122.The Peony Gondola in Hong Kong

122. The Peony Gondola in Hong Kong

As Palma dreamed about this letter and stood up the next morning, alone, in Venice, his black white cat named »KALU«, came and »purred« very friendly.
»Kalu, are you hungry? Let’s make us a little breakfast….«

Palma went to the window in the »Campo San Provolo« and the air smelled like fresh bakery bread.

He made a long sigh an thought: »Where is my Pigeon? Where is my little yellow canary bird? Where is my Lute? Where is my eternal love and inspiration?«

»Ah Mihaela is awake«, Palma said as he saw her window, up there, straight a head in the 2nd floor, »…she takes care of Adriana. She makes for her a breakfast, I am sure…
I will go to Palmina’s bakery shop and bring some little fresh »Panini« (the little fine, white fresh breads, which Palmina once invented and all people in Venice are loving).

And Palma went along the Campo dei »San Zaccaria« and along the long promenade on the lagoon water along »Riva degli Schiavoni«.

The birds and especially the Pigeon, and especially a sweet byzantine Pigeon greeted him in this fresh morning hour. At 6 o’clock it is not so bright in the morning as in the last weeks. But now, one hour later, it is very bright here in Venice »Yes, the days are going to be shorter now. The Summer will end in a month…«
After Palma went to the left side to go directly to the »Campo Bandiera e Moro«, where Palmina’s bakery shop is, he went into the shop and the smell of fresh bread was amazing.
But something is missing here the smell was not perfect…Palmina is not here.
»Oh, Signore, Palma il Giovane. You came only to buy the fresh breads because of me, isn’t it?«, the female colleague of Palmina said.

Palma smiled shy but his eyes said »I desire to see Palmina, but she is now in Hong Kong performing my compositions in Asia.«

As if she understood his eyes she did not expect any answer from him.

Palma took some »Panini« and some chiffon, the »chiffel«, which only taste the best if Palmina sold them.
Oh how Palma is desiring to see Palmina again. His thoughts are only with her. She is his inspiring Chinese Lute playing Pigeon.

»Have a nice day, Signore Palma il Giovane…Your sweet Pigeon will soon be back in Venice. Believe me, we all love her. Her mother, you, me, Mihaela, Adriana, your mother, whole Venice is hoping, praying and expecting that she comes back…Don’t lose your hope…«, the backers colleague lady said friendly. Yes she also feels how much Palma is loving her.

The byzantine Pigeon at the window made in a soft high tone »Groo, Groooooooooo, Grooooooo« and Palma smiled and thought «today I will think on her in the Peony hour«

And Palma went home bringing the fresh bakery things to Mihaela and later to Kalu which was still waiting during his mother was sleeping.

* * *

As Palmina and Palma saw this morning-scene sitting in their Peony Gondola, Palmina kissed Palma on his right cheek.
Palma smiled and put his strong arm around her shoulder and kissed her also on her cheek.
Both smiled.
»Oh, how I wished to be with you now together with this Gondola in Hong Hong and you can hear me performing your compositions there on my Pipa Lute and Venetian Lute«, Palmina said.

And in this moment on the heaven appeared the image of Saint Lucy (see image)

picture 8 - Palmina inspired Palma to paint Saint Lucy

picture – painting of Palma il Giovane of Saint Lucy

She changed to the Chinese princess Mioa Shan, who lived in the 7th century in China and is known and famous and loved all over Asia, and she made a gesture with the plant in her hand and suddenly the Peony Gondola started to fly over Venice, over Italy, over all countries till they arrived the Harbour of Hong Kong.

The flying wind was very soft and the clouds had beautiful colours as they crossed the heaven. Palmina and Palma were surprised.
They hold themselves in their arms and loved each other with their hearts and they covered themselves with light and love.

(to be continued…)


[#Art] Violin-Viola solo “END Dolphinslaugther in Taiji, Japan“

Violin-Viola solo “END Dolphinslaugther in Taiji, Japan“
by Renate & Gerald Spitzner, 2014-02-23
[#] Violin-Viola, Dolphins, Dolphin, Taiji, Cove, music, Violin, Viola, Art
#Violin-Viola, #Dolphins, #Dolphin, #Taiji, #Cove, #music, #Violin, #Viola, #Art


Violin-Viola solo for Albino Dolphin…

Violin-Viola solo for Albino Dolphin Baby #Shoujo (Angel)

(click to see the #ShortVideo):

by Renate and Gerald Spitzner

[#] #Dolphinbaby #Shoujo, #Dolphin Baby, #Shoujo, #Violin, #Violin-Viola, #Viola, #Bratsche, #Duo, #Violin #ShortVideo

Strong Media attention: #Bodypainting…

Strong Media attention: #Bodypainting against #Dolphinslaughter in #Vienna (Austria)
Medienauflauf in Wien gegen Delphinschlachten
Art-Bodypainting against Dolphin killing at Taiji,Japan
Bodypainting am historischen Stephansplatz in Wien

(1)_ http://www.meinbezirk.at/wien-01-innere-stadt/leute/bodypainting-gegen-das-delphinmassaker-stephansplatz-wien-d833357.html
(2)__ http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1081148

SEE MORE PICTURE – weitere Fotos  http://imgur.com/a/9TdQB