346. In the Peony Gondola where the souls meet

346. In the Peony Gondola where the souls meet


Picture – one of the views in Venice to the Chiesa Maria della Salute

And they continued to dream their Peony Gondola Vision:

* * *

Palma could feel that Palmina feels a little bit weak and he huged her and said:
„The Pandemy will change nothing between you and me even all our concerts are canceled in our countries.
Here at the Peony Gondola we can make music together with no risk of infection of the Pandemic Virus.“

Palmina felt now the golden light which was between them.
She feels that Palma likes her from the begining like she is – yes, like she is.

Palmina send Palma today two hearts and Palma could feel it.

Palmina smiled and her smile gave Palma power to finish the 3rd movement of his music creation.

  Picture – music score (41) of Dialogue for Pipa and Viola by Gerald Spitzner



(to be continued…)

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