202. The dangerous brother

202. The dangerous brother

And suddenly Palma and Palmina saw this vision:

   They saw a Le Zitelle Girl before she decided to live on Giudecca Island at the Jesuits to be protected from child prostitution because they are beautiful girls.
This girl had a brother who wanted to sell his beautiful sister for money.
He said „Why dont you go with rich man at night for money? You have not to do anything than to go out with a rich man nothing else?“
Sabina said „Why not“ and she went out with a rich man eating for money and her brother got a lot money for each night.
At one day a rich man came and asked if he can rent his sister for an evening. He said that he will pay double prize if he can see her nacked after the dinner in a room in a restaurant.
Sabina did not agree and as she realized that her brother wanted to sell her for prostitution she left his brother and went to the Le Zitelle to live a secure life.

    And after they saw this vision Palmina said:“Oh dear! Poor Sabina, thats her secret story…I did not know that.. Poor girl. But she is not the only one… All our Le Zitelle girls had this problems with the relatives becaouse they are poor people…“

Palmina put her head on Palmas side and Palma put his arm around her and was lucky that Palmina is now going to live a secure life…

    (to be continued…)

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