103. Palma’s day-dream in the secret garden

103. Palma’s day-dream in the secret garden

 Palma and Palmina saw this beautiful vision in their Peony-Gondola sitting in their soft seats at their 23rd hour of the day.
»It was a big privilege for me to try out all the beautiful cloth for the Models of the Titian-painting-School…«, Palmina said proud.

»Yes, because I was now the director of the Titian-School in Venice I could allow you this.
Other models where not allowed to choose a cloth or to try it…«

»So much women wanted to be a painting model in your Titian-School….«, Palmina remembered, »…and they wanted to have the honour to be painted by you, even in the background of a big painting artwork by you, Palma…my Palma il Giovane…«

»Yes, you are right, Palmina! The finest women, young and elder…they even paid money to be painted…Normally we pay a model for working for our painting school…but the name of Master Titian is so famous that it was one of the biggest honour to be painted here…«

»Didn’t some women felt in love with you, hmmm?…Say it Palma, my painter and my composer…«, Palmina wanted to know like an innocent student.

Her eyes looked into Palmas eyes like a beautiful little deer and this touches Palma direct into his heart.
Palmina’s heart and soul was so clean and bright that her soft voice shined into his inner heart and Palma was always lucky to be near to her.

Palma kissed Palmina and Palmina kissed Palma and she plugged on her Lute:

A – D – E- a

and Palma answered with his Viola:

c – g – d‘ – a‘

Both smiled and put their arms around them sitting in their Peony-Gondola.

They continued to dream their dream:

* * *

As Palmina finished the three movements on her Venice lute in this secret garden, Palmina took her Chinese Lute and played a classic piece of Pipa-Literature:

As Palma heart her playing he was suddenly in a day-dream.

He sat down and listened to her.
He saw in his inner heart a vision:
He saw 21 paintings of Pipa-Lute playing women:
»Oh this are Pipa playing women in 300 or 400 years. The paintings are made by itself by the camera obscura*) «

*) Camera obscura – Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camera_obscura

»The term „camera obscura“ also refers to constructions or devices that make use of the principle within a box, tent or room. Camerae obscurae with a lens in the opening have been used since the second half of the 16th century and became popular as an aid for drawing and painting.«

Canaletto – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canaletto

»Much of Canaletto’s early artwork was painted „from nature“, differing from the then customary practice of completing paintings in the studio. Some of his later works do revert to this custom, as suggested by the tendency for distant figures to be painted as blobs of colour – an effect possibly produced by using a camera obscura, which blurs farther-away objects – «


A voice from heaven said, it was Master Lao’s voice: »You will find Palmina again. You find her at a bridge playing the Lute«

And Palma saw 21 Pipa-Playing artist.


21 pictures – official pictures of Pipa playing artists in the 21st century

And Palma dreamed, and dreamed
»Oh, so much Pipa playing Asian Women. How can I find my Palmina?«

Master Lao answered »You will find her only going the way of the heart. Don’t look if she is beautiful or famous… first you feel her…then you listen her …..then you will see her… But be careful there are difficulties you have to overcome. Be very fast at the first encounter. You find her playing 40 minutes music of your compositions for her. The Peony gondola will transmit the sound of music for you…Then wait: Wu Wei…till your time will come…and your time will come…«

Palma looked at all Pipa playing famous women.
»This maybe she is..? or she? or with the pink cloth!!.. Or with the black…blue?…grey?…
white?…yellow?…dark red?…or this one?….Hmmm?«

»This is Palmina!..«

Palma wanted to paint Palmina.
He tried to take the painting brush in his day-dream.
But in that moment the day-dream disappeared.

Palmina stopped playing her Chinese Lute and looked smiling with her black cloth down to him.

»Palma, what is with you…? You dreamed???«
»I dreamed to see you…to meet you in 300 or 400 years? «
»Oh really..how did I look in this dream?«

»Amazing…I saw over 21 Chinese Women playing a Pipa…All very beautiful…
But I felt only one is my Palmina, only one is my Pipa-Princes…mia principessa…wode gonzi«

»21 Pipa playing Chinese women…?

Palmina leaned her beautiful instrument Pipa on her shoulder so that the head of the lute was right over her left shoulder.
She made very small and beautiful eyes and continued:
»is that not a little bit much even for a men like Palma il Giovane?«
»ohh, only one could be the Pipa-Princess…«, Palma answered.

»Will you go to them and compose for them a Pipa solo?…You are MY composer..
even in 300 or 400 years…«

»Yes, Palmina….I will search you and find you at the bridge and YOU will play my Pipa composition at the first time ever…«

»But be careful, Palma…If you will be a famous composer like you are a famous painter now in our 16th century, and the women want all to have the honour to play for you a composition from you, they will fight for you…Don’t underestimate the power of women if they want something…«

Palma was surprised about the wisdom and knowledge by Palmina. From where she does know such things. »Palmina must be an angel from a higher dimension.«, he thought.

Silent looked Palma to his beloved Palmina and was lucky that she understood his day-dream.

He took her hand and kissed and hold her.

Palmina smiled and her eyes shined like the day and Palma felt endless luck in his heart.

(to be continued…)


102. The secret sound of the lute

102. The secret sound of the lute

00 Secret Gardens of Venice - coverinside

picture – painting The Lute Player, 1596 Caravaggio,

Palmina and Palma are lucky to see this Peony-Gondola-Vision.
They continued to dream their common dream at the 23rd hour of the day:
The Peony Gondola brought them now to all secret gardens of Venice and they saw themselves in these gardens:

* * *

Palmina and Palma entered now a beautiful secret garden of Venice.

In the Middle was a stone bank on which Palmina sat.
Palma went around her to search a perspective from which he wants to paint her.

She took her lute and hold it.

Palma made some corrections of her position. Then she looked to the left side and smiled.
She hold her lute over her body.
In the background the green nature of the secret garden behind, on the left side a tree like a Y, Ypsilon.
Then he gave her the Chinese Lute and the head of the lute was on the right side over her shoulder.
She smiled and made very thin eyes. Palma loved her beautiful eyes.

