350. Venice without Tourists like in a dream


350. Venice without Tourists like in a dream


picture – view Venice without Tourists

And Palma could feel deep in his heart that Palmina is thinking on him and, sending him maybe 4 times messages  on facebook messenger.

And now at 23 p.m. they dreamed to be together in their Peony Gondola.
Palmina touched Palma’s right arm and Palma could feel it.
Palma smiled. A warm golden light energy.
Palmina also smiled and they saw now this Peony Gondola Vision:

* * *

21th century in Venice.

Palma and Palmina are goning side by side, hand in handy slowly romantic along the beautiful city of Venice.

„Are we dreaming, no Tourists in Venice…“

„Yes, we both are dreaming. But this is the real Venice during the Corona – Virus epidemic in Europe, Asia, America, Africa…“

„…Oh, I see, we are here in our dreams but in the real Venice. Look there is the Rialto Bridge…

…All shops ar closed, also the market“, Palmina said shy with her soft voice.

„All over the world it is forbidden to leave the own home – Corona Virus Pandemic“, Palma.explained.

„…Oh, like we have it now at home…
But we are allowed to walk together in our Peony Gondola Dream…Oh, Palma..“
And Palmina showed her her handy with all her hearts and smilies she sent him with Facebook messanger.

Palma smiled and said that he could feel her positive energy from heart to heart.

Palma looked ad his Messenger and there was nothing on his display.

„They erased my messanges to you…the administrators from facebook messenger…“, Pamina said with a sigh in her words.


   picture 2 – closed marked beside the Rialto Bridge in Venice (positon of Palmina’s marked stand  in the 16th century)

Now the crossed the big and beautiful Rialto Bridge.
At the other side there is the traditional marked beside the little church with the 24h display – all shops there are closed.

„Here you sold the little fine white breads in the 16th century…I remember…“

„Oh, yes, Pama I also remember !

„…and you played always on your Venetian lute…“

„…often I played a creation of you and the People bought more breads as I played your Melodies…I was so proud to have always new creations from you, my Pama, my painter, my composer, my big old love…“

And Palmina startd to give a soft kiss on his cheek, shy like al little yellow canary bird. Palma took Palmina and hugeed her.

  Picture 3 –  music score if the „Waiting  Melody“ by Gerald Spitzner (in octace treble key notation)


(to be continued…)

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65. Palmina’s Lute playing and Palmas old remembering

65. Palmina’s Lute playing and Palmas old remembering

During this wonderful Lute playing of Palmina, Palma il Giovane dreamed and dreamed and he remembered about their time in the 16th century in Venice.

As he opened shortly his eyes a little bit to see his beautiful »secret-heart-princes« he saw that Palmina deeply played with inspiration. He could feel also that she played especially for her Palma – She played secretly some »anonymous« Artwork (This »anonymous composer« is Palma il Giovane).
He smiled – only she and he had this common »secret« – and he remembered what beautiful things they had here in the 16th century together, here in Venice.
As Palma smiled stronger – Palmina played now with closed eyes – Palmina smiled suddenly during she is playing with her closed eyes. So Palma could see with his own eyes that Palmina reacted maybe telepathic and was connected with her »heart-to-heart« connection with Palma.
Now Palmina played a wonderful romantic part of Palma’s »secret composition« and she radiated from her heart such a beautiful warm energy in Palma’s direction.
Master Lao and Princess Lin and other secret Masters of other cultures understood this waves of sympathy.
For the other people in the auditory this waves are just beautiful energy and they liked it. Palma smiled again – he understood that she answered with this love-heartfelt-waves during she played.

Suddenly Palma remembered and closed again his eyes and was again dreaming:

It was after the big long time they did hear of each other nothing. (Palma did not know that they moved to Cyprus-Island for over 1½ years and her letters did not come to him (Mr. Cambridge’s »security organisation« stole all letters from that island and sold it to the enemy. The members of the »Church of Security« will now all be judged by the Republic of Venice.)

01 Where Palmina meet again

picture 01: Where Palma and Palmina meet again (Calle de la Pieta)

He remembers: They met suddenly in the »Calle de la Pieta« and smiled wordless.
After this they met there silently every day at the early morning.

