273.  With the Peony Gondola along the Canale Grande on planet Mars

273.  With the Peony Gondola along the Canale Grande on planet Mars

And Palmina and Palma listened to the music and after a while Palma fell asleep for a few minutes.

  Palma seemed to dream something.
 Suddenly Palma said: »…Yes, YES, Palmina I will…«
 And Palmina caressed his head soft and kissed him tender on his head and whispered in his ear tender:   »Palma, what did you dream about?«
 »Oh, Palmina, I dreamed that you wrote me a little message like ‚Can you read this? -Please write me!«
Palmina was surprised and said:
»Oh, Palma, really? I wrote really to you now this short message and you did not get it?«
 »No, Palmina, I did’t get your short Message. I saw it in my dream…
I think that the illegal Church of Social Media and his radical religious extremist administrators read your message secretly and decided to erase it so I did not get it…«
 »Oh, No, Palma. How often I send you a Message during these 3 years…«

»Deep In my heart I could feel you are thinking on me, writing to me… «

»Yes, I felt it also in my heart and I discovered your creative nice secret love dedications to me..but,…Shhht, Palma…«, Palmina put her finger on Palma’s lips smiling.
 Do not talk to much about this problem. We have us here in the Peony Gondola.«
»Yes, Palmina, you are right. But, they are religious fanatics and I read in the news paper that some governments in the world will forbid them their illegal radical activities as officers and public persons…«
  »…You mean the governments will punish them for what they did to us and to all others with stealing our private messages?«
 »I think this will world wide happen…«
For a while they did not say anything.
 Palma and Palmina made a long breath and a long sigh.

And they continued to dream their Peony Gondola Dream and they saw this:

              * * *
 Now Palma and Palmina made a nice walk along the ancient Schiaparelli Mars City.
 They saw old paintings, old mosaics, old buildings.
In a vision they saw suddenly the city 4600 years earlier:
 »Look, Palma, how nice this city was once. The Planet had a well atmosphere with a good air to breath with plants and animals and beautiful culture….«
 »Oh, look at the nice streets. This might be the shopping street, hm?«
 And Palma and Palmina went hand in hand very relaxed along the long shopping street of this ancient beautiful city.
 They looked around and they saw also ancient music instruments.
 »Oh, look this music instrument, I know how to play…but I don’t know the name…«
»We should ask them…«
»Palmina, they don’t speak our language. They speak a Martian language…«
They looked along the huge and representative palace. It remembers them a little bit Venice, but only a little bit.
Later they went to the 2 km long wall around the ancient city district from which they had a good view inside the landscape of the little Crater.
 »Look, down in the centre, there is a Canale Grande like in Venice…«, Palmina said.
And as they went back to enter the Peony Gondola the Vase was still beside the Gondola.
 Suddenly a beautiful women appears in a light vision like a princess and said as Peony Gondola Vision:
 »My friends, this Vase will inspire you…Take it as a present from our Planet and as peace message for the whole world of planet earth …«
And the beautiful women smiled and there was a fine smell of rose and peony rose flowers around the saint woman full of light…

Palma and Palmina foulded their hands like praying children and like greeting in an Asian way.

 »Thank you, saint women, gratie, xie xie, gratias agimus tibi…«, Palma said.
 Palmina smiled and was a little bit proud on her Palma, he allways reacts in a diplomatic way. (Palma lived for years at the Embassy in Rome)
 The Saint women smiled and blessed them with a gesture and the smell of rose made them feal lucky.
 Then the Peony Gondola moved soft down along the crater leaving the ancient district of the Mars City and landed soft down there on the water of the Canale Grande of this Schiaparelli Mars City.
 »Woooh, look it is like our Canale Grande in Venice…And there are interesting buildings…and look: They planted the Salvia flower to repair the Mars Atmosphere«, Palmina said and smiled.
As the Gondola moved slow along the Salvia flowers Palma took one and gave it Palmina as love symbol and smiled.
 Palmina took it smiling and sniffed on the Salvia flower; and her cheeks turned shy light red.
  And Palmina had now romantic feelings and she started to hold Palma’s right hand and he could feel it. Palmina put her head on Palma’s side and Palma put his arm around her and put his head also to her side.
 Side by side they moved in the waters of the Canale Grande on Mars and they heard the 5th of  Palma’s Mars music creation of his little »Mars Suite« and it was like that:
VIDEO: ( Violin and Piano »V. At the Canale Grande of the Schiaparelli Mars City« – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVT5Wx1yCB4

(to be continued…..)

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