182. The Cantico-Hymus

182. The Cantico-Hymus

»So beautiful…«, Palmina smiled.
– Your composition, yes it is our Melody, will be played in 400 years…«

And suddenly Palmina and Palma saw on the Heaven 8 Hearts of light. They saw it in their common Peony Gondola Dream from their Peony Gondola.
Sometimes are dreams the only way to communicate between two hearts.

»Oh this is a symbolic message from the 8 Saint Virgins…what this could mean to us«, Palmina tried to explain.

Now they saw the 8 Images of the Book of Change I-Ging.

8 Images of the 5000 Year old Wisdom-Book of Change, I-Ching, YI-King (Djou Yi)

– pictures – 8 Images of the Book of Change –

»Look, the 8 Images, Palma. You composed for me 8 Soli for Pipa describing each Image with music.«

»Which you liked the most?«, Palma smiled and hold her with his arm and gave her a good and warm hold. Palmina liked this and smiled.

»Hmm. I love all 8 creations by..You know, I love your creations so much…But especially I like and love DUI, the Image of the LAKE – Pipa Solo 5«

»So this is your Pipa solo, Lake, Pipa solo Nr.4. So my Saint Cecilia is the representative of the I-Ging IMAGE of LAKE«
Maybe each of the 8 Saint virgins are associated to one of the 8 IMAGES.

»This Images have also their tradition at Dantes Sphers which are also associated to the Angel Choirs: Mother Earth + 7 Dante-Sphers = 8 Angel Choirs of the 9 Choirs (3×3)¹«


¹ See also Romano Guardini and his 8 Dante Studies »Dante Studien Band I -III« . Romano Guardini – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romano_Guardini

»So Maybe each Saint Virgin is also a representative of this Dante Sphers and Angelchoirs, why not…? It could be possible, hm?«

»«the 8 images are also similar to the 8 images of the traditional psalm 104 the psalm of creation.«

»Wow, Palma, my Palma, my Painter, you know so much things,…«, Palmina said being proud on his Palma il Giovane and she put carefully her head on Palmas right side and he could feel her.

»You know, as you made your concert tour abroad, I spoke long with Master Lao at the Gardens of the Giudecca Island in Venice as I gave my painting lessons to the family of princess Lin and its artists painters poets musicians.
They were so interested in all about European culture and they showed me their culture, their music, their philosophy, the principle of the »The Creative« and »Receptive«.

And we discovered that the ancient neumes of the Gregorianic music notations system which a few monks are using to sing and to write music at the monastery at the Le Zitelle, also on Giudecca Island, have similarities to the principles of the Ying and Yang lines of the 8 Images of the 5000 year old Book of Change, the I-Ging.

picture 1 - secected Neums found in Changs Neumen + Gregorianische Noten

picture 1 – Selected neumes found in chant manuscripts


picture 2 - ancient notation systems and its transcriptions

picture 2 – ancient notation systems and its transcriptions

»Oh, yes I know, Palma, you made good speech years ago at the Venice Titian Art Gallery to this honour guests of the Republic of Venice…I was so proud of you, Palma, doing this.«, Palmina said fast like a little yellow sweet bird.

»…and you played 40 minutes of my 8 Soli for Pipa…so beautiful, I love it Palmina. It inspired me to compose also a second instrumental part for Viola«, Palma added like an old Master.

Palmina was so lucky about this beautiful remembering that she smiled very strong and lovely.
Palma loved it to see her so lucky about spiritual thinks like art and philosophy.

Palmina tried to find the music score with the 8 Soli Pipa and as she searched she found something interesting:


picture 3 – Palma’s »Cantico Hymnus« (I-Ging Neums) and its relations to old western (Europe) and old eastern traditions (Asia) ☰ ☵ ☴ ☳ ☱ ☲ ☷ ☶

»Oh, what is that, Palma? This seems to be the Melody you composed for me in my Pipa solo 5 at the end of the composition«

»Yes, Palmina. This is the Melody – I made this sheet for a speech to explain the relation to old European and old Asian traditions in music.«

Palmina studied the sheet of paper very interested. Yes, Palmina loves to study Palma’s compositions.

»This is the Gregorianic Notation tradition. The Monks are singing after these old music notation systems their old songs!«, Palmina said.

Palmina often could hear the Jesuits Monks singing their monk music which is a very, very old music.
Often Palmina asked a monk to explain her how to read this music and Palmina tried to play it a little bit on her Lute and her Table Organ in her own flat at Giudecca Island.

»Hm….Scandicus, Torculus – a low note, a high note and a low note…interesting… and here the lines of Khan: ying-yang-ying …and the Images from the text of the Cantico delle Creature »SUN, MOON, stars and WIND and… and in the 2nd line: the 8 Images: HEAVEN WATER THUNDER…
Oh this is our Spring-Melody…Palma I love you!«
And Palmina put her arms around Palma and Palma felt like a father for her although Palmina and Palma have only a few years difference.
As she was 2 years old baby Palma hold her the first time in his arms at the »Chiesa san Salvadtor«¹ in Venice in the year 1560 at the painting session with Master Titian while Palma was only a 12 years old young student of the famous Titian School. But something connected them… art, music, higher dimension love.

¹ San Salvador in Venice – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Salvador,_Venice

But Palma was so lucky that she loves his Melody and he took his Mandolin and looked Palmina soft in her eyes.
Palmina looked also into Palma’s eyes and she knows now: He wants now to say with this music something tender to her, something like »I like you – I love you – I never stop thinking on you, my Pigeon!«
Palmina smiled expecting Palma’s wordless love declaration:

Palma played a little variation about this »Cantico-Hymnus« and Palma called this composition for Mandolin »Spring-Melody-Hymnus«.

