60. Palmina’s tears and Palma’s love

60. Palmina’s tears and Palma’s love

 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.): Normally this is the harmonic moment in the Peony-Gondola, a relaxed and harmonic hour. But what they saw now in their vision starts with a very dis-harmonic scene, lets see:

* * *

Palmina was full of harmonic thoughts and full of love for Palma.
She rehearsals on her Pipa-lute.

Suddenly the door to her little room opened.
He came in.
He said unfriendly words to her.
He left her little room.
He closed the door unfriendly.

This was all he did on her birthday.
Palmina was sad and started to cry.

Outside in the »Calle de la Pieta« the people looked out of the windows and they said „HE did it again…. – poor girl…. – little poor princess…“. All people knew it – HE did it again.

Palmina had tears in her beautiful eyes…her left eye was full of pain.
The birds came to her window to see if they could help her and tweeted.

* * *

Palma rehearsed with Michaela in the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery the little Aria for Palmina’s birthday surprise. Suddenly Palma thought: »…Palmina, I hope you are well…«

As he finished playing his Harpsichord part at the end of the little aria Michaela saw that he was sad.
„Something is wrong now with him…- The Aria was very good…- but Palma is sad, why?“, she thought and asked him: „Palma, what happened?“.
-“ She is crying…He did it again…my poor Princess.“, Palma said very excited.
Deep in his heart he thought „Palmina, I love you…Today is your birthday…we think on you and are looking forward to make the music surprise after the Gallery event only for you…
So much musicians I organized for the surprise…“

* * *

Palmina suddenly stopped her crying and between her tears she looked a little bit hopefully outside to the garden under her window where the birds tweeted for her as if they wanted to say:“ Palma is sending you love and hope…“.
Palmina smiled slowly and raised her head and her body.

* * *

Palma asked now: „Michaela, let us pray an ‚Ave Maria‘ for her…“.
Michaela folded in this moment her hands and both looked to the paining of the saint virgin. They prayed „Ave Maria….“ – In this moment Princess Lin entered the Gallery with her servants and her family members. They stood full of respect about their heartfelt prayers and waited.
Princess Lin and Master Lao could see with their heart that they prayed for help for Palmina, but they did not speak about what their heart could see.
A Buddhist Monk, a Taoistic priest and a Confucian representative came a little bit nearer.
As they finished praying Princess Lin greeted them and also the Monks and servants. They wanted to hear not only Princess Lin on her Pipa, also Palmina on her lute and the other musicians of Emperor Rudolf II.
After they greeted each other Princess Lin asked: „Can we support also your prayers with our different prayer traditions?…“
„Oh, why not…molto bene…“, Michaela said.
-„We can need any help of all traditions…“, Palma said.
And now the Buddhist monk prayed to the „Guan Yin“ and said „A – mi – to – fu“. Later the Taoistic priest prayed in his tradition. – Finally the Confucian made silently a short prayer. – And all made some respectful gesture.

Michaela was always lucky to pray and to help others with praying.

* * *

Palmina, sitting in her little room, made some slow breaths – slowly breathing „in“ and slowly breathing „out“. (This is called „Qi Gong“ in the Asian Tradition.)
Now she feels a little bit better then before.
„Thank you, Palma…birds say him that I thank him for his love and prayers, I could feel them…“. The birds started to fly and they took their flight directly to the street where Palma and the Asian Delegation prayed for her.
The birds flew around the window in the 1.floor and tweeted very, very beautifully.
Palma and Michaela and Princess Lin heard that and smiled.

* * *

Mr. Cambridge went around down in the street and looked at the post-box of the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery. He wanted to steel and to destroy some letters. But he saw no letters inside.

„Heart-to-heart Messages“ can not be stolen, cannot be sold, and cannot be destroyed by Mr. Cambridge’s Security Organisation.*)

*) Mr. Cambridge (it is his false name) founded a »Security Organisation« and his philosophy is: Humans are using their letters only 10 % in their private life. So the »Security Organisation« offers the service – if they are allowed – to read the letters of others and they decide if a letter is relevant or not for a private person. So his philosophy says »only 10 of 100« letters are useful. So they destroy the other 90 letters. But in reality they copy the letters for selling them the enemy of the R.O.V. – the Republic of Venice.
His aim: to destroy the R.O.V. and to set world wide control of all »useless letters« of the world civilisation.
His philosophy is also and he teaches it to his members: »Who can control the letters of all people of the world is able to control the world. Only OUR »Security Organisation« makes the world secure! So be member of our »Church of Security«.
But more and more people are leaving his »Church of Security« because they realize soon that the members are doing much criminal things like stealing letters without permission of the owners. The R.O.V. will soon forbid Mr. Cambride’s »Church of Security« in Venice and soon in whole Europe. (A lot of members of the Church are judged by the official law.)

