259. With the Peony Gondola around the world

259. With the Peony Gondola around the world

  And after they saw this beautiful Peony Gondola Vision Palma and Palmina looked at the colorful sun set evening sky.
Their hearts were open in this dreamy atmosphere.

„Such a beautiful music surprise! „, Palmina said full of love.

„Our deep love Spring – Marco Polo Love Melody…“, Palma said smiling and he hold her with his strong arm a little bit tighter.
Palmina could feel it and smiled.

  „Yes in our heart we made a concert tour around the world…with this melody“, Palma added whispering into her ear during he took her hands and kissed them.

Palmina whispered now also in his ear: „With our secret love melody…“

Yes and now they saw this Peony Gondola Vision:

  * * *
The Peony Gondola moved and flew around the world’s culture and they  saw
how often their love melody was listened by the people of the different cultures in this world.
„Oh, look how beautiful the cultures are on this planet..“, Palmina said.

„On my island I see also much, but with the Peony Gondola I can see how much cultures Marco Polo visited, finally to bring home his beloved Asian Princess with him to Venice…“

„So big is our world…“

And now the Peony Gondola moved soft in direction of Venice.
Slowly they saw the Adriatic sea, slowly they saw Venice coming nearer and nearer…


   picture 1 – Venice at evening

„Oh, look our beautiful Venice!“, Palmina said like a child innocently.

„Yes, Venice, our city of our dreams, our secrets and our love and creativity!“, Palma said like a wise man.

Now the Peony Gondola moved soft and moved around the city of Venice.


   picture 2 – Venice at evening, beside Dogan’s Palace at San Marco Place

They could see the beauty of Venice at this beautiful evening.

Palmina suddenly hugged Palma and said:

„Palma? I want to live with you for the rest of my life…“

And she kissed him on his mouth.

Palma was surprised but Palmina did not stop kissing him.

     Palma felt loved, loved by his Palmina Albina, his white Pigeon, his yellow canary bird, his Saint Spirit Pigeon, his inspiration, his sweet little Chinese Pipa Princess, his painting inspiration, his composing inspiration, his secret byzantin princess, his lute playing baker’s daughter.

  This eternal kiss was done with Palmina’s pure heart and pure love, this Palma could feel so he dreamed and saw the Inspiration of his well known painting of Venus and Mars with the two white pigeons at the down-left side of the big painting.

Palma’s heart was surrounded by her love and light, warm and bright. Palma dreamed of all artworks he will create now and in over hundred of years. Yes, in hundred years he will be a composer and she will inspire him to be a great composer. Yes, he knows and she knows it. They will once see them again.

During this the Gondola moved softly through the evening Venice. All the lights in the windows and lanterns in Venice were  visible in the background of their ones in a lifetime moment.

„Let us stay in Venice…“
„Let us stay in Venice…“

The two dreaming white pigeons said to each other.
Palma hold Palmina’s hand and he could feel it and smiled.

Now a soft wind moved the hairs of both in this moment.

  Palmina took her lute and Palma took his Viola da braccio and both made music in their secret way and nothing could disturb them. Olny the angels, the saints and stars over the the horizon of Venice could hear that secret music.


   picture 3 – Venice at evening, left is Giudecca, right is San Marco Place

* * *

         (to be continued…)
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258 Le Zitelle Choir is singing Palma’s Hymnus on Cyprus Island

258 Le Zitelle Choir is singing Palma’s Hymnus on Cyprus Island

And after they saw this Peony Gondola Vision they continued to dream their Peony Gondola dream like that:

„I do rehearsal so much so my fingers have pain…“

Palma smiled, looked into her beautiful eyes and after a while he took her talented hands and kissed them soft and tender.

After that vision they saw this Peony Gondola Vision:

* * *

Today Palma always looked at the sky and he saw a beautiful cloud heart like that:

  picture 1 – cloud heart at the skydav

„This is a heart from my Pigeon…She thinks on me…“, Palma thought and he looked to the sky.

* * *

Two weeks later.

„Our ship is going the right course. In a few days we are there…“, the Capitain of the Sailing ship said to Palma il Giovane.
A soft wind was now in their face and hairs.
Palma smiled.
Palmina smiled as he saw again a heart on the sky like that:


     picture 2 of heart on the sky

* * *

During Palmina made again rehearsal in her room over the big Place, in Pafos on Cyrus Island she heard suddenly music down at the ancient place.
As Palmina heard the music she felt no paint on her finger.
This time Palmina is doing rehearsal very much on her Lute and  this makes her finger pain a little bit.
But after Palma’s music inspiration for Pianosolo she felt healthy. (Palmina likes to hear this music via the Peony Gondola)

* * *

Today it was again a sunny day, Palmina heard a music outside.
A good girls choir is doing rehearsal down at the big ancient place.

