222. Violin solo in the flying Peony Gondola

222. Violin solo in the flying Peony Gondola

And after they saw this painting and music inspiration, together in their Peony Gondola, Palma felt inspired by Palmina to compose this music piece she wished to be made by him and they continued to dream their Peony Gondola Vision and they saw this:

     * * *

The big rehearsal was finised. Palmina played her part in Monteverdi’s „L‘ Orfeo“ very good.
Palma was proud that he could arrange it that Palmina will now perform the first inofficial premiere of this 1st Opera composition in european music history, here in Venice, in Palma’s big representative rooms on the San Marco Place in Venice in the 2nd floor.
A premiere for invited special guests. Later there will be an offical premiere in Mantua  at the Carneval feast, Palmina will also play there and Palma will listen, sitting at the audience.

  The musicians went now all home and Palmina stayed alone with Palma a moment in this big beautiful fine rooms.
Palma saw outside two Pigeons landing at the windows, which have a view to the San Marco Place. Both seemed to like each other very heartfelt.

In this moment Palma thought that today a big light heart Palma could see in this rooms on the wall.
Maybe a sign for Palma that Palmina is sending him a big heart of light and love.
Yes, today he could feel her thoughts. Maybe she wrote a message to him. Today, after the rehearsal, he can ask her or later at 11 p.m.
Palma stayed on his place at the harpsicord and played the last bars of his new composition for his inspiring pigeon.
He tried if it sounds good, but Palma already decided, that it sounds good, so he will not change the melody of his new composition.

Palmina saw him working on his harpsicord and looked and came slowly nearer and nearer so that she could look over his shoulder directly to the new music score. Palmina smiled and was lucky that she inspires him so much.
Palma could feel Palmina’s smiling friendly behind him and he smiled also.

„Now I have also added a Violin part, Palmina…“

„Oh, Palma, really, you composed a version for several music instruments? …also a Violin solo part?“, Palmina asked very lucky and jumped a little bit on her place, but only a little bit.

Yes, Palma composed a flexible version of his Mandolin solo at the Peony Gondola.

Palmina hugged Palma from behind during he was sitting on his harpsicord and kissed him on his cheek and he could feel this now he took her hands and kissed them soft and tender. Palmina smiled, also her eyes.

* * *

At 23 o’lock later both entered their Peony Gondola and they are sitting now together in the Peony Gondola.
Palma took his Violin and played the music of Palma’s new version.
Palmina looked and listened with shining eyes very interested k and was happy that she could lead Palma il Giovane to this dimension of music.
The Peony Gondola flew now under the stars of Venice and the Gondola flew around the world during the music.
Maybe Marco Polo visited once all these cultures… Palmina looked around from their Peony Gondola and Palma smiled in Palmina’s direction during he was playing on his Violin for her.
She took also her lute and played some music score parts of this creation to make music with him, with her Jacopo Palma il Giovane.

   And the music was like this:

VIDEO:  (Violinsolo in the flying Peony Gondola) https://youtu.be/7Kla_iD5mPM

   (to be continued…)


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221. The Vision of Annunciatione

221. The Vision of Annunciatione

After Palma played heartfelt and full of love his Mandolin solo at the Peony Gondola, Palmina said smiling with her soft sweet voice: „Oh, thank you, my Palma, my composer, my writer…so wonderfully…I love your creations so much…“
Palmina hugged him and took her Lute beside her and played wonderfully their secret love Melody during a pink heart formed by clouds like that:

  VIDEO: (Love Melody Lute solo) https://youtu.be/fiWc3Q5WNC8

After that he kissed Palmina’s talented hands and he felt that she had a little pain on her left finger because she is doing so much “  for the next concerts in the Republic of Venice.

„Don’t exercise too hard, Palmina…“

„YES, I will take care on them according to your wise words, my Master Jacopo Palma il Giovane….

„Yes, my snow white Pigeon, my inspiration, my ….?“

„Can you write this Mandolin o solo for a little group of musicians also Vocals like solo and Choir? Maybe it can be performed in our Republic’s Dogan Palace, always when there is an official evening event for the Guests of our Republic to show them the peaceful respect to other cultures and friends of Venice…“

„Hmmm…for music instruments…“

„It could be a music composition for several occasions…Palma, there is often an official reception every day, all these special guests…you support me to be the solist there and now I would play with our Venice Titian Art Gallery musicians your composition…oh, please, Palma make such a composition transcribing your Mando solo for me to a Variation!“

„Ok, because I love you so much, my inspiring Pigeon…“, Palma said smiling.