02 Calle de la Pieta and bridge (right)

picture 02: Calle de la Pieta and bridge (right)

Palmina had to bring the fresh breads to the boat at the bridge over the »Rio de la Pieta« at the end of the »Calle de la Pieta«

03 Here Palmina load the boat every day in the early morning

picture 03: Here Palmina load the boat every day in the early morning

After that her father and her brother came and brought this full-of-bread-loaded-boat to the markets of Venice. (One was at the market at the Rialto-bridge (West-Venice).

In this 3 to 4 hours Palmina had time to rehearsal in her little room over her little garden.
But at one day Palma came with his Mandolin and played for her a secret Love-Melody under her window in the »Calle de la Pieta« in her little garden (today there is a wall – see picture 01 right side)

04 Palma waited playing his Mandolin in a little Gondola

picture 04: Palma waited playing his Mandolin in a little Gondola

Palmina understood it means: »Palmina, come I brought a little Gondola for you. It is waiting under the bridge in the »Calle de la Pieta«

(picture: Here Palma waited often with his little Gondola on her playing the Mandolin. Exactly here Palmina loaded every early morning the boat with fresh, fine, white breads)

(picture: Little Bridge where Palmas little Gondola waited and she entered it using the steps«)

Palmina understood him without words. Fast she came smiling and followed his music. Palma played on his Mandolin as he was going back the »Calle de la Pieata« to the little bridge where the Gondola was waiting for her in »Rio de la Pieta« (picture).

As he sat in the Gondola playing for her she came smiling and fast with her Lute and a basked of fine, fresh, little white breads.

05 Palma moved the Gondola direct to the near little Island

picture 05: Palma moved the Gondola direct to the near little Island

Now she entered his Gondola. Palma stood up and moved the Gondola with his own power straight a head along the »Rio de la Pieta« directly in the direction of the neighbour island »San Giorgio Maggiore« *)

08 Isola_di_s_giorgio_maggiore_pano


picture 07: Little Island »San Giorgio Maggiore«

*) San Giorgio Maggiore – wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Giorgio_Maggiore

»San Giorgio Maggiore (Venetian: San Zorzi Mazor) is one of the islands of Venice, northern Italy, lying east of the Giudecca and south of the main island group.«


picture 08: Little Island »San Giorgio Maggiore«

Palma smiled and was lucky to have now 3 or 4 hours only with her – to take a little walk in the green gardens of the small beautiful »San Giorgio Maggiore«. To speak with her about art, music, painting. To draw her during she is playing on her Lute only for him.

06 Rio de la Pieata is heading directly to the Island


picture 06: Rio de la Pieta is heading directly to the Island

The Gondola moved straight ahead to the little island »San Giorgio Maggiore«, which was the nearest and first excursions destination of Palma and Palmina in their live.

So they had today also a little walk together there in the nature and gardens

10 Gardens of the Island


picture 10: Gardens of the little Island

Palma tried to paint her in the gardens.
Palmina played during this often one of his »anonymous« compositions for her and she made also some variations and added a 2nd bass-voice with beautiful accords like it will be soon usual in music-history in the next century as »Basso Continuo« *) So Palmina played a pre-form of a »Basso continuo« (Palmina was very creative in her century and always heading to future of the music without loosing knowledge of traditions)

*) »Basso Continuo« – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Figured_bass#Basso_continuo

Basso Continuo – »Figured bass, or thoroughbass, is a kind of musical notation in which numerals and symbols (often accidentals) indicate intervals, chords, and non-chord tones that a musician playing piano, harpsichord, organ, lute (or other instruments capable of playing chords) play in relation to the bass note that these numbers and symbols appear above or below. Figured bass is closely associated with basso continuo, a historically improvised accompaniment used in almost all genres of music in the Baroque period of Classical music (c.1600–1750), though rarely in modern music.«


09 San Giorgio Maggiore and Venice (where Palmina lived in the 16th century)

picture 09: San Giorgio Maggiore (middle) and Venice (up) where Palmina lived in the 16th century)


They did this so often. It was their first creative short art and music projects.
And often they where alone.
Often they went to see how the edification of the new church *) on that island went on. Palma made often some fast drawing of this building-progress. (The church was build between 1566 (Master Titian died 10 years later in 1576) and 1610. Much later – after 1610 – Palma and Palmina will often go into this beautiful church to see the paintings and Palma will also often have visions about which paintings will be made there in the future.) The slow, but continuous edification of the church (1566-1610) was also a symbol of the strong heart-to-heart relation between Palma and Palmina through time and space – through good and difficult times.