And now they started to make music with all their instruments.

„Oh…this is…“, Palmina said surprised.

She looked out of her window to see the musicians.
She smiled and saw: This is Palma!
My Palma il Giovane is playing the Mandolin! Oh, he playes our secret deep love melody…‘, Palmina said and listened also to the music a while.
„…oh he brought the most famous Singer of Armenia….
What a honour for our small island!
Yes, here on Cyprus Island my mother-side-relative Catharina Cornaio was the last Queen of Zyprus Island in the 15th century and she was also the Queen of Armenia…and  a Byzantine Princess. She was also a honour citizen of the Republic of Venice….“
Palmina smiled and had tears in her eyes.
„Yes, this is my Palma. He comes with the famous Venetian Eurasian Ensemble from Venice  to make a performance for me on that beautiful place here in our city Pafos.
Oh, Signora Ming from the Ming dynasty, living now also at Giudecca Island with her family,  playes the Pipa part…“
This chinese family came once officially protected by the Republic of Venice, from that Pacific Island to move to Venice.
Now Palmina took her own Pipa Lute and started to play the secret love melody together with the performance down at the big place where hundreds of people and children were standing to listen this little open air concert.

All the members of this Venice Titian Art Gallery music ensemble played with all their heart and the people could feel it.
Maybe also because Palmina played in this  moment from her window with her lute happy smiling with them. Palmina’s innocent cheeks turned colourful light-red.
„Oh, my Palma, my composer, my painter, my writer…he took all this long way from Venice with a ship to make a concert for me, to express his sympathy and love to me…Oh, Palma… Oh, my Palma!“, Palmina thought during she played and she made a deep sigh.

And the music she heard was like that:

  VIDEO: ( Hymnus of Cultures Wasserwelt fest 2019 https://youtu.be/OvjKxpeJjfE )

* * *

After they saw the Peony Gondola Vision they looked out of their Peony Gondola over the colorful  horizon with a beautiful evening sunset at the longest day in the year.


picture 3 + 4 of sunset at the longest day in the year with heart at the sky


Palmina smiled and she put her head on Palmas side. Palma put his arm around her and kissd her on her head tender

* * *

         (to be continued…)
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257. After the rehearsal with the Le Zitelle girls choir

257. After the rehearsal with the Le Zitelle girls choir

And after they saw this Peony Gondola Vision they smiled at each other.
They seemed to know a secret but they do not talk about.


„Did you get my messsage yesterday?“


  picture – Messanger-bird singing

„…oh, the administrators of the church of social media did it again…they stole your letter to me from my mailbox…
Buy I felt your tender thoughts in my heart, Palmina…and a bird sung beautifully to bring your bird-message to me.“

Palmina gave Palma a tender short kiss on his cheek and Palma could feel it, so he smiled happy.

Now they saw this Peony Gondola Vision:

* * *

The bell of the astronomical clock on the famous San Marco Place in Venice rung at exactly 17 p.m.


   picture – San Marco Place

Yes, usually Palma had only to look at the left side of the left column at the lagoon water side of the beautiful place, to see if a Gondola with Palmina was there.
In this moment often Palmina appeared sitting in a Gondola exactly as the bell of the clock rung.
But today she is not there because of her far concert tour on Cyprus Island and she is not here in a Gondola.
But as Palma heared the sound of the bell he thought on her nevertheless.
„17 o‘ clock…Time to think on her..Which time she has now on her island?“, Palma thought.
In this moment Palmina smiled also.
Yes, even they would have a different time,  they are thinking on each other.

  „Today the rehersal with the Le Zitelle  children choir was very good. The children and the girls sung my composed melody very well.
Now they can sing it at the little Festival.“…and…“, Palma thought as if he wants to tell Palmina these news.
But he did not tell her more details about it – It will be a surprise for Palmina.
Palmina smiled more in this moment and Palma could feel her strong smile. Palmina feels that Palma is planning a surprise and now Palmina smiled very shy.

  * * *

And after they saw this Peony Gondola Vision Palmina smiled and gave him a little kiss on his cheek.

„Do you plan to make a special performance?….Hmmm?….“

Palma looked around and did not say anything, but he smiled as if he knows a secret.

         (to be continued…)
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256. Organ under construction

256. Organ under construction

As Palmina dreamed this music she tried to contact Palma via the Peony Gondola.

* * *

Palma could feel her positive thoughts and she hold his right hand and Palma could feel it. At 23 o’clock at this day he smiled and Palmina thought also on her composer, her painter and writer.