* * *

The security Guards of the Dogan’s Palace realized that Mr. Cambridge tried to steal the letter and run to arrest him:

„Hey, over there is the criminal Mr. Cambridge…. – The mighty Dogan gave orders to arrest him for 10 Years! Let’s get him…! Fast!…. We are also responsible for the security of the Chinese delegation, Princess Lin and the other delegations here in Venice!…
In the name of the Republic of Venice – Stop! you are under arrest! Come, you criminal!. Subito, subito…
Come here… How much letters did you steal from the officers of the Republic? You are the enemy of our Republic! …You are arrested!!!“ –

* * *

Palmina and Palma had been surprised of seeing this in the Peony-Gondoly-Vision.
This was really exciting to see. The Peony-Gondola shows also this…
Palmina hold her arm around Palma and came a little bit nearer.
„Look, Palma, They arrest Mr. Cambridge for 10 Years because of doing criminal things for his church…All Venetian are talking about this Criminal Organisation…They should call them C.S.O. – Criminal’s Security Organisation!“

Palma gave Palmina a kiss very tender on her cheek saying:“You are right, my dear princess…“.
Palmina gave also Palma a tender cheek kiss in the same way as she gave him her „first tender cheek kiss“ on the Island. Palma puts his arm also around Palmina and moved his head also to her head.

And they saw again the big heart on the sky a little bit pink coloured…

(to be continued….)

59. Palmina’s talented hands

59. Palmina’s talented hands

Modell Michaela

<picture: Palma’s Cousin was the model of this painting by Palma il Giovane and liked to make music performance with Palmina>

Palmina was so lucky to see in their common Vision in their Peony Gondola at the 23rd hour (11.pm.) of the day that her right ring finger, which was full of pain, know seemed to bee healed.
Palmina rehearsal too strong with her right hand.
„Thank you Palma, thank you, my composer, my painter, my big and only love.
Your tender love is healing my pain on my right hand at my ring-finger. You are right…not rehearsing too much…better to play 100% at the concert and not 100% at the rehearsal…You are a wise Master, not only in being a Painter Master and leader of the Titian-School…“, she said to Palma who sat beside her in the Gondola stroking her head and her beautiful hairs. Now he gave her also a tender kiss on her head. He took her right hand and kissed her ring finger soft and tender and she smiled.
Now Palmina put her head on his side and she could hear his heart. A heart that beats for her since he spoke with her the first time as she played once her lute to present his artwork so beautifully.
An both looked now in their Peony-vision how things come in Venice:

* * *

All people of Venice had been amazed by the big heart on the sky.
And even the children said »Look, such a big heart…two souls are thinking on each other…«
Palma and Palmina knew that this is a symbol who connects them.
Their hearts communicated now very strong and often – No one can interrupt their love…
As Palma was finished with the Choir rehearsal the singers went outside the gallery and he said „Thank you, this music surprise will be great…till later…“
„Dekuji…, thank you, till later…we are looking forward, master Palma il Giovane“, the singers said. Michaela looked out of her window in the 2nd floor looking to the Entrance of the Gallery. All the choir singers came out at the street.
Now she knows – Palma has finished the rehearsal.
She took her music score and run down to the street and entered the entrance of the house where the gallery was in the 1st floor.
She was very happy to prepare a music surprise for Palmina with Palma, her Cousin. „Palmina is such a talented Lute player – I love to sing to her lute – she invents always so beautiful accords and Baß tones to a composed melody…“
Yes, she likes now to sing a composition of Palma for Palmina’s birthday.
Palma expected her sitting on his Harpsichord.
She wears a beautiful cloth and was so lucky to make music with so much talented musicians.

Palmina’s mother greeted Michaela and she greeted her „Bon giorno, Maamiiiii…“
She hold her music score and looked if Palma was ready to play the little aria, the „et incarnatus est“ by Palma il Giovane.
It is an artwork you can play with strings and Mandolin and Harp and Soprano or Sopran and Harpsicord. (with or without additional instruments)
Mihalea saw that Palma smiled and smiled and smiled…
„Hmm, ,,,,you love her much, am I right, my Cousin…? She is your music princess…“, Michaela said very joyful and smiling. Michaela likes Palmina very much. She is so friendly and positive and full of creativity.
They played very often together a little Melody which was composed by Palma and Palmina invented a second Bas-line and some accords.
So even if Michaela played an Aria maybe 20 times in different churches and palazzos and also in the Dogan’s Palace Palmina made every time another music variation on her Lute. So the composition sounds like a new one. Especially the preludes and interludes Palmina varied.
No one in Venice could do this, this on a lute – only Palma could do this on his Harpsichord or Organ.
Palma often listen to their little performance in Venice and liked to play his composition so beautiful together with her.
Palma smiled stronger than before. He knows that Michaela felt Palma’s secret love for Palmina. She felt the way Palmina played his lute solos especially on the Pipa for Palma.

* * *

As Palmina felt that Palma is rehearsing now a beautiful little aria for her, she stopped again rehearsing with her lute.
She look straight as if she could hear the music, than she smiled and after a little break she continued carefully to play on her lute.
But after a while the ring-finger made pains than she closed her eyes remembering Palmas tender music-kisses and again: the pain was gone.
Inside her heart she communicated with Palma and this was so beautiful.
This helped her to make a short break, so that her ring finger could relax.
„Not rehearsing too hard…my master said…“

(to be continued…)


<picture: Palma’s Cousin was the model of this painting by Palma il Giovane and liked to make music performance with Palmina>

58. The healing wonder heart at the Venetian Sky

58. The healing wonder heart at the Venetian Sky

Palmina was so proud to see that Emperor Rudolf II has such a big interest in Palma’s Artwork from this Peony-Vision, in their 23rd (11 p.m.) hour of the day.
She looked to Palma and smiled: „I am so proud of you!“

Palma smiled also. He liked the way Palmina said that to him so directly.

