229. 4 Strings Inspiration

 229. 4 Strings Inspiration

And after they saw this Peony Gondola Vision and listened to this music Palmina plucked on her music instrument:
A – d – e- a

Palma could feel it and he took also his music instrument and plucked

c – g – d‘ – a‘

Palmina smiled and said
„Pi -„

Palma answered:
„- Pa“

…both looked into their eyes and smiled.
Now both said fast
„Liu – to – kiss!“ in the same moment.
And now they kissed short and tender but full of inspiration.

Palma felt again inspired by his Pigeon and composed an Inspiration about the 4 Strings A d e a.
Palmina could  hear this music putting her head again on his side and it was like this:

  VIDEO: ( „4 Strings Inspiration for Piano and Violin“ ) https://youtu.be/qbrJhgRsL2s

    (to be continued…)


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