52. Two pigeons love dialogue (2)

52. Two pigeons love dialogue (2)

Palmina kissed tenderly Palma as she saw this vision in their common Peony Gondola at their secret hour, the 23rd. Palma hold her with his arm and kissed her also on the cheek.
And they saw this:

* * *

Palmina observed this Pigeon love dialogue scene and understood….
Now she continued to write her letter for Palma:

„…As we could not see each other for such a long time, it was a time where we thought on another. Our hearts loved each other every day nevertheless. And the day came where we met us suddenly again in the „Calle de la Pieta“ as I wanted to load the little boat at the bridge with our fin fresh, little Venetian breads.

I remember also at our island we saw that the female Pigeon came a little bit nearer to him… and then their hearts came nearer and nearer – we both could feel this.

…such a beautiful remembering…

I was the first lady who kissed you in your life.
My kiss inspired you and you said that you once will paint a big painting about the love of „Mars and Venus“ and you told me that you will once put the two white Pigeons in the left-down side on this painting. I am looking forward to see once this big painting. Tell me if you have finished it.

It is an eternal memorial remembering of our tender inspiring love.
I also can’t wait to see you on this day and I am very, very looking forward and expecting your music surprise…and I am looking forward for the Gondola you will send for me…“

And she looked at her Pigeons and saw that they looked at each other very tender.

And she could feel the love-dialogue of the tender Pigeons. Suddenly she heard an inner-heart-dialogue-melody which you can only hear if your heart is your real eye to look at things…(eye of the heart).

( to be continued…)


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