Yes, Palmina could be very direct: If she wants something, she get’s it…

That remembers him at the wonderful sunny day: They where at the little small Island near Venice – »Madonna del Monte« *) – Palma called this island »The Spring moonlight river island«.
He painted on this day his princess Altina with her Pipa-Lute and Venetian Lute and as he laid down in the nature in the herbs she came slowly and gave him a direct sweet tender kiss on his cheek, but very tender.
This inspired Palma so strongly that he saw the big painting »Mars and Venus« which he will later paint as remembering of this unique day (and about the sweet kiss).

Now they saw a big heart outside their Peony Gondola on the sky.

* ) Madonna del Monte (Venetian Island) – wikipedia


He took her hands again and kissed them soft, tender and said: »You have so talented hands…take care of them…. if you rehearsal for the concert… Princess Lin and Emperor Rudolf II and the Dogan are looking forward for your performance…but don’t rehearsal too hard…your fingers had to be healthy at the performance…«

And they looked how Palmina’s birthday is going on…

* * *

„Oh what a big Heart on the Sky“, Palmina said.
She stopped now rehearseling in her little room in the »Calle de la Pieta«.
A few birds flew around her garden at her window and made some beautiful tweets.
Palmina looked smiling at the big heart on the sky.
„What a wonderful heart….I know from whom it is…“

Palmina remembered their common dream with Palma in the Peony Gondola and remembered the countless kisses by Palma on her talented hands so that her cheeks get a little bit red of being shy. (She gave him also countless cheek-kisses)

»It seems that Palma is now only expressing his sympathy and love for me, he wants also to heal my wound hands. They are full of pains, because of my hard rehearsal for our big performance…«

She looked still to the heart on the sky and she closed her eyes, dreaming a little bit from Palma’s tender music-kisses on her hands. Yes, Palmina, liked his tenderness much and it seemed that her fingers doesn’t have any pain during she dreamed now the »music-kisses« in her remembering on his composition. (See part 57)

She looked then at her fingers and the little wounds disappeared…
»My fingers doesn’t have pains any more…«, Palmina said joyfully.
She moved her fingers in the air like testing them and tried to play Palmas „Spring Melody of the 8 Images“ and she played looking to the big heart formed of clouds on the sky:

VIDEO [Big Heart at the Sky with ‚Spring Melody‘]:

old: https://vimeo.com/272241145 new: https://youtu.be/YbumhbqHxkM


Yes, Palma healed her with his love. Palmina looked again straight as if she could see through walls. Now she is thinking on her Palma, who is now preparing some music rehearseling for the „birthday surprise“ for Palmina at the San Marco Place. He wants to pick up Palmina after the concert with a big Gondola ( in the historic form of the Gondola in Venice in the 16th century, like the Peony Gondola).

* * *

Palma felt her thoughts and smiling in the same moment.
As he conducted the Choir of the musicians of Rudolf II he looked also as if he could see through walls and smiled looking inside his heart.

Now Palma and Palmina’s heart communicated only with their tender thoughts.

No one could steal them this direct heart-to-heart message communication.

This way of communication is the most secure form ever.
Letters can be stolen, bought and sold by others. (Mr. Cambride buys often)
Letters can be read by others.
Letters can be manipulated or destroyed by others.

But: »Heart-to-heart«-messages can not be destroyed.

Both saw the big cloud-heart in the same moment on the sky, which was now visible over Venice. – All Venetian could see it.

VIDEO [Big Heart at the Sky with ‚Spring Melody‘]: https://youtu.be/YbumhbqHxkM

music: „Spring Melody“ by Gerald Spitzner

(to be continued….)


57. Emperor Rudolf II is amazed and wants to order paintings by Palma il Giovane

57. Emperor Rudolf II is amazed and wants to order paintings by Palma il Giovane

Cathedral of San Marco in Venice – The old culture of Byzantium is alive through its artists in Venice

<picture 1> Cathedral of San Marco in Venice – The old culture of Byzantium is alive through its artists in Venice

„What a wonderful vision…“
-“ Yes it is our music dream – our music vision – you are so inspiring for me, Palmina, princess…“
„Oh, don’t call me princess!“
„But for me you are my princess Albina, …ah… I mean…. I mean… Altina… Palmina“
-„Princess Altina sounds good…Well, my prince… I am your princess Altina, hmm….please give me a tender kiss on my hand“, she said and she gave him her hand and he took her hand and said: “ As you wish, my princess…“
Palmina smiled an laughed a little bit and said „Come, let us see in our Peony-vision how things are coming. And they looked now in their 23rd hour (11 p.m.)