*) (Church) San Giorgio Maggiore (church) – wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Giorgio_Maggiore_(church),_Venice

»San Giorgio Maggiore (church) is a 16th-century Benedictine church on the island of the same name in Venice, northern Italy, designed by Andrea Palladio, and built between 1566 and 1610. The church is a basilica in the classical renaissance style and its brilliant white marble gleams above the blue water of the lagoon opposite the Piazzetta and forms the focal point of the view from every part of the Riva degli Schiavoni.«


These 3 to 4 hours, the beautiful hours of the day, where filled with creativity, love, creating artworks and heart-to-heart tenderness.
Palma remembered all this beautiful, creative and unique moments.

* * *

As they saw this in their Peony-Vision, in their common Peony-Gondola.
Palma laid also his head on her side.
And she stroke with her hand his head. Palma smiled – Palmina loves Palma really from her deep heart.
This love is so strong that they had to hide their love in front of others.
They often did not talk to each other in the Art-Gallery or in the public, so that Mr. Cambridge and his »Security Organisation« (»Church of Security«) can not make any intrigues and telling »lies« against them. *)

*) (»Church of Security« tell its members to tell lies about other people to destroy families and friendships systematically, with the aim to get all the private money of such isolated victims and families.
As soon the »Church of Security« is forbidden in Europe there will be also more possibilities for the love of Palma and Palmina and they have not to be a secret pair.

Palmina smiled and moved her music instrument Pipa in Palmas direction, to his music instrument Viola. Palma moved his Viola also in the direction of the head of the Pipa.
So now both heads of the instruments gave each other a tender »kiss«.
Palma thought: »Our music instruments love each other…«
Palmina answered directly: »…like we do it…«

Palma smiled and was not surprised that she could guess his thoughts.
She could read in his heart and he could read in her heart. The Peony-Gondola makes this possible.

(to be continued…)

4. Two Pigeons music-inspiration (‚Mars+Venus‘ Palma il Giovanne 5) [eng/de]


(german translation see below / Deutsche Übersetzung siehe unten)

Mars and Venus on the little Venetian Island

or the two tender loving pigeons (2 Pigeons music-inspiration)

Listen to the 2 Pigeons music-inspiration:  https://vimeo.com/251713920


There is a little story about Palma and Palmina the people of Venice sometimes tell till today:

As Palmina ended her Lute solo Palma’s heart was so warm awakened by her, he smiled at her and said:“ Your Lute playing was that impressing and heart full that I can say I will never forget your music performance. I will remember it day and night every moment in my life and hold it deeply inside in my heart.“

„I want to paint you, Palmina!“. She smiled and turned her head a little bit down but her eyes looked straight up to him and smiled a little bit shy.
„…Oh, not here in the church… tomorrow, if it is possible for you, we can take a little boat or a Gondola starting from here to the small little spring-moon-light-river-island. There is an old ruin of an ancient church or monastery with nature, a few trees and a lot of green herbs and flowers. I painted there completely alone very often the nature and the animals…last time a big stack-beetle..He waited till i drew him ready…“
Palmina raised her lantern near to his and her eyes so that they shined and reflected the candle light very romantic.
Palma started to sniff at the lantern as it is a little white fine Venetian bread. She looked into his eyes and started also to sniff and both begun to laughed very naturally. This remembered them at the day they met suddenly in the tiny small street while she was carrying a bag of little fresh fine breads – they sniffed both at this bag at once…

The next day Palma went his way again early in the morning to go painting in this church on his big artwork. He took his way through the little street where Palmina brought fresh little breads and Palma sniffed on the fresh breads as it was her usual „wordless smiling greeting ritual“.
Then he asked her very silent: „Today at 2 pm at the end of the cale dei in the Gondola together to the island?… I will paint you there with the Lute!“
„Yes, but…shhhhhh..silent….“, she answered quick and went fast her way the small street along. Palma went also painting into the church always thinking about her.