(see also chapter 147 – Link: https://geraldspitzner.wordpress.com/2018/10/15/147-mandolin-solo-spring-melody-hymnus/

VIDEO: [ Mandolin solo »Spring-Melody-Hymnus«]  https://youtu.be/PNgiJ_cT7Jo


Palmina looked so beautiful and her cheeks seemed to have now decently a little bit red colour and she smiled and looked at Palma.

She knows and feels: He heart is beating for her.

After she listened this Mandolin solo in their Peony Gondola she gave Palma a tender kiss on his cheek. Palma was lucky.
Now they put both their heads together sitting side by side in their soft seats of the Peony Gondola and they heart the »Marco Polo Variation«
which is a short Variation of that »Cantico Hymnus«.
They heart Palma playing in his heart on a music instrument called »Piano« which is unknown in the 16 century and the heart dreaming now this Pipa solo, played on this »Piano« for Palmina and is was like that:

VIDEO: [Piano solo 2018-10-18 »Marco Polo Variation«] https://youtu.be/vCbhn6j4Umk


(see also chapter 148 – LINK: https://geraldspitzner.wordpress.com/2018/10/17/148-the-secret-of-the-marco-polo-variation )

(to be continued…)



»The Cantico Hymnus« ☰ ☵ ☴ ☳ ☱ ☲ ☷ ☶ and its relation to old traditions.

Gregorian Notation*) / Melody Schema / 8 IMAGE (I-Ging) / Cantico delle Creature

»The Cantico Hymnus« ☰ ☵ ☴ ☳ ☱ ☲ ☷ ☶ and its relation to old traditions.

Gregorian Notation*) Melody Schema 8 IMAGE (I-Ging) Cantico delle Creature
1 Scandicus 111 ¹ ☰ HEAVEN brother SUN
2 Torculus 010 ☵ WATER sister MOON
3 Pressus 110 ☴ WIND brother WIND
4 Salicus 001 ☳ THUNDER and WEATHER
5 Pes Strophicus 011 ☱ LAKE sister WATER
6 Porrectus 101 ☲ FIRE brother FIRE
7 Climacus 000 ☷ EARTH sister mother EARTH
8 Pressus 100 ☶ MOUNTAIN sister bodily death

111 – Scandicus – Wikipedia – https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scandicus
010 – Torculus – Wikipedia – https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torculus
110 – Pressus – Wikipedia – https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pressus
001 – Salicus – Wikipedia – https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salicus
011 – Pes Strophicus = Pes + »Strophicus«
101 – Porrectus – Wikipedia – https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porrectus
000 – Climacus – Wikipedia – https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Climacus
100 – Clivis strophica (vel Orisco) = Clivis + »Strophicus«
¹ »1« means higher note (within tree notes) e.g. 110 = high, high, low
»0« means lower note (within tree notes) e.g. 001 = low, low, high

Note: The ancient music neumes music notation system did not define the exact intervals of a »Neume«, in our case 8 »3-Ton-Neumes«.

see also: Neuma – Wikipedia
(1) with overview – https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuma
(2) https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuma

»A neume (/ˈnjuːm/; sometimes spelled neum) is the basic element of Western and Eastern systems of musical notation prior to the invention of five-line staff notation. The word entered the English language in the Middle English forms „newme“, „nevme“, „neme“ in the 15th century, from the Middle French „neume“, in turn from either medieval Latin „pneuma“ or „neuma“, the former either from ancient Greek πνεῦμα pneuma („breath“) or νεῦμα neuma („sign“), or else directly from Greek as a corruption or an adaptation of the former.[citation needed]

The earliest neumes were inflective marks that indicated the general shape but not necessarily the exact notes or rhythms to be sung. Later developments included the use of heightened neumes that showed the relative pitches between neumes, and the creation of a four-line musical staff that identified particular pitches. Neumes do not generally indicate rhythm, but additional symbols were sometimes juxtaposed with neumes to indicate changes in articulation, duration, or tempo. Neumatic notation was later used in medieval music to indicate certain patterns of rhythm called rhythmic modes, and eventually evolved into modern musical notation. Neumatic notation remains standard in modern editions of plainchant. «
LINKS: Gregorio-Project – https://gregorio-project.github.io/structure.html
² https://www.iging.com/intro/introduc.htm

Neumi – Wikipedia – https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Categoria:Neumi

1 tone

Punctum – Wikipedia – https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punctum
Virga_(neuma) – Wikipedia – https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virga_(neuma)

2 tones
Podatus – Wikipedia – https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podatus
Clivis – https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clivis

3 tone […]

Overview – https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Categoria:Neumi

181. Secret Christmas at the Peony Gondola

181. Secret Christmas at the Peony Gondola


picture – View of Venice to Giorgio Maggiore from the San Marco place

At Christmas they dreamed this Peony Gondola dream:

»Venice, 24th December 15..

(Love Letter 181)

Dear Palmina!

Today is Christmas and I miss you very much!

I feel it: A Christmas without you is like a whole live without you.

Maybe this letter will be stolen by the dark sugar network administrators.
I read in the newspapers that they steal our letters and send false texts in our names to make intrigues against us here in Europe. Is this really happening in Europe?
But we will see us today at the Peony Gondola and I will give this letter to you so that you can read it completely.

The people who fight against our love, they do not celebrate Christmas.
Christmas is not only for Catholics, it is for all who wants to feel the light against the darkness. This light shines for us all.

