139. »Mandolin solo at the Chinese Moon Princess«

139. »Mandolin solo at the Chinese Moon Princess«

2018-09-28 »Mandolin solo at the chinese princess« (Variation I of Bird Hasun Melody).jpg

picture – music score of »Mandolin solo at the Chinese Princess« (Variation I of Bird Hasun Melody)

»How wonderful you played. It sounds like a traditional Chinese and Venetian Composition… Welcome on our moon palace my dear guests and friends…«, said the Moon Princess.
»We never heart such a beautiful music surprise…. And Palmina played so fine the triplets fast but fine. No one can play like her. She is the best of the Republic. Palma, you can be proud to have her as your music partner and that she loves your compositions so much…You are sure the happiest composer in the world. I can see it on your smile«

»…thank you my princess. We feel very honoured that your majesty, our beloved moon princess, is loving our music performance. My composition is about the I-Ging natural philosophic image of WATER…and has a Moon-Melody composed after the 8 bars of the introduction«, Palmina answered very respectful.
Palma knows how to have good behaviour speaking with the moon princess. Yes, Palmina knows that Palma is her prince, the prince of Palmina.

There was also an ancient painting of the Trigramm, the Image of the old I-Ging Sign of the lunar WATER: 3 Lines, Ying-Yang-Ying (1 Yang-line between 2 Ying-lines).

Palma pointed to this painting at the wall of the moon palace.

»Yes, we know the I-GING Image of WATER, named K’an is associated to the spear of our sister MOON«, after the 5000 Year old Text of the I-Ging.«, a female princess from the court said friendly and the Moon princess smiled and nodded thankfully for her explanations.
»Oh,… and now, please play a Venetian love song…A love Song composed from heart-to heart…From a real loving composer…who wants to express his deep love…a romantic love song…like it was on the West lake in China in the Chinese Chunk as Marco Polo played a composition for his mystic Chinese princess, you Palmina, who came with him to Venice with 600 people from the Chinese court…with him, Marco Polo – Palma.

So often the loving pairs are kissing and looking to the moon during the moon festival…
…how often I can see them on earth looking up to me here on the moon…trying to see me and I bless them.
And I know Palma, you love Palmina. So it would be for me and all of us here on the moon palace a big honour to hear a Venetian love song. Play it for your beloved Palmina….Oh, please Palma….play a self composed love song on your Mandolin!«

All the princess on the moon palace nodded to each other and whispered meaning »this would be very nice…«

»Yes, Palma il Giovane, this would be very nice… play something self-composed for your love Palmina…«

Palma did not hesitate; he took his Mandolin and Palmina smiled and supported him with her friendly Venetian-Asian shining eyes.
He feels now strong enough to play his Love-song on the Mandolin here in-front of the famous Chinese Moon Princess.

Yes, she is very friendly and sends always her blessings to the really loving pairs down to the earth. She blesses the humans, not caring if they are Chinese or not. If they are old or young, rich or poor or even which tradition their culture is from.

Now Palma il Giovane who often painted mythological paintings with allegories about the moon deity is now here as honour guest of the moon princess with his beloved Palmina, and he will play his love-song here on the moon.

All the moon princesses looked expecting to hear an original Venetian-Love song here on the Chinese moon palace.

Palma, he looked good. He looked good with his typical Venetian cloth of the 16 century, was now ready to play his composition. He will play a little variation of the »Bird Hasun melody«, which the little bird composed for his little yellow female bird, which comes flying every morning to his cage in Venice at the window to listen his music for a while.
Palma composed a Mandolin solo from this melody and today he will make a little Variation of this Mandolin solo.

The Moon Princess was touched by his beautiful composition and dried with her long sleeve of her cloth two little tears from her left eye.

Also the little princess ladies from the court, standing and listening Palma’s Mandolin playing for Palmina were touched.
»How he loves his little Pipa princess…«
And they also had tears in their eyes and dried them with their long sleeves of their beautiful traditional cloth.
The servants brought silver tablets with little »Yuèbing«, with little Moon Cakes.

And after a little silent prayer they ate the moon-cake during they listened to
Palmas deep loving music composition for his heart princess.

The whole court of the Moon Princess Chang’e listened Palma playing full of Passion and love for his Palmina and it was like that:

VIDEO: [ »Mandolin solo at the Chinese moon princess«] https://youtu.be/c8b-bhLj3EI

(…to be continued)


138. Concert at the castle of the Chinese Moon princess – Palmina playing Palma’s Pipa solo Nr.2 at the court

138. Concert at the castle of the Chinese Moon princess – Palmina playing Palma’s Pipa solo Nr.2 at the court

picture 1 - Moon princess Chang-e 嫦娥 on her moon castle with musicians (left)

picture 1 – Moon princess Cháng’é 嫦娥 on her moon castle with musicians (left)

Now they continued to dream their common »Peony Vision« and they saw this:

* * *

»Oh, your composition for two Instruments is so beautiful Palma! It is like a MUSIC MOON CAKE. Your heart, Palma, composed it especially for me to show your love and to give me a spiritual music present from heart-to-heart«, Palmina said and she hugged him and she gave him a kiss on his nose.

»I am proud of you, Palma!«

Palma smiled very, very lucky about her direct spontaneity.

»Can you write it down for me and transmit the music score to me so that I can play it also in my concerts?!… Transmit it via the Peony Gondola so that the ‚Church of Security‘ and the ‚Church of Control‘ can not destroy our eternal deep music love and relation…«

»Yes, I will give you the music score as soon I have written it to a music score. You can play it as composition for VIOLIN AND VIOLA or as composition for PIPA AND VIOLA…like you want to use it…I give you the permission, my sweet princess, my deep old love, my pigeon, my inspiration…«

»Thank you, my composer, my painter , my philosopher and girls protecting unicorn, and…and my secret love-story writer…
Is it also possible to play it with 2 Pipa lutes?…«

»Oh, yes you can play the Viola part also as 2nd Pipa part. Why not? You can play it with princess Lin, she is also playing the Pipa…or her relatives from the Ming dynasty. The female princess learned all to play the traditional Pipa.«

»Fine, Palma. Oh, look….«, Palmina pointed at the moon to a big building.

»…here is the beautiful castle of the moon princess… Look they invite us to come on their castle…Can you see there the moon princess dancing princess ladies? They are dancing as ‚welcome‘ for us…«, Palmina said exited and she took Palma’s hand.

Palma smiled and felt that NOW is the moment to hold Palmina with his arm, to give her a good hold, to give her the feeling to be protected by him and his strong arm.