Her left hand hold the Pipa-Lute covering the frontside of the instrument. Her right hand supported to hold the heavy instrument with her fingers.
Palmina’s shoulders were free visible.
Her cloth was very beautiful. Palmina felt that Palma loved how she is looking like.

He looked long at her to see her beauty and he made short drawings for his painting of her.
Then he came nearer to her face and he made again „Liu-to“ with his mouth.
Palmina smiled. Palma kissed her tender on her mouth – tender and short. Palmina smiled.

33 pictures – Secret Gardens of Venice

This they made very often in the different secret gardens of Venice in this summer.

Often Palmina changed her cloth. At one day Palma brought all her painting cloth from the Titian Painting School (it is for the models to wear during the painting lessons) to see which fits for a painting with Palmina.

Here in the secret garden no one could see them.
The sun shined and the birds tweeted. A butterfly flew from flower to flower.
Two Pigeon sat on a tree.

Palmina wear the red one – Palma was amazed.
Palmina wear the black one – Palma was amazed.
Palmina wear the grey one – Palma was amazed.
Palmina wear the green one – Palma was amazed.
Palmina wear the light-blue one – Palma was amazed.
Palmina wear the yellow one – Palma was very amazed – Palma kissed her tender.
He kissed her on her ear. She wear a golden decoration on her ear, but it was not long.
So if he kissed her tender at her beautiful neck the golden ear-decoration did not disturb his tender kisses under her ear.
Palmina smiled and was lucky to be loved by her Palma il Giovane.
»Ti amo, wo ai ni, I love you, my Palmina«, Palma said to her.
»Ti amo, wo ye ai ni, I also love you, my Palma, my painter and my composer«, Palmina said to him.

The birds in this secret garden started to tweet lauder in this moment and the sun shined suddenly brighter and there was a light beam around them coming from the heaven.

Two pigeons sat on the tree, beside in harmony and made: „Grooo, Grooooooo.“

Palmina Albina started to play on her Lute and played a secret variation like that:

VIDEO: [ Italian Renaissance Music ] https://youtu.be/TKjadi_rvP0?t=10m46s

NOTE: please stop the audio example after the third movement at [0:17:00] *)

*) music (audio example):
Petro Paolo Borrono (~1530-1540)

1. Pavana chiamata la Desperata (see Bass theme also at Pachelbel)
2, Saltarello
3, Tocha tocha la Canella

Petro Paolo Borrono: Wikidata – https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q1700443
»talian composer and luth player«

(to be continued…)


101. Let’s take a walk through the Secret Gardens of Venice

101. Let’s take a walk through the Secret Gardens of Venice
01 picture - Secret Gardens of Venice

01 picture – Secret Gardens of Venice

Palmina and Palma holding each other during seeing their common dream from their Peony Gondola Vision:

* * *

  And as Palma played like that, very heartfelt for Palmina, sitting beside him at that unique evening, here at the beautiful garden named »Giardino« in Venice, Palmina smiled very lucky and shy.
Although it was dark, the moon is now slowly getting his old colour, and the sky was dark-blue, Palma could see Palmina smiling – Palmina had her beautiful lantern on her seat.
The light was strong enough to cover both with golden-light.
Yes the golden-light was again around Palma and Palmina. A light Palma very often did paint in his famous paintings. Palma was the only one who tried to paint the light in golden colour, which seemed to be impossible to draw. But the strong light-inspiration coming from his saint pigeon Palmina Albina gave Palma the secure feeling that it is possible to draw light in the golden colour, a light from the heaven.
Palmina smiled and this makes Palma always lucky and he smiled also.
Suddenly the Planet Mars did rise over the Laguna water of Venice in the south east.

»Oh, look this is Planet Mars!«
»Oh, really ?«, Palmina answered innocently being proud that Palma knows that this little red orange point over the water horizon is Planet Mars.


»Huo sing?«

»HuoXing is the Chinese Name for Planet Mars. »Huo« means fire and »xing« means star.«

»You play not only the Chinese Pipa lute like a Chinese Princess you know also the Chinese words…
How did you…?«

»Master Lao and Princess Lin did…«, Palmina fast answered.

»Oh my sweet little Chinese Princess« said Palma and he lifted the lantern in the high of their eyes.
Palmina’s eyes shined wonderfully in the light of the lantern.
Palma sniffed.
Palmina was surprised and after a while she laughed and smiled also and sniffed also.
Both sniffed and laughed like on the day they met again after a long time in the small »Calle de la Pieta«.
Then they looked into their eyes very silent for a while and then both made their mouth like wanting to say »Liu-to«, this means in Italian »Lute«.
Then their moth touched each other for a tender short kiss.
They closed their eyes and the lantern light blessed them.
Behind them on the horizon there was Huoxing, planet Mars, shining beautifully in his red-orange colour, right over Mars is the moon who is a little bit red-orange and the stars.
All seemed to bless these secret lovers.

And the Evening Sky was like this:

02 picture Planet Mars and Moon (Giardino, Venice)

02 picture – Moon and Mars on this beautiful evening at Giardino, Venice

* * *

At the next day, it was a bright, sunny and beautiful day in Venice, Palma and Palmina couldn’t but thinking on each other.

Palmina sat again in her little room over her little beautiful garden at the short small »Calle de la Pieta« and did rehearsal a music piece on her lute.

* * *

Palma sat also at his little room at the »Campo San Provolo« looking down to the street.
There was a little orange canary bird in a window sitting and singing.
Palma took his lute played the »Let’s take a walk through the Secret Gardens of Venice – Melody«. Palma did rehearsal this melody several times.

* * *

Palmina looked suddenly along the flowers in her little beautiful garden.
She smiled and stopped playing as she felt that Palma is playing their secret melodies. She smiled because she realized: Palma is now training the »Let’s take a walk through the Secrets Gardens of Venice – Melody«.
»It is a little bit difficult to play, because the little melody has a lot of 4 strings accords«, Palmina thought with much love and understanding.

* * *

And really Palma repeated the melody till he played it better than before.
The bird sung friendly to show that this melody sounds now better then before.

