289. Vivaldi and Bach speaking about Palmina

289. Vivaldi and Bach speaking about Palmina

picture - View from bridge near the Ospedale music schol for orphan girls  de la Pieta in Venice.png

picture – View from bridge near the Ospedale de la Pieta music school for orphan girls in Venice 

»Daddy, you are very famous here in Venice…«, Johanna Carolina said and was proud that these famous musicians from Venice wanted to have a signature on their music score by Johann Sebastian Bach.

And after a long while the girls run back to the ‚Ospedale la Pieta‘ – their shelter where the girls without parents having their home in Venice. Antonio Vivaldi stayed and sat down to the table where the Bach family was sitting.

»Want you have a meal with us? Let us talk about the last 35 years…«

»Yes, good Idea. … Oh, please also a Spaghetti Pomodore a la Marco Polo, please, Signorina..«, Antonio Vivaldi said to the young waiter girl.

»Fa bene, Maestro Antonio Vivaldi, Spaghetti Pomodore a la Marco Polo…«, the waiter girl answered.

Johann Sebastian and Antonio Vivaldi spoke now the whole time about their last 35 years and what changed in their life in Venice and in Germany.

»Here in Venice, here in this bakery shop house lived once the famous lute playing Palmina Albina,
who inspired Jacopo Palma il Giovane to his famous paintings and a lot of compositions…«

Bach smiled and nodded knowing this story.

»Was she not also music teacher here once?«, Anna Magdalena Bach asked Antonio Vivaldi.

* * *

And as Palmina and Palma saw this Peony Vision Palmina put her head on Palma’s side and smiled lucky.

»The musicians are speaking about you, Palmina. Even after over hundred years they know that you made concerts with that brilliant girls Orchestra.«, Palma said proud and put his arm around her and Palmina could feel it.
And Palmina also felt Palma’s big love in this moment, in this Peony Gondola hour, at this 23 p.m. o’clock, which is surrounding her like thousands of Peony Roses.

Palmina smiled and said looking up to his head.
»Oh, Palma. That the world is not forgetting me as musician it is your love who made this possible……We had good concerts at the Ospedale de la Pieta…«

»I know, Palmina. And if we are back to our 16th century we will continue to do these concerts, will you?«

»Oh, yes, Palma, my Palma, yes, i will…«

And they continued to see the Peony Gondola Vision and they saw this:

* * *

Now all around the table were very silent as if everyone thinks about the story of Palma and Palmina of the 16th century.

»After a while Antonio Vivaldi said: »You can come and visit our Ospedale de la Pieta. We have a music archive there, a very good and great music library. There are also compositions of Palma il Giovane. We have the original version of the ‚Missa Ospedale de la Pieta‘ he composed for our Orphan children.«

»Oh, Daddy, let us visit the Ospedale over there. They have a lot of music instruments¹ and music score. Oh please, Johann Sebastian Bach«, Johanna Carolina said.

Lisghen and Dorothea smiled looking interested to each other.

(to be continued…)


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¹) Ospedale de la Pieta (music school for orphan girls) – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ospedale_della_Piet%C3%A0

»…From an instrument inventory dated 1790 we learn that during that year the Pietà hospital had still “four violins with used bows, four cellos, seventeen violins, two marine trumpets [this may in fact refer to violino in tromba marina], six small violas, two viola d’amore, two mandolines, two lutes, one theorbo, four hunting horns with accessories, two psalteries with harmonic box, two cymbals, three flutes, two big cymbals with spinets, six spinets. «

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