Later they started her way from the south of Venice with the Gondola.
(The Gondolas of Venice didn’t have the black colour in this century. This colour was only the tradition after Titian’s death in respect to the biggest painter of Venice – Palma’s Master)
Palma moved the Gondola with his Power and Palmina started to play the Lute for him which empowers him very much. Plamina was able to make lucky with her playing style because she plays with her heart and all her love.

As they arrived at the „Spring-Moon-light-River-Island“ they searched a quite place. They where alone with the nature.
Palma lied in the herbs painting her and she sat on the ruin-stones holding her Lute playing.
Palma loved to draw and paint her much and to listen to her music. She started to play his composition „For Palmina by Palma“  Mandolin solo inspiration part III  and Palma looked at her with big feelings. She felt that and smiled.
Palma could draw and paint very fast. …
Like that this they did for a frew hours…
Than Palma showed his artwork to Palmina lying down in the herbs to make a break. – „Oooooh, beautiful!!!“, Palmina was surprised. -She could see and feel that he liked her really very much.
She lied herself beside him and looked into the lightblue sky. Than she made long breaths. Two pigeons flyed above them. Palmina pointed to them and Palma looked also. They could see them straight landing on the little tree which was direct under their feeds. The two pigeons seem no to be afraid of them.
Both sat on a root and begun to touch them with their little bills and begun to to bill and coo.
It was so quite and tender that Palmina and Palma where deeply impressed.
But suddenly a stack-beetle came along the root and tried to hurt the little feet of the right pigeon. „Oh, no…how violent the stack-beetle is to the two loving!“ – Palmina was shocked. He reacted very fast and took a little branch (piece of wood) to free the foot of the poor bird.
Now the aggressive stack-beetle bites into the little branch instead of the food that strong that Palma could lift him away and set him back to the floor without touching him.
And soon there was peace on the spring-moon-light-river-island again.
The pigeons started again to bill and coo after a while very tender.
Palmina smiled and said to Palma „I am proud of you!“
Then she smiled stronger and looked down to Palma which was lying at the ground. Palma looked shy why she is so smiling and she came slowly near with her head to his head and looked deeply into his eyes.
„Your creations are so wonderful“ – Than she tenderly kissed him but very soft.
It was overwhelming and full of love, his first kiss in his live.
He felt into a vision: He saw a vision for making a new painting…
Palma saw her as Venus deity and himself as god Mars of the ancient Greek mythology in this moment. Venus was active moving towards Mars. And Mars is overwhelming.
„Venus and Mars – this is a big painting inspiration!“
On the left side there will be two pigeons to describe her tenderness and heart full secret love.
During her soft kisses the stack-beetle bites him into his right foot as he wanted to destroy their spiritual harmony – But their love was bigger!
Normally this hurts terribly, but Palmina’s tender kiss, so soft with all her heart, heals his pain and he decides that he will draw this beetle as little Amor into the painting on the right site down…
Palma was kissed the first time by Venus in his life and bitten by Amor in the foot.
He saw in a vision the painting he should draw. Palmina lifted him into an spiritual high level of being.
The two pigeons will express the whole tenderness and secret deeply love between Palma and Palmina.
The stack-beetle stopped his biting and took the little branch and went slowly away. The stack-beetle was maybe that aggressive because Palma draw him early for hours on that island and now he realized that Palma il Giovanni is now painting Palmina with her Lute and not him.
So strong is the love between Palmina and Palma that they can overcome all things that are against their connection.
Palmina made some drawings from the loving pigeons and she played some variations on her Lute in the soft colourful evening which was slowly coming.
The Lantern of Palmina shined on them very tender and the 4 Planets on the evening sky started to shine nerby where the sun had set a few moments ago.

Listen to the 2 Pigeons music-inspiration: https://vimeo.com/251713920


(to be continued..)