* * *

Palmina looked again to the beautiful flowers in her beautiful garden and smiled feeling that Palma is playing for her on his music instrument.
This could mean that Palma will soon be playing under her little window with his mandolin over her little garden.
There are such much little beautiful and secret gardens in Venice.
Palma and Palmina knew them all by heart.

* * *

And as Palma did his daily painting artwork in a church of Venice he went directly to Palmina’s »Calle de la Pieta«. To be not seen by others he took his way over the little bridge over the »Rio de la Pieta«. Coming from this direction no one, who has his windows to the place »Campo di Bandiera e Moro«, could see Palma coming.


03 picture – music score »Let’s take a walk through the Secret Gardens of Venice – Melody«

And Palma arrived and took his Mandolin and played for Palmina, his secret Byzantine Eurasian princess, their secret Melody like that:

VIDEO: [»Let’s take a walk through the secret Gardens of Venice – Melody«] https://youtu.be/qDHlZODGGto

Palmina sat at her window holding her Chinese Lute Pipa and smiled as she heart and saw Palma il Giovane standing with his Mandolin playing for her.

She understood the meaning of this melody: Palma wants to make a walk through the secret Gardens of Venice.
The sun shined and Palma had time to be with her for the rest of this day.
Palmina was free, she finished her daily rehearsal for her concerts in Venice and this afternoon was a good weather to go out through the secret gardens of Venice.
Palmina saw that Palma has also his drawing utensil with him.
»Maybe he wants to draw me or he wants to compose…«, Palmina thought smiling.

After Palma finished playing on his melody.

Palmina answered on her lute with the »Spring Melody« to say in music:
»YES, I will, my Palma, my composer, my painter and secret writer, my old and deep love!«

And she played like that:

VIDEO: [Pipa-Lute – »Spring Melody«] https://youtu.be/YbumhbqHxkM

(to be continued…)


100. I wait for you in the Giardino of Venice

100. I wait for you in the Giardino of Venice


picture – music score of »I wait for you in the Giardino – melody«

Palmina and Palma made music together in their Peony Gondola at the 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.).
They send each other a soft huge and a tender kiss.
Now they sow this in their vision:

* * *

And so was it often that Palmina played in the Titian-School during the famous painting lessons for the students.
Palma loved it if Palmina was here and played so heartfelt.
The students very fully concentrated and followed the spirit of their famous Master: Master Palma il Giovane.
For some secret moments Palmina smiled in Palmas direction sitting on the stage where a model was sitting and waiting to be drawn and painted by the students.

In her variations Palmina played the secret »Where do we meet today at the evening?« – melody.

Suddenly Palma who looked at the painting of a student standing at his easel, realized that Palmina played this secret Melody the 2nd time.
Palma looked smiling in her direction to show Palmina that he understood her secret music question.

Palma looked with his eyes to his Mandolin which was laying on a table in front of Palmina.
This means: »I will play you the answer on my Mandolin«

Palmina smiled and played her variations on their Lute.

After Master Palma il Giovane inspected now the last students he has now a moment to go to the table where his Mandolin was.

He took it and played after a little moment of silence like that:

VIDEO: [Mandolin solo »I wait for you in the Giardino – melody (Palma il Giovane)« ] https://youtu.be/IhhGy5tuzFc

* * *

At the evening Palma and Palmina met in the »Giardino«, the beautiful big garden of Venice in the south part of the city.

At a secret place in front of an old statue they sat down on waited till the sun set slowly.

There was a secret pink white heart of roses. As the Moon slowly raised Palma looked to the rising stars and took his mandolin and invented a new melody for Palmina.

Palmina understood that Palma has now an »Inspiration«.
She knows that Palma get big art-inspirations if he is with his beloved Palmina.

Today the stars seemed to shine brighter than usual and the moon seemed to get slowly a colour.

Palmina smiled to Palma thinking:

»I am proud of you!«.

Palma got more and more inspired so that he composed the full melody of

»Secret Garden Inspiration at Moonlight with Palmina«

Palmina and Palmina felt together that their hearts where so deeply connected without saying any word. It was like the moment as they could see each other for 8 minutes after the concert at the stage.

Both remembered this in this moment….
Both looked at the stars and at the red shining moon.
Both hugged and kissed tender on their cheeks

»Oh my Palma,
my composer, my painter, my secret writer and deep old love…
please, play it once more, I love it…«

Now two Pigeons flew at the sky in the direction of the San Marco Cathedral…

Palma played and it was like this:

VIDEO: [»Secret Garden Inspiration at Moonlight with Palmina« (Palma il Giovane)«] https://youtu.be/ES8iYCKu1E4

(to be continued….)


99. Secret Music Heart on the Sky over Venice

99. Secret Music Heart on the Sky over Venice

„Venice, 15..

 ( Letter 99 )

Dear Palmina!

I am so lucky that you are back to Venice.
How long did I wait to hear your wonderful Lute playing.
You are the only one who can play the Venetian Lute AND the Chinese Lute.
Yes, Your concert I liked very much – the whole night I dreamed from your music performance.
Especially your heartfelt Lute playing I love very, very much.
Here in Venice you are a free artist, protected by the mighty state of Venice, the Republic of Venice – the R.O.V.

Thank you that you played my composition.
Also It makes my heart lucky that you are playing again in our famous Titian-School.
It is a tradition since Master Titian that a lute is played during the painting session with the students.
The results are much better if YOU are playing in our Titian-painting-school!!!
Tomorrow we will have a big moon solstice…

* * *

And as Master Palma il Giovane wrote this imaginary letter to Palmina in his diary Palmina could feel his positive thought to her.
Yes, she could understand the meaning of his letter although she was not in the same room with him.
She took his Pipa lute and started to send him love.

Palmina Albina played on her Pipa the »Pipa Solo 5 – LAKE«.

* * *

Palma smiled and could feel her love and took in this moment his Viola da braccio and played the self composed Viola part of „Pipa Solo 5 LAKE…“.
Palmina appeared in his dream sitting beside him and playing the Pipa-Lute Part of Palmas tender composition, which he composed for her to play it for his speech in the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery.

