336. Palma as creative Indian Peacook

336. Palma as creative Indian Peacook

picture 1 · Planet Venus and Moon at the evening sky.png

picture 1 · Planet Venus and Moon at the evening sky

„Look Palmina the stars at the evening sky…“

Palmina put her head on Palma’s side and Palma put his arm around her.
Later, at 23 p.m., as their souls met again in their Peony Gondola, Palmina could get the whole music score of Palma’s new music creation.

She looked very impressed at the music score and was lucky; so she hugged Palma with her whole love.

And suddenly they heard the music of this creation again and it was like that:

VIDEO: „Longing – Sehnsucht“ for Violin and Piano by Gerald Spitzner – https://youtu.be/rNNzpGZsz48


She gave Palma several tender kisses on his right cheek and a very long kiss on the right side, and: yes, and Palma could feel it and he smiled. It felt as if she did this for an eternal time.

„So beautiful, Palma! You touched deeply my heart. I will never forget this music inspiration, my Palma. my composer, my painter, my astronomer, my writer….“

After Palmina’s sweet compliments Palma il Giovane felt to be like an Indian Peacook.

picture 2 · Indian Peacook.jpeg

picture 2 · Indian Peacook

Palma felt all as if she is direct beside him in the Peony Gondola and again: there was this golden light between their hearts.

„You can play it with your instrument… you see, the instrumental parts have middle, deep and very high passages… What about playing it Violin, Piano and your Instrument for special parts?“

„Oh, I will try several parts of it on my instruments. Oh, Palma I love it so much!“

Amd again: Palma felt like an Indian Peacook and smiled.

And Palmina tried to play it on her instrument several times.

And Palma remembered that , today a bird sung in the morning in the little garden a wonderful melody.
For Palma it was a message from Palmina.
„Yes, Palma I send you a heart-to-heart message via this bird messenger!“

„…and,and, I have composed for you 4 pages of our „Dialogue, look my sweet Pigeon! “

And Palmina looked also at this music score which Palma started to compose at San Marco Place.

pictures – music score part [9-12] from the ‚Dialogue for Pipa and Viola by Gerald Spitzner









(to be continued…)

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153. Three Peony Roses

153. Three Peony Roses

And in their Peony Gondola Vision they saw this:

                * * *

„…Thank you for your love-fully thoughts“

   „It is ok…


„Yesterday, I did not write any letter to you…It is too dangerous in the moment to write a letter. But our Peony Gondola is really good transmitting heart-to-heart messages. Let us communicate that way…“

 “ Oh, but you touched my heart with your smile.. I could feel it… and it was so positive…a pink-peony-flower light energy…and I had a nice vision: You played Pipa with your Platin Angel winged cloth in our Peony Gondola together with me, I played Violin.“

„You also had this vision yesterday, Palma?
This Vision made me remembering to our day…yes, and I smiled and you felt this. This is our Peony Gondola!

  “ Hm?“

„Yesterday I did really think on you…
I thought about our first day of our friendship years ago.
I remembered our first moments in our Peony Gondola playing the Pipa for you, our deep secret.
Yesterday it was the day as I said YES to our friendship, you know.“

  „Oh, yes! Yesterday was the day you said YES to our friendship. I don’t forget this day, Palmina.


  Yesterday I composed a new composition called „Three Peony Roses“. Your smiling inspired me strongly , my dear Peony Music Rose.

Wooooo, Palma, I love Peony Roses!

  …and,… Palmina. Here is the music score….









Picture – music score of „Three Peony Music Flowers“

The first Rose describes our first moments as I saw you playing for me painting presentation.

The second Peony Rose describes our first heart- to-heart dialogue after the concert.
This was like I felt your thoughts in peony pink light visions deep in my heart.“

Palmina looked at the music score and laid her head on Palma’s shoulder.

Palma smiled and continued:
„..The third rose describes our Music Dialogue…“

„Oh, fine, Palma, I am so looking forward to hear these 3 Peony Music Roses.“

   „Ok, the Peony Gondola will transmit you my music again today at 23 o clock (11 p.m.)




And they slowly moved their heads to their lips, tender and both said whispering:

          „Liu – to – kiss!“

And they kissed flying slowly and soft over Mars in their Peony Gondola.

