUNTAIN. Maybe that kind of mountain Marco Polo saw as he came to China.

After 8 bars of introduction he wrote the „Planet Saturn Melody“ followed by one bar of „silence“. This should represent the „keeping still“. After this he composed the melody of „The House of keeping still“ with also 8 bars.

picture: Chinise traditional painting of Mountain

picture: Chinese traditional painting of Mountain

And as he saw the spiritual image of the MOUNTAIN and he was inside calm and „keeping still“. He saw in a vision the 8 bars of the Variation-Theme:

„Yes, now it has to be 8 Variations, meaning the cycle of life, the cosmic cycle and movement of the stars and planets on the evening sky, and the 8 images as cycle of Images in the cycle of a whole year…“ *)

*) see also the „Spring Melody of the 8 Images“ from Pipasolo 4 THUNDER and his relation to the Cycle of the year (5 Elements)

And Palma composed now in his Pipa-music-book 8 Variations a little bit as Venetian impression to remember that Marco Polo came with his Chinese Princess back to Venice, after he lived long time in China with her, and they lived in Venice lucky and made a lot of music together (Pipa+Viola/ Mandolin), like the legends are telling here in Venice since today.

And Palma, as he started to compose the 8th variations, he draw with music the impression of the peony Gondola, which moved softly after the waves of the water of Venice, their city of art and love.

The 8th variations sounds a little bit like the Pipa tremolo for a Venetian Mandolin.
It is like Palma’s mandolin who is now making tremolo like the Chinese Pipa style.
Yes, Palma expressed with 8 Pipa soli their common „Peony Gondola of Venice“ with Palmina sitting with him on his side in their Peony Gondola and making with him music of their hearts.
Especially the 8th variations are expressing this „Mandolin-tremolo“.

And from that day on – for all future centuries – Palma invented the tremolo of the Venetian Mandolin, all who will play the Venetian Mandolin in all future will play the tremolo of Palmina’s Chinese Lute Pipa to remember the eternal love between Palma and Palmina in Venice. *) in the 16th and 17th century.

*) Till today all Mandolins are played with this tremolo.
Earlier the Mandolin has been plugged with a Goose-Quill without (!) tremolos.

Palmina kissed Palma slowly and tender and tried now this new composition of the image of the MOUNTAIN and played it beautifully like that:

VIDEO: [Pipasolo 8] : https://vimeo.com/263935240

(password ‚dgpa‘)

Palmina played it with so much passion and so much joy and so much serenity.
Yes and the mystic tempo Palmina took for each of the 8 variations.
Her beautifully interpretation he loved so much. Palma thought „Amazing…I love her!“

At the 8th variation Palmina understood very well the drawing of their Peony Gondola.
She repeated this 8th variation a few times and Palma could feel and hear it in his dreams…

„I Thank you so much, Palmina!
You are supporting my speech here in the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery. Master Lao will again be amazed to hear you playing my composition.“

„Palmina – You are a big artist!
– You are understanding my artwork without words…you play it always perfectly and like I would wish to interpret it…and with so much heart!“

And Palmina smiled and her heart radiated so much love in Palma’s direction directly to Palma il Giovane that Palma also smiled. He wanted to huge her and to kiss her hands tender and also her cheeks.

Then she looked to him and her beautiful lighting eyes are telling him that she wants to play now with him the whole Pipa solo Nr. 8 of the image MOUNTAIN with his Viola-part he composed especially for her, expressing all his deeply remembering of their love time in the 16th and 17th century in Venice.

And he took his Viola and was now ready to start the next chapter of their live, beautifully loving together this image like this – (Video below)

Before they started to play he asked her very shy: „Palmina?…If I forget once to write down our beautiful love-story of our secret love we had in Venice in the 16th and 17th century…, Palmina…, then, if it is possible for us, and if we can see us again for 300 or 400 years, then remember me, to do so. It will be such a beautiful story, worth to write it down once for all future generations…Maybe we both can read it once and remember our time and find us….“

– „Yes, but how should I organize some shining peony flowers to welcome you?…“
„Oh, Palmina, you are an angel…For an angel it is nearly nothing impossible…let’s see what this 300 or 400 years brings for possibilities for us and how we can find us at a bridge.“, he answered.
„You!?…you!… my composer…“ she said shy but friendly.

She gave him a little kiss and both hugged each other and they had little tears in their eyes and they started to play together full of hope like this:

VIDEO: [ Pipasolo 8 + Viola] : https://youtu.be/aX815QzHybA (old: https://vimeo.com/263935323)




‚Pipa Solo 8 MOUNTAIN / The keeping still ☶ 艮卦
‚8 Soli for Pipa (+Viola) 琵琶‘ by Gerald Spitzner,
2016-10-29 / 2017

And so the way Palmina played her Pipa part beautifully as heart-to-heart message for Palma, also the way Palma played his Viola part for her was his heart-to-heart thankfully loving message for Palmina – yes, for his Palmina, his pure white pigeon Albina.

(to be continued….)

***) and they said:
GEN“, King Fuxi

„終萬物、始萬物者、莫盛乎。“, King Wang Wen
„Of all that forces that END and BEGIN things, there is no more glorious than KEEPING STILL, the MOUNTAIN„, Queen TaiSi

„Laudato si‘, mi Signore, per sora nostra morte corporale…“, Saint Francis
„8. They ascended the MOUNTAINS…“, Saint Claire

„The sphear of Planet Saturn“, Dante
„The 3rd Choir of the Angel-Choir of the Throne“, Beatrice


28. „THE CREATIVE“ AND „THE RECEPTIVE“ (The Composer and his musician)

picture: Lugu Lake (West China)


(The Composer and his musician)

„Palmina you played it so great“
– „And you composed the 2nd Voice, the Viola-part so fantastically!“

„So you liked my creation really much?“
-„Yes, I love your creations, I am also very proud and lucky that we are working together – No one has the right to disturb our deep love!“

„Yes, Palmina it is our love, our privet right, what we are feeling for each other…“

And even if you would be only a shining star and I am only a music note we would think on each other.
You would shine for me and I would make music for you.
We would also support us in that way.
And we would find a way to come together to work together, to say together.