Palma appeared beside Palmina in her little room at the »Calle de la Pieta.«

Palmina could hear Palma playing the Viola-part…
Palma could hear Palmina playing the Pipa Part…
Although every one was in an other room in Venice a miracle happened:
They could make music together over a big distance – Secretly and cultivated.
And they played together and it was like that:

VIDEO: [Solo 5 for Pipa and Viola – LAKE ] https://youtu.be/1VJ0ID2g2Mo

* * *

After they played this on the sky over Venice a secret music heart appeared:
Palmina looked on the sky sitting at her window over her little beautiful garden in the »Calle de la Pieta«
Palma looked also at this pink heart on the sky sitting at his window at the »Campo San Provolo« where the famous Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery is.
Palmina smiled.
And as Palma felt that Palmina smiled they saw each other with their hearts and smiled to each other.

VIDEO: [Secret Music Heart on the Sky] https://youtu.be/DxErPK3AkKo

(to be continued…)


98. First painting session (2) with Palmina’s Lute playing in Venice

98. First painting session (2) with Palmina’s Lute playing in Venice

If Palmina would see that she would be surprised. But she was now in other rooms.
The students gave the Chinese Pipa Lute in the hands of the model with the red cloth.

»She looks amazing, isn’t it!«
»Roberto, don’t look too long on her!…. this is not fine!«
»She should look only in this direction I wanted to say….«

As Palmina saw that they gave her Palmina’s lute as painting utensil she was surprised but suddenly she was also a spiritual authority: She went with fast steps along the middle way between the 15 easels directly to the stage where the model was.
She went on the stage and said very friendly:
»We will wait till Master Palma il Giovane is here. Then he gives all orders how this painting session is being made.«

The lady model in the red cloth did not know what she should do now with the Chinese Lute in her hands.

Palmina explained: »A Chinese Lute you hold in this way….«

The Model smiled but she was not a musician. She had only a very beautiful body and was often a painting model for this famous Titian school.

»Is it so correct? And how do you make the sound of the Lute?«

Palmina took her lute and showed her the lute playing the »Spring Melody« of Palma il Giovane.

The students where surprised. They heart the first time an Asian Lute playing in this rooms.
Yes, Palmina Albina was the best Lute player of the Republic of Venice and the only one who played European and Asian music instruments.

Now the students had big respect from Palmina.»She is, she is the famous lute player who supported Master Titian at painting at the Pieta«
Now Master Palma il Giovane came well dressed into the school.
All the students made a silent respect full bowing gesture as the famous Master came in.

Palmina took place beside the painting model lady on the stage. She also sat now on a chair holding her Venetian Lute.
It was an tradition since Master Titian to have a Lute music during special painting sessions here in Venice and in the Titian-Painting-School.

In the Moment before Palma entered the hall Palmina saw him.
And about her beautiful face came a beautiful smile.
»Here comes my Palma, my painter, my composer, my old love, my writer, my Master.«, Palmina thought silently. She was very proud of him.
She smiled and after Palma il Giovane held a short speech about the painting-lesson the students had to make a painting. The model took the correct position on the stage. He looked friendly to Palmina, and looked a little bit longer then usually.
He nodded to her fine and she understood that this is the sign to start to play on the lute.

Palma went down from the stage. Palmina started with fine Lute accords.
Palma smiled and was so lucky to hear her again in his Titian-School. He feels not so alone with his students.
The students are well educated but they look up to their Master, and this is a good feeling, but he felt nevertheless very lonely without Palmina on his side.

He went along the easels to inspect the painting work of the students. Inside his heart he followed only Palmina’s variations and secret melodies. Only he knows the meanings of the short melodies. She could tell him a whole love story with that way of communication.
and Palma listened and listened…
He was lucky…As he went up and down through the atelier hall to inspect the artworks of his students he went this time in the right corner of the room, where no one of his students is standing. There he stood now to see to his Palmina Albina in diagonal line to the other corner where Palmina is sitting on the little stage playing her lute.
Palmina smiled and looked into his direction.
No student could figure out why Palmina is smiling. They do not see where Master Palma il Giovane is now standing. They are all looking only to the model in the red cloth and they are painting her…

After a few hours Palmina finished her lute playing and the students will soon end their painting session of today.

Palma brought his Viola da braccio and plugged the »I wait for you in the Gondola Melody
on his instrument.«
Palmina understood and it was like this:

VIDEO: [ Viola (pizzicato) »I wait for you in the Gondola Melody
(C-Magior) ] https://youtu.be/Fa9GrUE_bG0

(to be continued…)


97. First painting session with Palmina’s Lute playing in Venice

97. First painting session with Palmina’s Lute playing in Venice

And they continued the see their Peony-Vision in their 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.):

* * *

Palmina played wonderful and all loved Palmina and the audience where amazed by her beautiful interpretation of Palma’s compositions for Pipa-Lute.
They brought Palmina flowers and she smiled very happy.
It was if she was yesterday playing here in Venice and not for such a long time on her island.

Suddenly Palmina went down from her wooden stage and went into the first row, where Palma il Giovane was sitting. She took his hand and went with him on the stage.

»He is the composer!!!« Palmina said.
A lot of well known persons did know »This is our famous painter Palma il Giovane!«
»Yes, bravi, bravi…the famous painter of the big paintings in the Dogen’s Palace.«
»Bravi, bravi… He finished Master Titian’s Pieta as he was weak and old!…«

»And the lute player is the little girl who played lute in his last years before Master Titian died in 1567 to support Palma il Giovane’s artwork…!«

»Bravi, Bravi…Palmina Albina’s Lute music and Palma’s compositions did make Master Titian keep alive for 3-4 years….instead of dying of weakness «
»Yes, all, here in Venice are telling this about them…Bravi, bbravi, Braaaaavi…«

* * *

As they saw this in their common dream as Peony-Vision Palma said to her:
»This was very nice from you deciding to play my compositions!«
»Oh…I like them really and I love you…«
»But you also told the public that I am the composer…«
»I know, you are shy…but I learned to stand to OUR CREATIVITY…No one has the right to suppress our creativity… I’m not a product with a Number of any organisation…«

Palma kissed her tender and soft and she put her arms around him.

