122.The Peony Gondola in Hong Kong

122. The Peony Gondola in Hong Kong

As Palma dreamed about this letter and stood up the next morning, alone, in Venice, his black white cat named »KALU«, came and »purred« very friendly.
»Kalu, are you hungry? Let’s make us a little breakfast….«

Palma went to the window in the »Campo San Provolo« and the air smelled like fresh bakery bread.

He made a long sigh an thought: »Where is my Pigeon? Where is my little yellow canary bird? Where is my Lute? Where is my eternal love and inspiration?«

»Ah Mihaela is awake«, Palma said as he saw her window, up there, straight a head in the 2nd floor, »…she takes care of Adriana. She makes for her a breakfast, I am sure…
I will go to Palmina’s bakery shop and bring some little fresh »Panini« (the little fine, white fresh breads, which Palmina once invented and all people in Venice are loving).

And Palma went along the Campo dei »San Zaccaria« and along the long promenade on the lagoon water along »Riva degli Schiavoni«.

The birds and especially the Pigeon, and especially a sweet byzantine Pigeon greeted him in this fresh morning hour. At 6 o’clock it is not so bright in the morning as in the last weeks. But now, one hour later, it is very bright here in Venice »Yes, the days are going to be shorter now. The Summer will end in a month…«
After Palma went to the left side to go directly to the »Campo Bandiera e Moro«, where Palmina’s bakery shop is, he went into the shop and the smell of fresh bread was amazing.
But something is missing here the smell was not perfect…Palmina is not here.
»Oh, Signore, Palma il Giovane. You came only to buy the fresh breads because of me, isn’t it?«, the female colleague of Palmina said.

Palma smiled shy but his eyes said »I desire to see Palmina, but she is now in Hong Kong performing my compositions in Asia.«

As if she understood his eyes she did not expect any answer from him.

Palma took some »Panini« and some chiffon, the »chiffel«, which only taste the best if Palmina sold them.
Oh how Palma is desiring to see Palmina again. His thoughts are only with her. She is his inspiring Chinese Lute playing Pigeon.

»Have a nice day, Signore Palma il Giovane…Your sweet Pigeon will soon be back in Venice. Believe me, we all love her. Her mother, you, me, Mihaela, Adriana, your mother, whole Venice is hoping, praying and expecting that she comes back…Don’t lose your hope…«, the backers colleague lady said friendly. Yes she also feels how much Palma is loving her.

The byzantine Pigeon at the window made in a soft high tone »Groo, Groooooooooo, Grooooooo« and Palma smiled and thought «today I will think on her in the Peony hour«

And Palma went home bringing the fresh bakery things to Mihaela and later to Kalu which was still waiting during his mother was sleeping.

* * *

As Palmina and Palma saw this morning-scene sitting in their Peony Gondola, Palmina kissed Palma on his right cheek.
Palma smiled and put his strong arm around her shoulder and kissed her also on her cheek.
Both smiled.
»Oh, how I wished to be with you now together with this Gondola in Hong Hong and you can hear me performing your compositions there on my Pipa Lute and Venetian Lute«, Palmina said.

And in this moment on the heaven appeared the image of Saint Lucy (see image)

picture 8 - Palmina inspired Palma to paint Saint Lucy

picture – painting of Palma il Giovane of Saint Lucy

She changed to the Chinese princess Mioa Shan, who lived in the 7th century in China and is known and famous and loved all over Asia, and she made a gesture with the plant in her hand and suddenly the Peony Gondola started to fly over Venice, over Italy, over all countries till they arrived the Harbour of Hong Kong.

The flying wind was very soft and the clouds had beautiful colours as they crossed the heaven. Palmina and Palma were surprised.
They hold themselves in their arms and loved each other with their hearts and they covered themselves with light and love.

(to be continued…)


121. Palmina’s Letter from Hong Kong to Venice at the year 1583

121. Palmina’s Letter from Hong Kong to Venice at the year 1583

»Hong Kong, 1583

Dear Palma !

I write you from Hong Kong.
It is a very good concert atmosphere here.

The people are very friendly and creative.
They have a lot of positive initiatives.
They do not only make the good thinks because someone told them this is good to do,
they also make good thinks because they find out what is good and then they make this good.

Some countries have to learn from the Hong Kong people.

The Island was very beautiful from where I came, but the people do only »good thinks« because someone told them that this is »good« and this is »not good«. So an initiative to make something good because someone »realized« that it is good or »necessary« I found only here in Hong Kong.
They take care on their environment, on their pink dolphins and make voluntary initiatives for positive and necessary thinks.

Palma, here are more possibilities for an artist then on that paradise island.
Only the birds can enjoy this paradise but the wars made the people very shy and they trust there nobody and foreign people can feel this »rising walls at their hearts«.

So here in Hong Kong the people are creative and positive and have an old tradition and culture.
Here they speak the south language of Chinese: The Cantonese language.

The same Letters are spoken completely different:

Princess Lin shows me three Chinese signs spoken as »gou ji haam« as example,
She speaks not only mandarin, she speaks also Cantonese.

The Hong Kong people like your music and compositions, especially your »Peony Gondola Song«.
They all love Venice. It is a similar city on the water and with little islands and a lot of Chunks like we have Gondolas in Venice. And they heard from Master Titian and also from your paintings…

Oh, I wish we could be together some days here in Hong Kong making a concert together.