„It is our love and no one is allowed to end it.“

„I am sure that patriarch thinking structures are destroying the creative progresses“
You mean that the patriarchically philosophy is discriminating women?

– Yes, i can feel it, to live as women here in the 16th century in Venice: If I had not the protection of the Republic of Venice as V.I.P. I would be discriminated as women here.

..But we heard that in Asia, in China there exist an old, tradition, for over thousands of years, a matriarch society structure.

Yes, Palmina, Master Lao toughed us about the „Mosou Culture“ *)

He said that in this Chinese Culture the MOTHER is the most important person of the family.“

The Female represent the Deity named „Gan mu“ who created the Lake of Lugu.

*) Matriarch Chinese Mosuo Culture – wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mosuo

picture: female matriarchat deity Gan Mu of Mosuo culture in West China

„The Mosuo (Chinese: 摩梭; pinyin: Mósuō; also spelled Moso), often called the Na among themselves, are living in Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces in China.
„…matriarchal culture: women are often the head of the house, inheritance is through the female line, and women make business decisions.“
Daba has been a part of Mosuo culture for thousands of years, handed down through generations by word of mouth. It functions as a repository of most of the Mosuo culture and history. It is based on animistic principles and involves ancestor worship and the worship of a MOTHER goddess: „The Mosuo are alone among their neighbors to have a guardian mother goddess rather than a patron warrior god“
While some Asian cultures practise the custom of eating dogs, this is strictly forbidden to the Mosuo. In Mosuo culture, a myth describes that long ago, dogs had life spans of 60 years while humans had life spans of thirteen years. Humans felt their life span was too short, so they traded it with the dogs in exchange for paying homage to them.[8] Therefore, dogs are valued members of the family. They are never killed, and they most certainly are never eaten. During the initiation rites into adulthood, Mosuo adolescents pray before the family dogs.“

1. – 8, from „2nd Congress Matriarchal Studies“:
„1. There is great support among all members of the family. Each member is a descendent of the mother. The relationship of the family member with each other is free and easy. They get on well with each other without strife among brothers, wives, uncles or nephews.

2. Marriage is free and BASED ON LOVE. It is not affected by political, economic or religious factors. Elders never interfere with the choices of the young. The only exception is the case of being too closely related, members of the same clan. There will be an intervention in such a case by the mother’s brother. This intervention is accepted and as a result struggles over issues as such never occur.

3. Mosuo families care for their own. The young and the old are looked after very well and disabled people have a special place in the
community as they are seen as messengers sent by God.

4. The population increase is steady but slow. Men and woman are equal. Boys are not regarded as more important than girls, girls actually are more preferred. The fertility rate is not very high. The children are common to the sisters who live together. In this way the gender balance is kept perfectly.

5. The birth process is easy and they take good care of the children. Many of the young Mosuo live the custom of „visiting marriage“, and bear their children when they are in the best physical condition. As soon as young woman is pregnant she shares her mothers bedroom in order to avoid being „visited“ again, this is to protect the embryo.

6. The property of the family always stays intact. Matriarchal families
gather great financial strength in spite of the size and many needs of its

7. A clear division of labour encourages all the members who are engaged in different jobs according to their own special abilities. Some members set up businesses, but all work is completed with ease and attention.

8. There is a reasonable arrangement between work and the rest of life. Mosuo people are simple, honest and unspoiled. People often sleep without shutting their doors and no one pockets anything found on the road. Mosuo greatly enjoy the plentiful provision of nature and a happy peaceful family life.“, (2nd Word Congress on Matriarchal Studies)

source: http://www.second-congress-matriarchal-studies.com/gatusa.html

(20 min) VIDEO [Dokumantation about matriarchal Chinese Mosuo culture ] : https://youtu.be/bbzG0n3shTM

„Yes, it is a Matriarchal Chinese society order with an old tradition….“, Palma said
– „The MOTHER has an important meaning in this Asian Chinese Culture“, Palmina remembered the words of Master Lao in his speech of his Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery.

Master Lao appeared:

EARTH – the Receptive

Saint Francis appeared: „Laudato si‘, mi Signore, per sora nostra MATRE TERRA“
Saint Claire said: …( see below:) *)

„The Image of EARTH has also the meaning of MOTHER“.

„The image of EARTH – the Receptive!
Palmina said joyfully: „You are Palma il Giovane, THE CREATIVE, the composer and famous painter of Venice!“

And I am THE RECEPTIVE, the musician, the Lute, the Pipa, the interpret of your composition!“

„Oh, you play my music so great… I love it and I love you!“
I am the CREATIVE and you are THE RECEPTIVE!
„Yes Palma, my composer… I love your creations and I love you also!“

And Palma and Palmina hugged each other very tender and their hearts loved each other deeply inside like the two white pigeons of Palma’s famous „Mars and Venus“ .

Then Palmina took Palma’s head and gave him a few tender kiss on the cheeks…

Palma was now so inspired that he felt he has to compose the image of EARTH – THE RECEPTIVE.

Palmina felt that she made him inspired and supported him for composing sending him heart-to-heart golden-light.

Palma composed very fast the Pipa solo of the image EARTH – THE RECEPTIVE.