So they continued to dream their common visions in Venice and they saw this:

* * *

Palmina put her both lutes (The Venetian Lute with 6 Strings and the Chinese Lute Pipa with 4 Strings) on the little stage and went the long way along the empty, but beautiful and big atelier hall of the Titian-painting-school which was in a bigger palazzo than the Venice-Titan-Art-Gallery at the »Campo di San Provolo«.

The atelier was filled with empty easel, maybe 12 to 15 easel.
As Palmina left the big room she thought: »How beautiful are these rooms.
As I was last time living here in Venice the Titian School had not so fine and big rooms.
It seems that the Titian-School has developed to a very fine art-school with a high ranking in the Republic of Venice – The R.O.V.«
Palmina saw also the servants who cleaned the floor so it was like a clean mirror.
Looking around this amazing big palazzo Palmina was impressed. She looked around the famous building, she had a few minutes till her first painting session in this Titian-School will begin.
»Such a long time I did not live here in Venice.
I hope in Palma’s live did all turn to a better live.
I was only connected with my heart with him. Now I see that Palma is very, very respected in Venice, more then on that time our family moved to Cyprus-Island«.

Palmina was now happy to live again here and she decided to be on Palma’s side as near as possible. She decided to live a creative life with and around Palma.
»On that beautiful island I am only a number. How was it ……hmmm…….I forgot it…. Here our fine white fresh little breads all Venetian are likening and loving. All asked me and mum for them..Mum wants that we start to produce again our fine breads here in Venice. Our bakery is backing again for Venice and the Dogan’s palace. Now we have so much servants in our bakery so I have enough time to rehearsal for the concerts here in Venice. Here I am a free artist. No one makes me any prescriptions…«

Meanwhile the students came in the big atelier very slow and silent. They are dressed in the finest cloths…
After a while 15 students, girls, women and young men take their place at the easel.
They cleaned their painting brush and prepared themselves for the painting session with Master Palma il Giovane.

The painting model lady came with a beautiful red cloth and sat on a chair on the stage.
She should be painted today from all the students.

The students looked around the model to see how she looks like from the near.
During the painting session it was not allowed to come near to look at her.
Some students tried to say how she should sit on the chair and in which direction she should look.
The model lady in the red cloth was now a little bit uncertain in which direction she should smile. They discovered the two lutes of Palmina and took them as it was only a utensil for paintings.

(to be continued…)


96. Palmina’s concert in Venice

96. Palmina’s concert in Venice

picture - pigeon painted by Palma il Giovane

picture – pigeon painted by Palma il Giovane

Palma kissed Palmina’s left wrist, where she has some pains from her concert in Venice. Palmina had now no pains, because of Palma’s helping love to her.

Now they sat again together in their 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.) in their Peony Gondola in their soft seats.
Beside they had their music instruments. Palmina her lutes: The Venetian Lute and the Chinese Pipa-Lute; Palma his Viola da braccio and his Mandolin (with double strings, invented and inspired by Palmina’s ‚tremolo‘ from her »Pipa tremolo«

»How was your concert today in Venice?«
Palmina wondered about his question and without saying Palma could feel her thoughts.

She smiled and said: »I felt that you where today with your heart with me…«

»I am always with my thoughts with you since we meet us again, after century’s…I only think on you…Day and night…You are my first love in this life…and I am so lucky that you performed 40 minutes of my compositions…It makes my life lucky and all problems a life can have is nothing if I know that I had the luck to meet you again…«

And Palma and Palmina remembered now how their day went and they saw together their beautiful day in this Peony-Vision:

* * *

The ship was today, at the day of Palmina’s concert, now only a few miles away from Venice.

Suddenly the ship came into a big storm. The ship was moved left and right.
As all the Venetian who expected Palmina’s arrival saw the coming storm they started all intensive to pray. They went into the churches of Venice and prayed.
As the storm came to Venice all people ran into their houses and prayed.

On the ship are a lot of international people of all religions and cultures.
They also started to pray, every one in his tradition.

As the storm seemed not to end, suddenly a miracle happened:
The dark clouds opened a round whole on the sky. The sun shined as small beam direct to the ship where Palmina was.
Palmina took her Pipa-lute and played, and played….
She played a music Piece from Palma.
She played the Pipa solo 4 »Thunder« to calm down the nature powers.
She played the Spring melody by Palma.
Palmina played the »Thinking on each other melody« by Palma il Giovane.
She played finally a variation of the „Peony Gondola Song“ composed by Palma il Giovane.
All the people on the ship prayed in their religions and saw that Palmina could open the heart of the heaven with her unique Pipa-Lute playing.

She looked like the Chinese princess Wang Chao-Chun 王昭君.
This princess could do miracles with her Pipa lute since thousand of years.
A lot of saints from heaven appeared on the sky. Saints from a lot of traditions.
As Palmina played the storm suddenly stooped in the area where the light beam came from the heaven.
The Venetian could see this miracle.
A light beam from the heaven came through the dark clouds and the stormy see turned to be quite miles around the ship.
The ship moved slowly but secure to Venice. At the »“Riva degli Schiavoni« Palma stood now smiling and expecting his Palmina Albina with her ship.

The storm ended now also in Venice because the light beam around the ship followed the ship to his position in Venice. Venice was now protected from the big storm.
All Venetian could see the miracle. The Saint Virgin, the Saint Lucy, Saint Princes Shan and a lot of Saints appeared on the clouds for a moment.
Now Palmina could play her concert in Venice!
If this storm would have killed a lot of people this would be a hard fate for Venice.
So much people died in the last years because of the pest. Also Master Titian was weak from that time was very weak to paint)

As big »thank you« they ordered paintings of the famous Palma il Giovane for this church on the island Giudecca in Venice.

But now the storm has stopped and no one died.
Palmina came with her lutes, her mum and some servants carrying private things.