My Palma, my Painter, my big and deep and only love.

With much love
Your Pigeon, your yellow canary bird, your Lute and your eternal Inspiration Palmina«

PS: Here nobody steels our letter communication, isn’t that fine, Palma?«

(to be continued…)


120. »Palmina in Hong Kong« and her peace concert

picture 1 - View to Hong Kong where Palmina played in the 16th century
picture – view on Hong Kong where Palmina played in the 16th century

»Yes, I played the Pipa Lute and the 6000 Pigeons who followed me from Venice to this Island transformed into 6000 Protecting friendly soldiers. «

And they saw now this dreaming Vision in their Peony Gondola.
Fast gave Palma Palmina a sweet kiss on her cheek as tender answer to her sweet and tender imaginary cheek kiss to Palma.

* * *

They saw a lot of ships following them.

»Oh, these are not enemy’s ships following us! These are the 6000 VARANGIAN GUARDS*)!. They will follow our concert travelling back to Venice.«, Palmina explained to Priness Lin.

»Ah, this are the 6000 Soldiers who protect the last Byzantine Princess, isn’t it? And You are…«

Palmina smiled and nodded silently.

A lot of Persons on the ship were surprised to see this Pigeon miracle.

»Ah! You call them for help with your Pipa?…«

*) VARANGIAN GUARD – Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Varangian_Guard

The Varangian Guard (Greek: Τάγμα τῶν Βαράγγων, Tágma tōn Varángōn / 瓦良格卫队) was an elite unit of the Byzantine Army, from the 10th to the 14th century (officially) , whose members served as personal bodyguards to the Byzantine Emperors.

* * *

In this moment Palma was sitting in Venice, alone, and composed a little Mandolin solo. The music describes Palmina’s concert-tour through Asia at their concert in Hong Kong.


picture 2 – music score of mandolin solo »Palmina in Hong Kong«

Palma saw her with Princess Lin visiting Hong Kong and giving a friendly concert as good European relation between Hong Kong and the Republic of Venice – R.O.V.

* * *

As Palma was ready with his music the Peony Gondola transmitted to her the music and Palmina learned the melody in the same moment to play on her Pipa.

As the ships with Princess Lin came now to Hong Kong Palmina gave a little concert with this Mandolin solo by Palma il Giovane played by her on her Chinese Lute.

The Chinese-Venetian delegation has been welcomed by the Government of Hong Kong and all their ships with the Varangian Guards (Τάγμα τῶν Βαράγγων / 瓦良格卫队) could enter the harbour in peace.

And Palmina played Palma’s composition like that:

VIDEO [Mandolin solo »Palmina in Hong Kong« ]  https://youtu.be/50Vfk7Ad2xg


Mandolin solo:
composed and played
by Gerald Spitzner 2018-08-28

(to be continued…)


119. Palma alone in Venice

119. Palma alone in Venice

As they saw this in their Gondola, Palma huged Palmina with his right strong arm to give her a good hold. Palmina gave Palma a little tender kiss on his right cheek.
„Today is Master Titian’s remembering day! All the Gondola in Venice are painted in black colour since Master Titian died 1567.
As you have been in China on that island I composed a few Mandolin soli, trying to feel how the Chinese atmosphere is in this Kingdom.

I often went to Mihaela, my cousin, to make music with her. I composed some music piece for Sopran and some Instruments. But we all missed you every day. Adriana asked also every day ‚Where is your sweet miracle Pigeon Palmina‘. Mihaela took this poor women to her at the ‚Campo San Provolo‘ to give her a home and a family.“
Palmina listened and was long time very quiet.

„Yes, but the concert tour was important for me. Only if you play in other countries as musician you are a respected musician.“
„Yes, important also for the chinese kingdom and its relation to the Republic of Venice – the R.O.V.‘ But I also learned from you to stay in Venice: The world and the famous artists are coming to us. Isn’t it. I prayed that you soon will leave that island as fast as possible, the historic situation was not good to stay on that island paradise. A Paradies of only 2 years before tha big change did come in history.“
Palmina made a deep sigh.

„It was not an easy year for us the year 1582, Palmina. I did not stop loving you deeply.
„Yes, 1583 was quite harder. The Island where I had so much success with my concerts was suddenly attacked by hundreds of soldiers coming with ships. We all had to leave the Kingdom. Prinzess Lin and her relatives decided to take all ships with us to Venice…We  survived that only as I played on my Pipa..“
„You saved them all by playing the Pipa like the legendary Pipa Princess?“
(to be continued…)


118. Letter to Palmina from Venice

118. Letter to Palmina from Venice


picture – Painting by Master Titian (1574-76) finished by Palma il Giovane

“Venice, 1582

Dear Pamina! I
Today I write you an imaginary, letter always thinking on you…

Every day I hope to get a message by you but it seems that some criminals are still taking our letters…
Nevertheless an imaginary letter, coming directly from my heart no one can stop.
On our Peony Gondola our hearts are allways communicating and no one can read this dialogue of our hearts.
Yesterday a Delegation from Kasachstan came to Venice and made a high quality concert here in our Dogan’s Palace.
The Republic Venice is famous for its good relations to other countries and cultures.
The little orchestra played quite good. They have different music instruments then we in Venice, but they have also knee-violins playing on the right side of the orchestra like in your little fine orchestra, which is now making a concert tour in China on that little island.
How are you now? Did you write a new letter?
I miss you so much. I hope you are well…