Now both smiled and started to dream this Peony Gondola Vision and they saw  this:

* * *

Palmina was suddenly 121 years in the future in Arnstadt. She was in the church beside the place at the bakers shop. She wanted to pray a little bit and suddenly she saw how the workers are constructing the new organ in Arnstadt. They lifted a big Organ pipe up to the Organ Gallery.  Palmina opened her mouth and was surprised about the big size of this Prospect Organ Pipe.

She looked up to the organ gallery and it was like that:

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/_qkbAf8mlFw

Palmina made a long sigh and thought: „Who will once play this huge music instrument. Our Organ of Arnstadt?
Who will be the man? Will he have big hands and big feets? Will he be only a instrumentalist or will he be also a composer?“
Palmina was thinking and continued to ask herself:“Will he compose something for my lute? Will he compose a Capriccio for my harpsicord and for my lute? Will I inspire him to compose..? Maybe he feels inspired to compose a Preludium and an additional Violinpart which can be sung by my Sopran voice?… Maybe he will compose the world’s famous Ave Maria in history?
Oh I can feel that there are creative moments coming with this new Organ…Oh I pray for best and creative moments… and even I can inspire him as little yellow canary bird I would sing for him“.

Palmina looked back again up to the organ gallery and smiled.

Now she went back to her home and started to rehearsal on her lute and her harpsichord. Later through her open window the people of Arnstadt could hear a beautiful Sopran voice singing some sweet little songs.

   * * *

         (to be continued…)
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253. Palma is waiting for the Le Zitelle Choir – meanwhile he playes

253. Palma is waiting for the Le Zitelle Choir – meanwhile he playes

And after this Palma and Palmina saw now this Peony Gondola Vision:

Today a bird sung beautiful under Palmina’s window.
It felt as today something special will happen.

So after Palmina’s daily music rehearsal she looked out of her window and saw that something is going on…

Suddenly a music started.

* * *

At the same time, on this sunny early summer day, Palma went to paint in a church in Venice to paint on a new painting, to make some final corrections on the painting of the saint Virgin with saints.

As he finished his work today in this moment, he cleaned his hands and looked arround in this beautiful church.
Suddenly he saw special keybord music instrument, looking like a futuristic version of a harpsichord, but it was not  a harpsichord.
„This is a so called „Welltempered Piano“, Palma thought and he felt as he was dreaming.
Now he thought on his saint Pigeon, far, far away, making a concert tour on this island.
“ If I can play for her and she can feel and also hear me playing“, Palma prayed secretly.
„This is a Weltepered Piano and a present of the Heaven. If you play on it Palmina will hear every note you play on it“, an inner voice said to Palma il Giovane.
Palma sat down on the chair to play something for his inspiration, for his old music friend, for his secret love.
And he played 15 minutes like that:

  VIDEO: https://youtu.be/P8cL3I-pGhE

* * *

And now Palmina smiled and felt as she was surrounded by pink and white Peony Roses. She listened to Palma’s Peony Gondola Music Vision and started to dream:

   (to be continued…)
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252. Sweet bird Dialoge

252. Sweet bird Dialoge



Picture – Peony Rose



„Did you get my Messenger…? Yesterday I wrote …“

„Oh, Palmina. Today a bird sung so beautiful… He sung a bird message from you… Palmina, I got your bird message from a bird-messenger.!“

  And Palmina smiled full of luck.

  „Dear Palma,
I am so proud of you!
You are so creative! I love that.
I wish that our communication never stops.
Even when all those persons who fight against our music love seems to be able to steal all our personal letters, we know that we can send us bird message and hearts on the sky.
I sent you a heart and you can find it as heart of clouds at the sky. Just have a short look.



picture – Palmina’s heart for Palma at the sky

I will never understand why people are stealing your letters from me to you from your mail box…

I am so proud that you are composing for important music projects.
Our music love is changing the world.
I love your music creations very much.
Those criminal people here are not doing things correctly. I feel ashame for them and I feel so sorry that our letters had been stolen by them in the past years. I think that this is their religion to steal and to sell private information.
I am so lucky that my family was not born with this religion and they are not influenced by them. The majority of our island here are not members of this religion. But they try to have much influence in the government, maybe thats the reason for all this development.
Our government should not allow member’s of this religion to be officers in the government departments. They abuse their mighty position to read illegality private letters which is not allowed for them by our state.
What do you think about this problem on our island here?
But love is stronger than their destructive doings and illegal business.
But our secret love connection will stay even all other things are gone…
I thank the heaven for our creative Peony Gondola. Saint Theresa from Avila and Saint John of Crux had also a secret Peony Gondola. The people could see that, as they met first time in the public they lifted 1 meter over the floor like sitting togehter in a invisible Gondola – a Peony Gondola.
I am looking forwart for new creative project with you, my Palma il Giovane.