Byzantium Madonna »The Nicopeia Icon of San Marco « (Venice)

<picture 2> Byzantium Madonna »The Nicopeia Icon of San Marco « (Venice)

* * *

5 minutes earlier outside the church stood a lot of fine dressed people:
„Oh, an Organ concert…we have to look inside…“
-„As you will, your majesty…“
»Let us have a short look after the famous painting here by Palma il Giovane…«, Emperor Rudolf II said and he entered the church San Zulian very ceremonial with his servants.
Palmina and her mother looked wondering about so much fine dressed people coming slowly into this church.
Palma il Giovane looked carefully but he did not see Palmina in the crowd of so much people.
„Here is one of the big master pieces of Palma il Giovane…“, a servant said to the Emperor with much respect.
And all of the safety guardians and servants of Emperor Rudolf II who came with him in this church sat down in the empty seats and all looked up to the big painting above them. (picture, see part »55.«)
„Yes, this is the famous Master Scholar of the great Titian – I like his creations very much…Hm,hm… I want to have some paintings from him and order new artworks today personally speaking with him after our visiting in the famous Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery….I can’t wait for this great moment…I like to collect famous artwork for Prague… Yes,yes, I like to support good artists…“
– »Yes my majesty! We will arrange it!«
»And I heard his artworks are inspired by the best lute player of the republic of Venice – the R.O.V. – We should hear her at the Dogan’s palace. I am so looking forward…«
– »Ah, but, she is a backers daughter…«, a servant said arrogantly making a sad face.
»Yes official, but inside her heart she is a princess..“,answered Rudolf II, „…as Emperor I can feel this…only a real princess can inspire an artist like Palma il Giovane…a princess of his heart…and…. she is a big artist, a good friend of our famous painter Palma il Giovane! – All over the world his artworks are liked – also in Asia, especially in China. Today the princess Lin of China will be there – Palma painted the whole family of the Chinese Princess Lin…«
Palma’s mother looked shy and said into Palmina’s ear:»So famous is your love Palma? !!!!!! He makes you world famous… Even the emperors order artwork from him and come secretly to Venice to meet him. Oh, I am so proud, my daughter, that you both find each other…«
-»Oh, look mum, so much servants and safety guards are following through the church.«
Suddenly the white Pigeon started to fly from Palma at the Organ directly to Palmina’s arm and made soft and friendly „Grooo, Groooooo…“ with much love.
Emperor Rudolf observed this and saw also the white Pigeon. He smiled as he saw Palmina with her mother and he saw also behind them at the Organ Palma il Giovane – He could feel that there is a secret between them and he smiled to them.

(to be continued…)

<picture 1> Kathedral of San Marco in Venice – The old culture of byzantium lifes in its artists in Venice

<picture 2> Byzantium Madonna (Venice)

56. The secret music princess and the famous painter

56. The secret music princess and the famous painter

As Palmina saw that Palma played for her birthday, she smiled and said „Oh, thank you, my Palma, my composer and painter!“ She touched with her hands his head and kissed his cheeks very tender and often.

And Palma get from all these cheek kisses inspired and dreamed during this a music which he wants to write down on a music score and wants to play for her as „Piano solo for Palmina’s Happy Birthday!“


 <picture> facsimile of the“trillo“ (short-melody) „Piano solo for Palmina – Happy Birthday!“

Each „trillo“ (short-melody) symbolises a tender kiss:
The higher „trillos“ represent the kisses by Palmina and the lower „trillos“ represent the tender kissing answer by Palma on her talented hands. *)

So he transformed their heart-fully tender music-play into inspired music.

*) He took her hands and kissed softly her talented musician hands several times, this as tender answer meaning: „Take care on your hands…do carefully rehearsing…for the concert…“


And they continued to dream their Peony-Gondola-Vision in their 23rd hour (11 p.m.) of the day:

* * *

„Oh, he played for your birthday, Palmina – He likes you really much!
Palmina, I remember also that day you played the lute here in Venice in this church for Palma’s presentation.
As you came home you smiled so full of light – I will not forget how happy you smiled.
We all could see it. Only your brother was angry and I do not know why – I hope he is not jealous about your success as artist. He seems to understand his father more then me… Hm…
…But you, Palmina, where so lucky about this concert and that day. And as we where over one year on Cyprus you seemed always thinking on Palma il Giovane…
It seemed for me that your heart was still in Venice and »only« your body is on that Island because it is the will of your father but not the will of your heart.
Often your rehearsal on your lute on Cyprus Island, and also the way you played on your lute – I could see this as mother – done with so much love. You seemed to play every day only for him as if he could feel your music dedications over thousand of kilometers. Palmina, a heart of a mother can see something more then others, believe me…“, mother whispered to her silently into her ear.

Palmina was shy, smiled and looked up to the organ up where Palma – her first and only love in her live is sitting at the Organ speaking with a white Pigeon.

„Palmina,… What I wanted to say is…“, she continued whispering,
„…The 4 horses would belong to our family…
…you would be the owner of them…

Palmina looked questioning to her mother…

„…how should I tell it…
this means for you to live »only« as backers daughter and as famous artist is a more secure life, and: this brings much freedom-live for you then to be searched by the last survivors of our Byzantium state.
YOU ARE THE LAST PRINCESS. They want to find their princess…
…the best for us is that you are an artist here in Venice…
I heard that our byzantine Elite-safety-guard are searching for the last princess here in Venice…
If they find out that you are the princess of Byzantium they would not allow that you be in the public with others…“, she whispered Palmina into her ear.