»Yes, Palmina, they seemed to dance only for us both as welcome gesture. – Look, at this beautiful traditional Asian/Chinese cloths! And look, how beautiful they are moving…! It is like an ancient Chinese painting. Oh, I want to paint them all! These beautiful princesses…«, Palma said excited.

»Yes, they are very beautiful. You have to draw them. But Palma…? Don’t look too much at them…You are my prince…hmmmm?…«

»Yes, my princess…I will only look at you long time…In our Peony Gondola…my byzantine Eurasian princess«

And they heard a very beautiful Chinese orchestra music like it was often to hear at the gardens in Venice, where Princess Lin is living with her family members in Venice.

Slowly the Peony Gondola entered the area before the beautiful pink white castle.

In the gardens of the moon princess the dancers where dressed in the same pink(magenta)-white colours as once the dancers of the Chinese delegation were dressed.

The dances also with Peony-flowers (Peony Rose) which are shining with pink coloured light.

It was so aesthetic that Palma said to Palmina: »Very beautiful, very beautiful! Look, this dancing group is also dressed in the byzantine-chinese style like once in the Dogan’s Palace as the Chinese People gave you the Pipa-Lute as friendship-present by their asian culture.«

»Oh, yes, this is amazing! Exactly the same dressing style and also the magic pink shining Peony flowers…«, Palmina also reflected to Palma’s words.

Slowly the Peony Gondola decreased the moving speed and stopped at the steps of the big entrance of the pink-white shining moon castle.

»Hmm, they are so friendly here to us. We have to make also some music for them. A thank-you-concert.
How about your compositions for Venetian Lute, Mandolin and Pipa Lute? As cultural exchange between Venetian and Chinese Culture?«, Palmina said like a music teacher.

»Fa bene, principessa…Dui,dui,dui…Wode Xinaide Gongzi…Let us play the 2nd Pipa solo in version for Pipa and Viola…«

»This is a good idea, my Palma… Your music piece describes the atmosphere of the lunar world of the natural-philosophical image of the I-Ging WATER! I love to perform your creations so much, Palma..«

Now she gave him a tender cheek kiss, looked observing in his eyes, as she saw that his eyes shined happy she smiled heartfelt.

»Fine.. Palma, let us give them a little concert as greeting from the mother earth…I play Pipa lute, representing the Asian/Chinese culture and you play the Viola part, representing the Venetian European Culture…Oooooh, I am so looking forward to give a little concert with you: YOU AND ME. Here on the moon-castle of the lovely moon princess all are loving so much!«, Palmina said so lucky like a little Chinese princess and her eyes are beautifully small looking beautifully like Asian eyes. (It Is Palmina’s secret looking sometimes Venetian and sometimes Asian)

Palma helped Palmina to come out of the Peony Gondola and helped her to go up the steps: step by step and Palmina followed Palma: step by step. From lower level to higher level.

As they entered the castle they looked at the beauty of the architecture – It was like in a dream.



»Am I dreaming or are we really on the moon castle of the famous moon princess?«

»We are really in our Peony-reality…All we are dreaming together in the Peony Gondola is real. It is our deep and tender love… As long we are loving us, we are together in this Peony Gondola.«, Palma said very wise.

Do the other stars like Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Fixed stars, and the Primum Mobile also have such castles with princess?…«

»Hm, good question…I think so…Dante writes it in his love declaration to his beloved Beatrice… I think he was there and wrote also about this…«, Palma answered like an old wise master.

And now they saw the beautiful moon princess with her beautiful cloth in Chinese Asian style.
She also looks Chinese and sometimes she looks European.

»Fascinating!«, Palma thought.

The Moon princess welcome them and the dancers of the court danced several beautiful welcome-dances. The Chinese orchestra played Chinese music and some well known Venetian European tunes of the 16th century.

As they finished their performance Palmina and Palma played with Pipa lute and Viola like that:

VIDEO: [2nd Solo for Pipa and Viola ‚WATER‘] https://youtu.be/OqQioaRyQr4

(to be continued…)


137. »Looking to the Moon in Venice«

137. »Looking to the Moon in Venice«

After Palma thanked Palmina for supporting him mentally with playing for him on her Lute in such a difficult time (Intrigues by the Church of Security against his family) they saw this in their Peony Vision:

* * *

Early at the morning there was at the West horizon the Full moon visible. Today Palma waked up exactly at the moment of full moon at 5 o‘ clock.

»How beautiful the moon is today, it is full moon and the sun will rise in a few moments…«

Palma looked out of his window. Two Pigeons flew in the west direction to the San Marco Cathedral from left to right.
He looked up to the right building where Mihaela and Adriana have their room in the 2nd and 3rd floor. there was no light, they are sleeping.

»Palmina is sure also sleeping now in her lonely bed, holding her Pipa or Venetian Lute, maybe rehearseling during she sleeps…«, Palma thought.

Down at the street »Campo San Provolo« he saw Princess Lin with a few Chinese bodyguards carrying some Moon-Cake.

»Oh, princess Lin, good morning, Chao An…Quin Wen, From where did you get these moon cakes?..«

»Oh, good morning Signore Palma il Giovane… Yes, these are moon cakes…after the Asian traditional moon festival, we eat now at the full moon night these cakes, with drinking Chinese Tea during we try to see the moon princess on her castle on the moon…The cakes you can buy nearby the bakery of Palmina…«

»Oh, how romantic…I will buy such moon cakes…I forgot about the Asian moon festival…Zhong qiu jie kuai le!«, Palma said down to Princess Lin with her Bodyguards.

»Xie,xie. Zhong qiu jie kuai le!!!!«, Princess Lin answered. This means »Happy Mid-Autumn Moon feast!«

* * *

Then Palma went to the Bakery shop and bought some fresh breads.

As he left the shop the »La Zitelle Girl«, which is new now at the bakery shop, said also »Ts, ts, ts… Signore Palma il Giovane is only dreaming off his Palmina, the best lute player of the Republic of Venice…ts, ts, ts…«

Now he went to the new Chinese Shop nearby to buy some fresh Lotus-Moon-Cakes to surprise Palmina today evening at 11 p.m..

»Ni hao…Da Jia hao… I want to buy some fresh Lotus-Moon-Cakes…«

»Oh, ni hao, Signore Palma il Giovane. We know you, you painted our family members so beautifully…And you composed music for Pipa Lute. This we remember very good…Welcome to our new Asia-Shop… Here we have some Lotus-Moon-Cakes… and they are vegan..we know you eat vegan like our buddhist monks in China…«, the friendly women and her elder husband said smiling and with much respect.

