232. „5 Finger Tremolo“ Inspiration

232. „5 Finger Tremolo“ Inspiration

And after they saw this Peony Gondola Vision Palmina smiled and remembered this time of heart-to-heart communication.

She made a deep sigh.

On one side it was hard not to get the letter they wrote each other, stolen by criminal organisation administrators, but on the other hand the birds helped them to communicate with their music hearts.
It was also a time of spiritual growing.
A time of living on different two places.
Palmina saw always earlier rising the sun on her island, in the morning,  as Palma in Venice.
But Palmina was connected with Palma with their Peony Gondola.

Now the Peony Gondola showed them this important Vision as warning and they saw this:

  * * *

They saw a conference held in Swizerland.
All business administrators of a medicine producing business concern where there and their founder said:
„…We are making this conference because we will talk about expanding our business all over the world. Paedopharm products will soon be available everywhere…“

„…excuse, director, why we are expanding our business so fast? Is there a religious motivation or why we should…“

„…we have now business partners from the vaticane state, a mighty Cardinale, Cardinal Hell is his name I think… he will finance our business deal….ha, ha, ha…and their friends of the 8 Culture Centers, the muslime there, our good friends, will also buy our products, ha, ha, ha…. They want to buy Paedopharm products for their clients.“

„Clients? The Vatican and the Cultural Centres of the Muslime want to buy our Products, why? Officialy our Products are created for hyperactive children and nothing else.
Why they use our medicine for other clients or do they have hyperactive children…?“


„…I mean at the Vatican and at the 8 Cultural Centers…?“

„Ah, ….this we do not discuss, why they are giving that to children…. If they give it to adults they are loosing their ability to remember…This is not our Problem… For us Paedopharm it is only interesting that we are expanding our business. Do you understand?“

„But, but, there are new therapy methods  as alternative for our medicine? Talking-, Music-Art…“

„Oh, dont tell me this therapy methods…
Who needs a Talking-Therapy, so called Psycho Therapy…?
Who needs a music therapy with playing and listening to music?
Who needs a Art Therapy, with doing painting as therapy?

Hm, who needs creativity…?
Hm, who needs persons who can remember…?

We are the most important persons, We have the solution, We have developed this medicine .. We are selling our Paedopharm products for children…“

„..but, sorry, if the Paedopharm products are replaced to this Therapy methods the people will get addicted to our products and loosing their memory and loosing their free will, isn’t it, director…?“

„This is not your problem… If you want to become rich then you sell our products to the Vatican and to the Moslems, and maybe also to the Dark…“

„..to criminal organisation- like the dark sugar administrators and its false priests, who support structural the expanding of child-prostitution, selling children to those who pay…to tourists on that island?..and they are stealing the private letters from the citizens…“

„..this you said, not I, ha, ha, ha…
Who needs psycho therap, ha, ha, ha…
Who needs music therapy, ha, ha, ha..
Who needs art therapy, ha, ha, ha…“

And the director looked at all his money and gold he has in his big box on his table and played with the gold coins and the other participants of that conference looked with very, very big eyes at the plenty of this money and gold coins in this box.

* * *

And after Palmina and Palma saw this Peony Gondola Vision both have been shocked .

„How can people be like that: Only interested in getting more and more money, destroying the life of so much children…“, Palmina said concerned.

„Yes, they make business with criminal organisations like the…“,

„…don’t say it, Palma, we saw it in our Peony Gondola Vision…we are warned about the persons around Cardinal Hell…“

„..the people said that he will not come out of prison not fast as it was told in the newspapers, there are bigger crimes he made, killing those innocent little…“

„…don’t say it, Palma, we read it in the newspapers…they will judge him…“, Palmina said calming down Palma.

Let us think about this time as we dreamed every day about each other during my concert tour on Cyprus Island.

You send me a bird message and you compsed for me…
And they saw now this Peony Gondola Vision.

* * *

Palma finised his drawing and took a music score to write a new music piece.
He looked out of his window at the San Marco Place and thought on his Pigeon.
He could see her sitting and playing in her room, holding her Pipa Lute.
Soft she repeated on tone with the,“5 finger tremolo“ and it sounds so sweet.
Palma smiled he wanted to kiss her hands but he did not want to distub her playing.
So he wrote down the tremolo notes as inspiration for Violin and Piano.

He composed and composed. Palmina is inspiring him now strongly.

And as he was ready with his new composition he saw her music via their Peony Gondola.

* * *
As Palmina received this music she smiled and understood that the repeating tone in the highest part of the piano parts represent the 5 finger tremolo technique of her Lute.
She understands this secret dedication and was very lucky.

* * *

After they saw this Peony Gondola Vision Palma hugged her with his strong arm and Palmina put her head on his side.
Palma could feel it: She want to listened this artwork again.

And she heard the music lying with her head to hear Palma’s music heart and it was like this;

VIDEO: ( „5 Finger tremolo Inspiration“ for Piano and Violin“ ) https://youtu.be/8kHGZFu58uU

   * * *

(to be continued…)


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