We met also the family from Damaskus at the concert. You remember the model which I have chosen for master Titian as mother of Jesus in the Pieta? You played the Lute for the last 3 years at Titian while I helped to finish his painting „La Pieta“. I painted the doughter of the family from Damaskus. She looked inspiring like the mother of Jesus…
Master Titian could not paint her because his eyes where to weak, he could only see in the near so I pre painted her and Titian copied it.
This was in the year 1574…
Now they have been with us in the concert. Maybe the miracle of the Peony Gondola can transmit the music of this concert to you on that far east island at the last kingdom of….east peace?
Today I will compose a Mandolin solo for you expressing how I miss you…
I love you, my Pigeon, my yellow canary bird, my chinese Byzantine Principessa.
Your you loving
Palma il Giovane“
(To be continued…)

117. Thema con variatione – I have some food for you – melody

117. Thema con variatione – I have some food for you – melody

01 picture - San Monika in 'Madona con bambino in gloria e santi''

picture (detail) by Palma il Giovane (This picture was found a the backery) – Palma painted maybe Palmina secretly as Saint Monica

 »Yes, you painted me very often and often in a ’secret variation‘ in your paintings, Palma. The generations after us will have it hard to find out how I was looking like.«

»…Yes, I made variations about your appearance in my paintings.
One reason was that It was a secret that you are my favourite model. The other students of the Titian School should not figure that out. There was an official order which students and models had to follow. But as I painted you I made variations about you and no one could guess this.«

»…hmmmmm,…..Variations – like I made variations of your melodies and compositions…«, Palmina answered.

»Thema con variatione…«, Palma answered.

»Thema con variatione!«
»Ah! The ‚I have some food for you – melody‘ !!!, Palmina said like a little girl.

»…This little short melody I played for you if I brought you some fresh food during you are painting in a church or in a palazzo…«

»Yes, it was so nice that you came and helped me that I make a little break during my hard painting artwork…«, Palma said with a sigh in his voice.

»But, but, I remember that you did not finish your work immediately… I had to play the little melody again and again and so we invented little variations of this simple melody«

»Yes, Palmina, you helped me always to be inspired to compose a new variation, or to write it down…
Palmina, you are my inspiring angel…My music-pigeon…my sweet little yellow canary bird…«

As Palma said this Palmina was silent and looked long, long straight ahead thinking about the lifae of a little canary bird in a little cage.


»Hm, my dear?«

»Can a canary bird inspire a composer? …and can they communicate?…and how?..and how do they love each other if the bird has fallen in love to the composer?…«

Palma was a long time silent. After Palma could read in Palmina’s heart he answered:
»It seemed that my sweet little music Pigeon wanted to say if a soul decides to be born as little yellow canary bird to come in the life of a big composer and the little yellow canary bird has fallen in love to the big composer the composer will feel the deep love of the canary bird and he will come to the cage and will talk to the bird and they feel their deep love into their hearts….And the little bird will daily tweet some little compositions and music inspirations for his composer and the composer will listen to his little sweet yellow bird in the cage and will write the inspirations down to his music score at the harpsichord… Wode hen ke àide xiaoxiaode yī zhī niǎoniǎo…«

Palmina was silent like a little shy bird and thought and thought.

* * *

After a while talking and sitting in that way in their Peony Gondola at their 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.) Palma and Palmina smiled suddenly in the same moment.

They had to think about this Mandolin solo melody.

How often Palmina brought Palma some food and played this melody in the church or at the »Ospedale« at the Jesuits or at fine Palazzo in Venice.

picture 6 - from this view from a Gondola Palma played often his Mandolin solo for Palmina

picture 2 – Palma played the Mandolin solo melody also standing here, on the right side of the bridge over the »Rio de la Pieta«

But Palma also played this Melody by himself.
Especially if he wants that Palmina comes to her window and to come with him.
»I remember also a funny situation as you played the melody as usually for me to say ‚Hello, I, Palma il Giovane, am here with my mandolin, please come to the bridge over the Rio de la Pieta«

»…ha,ha,ha at the bridge I played for you standing at the other side of the bridge and behind me….ha, ha, ha…«

»Ha, ha, ha…I know the 3 women at the windows ….they, they,…funny«

»Oh no,….don’t repeat this is so funny….«

»ha,ha, you repeated the melody again and again and you made a lot of variations and I was running to come along the Calle de la Pieta.
But 3 Windows behind you opened in the 2nd floor.

»Palma is playing for me.. Hmm here you have a flower…«

»No, Palma is playing for me…Amore mio, here you have a rose…«

»Porca miseria, he is playing for 2 women. I thought he is playing only for me….He is a donnaiolo… Here you have the water of my flower vase….«

And Palma run away over the bridge in the Calle de la Pieta direct in the direction of the coming Palmina.


music score of »Mando solo »Thema con variatione – I have some food for you – melody (Palma il Giovane)« 

And they met suddenly again at the same place in the small, short and tiny street, here in Venice as they saw themselves suddenly after a long, long time.

Palmina smiled and Palma smiled.
They stood and they hugged long and deeply.