Palma took a whole box and packed it as present for Palmina.

* * *

The day went his way as usual. Palma painted in the church. Palmina did rehearsal and teach at the »La Zitelle« with the La Zitelle Girls to give them the best music and art education.

Later there was a little Organ presentation at the San Marco Cathedral. A teacher of the La Zitelle showed the visitors of the cathedral the organ and played a composition.
Palma remembered that he often played on that organ here and this inspired often Claudio Monteverdi which was 11 year old as Master Titian died.

This Organ presentation will be transmitted by the Peony Gondola so Palmina can also see this Organ from her island.

Palma often transmitted music to Palmina with the Peony Gondola and Palmina could also see the image as vision, as if she were there.

* * *

Now it was Evening in Venice and the full moon is rising over the south east horizon at Venice lagoons waters.

As the Peony hour came Palma entered the inside-golden-light-shining Gondola.

And the Gondola flew over the houses of Venice directly from the window of the »Campo S.Provolo« to the Giudecca Island at the »La Zitelle«.

The two windows at the 3rd floor, of the right part of the building, had light.
It was Palmina’s candle light and she was doing rehearsal of a composition by Palma, he composed for her as love-letter. All his artworks are love-declarations from Palma for Palmina…

Slowly the Peony Gondola set on the waters and stopped under Palmina’s windows.

Palma took his Mandolin and played some short musics for her to show Palmina that he is ready for a Peony-Gondola trip at the 23 hour (11 p.m.).
Today Palma was dressed very well in the tradition of the 16th Century.

Palmina stopped playing, looked through her window down to the waiting Gondola, Palma waved up to her and smiled.
Palmina waved, took her Lutes and some music scores and run fast the steps down to his Palma il Giovane.
How happy she smiled, how she was looking forward to make some music with him in the gondola, to get some new compositions for her instruments….

The floor was enlighted by the inner-golden-yellow light of the Peony Gondola so that Palmina could see her way, step by step from darkness to the light, the shining Peony Gondola.

»Per favore, Signora Palmina…«, Palma said and made a respectful gesture to invite her in the Peony Gondola.
Palmina smiled and thanked, she was dressed yellow white like in the painting of Gentileschi Orazio (see previous chapter)and entered slowly the Gondola.

As she sat in the soft seats beside Palmina the Gondola started slowly to move and to drive in the direction of the San Marco Cathedral. Slowly the Gondola started to fly over the waters, over the Canale Grande. The Gondola flew over the San Marco Place and made a little circle at the palace. The 6000 Pigeons sitting and flying around the San Marco Place did know what is happening here. They were not surprised. Some pigeons flew behind the Gondola and followed them.

Palmina smiled and took Palmas hand and smiled into his eyes.
Palma smiled also to Palmina.

The flight of the Gondola is expressing the feeling both have in their heart now.

Now the Gondola flew between the two columns, the left one has on its top the San Marco lion which is a symbol of the Republic of Venice and then the Gondola turned left.

The Gondola flew beside the Island Giorgio Mazor, »Giorgio Maggiore«.

It was a fantastic flight over the Lagoon water. They saw the stars, the rising Moon over the Isola (Island) Lido.
Palma and Palmina felt now a soft wind at their face moving their hairs in the wind. Especially Palmina’s beautifully hairs looked so beautiful moving in the Peony Gondola.
Palmina kissed Palma on his cheek. This was like the first kiss Palmina gave him as she was a baby and he was only 12 years old. Yes, this kiss happened at the Titian Art-School lesson before the big painting of Master Titian »Transfiguratione«.

The flying Gondola set tender on the water and stopped slowly at the »Giardino« of Venice where the beautiful gardens of Venice are at the south end of the city.

The Gondola stopped at the place where Palma and Palmina often sat at night to see the rising stars in the south-east on a bank behind the stone statue.
Palma stood up and helped his Peony-music-princess to come secure out of the Gondola without getting water on her beautiful yellow cloth.
The light of the gondola switched slowly a little bit less bright so they could see better the stars and the rising full moon.
As Palma an Palmina sat down at the bank Palma said »Palmina, today it is the Mid-Atumn-Moon-Fest…«

»Oh, yes, I know…I learned the tradition at the concert in the Chinese-European Island…The tradition in Asia and China says that if people are sitting together and eating moon cakes they can see the moon princess in her castle on the moon…«

Palma took his surprise.
»Here is a little surprise for you, Palmina…Open it…«
And Palmina smiled about Palmas present and she opened the present.
»Oh a traditional moon cake!! I love Lotus Moon Cakes !!!! Palma.. I love you..«
And Palmina gave Palma a tender cheek kiss and she kissed him all over his face.
Palma was lucky about her tenderness and especially that she is so happy about the moon cakes.
»Let us eat them now after the tradition…And let us look up to moon…«
»Yes let us look if we can see the Chinese Moon Princess…«
And they ate the moon cake and Palma had some new music inspirations in his heart.
Suddenly the light of the Peony Gondola in the water was brighter and there came a music which is the music Palma had in his heart.
Palma and Palmina entered the Gondola and the Gondola flew slowly to the moon.
»Look there is the Chinese Princess, let us see how the castle is there on the moon.«
Palma and Palmina looked up to the moon holding their hands tender.
They both felt in their heart a warm and tender feeling during the beautiful Atumn-Full-Moon over Venice sitting at the »Giardino« of Venice surrounded by the evening stars over the lagoon waters of Venice.

And the Peony Gondola flew and they saw the Moon-Princess with traditional Chinese cloth and they saw the castle and the stars during the music.

And they heard Palma’s Composition for 2 Instruments and it was like this:

VIDEO: [Violin + Viola »Looking to the moon in Venice«] https://youtu.be/XoBiuWC0LeA

(…to be continued…)


136. Palmina’s music mission in Titian’s and Palma’s live

136. Palmina’s music mission in Titian’s and Palma’s live

picture 1 - »Suonatrice di liuto« by GENTILESCHI Orazio (1626)
picture 1 – »Suonatrice di liuto« by GENTILESCHI Orazio (1626) *)

* * *

And they did not stop hugging deep and tender and very heartfelt in their Peony-Gondola at 23h (11 p.m.)