Palmina, I could feel your positive light-fully thoughts, and that you helped me with this.
I love you, my Pigeon.
Today I went at the »Ospedale« and played some Christmas melody on my Mandolin together with my mum. We made a little concert for the patients of the »Ospedaletto« in the north of Venice at the Jesuits. In this case the music is a little therapy concert. Some told us thankfully that they felt no pain in their body during the music.
How often I painted there on the 8 Images for 10 years and how often you gave there with your lute concerts for the poor women. And how often I enjoyed it. If you played there on your lutes it was also for me, for me the painter Palma il Giovane, who waited daily to see you coming as white pigeon and transforming into the Saint Cecilia with the lute. Only the poor and ill women could see the miracle that you came as white pigeon. The priests and monks did not see the miracle they heard only the music. Only one monk understood the miracle and supported the miracle with his silent prayers like also some Buddhist monks from Giudecca Island, from the family of princess Lin, had also visions and prayed for that miracle in their tradition.

Today we will see us at Christmas in our Peony Gondola and will also listen our Peony Gondola Song.

I wish you a marry Christmas and a happy new year!

With much Love

Your you eternal deeply loving music-painting friend

Palma il Giovane«

»24th of December…
Dear Palma!

Today on Christmas Day I am so much thinking on you.
I feel in my heart that you are desiring to see me and I am desiring to see you also again after so much centuries of waiting.
How often the dark sugar network administrators did hurt our private sphere with erasing our messages, writing false comments and messages in our names without our permission. All the world knows: They are criminals and they belong to a prison for doing this to million of people all over the world. They steal letters and children and they sell them to criminal organisations earning much money.
I am sure: If million of people have the same problem, like we have with them, then it is only a question of time till the governments of the world will find laws and solutions to stop these crimes and protect us from their uncontrolled criminal doings.

I am so looking forward to see some news about your new art and music projects in Venice in our Peony Gondola.
Palma, I love you.
With all my heart I play nearly daily on my lute for you and I feel it: You can hear it with the eyes and ears of your loving heart.

I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

With deep love
Your you loving Palmina Albina,
Your white pigeon

PS: Be careful! The dark sugar earth network administrators are writing comments and letters in the name of other people…«

* * *

At 23 o’clock at 11 p.m. they entered both their secret Peony Gondola and they exchanged their Christmas Mails, because Christmas Mail is normally stolen by the criminal dark sugar network administrators to destroy a beautiful old tradition.

After Palma gave this letter Palmina at their Peony Gondola and she opened it and read it, Palmina hold Palma’s hand and gave him a tender cheek kiss.

Palma could feel this and Palmina hold Palma’s hand several times in the Peony Gondola at Christmas.

Palma was now lucky. At first he was sad at this Christmas day because he could not see his Pigeon but now at the Peony Gondola she is with him and he feels that.

Palma took his Mandolin and played for her.
Palmina smiled and remembered all the times he played under her little window over her little garden at the »Calle de la Pieta« where Palma came and often invited her secretly to a common Gondola tour through Venice.
She remembered that beautiful moments as Palma played his secret love songs for her which are also dedicated to the Saint Virgin Mary and to the Saint Lucy and to Saint Cecilia. These three saint virgins Palma loves so much.
Palmina listened shy and was smiling like a little girl and she liked to feel his male love energy without touching her saint virginity.

A spiritual love can be so exciting if you feel it deep in your hearts.

All this old feeling came again and no one could stop this love.
Even they could not write, not speak, not touch their body, not see each other: Their hearts and soul could meet every day in the Peony Gondola.

Yes and some times the Gondola was moving a little bit left and a little bit right and it felt if the virgin Mary shook her baby in this soft rhythm to make the Jesus baby soft silent sleeping in the holy night at Christmas night. And also this rhythm the angels are singing in the» Peony Gondola Song« to give the world piece and love, to feel to be loved by a higher dimension love which is going beyond all borders and traditions.

Palmina smiled watching his old love and friend Palma il Giovane so playing on his Mandolin for her in the Gondola.







music score – »The Peony Gondola Song«

(Version for Violin and Mandolin (or Pipa)

And suddenly, here at the traditional Christmas days (24th and 25th December), they saw now an interesting vision of a little Hospital music-therapeutic concert in Vienna for the patients.
And they realized that the »Peony Gondola Song« was played for music therapy in the version for Violin and Mandolin (or Pipa) at Christmas even in 400 years and it was like that:

VIDEO: [little concert for patients at the hospital at Christmas]  https://youtu.be/OtzEVQDh7X0


(to be continued…)


180. Organ solo for Palmina

180. Organ solo for Palmina

And after they saw this Peony Vision Palmina and Palma made a long sigh.

Long, long they where silent.

It is not easy to understand that Peony Vision of 500 years in the future.

Palmina and Palma grown up in a time without handy, without Facebook, without e-Mail and electric light and they also had the problems with the dark sugar earth criminals in the 16th century, which had stolen their letters.

But in the Peony Gondola they are communicating from heart to heart without using words sometimes. Sometimes only with music. Sometimes only with giving and sending love and light to each other.

Now Palma thought on his Palmina and played a short Organ solo for her, for his Saint Cecilia.
And he remembered on the beautiful time with his saint white Pigeon making nearly every evening a little walk at the Venetian island »San Giorgio Maggiore«.

Palmina could feel this music directly at her heart and smiled.
She saw in the same moment also the beautiful remembering with him in Venice in the 16th century.

And the music was like that:

VIDEO: [ »Organ solo for Palmina – Palma il Giovane 180«] https://youtu.be/ORcUdH4ccgI

(to be continued…)


179. With the Peony Gondola in the 22th century

179. With the Peony Gondola in the 22th century

And after Palmina and Palma saw this mystic vision they understood all this and were very silent.

Palma was touched about the fact that his Saint Cecilia wants to protect his artworks.

»You are my Saint, you are my deep love…«

Palmina smiled and touched Palma’s right hand and Palma could feel this tenderness and smiled.
Palma put his right arm around her and Palmina could feel this and smiled.
And if they would live in complete different worlds and planets they would feel these moments in the same moment as if there is no physical distance – this is what the Peony Gondola makes possible for them.