And Palma played on the Mandolin this:

VIDEO: [Mandolin solo »Thema con variatione – I have some food for you – melody«] https://youtu.be/kUpzRhDCyOg

(to be continued…)


116. Today I want to paint you – Melody

116. Today I want to paint you – Melody


After he made music with their heart over a such long physical distance he went direct home at the »Campo S. Provolo« at the little flat beside the rooms of the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery in the 1st floor.

Mihaela, in the house straight ahead in the 2nd floor, looked at this late evening out of her window and saw that Palma has still light in his little room.
»What is with Palma?… Hmm, hmm….He is missing his Palmina… Hmm…why he is working still at night…? Maybe he is composing something new… I have to ask him tomorrow…«

* * *

And they saw this in their Vision, sitting in their Peony-Gondola at their »Peony-hour« (11 p.m.) together in their soft seats.

»Oh,Palma..«, Palmina said to Palma, »you worked the Mandolin-part out and wrote it down…Such a beautiful composition…Did you show the music score to Mihaela? She could sing the Mandolin part as Soprano, isn’t it?…Without a text…. Because the saint Virgin is singing and feeling joy…being loved by the angels and the highest dimension in the cosmos…«

»Yes, Palmina I showed her the new composition, which is dedicated to the best Lute player of the Republic….«

»…and to the saint Virgin!…«
»…of course…her prayers and her love lead us all again together…«
»The saint Virgin send you St. Lucy, and Saint Lucy sent you Palmina…and so on…«

picture 1 - Saint Lucille (Venice at San_Geremia) - by Palma_il_giovane_1628.jpg

picture 1 – Saint Lucille (Venice at San_Geremia) – by Palma_il_giovane_1628

picture 2 - Santa_Lucia,_Jacopo_Palma_il_Giovane,_Chiesa_dei_SS._Geremia_e_Lucia,_Venezia
picture 2 – Santa Lucia, Jacopo Palma il Giovane, Chiesa dei SS.Geremia e Lucia, Venezia

»Yes the order of the HEAVEN is very mystic but the only thing which really makes happy. So in your composition »L’Assunta« you describe the wordless luck of the Saint Virgin being loved by the HEAVEN as singing music…«

»…and I could describe this luckiness in music being inspired by the best lute player of our Republic: Palmina!“«

»Palma, I remember how often we met us secretly…especially to this Octagonal painting »L’Assunta«at the »Ospedale« at the Jesuits.

»Yes I picked you up with my Gondola, very often at the morning after you filled the boat with fine fresh breads…«

»YES, you composed a special short melody on your Mandolin to show me that you will pick me up from here, at the Ponte over the »Rio de la Pieta«


picture 2a – music score of Mandolin solo »Today I want to paint you – melody«

And at this moment the Peony-Gondola showed them this beautiful vision and they saw this:

* * *

At this late morning Palma went along the »Salizzada dei Greci« at the bridge over the »Rio de la Pieta« to went along to Saint Anton Church to the bakery to see if Palmina is ready with her helping work at mother’s bakery shop. So he looked on the right side to see if Palmina is there on the other bridge over the »Calle de la Pieta«

picture 3 - view from bridge at Saint Anton Church

picture 3 – view from bridge at Saint Anton Church

As he saw her going over the bridge with her baskets full of fine fresh and little breads, the so called »Pannini«, Palma called a Gondolier.

picture 4 - Palma il Giovane - Palmina with Lute (right) Palma's mother (Violin) Mihaela (middle)

picture 4 – Palma il Giovane – Palmina with Lute (right) Palma’s mother (Violin) Mihaela (middle)

»Scusi, per favore, una Gondola…Subbito, Gondola, Gondola, subito…«, said Palma and the Gondoliere came to his bridge.

picture 5 - »La vergine coronata di stelle e l'angelo che uccide l'idra« (1582)

picture 5 – »La vergine coronata di stelle e l’angelo che uccide l’idra« (1582) by Palma il Giovane

»…can you bring me over there…? Hmm..? Ok…fa bene! Molto bene… And can you drive the Gondola a little bit slower if you are driving under the bridge there…very slow…per fa vore….molto lento,,,molto lento…molto ritardando«

»Si, certo….«, answered the Gondolier with his basked hut and Palma entered the Gondola.

As the Gondola came slowly driving along the »Rio de la Pieta« in the direction to the »Isola Giorge Maggiore« Palma started to play on his Mandolin the »Today I want to paint you – Melody«

picture 6 - from this view from a Gondola Palma played often his Mandolin solo for Palmina

picture 6 – view from a Gondola Palma played often his Mandolin solo for Palmina

Palmina looked smiling in Palma’s direction. Palma’s Gondola came nearer and nearer.
»And now ritardando…piu lento…«, Palma said to the Gondolier.

And Palma’s Gondola moved very, very slow so Palmina and his mother could hear the music very good and long.

Palmina put the last breads from her basked into the boat and sat down at the steps to the water to listen Palma’s little private concert.
She put her both hands on her both knees. Her knees where together and it looked as if Palmina is sitting on the steps like she is holding a Pipa-Lute on her knees.

In this position she is smiling and listening to his Palma il Giovane.
Her mother worked on loading the boat with baskets of breads.