„Palmina, we are the first who kiss each other on Mars“

„Yes, my Palma, my Music flowers painter..“

And they hugged deeply and the Peony Gondola transmitted this music:

    VIDEO: Violin+Viola [„3 Peony Music Roses“] https://youtu.be/FfG1EgqHjkw

 (to be continued…)



149. The secret common music dream

149. The secret common music dream

In their Peony-Gondola-Vision they saw this:

* * *

And as Palmina also laid down beside Palma il Giovane, in the nature, under the stars of Venice, on their secret little island, she looked up to the stars. Then she gave Palma a little kiss on his cheek during he slept, but carefully, not to wake him up…

The stars seemed to shine a little bit brighter and the silent red-orange Planet Mars seemed to be more colourful then ever.

Palmina whispered with a sigh: »Oh, my Palma, my composer and painter…«

And they dreamed now together a music and it was like that:

VIDEO: [Piano solo 2018-10-18 »Marco Polo Variation«] https://youtu.be/vCbhn6j4Umk

(to be continued…)


107. How Palmina got secretly Palma’s composition in the Titian-School

107. How Palmina got secretly Palma’s composition in the Titian-School

picture - Palma il Giovane, ORATORIO DEI CROCIFERI - Venice

 picture – Palma il Giovane, ORATORIO DEI CROCIFERI (Ospedale), Venice 1583-92*)

In their Peony-Gondola they had also this vision and they saw this:

* * *

Giaccomo Palma il Giovane gave the servant orders to bring the new music score in the painting hall on the stage where Palmina’s music stand is.

No one knows that there is a secret new composition for Palmina with the other music score at Palmina’s music stand.

Palmina was very decent and smiled as she saw the new composition of Palma entering the stage.
Carefully she raised her beautiful eyes over her music score to see in Palma’s direction.
Palma smiled also decently as he felt her eyes looking in his direction, but his head was turned sideways. The just incoming painting students should not figure out that Palma and Palmina has a common »music secret« and why Palma now is so happy looking and smiling.
As they saw him smiling they smiled also and greeted him respectfully in the old tradition of the 16th century.
They did not know that Palmina discovered the new music composition for her on her music stand. They could not imagine why also Palmina is so happy and secretly smiling.
No painting student in the big hall realized that Palma is giving to her a new composition on that secret way via a servant.

* * *

Palmina studied the composition secretly and played it the next time during the painting lessons in the Titian-School.
On such days Palma was the luckiest man in the universe.
Every day he expected to hear a new piece which he composed for her, which Palmina played for him with much love and very heartfelt.
How Palma was lucky as he went his way controlling and teaching his painting students along the big hall in the fine palazzo in Venice.
Sometimes 15 students were here and painted.
Palmina is playing nearly every day here on the stage, on the right side of the stage during a model was sitting in the middle of the stage.
Giaccomo Palma’s heart connectednow with Palmina’s heart and they both hugged invisibly with their »inner-heart« during the music.
Sometimes Palma went in the left corner of the hall, to be unseen, to look a little bit into Palmina’s direction, where she is playing wonderfully on the stage his composition – his secret composition. No student did realize that he composes nearly every day a new composition for his beloved Palmina Albina.
Every composition by Palma il Giovane was a tender secret »love message« to Palmina’s heart.
Every performance by Palmina Albina of this new secret music love-letters was a secret music-loving-answer, a music-»YES!« to Palma’s heart.

A yes to Palma – A YES to his artworks and paintings – A YES to him as Master and teacher – A YES to his music creations – A YES to the slowly growing love of them, which was growing day by day – composition by composition – artwork by artwork.

Sometimes she made a little look in his direction, short, but also smiling.
The students had no time to observe this secret music communication.
But they felt the good energy of the music and they where very good concentrated working on their artworks. Also for a model, which is also on the stage to be painted by them, it was easier to hold its positions with such beautiful music.
Palma and Palmina lived their love as a spiritual deep music love.

* * *

This they repeated every day.
Palma composed – Palmina played.
Palma composed – Palmina played.
Palma composed – Palmina played.
Palma composed – Palmina played.

Every day the servant brought the music score to Palmina before the painting lesson started.
And every day there was a new composition on her music stand.
And even Palma was in that moment in an other room of the big beautiful palazzo, he felt that Palmina is smiled being lucky to have his new music score – He also smiled in this moments.
An if she was sure to be alone in the hall, often she was the first there, Palmina kissed sometimes the music score and hold it to her cheek.
On one day Palma was a little bit earlier and he entered the hall. He saw Palmina on the stage with her Lute, trying out some bars of his new composition, playing it very, very »pianissimo«. Then she kissed the music score and Palma saw this.
Slowly he came to her on the stage and she smiled greeting him and she did rehearsal his new composition.