Palmina smiled lucky and gave him a tender kiss on his cheek but deeply from her heart and Palma could feel it.

Suddenly Palma was inspired! In this moment both saw thogether a new Peony Gondola Vision and it was like that;

  * * *

Palmina and Palma saw the vision of the painting „Annunciatione“

   picture – Annunciation by Palma il Giovane, Venice, San Geremia

In this vision they saw that Crezia’s doughter Adriana wil be painted as model for this painting. Giulia and Crezia will paint several parts of this painting, link clods, column, building, the base and flowers and so on The saint virgin and the Gang l and the snow white innocent saint spirit pigeons, of course Palma will paint by himself.

And Palma composed also in this moment a music piece in his heart. Palmina could hear now this.music and it was like that;

VIDEO: ( Annunciatione for 2 Instruments https://youtu.be/YbumhbqHxkM

* * *

   (to be continued…)


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220. Mandolin solo in the Peony Gondola

220. Mandolin solo in the Peony Gondola

Marco Polo Mosaic from Palazzo Tursi

And after they saw this Peony Gondola Vision the Peony Gondola moved now along Venice and they saw Venice at evening. He looked at his beloved Palmima and now Palma took his Mandolin and played a Mandolin solo for his Palmina. Palmina inspired him to play a little Inspiration….
Palmina smiled shy and listened sitting with him at 23 o’clock on their mystic Peony Gondola moving along Venice.
Palmina saw in a vision Marco Polo visiting  the cultures of the World sending the peace message.

Palmina smiled with shining eyes and Palma and Palmina felt the connection of their hearts.

The music was like that:

VIDEO: (Mandolin solo at the Peony Gondola) https://youtu.be/sD7EX-KW6lk

  * * *

   (to be continued…)


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219.  Don’t arrest our Cardinal!

219.  Don’t arrest our Cardinal!

  And after that Palma and Palmina continued to see their Peony Vision at 23 o‘ clock sitting together in their Peony Gondola and they saw this:

    * * *

  On San Marco there was a boy selling a lot of the newest newspapers:

  +++ Breaking  News. Breaking News ! New Petition:  „Don’t arrest our Cardinal!“ was started   in whole Europe with big succes  +++ Breaking  News. Breaking News !  New Petition…“
Palma bought fast this newspaper.

„Why they want to arrest the Cardinal? He is so friendly to children…?“, Palmina said  walking in fine Renaissance cloth with her music instrument beside Palma along the San Marco Place to get the next Gondola, bringing them to the little Atelier at the „Fondamenta dei furlani“ beside the Chiesa San Antonin.

„Hmm, I don’t really know why, Palmina… He did so much to protect children from child prostitution…he protected also their families…He founded in Europe so much Institutions like our „Le Zitelle“ on Giudecca Island….to protect poor children  from child-prostitution…I don’t guess it…maybe a clerical intrigues by his enemys in the church…Palmina, maybe the dark sugar earth producing Pharma Concern „Paedo-Pharm“!!!“ pays millions for these intrigues“, Palma answered excited.

„Ooooh noo…poor Cardinal….let’s continue to talk in our next Gondola…
Psst, the spies of the Paedopharm company are maybe all over here…also in our Republic of Venice – our mighty R.O.V…“

Silent they entered the next Gondola and inside they only wispered.

And as Palma came to her ear near to whisper in her ear, she smiled shy.
And Palma smiled also.
He whispered:
„Palma, today, early in the morning a little bird sung so beautiful a melody telling me that you thought on me…maybe you sent a message? Or you played on your instrument for me..“
„YES, Palma, YES, it is…“
and she kissed him and hugged him long.

