300. A secret music evening in Venice

300. A secret music evening in Venice

And Palma put on his little working table (it was in the year 1593, not 1596) an aditional instrumental part music score to the composition „Golden Proportion“ beside all the paint brushes and colour glasses.

During he was painting on the scaffolding in the San Saba Chappell (which is in the Chiesa San Antonin)
Palmina came today again to bring him food and breads.

As she saw the music score she smiled silent.
Then she looked up to the scaffolding.
She could not see him. So she took her lantern and went the steps up in the saint Saba chappell.
The soft dark blue light from the window up at the right side made a little bit light up there where Palma il Giovane was sleeping.
Silent she put the lantern down, took het lute and started to play Palma’s composition very tender and soft.
Palma heard this and dreamed to fly with the Peony Gondola with Palmina through the heaven of inspiration. She appeard as Saint Cecilia and played for him on her music instrument.
Palmina smiled because she could read in his heart and could see his music dreaming


     Picture – instrument part music score „Golden Proportion“

(To be continued…)

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