Your you deeply loving
Palmina Albina, your pigeon“

* * *



    Picture 3 – rose



„Do you like me?“



      Picture 4 – rose

„Oh, yes, Palma, I do.. „

„Oh, my Du lin iang!“
„Oh, my Liu meng mei!“

And both smiled and hugged tender and heartfelt.

         (to be continued…)
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251. Tang Xianzu’s big inspiration

251. Tang Xianzu’s big inspiration

And now they saw this Peony Gondola Vision:

* * *
Tang Xianzu, who was in Venice, spoke with Palma il Giovane.

„Your artwork is in China also a big success. Not only here in Venice we like it;  also far, far in China it is loved..“

„Yes, it is and it is a big inspiration from your real deep love between you and her..“

  * * *
Now they saw Du lin iang standing beside the musik instrument Gu zhin and listened to her singing aria during Palmina smiled and hugged Palma.


The Peony Pavilion – Wikipedia„The Peony Pavilion (Chinese: 牡丹亭; pinyin: Mǔdān tíng; Wade–Giles: Mu-tan t’ing), also named The Return of Soul at the Peony Pavilion, is a romantic tragicomedy play written by dramatist Tang Xianzu in 1598, and the plot was drawn from the short story Du Liniang Revives For Love. It depictes a love story between Du Liniang and Liu Mengmei, overcomes all difficulties, transcending time and space, life and death, and finally get together. Different from the short story, in Tang‘ s play, it is a dynamic integration of the legendary and the reality in Ming Dynasty. Scenes of love in dreams, Du Liniang’s revival, or any supernatural element seem absurd in play, but it reflects the sprout of humanism, through protagonists‘ strong desire and unremitting pursuit of free love, and uncovers the degeneracy of the society under feudalism at that time.

The play was originally written for staging as Kunqu opera, one of genres of traditional Chinese theatre arts, and first performed in 1598 at the Pavilion of Prince Teng. With its sophisticated plot, magnificent dramatic structure and well-depicted characters, The Peony Pavilion has become the most popular play of the Ming dynasty, especially the well-depicted character, Du Liniang, which became one of the female representative in ancient Chinese drama. Most audience and contemporary critics made a high estimation on the play. It has become one of the most classics in traditional Chinese theatre art, and Kun theatre troupes can not consider their repertoire complete without this play.

Tang Xianzu was one of the greatest dramatists and writers in Ming Dynasty, and The Peony Pavilion can be regarded as his most successful masterpiece in his life. It is also one of drama in Tang’s famous collection Linchuan si meng (The Four Dreams in the Jade Tea Hall), the other three plays are Zichai Ji (The Purple Hairpin), Nanke Ji (A Dream Under the Southern Bough) and Handan Ji (The Handan Dream). Both the play and its dramatist get a high reputation on Chinese and international stages, and the study on Tang Xianzu has become a popular subject today.

The play has a total of 55 scenes, which can run for more than 22 hours onstage.“

  (to be continued…)
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250. Palma’s secret music dedication

250. Palma’s secret music dedication

   And after this music Peony Gondola Vision they continued to see a Vision. It was in the year 1581 in Venice. A special time of secret walks on the secret gardens of Venice. Daily Palma painted her and played a new music piece for her. Often she performed a new composition of Palma on her Lute for him.
Often Palma huged Palmina and liftet her so that her beautiful legs did not touch the floor of the garden.

At the evening of this beautiful walk in the nature and gardens of Venice he brought her home to the rooms of his mother, the famous rooms of the „Venice Titian Art Gallery“ where Master Titian once listened to the famous concerts as cultural program of the Republic of Venice.

This time Palma sat again to the harpsichord to play something beautiful for his deep love.

Palmina sat down to listen Palma’s personal concert and he played beautifully in this nice palazzo for her like that:

  VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/250977540

paintings: Palma il Giovanne:

„Oh this was so beautiful, Palma. It touched my heart. Thank you. I remember…All this beautiful rememberings…
May I try it on my lute? …on my Pipa…or on my Venetian Lute to play it again?
Oh, my composer!
…I can’t play harpsicord…
…sure in 122 years I will be able to play it…“, Palmina said with her beautiful soft voice.

„But you promise me…If we see us later you will also play harpsichord, hm..?“

„Ok, even if I have to be again a baker’s daughter, who is lute playing and I will bake all the fine little breads like I did in Venice.“, Palmina said and looked smiling and very innocent.