The Peony Gondola is now moving in the 22th century and they saw this now:

* * *

Taipei, 2116, November, DGPA-Conference,

»Welcome, dear TV-spectators in Taipei! We are live broadcasting worldwide – all TV stations of all countries are transmitting now our live-report about the opening ceremony of the »1st DGPA World-Conference 2116 against International child prostitution, here in Taipei. We are now first interviewing the President of the Taiwan: Dajia hao, Hello, may I ask you about your personal impressions of this historic moment in the world?«

»Yes, Daja hao, Hello, we greet the world. First I want to say how proud is our country to make something against international child prostitution… We are following the European union with its example. All invited counties of the world, even the Arabic and Moslem countries and also mainland china sent their representatives to show their will to fight against international child prostitution. Ah, one moment please…«

There was an office women telling a secret in the ear of the female TV-moderator.

»…Oh I heard now, that all countries representative has checked until this moment. A few moments before the opening ceremonies I am told now, only one representative is not present..the Vatican state…but we are sure they will check in a few minutes…what 700 priests from USA…? They will not come to the conference…?«

»In these minutes we can talk about Taiwan’s technical progress to prevent child prostitution…Mrs.President of Taiwan, in the newspaper worldwide we heart that the dark sugar earth child prostitution network administrators developed an illegal app to install them secretly on the handy of Taiwan’s citizens…«
»Ah…,oh.., yes this is a big problem… These child prostitution administrators use the app to destroy the communication on facebook and whatsap and so on, to block communication between engaged artists who are fighting as artists here on our country against child prostitution. I guarantee that Taiwan is supporting these artists and not suppressing them in their fight against child-prostitution!
Yes, you are right, it is already in the newspapers written worldwide, with this illegal app they can control, block and write false texts between the communication of two people. So they can erase the messages on messenger and e-mails. The illegal app is very expensive and centrally controlled by a call centre of the dark sugar earth network administrators…We could find out the real identity of 700 persons worldwide, who are the persons who control the handy of our citizens… The international police is tracking them by day and night and will arrest them suddenly if the official order will come from the senate of the international government.«

»But could it be possible that I have also this app already installed on my handy without my personal permission if I enter your country?«

»Oh, yes if you enter our or an other country a handy can be hacked today and our republic R.O.C. is now feeling responsible to protect our handy from that criminal app. Our government will now develop an anti- dark sugar earth network app for the security for all of us…«

»Thank you Mrs. President. So we have to use facebook also from a laptop and not only from a handy. Isn’t it? «

»Yes, but you should also try an other way than facebook to communicate. So the dark sugar earth child prostitution network will have no change to erase and to control your handy and your communication to other people.«

»Thank you… Ok, then let us wait of the last representative of the Vatican state…
we will broadcast some tourism advertisement for our country Taiwan. Yes, visit Taiwan, a beautiful and a secure land… My name is LaLa Ghandi – This is CNN Asia – Taiwan«

* * *

And after they saw this Peony Vision in their Peony Gondola at 23 o’clock at 11 p.m.
Palmina asked:
»Wooo, what is a Handy…?«
»What is a Handy app?«
»What is a TV?«
»What is facebook?«
»What is a e-Mail?«
»Where is Taipei?
It looks all so modern but a little but unnaturally and strange. All this building an so on…They have no Gondolas there…«
»Yes, Palmina, but they have Pipa-Lutes there,
»Yes, this is the pacific island in 500 years?«

»Ohhh,« said Palmina and put her head again on Palma’s side sitting side by side in their Peony-Gondola.

(to be continued…)


178. Palma loves Palmina“s Lute Playing style

178. Palma loves Palmina“s Lute Playing style

And after they saw the Peony vision of the Peony Gondola Song Palmina was very proud of Palma il Giovane.

„Did you like the Angels Choir?“
„Oh, yes, they are singing like real Angel voices.“

And between the hearts of Palma and Palmina was again warm light and both could feel it. In the same moment they looked shy into their eyes and both smiled.

Palma thought with thankfulness that Palmina played his composition „Planets at the evening sky“ which he composed years ago only for her.
How beautiful she played it for him via the Peony Gondola a few days ago! How beautiful she played the different planets on the evening sky!
„For me it feels so beautiful to hear you playing for me. I love you and want to thank you, my Saint Cecilia, my white Pigeon, my deep love and inspiration. My Palmina. Ti amo.“

And both hugged and Palma hold her with all his love. He was so lucky that she decided to play his compositions allthough a lot of people tried to say „Don’t play this compositions of a painter who said that the young Claudio Monteverdi will be soon a famous composer“.
Yes, Palmina fights for her Palma.

„Thank you Palmina this is a beautiful music present for me. To hear you playing on your Lute especially for me makes me so lucky.“
Palmina smiled shy, like an asian princess from a far country, which is far, far away from Venice.
„I played it with much love for you, Palma, my Marco Polo…“ and she smiled saying this words soft and friendly.