Palmina smiled and was very proud, step by step, she made him inspired to be a composer. Sure in this live he will be soon Venice’s most famous painter after Master Titian’s death but in hundred, in 300 or 400 years he need this composing-basic knowledge for music and composing. And a good composer will never forget his basic treasure in his heart not even in 300 or 400 years later.
Palmina smiled.
Palmina, his Albina was sure: HE WILL COMPOSE.
„Our common love is the basic for composing in the next hundreds of years…
I will find him again at the bridge. I will welcome him with peony flowers of light with my Lute music…
And Palma will compose for me for Lute again and I will play for him again…
„, Palmina thought as she saw him writing her next Pipa solo EARTH – THE RECEPTIVE

„Our common love is the basic for composing in the next hundreds of years…
I will find her again at the bridge. She will welcome me with Lute music and peony flowers of light…
And I will compose for Palmina’s Lute again and she will play for me again…
„, Palma thought as he was writing Palmina’s next Pipa solo EARTH – THE RECEPTIVE

And they smiled in the same moment.

After he composed it for her, Palmina wanted to play it and she played it beautifully like that:

VIDEO: [Pipa solo 7 EARTH – THE RECEPTIVE] https://vimeo.com/263632833

( password „dgpa“ )

Palmina smiled shy and looked to Palma.
Palma knew what this means for him: Taking his Viola and playing the 2nd Voice which he composed additionally for her.

He smiled, took his Viola and both played the new creation like this as sign of their deeply secret love.

 VIDEO [ Pipasolo 7 + Viola ]:

bew: https://youtu.be/FKcEErdVerg

(old: https://vimeo.com/263632906 )



‚Pipa Solo 7 EARTH / THE RECEPTIVE ☷ 坤卦‘
‚8 Soli for Pipa (+Viola) 琵琶‘ by Gerald Spitzner,
2016-10-29 / 2017

(to be continued…)

*) and they said:

„坤 KUN“, King Fuxi

„坤為地,為母.“, King WANG WEN
„THE RECEPTIVE is the EARTH, is the MOTHER.“, Quin TaiSi

„Our sister MOTHER EARTH“, Saint Francis
“ You fixed the EARTH on its foundations,
[..] made the MOON to mark the [EARTH YEAR] / seasons „, Saint Claire

„Created HEAVEN and EARTH“, Mose


27. Palmina inspires to compose the Lute solo about Image of Fire

27. Palmina inspires to compose the Lute solo about Image of Fire

And during this little, tender kiss saying the word „Liu-to“, meaning in Italian „lute“, Palma felt into a new deep inspiration:

He said: „Li…“
He saw the image of FIRE. It is warming, making the night bright, gives intellectual independence from the cycle of day and night.
Palmina gave him again some much light and warm hearted inspiration, so he took the music-score paper to write the Pipa solo Nr. 6 – describing the image of FIRE.
Palmina smiled, as she saw that she could lead him to so intellectual, spiritual and inspired intuition artwork.
Palma il Giovane composed, and composed…
After a while he made a little break.

* * *

Again Palmina laid her head on his side and he put his arm around her.
Both are now leaning in the soft seats of the Peony Gondola in this 23rd hour (11.p.m.) of the day.
Now she gave him a tender kiss on his cheek.
And suddenly they remembered that they have been together thousands of years ago.
They had not an easy way at their start for their love, but:
Palmina lived on the Planet Venus and Palma lived on Planet Mars.
Both Planets where so beautiful and had good air, water, plants, birds, dolphins and animals.
Palma said to her:“…We could send us a long time messages from planet to planet…You remember, my Venus?“
„Yes, my Mars, I remember very good…“

Palma continued: „…But suddenly someone disturbed our communication and stole our letters after reading it. We did not know who was it, but we thought evil souls tried to make a war between planet Venus and Planet Mars and so they tried to destroy true love and true friendship between the cultures of the planets Venus and Mars – This was their strategy to sell wapons to support a war. But there was a change for making the peacetime lasting longer: The love of us: Palma and Palmina.“

Palmina said:“Yes, we met secretly on planet Mercury, sometimes secretly at my Planet Venus, but it was difficult for you to come to my Planet, so we decided rather to meet on Planet Mercury.“

Palma said: „…you are right, Planet Mercury was very neutral, rather intellectual, rational, but there are also a lot Mercantilists… The deity of Planet Mercury is also called ‚The winged Messenger‘.

As our love grew, we decide to live together on Planet Mars. And there we lived without any bigger danger. …And our love and creative connection made it possible to do so much creative things for peace between planet Mars and Venus. The cultural relation between Planet Venus and Planet Mars was very harmonic like Ying and Yang.
The generations after us said that the love between us both is a guarantee for peace between our both Planets. And so it was long time a peaceful message and living example for other generations!“

And they remembered also:
Venus, Mars and Mercury surrounded once a bigger planet called „Phaeton“ **), the Arcadian ***) old texts tells this.

And we in Europe tried to discover and translate ancient texts into our European languages. Therefore our time age will be called the „Renaissance“ *) the „Rebirth of the ancient age“.

Here in Venice we can feel this magic atmosphere.

The people holding here a lot of speech about this „golden age“ of culture.
But our discovering are leading us far in the east to the ancient time of Asia and China…
We can only try to translate ancient texts and learn what the ancient cultures can tell us.

*) „Renaissance“ – wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renaissance
**) „Phaeton“ – wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phaethon
***) Arcadian Creation Theory – wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Mesopotamian_religion

„The „Renaissance“ is a period in European history, covering the span between the 14th and 17th centuries. It is an extension of the Middle Ages, and is bridged by the Age of Enlightenment to modern history. It grew in fragments, with the very first traces found seemingly in Italy, coming to cover much of Europe, for some scholars marking the beginning of the modern age.
As a cultural movement, the Renaissance encompassed innovative flowering of Latin and vernacular literatures, beginning with the 14th-century resurgence of learning based on classical sources, which contemporaries credited to Petrarch; the development of linear perspective and other techniques of rendering a more natural reality in painting;
Although the Renaissance saw revolutions in many intellectual pursuits, as well as social and political upheaval, it is perhaps best known for its artistic developments and the contributions of such polymaths as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, who inspired the term „Renaissance man“.
The Renaissance began in Florence, in the 14th century. Various theories have been proposed to account for its origins and characteristics, focusing on a variety of factors including the social and civic peculiarities of Florence at the time: its political structure; the patronage of its dominant family, the Medici; and the migration of Greek scholars and texts to Italy following the Fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks. Other major centres were northern Italian city-states such as Venice, Genoa, Milan, Bologna, and finally Rome during the Renaissance Papacy.“ – wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renaissance

We both heard a lot in the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery, now also for Master Lao of China.
He explained us the meaning of the image of FIRE. We learned a lot of Chinese and Asian traditions and very old texts.
Do you remember, my dear Palmina, my Albina, in which relation image FIRE is to the 5 Elements?“.
Palmina said:“Master Lao said in his speech, in the Gallery, that the image FIRE is also FIRE at the FIVE Elements?“.

