55. Palmina listens to Palma’s Organ playing with her mother secretly

55. Palmina listens to Palma’s Organ playing with her mother secretly

4 byzantium horses Venice

<picture 1> 4 Byzantium horses in Venice

…and they saw in their 23rd hour of the day in their Peony-Gondola this common vision and they gave themselves tender cheek kisses:

* * *

The bird flew now fast to Palma il Giovane at his window and continued singing his „happy birthday variations“.
Palma listened and understood as if the bird said to him:
»Follow me, I will lead you to Palmina and you can play for her on the Organ…«
And Palma followed him step-by-step. So he went along all the streets of Venice till the church where Palma saw Palmina the first time official playing the lute for his presentation of his big artwork »trionfo di san Giuliano«.
As she played once the presentation it was a great success.

<picture 2a+2b>

At this day as he saw her playing here in the church her fine lute he suddenly remembered, that she was the little young girl who came to the fontaine as he painted the Residenza, right beside the »palazzo Soderini«. She wanted to take some fresh water from that fontaine behind Palma. Palma turned arraund and he saw her the first time in his life standing there. Suddenly he stopped his drawing the Residenza and made fast same drawings of her standing at the fontaine.

It was the inspiration for the painting „Jesus and the Samaritan“.

She was his first big inspiration – he could fell that – and she came and looked how he was painting and smiled, nearly every day. Something very familiar both feld for each other, but they where silent and didn’t tell anyone anything.
So she came to look after Palma and his painting during she came on that big place for the water of the Fontaineand going back to mothers backery shop at the „Cale de la Pieta“.

A few years later he draw her as saint virgin in the big artwork in that church only from remembering her…
After the concert they talked for 8 minutes, Palma invited her to be an new artist-member of the Venice-Titian-Art Gallery which was the highest honour a musician or artist can get in Venice, because it is usually not possible to get the membership there.
Suddenly Palmina was for over one year not reachable…
All the letters between them had been stolen from her post office box and destroyed.
A man, the Venetian called him „Signore Cambridge“, but his real Name was Bruce Monte Dolce, was known to steal all letters of post office boxes if they where on vacation.
Palmina suddenly moved with her family to the island of Cyprus, because her father thought that going back to their island brings a secure future for them.
Soon they did realize that this island will not be secure in the future any more.

* * *

Palma saw a little white female Pigeon flying into the church and landing at the organ.

Chiesa di San Zulian - Organo

picture 3 (picture of Organ)

She always is looking down to Palma in an asking way and made: „Groo, Groooo..“.
It was as if she wanted to say »Come up to me and play for your love Palmina«
Palma looked wondering up to the organ and decided to play for Palmina’s birthday here alone in the church where their deep love-story begun in their life.

* * *

Outside Palmina and her mother went very fast along the »Calle Bande Castello« from the beautiful place where a church was.
„Oh, mum… I think it was not a good idea to go shopping for shoes today… I have to prepare my concert today…. Oh, please, it is my birthday. Today the Emperor Rudolph II, he is an expert in arts, also Princess Lin from China, and the mighty Dogan will come and listen me playing for the opening at the Dogan’s Palace and after the official dinner all will come together at the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery…“
Mum stopped looking at the shops for shoes and said: „I understand , my daughter…but it is necessary that we »go shopping« today »for shoes«. I wanted to tell you an important thing from our family history your father should not know because he has no good philosophy about the history of Byzantium. He thinks like an old Venetian. Once Venice attacked Byzantium and they stole also artworks like the four horses < picture 1> which is now on our San Marco Cathedral. Now it seems that Venice and the Byzantium are no enemy any more.
They realized who is their real common enemy in history…
But I wanted not to shop shoes…really not… I wanted to talk to you secretly!“

Then they went directly from the place of the Formosa church, which is closed today at this early time, along the „Calle Bande Castello“ straight ahead till they come to the Church San Zulian.
„Come let us sit there in the church – We have to talk silently about this secret…“
Palmina was surprised and followed her mother into that church.

<picture 4> – »Il trionfo di san Giuliano« by Palma il Giovane (Chiesa_di_San_Zulian)

Chiesa di San Zulian - Soffitto

Now they sat in the middle of that church and looked up to the big Painting of Palma il Giovane.

<picture 5>  detail with Saint Virgin Mary form “ Il trionfo di san Giuliano „

„Look, this is you…“, her mother suddenly said.
„He painted you as saint virgin! Look…. here, this is you beside Jesus as Saint Mary!“

Palmina got red in her face, now her mother knew their common secret.
„Mother, I played 7 years ago here for the presentation of that big artwork with my lute…I remember. No one realized that this St.Virgin »I am« in that painting . It is painted so decently by Palma. Only a mother or someone who love can realize that.“

„Oh, this is nice…“, mother answered.

-„And Palma il Giovane liked my playing very much…“
Palmina’s mother looked questioning to her daughter and said her in her ear:

„Is he »he« ?

Palmina smiled shy and the way she looked was an answer for her mother.
Palmina’s mother looked to Palma as if she wants to check him with her »eyes of a caring mother« than she looked back down to her daughter.

Palmina nodded silently looking with very beautiful eyes down and it looked so beautifully that if Palma would have seen her now, he would paint her suddenly again.

Palma il Giovane didn’t realize that they are here. He looked to the white Pigeon and said to her:
„My sweet white Pigeon, If you could fly to my sweet Palmina and bring her this music as music greeting message I would tell her as »happy birthday, dear Palmina! I love you so much !«“

In this moment Palma started to play on the Organ like that and Palmina and her mother listened to this secret happy birthday concert very interested and smiling:

VIDEO: Organ solo »Organ Solo For Palmina’s birthday“

   Old: https://vimeo.com/271242541

New: https://youtu.be/ccxX2WFXcTM

(to be continued…)

<picture 1>
four original Byzantine hourses

<picture 2a+2b>
place with fontaine where Palmina inspired Palma the first time.
Here Palma il Giovane painted and Palmina came and inspired him

<picture 3>
The organ on which Palma il Giovane played was on older instrument than today’s instrument of the eighteenth century by Gaetano Callido op.12 (1764).

<picture 4> – »Il trionfo di san Giuliano« by Palma il Giovane (Chiesa_di_San_Zulian)

<picture 5>  detail with Saint Virgin Mary form “ Il trionfo di san Giuliano “


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