VIDEO:  „Stille Nacht“ https://youtu.be/oijrVVQW6KE

    (to be continued…)

177. The music vision of the Peony Gondola Song

177. The music vision of the Peony Gondola Song

And as Palma and Palmina started to hear this music they saw in their Vision that their Melody, which is a symbol and deep old rembering of their common creative music and painting creation time in Venice in the 16th century, will been sung by an Angel Choir in 400 years at Vienna at the famous St.Karlschurch in Austria.
The dream of Peony Vision showed them the music performance of a very good Youth and Children Choir and Orchestra of Poděbrad of Bohemia.
„Look Palma, they will perform our Song also in 400 years!“ Palmina said with her fine and soft voice smiling and with shining eyes.
„Oh, my Palmina, my Saint Cecilia! I thank you for inspiring me once..We have to thank the Angels of the Heaven, that they came and sung the song. We have to thank the Saint Virgin and Saint Lucy for their prayers…“
Palmina smiled and gave Palma a sweet short kiss on his right cheek and she hold his right hand and he could feel it.
And they saw now the vision of the Peony Gondola Song like this:

VIDEO:  https://youtu.be/cQWB3hgMrjw

     (to be continued…)

Note: The 12 Audio examples of Chapter 25.  are completely restored and can now be listened under this LINK: https://geraldspitzner.wordpress.com/2018/03/29/25-palmina-inspires-palma-with-her-lute-to-compose-first-fuga-in-history/

176. Palmina played 20 minutes for Palma

176. Palmina played 20 minutes for Palma

picture 1 – Palmina as Lute playing Angel

And they saw this in their Peony Vision at 23 o’clock at 11 p.m.

»Venice, 1582

   (Love Letter 176)

Dear Palmina!

Today and in the last time I could feel that you played 20 minutes for me on your Lute.
It was your Pipa-Lute, am I right?
Deep in my heart I felt that you thought on me and you played for me my composition which I wrote for you.
In these moments I am so lucky. In these moments I feel there is hope in our century.

Of course I know there are dark souls who wants to destroy our communication.

Our secret service of our Republic of Venice found out that criminal persons are stealing your messages to me and my messages to you.
They know now their correct identity and are tracking them by day and by night and waiting if the Republic gives orders to arrest them. They are waiting to find out which other content this criminal network has. If they have enough criminals they will arrest them in the same moment so they are not expecting to be watched by our secret service of our Republic.


picture 3 – Palmina as Lute playing Angel

How good it is to have our Peony Gondola. How independent we are to be connected from heart to heart.
I love you and I thank you so much for performing my music artwork.
It gives me a smile and a warm positive feeling in my heart.
I often feel you thinking on me and smiling to me shy.
I am looking forward to see you again at 23 o’clock in our Peony Gondola.

With much deep love
your Palma il Giovane«


picture 3 – Palmina as Lute playing Angel

And Palmina wrote also a message to Palma:

»Dear Palma!

I am writing to you to send you a music message deeply from my heart.
I feel it that you are so lucky to hear me playing on my Lutes.
I know you like the Chinese Lute Pipa very much.

I send you via our Peony-Gondola 20 minutes of your music artwork I played for you.
Those persons who tried to steal my message to you are sure soon put into prison.

No Republic in the world would allow a private person to steal the letters or messages of an other private person – not in our century and not in 400 years.

I could feel: our heart to heart connection is the best way of communication.

I played my artwork as heart to heart message to you.

I am looking forward to see you again in our Peony Gondola at 23 o’clock at 11 p.m.

I send you a tender heart to heart music-kiss

Your you loving

Palmina Albina«

* * *

And they saw now a big Cathedral with a beautiful choir singing the Peony Gondola Song in San Marco in Venice.

Palmina put her head on Palma’s side and he put his arm around her.
Both smiled and listened to the »Peony Gondola Song«

(to be continued…)

picture 4 – Palmina as Pipa-Lute playing Angel on a Peony Gondola Gondola waiting for her Jacopo Palma il Giovane


175.The white pigeon of Giorgio Maggiore (3)

175.The white pigeon of Giorgio Maggiore (3)

picture 1 - Presentation of Jesus in Temple« by Palma il Giovanne (Isola Giorgia Maggiore, Venice )

picture 1 – Presentation of Jesus in Temple« by Palma il Giovane (Isola Giorgia Maggiore, Venice)

The Gondolier was waiting for them with the beautiful shining lanterns in the Gondola. He will bring them later, after the walk on this Isola Giorgio Maggiore, to Giudecca Island at the Le Zitelle where Palmina has her 2nd flat and is protected by the Jesuits from her violent father and violent brother.
Other girls at the Le Zitelle have also problems with their fathers and brothers. They are reading their private messages and letters, erasing them and changing their content to isolate them from others. That’s why the girls are living here on Gudecca Island at the Jesuits.
The local authorities do not allow this and have strict laws against this and that’s why some fathers or brothers had been arrested for doing this to their relatives; arrested by the Republic of Venice – the R.O.V. – the mightiest Republic in the 16th century.

Now, not even the Gondolier could see what Palma and Palmina are doing at the secret gardens of Giorgio Maggiore, here where so much famous painters had deep inspirations (Claude Monet, 200 years later, had also big inspirations here on Giorgio Maggiore and painted a lot of paintings here and he painted also this little island).

After a while of silence Palmina asked whispering:
»Yes, my Music-Angel?«
»You would really paint a white pure Pigeon in your big painting for this Church when it is ready build in a few years¹, as remembering to our spiritual walks and travels with the Gondola in Venice?«

¹ the church was finished in the year 1610 – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Giorgio_Maggiore_(church),_Venice

»San Giorgio Maggiore is a 16th-century Benedictine church on the island of the same name in Venice, northern Italy, designed by Andrea Palladio, and built between 1566 and 1610. The church is a basilica in the classical renaissance style and its brilliant white marble gleams above the blue water of the lagoon opposite the Piazzetta and forms the focal point of the view from every part of the Riva degli Schiavoni.«

»Yes, Palmina, and if we see us again in 400 years we will stand here in front of this painting and we can say this white pigeon I painted to remember our deep spiritual love.«

And they saw now in this Peony-Vision all the paintings which will be painted for this church San Giorgio Maggiore.*)