Palmina smiled and Palma listened.

Now he stood behind her looking also down to the music score looking over her beautiful shoulder.
She wear such a beautiful cloth and her hair were so nice – nice also to paint, Palma thought.
Palmina played and Palma listened interested.
Now both are alone in the hall on the stage.
As Palmina wanted to turn the page of the music score Palma wanted also to turn the page.

In this moment both hands – Palmina’s right hand, Palma’s right hand – came suddenly unexpected to the same position on the page and touched secretly each other.
Palmina smiled and did not move her hand – Palma smiled and his hand stayed on her fingers.
Both felt the magic »heart-to-heart« connection as they felt it in the time of »silence«.
now Palmina smiled stronger and Palma smiled stronger.
Now his big hand covered her female hand like wanting to protect her as Master Giaccomo Palma il Giovane. She felt his love: Palma covered her with his warm strong love.
Both stayed in this position as long as possible and they looked into their eyes and their hearts talked to each other given each other love and light.

(to be continued)

*) Palma’s Paintings at »Ospedaletto dei crociferi«
– Oratorio dei Crociferi, Venice – Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oratorio_dei_Crociferi,_Venice

»The Oratorio dei Crociferi (Oratory of the Cross Bearers) is a small Roman Catholic prayer hall found across from the church of the Gesuiti in the sestiere of Cannaregio Venice, Italy.

The oratory was part of a convent found by the Order of the Crociferi, a twelfth century order dedicated to ministering to soldiers and pilgrims participating in the crusades or travels to the Holy Land. They had been patronized by Doge Renier Zen, who endowed them with a large inheritance. By the 1300s, it had become a hospital. The complex here had become by the 15th century a hospice for poor women.

The oratory was decorated with eight canvases depicting scenes from the Order of the Crociferi (1583-1592) by Palma il Giovane. The ceiling has a painting on wood of the Assumption of the Virgin with Angelic Musicians. A hospice at the site still remains adjacent to site. Relative to the elaborate Gesuiti facade, the oratory is plain entrance flanked by a house with four tall chimneys. This oratory is owned by the Instituzioni di Ricovero e di Educazione (IRE); entry is by reservation only. The site underwent restoration in 1982-1984.«


56. The secret music princess and the famous painter

56. The secret music princess and the famous painter

As Palmina saw that Palma played for her birthday, she smiled and said „Oh, thank you, my Palma, my composer and painter!“ She touched with her hands his head and kissed his cheeks very tender and often.

And Palma get from all these cheek kisses inspired and dreamed during this a music which he wants to write down on a music score and wants to play for her as „Piano solo for Palmina’s Happy Birthday!“


 <picture> facsimile of the“trillo“ (short-melody) „Piano solo for Palmina – Happy Birthday!“

Each „trillo“ (short-melody) symbolises a tender kiss:
The higher „trillos“ represent the kisses by Palmina and the lower „trillos“ represent the tender kissing answer by Palma on her talented hands. *)

So he transformed their heart-fully tender music-play into inspired music.

*) He took her hands and kissed softly her talented musician hands several times, this as tender answer meaning: „Take care on your hands…do carefully rehearsing…for the concert…“


And they continued to dream their Peony-Gondola-Vision in their 23rd hour (11 p.m.) of the day:

* * *

„Oh, he played for your birthday, Palmina – He likes you really much!
Palmina, I remember also that day you played the lute here in Venice in this church for Palma’s presentation.
As you came home you smiled so full of light – I will not forget how happy you smiled.
We all could see it. Only your brother was angry and I do not know why – I hope he is not jealous about your success as artist. He seems to understand his father more then me… Hm…
…But you, Palmina, where so lucky about this concert and that day. And as we where over one year on Cyprus you seemed always thinking on Palma il Giovane…
It seemed for me that your heart was still in Venice and »only« your body is on that Island because it is the will of your father but not the will of your heart.
Often your rehearsal on your lute on Cyprus Island, and also the way you played on your lute – I could see this as mother – done with so much love. You seemed to play every day only for him as if he could feel your music dedications over thousand of kilometers. Palmina, a heart of a mother can see something more then others, believe me…“, mother whispered to her silently into her ear.

Palmina was shy, smiled and looked up to the organ up where Palma – her first and only love in her live is sitting at the Organ speaking with a white Pigeon.