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Mars und Venus auf der Insel bei Venedig oder die zwei liebenden Tauben

(2 Pigeons music-inspiration)

Die Venezianer erzählen manchmal auch heute noch eine kleine Geschichte über Palma il Giovane und Palmina:

Als Palmina nun ihr Lautensolo beendet hatte und sie Palmas Herz so warm erweckt hatte lächelte er und sagte zu ihr: „Dein Lautenspiel war derart beeindruckend und derart herzlich für mich dass ich nie dein Spiel vergessen werde. Ich werde Tag und Nacht, jeden Moment meines Lebens daran denken und es tief in meinem Herzen bewahren. “
„Ich möchte Dich gerne malen Palmina!“. Sie beugte ihren Kopf leicht nach unten aber ihre Augen sahen geradewegs hinauf zu ihm und sie lächelte wieder etwas scheu.
„…Oh, nicht hier in der Kirche…. morgen, wenn es für dich möglich ist, können wir ein Boot oder eine Gondel von hier aus zur „Frühlings-Mond-Schein-Fluss-Insel nehmen. Da gibt es eine alte Ruine von einer historischen Kirche oder einem Kloster mit Natur, ein paar Bäumchen und eine Menge von grünen Gräsern und Blumen. Ich malte dort oftmals völlig einsam die Natur und die Tiere… Zuletzt einen Hirsch-Käfer…Er wartete stundenlang bis ich ihn fertig zeichnete…“
Palmina hob ihre Laterne in die Nähe von seinen und ihren Augen so dass sie im Kerzenlicht leuchteten und sich romantisch reflektierten. Palma schnupperte an der Laterne als ob es ein kleines feines Venezianisches Brötchen (Weckerl) wäre. Sie sah ihm in die Augen und begann ebenso zu schnuppern und beide fingen an sehr natürlich zu lachen.
Es erinnerte beide nämlich an jenen Tag als sie sich plötzlich in der kleinen engen Gasse begegneten während Palmina ein Körbchen mit frischen, feinen, weißen Brötchen (Weckerln) trug und daran als sie beide gleichzeitig an dem Körbchen schnupperten und sich dabei in die Augen sahen.
Am nächsten Tag ging Palma wieder seinen Weg am frühen Morgen um in die Kirche malen zu gehen und an dem großen Decken-Gemälde, dem großen Werk, weiter zu arbeiten.
Er nahm seinen Weg durch das kleine Gässchen wo Palmina stets frische kleine feine Weckerln brachte und Palma an den frischen Weckerln schnupperte so wie es ihr übliches „Wortloses-Lächelndes-Begrüßungsritual“ war.

Dann fragte er sie sehr vorsichtig:“ Heute Nachmittag um 2 am Ende der calle dei… in der Gondola zusammen zur Insel?… Ich möchte dich dort malen mit der Laute!“ –
„Ja, aber…schhhhhhh…leise…“, antwortete sie schnell und ging eilig ihren weg entlang des kleinen Gässchens. Auch Palma ging Malen in die Kirche – ständig an sie denkend.