And Palmina gave him now a little kiss on the cheek.

Palmina smiled very shy.
And now the Masters and Saints appeared and said *)
King Wen showed the relation from the 8 Images of the later heaven:
and the Five Elements:
The later Heaven after King Wen in the cycle of year (Spring – Summer – autumn- Winter) was shown…

Later Master Aristoteles appeared and showed them
the 5 ELEMENTS in Greece language tradition**)

γῆ – ὕδωρ – ἀήρ – πῦρ – αἰθήρ

**) 5 Elements old Greeck- wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_element#Greece

The ancient Greek belief in five basic elements, these being earth (γῆ ge), water (ὕδωρ hudor), air (ἀήρ aer), fire (πῦρ pur) and aether (αἰθήρ aither)

Then Master Lao made 5 Tones of the 5 Elements:

he played:
d‘ – a‘- e‘ – g‘ – c‘
金 – 水 – 木 – 火 – 土 *)

*) Tonal meaning of the 5 Elements in the Asian music tradition:
The Yuèlìng chapter (月令篇) of the Lǐjì (禮記) and the Huáinánzǐ (淮南子) make the following correlations: Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wu_Xing#Music

Palma wrote it down in his music score, Palmina plucked it on her Pipa…

Palma wrote all into his music score
Then the order of the year…
Then the spring melody and its relation to the five elements…

As he was ready with his fresh music composition Palmina played the short Pipa solo beautifully like that:

VIDEO: [Pipa solo 6 FIRE]: https://vimeo.com/263190272

(password ‚dgpa‘)

Palma smiled lucky to hear her playing for his speech:
Palmina looked again to him wanting something from him.

Palma il Giovane understood her: She wants that Palma takes his Viola instrument and play WITH HER the same Pipa solo in the version with Pipa and Viola:

And both hearts felt warm between their hearts and smiled secretly during making music like that:

VIDEO: [Pipa solo 6 + Viola – FIRE] :
new: https://youtu.be/H6XlNS7jr8I
(old: https://vimeo.com/263190593)

‚Pipa Solo 6 FIRE / the Clinging ☲ 離卦‘
‚8 Soli for Pipa (+Viola) 琵琶‘ by Gerald Spitzner,
2016-10-29 / 2017

(to be continued…)

*) They said:

„離 Li“, King Fuxi
„FIRE“ Queen Nüwa

„燥萬物者莫熯乎火“, King Wang Wen
„Of all that forces that WARM things, there is no more drying than FIRE.“, Queen Taisi

„Brother fire“, Saint Francis
„He makes fire flames to his servants“, Saint Claires

„The shear of Planet Mercury“, Dante
„The 2nd Angel Choir of the Arch-Angels“, Beatrice


26. THE PIETA – The last artwork of Master Titian – how Palmina helps with her Lute music

Titan’s last painting Pieta, completed by Palma il Giovane

26. THE PIETA – The last artwork of Master Titian – how Palmina helps with her Lute music

After Palmina played so beautifully the „King Fuxi Melody“ together with Palma il Giovane, he was so thankful to have composed an „innovative“ Fugue, a „Fuga a 3“ for 3 voices.
Palmina inspires him so much and this helps him to work inspired as artist.

„It was so tender you played my composition on your Pipa…“, Palma said smiling.
Palmina smiled also and she covered him with her heart-to-heart love like a golden light.

„But you played also very beautiful on your instrument, Palma, my composer!“

* * *

As they are so lovely speaking to each other they had a new vision in their Peony Gondola. Yes, in this 23rd (11.p.m.) hour of the day Palmina now laid her head on Palma’s side. She could hear and feel his heart. Palmina makes him so quite and sure and lucky.
They both saw themselves how they helped Master Titian to paint his last great artwork.
The vision told them to help, to motivate and to inspire Master Titian making his artwork in the next months.
Palma was now holding Palmina with his arm. He gave her also tenter warm sympathy in this moment.
„Look, the vision shows us that we have to help Master Titian to paint again…“
– „Yes, Palma, my composer and painter, …and we will get help for this…“

Palmina seems now again to understand something more then Palma.

And as they both dreamed now they continued to dream their vision:

* * *

Palma stood in the empty Venice Titian Art Gallery at the late morning.
She wear a green cloth. Both are now here alone, only mother was in the long kitchen doing some work.

Palma painted now Palmina in this green cloth.
She hold her left hand very high and her gesture is expressing big exciting.

„Should I stay longer in this position? Palma, it is not easy to stand in that way very long.“, Palmina looked scared.

„Ok…wan de… we are finished for this day.“
Palmina jumped softly from her wooden stage, where she often gives lute solo concerts.
Like a little sweet bird she wanted to came to his easel to see how he painted her.

„Do you think this will master Titian take in his new picture?“

– „Let’s try it, Palma, maybe he says YES, maybe he choose an other variation of it…“, Palmina said very motivated.

„Hm, yes, maybe… important that he raises from his weakness and starts to draw on a new painting…“, Palma answered.

„And the other drafts for Master Titian…?

„Yesterday, you remember, as we visited Master Titian at home, he had suddenly a vision and he stood up. He saw a miracle appearance of a „Pieta“ on the sky through his window. He saw the saint virgin holding Jesus on her knees.
Titian felt on his old weak knees and prayed. Then he tried to look at this vision to paint it.
He wanted to see if Jesus is still alive… Palma saw this scene and Palmina also.