Later he said to her:
„Palmina, I only heard the people in Venice who at supporting the Petition saying that the Cardinale Borromaeus has so much enemy’s because some contacts of the Vatican, which has strong business relationship to the  Medical  Pedopharm-concern don’t wish that Cadinal Borromaeus, the savior of Church Music, is founding so much Institutions to prevent child prostitution in Europe and Asia, to give them education, music education and a way against poverty. They seem to heat him and they want to arrest him…look here in the newspaper…“,
Palma whispered.
Palmina looked innocent at the newspaper.
(Palma learned her to read and to write).
Palmina read and after a while she said:
„…because ‚he did so much for ill people‘ the paper is writing…“
„Yes, Cardinale Borromaeus is a saint, he saved the European culture of music, the vatican wanted to forbid music after being influenced by the dark sugar network administrators and he saved children…a lot of….and so the Pharma Concern „Paedopharm“  can“t sell their medicine for hyperactiv children so much as they want…so much children died because this medicine…it was often abused to support children prostitution…to break their free will…the President of Pedopharm is been told to be from Swizerland – this newspaper writes – such a scandal! These children killers…They are murders of several hundreds, maybe tousands of children. Maybe Paedopharm is a illegal company from Sitzerland…so much children died from that medicine…poor children… poor parents…they steal the children from parents, from east Europe, to sell them in Asia for Sex-Tourists from Europe and all over the world, this newspaper writes here,.“, Palma explained whispering.

Both continued to read this newspaper. Palmina is holding her lantern to bring some light into this situation…

„Ooh, look, they write that the enemy of Cardinale Borromaeo is maybe Cardinale Bell…and they found out that he managed financially the „Paedopharm selling deal“ to Asia to the pacific island, where so much false priests, wearing actor priest cloth, have visited as Tourists the 8 Oriental style Culture Center…Now they arrested 700 false priests there „in flagranti“, all members of the „Pardopharm“- dark sugar earth network directly at that island…“, Palma whispered

„Wooooh, 700 actors tourists meeting children who consumed the medicin of Swizerland from Paedopharm…also imprisoned…and how much years did the Cardinals from the „Bell-Beauty“ connection get?…“, Palmina whispered.

„All the false cardinals from the „Bell-Beauty“-connection have been judged for 60 years of imprisonment.“, Palma continued to read from the actual newspaper.

* * *

 Their Gondola took her way along the big Promenade from San Marco Palace, till the „Rio de la Pieta“ turning left, where after a few minutes Palma’s little Atelier at the ‚Rio de la Pieta‘ is. He will continue to paint the portrait of Cardinale Borromaeus according his drawing he made (see picture)

picture 01 - Saint Carolus borromäus painting by Palma il Giovane

   picture – drawing of Palma’s painting of the saint Cardinal Borromaeus with the saint virgin and her saint baby

„Look Palmina, my drawing…“

„Oh, so nice…“

„Inspired by your music playing during the last painting Session…“ , Palma said smiling and in his thoughts he smiled because he thought on Palmina’s beautiful music performance which was so inspiring…
Palmina could read in his heart and see why he was smiling and she smiled also.

She put her head on Palma’s side to hear his heart beating, beating for her.

„…will the petition help to avoid that the dark sugar earth will make an intrigue against the savior of the church music and the protector of poor children…?“, Palmina asked shy.
„I will today speak with him alone and I will see if I can speak with people of our Republic, maybe they can help…“, Palma said like a wise father putting his strong arm around Palmina.
Palmina felt secure and her eyes shined in the light of the lantern, which was in the Gondola while the curtains of the Gondola are closed and hiding the daylight.

As they arrived with their Gondola, Cardinale Borromaeus was waiting at the entrance with a lot of body guards, dressed in the style of the 16th century.

    * * *

   (to be continued…)


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218. A invisible letter to Palma’s heart

218. A invisible letter to Palma’s heart

In this Peony Gondola Vision they saw also this:

* * *

Pigeon from 1628 'Annunciation'_by_Palma_il_giovane_ San_Geremia

Pigeon from artwork painting of Palama il Giovane

After that light beam vision Palmina understood also wordless the meaning of this light beam vision.

Both smiled.

Palmina brought later again some fresh warm water and she put her head near to Palma’s ear and wisheted:

„Did you get my new message? I wrote you again a short message…“

„Oh, you wrote me a new message…I did not get it. Hope you made again a copy…But in my heart I felt your positiv thoughts towards me.
It is like you are bringing warm water und putting it in my bath. A warm sympatic dimension is surrounding my heart.
Without touching my body you are reaching me and my heart tender.
This my heart could feel as you send me a message. So, even if someone is stealing it, my heart got it already, my soft Pigeon…“
„Oh, my Palma…All this years…Our hearts are connected through love, art, music…all our letters…“, Palmina wispered.
„..and if you played a composition for me, being far from me, I could feel your positiv thoughts touwards me…an eternal music dimension…without any physical distance ..“

„Yes, my Palma, my composer, my deep love..I play for you on my instrument and you feel it over big distance (I played Solo Nr.4 you composed 2 years ago). Let’s continue to make music in our Peony Gondola and also in our life, here in Venice.“

Palmina kissed Palma tender on his ear and Palma could feel it and smiled.