After a while of thinking Palmina answered whispering: »But our state did not survive; all soldiers, officers and citizen where killed… So no one can make us any prescriptions for our future live…«
– »…Yes this is possible, but also the enemy of our state could search after the princess of Byzantium.
If they find you, you are automatically under the protection of the Republic of Venice. Venice guarantees our family security – This is Venetian law.
So they would not search you as Venetian backers daughter and Venetian Lute player artist…«

– »Yes they would not…«, Palma answered carefully and slowly.

They heard outside the church a lot of voices of soldiers speaking very excited trying to find the entrance of the church…

* * *

As both saw this vision in their Peony-Gondola, Palmina again kissed Palma on the cheeks saying „Thank you, thank you, thank you!“ and Palma kissed again Palmina’s talented sweet hands as tender answer.

And both listened now to the composition for Palmina:

VIDEO: „Piano solo for Palmina – Happy Birthday!“ old:https://vimeo.com/271718514 new: https://youtu.be/IHBxdoWTlh4


music: Piano solo: Gerald Spitzner

( to be continued…)

55. Palmina listens to Palma’s Organ playing with her mother secretly

55. Palmina listens to Palma’s Organ playing with her mother secretly

4 byzantium horses Venice

<picture 1> 4 Byzantium horses in Venice

…and they saw in their 23rd hour of the day in their Peony-Gondola this common vision and they gave themselves tender cheek kisses:

* * *

The bird flew now fast to Palma il Giovane at his window and continued singing his „happy birthday variations“.
Palma listened and understood as if the bird said to him:
»Follow me, I will lead you to Palmina and you can play for her on the Organ…«
And Palma followed him step-by-step. So he went along all the streets of Venice till the church where Palma saw Palmina the first time official playing the lute for his presentation of his big artwork »trionfo di san Giuliano«.
As she played once the presentation it was a great success.

<picture 2a+2b>

At this day as he saw her playing here in the church her fine lute he suddenly remembered, that she was the little young girl who came to the fontaine as he painted the Residenza, right beside the »palazzo Soderini«. She wanted to take some fresh water from that fontaine behind Palma. Palma turned arraund and he saw her the first time in his life standing there. Suddenly he stopped his drawing the Residenza and made fast same drawings of her standing at the fontaine.

It was the inspiration for the painting „Jesus and the Samaritan“.

She was his first big inspiration – he could fell that – and she came and looked how he was painting and smiled, nearly every day. Something very familiar both feld for each other, but they where silent and didn’t tell anyone anything.
So she came to look after Palma and his painting during she came on that big place for the water of the Fontaineand going back to mothers backery shop at the „Cale de la Pieta“.

A few years later he draw her as saint virgin in the big artwork in that church only from remembering her…
After the concert they talked for 8 minutes, Palma invited her to be an new artist-member of the Venice-Titian-Art Gallery which was the highest honour a musician or artist can get in Venice, because it is usually not possible to get the membership there.
Suddenly Palmina was for over one year not reachable…
All the letters between them had been stolen from her post office box and destroyed.
A man, the Venetian called him „Signore Cambridge“, but his real Name was Bruce Monte Dolce, was known to steal all letters of post office boxes if they where on vacation.
Palmina suddenly moved with her family to the island of Cyprus, because her father thought that going back to their island brings a secure future for them.
Soon they did realize that this island will not be secure in the future any more.

* * *

Palma saw a little white female Pigeon flying into the church and landing at the organ.

Chiesa di San Zulian - Organo

picture 3 (picture of Organ)

She always is looking down to Palma in an asking way and made: „Groo, Groooo..“.
It was as if she wanted to say »Come up to me and play for your love Palmina«
Palma looked wondering up to the organ and decided to play for Palmina’s birthday here alone in the church where their deep love-story begun in their life.

* * *

Outside Palmina and her mother went very fast along the »Calle Bande Castello« from the beautiful place where a church was.
„Oh, mum… I think it was not a good idea to go shopping for shoes today… I have to prepare my concert today…. Oh, please, it is my birthday. Today the Emperor Rudolph II, he is an expert in arts, also Princess Lin from China, and the mighty Dogan will come and listen me playing for the opening at the Dogan’s Palace and after the official dinner all will come together at the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery…“
Mum stopped looking at the shops for shoes and said: „I understand , my daughter…but it is necessary that we »go shopping« today »for shoes«. I wanted to tell you an important thing from our family history your father should not know because he has no good philosophy about the history of Byzantium. He thinks like an old Venetian. Once Venice attacked Byzantium and they stole also artworks like the four horses < picture 1> which is now on our San Marco Cathedral. Now it seems that Venice and the Byzantium are no enemy any more.
They realized who is their real common enemy in history…
But I wanted not to shop shoes…really not… I wanted to talk to you secretly!“

Then they went directly from the place of the Formosa church, which is closed today at this early time, along the „Calle Bande Castello“ straight ahead till they come to the Church San Zulian.
„Come let us sit there in the church – We have to talk silently about this secret…“
Palmina was surprised and followed her mother into that church.

<picture 4> – »Il trionfo di san Giuliano« by Palma il Giovane (Chiesa_di_San_Zulian)

Chiesa di San Zulian - Soffitto

Now they sat in the middle of that church and looked up to the big Painting of Palma il Giovane.

