201. Evening Walk at Giudecca Island Venice

201. Evening Walk at Giudecca Island Venice

picture 1 - Big Promenade at Giudecca Venice at night - view to Giudecca island - with Il Redemtore

picture 1 – Big Promenade at Giudecca Venice at night – view to Giudecca island – with Il Redemtore

And after that Peony-Music-Vision Palma gave Palmina a tender soft kiss on her cheek on her sweet mouth and her head.
Palmina felt so secure to be with her Palma il Giovane at their Peony hour of the day at 23 o’clock, 11 p.m.

»I remember these days very well, Palma. It was our secret to see each other there.«, Palmina said with a soft sigh in her voice.

»…at the evening we had a beautiful walk at the big promenade at Giudecca Iland.«, Palma added.
»Sooo beautiful it was. You and me….«, Palmina said smiling in a very happy tone.

And they continued to see their Peony Vision sitting, together in their Peony Gondola, side by side. Palmina touched Palma’s arm and hand and Palma could feel their tenderness and smiled lucky. Palmina could feel his smiling without looking in his direction and smiled also in this moment.

And they saw this:

* * *

At this beautiful day, at the early evening Palma and Palmina took a long walk along the long Promenade on Giudecca Island.

»Thank you for your music greetings, Palma. I could feel your love towards me in the music…«, Palmina said smiling and she took Palma’s left arm to go with him side by side along the Big Promenade.

They stood at the two lanterns which are a symbol of Palma and Palmina’s secret love.

Two lamp posts - Giudecca, Venice, Italy

picture 2 – two peony coloured lanterns at the big promenade on Giudecca Island at Venice

»Oh, it is ok, Palmina. I have to thank that you played on your lute with all your heart. I could feel it and the girls also.
…they are so lucky to have you as music teacher.«

»I think they like you also Palma. You are their painting teacher at the Venice-Titian-Art school and your mothers famous Venice-Titian-Art.Gallery at two pallazzi in Venice… Some of them you painted also as models, hm?«, Palmina said very funny.

picture 3 - Big Promenade and »Le Zitelle« on Giudecca - painting by Guardi Francesco

picture 3 – Big Promenade and »Le Zitelle« on Giudecca – painting by Guardi Francesco

They walked slowly and looked into the sunset.
Venice has such a beautiful heaven if the sun sets there. It is like in an other world.
No where else the sunset is that unique as here in Venice.

picture 4 - Big Promenade at Island Giudecca with church 'La Zitelle' (left)

picture 4 – Big Promenade at Island Giudecca with church ‚Le Zitelle‘ (left)

After a while Palmina turned around and looked directly into Palma’s eyes smiling and asking:
»Do we want to see us again, Palma? Even if it is only possible for a short moment?«

Palma stopped walking and turned also to Palmina and looked into her direction smiling.
He was lucky that she asked him for that.

Palmina smiled strong and stronger and she hugged him and Palma hugged her.
Both are now standing and hugging like hugging the whole world, the whole solar system, the whole Galaxy.

Palmina kissed his cheeks and he liked that and smiled.

»I arranged an invitation for next Monday at the church »Chiesa San Salvador«*) where I hold you in my arms as you where 2 years old and I was 12. You know at the painting lessons with master Titian. There was also a lute playing women during the lessons in the church….
I, I arranged an invitation during the religious ceremony on Monday evening there.
I will play the Organ and you will play the lute. Tomorrow an officer will bring you the invitation, Palmina…«

*) San Salvador, Venice – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Salvador,_Venice

»The Chiesa di San Salvatore (of the Holy Savior) is a church in Venice, northern Italy. Known in Venetian as San Salvador, is located on the Campo San Salvador, along the Merceria, the main shopping street of Venice. The church was first consecrated in 1177 by Pope Alexander III shortly after his reconciliation with Emperor Frederick Barbarossa at nearby San Marco.[…]«

Palmina was lucky about that and jumped like a little yellow canary bird, happy and friendly.

»Oh, fine. Thank you Palma!«

And they walked into the sunset and the first stars at the west heaven could be seen.

Of course Palma will explain her the names of the stars, also today…
The colours of the orange sunset had the colours like it was often at the horizon on Master Titian paintings

picture 4b - painting by Palma's Master Titian with orange coloured heaven at the horizon.


picture 4b – painting by Palma’s Master Titian with orange coloured heaven at the horizon.



»As I asked you if we want to see us again I wanted to ask you if..
..if we will be able to see us again in hundred or more years… «

Palma nodded »YES!« and understood her very well.

»Maybe we can see us, even we can see us for only a few minutes?…Will you want to see me again even for a few minutes?«

Palmina looked into Palmas eyes and said »Yes, I will…even it is only for 8 minutes…and even it is in 300 or 400 years…«

»Really? Even if we can see us only for 8 minutes and even we can only write us for 2 months… before all the intrigues by the dark sugar earth social network administrators will erase our communication. And we can not tell us a happy new year or even a short happy birthday?«

»Even if this… IT is worth to see us again, Palma. If the heaven wants, we can find a way to see us secretly in the Peony Gondola in 300 or 400 years. Isn’t it?«, Palmina said and then both smiled and smiled wordless and continued to walk in the early sunset.

Two pigeons sat beside very romantic and looked also at the beautiful sunset.

And after the sun has set a firework started over the horizon of this Giudecca Island.

»Oooh, look. A fire work… What is it for. What do they celebrate there?«

»Yes, Palmina you will understand this in 400 years for sure.«

And Palmina looked moving her head sideways like a little yellow canary bird wondering about Palma’s wise secret words.

picture 5 - View from the big Promenade to the »Le Zitelle« on Giudecca Island

picture 5 – View from the big Promenade to the »Le Zitelle« on Giudecca Island

And they looked at the fire work and Palmina held Palma’s arm and was lucky to be on Palma’s side, even if it is for this secret short moment…

The two pigeons where very afraid about the noise of the fire works and flew away into the direction to San marco place.

* * *

And as they saw these fire works in their Peony Gondola Vision Palmina said to Palma: »Today I know what this celebration is for! It is the celebration of the beginning of the…«

»Psst don’t say it. It is our secret Palmina…«

And Palmina smiled shy and wanted to kiss Palma hundred times.

(to be continued…)


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