    * * *

   (to be continued…)


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217. A Light beam from Heaven

217. A Light beam from Heaven

During they saw this beautiful Peony Vision, they hold their hands and smiled.

Palmina kissed Palma’s cheek and Palma kissed Palmina’s talented hands, tender and often in their secret Peony Gondola.
They continued to dream in their Peony Gondola at 23 o“clock and they saw this;

   * * *

Palma and Palmina hugged long standing on the stage during the students applause.

Now in this special situation Palma’s daughter Crezia and Giulia entered also this stage and hugged also Palma and Palmina.

„Bravi, santa Maria… bravi, amore, santa familia…, bravi Jacopo Palma il Giovane…“
the students and special guests said.

Now Mihaela came with a Tambourin on the stage to inspire all musicians to make now some music.

Palma is inspired for painting…

Bildschirmfoto von 2018-08-10 09-09-15

Bildschirmfoto von 2018-08-10 09-09-08

picture – painting by Palma il Giovane ( with musicians)

     * * *

After that Peony vision Palma hugged Palmina.

Then they saw a Vision at Venice;

* * *

In the bath room Palma was in a big wooden bathing-trog waiting for some warm fresh water, because the water was not warm enough…

Palma liked it if Palmina is bringing fresh warm water, putting this new water in „his bath. He smiled thankfully and the warm water surrounded his body in the water and: this felt so tender.
Yes, Palmina did this with so much love and smiling so that these moments has something very personal and positiv.
Palma liked that she smiles and loughts so friendly during she is washing him.
Yes, Palmina is bringing light warm in his lonely life.

Suddenly a light beam was coming from the heaven which was unique.

The light beam shined on boths heads so they could see their eyes looking at each other. Normally in this bathroom there is not so much daylight, even at summer. Now a lightbeam from heaven came through the tiny window (typic tiny for Venice).

Both knew, this lightbeam has a special meaning for them.
This lightbeam often Palma is painting in his artworks.



picture – painting by Palma il Giovane with lightbeam

During this moment they heard a music like that:

VIDEO: (Vl+Piamo „lichtstarahl – Lightbeam“) https://youtu.be/PJZSUd1TVIY

    * * *

   (to be continued…)


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216. Palmina’s selfless love to Palma

216. Palmina’s selfless love to Palma

During  this beautiful Peony Vision Palma smiled and Palmina smiled, both hold now their hands and they could feel this. They feeled it also in their hearts.

And they continued to dream their Peony Gondola vision and they saw this:

* * *

After Palmina played so wounderful Palma was very touched that she played now his secret love song so full of heart.

Palma looked into Palmina’s eyes and Palmina looked into his eyes.
A magic moment.
All students understood and smiled, some looked at each other.
Palma’s daughter smiled. Crezia had tears in her eyes and Giulia was also touched very much.
Palmina could not stop smiling to her Palma. Palma also to her.
After the applause they stood silent and looked smiling at each other. Palma went along the stage in her direction and she stood up.
Suddenly they hugged strong and full with tears of joy.
„Bravi, bravi…amore…maestro Jacopo Palma…amore, amore…nostro maestro Palma… tanti auguri…“
„Bravi, bravi, Palma e Palmina…“
the students said and stood up as they made an extra applause.

* * *
„Such a beautiful Peony Vision“
And Palmina hugged Palma

They remembered also that romantic time as Palma and Palmina’s love was a secret till the moment we saw this Peony Vision.

Yes, and they saw this:

   * * *


   picture – view to San Marco Place with left column – painting by Canaletto

Palma went on an early evening along the San Marco Place to stand near to the left column on which the San Marco lion is. He often stood there to look in the direction of the „Le ZItelle“ (Santa Maria de la Presentatione) at the Giudecca Island on the other side of the water.
Sometimes he could see a light coming from Palmina’s window and if she waves with her lantern in Palma’s  direction he knows: This evening she has time to be with him in the Gondola and she will play for him. Maybe a secret composition he wrote for her.
Palma was so looking forward to be with her and to make music with her.
To talk about music art and so on…

Often Palmina came also to Palma’s family to make a little private house concert at the flat beside the astronomic clock.

