139. »Mandolin solo at the Chinese Moon Princess«

139. »Mandolin solo at the Chinese Moon Princess«

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picture – music score of »Mandolin solo at the Chinese Princess« (Variation I of Bird Hasun Melody)

»How wonderful you played. It sounds like a traditional Chinese and Venetian Composition… Welcome on our moon palace my dear guests and friends…«, said the Moon Princess.
»We never heart such a beautiful music surprise…. And Palmina played so fine the triplets fast but fine. No one can play like her. She is the best of the Republic. Palma, you can be proud to have her as your music partner and that she loves your compositions so much…You are sure the happiest composer in the world. I can see it on your smile«

»…thank you my princess. We feel very honoured that your majesty, our beloved moon princess, is loving our music performance. My composition is about the I-Ging natural philosophic image of WATER…and has a Moon-Melody composed after the 8 bars of the introduction«, Palmina answered very respectful.
Palma knows how to have good behaviour speaking with the moon princess. Yes, Palmina knows that Palma is her prince, the prince of Palmina.

There was also an ancient painting of the Trigramm, the Image of the old I-Ging Sign of the lunar WATER: 3 Lines, Ying-Yang-Ying (1 Yang-line between 2 Ying-lines).

Palma pointed to this painting at the wall of the moon palace.

»Yes, we know the I-GING Image of WATER, named K’an is associated to the spear of our sister MOON«, after the 5000 Year old Text of the I-Ging.«, a female princess from the court said friendly and the Moon princess smiled and nodded thankfully for her explanations.
»Oh,… and now, please play a Venetian love song…A love Song composed from heart-to heart…From a real loving composer…who wants to express his deep love…a romantic love song…like it was on the West lake in China in the Chinese Chunk as Marco Polo played a composition for his mystic Chinese princess, you Palmina, who came with him to Venice with 600 people from the Chinese court…with him, Marco Polo – Palma.

So often the loving pairs are kissing and looking to the moon during the moon festival…
…how often I can see them on earth looking up to me here on the moon…trying to see me and I bless them.
And I know Palma, you love Palmina. So it would be for me and all of us here on the moon palace a big honour to hear a Venetian love song. Play it for your beloved Palmina….Oh, please Palma….play a self composed love song on your Mandolin!«

All the princess on the moon palace nodded to each other and whispered meaning »this would be very nice…«

»Yes, Palma il Giovane, this would be very nice… play something self-composed for your love Palmina…«

Palma did not hesitate; he took his Mandolin and Palmina smiled and supported him with her friendly Venetian-Asian shining eyes.
He feels now strong enough to play his Love-song on the Mandolin here in-front of the famous Chinese Moon Princess.

Yes, she is very friendly and sends always her blessings to the really loving pairs down to the earth. She blesses the humans, not caring if they are Chinese or not. If they are old or young, rich or poor or even which tradition their culture is from.

Now Palma il Giovane who often painted mythological paintings with allegories about the moon deity is now here as honour guest of the moon princess with his beloved Palmina, and he will play his love-song here on the moon.

All the moon princesses looked expecting to hear an original Venetian-Love song here on the Chinese moon palace.

Palma, he looked good. He looked good with his typical Venetian cloth of the 16 century, was now ready to play his composition. He will play a little variation of the »Bird Hasun melody«, which the little bird composed for his little yellow female bird, which comes flying every morning to his cage in Venice at the window to listen his music for a while.
Palma composed a Mandolin solo from this melody and today he will make a little Variation of this Mandolin solo.

The Moon Princess was touched by his beautiful composition and dried with her long sleeve of her cloth two little tears from her left eye.

Also the little princess ladies from the court, standing and listening Palma’s Mandolin playing for Palmina were touched.
»How he loves his little Pipa princess…«
And they also had tears in their eyes and dried them with their long sleeves of their beautiful traditional cloth.
The servants brought silver tablets with little »Yuèbing«, with little Moon Cakes.

And after a little silent prayer they ate the moon-cake during they listened to
Palmas deep loving music composition for his heart princess.

The whole court of the Moon Princess Chang’e listened Palma playing full of Passion and love for his Palmina and it was like that:

VIDEO: [ »Mandolin solo at the Chinese moon princess«] https://youtu.be/c8b-bhLj3EI

(…to be continued)