„…and I promise you to be a good composer, a famous composer and you will be proud on me, my sweet Pigeon!“, Palma said in a moment of feeling a huge vision…I will come and buy again this little fine white round breads and order a coffee so during that I will write a composition for you…“

„Oh yes, Palma…what famous composition you will then write… All women will love it in the future of music history“, Palmina said with a deep sigh in her Voice.

         * * *

       (to be continued…)
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249. A music bird message to Palmina

249. A music bird message to Palmina

Now they saw this Peony Gondola Vision:

A bird sung for Palmina:

VIDEO: (bird message) https://youtu.be/Arix0cEiU0w

»Venice, 15..
(Love-letter 249.)
Dear Palmina!
Today I got again a bird message from you.
The bird sung your message and I could feel and understand it with my heart.
Thank you for your ‚happy birthday wishes‘ to my mother.
She is sending you also greetings and best wishes for your concerts far, far away from our beautiful Venice.
We often speak about you.
My music talented cousin Mihaela is praying for you that all will go the right
and best possible way for our creative future.
Oh, my Pigeon, my yellow Canary bird, my inspiration, my saint spirit Pigeon, my Santa Cecilia, my Lute playing Musician.
When will our common creative way for music projects be official…
I have composed a new music creation, named „Expectation“ for 2 Instruments.
It is based on the Pipa-Lute strings
A – d – e – a.

In our secret Peony Gondola we can listen to this music creation together.
Looking forward to see you at 23 o’clock.
I send you deep love and hugs.
Your you deeply loving

Palma il Giovane, your painter, your composer, your writer«

* * *

And after they saw this Peony Gondola Vision Palmina took her lute an plugged:

A – d – e – a

After these 4 tones Palma took his Viola da braccio and plugged as answer:

c – g – d‘ – a‘

Palmina could feel it in her heart and Palma could also feel it in his heart.
Palmina put her head on Palma’s side and is touching Palma’s right arm.
Now she is holding his right hand.
Yes, Palma could feel this and smiled lucky.
Palmina could feel his smile without looking at his face.
Now both hugged and heard this music:

  VIDEO: („Erwartung – Expectation“ for Piano on Violin (35e) https://youtu.be/W14BAqHx-1c

           (to be continued…)
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248. Bach as Composer of the King

248. Bach as Composer of the King

Bildschirmfoto von 2019-05-30 21-41-27.png

picture – Bach gets the letter from the king

And after that music they continued to see their Peony Gondola Vision and it was like that:

* * *

»Really, Daddy, you composed the Praeludium [BWV 846] for her and she played it on her Lute the first time?«

»Oh, Dorothea! Oh Elisabeth! My daughters! Yes, she inspired me a lot of years. We had a good music friendship. I am so thankful to her. Without her I would not be a composer today. Yes, I wrote to this an additional part. I can play it here in Venice and show you…later, later, my daughters…«
And Anna Magdalena Bach said: »Hmm, we have to thank her. Without her and your decision to compose for her and to be a real composer you would never get the high qualification to be over 30 years later the king’s composer. What a high honour you reached 1736…«

»Yes, 1736. In this year I got the letter from the king…«, Johann Sebastian said and looked around the place as if he is knowing this place.

»…we waited 3 years for this important letter…«, Dorothea said proud.

»and no one dared to steal the letter from the king to the famous composer Johann Sebastian. «, Elisabeth said also proud.

»Oh, don’t say it to loud. I want to be incognito here in Venice. As my colleague G.F. Händel was here in Venice they asked him to give a concert in the historic rooms of Palma il Giovane’s flat….«

It was very nice to sit in front of the old bakers shop where once Palmina lived and worked and played on her lute of 150 years ago. She played here on her lute for the famous painter and musician Palma il Giovane.
»I remember very good«, Ann Magdalena said and they drunk their tea at the place »Campo Bandiera a Moro«
»…I gave a big Organ Concert at the famous Silbermann-Organ in Dresden at the Frauenkirche. This to say THANK YOU to the KING for the big honour to be his composer after I got the official letter from the king.«, Bach said whispering to his women.

* * *

And after that Vision Palma and Palmina saw the Peony Gondola Vision of Bach’s life in the year 1736.

At this moment Bach gets the letter from the King.
From that moment Bach was the official composer of the King and they heard also Bach playing the official „Thank you Concert in Dresden“ and it was like that:

VIDEO: (Bach at the Organ in Dresden 1736) https://youtu.be/3SDtHXANKVU


(to be continued…)


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