Often there where a lot of important guests visiting Palma’s flat.
Michaela, Palma’s cousin, helped as artist and also in the household.

Yes, the last years since Palma’s first wife died; no, also since the last 10 years, since Palma’s second son died, after the first son died, Palmina became more and more a part of Palma’s family. Her music playing healed his pain and the pain of Palma’s first wife, loosing two babies after birth.

picture 2 - Palmina as model for this painting of the saint virgin but he painted her in a variation (Ospedale, Venice)

Pictures – „L‘ Asunta“ by Palma il Giovane (1595) with detail of 2 baby angels  (Ospedaletto, Venice) (left up and right down)


Palma painted the 2 babies as flying baby angels secretly in his artwork ‚L’Assunta‘ at the Ospedaletto in the year 1595 (left up and right down)

Palmina helped always with her beautiful music to help in the hours of tears.

   * * *

Suddenly they saw a Vision of Johann Sebastian Bach’s life like that:

* * *

„Will you wait for me Maria Barbara? We will not see us more than one year if I make now this music study travel to Lübeck?“

„Yes, I will wait for you, my Johann Sebastian…as long I can…Even your letters will not come to me…“
„The mailing post is secure in our 18th century,  but it is more diplomatic if we do not write letters to each other before we are married. If this letter reads someone who wants to destroy our love this may be difficult for us. You know…Intrigues…“

Maria Barbara’s innocent eyes shined and they hugged long and deep.

Bach did his music study travel and his Master Adam Reinken was proud on him.
As the study year was finishes and it was the time to travel back home to Maria Barbara, Master Adam Reinken was sad that such a talented student like Johann Sebastian is not staying in Lübeck according to the old tradition of students.

Back at his first wife Maria Barbara, he composed a beautiful Cantata as surprise for his tender innocent Pigeon.

  (to be continued…)


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215. Secrets in Palma’s Titian School

215. Secrets in Palma’s Titian School

Again together at 23 o’clock Palmina thought friendly and tender on her Palma. She touched soft and very heartfelt his right arm, sitting with him in their Peony Gondola.
Palma smiled and could feel her love deep in his heart and tried also to touch her hand tender and now Palmina smiled.
After this Peony Gondola vision they saw a vision Palma’s and Palmina’s century:

       *  *  *

Palma was teaching painting students in Venice. All listened with big interest, especially two young  women in the first row: Crezia and Giulia. Both smiled and their smiles hide some secrets. They know a lot of the painting secrets, painting secrets and they learned from Palma il Giovane much. Also Palmina was today here, sitting on the little stage, waiting to play between the parts of Palma’s speech about the painting techniques of Master Titian.
Palmina could see from her place how the students listened interested, especially Palma’s two daughters.
Yes, they learned so much that they where able to do some painting work in Palma’s paintings: Landscapes, clouds, buildings and so on.

Palma_il_giovane,_visitazione,_1610-11.jpg  picture – Visitazione (1610-1611) – Here in this artwork Palma’s doughters Crezia (age 28) and Giulia (younger) painted building, mountains and clouds and maybe more as students of the famous art school to help Palma saving time

Especially on huge and big paintings Palma need always some students to help to save time. Palma is the most wanted painter in his century and the students are coming from all over the world to study on his school, only to have the honour to attend this painting school in Venice.
Also the Asian people loved to learn from him European Art Style.
Palmina was proud of her Jacopo Palma il Giovane.
She smiled – and Palma smiled also – he could feel the moment she is smiling.
She was his angel, yes she saved so much live with her music playing.
Once Palmina saved the live of Andriana -Palmina is a miracle.
Her positive energy in her music performance is like a music therapy.
At the Ospedaletto she often healed the hearts of the listening patients there.
At the Titian school is her music performance helping students to work more concentrated and to be more creative. Also for Palma it was a big help. So much students and all wanted to learn from him. Music harmonizes this…
Since Master Titian founded this tradition, to use a female lute playing musician to play during the painting lessons, and the last Lute Solist did’nt continue to play since Master Titian was long time ill, Palma had the idea to give Palmina this music job – He arranged it…

Yes, Palma supported Palmina very much an very often, only to see her smiling during she gave  a concert.

Now she was also the first solist in his famous Titian school and now she played on her instrument between Palma’s speech part.
All loved Palmina’s perfomance.
Today she played secretly a composition of Palma to surprise him.

