57. Emperor Rudolf II is amazed and wants to order paintings by Palma il Giovane

57. Emperor Rudolf II is amazed and wants to order paintings by Palma il Giovane

Cathedral of San Marco in Venice – The old culture of Byzantium is alive through its artists in Venice

<picture 1> Cathedral of San Marco in Venice – The old culture of Byzantium is alive through its artists in Venice

„What a wonderful vision…“
-“ Yes it is our music dream – our music vision – you are so inspiring for me, Palmina, princess…“
„Oh, don’t call me princess!“
„But for me you are my princess Albina, …ah… I mean…. I mean… Altina… Palmina“
-„Princess Altina sounds good…Well, my prince… I am your princess Altina, hmm….please give me a tender kiss on my hand“, she said and she gave him her hand and he took her hand and said: “ As you wish, my princess…“
Palmina smiled an laughed a little bit and said „Come, let us see in our Peony-vision how things are coming. And they looked now in their 23rd hour (11 p.m.)


Byzantium Madonna »The Nicopeia Icon of San Marco « (Venice)

<picture 2> Byzantium Madonna »The Nicopeia Icon of San Marco « (Venice)

* * *

5 minutes earlier outside the church stood a lot of fine dressed people:
„Oh, an Organ concert…we have to look inside…“
-„As you will, your majesty…“
»Let us have a short look after the famous painting here by Palma il Giovane…«, Emperor Rudolf II said and he entered the church San Zulian very ceremonial with his servants.
Palmina and her mother looked wondering about so much fine dressed people coming slowly into this church.
Palma il Giovane looked carefully but he did not see Palmina in the crowd of so much people.
„Here is one of the big master pieces of Palma il Giovane…“, a servant said to the Emperor with much respect.
And all of the safety guardians and servants of Emperor Rudolf II who came with him in this church sat down in the empty seats and all looked up to the big painting above them. (picture, see part »55.«)
„Yes, this is the famous Master Scholar of the great Titian – I like his creations very much…Hm,hm… I want to have some paintings from him and order new artworks today personally speaking with him after our visiting in the famous Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery….I can’t wait for this great moment…I like to collect famous artwork for Prague… Yes,yes, I like to support good artists…“
– »Yes my majesty! We will arrange it!«
»And I heard his artworks are inspired by the best lute player of the republic of Venice – the R.O.V. – We should hear her at the Dogan’s palace. I am so looking forward…«
– »Ah, but, she is a backers daughter…«, a servant said arrogantly making a sad face.
»Yes official, but inside her heart she is a princess..“,answered Rudolf II, „…as Emperor I can feel this…only a real princess can inspire an artist like Palma il Giovane…a princess of his heart…and…. she is a big artist, a good friend of our famous painter Palma il Giovane! – All over the world his artworks are liked – also in Asia, especially in China. Today the princess Lin of China will be there – Palma painted the whole family of the Chinese Princess Lin…«
Palma’s mother looked shy and said into Palmina’s ear:»So famous is your love Palma? !!!!!! He makes you world famous… Even the emperors order artwork from him and come secretly to Venice to meet him. Oh, I am so proud, my daughter, that you both find each other…«
-»Oh, look mum, so much servants and safety guards are following through the church.«
Suddenly the white Pigeon started to fly from Palma at the Organ directly to Palmina’s arm and made soft and friendly „Grooo, Groooooo…“ with much love.
Emperor Rudolf observed this and saw also the white Pigeon. He smiled as he saw Palmina with her mother and he saw also behind them at the Organ Palma il Giovane – He could feel that there is a secret between them and he smiled to them.

(to be continued…)

<picture 1> Kathedral of San Marco in Venice – The old culture of byzantium lifes in its artists in Venice

<picture 2> Byzantium Madonna (Venice)

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