»Palmina, you are my deep and only one love…«

*) Painter – GENTILESCHI Orazio (1563 – 1639) – Wikipedia
[it] https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orazio_Gentileschi
[en] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orazio_Gentileschi

»Did you know that as I was 12 years old and I was assisting as painting student at Master Titian at his painting »Transfiguratione« that I saw you the first time in my live?«

»What? As you where a young student at Master Titian…me?????«

»Yes, there was a female lute player playing for Titian’s painting lessons in the big church »San Salvador« *) there. And your parents went through the church and had a look at our students class to look at his painting. Your mother hold you as little baby and you pointed to the lute playing lady and then you pointed to me and you smiled so lucky and looked at me and I smiled back to you.
Your mum allowed me to hold you a few moments and it was so beautiful to hold you in my arms. I did not know that you will once be the young women who will play for my presentation of my new paintings in the »Chiesa San Antonin« church and the »Chiesa San Zulian« Church near the San Marco Place.
Holding you in my arms it was the same warm feeling as I hold you now In my arms, but now you are a young adult women and I love you…

*) San Salvador, Venice – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Salvador,_Venice

»The Chiesa di San Salvatore (of the Holy Savior) is a church in Venice, northern Italy. Known in Venetian as San Salvador, is located on the Campo San Salvador, along the Merceria, the main shopping street of Venice. The church was first consecrated in 1177 by Pope Alexander III shortly after his reconciliation with Emperor Frederick Barbarossa at nearby San Marco.[…]«


picture 2 - Transfigurationa by Titian
picture 2 – Transfiguratione by Titian

»Really,.. you hold me in your arms as you was a young student?«

»Yes, Palmina and there was a light beam from a top window of the church for a short moment coming to us both. Your mother smiled about this light.
And…you gave me a kiss on my cheek…and I was shy and my face was red being shy…I remember that the other students said in this moment ‚Oooh ..eterno amore..this is a big,big love… an eternal love…«

»Palma…this is really true…hmmmm?«, Palmina wanted to know.

»Yes, really this was told long time in the Titian School, but the students did not know who you are…
Only Titian looked long and very serious as if he was knowing that you, Palmina, will play the Lute during his last painting sessions during his last 3 living years before he died.

picture 3 -  Pietà by Titian (finished by Palma il Giovane).jpg

picture 3 – Pietà by Titian (finished by Palma il Giovane)

As the light beam came from heaven to you and me as I hold you as baby Titian felt that you are the artist who will play Lute for him in the last moments before he closed slowly his eyes in the year 1576. Palmina, Titian could feel the saint moment…«

Palmina smiled, but she was thinking about the music-art mission with Palma il Giovane and Titian.

»Titian really felt that I will be his Lute playing artist on his death bed as I was a baby?…Amazing!!«

»Yes, your mother knows that till today, Palmina. She feels that I love you and there was a magic between us both from the first encounter. She understood also that you like the sound of the lute…«

* * *

After a while of silence Palma and Palmina heard a beautiful Violin solo played during the glowing clouds on the heaven and it was like that:

VIDEO: [2018-09-23 »Violin solo Evening Impression« by Renate Spitzner ] https://youtu.be/3MlnjPKi7zk

(to be continued…)


135. The Lute playing food bringing Angel of Palma il Giovane

135. The Lute playing food bringing Angel of Palma il Giovane

picture 1a - Palma il Giovane paints himself getting from Palmina (His Angel) every day - Chiesa dei Gesuiti (Venice) »Elia nutrito dall'angelo«

picture 1 – Palma il Giovane paints himself getting food from Palmina (his Angel) every day – Chiesa dei Gesuiti (Venice) »Elia nutrito dall’angelo«

Now they saw in their 23h of the day (11 p.m.) in their Peony Vision at their Peony Gondola how Palmina supported Palma with inspiration, »spiritual food of the artist«:

* * *

Palmina is sitting in her new flat with her Pipa Lute and her Venetian Lute.

Now she is playing very often the melody of the beginning on page 4 of the music score »The mystic Peony Gondola« by Palma il Giovane.

Palma could feel it. Palmina felt it that Palma needs her Lute playing, even they are thousands of Miles / Kilometres away, like a piece of bread.

Especially these days it is important to send good thoughts. Yes Palmina could read in his heart and she felt he need her music playing and she played also at night as Palma was sleeping.

In these moments Palma could hear her lute playing as if she was beside him with her music instrument.

And she repeated and repeated several bars of his composition and Palma heart it with his inner-ear, with his heart.
Palma smiled, living alone in his bed. From his bed, looking through his window, he could see at this late night hour a bright star. It was the star named »Vega« this star is part of the »Lyra« it is an ancient music instrument of the legend of ORPEUS who leads his wife EURIDICE from the world of the shadows into the world of light.

In this moment Palma also remembers how often Palmina came to his painting working place in the church in a famous palazzo or at the big Dogan’s palace to bring him some fresh bread and sometime fresh food.
Palma always was very lucky that Palmina came. She was his light, his inspiration, bringing »spiritual food«.

»I have to paint a secret painting which shows my Palmina as Angel bringing food to the sleeping Elia…
This is my Palmina, my angel…
I have to paint a painting with a few secrets inside the painting that we can remember our old deep love if we see this painting once later…«

And Palma smiled looking to the »Lyra« in the sky, lying alone in his bed.
Not alone….Palmina’s lute playing was now with him and inspires him to make a beautiful painting to remember their deep love.

He smiled and send Palmina an imaginary kiss on her talented hand.

* * *

In this moment, Palmina was still playing on her Lute in her room at night,
Palmina felt Palma’s kiss on her hand. She got red cheeks, being very shy, but she smiled and looked also through her window to look to a star at the night sky of Venice.

She took now her Lute into her bead and lied on her bead at the other window.
She continued to play the bars of page 4 of Palma’s music.
She looked now to the same star, very high on the night sky, she saw it from her bed and smiled.

Now she felt that their hearts were both connected with a bright inner light in their heart.
She felt that she helped him now in this night-hour – Palma could not sleep because the Church of Security (a criminal organisation) attacks Palma’s family since years.
But soon they will all be arrested by the Republic of Venice and will stay at prison for all criminal things they made…

Palmina played and thought with much love on HER Palma il Giovane.


As Palma an Palmina saw this Peony-Vision they hugged each other and kissed on their cheeks tender and short.


»Hmmm…look the Peony Gondola shows us now your famous painting…«

»Oh, yes this is the Painting which shows our deep inspiration love…«, Palma il Giovane started to explain.

