199. Palma plays Organ to see Palmina

199. Palma plays Organ to see Palmina


picture – Organ and Church „Santa Maria della  Presentatione“ (Le Zitelle) – Palma il Giovanne painted also for this church

  And they continued to dream their Peony Gondola Vision and they saw this:

* * *
As Palmina heard Palmas music dedication, expressing his feelings for her with the Marco Polo love Song, Palmina smiled and gave Palma il Giovane a tender soft kiss on his right cheek.

These moments are so beautiful and Palma wanted to see her the next day.
So Palma arranged it that he was asked to play the Organ at the chiesa „Santa Maria della  Presentatione“ (Le Zitelle) during the religios ceremony, where Palmina is playing every Sunday with her lute.
All the Le Zitelle girls are celebrating the religious ceremony there at Giudecca Island. Palma learned to play the Organ during the religious ceremony only to be in Palmina’s near. Palma is painter, composer and writer and plays the Viola, the Mandolin and so on…

After hours Palma brought her back with the Gondola.
The way back from Isola Giorgio Maggiore to Giudecca Island at Le Zitelle he took a longer way back to be with her longer in the Gondola.
Palmina played the Peony Gondola Song and Palma played with his Mandolin in addition to this little private concert.

The Gondola seemed to move in the rhythm of the music and it was a fine and romantic but secret Gondola travel.
Both did not feel the time, they felt to be in an eternal music dimension.
After a tender kiss she went back in the 3rd floor of her flat as music teacher at the „Le Zitelle.“
The Le Zitelle Institution was founded by the members of the mighty Loredan Dogan family at the year1500 to give beautiful girls shelter and education to protect them from prostitution. The Republic of Venice supported this Institution and was very proud of it.*)

    * * *
Early in the next morning Palmina was in the church „Chiesa Santa Maria de la Presentatione“ to tune her Lute after the little Organ of the Church.
Palma will come today to play the Organ and all the Le Zitelle girls will come to pray and to listen the music during the religious ceremony.
Palmina was excited and looked allways arround if Palma is coming.
And Palma did come. Yes it was his change to see his Pigeon, his saint Inspiration, his yellow canary bird, his secret love.
And also the girls came to pray in the church and had all beautiful cloth and some sung in a little choir. Palmina played with her Lute and Palma played the little Organ, both to support the girl’s choir singing.
Secretly Palma smiled to his Palmina  during they made music.
Also Palmina smiled friendly in Palma’s direction.
The girls could feel the deep inner-heart love between them but no one dared to say any word about it, so big was the sympathy of the Le Zitelle girls towards Palma and Palmina.

Palma hoped that the religious ceremony would not end too fast so he can be in her near, to make music with her, to see her, to feel her hear-to-heart love.
But they were very careful so that no one else could figure out their secret love.

* * *

And after they saw this Peony Vision Palmina put her head on Palma’s side and Palma put his arm arround her with much love and they smiled and remembered this music projects at the Le Zitelle.

     (to be continued….)

*)“The Zitelle almshouse and the church of Santa Maria della Presentazione were founded with the noble purpose of offering refuge, assistance, and an honest trade (lace making) to poor girls who, for their good looks, were likely to be forced into prostitution.

The first forty zitelle (maidens) entered the institution on the Giudecca island in 1561, organised in a Jesuit-inspired community run by Venetian noblewomen. A first project for the construction of a new lay almshouse providing room, board, and an education to girls who had still not come of age was presented in 1574.“


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