Titian touched Jesus hand *) to see if Jesus is alive after he was taken from the crucifix.

Palmina understood all.
Titian started then to paint fast and the saint virgin-vision did not disappear as long as he drew it. As he was ready he felt weak on the floor.
Palmina and Palma came to pick him up and to help him to come back into his bed.

After a few minutes the weak Master Titian spoke very slow: „We have to draw a ‚Pieta‘.
Tomorrow we start to paint it on a big picture…. Palma help me….and please, Palmina should play her lute…And…, and make some drawings drafts of Maria Magdala, a Moses statue , Saint Helena.., The Pieta I make ready till tomorrow…and..and… Palma finish it if I will die….“
Palma nodded. Palmina nodded. Palma and Palmina looked in their eyes and they felt such a warm heart to heart connection. Yes, they felt: this is a historic moment of the culture and art in the whole history of this solar system.

* * *

„We have to help him…“ they thought both in their heart.

And Palma searched for some models for the first drafts for statues Moses, Saint Helena and living Saint Marie of Magdala.

* picture: Detail of the painting Pieta with self portrait of Titian. Behind him are the drafts of the vision with a ‚Pieta‘ appearing on the sky.

* picture: Detail of the painting Pieta with self portrait of Titian. Behind him are the drafts of the vision with a ‚Pieta‘ appearing on the sky.

And suddenly he remembered as Titian felt on his knees and Palmina thought he felt on the floor because of his weakness and wanted to cry for help.

„Titian should paint himself as self-portrait and:…

Maria Magdala is crying for help like you did yesterday to help master Titian….“

Palmina was not wondering about Palma’s creativity, she is used to miracles…

He made some fast drawing on his paper and said to Palmina. „Yes, Palmina I will draw you as St.Magdalena with a green cloth… Can you come tomorrow on our Gallery so I can paint you?“

„Yes, I will take also my two lutes for rehearsing and preparing some music pieces to play for Master Titian during he is starting with you… to paint on his big „Pieta“-Creation.

And so they did. Palma draw also very fast a men, a member of the big Venice-Titian-Art Gallery as Moses and a women as St. Helena.

He made it so fast because Palmina played so beautiful on her Lute.

During he painted in the Gallery he said also on this day:“ Yes, Titian ordered me to draw all the beautiful fine Chinese family here instead of Titian because he is felling not so strong. But it does not mean that he should not paint any more.
Now we help him to make a big artwork…. St.Mary of Magdala, Moses, St. Helena…“

„And…“,Palmina had an idea, „…draw also him, as he yesterday was on the knees to check if Jesus is still alive… draw him like that… This is it!“

Palma looked questioning.

Palmina took her Chinese Lute and played their „Spring Melody of the 8 images“

Palma smiled; it is their secret love song.

Palma said after the Melody:“Ok, you are right, maybe this will inspire him to have a self portrait in this mystic painting Pieta“.

* * *

And so it did happen:

The next day, as they visited Master Titian, he was lying in his bed very weak but his eyes full of burning live.
The vision on the sky and the fact that his Master-scholar, ho leads the Titian-school since years for him in a good way, will now assist him drawing the „Pieta“ makes him hopeful.

Everyone expected that Titian is to weak to paint again but now the miracles happened…

Palma was his Master Scholar who was since years his „voice“ to the students of the Titian-School here in Venice.
Master Titian checked always the artwork of the painting students without telling a word. Often the students expected some feedback, but Master Titian looked only very serious and always with his eyes looking into the spiritual world without saying any word to them.
Palma seemed to understand Titian’s thoughts and tried to tell the student very carefully what he or she has to make better on his artwork studies.
But Palma was often very diplomatic, not hurting the feelings of a student; some had parents with great influence…

So Master Titian had today really fire in his eyes, eyes of an old weak body who worked hard on his artworks and paintings through his whole life.
Titian was not only artist, he owned also a lot of wood areas in Austria and earned also a lot of money with selling wood. He was an organisation talent, but in his late years he talked not much, but his thoughts where strong and Palma and Palmina understood him very well, maybe this is why he loved them like his own children.

Palma and Palmina sat to his bed, showing Palma’s freshly painted drafts for Master Titian’s Pieta.
Palmina smiled and Titian looked at Palma’s drawings of Palmina as St Maria of Magdala.
Titian looked on the painting and looked to Palma saying with his weak voice:
„This is Palma!… always drawing a fantasy face of his models. Good idea… I will take all your drafts in my Pieta. Let us begin now…Please help me to come out of my bed…
Oh,no….slowly…my bones…slowly…I am an over 97* year old men….oh. no…“

Titian (1476-1576) – wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titian
Tiziano Vecelli or Tiziano Vecellio c. 1488/1490 – 27 August 1576) known in English as Titian /ˈtɪʃən/, was an Italian painter, the most important member of the 16th-century Venetian school. He was born in Pieve di Cadore, near Belluno (in Veneto, Republic of Venice)

„You know, master Titian, we, Palmina and I decided often that I draw Palmina with a variation of her beautiful face, so the people of Venice can not find out that Palmina and I…“

„…I understand you, Palma, the strict honour codex…“, answered Master Titian.

They prepared the big white painting canvas for Titian’s special painting Method:
Grounding – White painting the main figures – Colouring the white paintings – fine painting of the colours (light reflections of other objects)..

As they tried to start to make the red-brown grounding of the big painting Palmina took her Lute and played beautifully.

And suddenly Master Titian had more power to draw…
Palmina played, Titian painted and so they made the preparations for the painting.