„Palmina,… What I wanted to say is…“, she continued whispering,
„…The 4 horses would belong to our family…
…you would be the owner of them…

Palmina looked questioning to her mother…

„…how should I tell it…
this means for you to live »only« as backers daughter and as famous artist is a more secure life, and: this brings much freedom-live for you then to be searched by the last survivors of our Byzantium state.
YOU ARE THE LAST PRINCESS. They want to find their princess…
…the best for us is that you are an artist here in Venice…
I heard that our byzantine Elite-safety-guard are searching for the last princess here in Venice…
If they find out that you are the princess of Byzantium they would not allow that you be in the public with others…“, she whispered Palmina into her ear.

After a while of thinking Palmina answered whispering: »But our state did not survive; all soldiers, officers and citizen where killed… So no one can make us any prescriptions for our future live…«
– »…Yes this is possible, but also the enemy of our state could search after the princess of Byzantium.
If they find you, you are automatically under the protection of the Republic of Venice. Venice guarantees our family security – This is Venetian law.
So they would not search you as Venetian backers daughter and Venetian Lute player artist…«

– »Yes they would not…«, Palma answered carefully and slowly.

They heard outside the church a lot of voices of soldiers speaking very excited trying to find the entrance of the church…

* * *

As both saw this vision in their Peony-Gondola, Palmina again kissed Palma on the cheeks saying „Thank you, thank you, thank you!“ and Palma kissed again Palmina’s talented sweet hands as tender answer.

And both listened now to the composition for Palmina:

VIDEO: „Piano solo for Palmina – Happy Birthday!“ old:https://vimeo.com/271718514 new: https://youtu.be/IHBxdoWTlh4


music: Piano solo: Gerald Spitzner

( to be continued…)

52. Two pigeons love dialogue (2)

52. Two pigeons love dialogue (2)

Palmina kissed tenderly Palma as she saw this vision in their common Peony Gondola at their secret hour, the 23rd. Palma hold her with his arm and kissed her also on the cheek.
And they saw this:

* * *

Palmina observed this Pigeon love dialogue scene and understood….
Now she continued to write her letter for Palma:

„…As we could not see each other for such a long time, it was a time where we thought on another. Our hearts loved each other every day nevertheless. And the day came where we met us suddenly again in the „Calle de la Pieta“ as I wanted to load the little boat at the bridge with our fin fresh, little Venetian breads.

I remember also at our island we saw that the female Pigeon came a little bit nearer to him… and then their hearts came nearer and nearer – we both could feel this.

…such a beautiful remembering…

I was the first lady who kissed you in your life.
My kiss inspired you and you said that you once will paint a big painting about the love of „Mars and Venus“ and you told me that you will once put the two white Pigeons in the left-down side on this painting. I am looking forward to see once this big painting. Tell me if you have finished it.

It is an eternal memorial remembering of our tender inspiring love.
I also can’t wait to see you on this day and I am very, very looking forward and expecting your music surprise…and I am looking forward for the Gondola you will send for me…“

And she looked at her Pigeons and saw that they looked at each other very tender.

And she could feel the love-dialogue of the tender Pigeons. Suddenly she heard an inner-heart-dialogue-melody which you can only hear if your heart is your real eye to look at things…(eye of the heart).

( to be continued…)


48. The secret day – Palmina’s birthday and the secret music connection

48. The secret day – Palmina’s birthday and the secret music connection

So all Mandolin playing Gondoliers played with their new „Chinese tremolo-playing-style“. And they liked this tremolo.
To have a better performance the Mandolin makers of Venice decided to make all Mandolins with 4 double strings instead of the old tradition of only 4 strings.
So the mandolins are prepared for this happy birthday concert for Palmina with 4 double-strings (4×2=8). The 30 Mandolins are now playing a little bit stronger then before with a plectrum and with the new tremolo. All the Gondoliers of Venice will now learn to play a Mandolin like that for all future of the city of Venice.

After the rehearsal the 1st Gondolier stood up and said:
„Master Palma il Giovane – this concert is a secret of the Republic of Venice:
Therefore we should not play in Palmina’s street.
We should perform it at the St. Marco place….“
– „Yes at the St.Marco Place – E viva Marco!!!“, the gondoliers cried up shortly unexpected.
„…And we should bring her with a big Gondola to the St. Marcus Palace where we are waiting for her to play the „Peony-Gondoly Song“
Palma il Giovane looked, was silent and said:
„Fa bene… ok, but we should support this performance with our Choir and Orchestra from the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery, which so often played concerts for the Dogan’s palace. So please inform the Choir and the Orchestra… I will bring my instrument Viola to play during I conduct…“.
„Yes, Master Palma il Giovane…“, the 1st Mandolin said and made a respectful gesture.

