204. A new vision as inspiration for a new painting

204. A new vision as inspiration for a new painting

  And they continued to dream their common Peony Gondola dream and they saw this vision:

* * *

Early in the morning time Palmina often brought some fresh bread to the Dogans“s palace.
On her way over the San Marco Place she often visited the little north chapel in the Saint Marco Basilica.
For the people who had to work in the early morning, there was a very short holy religious ceremony the „missa presta“.
Often Palmina sat there at  the left side in the first row. Often Palma was there, smiling to her secretly, to be in her near, for a few minutes.
Palma send her a smile and she could feel his smile without seeing it – only with and in her heart. Today Palma sat in the row behind her and she send him a smile also to his heart.

A nun, working there and lightening the candles, had suddenly  a vision of the moment as Saint Therese of Avila and Saint John of Cross. She saw the innerheart spiritual love connection and as they had been liftet a few meters above earth as they meet the first time in their live and liked each other from heart to heart.
Also they had a Peony Gondola, also for no one visible.
The nun understood Palma and Palmina are similar to them also a spiritual pair, even they are no clerical persons.
She understood from the saint spirit that this is a secret no one should talk about and the nun smiled as she finished lighting all the candles for todays short ceremony.
Palma and Palmina smiled and felt strongly connected.

„Today in our Peony Gondola hour, at 11 p.m. I will send you a secret music greening especially for you, my Inspiration.“ Palma said her with his heart and thoughts. Palmina received his greetings and answered: „Yes my composer. I will await you on our Peony Gondola today to listen to your music greetings. I am looking forward to it, Palma“

And really, at the evening the Peony Gondola came and picked Palmina from Giudecca up like a little princess and brought her to the San Marco Place where Palma was waiting, well dressed like a fine man of the 16th century.
After he entered the Peony Gondola the Gondola moved along the evening beautiful Venice under the stars of Venice.

Palma had a music message for her heart and they heart a music like that:

  VIDEO: (Light Inspiration for Violin and Piano) https://youtu.be/j-DNZ0D5raI

During the music they remembered that Master Lao spoke once to them in a vision and announced that they will have a Peony Gondola in their future.

* * *

And after they saw this vision Palmina said:

“ So beautiful, Palma“ and she laid her head on Palma’s side.
Palma hold his arm around her and kissed her cheek soft and tender. And Palmina kissed him today on the left cheek, there where Palma“s Lips are beginning and Palma could feel it.
He smiled ad pointed to the heaven at the moon.
„Today we have a Superfool moon, Palmina“
„Woooo, Palma, you are an astronomer, isn’t it?“

               (to be continued…)

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203. Little Giulia wants to paint landscapes in Palma paintings

203. Little Giulia wants to paint landscapes in Palma paintings

And after that vision the Peony Gondola moved in time a little bit later and they saw a sweet little Peony Gondola Vision:

»Peep. peep, peep«, made little Pipsy and run nervous from the left and the right side on his wood-stick in the little bird cage.

»Sebastian, look, Pipsy has inspirations maybe the little yellow canary bird wants to tell you again something about the 16th and 17th century about the legend of Palma il Giovane in Venice.

»Oh, yes, Daddy, please tell us some evening stories about Palma il Giovane and Palmina and his family and so on…Oh, please Johann Sebastian, please…«

And Johann Sebastian told his daughters a nice story which the little canary bird told him in his dreams last night.

»Palma and Palmina met again in their Peony Gondola and saw this Peony Vision about their life in Venice: and they saw this:

* * *

Little Giulia looked out of the window down to the San Marco Palace.

Left she saw the San Marco Cathedral and left straight ahead she could see a little bit the water and a little bit of the church Giorgio Maggiore on the little island. The Church will be soon finished.

The Pigeons fly around and Giulia felt it: The Pigeons are waiting for Palma who had often a lot of good breads for them from Palmina.