Später fuhren sie vom Süden Venedigs mit der Gondola.
(Die Gondolas Venedigs in diesem Jahrhundert haben nicht die schwarze Farbe wie heute. Diese Farbe wurde erst Tradition nach Tizians Tod als Zeichen des Respekts dem größten Maler von Venedig – Palmas Meister).
Palma lenkte die Gondola mit seiner Kraft und Palmina spielte ihre Laute; sie gab ihm viel Kraft durch ihr Spiel. Palmina konnte mit ihrem Spielstil glücklich machen da sie mit ihrem Herzen und all ihrer Liebe spielte.
Als sie nun die „Frühlings-Mond-Licht-Fluss-Insel“ erreichten suchten sie einen ruhigen Platz. Nun waren sie alleine in der Natur.
Palma legte sich auf die Gräser und malte sie während sie auf den Steinen der Ruine saß und ihre Laute hielt und spielte.
Er liebte es so sehr sie zu malen und er liebte es so sehr ihr zuzuhören. Sie begann seine Komposition zu spielen: „Für Palmina von Palma“ [Mandolin solo inspiration part III ] und Palma sah sie voller Gefühle an. Sie konnte das spüren und lächelte.
Plama konnte sehr schnell zeichnen…
Dies also taten sie stundenlang.
Dann zeigte Palma ihr sein Kunstwerk und legte sich in die Gräser um eine Pause zu machen. – „Ooooooh, wunderschön!!!!!“, Palmina war überrascht. – Sie konnte es sehen und fühlen: Palma mochte sie wirklich sehr.
Sie legte sich zu ihm auf die Seite und sah hinauf in den hellblauen Himmel. Dann machte sie einige lange Atemzüge. Zwei Tauben flogen über ihnen. Palmina zeigte auf sie und Palma sah sie nun auch. Sie konnten sie direkt auf einen kleinen Baum landen sehen der zu ihren Füßen lag. Die beiden Tauben schienen keine Angst vor ihnen zu haben. Beide saßen auf einem Ast und begannen sich mit den kleinen Schnäbel zu berühren und zu schnäbeln. Dies geschah so ruhig und zart dass Palmina und Palma sehr tief berührt waren.
Doch plötzlich kam ein Hirschkäfer entlang des Astes und versuchte das kleine Füßchen der rechten Taube zu verletzen.
„Oh nein! Wie gewalttätig ist dieser Käfer zu den beiden Liebenden!“ – Palma war schockiert. Er reagierte schnell und nahm ein Stäbchen, versuchte den Fuß des armen Vogels zu befreien. Nun biss der aggressive Hirschkäfer in das Stöckchen anstatt in den Fuß derart stark sodass Palma ihn wegheben konnte und ihn zurück auf den Boden setzen konnte ohne ihn zu berühren.
Und bald kehrte Frieden auf der „Frühlings-Mond-Licht-Fluss-Insel“ ein.
Die beiden Tauben begannen nach einer Weile wieder zärtlich zu schnäbeln.
Palmina lächelte und sagte zu Palma „Ich bin stolz auf dich!“
Dann lächelte sie stärker und sah zu ihm herunter der am Boden lag. Palma sah sie ein wenig scheu an weshalb sie so lächelte und sie kam langsam mit ihrem Kopf zu seinem Kopf und sah dabei ihm tief in seine Augen.
„Deine Schöpfungen sind so wundervoll!“ – Dann küsste sie ihn sehr zart.
Es war überwältigend und voller Liebe, sein erster Kuss in seinem Leben.
Er fiel in eine Vision: Er sah als Vision eines neues Gemälde…
Palma sah sie in diesem Moment als Gottheit Venus und sich selbst als den Gott Mars der Griechischen Mythologie. Venus war aktiv auf Mars zugehend. Mars war überwältigt.
„Mars und Venus – dies ist eine Inspiration für ein Gemälde!“
Auf der linken Seite die beiden Tauben um ihre zärtliche und herzvolle geheime Liebe zu beschreiben.
Während ihrer zarten Küsse biss der Hirschkäfer ihn in seinen rechten Fuß als ob er deren spirituelle Harmonie zerstören wollte – Aber ihre Liebe war größer!
Normalerweise würde dies sehr schmerzen doch Palminas zarter Kuss, so zart mit all ihrem Herzen, heilte seinen Schmerz und er entschied sich diesen Käfer als kleinen Amor zu zeichnen an der rechten Seite unten….
Palma war nun das erste Mal geküsst von Venus in seinem Leben und wurde von Amor in den Fuß gebissen.
Er sah in einer Vision das Gemälde wie er es malen sollte. Palmina erhob ihn in ein höheres spirituelles Sein.
Die beiden Tauben werden die ganze Zärtlichkeit und die geheime Tiefe Liebe zwischen Palma und Palmina ausdrücken.
Der Hirschkäfer hörte auf zu beißen, nahm das Stöckchen und ging langsam weg. Vielleicht war der Hirschkäfer nur deshalb so aggressiv weil Palma ihn stundenlang früher auf dieser Insel malte und nun merkte dass Palma il Giovane nun Palmina mit ihrer Laute malte und nicht ihn.
So stark ist die Liebe zwischen Palmina und Palma dass sie alle Schwierigkeiten die gegen ihre Verbindung sind überwinden können.
Palma machte einige Zeichnungen von den beiden sich liebenden Tauben und sie spielte auf ihrer Laute Variationen in den sanften farbstarken Abend hinein, der langsam im Kommen war.
Palminas Laterne leuchtete auf die Beiden sehr zart und die 4 Planeten des abendlichen Himmels begannen zu scheinen, dort in der Nähe wo die Sonne gerade vor einigen Momenten hinter dem Horizont ihren Weg nahm.

Hören Sie nun die Komposition hierzu:
„2 Pigeons music-inspiration:  https://vimeo.com/251713920

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5.  https://geraldspitzner.wordpress.com/2018/01/21/planets-at-the-evening-sky-music-inspiration-eng-de-palma-il-giovane/