Interior of Chiesa dei Gesuiti (Venice) - sacristy - Ceiling - Elia nutrito dall'angelo by Palma il Giovane

picture 1b – Palma il Giovane »Elia nutrito dall’angelo«

»…Here is the painting »Elia nutrito dall’angelo«…

»Yes, I remember…
and look there is my right hand…
my fingers are moving like playing an invisible Lute…«

Palmina was proud and smiled and pointed with her finger to the Vision the Peony gondola is now showing them…

picture 2 - Palmina's hand playing a invisible lute
picture 2 – Palmina’s hand playing an invisible lute

»Yes, Palmina and here, here.. it looks like… remember…it should secretly be your right hand, playing the strings of the Lute over the sound-whole of the Lute…«

»Yes, but it is looking like a golden cup filled with the ’spiritual food‘ the ‚Panis angelicus‘ brought by the angel to the sleeping Elia…«, Palmina added.

picture 3 - Palmina's hand bringing the »spiritual food« with playing her lute playing inspirations

picture 3 – Palmina’s hand bringing the »spiritual food« with playing her lute playing inspirations

»…the »spiritual food« in form of the sound of your lute…every one needs spiritual food by an angel…especially an artist…
Here I painted myself as Elias, but not looking like me, because is should be a secret…
I thought by myself: How would others find out that the figure of Elias should also point at me as painter:…«

picture 4 - Sleeping Elias holding something in his right hand

picture 4 – Sleeping Elias holding something in his left hand

»The first gesture that the right hand made pointing to a point down should mean: ‚Thank you for bringing me food, please put the food here, I will eat it in a moment…«, Palma said.

»OOh,… Palma….I remember! Often you had to finish a lot of painting inspiration and you told me ‚Put the food here, I will eat it in a moment after finishing this part of the painting, I mixed the colours and I have to use them fresh… «

»..Oh yes, Palma, I remember, that moments happened very often…and till I waited till you are ready to make a break to eat the food I took my lute and made a little concert for you on your painting working place…«

»Oh, yes, Palmina, oh yes, Palmina, the beautiful moments in my live, if you played especially for me, and you surprised me with my own compositions or should I say »Creations«…«

Palmina smiled very shy, Palmina used the word »creation« often to express her love for his music »creations«. So it was a secret word »Creation« fits to his paintings »creations« and it fits to his music »creations«.
If she talks about his secret music and someone of the Titian School is listening to their talk, Palmina used the word »creations«, so no one could find out that they are exchanging secret music score in the public and are talking about it.

Palmina put her head on Palma’s shoulder and he put his strong arm around her to give her a good hold.

After a moment of silence Palmina continued:
»Look, my painter, my master here you painted secret the PAINTING PALETTE, which every painter used for mixing the colours with his paintbrush…«

picture 5 - Palma's hand is pointing to something
picture 5 – Palma’s hand is pointing to something

»Oh my clever Palmina, you remember all the old secrets of this painting. I painted for us both, that we can later remember these secrets…I am sure I will discover these secrets….and Palmina….? «

picture 6 - Palma's »colour palette« secretly drawn below his pointing two fingers

picture 6 – Palma’s »colour palette« secretly drawn below his pointing two fingers

»Hmm…?« and she gave him a little kiss on his right cheek and Palma smiled.
Yes, he liked her tenderness very much…

»…where is my paintbrush? Can you find it…«

picture 7 - Palma's hand is holding some black painting utensils

picture 7 – Palma’s hand is holding some black painting utensils

»Ahh, here is your painting utensil…yes I now them by heart…Palma, my painter, my composer….«

picture 8 - Palma's paint brush under his first finger

picture 8 – Palma’s paint brush under his first finger

»Later the world can find out about our secret inspiration – This is a deep THANK YOU dedication to YOU and your spiritual inspiration you gave me all these years in Venice.

Palmina smiled and was lucky that Palma was always spiritually inspired by his »Angel Palmina« bringing him always fresh food, taking care of him, if he was sleeping at the scaffolding in the church or in a pallazzo in Venice.
Sometimes Palma was so tired – he could work without a break, without eating, if he was inspired, that he felt asleep during his work.
Only as Palmina came, like an angel from the bakery or the kitchen of the Dogan’s Palace bringing him food he waked up as she played soft for him on her Lute or on her Pipa Lute (he loves very, very much)

On the heaven – an angel comes from the heaven – there Palma painted a secret heart to express his deep love to his Palmina Angel.
She flew like a Pigeon always to protect her Palma.

picture 9 - secret heart of clouds on the horizon painted by Palma il Giovane to express his deep love for his angel
picture 9 – secret heart of clouds on the horizon painted by Palma il Giovane to express his deep love for his angel

»And the heart of the clouds on the horizon…I remember this is also a symbol of our deep secret love, Palma..I remember…«

»And this is a secret tower with walls at a far country…Hmmm…
How did you find out how the » Forth« on that European-Chinese Island look like? Are there old paintings in Venice from that island from older time?
Did you paint the forth with a Chinese wall on that far east island of the Ming dynasty kingdom from where princess Lin was coming to Venice….?

»It is my secret how I find out how this military forth originally looked like after the Europeans took this island the first time…
Yes, there are ancient paintings here from that island where you made your wonderful China concert tour in the years 1580-1583…, playing also my compositions and then coming back with them to us in our secure Republic of Venice…We all prayed that the war will not harm you and our Chinese friends…«

picture 10 - a secret tower with walls at a far county - Palma painted this old building after a ancient European painting to remember Palmina's China Concert Tour in the year 1580-1583
picture 10 – A secret tower with walls at a far country – Palma painted this old building after an ancient European painting to remember Palmina’s China Concert Tour in the year 1580-1583

»Oh my Palma, these are our deep secret remembering…No one will find out in the future till you write it down for me and all the next generations…«

picture 11 - Palma painted a little bright star at the evening sky to remember that Palma and Palmina will look every evening to this Star »Sirius-Sotis« to think on each other and to

picture 11 – Palma painted Palmina and behind her a little bright star at the evening sky to remember that Palma and Palmina will look every evening to this Star »Sirius – Sotis« to think on each other and to play on their music instruments music to send good thoughts

»Every day I thought on you looking to our Star on the evening sky as our communication had been separated by the dangerous «Church of Security»…and I played for you every day from my heart to your heart, Palma«, Palmina said.

Palma and Palmina looked now long, long at the secrets of this painting of the lovely angel who brings the »spiritual food«, who moves his hand like playing an invisible lute in the air.