<picture 5>  detail with Saint Virgin Mary form “ Il trionfo di san Giuliano „

„Look, this is you…“, her mother suddenly said.
„He painted you as saint virgin! Look…. here, this is you beside Jesus as Saint Mary!“

Palmina got red in her face, now her mother knew their common secret.
„Mother, I played 7 years ago here for the presentation of that big artwork with my lute…I remember. No one realized that this St.Virgin »I am« in that painting . It is painted so decently by Palma. Only a mother or someone who love can realize that.“

„Oh, this is nice…“, mother answered.

-„And Palma il Giovane liked my playing very much…“
Palmina’s mother looked questioning to her daughter and said her in her ear:

„Is he »he« ?

Palmina smiled shy and the way she looked was an answer for her mother.
Palmina’s mother looked to Palma as if she wants to check him with her »eyes of a caring mother« than she looked back down to her daughter.

Palmina nodded silently looking with very beautiful eyes down and it looked so beautifully that if Palma would have seen her now, he would paint her suddenly again.

Palma il Giovane didn’t realize that they are here. He looked to the white Pigeon and said to her:
„My sweet white Pigeon, If you could fly to my sweet Palmina and bring her this music as music greeting message I would tell her as »happy birthday, dear Palmina! I love you so much !«“

In this moment Palma started to play on the Organ like that and Palmina and her mother listened to this secret happy birthday concert very interested and smiling:

VIDEO: Organ solo »Organ Solo For Palmina’s birthday“

   Old: https://vimeo.com/271242541

New: https://youtu.be/ccxX2WFXcTM

(to be continued…)

<picture 1>
four original Byzantine hourses

<picture 2a+2b>
place with fontaine where Palmina inspired Palma the first time.
Here Palma il Giovane painted and Palmina came and inspired him

<picture 3>
The organ on which Palma il Giovane played was on older instrument than today’s instrument of the eighteenth century by Gaetano Callido op.12 (1764).

<picture 4> – »Il trionfo di san Giuliano« by Palma il Giovane (Chiesa_di_San_Zulian)

<picture 5>  detail with Saint Virgin Mary form “ Il trionfo di san Giuliano “


54. Silent »Mother-daughter dialogue« about the family secret

54. Silent »Mother-daughter dialogue« about the family secret

Palmina smiled and was happy to see this in their Peony-Vision with him. Now Palma gave Palmina a tender check-kiss and is holding her with his strong arm.
She puts again her head on his side and both saw this from their Peony-Gondola:

* * *

As the guardians of the Dogan’s Palace took their way back to the Art-Gallery – they went back through the „Salizida St‘ Antonin“ it looked very ceremonial – Palmina smiled very happy and made a soft long breath.
Now she will play at the official secret reception ceremony of the Republic. How happy she was.
„Yes, Palma loves me really! He gives me such a big chance to be a lucky artist in Venice and my family has also now a good relation to the Government.“, Palmina said and she smiled at the open house door standing. She wanted to jump into the air full of joy and to tweet like a little lucky bird.

Palma’s mother observed this scene being in the backers shop and coming out to the place. She looked behind the two guardians and then she looked to the lucky smiling Palmina and came to the house door where Palmina stood.
„What was that? What happened? Oh, my daughter speak! You are so lucky…! What happened!?“.
„Dear Mother! I got the official invitation to play a Lute solo at the reception ceremony of our state. But the details are in this letter – No one is allowed to read it, except me and it is not allowed to tell others: It is a secret of the Republic of Venice.
Maybe princess Lin from China will also play there a composition from Palma il Giovane…“.
And Palmina said the word „Palma il Giovane“ with so much music in her words that a bird at the trees in the middle of the place begun to sing.
Palmina and her mother looked to the trees in the middle of the place and searched the talented bird-singer with their eyes.
Palma’s mother smiled also slowly.
Then she looked to the bird and looked to Palmina.
Palmina’s mum realized that there is something going on in the heart of Palmina.
She was lucky to see that her daughter was so smiling and so lucky that also the birds are starting to sing if she is starting to smile.
Mother understood Palmina very good – Once she was also lucky like her.
Palmina continued: „…do you think I can ask princess Lin from China to let me also play a composition for lute from Palma il Giovane?…“
Palmina’s mother looked observing her eyes and observing her heart and said:“ …why not? It is a big honour to get an artwork from him. Kings and Emperors of all over the world, also from China and Asia, are asking him for some artwork. So you will see if it is possible to speak with the princess and she can make it possible that your wish comes true…Why not?…“, mother answered.
– „Come back into the house, the neighbours are looking now from their windows…Look, the Signoras can’t see us here since the trees are planted at the place…“

* * *

<picture 1> „[…] In the middle of the place are therefore planted trees and plants, so this should avoid that the ladies from the »Cale dei Crosera« always looking direct into the „Calle de la Pieta“ where Palma often came to meet Palmina secretly. (Palma arranged this planting of trees – «Planting office of Venice«)

In the middle of the place are therefore planted trees and plants. So this should avoid that the ladies from the »Calle dei Crosera « always looking directly into the „Calle de la pieta“ where Palma often came to meet Palmina secretly. (Palma arranged this planting of trees – «Planting office of Venice«)

green trees and plants in the middle of the place, left is the small „Calle de la Pieta“ and right from the trees is the »Calle dei Crosera«.