*) beside the painting »Circumcision/Presentation of Jesus in Temple« – by Palma il Giovane
There are other paintings in the monastery building:
The Last Supper by Jacopo Tintoretto
The Fall of Manna by Jacopo Tintoretto
Entombment of Christ by Jacopo Tintoretto
Madonna enthroned with Saints by Sebastiano Ricci
Risen Christ & St Andrew with Morosini family by Jacopo & Domenico Tintoretto
Adoration of the Shepherds by Jacopo Bassano

They saw the painting of Sebastiano Ricci and Tintoretto and also about Santa Lucia

picture 2 - Miracle of the immobility of Sta Lucia by Leandro Bassano

picture 2 – Miracle of the immobility of Sta Lucia by Leandro Bassano

picture 3 - painting of »Santa Lucia« by Palma il Giovanne

picture 3 – painting of »Santa Lucia« by Palma il Giovane

And they saw also that Sebastiano Ricci (he was later born then Palma) will dedicate the angel with mandolin to the secret deep love to Palma and Palmina.

picture 4 - Madonna enthroned with Saints by Sebastiano Ricci

picture 4 – painting by Sebastiano Ricci

picture 5 - detail - Sebastiano Ricci painted a little Mandolin angel as remembering of Palmina

picture 5 – detail – Sebastiano Ricci painted a little Mandolin angel as remembering of Palmina

picture 6 - painting «Venus and Cupido« by Sebastiano Ricci inspired by the love of Palma and Palmina, symbolised as 2 white pigeons

picture 6 – painting «Venus and Cupido« by Sebastiano Ricci inspired by the love of Palma and Palmina, symbolised as 2 white pigeons

The saw in their Peony-Vision that Sebastiano Ricci will also be inspired by this future- painting of Palma il Giovane with the 2 white pigeons on the right side (the 2nd pigeon is in the basked) – he studied it very intensive – and painted also two white Pigons in his famous »Venus and Cupido«

¹ Sebastiano Ricci (1659 – 1734) – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sebastiano_Ricci

»Sebastiano Ricci (1 August 1659 – 15 May 1734) was an Italian painter of the late Baroque school of VENICE. About the same age as Piazzetta, and an elder contemporary of Tiepolo, he represents a late version of the vigorous and luminous Cortonesque style of grand manner fresco painting. «

»But it is not easy for a man to be in love with Saint Cecilia…«, Palmina said innocent but very direct.

»Why, Palmina?«, Palma asked like a wise man.

»Saint Cecilia was a saint and a virgin and she wanted to keep her virginity and she wanted only to have a spiritual love relation so it was difficult for a man to marry Saint Cecillia…«

»…Hmm…, but a spiritual love…. if it is really a high dimension love, then it is like two pigeons are marring from heart to heart. They need only the spiritual arrangement of the heaven, nothing else…and this the two pigeons can feel deep inside their hearts«

»I know, Palma, this I mean with ‚It is difficult for a man to be in love with a saint virgin‘. But you, Palma, you are different. You understand the principles of a deep spiritual love. As artists we can live this spiritual love as real and the results of our deep love are great artworks and great thoughts for the culture and history – We will inspire the next generations of artists. Our children are our artworks.«

Palmina and Palma hugged standing in the secret gardens of »Giorgio Maggiore« where no one is watching then; only the planets and stars, the angels and the saint of the heaven can see them; and they smiled down to them, down to planet earth, down to Venice, down to the little small island Isola San Giorgio Maggiore, called in Venetian language »San Zorzi Mazor«.

»My Pigeon…«
»My Palma…«

»My Inspiration…«
»My composer…«

»My composing lute playing angel«
»My secret writer…«

»My yellow canary bird…- Let us work together in the next centuries – if the heaven is allowing this to us – Let’s make this wish«

»My astronomer – Yes, let us work together – Let us make this wish – Dreams come sometimes through – All we do in our artworks will be connected through our Peony Gondola, Yes, Palma – Yes Palma, – I love you and I feel it: you respect how Saint Cecilia is…«

»Yes, Palmina, I respect you…«

And in a common Vision they saw the big painting Palma il Giovane should paint for this church on that small island.

EPSON DSC picture

picture 7 – »Presentation of Jesus in Temple« by Palma il Giovane (Isola Giorgio Maggiore, Venice )

Palma hold her head with his strong hands, but tender, and kissed her and her beautiful lips, very soft and slow and short.
But in their heart the kiss started also, they could feel it, and this beautiful feeling they kept in their heart, even after the short tender kiss.
And this feeling stayed for day and night.
Both looked at the Vision of the painting and they saw that Palma should paint the Pigeon held by a women and the Pigeon seemed to smile with its eyes. And an other Pigeon in the basked

picture 8 - two white 2 Pigeon - detail of Palma's big painting at the Church of Giorgio Maggiore (in Venetian »Giorgo Mazor«) .png

picture 8 – two white Pigeons – detail of Palma’s big painting at the Church of Giorgio Maggiore (in Venetian »Giorgo Mazor«)

picture 9 - white Pigeon (detail) by Palma il Giovanne

picture 9 – white Pigeon (detail) by Palma il Giovane

After this beautiful inspiration Palma and Palmina went long along the green gardens and sometimes they heart an bird or a cicada or a tiny little mouse moving.

It was a beautiful »inspiration-walk« here on that island. All the monks are now sleeping in their monastery and there was no light in their windows any more. It was now very late and they went back to the Gondola with the shining lantern where the Gondolier was respectfully waiting.

Now the Gondola moved very slow to the neighbour island Giudecca where after a few meters the »Le Zitelle« Building was. Palma brought Palmina up to her flat in the 3rd floor and she played again on her lute for him and on her harpsichord like the Saint Cecilia. Palma made again some paintings of her and continued to paint on the white pigeon.