During the music some windows opened over them.
A few ladys looked out of the windows and one said : »Oh…, Palma is playing for me! Only for me….«

An other lady heard that and said: »ohh, noooo..He is playing for me, not for you…for me!!!«
Also a third lady at her windows said: »He is not playing to your window…he is playing to my window…«

And Palmina smiled silently.. Yes, Palmina knows for whom he is playing and she smiled stronger and shy. She knows what the melody really means.

picture 7 - Palmina as Saint Virgin in the left upper part of the big painting Trofo di san Julian by 1Palma il Giovane

picture 7 – Palmina as Saint Virgin in the left upper part of the big painting Triofno di San Julian by Palma il Giovane

If Palma played it means »Today I want to paint you…. and I will pick you up in 30 minutes coming again with my Gondola and you have only to enter the Gondola….“

This only Palmina knew so Palma did nothing wrong with playing now his Mandolin solo.

picture 8 - Palmina inspired Palma to paint Saint Lucy

picture 8 – Palmina inspired Palma to paint Saint Lucy

Palmina put her head on her left hand and smiled secretly to her Palma. Her smile only Palma could see, because in Palmina’s direction there was no one looking from a window.
Palma saw her smile and he was lucky to see her smiling.

And Palma played for his beloved Palmina to show her his love but also to ask her to be her »secret painting model« for his recent painting artworks.
And he played today like this:

VIDEO: [Mandolin solo »Today I want to paint you – Melody (Palma il Giovane)« ] https://youtu.be/0Hn-7YG01yE

(to be continued…)

read the story from beginning:


115. Palma is inspired by Palmina’s letter

115. Palma is inspired by Palmina’s letter

picture 1 - Venice at night - view to San Giorge Maggiore

picture 1 – Venice at night – view to Giudecca island – Il Redemtore

Palmina and Palma saw this dreaming vision now together in their Peony-Gondola at the 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.) sitting in their soft seats and hugging each other tender and soft.

Now Palmina asked: »Palma?!«
»Do you remember as you slept in the church during your painting work and I came with the lantern and played your composition to wake you up tenderly…?«

»Yes I remember very good…you saved me…as so often in my life…Later as you was on concert-Tour I composed a Mandolin part to your Pipa-Lute solo…«
And the Peony-Vision showed them PART 3*) of this story:

(from part 3)

»[…] Palma il Giovane heard her beautiful playing and waked up very softly during her gentle Lute playing. First he thought a female angel with a special kind of lute was now playing in the church.
Palma started to smile and listened to her little soft personal concert.
They were at this evening alone in this little church – only the angels were with them and also the golden light which was visible around all things (Palma often painted it in his paintings).
Palmina looked so friendly being surrounded by the warm candle light from the little lantern. Palma was lucky and inspired…
Palmina played with all her heard and warmed Palma’s heart. Now she waked him up so softly and friendly…
She awakes his love to music, to make music, to express feelings with music and to tell little or big things through music…
She was able to heal with music, to make tired hearts lucky and to wake a sleeping soul up for new inspiring life with all her music talent playing her lute.
So Palmina saved Palma il Giovane with light and music.« *)

VIDEO: [Lute/Pipa/Mandolin solo for Palmina] https://vimeo.com/250977540

*) see also Part 3 of the story: https://geraldspitzner.wordpress.com/2018/01/13/palmina-saved-palma-il-giovane-with-light-and-music-mandolin-solo-inspiration-part-iii

After this the Peony Gondola showed them this vision:

* * *

And as Palma il Giovane dreamed from this letter he was very inspired.

»My Palmina will come back into my live, now I am sure. She will not stay there. After she finished her important music mission she will come back…
If the people can be warned? Will some stay…? Will some leave this island?…
Will Princess Lin come back …? Will she and her family stay on that island…?«, Palma thought secretly.

Every day he paints on his 8 Images Artworks at the »Ospedale« of the Jesuits in Venice.
The artwork is very good ongoing.

And every day Palmina is present with her Lute playing at the daily concert for the »poor women of Venice«, transmitted by the miracle of the »Peony-Gondola« (»Daily Pigeon Music Miracle at the Ospedale«)



picture 2+3 – »poor Women« (detail of the 8 paintings by Palma il Giovane at »Ospedale« where Palmina’s Lute playing is every day listened by the poor women of Venice

In his imagination Palma again thought on his drawings for the painting »L’Assunta« he made as Palmina was in Venice before her long Concert-Tour in the far east.

Today, as he finished his daily painting session, he went on the evening to the promenade, near Palmina’s bakery shop, where he often went to think on his Palmina. He looked to the bright stars at 23 O’clock (11 p.m.).
But today they are brighter then usually. This means that a miracle will happen…

* * *

Palmina was on her Chinese chunk driving to the beautiful multicultural pacific island and looked also in this moment to the stars.
She took her Lute and put the composition of Palma il Giovane (see music score) on her table. She knows the music peace already by heart, so she don’t need to look at the music score and can play at this beautiful late evening under the stars on the big secure ship.

Palmina played his composition and was thinking on her Palma il Giovane.

* * *

Palma il Giovane could suddenly hear her playing and the music comes from the heaven over the sea under the shining stars over Venice.

In a big vision he saw her as Saint Virgin in his painting »L’Assunta«.
»Fantastico…!!!«, Palma thought silent.
Yes, Palmina is inspiring even she is thousands of miles / kilometres far from him, only by her »heart-to-heart« connection to him.
Again Palma felt a warm bright light in his heart in this moment.

picture 4 - painting »L'Assunta« by Palma il Giovane, 1595, Ospedale, Venice
picture 4 – painting »L’Assunta« by Palma il Giovane, 1595, Ospedale, Venice

He lifted his mandolin and looked over the horizons of the sea under the bright stars and played a second music part to Palmina’s Lute playing.