* * *

And as Palmina saw this in their vision she gave Palma a tender cheek kiss.
Palma’s head was turning a little bit red but at this 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.) no one could see this.
And they saw also in their common vision that the days went and the secret birthday of Palmina arrived in Venice.
Palmina’s birthday is a secret – no one knows – only Palma and the 30 Gondoliers; and they would not talk, even someone pays 2000 Venetian Dollar to the Art-Gallery ; They would not talk like the St.John of Nepomuk did not talk.
They saw this in there common dream:

* * *

In the early morning the birds sung at Palmina’s window to say her
„Sheng rì kuài le! Happy birthday, Dear Palmina we love you…!“
And as Palma stood up this day, the first thinking of him was: „Palmina, my sweet Pigeon, Happy birthday to you, I love you so much…!“ while sending her a heart-to-heart imaginary tender kiss.
The white pigeon on his writing table, in the cage, at his window made very, very soft: „Groooo, grooo…“. She made small eyes like a little beautiful friendly Chinese lady who is beautifully thankfully smiling.
Palma took his music instrument Viola in his little room and plugged for Palmina:

c – g – d‘ – a‘

* * *

Palmina, in his little room, opened and closed her eyes like a sweet bird. So she smiled thinking on her Palma il Giovane, her composer, and she took also her Chinese Lute into her bed and plugged at this morning:

A – D – E – a‘

* * *

After that Palma felt her smile deeply in his heart and smiled also back to her; yes, to her, to his Lute-playing-Pigeon, holding his music instrument Viola tenderly.

( to be continued… )


47. Palmina could feel the music of the happy-birthday rehearsal

47. Palmina could feel the music of the happy-birthday rehearsal

Palmina smiled.

Yes, she liked this scene in their common dream at their Peony-Gondola in that 23rd (11 p.m.) of the day.
Now she also puts her arm around Palma.
Palma smiled holding his music instrument Viola in his right hand.
Palmina hold her Pipa with her right arm.
Both gave themselves a tender kiss on each cheek.

And now they continued to see their vision and they saw this:

* * *

The Gondoliers where now ready to try Palma’s „Peony Gondola Song“ – the „Gondola of Venice“ – in the new-old „Asian-Tremolo-Tradition“.

Palma smiled and thought now on his Palmina and a bird sung in the air very sweet.

* * *

In this moment Palmina, sitting in her little room at her window over the little garden, at the little, short, small street, suddenly looked straight ahead as if she looked through walls and smiled stronger and stronger.
She felt his love-full heart-to-heart thoughts…

* * *

Palma could feel her smile and smiled also – in this moment –

It felt so warm and nice if Palmina is thinking on Palma il Giovane.
She could melt frozen ice, if someone has a frozen heart…

Now he lifted his paint brush as bâton.
All 30 mandolin player looked very serious to his music master Palma il Giovane.

The Music score was placed on his easel and he said solemnly:
„Cari amici! Qin àide pengyou…Dear friends, please play it now as if Palmina is behind this window – as if she could hear and feel with her pure heart the music now…“

And they started to play the composition, now WITH the „tremolo“ as „new old-tradition“, very natural and beautiful.

* * *

Palmina could now feel the music, sitting in her little room holding her Pipa lute.
Yes, she could feel it: This is the music of the „Peony-Gondola-Song“.

There is she, she, the sweet little clever Pipa-Lute solist Palmina – with the soul of a soft pure pigeon – now sitting and smiling secretly – her smile is so beautiful.
A bird came in her little garden and sung in the air very friendly.

She moved her head smiling right and left in the rhythm of the „Peony-Gondola Song“.
Palmina remembers that beautiful moment as she was with Palma il Giovane in the Gondola and he composed it.

„This was as he draw me in the Gondola with my Lute. And he draw me also as music-melody….“
Then she started to play with this performance secretly. No one should realize that she SECRETLY is playing A FEW NOTES of this composition by the famous painter Palma il Giovane.
It was a secret of the Republic of Venice – R. O. V.

(to be continued….)


46. Noodle-Tradition and new Mandolin tremolo-Tradition in Venice

46. Noodle-Tradition and new Mandolin tremolo-Tradition in Venice

So they started to play Palma’s composition.