 As they entered the house again:

„Oh, I need some new shoes…I have to buy some new shoes… will you come with me buying new shoes today…“, Mother suddenly said.
Palmina looked very shy thinking that she has to rehearsal for the concert.
Fast her mother understood and said: „…Excuse,… today is YOUR birthday, not mine – tomorrow we will go shopping and buy new shoes for me, will you…?“
The little bird begun again to sing a melody. Both looked at the tree where the bird sung, both silently thinking.
Palmina’s mum wants to tell her why the guardians, not only the Venetian, the Guardians from Emperor Rudolf the II and the Guardians from the Chinese Princess Lin and their servants, are treating her like a princess:
Yes, today she observed it again: The guardians from the Dogan’s palace did have this behaviour against Palmina again.
„Tomorrow during our »secret shoe-shopping« I have to explain her all of our family secret, which father doesn’t know. I have to explain her why all respect her like a little princess… The secret of our secret family-tradition which my husband doesn’t know… But Palmina should know why there is such a difference between her and her father. He is from a backers-family tradition but my parents have been the last of…in the year 1453 all of our family…hmm,… how should I tell her…tomorrow I have to tell her the secret…she is now old enough…“,
Palmina looked questioning and was again thinking on today’s concert.

Now, after a while of thinking, mother understood the big silence of her daughter and now suddenly both had to laugh very shy.

From outside a little bird – it was the same creative bird from the Giardino-Garden (South-East of Venice) which sung especially for Palma il Giovane and inspired him to make today a music surprise – sung the „happy birthday melody“ like that:

Video: [  bird singing ‚Happy birthday variation‘] old: https://vimeo.com/267297289 new: https://youtu.be/RK_GWsvh4oc

(to be continued…)

<picture 1>
„[…] In the middle of the place are therefore planted trees and plants, so this should avoid that the ladies from the »Cale dei Crosera« always looking direct into the „Cale de la piete“ where Palma often came to meet Palmina secretly. (Palma arranged this planting of trees – «Planting office of Venice«)

<picture 2>
green trees and plants in the middle of the place,
left is the small „Calle de la Pieta“ and right from the trees is the »Calle dei Crosera«.


53. The Official invitation to the secret reception at the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery

53. The Official invitation to the secret reception at the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery

And Palma and Palmina smiled as they could see and hear this in their Peony vision  in their Peony Gondola, in their secret 23rd hour (11 p.m.), Palmina gave Palma a thankful tender cheek kiss and he liked her tenderness much.

„I think this was music from the future… You played this for me from the future, isn’t it!?“
– Palma smiled and told her the answer with his heart.

Palmina could feel his thoughts and so they could communicate without words – only with their thought in their secret heart.
And they continued with their common dream and saw in the vision this:

* * *

Palmina finished writing her message to Palma with sweet words of love (We do not post it here because we respect their privacy).

She gave the letter to the female Pigeon and kissed the Pigeon.
Now the white Pigeon flew over Palmina’s Garden with a new Pigeon-Letter.
„Grooo, Groooooo…“ – She flew in the direction of the Art-Gallery to Palma il Giovane.

* * *

Palma at his window said: „Palmina wrote me in this moment an answer full of love! I can feel her positive thoughts. She gives me so much hope, love and light in my live! I am so thankful – An even if I would have seen her only for 8 minutes in this life, I would be thankful for that – Soon her pigeon-post will arrive. I wait at my window to expect her… (Palma looks to the heaven)…
Ah! Here the Pigeon – she comes – My Pigeon! Come, my sweet Pigeon, follow me!“

* * *

Palmina smiled because she could feel how lucky Palma is now getting her Pigeon.

Now the Guardians of the Dogan’s Palace came very fast and sever to the place where the „Chiesa di San Giovanni Baptist in Bragora“ is and, on the other side of the place, where the entrance to Palmina’s family house is, left-beside the backers shop at the end of the „Calle de la Pieta“.

Once Palma’s father came from the far east Island of Cyprus.
So some people said it is better to leave that island if Venice is not any more the government of Cyprus*. Some have also fear that those who took 100 years ago the Byzantium Empire at the 29th of May 1453 will once take also that island Cyprus. ***)

So Palmina’s father decided to move to Venice leaving the beautiful island of Cyprus, maybe forever…. Here in Venice he felt in love with the friendly soft Venetian lady, Palmina’s nice mother and married her. Since that he is living in her family house here and has till today two children with her: Palmina and her younger brother.
Her mother made it also possible that her father could open a bakery-shop at this nice place in Venice. Palmina is so a little bridge between Venetian and old Greece / Byzantine culture (which has strong relations to Asia and Europe**). If Palmina smiles with her eyes she looks also a little bit beautifully byzantine-Asian.

*) Cyprus – wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyprus
Cyprus is an island in the Eastern Basin of the Mediterranean Sea.

332 b.c. – under Greece Empire and later Hellenistic ptolemaic
58 b.c. – under Roman Empire
31 b.c. – under Roman and byzantine Empire
till 1184 – Cyprus is a byzantine island
till 1571 – Cyprus belonged to Republic of Venice till 1571.***)

***) „In 1570, a full-scale Ottoman assault with 60,000 troops brought the island under Ottoman control, despite stiff resistance by the inhabitants of Nicosia and Famagusta. Ottoman forces capturing Cyprus massacred many Greek and Armenian Christian inhabitants. The previous Latin elite were destroyed and the first significant demographic change since antiquity took place with the formation of a Muslim community.[…]“ s. wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyprus#Cyprus_under_the_Ottoman_Empire

**) The old Greece culture of Lycia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lycia
see an example of the Lycian alphabet – https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E3%83%AA%E3%83%A5%E3%82%AD%E3%82%A2%E6%96%87%E5%AD%97

They knocked on the door and saluted simultaneous with much respect.
Palmina came running as if she awaited them and opened them as she saw who they are.