»Hm, when Jacopo will come today? I will show him my new landscape paintings. I learned now much how to paint a landscape in a painting. Jacopo will be proud of me and maybe… he will allow me soon to paint in his biiiig paintings the landscapes like Crezia is doing since years…hmm…is he coming? There!…Jacopo is coming with Palmina look, Crezia!!!«

Giulia jumped like a little bird full of joy. Now the time of waiting has an end. Jacopo Palma il Giovane is now back from his painting lessons at the Titian School and the representative concert at the Dogans Palace where Palmina had today a little concert – of course Palma secretly arranged the invitation for Palmina because he loves to hear her lute playing.
Yes, all of Palma’s family are loving Palmina and her talented Lute playing.

Palma paints every day very long at his big paintings at different places in Venice.
Sometimes he started his day at church or at a famous palazzo. Sometimes he went to his little atelier at the »Fondamenta dei Furlani«.

Palmina daily brought him fresh food and fresh bread at the midday lunch time.

Only Palmina knew his actual working position in Venice
While Palma was working, Crezia coordinated all the business and all groups of artists around the Titian-Art-Gallery and the Titian School.

So much students Palma had to teach every day! It could happen that no one exactly knows where Palma il Giovane was in a certain moment working at Venice.
The colours of the oil painting had often to dry for days, weeks, months – till he could continue to paint on a painting.
So Palma has often to paint on 20 paintings at the same time.
Often he dreamed at night from the mixing of the colours.
Often he planed during the dreaming time which colours he had to buy at the markets for his paintings.
Sometimes he had to wait weeks if a certain colour or its pigments are ordered along the marketing networks all over Europe and the East.

So it was necessary to coordinate all these events at the same time.
Palma was an organizing-genius and Palmina and Crezia often helped him.

Of course Crezia, she was now a young women, is like a mother for little Giulia.
But also she had to organize a lot and often Palmina was there to help and to look after little Giulia.

Palma came, well dressed directly from the concert and Palmina was with him and was invited to Palma’s family in his big palazzo flat at the San Marco Place the most famous place in Venice.

Palma gave some bread to the Pigeons and they came all over and all sides on San Marco Place in Venice.
All the Pigeons from Venice know if Palma comes he has some good bread for them.

Crezia was also now at the window and saw Palma and Palmina feeding the pigeons.

Palma waved up to Giulia and Crezia.
Crezia smiled and Giulia jumped also waving back.

Today Crezia and Julia will show their new paintings and ask after Palma’s opinion about her painting quality.

Yes, Giulia wants now to come and help to paint on the big paintings of Palma – this saves time and Giulia and Crezia are very talented.

And if Palmina is playing on her lute in the background the work will be finished much faster and better than without her lute playing.

Palmina was also the music teacher of Crezia, Giulia and also the composing teacher for Palma il Giovane.

Palmina is always inspired by his Saint Cecilia…

* * *

And as Palma and Palmina saw this Peony Vision of their life in the 16th and the 17th century in Venice Palma said:

»Yes, our big family flat..We lived there 46 years… The flat is so beautiful. Enough place to give every day a little house concert for special guests of the Republic of Venice…«

»Yes, so beautiful. And you can see the church Giorgio Maggiore on the little island slowly growing, day by day. The flat in the 2nd floor at the San Marco Place…So wonderful. The harpsichord there… and the paintings…. the little stage…I often gave concerts at your big family rooms there…«

»Yes, Palmina we had good years…«
And Palmina laid her head on Palma’s side and Palma pointed up to the sky where Mars and Uranus are and he said:
»Look, Palmina, here , left from Mars is the star HIP 8888. Doesn’t this mean good luck if a star has 4 times the lucky 8?«

»Yes, in Asia the eights are bringers of luck, my Palma, my painter, my composer, my personal writer.«

And Palmina laid in her dreams today her head the whole night and day on Palma’s side and hold his arm and Palma could feel her thoughts and her deep heart-to-heart love and he smiled and Palmina felt his smile and smiled also short.