Titian made a little draft of his big Pieta and he looked thankfully to Palmina and to Palma. Silently he thought:“They are a miracle – They helped me – They bring me the light to do this important artwork! They belong together… I can feel it…“

* * *

Once, at one day (they worked tree years on this painting!!!) Palmina said to Palma. „Palma, you sould tell Master Titian that it is better to draw the Pieta on the lowest part in that big picture and not at the sky in the upper part…?“

„Why, my dear beloved Palmina, my Albina, my princess….“

„It is because he is not the youngest any more… If he has to draw on the middle or on the upper part of this near square format painting he has always to use wooden stairs or a scaffolding to draw on it…
If he falls down he will break his bones! He must paint from the floor! You can make the rest…hmm??? This painting is also a big change for your future here as artist in Venice. If he can continue we help him and he helps us..he likes us really very much…I think he knows that we are a secret pair…“

„You are an angel, Palmina!…Once you saved also my live, waking me up with your tender lute playing from the scaffolding in the church where I felt into sleep. You saved me from falling down…I remember it today very good…“ *)

– „I also, my Palma, my composer…you are also my first love…“

*) see chapter Nr 3. Palmina saved Palma il Giovane with light and music (Mandolin solo inspiration part III)

„I will tell him carefully that this is the only way we can finish this artwork…and he can also paint from his bed, lying in his bed, painting the St.Virgin and Jesus and his auto portrait.“

Palma was very careful to tell his master this idea; but he did it very diplomatically:

* * *

„Master Titian, it is important to draw a secret, imaginary line from right-down to the left-up side.

* Detail of image showing the „imaginary line“ from right-down to left-up
[detail picture of Titian’s Pieta]

Imaginary line“ from right-down to left-up (detail picture of Titian’s Pieta)

This line should start at your head – then going on at Jesus – then at St. Virgin – then St. Mary Magdala to her crying hands that are telling: „Jesus is still alive, he is not dead!“

We can put the scene of Pieta after crucifixion on „good Friday“ together with the image of the „Easter Sunday“ at tomb and bring it in a new timeless space in an eternal dimension.

Master Titian opened his eyes very big, then he made a mimic that is very serious.

As Palmina heard Palma talking like that she thought: „Palmina you mean, a timeless space, like we are in the Peony Pavilion, oh… I want to think: in our Peony Gondola!“

Palma nodded to her.

Palma and Palmina had been a little bit shy and afraid like little children…

Master Titian looked at Palma’s drafts and tried to visualize the idea of an imaginary line from his auto-portrait over Jesus his mother to Maria Magdala, which was the Palmina.
He thought, he looked, he thought and looked.

But then Master Titian smiled after a while and nodded „yes to them“.

„He seems to accept our suggestions and ideas…“, Palmina and Palma thought.

Then Master Titian tried to touch his own back with his left hand saying“ Oh,no…my back…oh,no… my bones…You are genius!… I would not be able to paint the ‚Pieta‘ in the upper part of the drawing…my bones…good idea…good idea…I will paint it on my knees as respect and thank you for the big vision…“

Palmina smiled secretly and Palma smiled also.
Palmina took her lute and played a sweet little dance which she composed…
„Oh, beautiful, my sweet Palmina…you composed it very well, I love also your creations very much…Take care on your hands…“, Palma thought by himself and Palmina smiled to him back feeling his thoughts. In this moment Palma thought he want to kiss her hands, but they are not alone and Titian has to start his painting work.

Palma took a cup of tea and also Titian moved his head after Palmina’s music and started to paint on the lower part of the painting.


So now the Pieta was saved. In a few days Titian will have made is first white coloured basic painting of the red-brown background.

Titian invented this method to draw only first in white, because he said:
„Listen my Master Scholar: If I have not the time to work on this painting any more I made the white basics. If I come later to work on I can do the colours and the fine colours later. But the main idea is done very fast in only white colour.
This is good, listen Palma, if you have once to paint on a lot of paintings at the same time.
It could happen that you have no time to finish it by yourself. Then your students will finish it easier and do not disturb the main idea of the painting….And once Palma, in maybe 20 years you will be the most famous painter in whole Republic of Venice and it will be a big honour to know you, to have a portrait of you – you see: all the beautiful Chinese women wants a portrait from you now… and this means a lot of hard work for your whole live. And teaching… Palma, you will held so much speech here in Venice about my way of teaching and painting…You will speak about so much stories and legends about our Venice… And don’t forget about Palmina, she is your angel, she supports you with all her love…“

Palma was surprised that he found out that Palmina and Palma are loving each other. It is their secret….

„Palma and Palmina, I am an old Master, an old man, …my body is now weak but my spirit can feel Palmina’s strong sympathy and love radiation always in your direction as she plays beautifully on her lute in the Venice-Titian-Art-Galery and in the Dogan’s Palace. She loves you and you are loving her. You both are so disciplined not to show it in the Gallery, according the strict honour codex, but outside it is allowed to have a love relation, it is your private right…“
– and Master Titian continued words of wisdom.
„You should stay in Venice, Palma. Don’t leave Venice, the city of art..In a few years there is no follow-ship of the old masters here in Venice and no one is well educated in the old traditions and secrets of artwork like you Palma…“

Titian painted with his brush in white very slowly, but like an old Master, very sure.

Palmina looked very shy smiling to Palma.

She send him warm heart to heart light and energy.
She wants to send him a little tender kiss and Palma felt it and smiled back.

And so the next months were filled with doing the supporting and assisting painting artwork at Titian’s Pieta.

At that moment where master Titian could sit on a special chair to paint his „Pieta“, Palma and Palmina sat waiting behind him in his big room and sometimes they put both their hands secretly on the fine little round small table and their little fingers are touching each other very tender an secretly.

Their spiritual love could Titian feel, as old Master, who feels also that his live is now entering the last months in being able to work on his last big artwork.

Palmina and Palma smiled at each other. They where lucky to make it possible that master Titian is doing an artwork.
But it was not automatically possible to make this, some basic ideas had to come from Palma and Palmina.

* * * * * *

And now as the days had came, they came but slowly, where Master Titian was not sure if he can draw any more, Palmina and Palma did not give up.