»The next time we will see us as humans after a long,long time…I will not care if you are coming from a far country…even from that country… I love you, Palmina, my angel, my pigeon, my inspiration…«

Then they hugged tender and deep and long and they had tears in their eyes.

»I love you too, Palma, my painter, my composer and master…«

(to be continued…)




134. New Pigeon-Mail from/for Palmina…

134. New Pigeon-Mail from/for Palmina…

picture 01 - Palma il Giovane paints himself with his secret body guard (Palmina)

picture – Palma il Giovane (2nd from right) paints himself with his secret body guard (Palmina, 3rd from right)

Now they continued to see their Peony Vision at 23 h ( 11 p.m.) and they saw this:

Palma was today at 6 a.m. waking up. He heard Byzantine Pigeons calling with their soft innocent voice.
»Oh, this is so nice…
they are talking in their language…so sweet«
Now Palma painted in his fantasy these two Pigeons…
Later he will paint them in his big artworks.
Palma thought about the colours he will use in his paintings. Then he went to Palmina’s bakery shop.
The colleague of Palmina was selling today the fresh »Chiffle«.

»Palma looked like looking through walls. In his imagination he saw the correct colour he will use for painting this tender two Pigeons as he heard the voice of these two talking pigeons at the window.

»Ts,ts,ts,…«, said the young bakery lady as Palma left the shop and after he greeted her friendly.

»…Palma always is dreaming of his Palmina… ts, ts, ts… I can see it in his eyes.. He, the famous Jacopo Palma il Giovane, he dreams from her, he wants to paint her and to kiss her beautiful hands, and this is sweeter for him than sugar….ts, ts, ts…«

And as Palma went along the big place before the bakery on the »Campo Bandiera e Moro«
he went the little street along who leads directly to the big promenade.

As he could see on the right side, far at the horizon, the building of the »La Zitelle« he smiled.
»There is now my little Pigeon teaching the very beautiful poor girls and giving them music lessons…«

Palma made a deep sigh and looked long over the waters of the lagoon.
He took the fresh »Chiffle« and as he thought on her the taste was very good.
He sniffed on the Chiffle and remembered the moment as Palmina sold the first time in her life in the bakery shop and the first was Palma who entered the shop on this day. Palma and Palmina sniffed both on the fresh Chiffle and were very lucky.

Palma could see this scene in his heart. (Palmina had also this remembering in this moment during her music-teaching lesson and she smiled secretly)

»My Pigeon, my Palmina, my Lute, my inspiration, my eternal and deep love…
..I have to send her a Pigeon-Letter…“.

After a while Palma made on his notepad some short drawings of the »La Zitelle« building with some Gondolas on the water.

Fast he went home to his little room to write a new »Pigeon-Letter« for his beloved Palmina.
Sitting on his table, ready to write, he smiled and thought on his Palmina, sending her a little music flower Impression in white and purpura colour directly from his heart to her heart.

VIDEO: [2017-09-19 Music Flower Impression (ADEa-cgda)] https://youtu.be/LCfhbX6u5Ks

* * *

In this moment, Palmina has now a little break between her music lessons, she felt Palma’s lovely music-flower thoughts in her heart and smiled.

She also felt that he writes now a Pigeon-Letter to her.

»I have also to write him a Pigeon Mail today…«
she said and sat beside her table under her little window.
She played some accords on her lute and looked to the cage of her Letter-Pigeon.
She smiled and looked out of her window to see in the direction of the La Pieta Church.
In this direction will the Letter Pigeon fly to bring Palma her letter.
And she smiled and started to write her letter….

* * *

Palma wrote now in this moment this:

»Dear Palmina!

(Letter 134)

Today I heard 2 Pigeons speaking in their language. This is symbol of our secret deep and unique love. The Pigeons never will forget to think on each other from that moment their hearts united in deep love.
I will paint them in my Painting ‚Mars and Venus‘.
This Pigeons will be the symbol of our deep love.
In the bakery shop I missed you this morning but you are today teaching the little poor girls of the ‚La Zitelle‘.

I am looking forward for the concerts with the girls.
Some of them, the elder ones, are students in my Titian Art school.

They are so beautiful, that sometimes they are allowed to be model in paintings of saints, saint virgins Mary and so on…
We have to take care of the girls that no man with big influence touch them in a bad way. So it is good that we have good body guards from the government of Venice to protect them.

How is your job as music teacher going on there?

I am so lucky that you are with me in the Peony Gondola. The last trips had been so great. We could hear mystic music.
I wrote the music now down and I call this music piece »The mystic Peony Gondola«
It is for Violin or Pipa Lute and Organ.

Today if I pick you up with the Peony Gondola I will give you the music score to you.

Can’t wait to see you again today…

Your painter, your composer, your writer,
Your you deeply loving Palma il Giovane.«

And after he gave the Letter to his Pigeon the Pigeon started to fly directly to the »La Zitelle« in the 3rd floor at the window in the middle at the left part of the building.

The Pigeon flew only within 2 minutes to Palmina’s window.

Palmina smiled and opened the cage where the Pigeon went to the other Pigeon.

She took and opened the letter.
After she read it she smiled like the sun and continued to write her letter:

»Dear Palma!

In this moment I got your Pigeon-Letter!

How, I love it to hear from you.
Yes, I like to teach these beautiful gifted girls and I am so lucky that they are not forced to be a – – – – (you now what I mean).
No one has to touch our innocent girls!

…yes, it is good to have body guards, but yesterday they found out that there is a fake body guard.
A girl told me during the music lesson, that a false body guard wanted to give her dark sugar. She refused to eat the sugar because she read the book of ‚Diabetics‘. Now she knows that sugar is dangerous for innocent girls.
As she refused to eat dark sugar the false body guard tried to touch the girl in a not fine way.
She asked him not to touch her body, because she doesn’t like that.
He did not stop to touch her and she cried for help. A real body guard came to help the La Zitelle girl and saw that the false body guard had dark sugar, which is forbidden.
They arrested him and found out he is member of the Church of Security, which is a criminal organisation, trying to sell children for prostitution.
Our Government will arrest all of them soon…

I am so looking forward to get your music score so I can play a little bit between my music concerts and lessons and them, and then, Palma we will play this music piece together:
You and me with Pipa-Lute and Organ…

I love you so much, Palma, my painter, my composer, my writer and deep love…

Your Palmina, your little Pigeon

PS: Today I had the Idea if I would secretly go with you as secret Bodyguard and we can see us a little bit more…«

Palmina smiled and looked at the 2 Pigeons.