»Happy Valentin’s day, my inspiration, my pigeon, my yellow canary bird, my butterfly!«

picture - view of stars at the evening sky

picture – view of stars at the evening sky

And Palma tried to play the Violoncello as a surprise for his music teacher Palmina and it was like like this:

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGu5QcNSB7E



(to be continued…)

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202. The dangerous brother

202. The dangerous brother

And suddenly Palma and Palmina saw this vision:

   They saw a Le Zitelle Girl before she decided to live on Giudecca Island at the Jesuits to be protected from child prostitution because they are beautiful girls.
This girl had a brother who wanted to sell his beautiful sister for money.
He said „Why dont you go with rich man at night for money? You have not to do anything than to go out with a rich man nothing else?“
Sabina said „Why not“ and she went out with a rich man eating for money and her brother got a lot money for each night.
At one day a rich man came and asked if he can rent his sister for an evening. He said that he will pay double prize if he can see her nacked after the dinner in a room in a restaurant.
Sabina did not agree and as she realized that her brother wanted to sell her for prostitution she left his brother and went to the Le Zitelle to live a secure life.

    And after they saw this vision Palmina said:“Oh dear! Poor Sabina, thats her secret story…I did not know that.. Poor girl. But she is not the only one… All our Le Zitelle girls had this problems with the relatives becaouse they are poor people…“

Palmina put her head on Palmas side and Palma put his arm around her and was lucky that Palmina is now going to live a secure life…

    (to be continued…)

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201. Evening Walk at Giudecca Island Venice

201. Evening Walk at Giudecca Island Venice

picture 1 - Big Promenade at Giudecca Venice at night - view to Giudecca island - with Il Redemtore

picture 1 – Big Promenade at Giudecca Venice at night – view to Giudecca island – with Il Redemtore

And after that Peony-Music-Vision Palma gave Palmina a tender soft kiss on her cheek on her sweet mouth and her head.
Palmina felt so secure to be with her Palma il Giovane at their Peony hour of the day at 23 o’clock, 11 p.m.

»I remember these days very well, Palma. It was our secret to see each other there.«, Palmina said with a soft sigh in her voice.

»…at the evening we had a beautiful walk at the big promenade at Giudecca Iland.«, Palma added.
»Sooo beautiful it was. You and me….«, Palmina said smiling in a very happy tone.

And they continued to see their Peony Vision sitting, together in their Peony Gondola, side by side. Palmina touched Palma’s arm and hand and Palma could feel their tenderness and smiled lucky. Palmina could feel his smiling without looking in his direction and smiled also in this moment.

And they saw this:

* * *

At this beautiful day, at the early evening Palma and Palmina took a long walk along the long Promenade on Giudecca Island.

»Thank you for your music greetings, Palma. I could feel your love towards me in the music…«, Palmina said smiling and she took Palma’s left arm to go with him side by side along the Big Promenade.

They stood at the two lanterns which are a symbol of Palma and Palmina’s secret love.

Two lamp posts - Giudecca, Venice, Italy

picture 2 – two peony coloured lanterns at the big promenade on Giudecca Island at Venice

»Oh, it is ok, Palmina. I have to thank that you played on your lute with all your heart. I could feel it and the girls also.
…they are so lucky to have you as music teacher.«

»I think they like you also Palma. You are their painting teacher at the Venice-Titian-Art school and your mothers famous Venice-Titian-Art.Gallery at two pallazzi in Venice… Some of them you painted also as models, hm?«, Palmina said very funny.

picture 3 - Big Promenade and »Le Zitelle« on Giudecca - painting by Guardi Francesco

picture 3 – Big Promenade and »Le Zitelle« on Giudecca – painting by Guardi Francesco

They walked slowly and looked into the sunset.
Venice has such a beautiful heaven if the sun sets there. It is like in an other world.
No where else the sunset is that unique as here in Venice.

picture 4 - Big Promenade at Island Giudecca with church 'La Zitelle' (left)

picture 4 – Big Promenade at Island Giudecca with church ‚Le Zitelle‘ (left)

After a while Palmina turned around and looked directly into Palma’s eyes smiling and asking:
»Do we want to see us again, Palma? Even if it is only possible for a short moment?«

Palma stopped walking and turned also to Palmina and looked into her direction smiling.
He was lucky that she asked him for that.