„Dear Signora Palmina?“
– „Yes, I am Palmina!“
„We have orders to bring you the official invitation for today’s reception ceremony from the Dogan’s palace.“
– Palmina smiled like sunshine, she knows what this means for her –
„Here, in this official letter are all informations for today’s cultural program…
This is a secret of the Republic – Please tell no one what is written in the letter.“, the guardians said very strict and saluted to her as if she is a princess.
She moved very fine with slow movements like a Chinese princess and smiled making a respectful-thankful gesture and took the official letter.

As the guardians went away, they did not turn around and did not show her the back, but they went respectfully backwards till a point on the place. (Ceremonial moving of the 16th century)
Then they took their way back to the little street…
Palmina looked smiling a little bit surprised behind the guardians.
„What is going on…? What does Palma prepare for me today on this special day?“,
Palmina was secretly thinking.

picture: saint pigeon of Painting of Palma il Giovane

( to be continued… )

Pigeon from artwork painting of Palama il Giovane

52. Two pigeons love dialogue (2)

52. Two pigeons love dialogue (2)

Palmina kissed tenderly Palma as she saw this vision in their common Peony Gondola at their secret hour, the 23rd. Palma hold her with his arm and kissed her also on the cheek.
And they saw this:

* * *

Palmina observed this Pigeon love dialogue scene and understood….
Now she continued to write her letter for Palma:

„…As we could not see each other for such a long time, it was a time where we thought on another. Our hearts loved each other every day nevertheless. And the day came where we met us suddenly again in the „Calle de la Pieta“ as I wanted to load the little boat at the bridge with our fin fresh, little Venetian breads.

I remember also at our island we saw that the female Pigeon came a little bit nearer to him… and then their hearts came nearer and nearer – we both could feel this.

…such a beautiful remembering…

I was the first lady who kissed you in your life.
My kiss inspired you and you said that you once will paint a big painting about the love of „Mars and Venus“ and you told me that you will once put the two white Pigeons in the left-down side on this painting. I am looking forward to see once this big painting. Tell me if you have finished it.

It is an eternal memorial remembering of our tender inspiring love.
I also can’t wait to see you on this day and I am very, very looking forward and expecting your music surprise…and I am looking forward for the Gondola you will send for me…“

And she looked at her Pigeons and saw that they looked at each other very tender.

And she could feel the love-dialogue of the tender Pigeons. Suddenly she heard an inner-heart-dialogue-melody which you can only hear if your heart is your real eye to look at things…(eye of the heart).

( to be continued…)


51. Two pigeons love dialogue

51. Two pigeons love dialogue

„It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.“ Antoine de Saint-Exupéry *)

And after this common dream Palmina wanted to start to write Palma il Giovane a short answer and sent it fast to him.

She was thinking a little bit and looked at the cage where both pigeon sat and begun to write her answering letter for Palma:

„Caro amore,
Dear Palma, my composer and painter.
I am so lucky to receive a letter from you!
Thank you for your birthday wishes an all your love and inspirations…
I will greet my mum as soon she is not so busy at the bakery shop downstairs. My brother and father are under their way bringing the fine fresh little breads with the little boat to the Dogan’s Palace which had been ordered for today’s official welcome ceremonies. So I have time to write and no one will see that in the cage are our two pigeons…
As our Pigeon landed back at the window and went voluntary back into the cage I saw that they are looking at each other:

They have feeling for each other.
This remembers me on this two sweet white Pigeons who loved each other only with their thoughts, with their hearts and with their shy looking eyes on our secret „Spring-Moon-shine-river-island“ where you painted me so beautifully with my lutes.

Maybe the Pigeons knew each other from early times…
I think we are like this Pigeons…“

As she wrote she observed that these two pigeons are looking at each other, sitting both at the same wood-stake…“

As she wrote this she looked again at the Pigeons and this remembered her at this beautiful secret time on the ‚Isola Madona del Monte‘ where she kissed Palma tenderly the first time in his life and this inspired him to draw a famous painting.
She smiled and Palma could feel that she was smiling and he smiled also at this moment…

And she saw this Pigeon love dialogue:

VIDEO: [ ‚Two pigeon love dialogue for peace‘ Violin+Viola ] old: https://vimeo.com/269726501

new:  https://youtu.be/305DGg2VP3s



(to be continued…)

*) Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – „It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.“

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antoine_de_Saint-Exup%C3%A9ry

Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger, comte de Saint-Exupéry (29 June 1900 – 31 July 1944) was a French writer, poet, aristocrat, journalist, and pioneering aviator. He became a laureate of several of France’s highest literary awards and also won the U.S. National Book Award. He is best remembered for his novella The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince / 《小王子》) and for his lyrical aviation writings, including Wind, Sand and Stars and Night Flight.