Then Palma stopped and said to the Gondoliers:
„O Signori,…signori,…per favore… ancora una volta, cari amici….I must ask you to play the Mandolin with the tremolo like it is tradition playing a Chinese Pipa-lute which Palmina loves also to play like the Chinese Princess Lin from China at our famous Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery…“

-„But Master Palma,… mi dispiace… We are sorry,…we don’t play Mandolin with tremolo…We did not learn to make a tremolo… the tremolo like the Chinese music Tradition…“

„Yes, but, we learned also for Chinese Culture…We have our Spaghetti-Noodles-Tradition. And our Venetian Marco Polo brought us this Chinese Noodle as our future „Spaghetti“-Tradition! You see….
And now Palma il Giovane brings the new tradition of playing tremolo on the Mandolin in Venice to remember the secret deep-love of Palma il Giovane and Palmina – Albina!“

The 30 Gondoliers talked to each other saying:

„…Hmm – Chinese Noodle?“ –
„…Venetian Spaghetti Noodle?“ –
„…New old music tradition?“-
„…Marco Polo?“ –
„…Love of Palma il Giovane?“ –
„…Chinese Lute Pipa?“ –
„…Secret of the Republic of Venice?“ –

„Yes, ok, we eat and love Spaghetti-Noodles, which is an old cooking tradition brought by Marco Polo…
Why should we not learn a music tradition from an other culture? The Pipa-tremolo on our Venetian Mandolin! Let’s try it…For the love of Palmina and Palma!!! E viva Marco Polo!“

„Yes, for the Love of Palma and Palmina!! – E viva Marco Polo“, the 30 Gondoliers said very enthusiastic and smiled.

(to be continued….)


32a. Pigeons cage exchange on the Rialto bridge – Palma’s music secret idea for Palmina

32a. Pigeons cage exchange on the Rialto bridge – Palma’s music secret idea for Palmina

Palmina and Palma continued to dream their common dream:
They saw themselves in a vision:

* * *

Palmina was so happy to receive Palma’s letter.
„The letter Pigeon is the best way the send a letter to Palma!“, Palmina said full of joy.

Also Palma was very, very lucky to continue the written contact with the help of a letter-pigeon.

But how can they answer a letter? –
The letter pigeon does not fly back!

They have to exchange the cages with the pigeon at a place in Venice. Where?

Both had now at this 23rd (11 p.m.) hour of the day the same thought:

„We have to meet at the Rialto Bridge….!“
This bridge was especially designed for the secret meetings of Palma and Palmina by the famous Da Ponte 1691 as inspiration of the painting-progress by Master Titian and Palma.

And so they did….

The next day they met at the Rialto Bridge as they usually shortly-secretly met there.

She went from the south-side steps and he went from the north-side-steps…
No one could see that they are coming to meet on the bridge.
Palma was the first. He had his pigeon in his cage and some painting utensils with him.

He put the cage under the north-arch at the left side.

A few moments later he saw a smiling pretty women with a cage and a lute.
This is Palmina! – She puts her cage with her pigeon under the south-arch on the right side.
Palmina smiled to Palma sending a golden heart-to-heart smile to him.
Palma seemed now to look ten years younger and had also a smile in his face.

As they saw that no one is observing them Palmina went to Palma’s pigeon cage and Palma went to her pigeon cage.
So both changed their position. Palma picked up now the other pigeon cage from the floor an went along the south-side steps back and Palmina picked up now also the other pigeon cage and went her way along the north-side steps.

No one observed this secret exchange.

So they made this nearly every day to exchange their letter pigeons.

And every day they wrote them their secret love-message…

No one could read their letters!

Both were very careful and their white pigeons also.

No one could figure out that they exchanged secretly their pigeons on the Rialto Bridge

* * *

Later at one day at his speech in the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery Master Lao explained that in China the people likes to have birds in a cage. Very often they take their beloved bird with their cage and they bring them into a beautiful park. So the imprisoned birds can sing and talk to others in that park. They can see each other and they can exchange beautiful melodies with singing for each other poetically.
But only letter pigeons are allowed to fly free and to come back as they want to fly.
But every time they come back!

* * *

As Palmina a Palma saw this in their dream, she put her head on his side and he put his arm around her with much tender love feeling.

They are sitting together in their Peony-Gondola in their soft seats and smiling and dreaming.

* * *
And they saw Palma thinking:
„Oh, in a few days Palmina will have her birthday. This is a few days after my birthday,
In three weeks and 3 days…“
How can I surprise her? With what a music piece? A composition?

..I have an idea…“

VIDEO: [poetically singing birds] old:  https://vimeo.com/266458410

new: https://youtu.be/M_4h7pypD3w


(to be continued…)