Palmina smiled strong and stronger and she hugged him and Palma hugged her.
Both are now standing and hugging like hugging the whole world, the whole solar system, the whole Galaxy.

Palmina kissed his cheeks and he liked that and smiled.

»I arranged an invitation for next Monday at the church »Chiesa San Salvador«*) where I hold you in my arms as you where 2 years old and I was 12. You know at the painting lessons with master Titian. There was also a lute playing women during the lessons in the church….
I, I arranged an invitation during the religious ceremony on Monday evening there.
I will play the Organ and you will play the lute. Tomorrow an officer will bring you the invitation, Palmina…«

*) San Salvador, Venice – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Salvador,_Venice

»The Chiesa di San Salvatore (of the Holy Savior) is a church in Venice, northern Italy. Known in Venetian as San Salvador, is located on the Campo San Salvador, along the Merceria, the main shopping street of Venice. The church was first consecrated in 1177 by Pope Alexander III shortly after his reconciliation with Emperor Frederick Barbarossa at nearby San Marco.[…]«

Palmina was lucky about that and jumped like a little yellow canary bird, happy and friendly.

»Oh, fine. Thank you Palma!«

And they walked into the sunset and the first stars at the west heaven could be seen.

Of course Palma will explain her the names of the stars, also today…
The colours of the orange sunset had the colours like it was often at the horizon on Master Titian paintings

picture 4b - painting by Palma's Master Titian with orange coloured heaven at the horizon.


picture 4b – painting by Palma’s Master Titian with orange coloured heaven at the horizon.



»As I asked you if we want to see us again I wanted to ask you if..
..if we will be able to see us again in hundred or more years… «

Palma nodded »YES!« and understood her very well.

»Maybe we can see us, even we can see us for only a few minutes?…Will you want to see me again even for a few minutes?«

Palmina looked into Palmas eyes and said »Yes, I will…even it is only for 8 minutes…and even it is in 300 or 400 years…«

»Really? Even if we can see us only for 8 minutes and even we can only write us for 2 months… before all the intrigues by the dark sugar earth social network administrators will erase our communication. And we can not tell us a happy new year or even a short happy birthday?«

»Even if this… IT is worth to see us again, Palma. If the heaven wants, we can find a way to see us secretly in the Peony Gondola in 300 or 400 years. Isn’t it?«, Palmina said and then both smiled and smiled wordless and continued to walk in the early sunset.

Two pigeons sat beside very romantic and looked also at the beautiful sunset.

And after the sun has set a firework started over the horizon of this Giudecca Island.

»Oooh, look. A fire work… What is it for. What do they celebrate there?«

»Yes, Palmina you will understand this in 400 years for sure.«

And Palmina looked moving her head sideways like a little yellow canary bird wondering about Palma’s wise secret words.

picture 5 - View from the big Promenade to the »Le Zitelle« on Giudecca Island

picture 5 – View from the big Promenade to the »Le Zitelle« on Giudecca Island

And they looked at the fire work and Palmina held Palma’s arm and was lucky to be on Palma’s side, even if it is for this secret short moment…

The two pigeons where very afraid about the noise of the fire works and flew away into the direction to San marco place.

* * *

And as they saw these fire works in their Peony Gondola Vision Palmina said to Palma: »Today I know what this celebration is for! It is the celebration of the beginning of the…«

»Psst don’t say it. It is our secret Palmina…«

And Palmina smiled shy and wanted to kiss Palma hundred times.

(to be continued…)


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200. Music Greetings from Palma il Giovane

200. Music Greetings from Palma il Giovane

picture - Venezia chiesa delle zitelle

picture – Venezia chiesa delle zitelle

During the Light-Ceremony the Le Zitelle girls held a lot of candles and they looked like angels.