Then she gave the letter to the other Pigeon and opened the door of the cage.

The Pigeon said »Grooo, Grooooo« and flew directly over the lagoon waters of the Canale Grande directly to the direction of the church »La Pieta.

Palmina stood up and waved behind the Pigeon with her hand then she played a little composition of Palma to send him love from her heart to his heart.






picture 06 IMG_20180920_110353 page3 (bar 3 corr).jpg(above) – page 3 (bar 3 is now correct)dav

 (4)davdav(above) page 4a – (now with Violin / Pipa – part)



VIDEO:  »The mystic Peony Gondola (Palma il Giovane (132)« – https://youtu.be/gVFZGRCaS4s

(to be continued….)



133. First confrontation with creativity

133. First confrontation with creativity

And they continued to dream their common dream and cat Kalu purred friendly and they saw this Vision at their Peony Gondola:

* * *

Palma was standing at the window in the 3rd floor of the left building-part of the »La Zitelle«.
Two Byzantine Pigeons flew directly from the direction of the San Marco Place over the Lagoon water and landed soft beside the windows of Palmina’s new official rooms as music-teacher.
Palma smiled and saw how tender the two Pigeons are sitting side-by-side, looking also in the direction of the San Marco Cathedral.

»You have a beautiful view from here to San Marco, Palmina…«, Palma said turning left side smiling.

Palmina smiled holding her Pipa Lute with her right arm, supported by her left arm. »Yes, very beautiful…«, Palmina kissed Palma on his left cheek very tender and soft.
Here I am secure…every girl gets an own bodyguard if it wants to go around the City of Venice. ..So often a little group of girls are going together with one or two bodyguards…It looks funny, people are thinking the girls are princess, who have an own safety guard…«

Palma put his arm around Palmina and looked at the two Pigeons on the window and then he looked at his Palmina.
»As music teacher you are very respected here in Venice…«
Palmina smiled into Palma’s direction. She knows very well that Palma made all this possible for her. He arranged it with the government that the church »La Zitelle«,constructed by architect Palladium *) could be realized.

*) Andrea Palladio – Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrea_Palladio

Andrea Palladio (Italian pronunciation: [anˈdrɛːa palˈlaːdjo]; 30 November 1508 – 19 August 1580) was an Italian architect active in the Republic of Venice.

Now the music lessons of Palmina will be paid and the compositions of Palma will be played by the »La Zitelle Girls orchestra and Choir«.

»When did you give your first music lessons to the girls, Palmina?«

»Oh, It was on the 12th of April in the year 1580… «, Palmina started to remember.

»Your mum and I and a few members of the »Venice Titian Art Gallery-Esemble« made a little concert on that evening here at the ‚La Zitelle’…»Yes, I remember, in the old rooms where now the new church is build inside….«
»Oh, yes…this was before your long China-Concert Tour in the year 1581. …The old concert rooms…They were beautiful but a little bit small…Now there is the room of the little new church…They had to destroy the middle part of the building…The little girls came looking with beautiful eyes… and all of them wanted to learn a music instrument. Violin, Viola, Flute, Lute, singing, Harpsichord, Harp, Oboe…«, Palma answered also remembering.
Palma and Palmina are standing at the window and looking over the lagoon waters in the direction of the San Marco Cathedral.
»Yes, your mum organizes voluntary music teachers to educate the girls in music basics and I played my Lute as evening concert after the ensemble played…they all took NO MONEY FOR ALL THE YEARS OF MUSIC LESSONS…I also took no money for the music lessons…it was a voluntary charity act by us artists and musicians….we wanted to help the poor girls…«

»They often had no shoes, I remember, …hmm….their naked legs…., beautiful naked legs…«

»Palma?…did you dream to paint their naked beautiful legs…hmmm?…«

They both laughed.

Yes, it was a beautiful time, the time of the first music lessons, here at the beautiful, poor girls at the »la Zitelle«.

»I remember also that my mother allowed a La Zitelle-Girl to work at our backers shop to sell breads, but my father was very strict controlling her if she does all perfect…«, Palmina remembers that time.

»I also remember that time…We helped her…and explained her job…«

Now we have 10 years to see us every day at the »Ospedaletto« and in the Church and here in the »La Zitelle« and, and, and…in our Peony Gondola«, Palmina said with her innocent sweet smiling.

»And in the future, after these 10 years, in the year 1593….«, she continued asking.

»Till that year I hope I can arrange it that I can paint some paintings of the life of Saint SABA. Especially the painting of the miracle with the backer…Do you think your…hm, hm, hm, will agree…How he will react if the church is asking him to be the model of my painting: Positive or negative…Hm, hm, hm…«

Palma and Palmina were thinking, but they have time…

And suddenly both heard a melody which describes the confrontation with these thoughts.

They saw a lot of paintings of Palma he will finish there for the sacristy of
Chiesa dei Gesuiti at the Ospedaletto in Venice.

VIDEO: [2018-09-16 Violin+Organ »First confrontation with creativity«] https://youtu.be/7dL2JawFi4U

picture in this video (1- 11) – paintings by Palma_il_Giovan –  Chiesa dei Gesuiti

(to be continued…)


132. The Melody of »The Mystic Peony Gondola«

132. The Melody of »The Mystic Peony Gondola«

»Oh, my Pigeon….«, Palma said more then lucky.
»You are inspiring me so much and I love your Lute playing. It goes directly to my heart…Every time I listen to your Lute playing I am amazed and inspired. Every time I Iisten to your Lute playing I want to compose something new for you…«

Palmina sat beside Palma and listened to his words as if he was her teacher.

Palmina whispered into Palma’s ears: »Palma, your Pigeon wants to continue this dialogue…but not here.. let us take the Gondola…behind the altar of the church is an exit and there is a Gondola Waiting…«
Palma understood: It is more diplomatic to talk private things not here, maybe someone is listening from an other room nearby – who knows…

* * *

Now they went slowly, side – by – side – through the long Church of the Jesuits.
On the left side there is a famous painting by master Titian of San Laurenzo.

Titian - S Lawren

picture – painting of Palma’s Master Titian »San Lorenzo«

Palma often explained how great Titian could work with light.
»Here Master Titian painted only on the top a small beam from the heaven to show that even in the darkest moments of life there is a little light beam…«, Palma often explained his students of the Titian School.

Now they went slowly and like in a ceremony side-by-side in the direction of the altar.
On the top of the altar is a blue-glass dome. There is no blue dome like in this Jesuits church here in Venice.