They had a very good idea:

Palmina and Palma moved Master Titian’s bed to the Pieta painting to make it possible for master Titian to go on drawing from his bed.

Palmina and Palma looked each other at that moment of moving the bed into their eyes and looked each other silently during Titian had his eyes closed.
Then he waked up and understood wordless the idea of Palma and Palmina.
All smiled now…

* * * * * *

But on one day he had not the power to hold the brush any more:

Palmina took her Chinese Lute and started to play the „Spring Melody of the 8 Images“ which Palma composed for her and she played it to support his speech.
Palma smiled hearing that and looked at her knowing „This is our secret heart to heart love melody.“
The love energy from heart to heart between Palma and Palmina made it also possible that master Titian could move his arms to draw for a few minutes…. and he painted a little bit during the power influence of Palmina’s Chinese Lute playing.

And after a few hours Titian took Palma’s hand and lead slowly the paint-brush , now in Palma il Giovane’s hand, together with him painting on the Pieta.
Titian felt very weak, but he fought very strong to paint and not to give up.
He was like Jesus carrying the cross and Palma was his ‚Simon of Cyrene‘ helping him to carry it.

It is Titian’s „via dolorosa“ he is now going through.
And Palmina-Albina is now like the Saint Veronica receiving the Vera Icona – the true image of Jesus on her canvas.

Palmina tried to support them and played and played without stopping.

So slowly the master Titian showed only Palma where he has to paint and he let the paintbrush only be directed after master Titian’s thoughts. Then he moved only his hand in the air and Palma followed the moving without telling a word.

Palma painted and painted – Palmas hand is now Titian’s hand.

Later master Titian only watched how Palma draw after his orders.

Palmina played, Palma draw and silently, slowly, peacefully master Titian closed his eyes with a little smile in his face…

The next day all the family of master Titian came to surround him: „We let him sleep now, he is tired… He gave his master paintbrush to Palma il Giovane to finish his master-work.“

And the next days Palma painted. Palmina played on her Lute and Titian only silently looked how Palma il Giovane is doing finishing his big artwork.

* * *

„He gave Palma il Giovane his master paint brush to finish his Pieta…“, all the Venetian People now talked all around.

In the churches all people begun to pray for master Titian that he has the power to finish his artwork: „And we pray now for Master Titian and his Master Scholar that they can finish the big artwork of the Pieta…“

And also people with other religions traditions prayed in their tradition for him.
Especially the 600 persons of the Asia delegation from China prayed in Taoistic, Konfuzian and in Buddhist tradition for them.

And also the Dogan, who was mightiest then the catholic pope*), prayed silent in his Dogan’s Palace with his servants.

The eyes of the whole Republic of Venice is now sending their hopings and prayers and their good thoughts.

*) A catholic pope is said to be the mightiest person in Europe at this century
and the Dogan of the Republic of Venice is said to be the world’s mightiest person.
That’s why maybe to contact between Asia, especially China to Venice is an old friendship tradition of high cultural meaning.

* * * * * *

„He is still alive…“, Palmina said very excited and she looked like the Saint Maria of Magdala in Titian’s Pieta, like Palma painted her in his draft for in the Titian’s painting Pieta.

Palma looked at her, she wear today exactly the green cloth as she wear once as she was modelling for Palma’s painting.
Palma loves her very much. Palmina was his best model and Titian knew it also. She could inspire Palma very much. Often he painted her with a variation of her face to make it as secret that she is his preferred model for all his paintings.

„You gave him the hope to live and to paint with your lute playing!“, answered Palma.

* * *

„….he fighting against his weakness….he wants not to die until the main idea of the Pieta is finished…“, the members of the Titian-Art-Gallery are whispering.

* * *

A lot of artists are allowed to make a last visit to Master Titian at his bed, where Palma is drawing and Palmina is playing.

There was also the famous architect Antonio da Ponte and he was ordered to create the Rialto Bridge. *) by the Republic of Venice.
He saw the Pieta drawing in Titian’s room and made some drawings of the arc bow which surrounded the Pieta of Titian.

*) The Rialto Bridge was opened on 20th March 1591, created by
Antonio da Ponte (1512–1597) who was a Venetian architect and engineer, most famous for his rebuilding of the Rialto Bridge in Venice.
wikipedia:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_da_Ponte

„It is inspiring here at your Venice-Titian-Art-Galery.
I am impressed how you both are fighting for master Titian’s finishing his last artwork…
You drew a beautiful arch-bow around the Pieta of Titian.
I have dedicated my draft of the big Rialto Bridge to this secret miracle.
Look I will make the arch-bow on the top of my bridge as this…
…Jesus is still living after his crucifixion…
…Titian is still living and his spirit is telling what Palma il Giovane has to paint after his spiritual inspiration and after Palmina’s beautiful playing…so nice compositions….who composed it? It sounds so new…“, asked Antonio da Ponte, who was very interested in arts and especially in music.

Palmina smiled to Palma and Palma showed her: „…silence… who composed it, is a secret…No one knows that I am the composer of the music…I am now so well known as Master scholar in Venice… it could be difficult for me if they see I am also a composer…“, Palma tried to tell her as heart to heart message.

Palmina understood and nodded. Palmina knows all about his heart and Palma knows all about her heart.
They feel if someone is suffering and then they support each other from heart to heart.
Only Palma’s mother knows the secret and: Master Titian AND: Master LAO from China. But they do not talk to others about this secret.

Antonio da Ponte finished his drawing of the arch portal for his new „Rialto Bridge“ *
„Now, my Rialto Bridge is more beautifully created and there are tree ways to go over it: The north steps, the middle steps and the south steps.