In this INSPIRATION he invented this additionally mandolin part (see music score)





picture 5-8 – music score with the »Additionally Mandolin part« which Palma il Giovane composed in an inspiration of thinking on his Palmina

* * *

Palmina suddenly could hear her Palma il Giovane playing the Mandolin in this moment.
She smiled and was happy.
Now they played »together«, thinking on each other – Palmina played the Lute part and Palma the Mandolin-part like that:

VIDEO [»L’Assunta« (Piano and Mandolin) ] https://youtu.be/PX3tdUKvmQE

ARTWORK: »L’Assunta«

»L’Assunta« by Palma il Giovane, 1595, Ospedale, Venice
for Palmina 2016/2018
(Original Solo for Pipa 2016-11)
by Gerald Spitzner

( to be continued… )


114. The original letter of Palmina (was stolen and manipulated by the administrators and members of the dark-sugar-earth social-network)

114. The original letter of Palmina (was stolen and manipulated by the administrators and members of the dark-sugar-earth social-network)

Under the stars over Venice reflecting their bright light in the waters of the lagoon, Palma stood with his Mandolin looking from the promenade at this evening.

As he played his composition for his Palmina Palma felt that he was not alone.
He could feel that Palmina played music »together with him« his composition. He saw her smile shining into his lonely heart. There, deep in his heart, he felt a warm light.
»The light of Palmina« – Yes she is with him in this Peony hour, she send him a tender kiss on his cheeks and he could feel her.

Palmina looked again along the horizon of the sea and the air has now a completely other smell. She smiled looking to the stars, thinking on her Giacomo Palma il Giovane. Still she is holding her Pipa-Lute sitting on the big Royal Chinese Ship. The ships from China are very big because the sea is much dangerous then the Adriatic Sea here in Europe.
Palmina felt very secure on that big Chinese Chip.
But she smiled seeing Palma with her heart. And Palma smiled seeing Palmina with his heart now at 11 p.m. (23 h).

Venice was quite, and the people and musicians on the ship from Venice are now sleeping.
Only a Pigeon sat on the wood of the ship -a Byzantine Pigeon made soft with a high voice: „Groo, Grooooo, Grooooooo“
Palmina looked at her and smiled.

* * *

As Palma and Palmina saw this tender dreaming-Vision in their Peony Gondola Palma kissed Palmina softly.

»What a remembering…«

»What a unique China-Concert-Tour…«

»YES, my Master…«
»Palmina, did I tell you what happened in Venice as you were on concert Tour…?«

Palmina looked surprised: »No, tell me…«

And they saw this in their Peony Vision:

* * *

On one of these lonely evenings, Palma went along the promenade after he ate an Italian Pizza at the »Campo Bandiera e Moro«, and went directly to the Dogans’s Palace.
Palma was invited to listen an official concert.
Palma was not sure what today will be played without Palmina.

As the concert started there came a lady with a Lute in a golden metallic cloth.

All the people of Venice were wondering.
»Palmina is not playing this concert?….«, some people ask.

There was a while of whispering in the hall.
The conductor had problems to start the concert, because of the noise of the whispering and wondering and asking audience.
»Palmina is the best Lute player and she is now not here. Why is an other Lute player playing instead of her…?«, a fine lady was asking.

Mihaela asked: »What happened? The first soloist position belongs to Palmina! Palma?..Did they expect that Palmina comes not back from China?«

Palma was shocked.
Beside him a pair whispered »Look,!… The lady with the golden cloth has a father which is member of the Church of Security. All in Venice are saying he pays the high costs of the membership and then the church does not steal their letters…«

»Really? They are members of the forbidden criminal network of Mr.Cambridge??…«

»She plays instead of Palmina here. Her 1st lute position is only for the best lute player of the Republic of Venice – the mighty R.O.V.«

Palma was sad to see an other first lute soloist.

»Her father is very rich and the Church of Security takes a lot of money to organize intrigues…«

»Palmina is our best lute player!!! We want to hear Palmina!!!….«

»She is the best lute soloist…«

»What is here going on…???«

Palma and Michaela were so sad that Palmina is not here.

At the little break of the concert Palma and Mihaela and a lot of Venetian »Palmina-fans« leaved decently the concert and were disappointed that a member of the Church of Security did pay for that expensive concert.
Palma and Mihaela went slowly the same streets Palma often went with Palmina to the »Campo San Provolo« where Palma is living and Mihaela is living in the little house straight ahead.

»Don’t be sad, Palma. Palmina will be soon back to Venice, it is such a deep love which connects you both, don’t forget that.«, Mihaela said to his Cousin.

* * *

This night Palma dreamed from a letter which Palmina wrote as she arrived the far-east island.

Yes, this letter Palmina wrote really, but the Church of Security stole it from Palma’s letter box. It was the brother of the lute player with the golden cloth.

And the text of the stolen letter was like this:
»China, Kingdom of Tungning, 1581 –

Dear Palma!

I write you from my Concert-Tour here in China from the Kingdom of Tungning.
It is a beautiful island here. Much sun, and the temperature is quite warmer as in Venice.

