200. Music Greetings from Palma il Giovane

200. Music Greetings from Palma il Giovane

picture - Venezia chiesa delle zitelle

picture – Venezia chiesa delle zitelle

During the Light-Ceremony the Le Zitelle girls held a lot of candles and they looked like angels.

Palma played a music piece on the old Italian Organ.
Palma’s mother came to play an additional Violin part.

Palmina smiled and she was lucky to be the music teacher of these very beautiful and intelligent girls.
They have now the chance to learn music, to get painting lessons, to learn reading and write letters, to have eating, clothes and a new home.
And they are not touched by a violent man – They are protected by the republic of Venice.

And the music was maybe like that:

VIDEO »Playing Italian Organ – Palma il Giovane 200« https://youtu.be/X5U2Uo3mUBQ

(to be continued…)


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