Later he asked her:
»Do you like the white Pigeon? Should I paint her like that in the future painting?…I will also paint a second Pigeon in a basked on that painting. The two Pigeons are we…The basked represents the Peony Gondala«

Palmina smiled and was lucky to feel connected with Palma’s heart.

Palmina sat on her little bed looking through her window to the San Marco Place, which is far a way but some lanterns are shining also in the night there.
Palma sat also on her bed. Palmina took Palma’s right hand and both looked long through the window.
Palma remembered her words about the virginity of Saint Cecilia and respected her.
»Do you know the love relation and legend between the unicorn and the virgin, Palma…?«

Palma smiled and looked to her side and he put his arm around Palmina.

Now they are sitting and Palmina’s little small bed, looking in the direction of San Marco Place at the Dogan’s Palace where still hundreds of candles are shining through the windows.
Yes, now they are sitting holding their hands like two little children who became deeply loving friends.


picture 10 - spiritual marriage without touching the Virginity of Saint Cecilia

picture 10 – spiritual marriage without touching the Virginity of Saint Cecilia

picture 11 - spiritual marriage without touching the Virginity of Saint Cecilia

picture 11 – spiritual marriage without touching the Virginity of Saint Cecilia

Palmina turned her smiling face to his side and she was lucky to have a loving friend like him – A loving friend that is understanding her deep spiritual secret.

picture 12- detail - »Presentation of Jesus in Temple« by Palma il Giovanne (Isola Giorgia Maggiore, Venice )

picture 12- detail – »Presentation of Jesus in Temple« by Palma il Giovane (Isola Giorgia Maggiore, Venice )

»Look, I will also paint a clerical person looking like a pope with a white Pileolus on his head, looking from behind to the fresh born baby…Hmm, he looks as if this fresh born baby is his…«

»Oh…why that? …this is also a symbol of something real of our century…hmm, isn’t it, Palma? You always painted something from the present in your images…«

(to be continued…)

174. The white pigeon of Giorgio Maggiore (2)

174. The white pigeon of Giorgio Maggiore (2)

And Palma waited for Palmina at the end of the »Calle de la Terrazera« for Palmina coming with her Gondola along the »Rio de la Pieta«.

»Oh, my saint Pigeon, my Saint Cecilia, my saint Pipa Princess Wang Chao Cun is coming with her Peony – Gondola-Chung!«.

Palmina smiled so lucky as Palma entered the Gondola. In her hands she is holding her Lute. But, Palma is a man and has his heavy body weight. So the Gondola is shaking and moving a little bit up and down in the moment he is entering the Gondola.
Palmina could feel the movement of the Gondola and her body was also shaken a little bit.
Yes, Palmina liked the moment Palma is entering her Gondola. It gives her a strong feeling that such a heavy and important man is entering her fine Gondola. It has something cosmic for a women if a man with such spiritual creative energy is entering her sphere. Palmina looks in this moment more innocent than ever. She, the innocent Lute playing angel, inspired by the spirit of saint Cecilia, which is a saint virgin. Saint Cecilia is one of the 8 saint virgins including the saint virgin Mary.
She looks very shy in this moment. Although she is knowing Palma for a very, very long time and she is trusting him, the moment of entering her Gondola has something elemental cosmic.
The movement of the Gondola is touching Palmina and she can feel his strong male energy in this moment.
The decent movement of the Gondola inspired once Palma il Giovane to compose »The Peony Gondola Song« for her.
Palma smiled in this moment and tried to give her the feeling to be secure with him.
Yes, Palma was a professional painter and artist. He never touched his models even they had been sometimes for special paintings nearly naked as he painted them – Ok, they where not naked, but »nearly« naked, sometimes.
The church didn’t like that painters in Venice are painting naked women or adult girls for their paintings.
So sometimes Palma had only to paint from a model only her beautiful legs – from an other model her face – from an other model her naked breasts. Sometimes he painted only her eyes or ears or lips or arms or hands.
But Palmina knew this painting method and she allowed him to paint sometimes her beautiful legs, or arms or hands, and so on… Often he had to combine this female impressions to a fantasy (nearly-) naked women. (Palma’s paintings of naked women are wearing always a little clothing – Michelangelo¹, who was also painter and composer was also not allowed to paint naked women and man in the famous Sistine Chapel. in Rome, Vatican State¹)
So the intrigues of the church had never a change to say anything against Palma il Giovane’s paintings of women, because he never broke rules.

Palmina had today her Venetian Lute and she hold her instrument smiling.
As Palma sat down in the Gondola and the Gondola was again quite and soft in its movement, Palmina started to play a wonderful little private concert for him.

Slowly the Gondola moved straight ahead along the rest of the »Rio de la Pieta« and after they drove under the last bridge the Gondola moved straight ahead to the island San Giorgio Maggior, called in Venetian language »San Zorzi Mazor«.

After a few minutes the Gondola is far away enough from the Promenade and no one could figure out who is sitting in this Gondola not even while the lanterns in the Gondola were shining bright.

Palmina smiled and looked into Palma’s eyes.
Palma was covered by her music and love she is radiating from her heart.

In his thoughts Palma was holding and kissing slowly and tender her talented hands and arms.
Palmina could see his thoughts and smiled shy.
Then Palma kissed the left side of her neck and kissed her under her ear, later also her ear. This he did very tender and soft – in his thoughts.

Palmina could read in his heart and smiled as if she was feeling his thoughts.

Then he kissed her left cheek in his thoughts.

»Oh, Palma I am playing on my lute…«, Palmina said to Palma in her thoughts and gave him also a kiss on his right cheek – doing this in her thoughts.

Palma could feel it and smiled very lucky.