Both looked up and saw the daylight reflecting in this big glass artwork.

Palmina’s hand searched now Palmas hand and touched his hand tender. Palma reacted and hold her hand also. And both felt at their hearts a warm light which cannot be described in words, only in music and art. Both smiled and looked at each other.

As they reached the door behind the altar the water of the Lagoon reflected the sunlight on the walls of the church there and you could hear the sound of some waves of the »Rio dei Gesuiti« where the Gondola is now waiting for them.

Now they entered the Gondola and it started to move.

It was the Peony Gondola which they entered.

Palma sitting beside Palmina.
She gives his Hand and Palma’s hand and Palma gives his Hand on Palmina’s beautiful and talented hand.

Again both felt a warm light at their hearts.

Cat Kalu was still in the Gondola waiting and he purred now friendly.

Now the Peony Gondola showed them the eternal mystic importance of music.

And they heard a mystic music for Violin (or Pipa) and Organ like that:

VIDEO [Violin+Organ »The Mystic Peony Gondola«] https://youtu.be/gVFZGRCaS4s

(to be continued…)

131. Palma“s secret concert-dreams

 131. Palma“s secret concert-dreams


Picture – The Gondola’s way from the Canale Grande to the Rio de la Gesuiti (Ospedale at the Jesuits)

As Palmina and Palma saw this Peony-Vision both were very lucky.
Kalu, the black-white cat, saw this and continued to purr.
Palma huged Palmina and looked  smiling in her eyes. Palmina smiled and gave him a sweet short cheek kiss.

  And now they saw this in their Peony-Gondola at their Peony hour at 23.h (11 p.m.)


The Gondola moved now to the Saint Marco Place and moved along the canale Grande later the Gondola arrived at the north part of Venice to stop at the Jesuits Church beside the Ospedale where Palma will paint today and Palmina will play the Lute Concert for the poor Women of Venice.
Of course one music piece will be composed from Palma for the music therapeutic intention for these poor womam.

Palmina is a clever beautiful women with a big heart. Her daily
concert at the Ospedale supports not only the heart and soul and psychic wellness of the people in the audience, it is also supporting the inspiration of Jacopo Palma il Giovane.


And it was today again an excellent concert from Palmina.
Long, long after Palmina finished Palma semed to dream into the inspiration of her concert. Palma smiled, Palma dreamed, Palma was lucky. If Palmina played Palma was the luckest man in the universe. No one can play the Venetian Lute and the Chinese Pipa lute like Palmina.

   Palma saw the bigest Visions during she played. He saw the next painting projects he will make in Venice in the next years.
For Palma it was if the sound of Palminas Lute playing huged Palma and it felt if he is hugging Palmina and Palmina is hugging him.
He saw all the paintings he will paint in the San Antonin Church near the Campo Bandiera e Moro where Palmina has her flat at the Backers house on the big place.
He saw himself painting there on a scaffolding and Palmina will bring him allways some food and fresh little fine white breads, he loves so much.

He saw himself sleeping at the scaffholding and Palmina will pick him up with a shining lantern.
He saw himself painting Palminas father as backer with San SABA. He saw Palmina playing in the church form him to give him power to keep on finishing these big paintings within one year. He saw himself in this music vision also composing for his Pigeon Palmina. And he hopes that she will secretly play his creations also during she is preparing some concerts at the Dogans Palace.
As Palma dreamed all that , and he was now the only one sitting, because all others went out after the finished concert, Palmina saw him lonely sitting with closed eyes and she smiled and came and kissed Palma tender.
„Wacke up my painter, my writer, my secret composer, your Pigeon is here…“, Palmina whispered and Palma smiled.

       (To be continued…)

130. The composing bird in the cage

130. The composing bird in the cage

picture 1 - La Zitelle is seen from Venice San Marco Place

picture 1 – »La Zitelle« is on the right side visible

»Purrr, purrr, purrrrrrrrrrr…«, made black-white cat Kalu after they saw this beautiful Peony-Vision.
Palma caressed the head of Kalu and Palmina also.

And they saw now this vision:

* * *

Palma il Giovane has finished his painting session in the famous »Titian Art School« and it was a sunny beautiful late summer day in September. His heart was now at Palmina. He will take the next Gondola to Giudecca Isola where Palmina is teaching her music students at the »La Zitelle« during the day. He went a little bit faster in the small street in Venice. Suddenly he heard a little bird singing very fast c-d-e-c-d and again c-d-e-c-d.

»Oh, how nice is this bird composing!…«

»C-d-e-c-d« and again »c-d-e-c-d« he tweeted.

Palma took a little piece of paper and wrote the notes on it: c-d-e-c-d

As he wrote, he suddenly observed that this little talented bird in the little wooden cage sung his melody for a little bird sitting in front at another window listening the little concert.

»Oh, the composer bird is singing for his big love, the female little yellow bird at the window over there….«

Palma was amazed and inspired by this composing bird.

Yes, Palma will see this scene every day there. Every day the free flying female bird came to the window to listen to the little talented bird in the cage.

Palma went now to take the Gondola to be in a few minutes at Palmina. Sitting in the Gondola Palma took his Mandolin and composed a variation of this melody c-d-e-c-d.

During these minutes driving to »Giudecca Isola« he wrote this melody, inspired by the little sweet bird and his love song for his little yellow bird.

»Sure they love each other secretly and very deep…«, Palma thought, during he is writing down his inspiration to the music score.

picture 2 - Bird Hasun Melody (Palma il Giovane).jpg

picture – music score »Mandolin solo – Bird Hasun Melody«

  And as he saw Palmina standing at the middle window, at the 3rd floor, on the left side of the building of the »La Zitelle« waving with her talented hand and holding her Pipa Lute he felt so much luck in his heart. He was sure today he will play for her like the little deep loving bird, who composed today on her mandolin for her.

As she came with her Lute and entering the Gondola Palma kissed her talented hands and Palmina smiled wordless and looked Palma into his eyes.
They started a little tour along the lagoon waters of Venice.

The Gondola took now her way to San Marco place where the Saint Marco Cathedral is.

»You composed something new for me, Palma?«, Palmina asked.

Palma took her talented hands and kissed them like saying »YES,
my Pigeon,
my little yellow bird,
my eternal love

And Palma took his Mandolin and started to play during the Gondola moved in the rhythm of the waves and he played like that:

VIDEO: [Mandolin solo »Bird Hasun Melody«] https://youtu.be/Mby91sUGyFQ

(to be continued…)