As Palma realised that she played his composition and that it was a secret love declaration to his Palmina, his heart was sourounded by a warm love light.
Only Palma could figure out what this means: Palmina plays his love song to tell him her feeling for him.
Palma was a little bit shy.
Palmina smiled in his direction shy.
Palmina was proud on her Palma.

             (to be continued…)


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214. The big Inspiration and Bach’s St. Marco Passion

214. The big Inspiration and Bach’s St. Marco Passion


picture San Marco Cathedral in Venice

And as they saw this Peony Gondola vision Palmina asked her Palma:“ Palma?“

„Did you get my Message I send you?“

„Oh no… But deep in my heart I could feel your actual positive thought and saw a big cloud in form of a heart on the sky… But someone erased illegally your message to me….This is a shame…We both have the right to communicate. No one is allowed to erase a message to Jacopo Palma il Giovane!“

„Yes, it is our fundamental rights to communicate! Those who erase our letters want to destroy our deep music friedship…“
Palmina put her head soft and tender on Palma’s side and Palma could feel it. Yes, this night he could feal Palmina’s good thoughts and love and Palma was lucky that Palmina takes care for him, with the help of the Peony Gondola.
And as Palma felt her love they continued to dream the vision and they saw this:

* * *

Bach and his family stood at the famous San Marco Place in the 18 century.
Now they looked at the San Marco Cathedral
and Bach felt the inspiration to write the „Saint Marcus Passion“ and looked at this Cathedral as union of European and Asian architecture art style.


  picture – original Byzantine hourses

Anna Magdalena and his daughters and Pipsy understood: Bach has now an inspiration and Bach startet to compose in his imagination and Anna Magdalena and Pipsy were able to hear in the same moment the music of the Marcus Passion and it was like that:

VIDEO: (Music of Marcus-Passion of Bach)


see also link: https://www.carus-verlag.com/en/choir/sacred-choral-music/st-mark-passion.html

                   (to be continued…)


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212a Bach in Venice in the San Marco Cathedral

212a Bach in Venice in the San Marco Cathedral

And as they dreamed,  again they dreamed the Peony Gondola Vision around 150 later (in the 18th century) as composer Johann Sebastian Bach came with his wife and his doughters (of four) and of course with Pipsy, the little sweet canary bird in the little portable wooden cage, to Venice the city of art and love.

* * *

As the big Gondola came along the Canale Grande, passing the famous Rialto Bridge, reaching now the San Marco Place, all in the Gondola said: „Great!“ „WOOW“  „So beautiful!“ „Amazing!“ Look the two columns“ – „And there the San Marco Cathedral!“
„Peep, peep, peep“
And Bach said finaly“ Come, my dear family. Let us visit this place and see where Palma il Giovane was living in the 16th century“
And all went out of the big family Gondola to followed Bach his way along the San Marco Place.

„Here we are…“
All looked now to the Dogan’s Palace.
„Here is the home of the mighty Dogans… Palma il Giovane arranged it that his secret love Palmina Albina could give concerts to the official events for international guests of the Republic of Venice.“
„Peep, peep, peep!“, little Pipsy said excited and ran left and right on the wooden stick in her cage.

And here is the great San Marco Cathedral where Claudio Monteverdi, a friend of Palma- was choir master in the 16th and 17th century. He was also member of the Venice Titian Art Gallery like Palmina…“


Picture – today’s view at San Marco Place with the astronomical clock. Palma’s flat in the 2nd floor was in the building on it’s left side (Wikipedia)

„And is that the astronomical clock right beside Palma’s flat?“ , Elisabeth wanted  to know from her father.

„Yes, and there in the 2nd floor was the flat of Palma’s family“, Bach answered.

Now they went into the famous golden San Marco Cathedral and lit some candels for all they love.
„Let us lit this candle and pray for Maria Barbara, my first wife, she died to early…“

  And they lit the candels for Bachs first wife and prayed silently.

* * *

And as Palma and Palmina saw this beautiful scene in the 18th century in Venice, Palmina touched Palma’s arm tender and both had also feelings and rememberings and prayers for Palma’s first wife, who died also a few years ago.

Palmina put her head on Palma’s side and Palma put his arm around her and they heard this music vision together in their Peony Gondola:

VIDEO: (Heaven light for Piano and Violin) https://youtu.be/rRBbw4shnrI

  (to be continued…)


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