The ship stopped directly at the promenade at the right bridge at the Pieta at the »“Riva degli Schiavoni«.
Now Palmina and her mum with their servant only to go only a few steps through the little street to be on the »Campo Bandiera e Moro, where her family house stands at the »Calle de la pieta«

They went only 2 minutes to be there from the ship.

As her mum opened the door they could hear the G-Magior version of Palma’s »I wait for you in the Gondola Melody“. Someone played this melody on a mandolin.

Palmina looked to the right side where the little street is, where Palma and Palmina meet after such a long time…
Palmina started to run along this small street and searched from where the music is coming.
Palmina took her Pipa lute which she carried on her back and answered with music and she played the »Thinking on each other melody«.
Palmina waited if an answer came.
Then the answer came from the end of the little street where the bridge was.
There was a Gondola under the bridge waiting and the music came and the melody was »I wait for you in the Gondola«.
Now Palma knows »This is my Palma! He is still waiting for me in our Gondola«.
She went over the steps over the little bridge and turned right to the steps leading to the Gondola.
She entered the Gondola. Palma and Palmina looked at each other and smiled wordless.

Palmina plucked on her Pipa Lute slowly smiling:

A – D – E – a

and Palma answered on his Instrument also slow and smiling

c – d – a‘ – e‘

Now they hugged very intensive.

»My Palmina…«
»My Palma…«

»My Inspiration…«
»My painter….«

»My Pigeon…«
»My Composer…«

»My only, unique love…«
»My only and unique love…«

»You are back to our Venice…«
»I am back to our Venice…«

»You decided to stay with me… «
»I decided to say with you…«

She gave him several cheek kisses very fast and smiling, she knows that he loves that – she strokes his head and her heart surrounded his heart with so much love that this love seemed to radiate not only around the ship and Venice, yes it surrounded also the whole world with love.
Even the Planets on the evening sky could see this intensive love – Yes, the heaven and also saints and angels saw this love.
Palma kissed now Palmina also on her head, on her cheeks. He took her talented hands and kissed them, also her arms.
Such a long time of waiting. Such a long time of not seeing each other. Such a long time of not getting the love-letters, because other stole it here in Venice and there on Palmina’s island.
But the criminal organisation is now banned in all countries of Europe.
Mr. Cambridge is now arrested and will be judged. All the money they stole rich families and stole poor families will be given back to the victims worldwide.
No letters will be stolen by this organisation in the future.

Palmina was so lucky to hold his Palmina in his arms – to see her and to hear her.

And now today she will play a concert in the Gallery: Compositions by Palma il Giovane.

* * *

Yes, the concert went fine. It was a big success to play Palma’s compositions.
Even the young composer Claudio Monteverdi was amazed by the music ideas of Palma il Giovane.
A lot of famous artists like Monteverdi had been inspired from the cultural events in the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery.
This concert was very, special and unique.
A lot of artists wanted to hear Palmina Albina.
Even the mighty Dogan came to listen the concert (The Venetian Dogan’s was mightier than the Pope in Rome – If he says something it counted more than what others said)
So the high position Palma il Giovane could give Palmina here in Venice was a result of his old eternal love for Palmina and her big talent and her consequent decision play Palma’s artworks here in this famous city of art and love.
Palmina’s decision to come back to Venice and to be with Palma and to play in this Gallery made the future for them.

Palmina will be now with Palma in Venice for their whole life.
She decided to inspire him for his whole life.
Palma will be able to be inspired from her Lute playing in Venice.
His painting artworks, his compositions, his speech at the Titian-painter-school and so forth…

VIDEO: [‚Inspiration 2018-07-22‘ Organ an Violin] https://youtu.be/IJJNsI_yiWY

(to be continued…)

95. Formosa Inspiration – traveling from the Island to the concert

Formosa Inspiration – traveling from the Island to the concert

And as their Peony-Gondola flew their way back to Venice, Palmina and Palma had a warm feeling in their hearts.
They know that their decision in their hearts brought them more together and will bring them again together in their real live.
Palmina smiled as she heart Palma playing their secret melody for her.
Palma smiled and felt that she said »YES«. She looked a little bit shy and thought about their future in Venice.
Palmina’s beautiful hairs moved in the soft wind of the flying Gondola along the pink white clouds. Both looked at the clouds and smiled. Palma put his arm around Palmina and loved her.
They observed the beautiful landscapes, the mountains of Italy below them.
They tried to see over which cities they are flying so soft and fast.

Now at their 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.) Palma and Palmina saw this new vision:

Video: [Mandolinsolo inspiration III ] https://vimeo.com/250977540

* * *

Palma went waiting at the promenade the »Riva degli Schiavoni« (It is only a few steps from the living place from Palmina in Venice at the backers shop at »Campo di Bandiera e Moro« in the 16th century) up and down. He went up and down there in the morning and in the evening.
He looked every day at this promenade, where he went so often with her at the evening and early morning, for something coming along the waters of the Laguna of Venice.
»The concert is in two days… Where is the ship?«
Palma made a long neck to see if there comes a new ship from the south of Venice.

Every day he went to the »Chiesa Santa Maria Formosa«*) and prayed.

Bellotto - Campo Santa Maria Formosa about 1742

01 picture – painting Campo Santa Maria Formosa by Belloto

*) Santa Maria Formosa – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Maria_Formosa

»Santa Maria Formosa is a church in Venice, northern Italy. It was erected in 1492 under the design by Renaissance architect Mauro Codussi. It lies on the site of a former church dating from the 7th century, which, according to tradition, was one of the eight founded by San Magno, bishop of Oderzo. The name „formosa“ relates to an alleged appearance of the Holy Virgin disguised as a voluptuous woman

Interior – The artworks in the interior include the St. Barbara polyptych by Palma the Elder (Palma il Giovane’s uncle), one of his most celebrated works. The Conception Chapel houses a triptych of Madonna of Misericordia by Bartolomeo Vivarini (1473), while in the Oratory is the Madonna with Child and St. Dominic by Giambattista Tiepolo (18th century). There is also a Last Supper by Leandro Bassano.«


There is an organ and a painting of Palma’s uncle »Palma Vecchio«.