It happens all like you dreamed once in the night.
Daily I see 6000 pigeons flying near to me, it looks so beautiful.

The Chinese ship brought us to this Chinese Kingdom south-west-part of the little island.
The European gave that island the name ‚beautiful‘ and the Chinese gave them the name ‚East Peace‘ 東寧 and the indigenous have their own name of it.
They all liked your composition very much and are very thankful for you paintings.
Especially Princess Lin liked the copy of your painting »Virgin with child and Saints« *)
It looks so European-Asian…

*) picture of »Virgin with Child and Saints« by Palma il Giovane

Every day I have a performance with your compositions here on that island.
We travelled several times around the island.

Tomorrow I will have the possibility to warn the last members of the Ming Dynasty that 1683 will be a dangerous year and they should now come back in a few months with us to Venice to save their live.

I hope I am diplomatic enough and find the right words – I have to be careful…
I will ask princess Lin to translate into Chinese Language and into the 26 languages of the indigenous people here on the island. They should also be warned about the year 1683 to save their culture.

I have now a little bit time to play all your compositions you sent me via our Peony-Gondola. And you will hear them as music transmitted in Venice.

I don’t know how this music transmission will work, but if it works I will play for the poor women of the »Ospedale« at the Jesuits in Venice now every day at the time of the daily concert in Venice in your local time-zone time.

I am with my thoughts and music playing with you, my Palma and with the poor women of the »Ospedale«.

I am not forgetting you, my Palma. I have much career success here on that island.
But I miss you and I always think on you, and your artworks and your compositions.
I love you so much.
The ship came so early, as we wanted to marry, you and me.
We are connected with our hearts every day.
As we met and spoke in Venice for 8 minutes, my heart did find your heart – It was as if we are already married with our hearts.
So please wait for me. The two recent concerts are taking my time a little bit longer as expected on that island.
I hope my letter comes secure to Venice.
The contact between this Kingdom and Venice is very good. So they bring personally the letter with a ship to Venice, they guaranteed me (Royal Postal Ship).

Oh, I should not forget you to write about the encounter with the »Cantico delle Creature« with the indigenous cultures and the Ming Dynasty.

I explained to the 26 representative of their 26 indigenous cultures about the »Cantico delle Creature«.

They wondered that this text was written by an European.
They say that this words of the »Cantico delle Creature« with its ANCIENT NATURE-IMAGES, like –


– are the same principles the most indigenous traditions are believing in.

Princess Lin translate the old Italian text into the 26 languages *) and they were thankful to get this peace message of the »Canticle of Brother Sun«.

With this text, they hope, they can keep their traditions, the »Cantico delle Creature« in old-italian original text, as bridge between the two traditions, and they are protected by massive colonisation by the European and Chinese Cultures.

They say if this text was given also to the indigenous people of America the catholic church would never try to destroy indigenous traditions so brutally, because »SISTER MOTHER EARTH« and so forth are the same principles all indigenous people in the world are believing and respecting.

It was interesting that our translation, you and Princess Lin made in Venice into Chinese Language is also accepted in the Kingdom of Tungning.

The Chinese People from the Kingdom wondered that this text has so much similarities to their old 8 IMAGES of the I-GING *) Text in Asian traditions –


– which is known as living tradition in Daoism, Confucianist and Buddhist tradition at old Ming dynasty and in India.

They wondered also that this text is coming from an European writer, inspired by the Psalm 104, the »Creation Psalm«.

Maybe this text has rood of an old tradition which was told into all cultures of the world, Indigenous, European, Asian, Egyptian and so on.*)

The Indigenous people hope that this text of the »Cantico delle Creature« will help that not the same thinks happen in the future to them like in America to the indigenous people.
It is also a much smaller island and the problems could really be managed in a creative peaceful and respectful way to keep all traditions – to keep in Dialogue.

So I wrote you so long now, my Palma, my painter, my composer and deep and old love.

I hope to be soon with you again together in Venice.

Your you deeply loving Palmina Albina, soon your Palmina Negretti-Albina or Palmina Albina-Negretti.

(to be continued…)

*) see also DGPA-publication of the Speech at the Congress in Luxemburg 2016 with Chinese Lute 琵琶 Pipa Audio-Examples (很精美的表演) : pdf-document:

Klicke, um auf pdf-dgpa-publikation-2016-luxemburg-r-u-g-spitzner-der-sonnengesang-als-vertraute-erinnerung.pdf zuzugreifen

**) 26 cultures:

a) 16 cultures – Wikipedia – https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indigene_V%C3%B6lker_Taiwans#Die_16_offiziell_anerkannten_Ureinwohner-V%C3%B6lker

b) 10 cultures – Wikipedia – https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indigene_V%C3%B6lker_Taiwans#Zehn_nicht_offiziell_anerkannte_V%C3%B6lker_Taiwans


113. Palmina is with her thoughts and love with Palma il Giovane

113. Palmina is with her thoughts and love with Palma il Giovane

picture - pigeon painted by Palma il Giovane

picture 1 – A pigeon led Palma to the concert in the »Ospedala« (Pigeon-miracle)

As Palmina and Palma saw this in their Peony-Vision at 11 p.m. (23h) Palmina said to Palma:

»How did I react after you told me your dreaming-vision…?«

Palma smiled and moved his arm holding her soft.