Completely inspired by his virgin Saint Cecilia Palma started to paint a white innocent pigeon. »This white Pigeon is a symbol of you, my saint inspiration pigeon. My saint Cecilia.«, Palma said to her smiling. Palmina nodded, played wonderfully on her lute and looked at the slowly growing church on San Giorgio Maggiore.

Yes, Palma and Palmina are thinking that this slowly erecting of the church there is a symbol of their growing deeply spiritual love.

Palma knows to be in love with a saint virgin like Saint Cecilia is a big honour and a great change for his inspiration and spiritual love.
He will always respect his pure saint pigeon and the virginity of Saint Cecilia.

As they arrived the Island after this nice Gondola travel they walked at this evening around the gardens of Giudecca Island as they often are doing at the evening.
They looked at the evening stars.

Palma and Palmina are holding now their hands.
They are completely alone here and they saw the position on the horizon where the evening sun has set.

And Palma send Palmina with his toughs this music:

VIDEO²: [Violin+Viola »The white pigeon of Giorgio Maggiore in Venice – Palma il Giovane 173«] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9A9_bhLUG8I

(to be continued…)

¹ Michelangelo – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michelangelo

»Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni or more commonly known by his first name Michelangelo (6 March 1475 – 18 February 1564) was an Italian sculptor, painter, architect, composer and poet of the High Renaissance born in the Republic of Florence, who exerted an unparalleled influence on the development of Western art. Considered by many the greatest artist of his lifetime, and by some the greatest artist of all time, his artistic versatility was of such a high order that he is often considered a contender for the title of the archetypal Renaissance man, along with his rival, the fellow Florentine and client of the Medici, Leonardo da Vinci

² Claude Monet – Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claude_Monet

»Monet traveled to the Mediterranean, where he painted landmarks, landscapes, and seascapes, including a series of paintings in Venice«


173. The white pigeon of Giorgio Maggiore (1)

173. The white pigeon of Giorgio Maggiore (1)

picture - white Pigeon (deatail) by Palma il Giovanne

picture – white Pigeon (detail) by Palma il Giovanne

»Venice, 15..

(Love-letter 173)

Dear Palmina!

Yesterday, I was friendly invited to a beautiful concert.
I write you a letter because I miss you.
Today I was very inspired. I could feel your smiling and your holding my right hand.
I looked through all my artworks, especially my compositions.
Today I realized that I really did a lot of artworks in my life.
At the evening I played two Organ solo for you during you are sleeping and dreaming from organ music.
During the concert I thought on you several times and I feel it: I miss you.
I felt the blessings of St. Lucy and of you, my Saint Cecilia, my byzantine Pigeon.
Suddenly during I heart the music I felt a warm positive energy from you at my right hand and arm.
It felt as you were beside me, taking care on me and helping me to be inspired in art and music. How did you like my ‚Mars passing the Neptun moon System‘ – Vision Artwork?

picture 2 - puerto-vallarta-art-work-Neptune Nereid .jpg

picture 2 –  of Nereid (right) and Neptune (left) (The outer moon of Planet Neptune)

We are connected by the Peony Gondola.

I love you, my inspiration

your you deeply loving
Palma il Giovane«

»Vienna, 15..

Dear Palma!
I am writing from my concert tour in Vienna.
We have a lot of charity concerts here against child prostitution, to help children to give them a home and maybe in 400 years the world can be better, I mean the laws can be better…

I try to send you a colourful message, but I think the evil members of the Church of Crime on Children did again steal my message…
So we have our Peony Gondola and we can exchange there our messages.

I love your Mars-Neptune-Art-Creation very much.
…I have to look at it again and again.
I am lucky that I am inspiring you so much to do creation of artworks.

Wooo, I am looking forward to meet you in our Peony-Gondola at 23 o’clock at 11 p.m.

Your you deeply loving

Palmina Albina«

Bildschirmfoto von 2018-12-09 19-03-03

picture 3 – Nereid playing with a dolphin. After an antique Greek vase painting.

* * *

Palmina gave him her letter to Palma and Palma gave her his letter.

Both smiled.
It was the only way to exchange letters.
The criminal organisation who are selling children internationally steals every message, and they would also steal it in 400 years…
But at the Peony Gondola they can not come: At this secure timeless and space less place, where only two loving souls are meeting in their dreams is Palma and Palmina’s possibility to communicate from heart-to-heart.

»Palma, I am so proud of you…«
»Palmina, I am so lucky to be connected with you in our Peony Gondola.«

»Yes, but we had so much beautiful hours together in Venice…let us remember that also in 400 years, isn’t it?«

Palma hugged Palmina and Palmina put her head on his side and she could hear his heart beating for her.

And the Peony-Gondola showed them a beautiful Vision and they saw this:

* * *

Palmina took today at the early evening again her way from the »Campo Bandiera e Moro« to the »Le Zitelle« to sleep there in her 2nd flat.
She ordered a Gondolier calling »Gondola, Gondola! Subbito! Per favore… una Gondola!«
»Certo bella Signorina, dove?« asked the Gondolier meaning »For sure, beautiful little lady. Where?«

»…to the Le Zitelle with a long stop on Giorgio Mazior!«

»Comprende, Signorina. Prego,…«, he said and showed with a typical gesture to enter the Gondola.
The Gondolier smiled like feeling Palmina’s secret.

But it was the highest honour of a real Gondolier not to ask for her secret and not to speak with some one about secrets.

And the Gondola starting from the »Rio de la Pieta« at bridge beside the Chiesa San Antonin, picking up Palma from the secret street he always waits for her.

Palma entered the Gondola and none realized that. It was a secure place to enter the Gondola unseen.

Bildschirmfoto von 2018-12-09 19-06-55

picture 4 – map of Venice showing the little street Calle Terazzera where Palma waited secretly on Palmina’s Gondola at the evening

(to be continued…)