02 picture - painting of Palma's uncle at Santa Maria Formosa
02 picture – painting of Palma’s uncle *) at Santa Maria Formosa

*) Palma Vecchio – Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palma_Vecchio

»Palma Vecchio (c. 1480 – July 1528), born Jacopo Palma and also known as Jacopo Negretti, was a Venetian painter of the Italian Renaissance. He was born at Serina Alta near Bergamo, a dependency of the Republic of Venice, but his recorded career all took place in or near Venice. He is called Palma Vecchio in English („Palma the Elder“, in Italian Palma il Vecchio) to distinguish him from Palma il Giovane („Palma the Younger“, 1548/50-1628), his great-nephew«


He played now every day something »For Palmina« on the organ and Palmina could feel the moment he plays for her in her heart. Her little finger of her right hand made some pains from her hard rehearsal with the tremolo on her Pipa Luta.

In this moment she smiled secretly and her smile was so beautiful that it was worth living only for her lovely smiling.

Every time he went to the organ at »Formosa«, every time Palmina stopped to rehearsal on her Pipa Lute, closed her eyes and listened to Palma’s Organ playing.

She smiled and she was connected with her heart to him in this secret moment.
Now some birds flew above the ship which is heading to Venice from Palmina’s Island in the east.

She is thinking on Palma’s composition for Pipa solo:

»The 8 Image of the I-Ching 易經«
VIDEO: [ »The 8 Image of the I-Ching 易經« ] https://youtu.be/M9yPwdJuQrg

»It was if the birds wanted to say to Palmina: »He is thinking on you… He is playing a music piece for you… He is expressing his love for you…«
Palmina understood and smiled.
The ship in which she is travelling to Venice since weeks is moving a little bit left and a little bit right. Palmina’s mother saw that Palmina stopped her hard rehearsal for the recent concert on Sunday. She left the cabin, so Palmina could be now alone with her »heart-to-heart communication« with her love Palma il Giovane. Palma’s mother slowly understood how important the relation between Palmina and Palma il Giovane is and what is depending on this artwork for the history of the Republic of Venice and Europe.
Palmina had pains at her left hand, especially at her left wrist.
Palma’s love-waves direct from the heart of Venice, direct from »Formosa« reached Palmina at her »inner-heart« journey to Venice, sitting in the moving ship.
She had her eyes closed and smiled beautifully – her wrist did not hurt any more. She know: It is his love to her – It is her love to him.

Secretly she took the music score – it was not a secret any more that Palmina decided to play Palma’s composition in Venice – and she kissed now the paper on which Palma wrote his composition for her. »His hands wrote this fro me…«
Palmina got all ‚love-letters‘ from Palma by a friendly women who travelled to her island and gave them all to her personally. And there where a lot of music scores for Palmina:

A few composition in Venetian / Asian style like the

* »Marco Polo Love Song (Palmina il Giovane)« – https://youtu.be/aPXhQVjYMsU

* »8 Soli for Pipa and Viola« (Peony Gondola Version )
VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QzmYcEXM7A&list=PLBr_c49ajzY99w8-TftI2aV7xqsX9Ewq6&index=1

(see also part 8. –
https://geraldspitzner.wordpress.com/2018/01/28/8-palmas-and-palminas-great-chance-the-venetian-chinese-concert-palma-il-giovane-8/ )

* Pipa solo »Planets on the evening sky«
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/rqXFQts8x-c

* Solo A + B for The Finale if the Cantico delle Creature

* »Dialogue for Pipa and Viola« (3 movements)
* »Dialogue for Pipa, Violin and Viola« (3 movements)
* »Concert for Pipa and Strings« (3 movements

… which are all dedicated to Palmina

and so forth…

Palmina had all this music score on her table in her cabin now.

The ship moved left and the ship moved right – it is like the feeling inside of Palmina. She is preparing for the concert and she is looking forward to see her Palma il Giovane.
The first time she decided to say YES, I want to play this music, even if others don’t accept that.
So she had to face some turbulences because of this decision. But Palmina was now clear: She loves his Palma il Giovane and she wants to follow him during his whole life to support him as human and artist. YES, she wants to play on her lute as much as possible in Venice.

Palmina’s mother was proud of Palmina for this clear decision. This decision made the future between Palma and Palmina much clearer then before.
Palmina opened her eyes and looked on all music scores on her table and smiled so lucky.
Sometimes she lifted a sheet of music paper and kissed it and sometimes she put it on her cheeks to be »a little bit near to her Palma, to her composer, to her painter and to her writer«

Palma felt in this moment that she did this and smiled during he played at the beautiful organ at »Formosa« for her.

03 picture - Palma plays Forma Inspiration on this Organ in Venice

03 picture – Palma plays Formosa Inspiration on this Organ in Venice

Some pigeon sat down at a window at the church to listen how Palma plays for his beloved Palmina.

04 picture of 2 Pigeons by Palma il Giovane - detail of Venus and Mars

04 picture of 2 Pigeons by Palma il Giovane, detail of Venus and Mars

The Pigeons understood how deep Palma is loving his Palmina Albina. Today two white pigeons sat at the window of the church.

Palma plays and played with all his heart thinking on her.
He prayed that the ship comes good and secure home to Venice.
Palma il Giovane asked the monks to pray.
Palma il Giovane asked Mihaela (Palma’s cousin) to pray.
Palma il Giovane asked princess Lin and their friends and Asian monks to pray for her.
Palma il Giovane asked the Jesuits at the ‚Zitelle‘ on island Giudecca in Venice praying for her. (Their special mission was supporting talented women to have a good and independent cultivated life ) and
Palma il Giovane asked his mother to pray for Palmina.

Now Palma’s mother came with her Violin into the church »Formosa« to play together with Palma at »Formosa« for Palmina.

Palmina smiled as she felt the music now.