»We spoke the whole night about this dream walking through Venice…«

»Finally I got the ship to China… because you could warn me… and I did not trust the two false-friends… These 2 tricky girls tried really to stop me to go to the ship to China… Sometimes we do not know who is friend and who not. Sometimes they come into very near to our family and we do not realize that they want to destroy our family and our music career…«

»Yes, I remember….but I remember also it was hard for me to wait for you for 21 months…
If the heaven didn’t send us the ‚Peony-Gondola‘ and the ‚Pigeon-Miracle‘ with transmitting your Lute-playing direct into the Ospedale…«, Palma said with making a long breath.

»…some thought you will not come back…because your letter was stolen by the Church of Security – we found later out – and they wrote a false letter writing you will not come back to Venice…«
»Oh this criminals… I would never forget my Palma il Giovane «, Palmina said.
»They wanted that we don’t marry, I am sure…«

»But inside our hearts we had already been married…«, Palma was sure.

»YES, like Pigeons…

Pigeons marry with their hearts.

As they said YES with their hearts stay together their whole live and think on each other for their whole life. No one can control this, not even the ‚Organized Security‘ of the dark-sugar-earth-social-network.
Yes, they don’t need any institution like the humans. Pigeon say only YES in their heart then they are spiritually married.«

»…With your China-Concert-Tour you could save live and old spiritual traditions with warning them…And you had been back to us in Venice…finally we could see us again…«

And they saw now this in their common dream and Peony-Vision:

* * *

At the first day as Palmina entered the Chinese Ship for her Concert Tour Palma stood long on the South-Promenade »Riva degli Schiavoni« to look behind the Ship which is only for a few second visible on the horizon now.

Nevertheless Palma stood there and in his fantasy he saw already the ship on the horizon.
In this moment a Byzantine Pigeon flew about his head very fast.
He looked behind her.
»Like my Palmina…«, he thought.

The Pigeon flew back to the »Campo Bandiera e Moro« and Palma followed her.

She went to the bakery shop, Palma followed her –
she went in the »Calle da la Pieta«, Palma followed her –
she flew up to Palmina’s window, Palma followed her –
Palma thought »The window is closed… does it mean I will not hear her playing any composition of me for 21 month..?«
But the little Byzantine pigeon made »groo, grooooo« in a very high and soft voice. Palma understood what the Byzantine Pigeon said: »no, nooooooo, Palmina will play …«

Then the Byzantine Pigeon lead him street by street to the »Ospedale« at the Jesuits.

He followed her going behind her.
Then she flew in the saint room of the »Ospedale« at the Jesuits.

Palma run behind her to see what she is now doing there.
But suddenly there was a white pink, like roses smelling, cloud where the Byzantine pigeon sat on the floor.
As he slowly disappeared there was a beautiful lady with a silver-angel-metallic cloth like Palmina wear it at the concerts. (Palma likes this very much on Palmina)

The poor women sat there to expect the daily concerts at the »Ospedale«.
And the beautiful lady played beautifully like Palmina.
All could hear the music of the Lute playing lady.
Palma could also see the miracle together with the poor women.

Only the clerical people could only hear a music coming from the neighbour room – they thought –

This miracle could only be SEEN by those who had a pure heart.

Yes, Palma could FEEL her with his heart: This is my Palmina appearing as angel.
Yes Palma could HEAR her with the ears of his heart: This is my Palmina playing like an Angel.
Yes, Palma could SEE her with the eyes of his heart: This is my Palmina, looking like an Angel.

Palma smiled and was lucky.

* * *

Palmina – in this moment sitting in her cabin on the Chinese Chunk – felt his smile and smiled also.

In this moment she played exactly the same music as the »Palmina-Angel« played at the »Ospedale«.

»I wish that Palma will hear me playing. I wish the poor women at the »Ospedale« can hear my lute playing even I am far away in China; far in the east, thousands of miles/ kilometers away…in the land of the smile…«

Through her little window at her cabin she looked outside to the sea. There Saint Lucy appeared on a cloud transforming into the famous Chinese Princess »Miao Shan« and she send blessings to Palmina and smiled.
Palmina smiled and understood. Then she looked at Palma’s big painting beside her in the cabin – it was a copy, made in Venice, made by Palma il Giovane him self of the Asian Madonna »Virgin with child and Saints« *)
A present for Princess Lin in China; Palma painted her as she was there with her family visiting Venice and as they gave Palmina her first Pipa-Lute as present from the Kingdom.

Palma’s composition and Paintings are famous far over the borders of the Republic…

picture 2 - artwork by Palma il Giovane 'Virgin with child and Saints'.png

*) picture 2 – painting by Palma il Giovane »Virgin with child and Saints«

After the »Pigeon-Miracle« Palma went on the evening back to the »Riva degli Schiavoni« where the Chinese Chunk started to bring Palmina to China.

He took his Mandolin and looked to the evening stars, had tears in his eyes.

Tears of love for his mystic saint Pigeon, his miracle Lute playing princess, his INSPIRATION.

Palmina felt which Melody Palma wanted to play in this moment and she played in the same tempo, the same melody with him and she looked also to the stars on her Chinese Chunk playing this melody:

VIDEO: [Mandolin solo »I wish you are with me« ] https://youtu.be/HIh1BzTITOg

(to be continued…)