Palma played a music piece on the old Italian Organ.
Palma’s mother came to play an additional Violin part.

Palmina smiled and she was lucky to be the music teacher of these very beautiful and intelligent girls.
They have now the chance to learn music, to get painting lessons, to learn reading and write letters, to have eating, clothes and a new home.
And they are not touched by a violent man – They are protected by the republic of Venice.

And the music was maybe like that:

VIDEO »Playing Italian Organ – Palma il Giovane 200« https://youtu.be/X5U2Uo3mUBQ

(to be continued…)


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199. Palma plays Organ to see Palmina

199. Palma plays Organ to see Palmina


picture – Organ and Church „Santa Maria della  Presentatione“ (Le Zitelle) – Palma il Giovanne painted also for this church

  And they continued to dream their Peony Gondola Vision and they saw this:

* * *
As Palmina heard Palmas music dedication, expressing his feelings for her with the Marco Polo love Song, Palmina smiled and gave Palma il Giovane a tender soft kiss on his right cheek.

These moments are so beautiful and Palma wanted to see her the next day.
So Palma arranged it that he was asked to play the Organ at the chiesa „Santa Maria della  Presentatione“ (Le Zitelle) during the religios ceremony, where Palmina is playing every Sunday with her lute.
All the Le Zitelle girls are celebrating the religious ceremony there at Giudecca Island. Palma learned to play the Organ during the religious ceremony only to be in Palmina’s near. Palma is painter, composer and writer and plays the Viola, the Mandolin and so on…

After hours Palma brought her back with the Gondola.
The way back from Isola Giorgio Maggiore to Giudecca Island at Le Zitelle he took a longer way back to be with her longer in the Gondola.
Palmina played the Peony Gondola Song and Palma played with his Mandolin in addition to this little private concert.

The Gondola seemed to move in the rhythm of the music and it was a fine and romantic but secret Gondola travel.
Both did not feel the time, they felt to be in an eternal music dimension.
After a tender kiss she went back in the 3rd floor of her flat as music teacher at the „Le Zitelle.“
The Le Zitelle Institution was founded by the members of the mighty Loredan Dogan family at the year1500 to give beautiful girls shelter and education to protect them from prostitution. The Republic of Venice supported this Institution and was very proud of it.*)

    * * *
Early in the next morning Palmina was in the church „Chiesa Santa Maria de la Presentatione“ to tune her Lute after the little Organ of the Church.
Palma will come today to play the Organ and all the Le Zitelle girls will come to pray and to listen the music during the religious ceremony.
Palmina was excited and looked allways arround if Palma is coming.
And Palma did come. Yes it was his change to see his Pigeon, his saint Inspiration, his yellow canary bird, his secret love.
And also the girls came to pray in the church and had all beautiful cloth and some sung in a little choir. Palmina played with her Lute and Palma played the little Organ, both to support the girl’s choir singing.
Secretly Palma smiled to his Palmina  during they made music.
Also Palmina smiled friendly in Palma’s direction.
The girls could feel the deep inner-heart love between them but no one dared to say any word about it, so big was the sympathy of the Le Zitelle girls towards Palma and Palmina.

Palma hoped that the religious ceremony would not end too fast so he can be in her near, to make music with her, to see her, to feel her hear-to-heart love.
But they were very careful so that no one else could figure out their secret love.

* * *

And after they saw this Peony Vision Palmina put her head on Palma’s side and Palma put his arm arround her with much love and they smiled and remembered this music projects at the Le Zitelle.

     (to be continued….)

*)“The Zitelle almshouse and the church of Santa Maria della Presentazione were founded with the noble purpose of offering refuge, assistance, and an honest trade (lace making) to poor girls who, for their good looks, were likely to be forced into prostitution.

The first forty zitelle (maidens) entered the institution on the Giudecca island in 1561, organised in a Jesuit-inspired community run by Venetian noblewomen. A first project for the construction of a new lay almshouse providing room, board, and an education to girls who had still not come of age was presented in 1574.“


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