And Palmina heart a music like that:


VIDEO [‚Santa Maria Formosa Inspiration for Organ and Violin (Palma il Giovane)‘] https://youtu.be/M8VzPDYH1fw

(to be continued…)

94. Palmina is back to Venice – Palmina made a new strong decision

94. Palmina is back to Venice – Palmina made a new strong decision

»Cyprus-Island, 15…

My beloved dear Palma!

I write you this imaginary letter, I don’t know if it reaches you before the concert…
But you can feel my thoughts and I feel your thought.
I decide to play the concert now in Venice.
So I will take the next ship and mum will come with me too.
The situation on that island is not clear…
The vision in our Peony-Gondola made it clear for me:
I have to stand to what I really want in my live, even if others try to tell me that they don’t want what I want: I want to play your composition in Venice in the famous Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery. Today I will tell them my decision very clear.
Now I learned: I have to give others the possibility to understand what I want, what I like. It is my life, it is my private music live.
They are not the Masters of my live.
I am sending you my imaginary kisses and music dedications.
I love you so much.
I am so looking forward to see you again in Venice

Your Palmina«

* * *

»Venice 15…

 (Letter 94)

Dear beloved Palmina!
Yesterday I felt your tears. (You felt that I was unlucky about our situation.)
Today I feel your love.
I can feel that you are now rehearsing for our concert in Venice.
Now I am so lucky that you made a »Inner-heart – decision«.
It does not count if we have problems of communication.
It counts only what our hearts wants and decides – than we find a common, slow but certain way for our love and art-inspiration….«, Palma wrote and wrote…
Palma wrote his imaginary letter for his big and only love…“

* * *

As Palmina and Palma saw this scene in their Peony vision Palmina felt a little bit freed in her heart after she could speak with Master Lao about her problem.
In this Peony vision Palmina and Palma both made a long short breath (like at a breathing therapy of the Qi-Gong).

»I am now better understanding my situation…«

Palma put his arm around Palmina and he understood her very good and said to her like an old master: »It is important what YOU want…
Let not be all people around you be your Master of your life…
You should be the master for them…not only in teaching music…
There are people who should not be your Master for your whole life…
Like Master Lao told you: The musician should play music…If the musician wants to play a composition then no one should try to stop him – No one – They should also respect you decision – But they have also to understand that YOU WANT to play these compositions – Important is what YOU want – not what others want…«

»YES, I want…
I want, Palma…
this is my clear decision…
…at Pythagoras time I was at the beginning not clear enough: others tried to forbid me to play new music-ideas of the big Philosopher.
Yes, I was afraid of what other want…
I respected too much them – but they where no musicians…
YES, I will…
.. and I will stand to what I want – Others should understand what I really want – And they should understand that they are not the Masters of my personal live and they are not the masters of my personal music live.«

»…I want to be united again with you in Venice…«
Holding her Palma kissed her tender and surrounded her with love.
»…I want to play for you on my lutes…for all my life…I want only to live for that…
….I want to help you finishing your painting artwork in Venice for your whole life…It is our mission, I can feel it deep in my heart…
This I promise you, my Palma, …
…to help you to be a composer and musician…
…my Palma, my painter, my secret composer
I love you.
I don’t want to be separated from you…in Venice and also in 300 or 400 years…I stand to what I really want…«

She kissed Palma soft and tender.

Palmina put her head on that place where Palma’s excited heart is beating.
For her it was like music. A music that no, one except her, was allowed to hear and to enjoy.
Yes, Palma il Giovane was now a master. Palmina could feel it. Palma is now the Master of the old Titian-School.
It is not only a school of painters-students. It is a gallery of all kind of arts: Music, painting, poesies, dance – a pre-form of the modern Opera but completely different organised and very spontaneous. So the Dogan’s Palace is only using artists of this Art-Gallery because they are the best artists of the R.O.V. – the famous Republic of Venice, the mightiest state in Europe.

Palmina and Palma hugged each other and their heart connected in deep eternal love. The whole cosmos could see this spiritual unique love… The Gondola seemed to move slowly and harmonic.

Suddenly the Peony Gondola moved back to Venice.

Palma and Palmina smiled like being a little bit surprised.

The flight was very harmonic and soft, they did not feel the speed in the air, although the Gondola had no windows. The air was not hot or cold. A soft wind moved a little bit the Gondola curtains. The clouds where a little bit pink-white. They saw birds harmonic flying like in a beautiful painting. Flying birds like on paintings from Master Titian and from Masters of China. (Palma often draw the landscape and the birds of Master Titian’s Artworks as his Master Scholar)

Palma took his Mandolin and played for her the ‚I wait for you in the Gondola‘-melody.

Palma and Palmina hugged and kissed each other.

»Can’t wait for being united with you in Venice…«, Palmina said smiling.

– »…Can’t wait to draw and to paint you in Venice…«, Palma answered.

»Also mythological paintings…?«
»Also as mythological paintings…as Venus and Mars and so forth…«

»Oh, Palma!..really?« , Palmina said and smiled shy,

»…Can’t wait to drive with you in the Gondola to little Island Giorigo Maggiore«

– »…Can’t wait to have walks there with you and to speak with you about art, music, painting, philosophy…«
»…Can’t wait to play for you my lute during you are painting in churches or palazzi«
»…Can’t wait to thank you for that with a little composition…«
»…Can’t wait to play again in our old Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery«
»…Can’t wait to meet you secretly on the ‚Ponte de la Pieta‘ looking to the slowly growing church at San Giorigo Maggiore, which is a symbol of our slowly growing love…«
»…Can’t wait to play for you at the Jesuits ‚Ospedale‘ the Lute for 10 year to support your big painting artworks there…«
»…Can’t wait for you Palmina…«

»…Can’t wait for you Palma, my composer, my big and only love, my secret writer…«

»Let us forget what stood between us, now you decided to follow me…I love you Palmina«

»Yes, I decided to follow you…
I love You, my Palma, my Painter, my composer my secret writer…«

(…to be continued…)

VIDEO: [Mandolin solo »I wait for you in the Gondola« by Gerald Spitzner ] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1J2oNV0NQuA

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The Audio examples of recent parts will be replaced with a new link.