And look, Palma, here on this side you can enter the north steps only going to this small street: If a man wants to meet his secret love and to see her, he can meet her standing HERE on the north side and she can come from the south steps… and they can smile to each other unseen from any side…“
Palma looked interested at this Rialto Bridge draft. Palmina looked also interested during she played.

picture: The Pieta Arch-Bow on the Rialo Bridge in Venice (right)

The architect looked at Palma and Palmina and nodded to them as if he wanted to say: „Thank you for your Pieta inspiration… Thank you so much… As „thank you“-present I created for you both a secret way to meet for you both every day secretly at the Rialto Bridge!“

And the secret lovers smiled very, very lucky.

Palmina was sure that reason why this vision in their Peony Gondola came is that this is a lucky moment for the history of Venice.

The Pieta will connect Palma and Palmina more in their live; to live their secret deeply heart to heart love.
Not only Titian had a vision, also Palma and Palmina and now the creator of the Rialto Bridge will help secret lovers to see shortly maybe to exchange music scores and to secret exchange love letters…

Palma continued his painting session always asking master Titian if he did it right.
Master Titian seems always to agree with his doing.

Suddenly he said: „And now… now draw a little angel with a long candle…. here on the right side…here, over the Pieta…and don’t colour Moses and the St.Helena statue. The white colour has a poetic meaning… and draw left down the same painting I made at the beginning as I had the vision as you both where with me.*

* Detail of the Painting „Pieta“ from Titian showing a painting with a visionary Pieta appearing on the sky, with two persons kneeing and praying.

Detail of the Painting „Pieta“ from Titian showing a painting with a visionary Pieta appearing on the sky, with two persons kneeing and praying.

This was a miracle and a sign of the heaven that you where on this day visiting me… don’t copy it exactly! It should only remember my first draft and remember the miracle and the world should know that this old man here on the knees, in the picture was a painter…“

All present people around Titian in his big room smiled and laughed decently.

And suddenly Titian moved his hand and his finger pointed at his big painting.
„And …the angel… here.. is here…“

„He sees an angel…“
„Yes, but he wants Palma to draw an angel there…“
„Palma should finish the painting with an own angel…“, the People whispered

„Come Palmina, Come Palma!“ – Palmina stopped playing.
Palma came to look how Master Titian is.
They hold Master Titian’s hands like being his children.

„I have to tell you both: Stay together…work together…support and inspire important artists with your mothers Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery!
You helped me and you will help more and more talents to go their ways.
Try also to support and inspire important composers, once they will make with their compositions it possible that artists: singers, instrumentalists, dancers, poets, painters are more independent by the state and more independent by the church… Remember my words. You are the blessed who can do this for the future of the cultural development!…
He took their hands putting them together like a priest.
He made a few hard breaths and said finally:“My blessings you have…The blessing of master Titziano Vecello…“
And after he said that Master Titian closed his eyes and smiled.


The doctor came now to the bed to confirm his death.

But all saw: He didn’t breath.

Both sunk their head being very sad. All was quite now.

They both felt like children who lost their father.
They hold Master Titian’s hands…

Palmina laid her head to Palma and they hugged deeply and cried.

The priest gave him the blessings and went out to tell all Venetian to ring the bells.

* * * * * *

All the bells and also the big bell in the big saint Marco church, on the St. Marco Place sung the last melody of Titian’s death.

All the Venetian prayed and made their cross.

Also the Chinese friends of Venice where touched by this special historic moment and to see how the Republic of Venice is treating a big artist respectfully.

All Gondolieri said“ From this day on we will paint our Gondolas in black colour! We will never forget the Master Titian!“

„And I will dedicate the arch bow on the new Rialto Bridge* to the painting of the „Pieta“

* Rialo Bridge in Venice
will be finished in the year 1591 in Venice an looks today like this:
(picture: painting from Canaletto)

picture:Rialot Bridge,  painting from Canaletto

Slowly all bells in Venice begun to move and to sound mystically. (Only if a Dogan or a pope dies this happens in Venice)

The sound of hundreds of bells meaning Master Titian is dead.

All people where silent the next days and wearing black colours and praying for him.

„Palma il Giovane finished the painting Pieta,… and the Rialto Bridge will be like the Pieta-arch-bow…“, the Gondolier in whole Venice told to each other.

– „All Gondola will be painted in black colour to honour master Titian!…“

– „Palma il Giovane is the next Master of the Titian School!“

„He leads the school since nearly tree years alone with his mother and some students. Master Titian made only short controlling visits to his school….“

„Palma is his most important scholar. We should ask Palma to draw for our „Ospedale“, a big, big artwork to do for us…“
-„Yes, and the Republic of Venice – the R.O.V. is planing the order big images of Palma in Giovane…“ the friends of the Dogan of the R.O.V.

This could Palmina and Palma see in her vision now in their Peony hour, in their Peony Gondola.
Palmina laid her head again on Palma’s heart to hear it so smile to him.
Palma again hold his arm around her and gave her a little kiss on her head remembering her little kiss as he played his new fugue and she kissed him during he played on his cheek and then she played with him on her Pipa during he played the harpsichord.

She said: „My Palma…“
He answered: „My Palmina…Your love full lute playing made this, all this miracles possible.“

They saw two shooting star on the sky.

Palmina and Palma smiled.

„let us make a secret wish…!“

And both wished to meet again in 300 or 400 years.

They hold their hands and closed their eyes and smiled giving from heart to heart warm love-full energy.

And they both silently wished to see each other again on a bridge.

A bridge which connect the east-part and the west-part. The Ying and Yang.
And she will play Chinese Pipa again and he will continue to compose for her.

„My sweet. little Chinese princess! Wode xiaoxiaode zhongguode gongzi… My Liuto“
And she repeated „Wo shi nide Liuto“ and she made with her mouth saying „Liu-to“ a kissing mouth in his direction.
And Palma made it also and gave her a little, tender kiss.

Then he played on istrument which is unknown in this century, a little personal concert like this:

VIDEO: Pianosolo „Pieta“

new: https://youtu.be/-yprVqNorfA

(old: https://vimeo.com/262575839 )

(to be continued…)