245. Bach’s first secret love in Arnstadt

245. Bach’s first secret love in Arnstadt


And they continued to dream their Peony Gondola dream:

* * *

This year 1581 was a very important year for the life of Palma and Palmina.
It was on the one hand a good year but it was also a year of big decision.

* * *

At the next morning Palma and Palmina read in the newspaper:

»A big burning incident happened in Arnstadt city in Germany. Nearly the whole city was destroyed and burned. Also the Organ was completely destroyed. It will take decades to reconstruct the city and a new organ there…«, Palma said to Palmina.

»Oh, the poor people of Arnstadt…«, Palmina said.
* * *

Suddenly the Peony Gondola showed them a talk between Mozart and his talented piano playing and composing Sister Nannerl:.

»…and this really happpened? Bach was in Venice secretly with his wife and with 2 of his 4 daughters?«

»Yes, Nannerl, I know this from one of his daughters. Our family has a very good friendship to the Bach family. You remember, I learned from a Bach son, they call him the London Bach. And, and,…the daughter of Bach said if we have financial problems we should write them and the Bach daughters will collect money so that they can send money to us to help us…«

»Oh, really,«, Nannerl Mozart said, »they are really good friends, good musician friends…We all love the Bach-family«.

»So a Bach daughter told me this secret story about Bach. – Nannerl, Natschi, Tschini Fibi! – Listen:…«

And Mozart gave Nannerl a tender kiss on her talented hands and on her cheeks and he begun the secret story and it was like that:
* * *

As Bach explained to his daughter Elisabeth that the well-known famous painter Palma il Giovane had his big family flat in the 2nd floor left beside the Astronomic Clock on the San Marco Place, the Bach family all went to have a fine walk along the big promenade along the „Riva degli Schiavoni“ in the south direction.

After a long walk they went in a left street which led them to the »Campo Bandiera e Moro«, a big place.

picture 01 view from the big place at Palmina's bakery shop »Campo Bandiera e Moro« in Venice.png
picture 01 view from the big place at Palmina’s bakery shop »Campo Bandiera e Moro« in Venice

At the »Calle de la pieta« they sat down to a little bakery cafe to have a rest.

Daughter Elisabeth gave the little cage with the yellow canary bird on the table and little ‚Pipsy‘ started suddenly to make: »Peep, peep, peep!«.

»What’s with you, Pipsy, why are you so excited…?«

Bach looked around and looked to the bakery shop, and looked again at the place.

»Anna Magdalena«, which was 15 years younger then his husband Johann Sebastian, felt that something is going on in his heart but she did not ask, maybe he has an inspiration.

„This bakery shop, this big place…this looks also…this remembers me…oh, my old remembering…my first…she was my first….yes, the lute playing bakers daughter…“

Bach seemed to be excited. Never his daughter had seen him so emotionally looking around in his whole live.

picture 02 Venice at Palminas bakery shop.png

picture 02 Venice at Palminas bakery shop

»Daddy, what’s wrong with you…you have been here on that place..? You have remembering…remembering on this bakery shop with a lute playing baker’s daughter…«

Anna Magdalena remembered in this moment that Bach was strongly inspired to compose a lot of Lute music piece and it is e secret why this instrument really inspired him so much.

»Peep, Peep, Peep«, made the little yellow canary bird and Bach understood his beloved yellow canary bird. The bird seems to tell him all his remembering.

»Oh, It is a very emotional remembering.

picture 03 Arnstadt-Schlossmuseum-Baeckerei-mon-plaisir-18-Jhr-1983.jpg

picture 03 Arnstadt-Schlossmuseum-Baeckerei-mon-plaisir-18-Jhr-1983

As I was 18 years old, you know as I was officially playing the first time on the Organ in Arnstadt…hmmmm. I remember very good, this sunny day, it was the…13th of July in the year 1703…what a day…want you really hear this story???

…it was my first love…«

»Oh, Daddy how Romantic, tell us we want to know…Daddy’s first love with 18 years.«

»Peep,peep,peep…«, made Pipsy and jumped excited agreeing in his little wooden cage around.

Anna Magdalena did not know this episode of Bach’s early live. She smiled shy and was interested to hear about that.

picture 04 Bach Praeludium in C-Magior.jpg

picture 04 Bach Praeludium in C-Magior

»Yes, In Arnstadt…yes, she was my first love and she brought me to be a composer. She inspired me to compose the Capriccio, I later dedicated also to to my brother, but it was composed for her and the Preludium in C-major…and piece for Organ ‚Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern‘ – because she was the morning star on my horizon shining for me… and,…ok, I tell you…«

And Bach begun to tell the story, sitting at the Campo Bandiera e Moro in Venice at the baker’s shop at the ‚Calle de la Pieta‘.

For a moment he had tears in his eyes and Anna Magdalena realized it and put his hand on his right arm.

»Yes, but without her I would never decide to be a composer I would never meet your mum later as composer and we would never get married and you, my little daughters would not now be here with us here in Venice…“

* * *

And Bach started to tell the little love-story and it was like that:

picture 05 Arnstadt - Johann Sebastian Bach Church.png

picture 05 Arnstadt – Johann Sebastian Bach Church

On the 13th of July in the year 1703 Bach was invited to test the new Organ in Arnstadt. The Church was full of people and they wanted all to listen how the new organ of Johann Friedrich Wender was sounding.
The people had to wait a long period since the city burned in the year 1581.

The place was full of people. All the people wanted to listen and to see the new organ of the church.

picture 06 left view to the historic bakers shop.png
picture 06 left view to the historic bakers shop

A young bakers daughter from a shop direct on the left side of the entrance came out of her shop as she listened Bach’s organ playing.

She opened her mouth like to hear a miracle.

Yes, she stopped her work in her shop. But she could not see me.

picture 07 Bach-Organ in the Johann Sebastian Bach Church.png
picture 07 Bach-Organ in the Johann Sebastian Bach Church

First she only listened Bach without seeing how he looks like.
A big familiar feeling went through her heart. She was sure she knows him. Yes, he is an old soul and their souls are friends, deep music loving friends.

»Hach, why this talented musician is only testing our new Organ? Why he comes not and played always for us…?«, The mother of the baker’s daughter said.
She heard the organ also playing and stood now beside her daughter.
The baker’s daughter wanted to hide her fascination for Bach’s Organ playing, but mother realized very fast and smiled understanding.

picture 08 Entrance of Bach Church in Arnstadt.png

picture 08 Entrance of Bach Church in Arnstadt

After the concert the people of Arnstadt where fascinated and applaud not only for the quality of the sound of the organ also for the way the compositions Johann Sebastian played.

picture 09 Big place in Arnstadt with Bach Monument.png
picture 09 Big place in Arnstadt with Bach Monument

The people said »We have to ask him to stay in our city to be our Organ playing musician…he is the best musician and best organ expert…«

– »Congratulation, such a good organ and such a good performance…«
»Great, great, we want more concerts from Mr.Bach«

And as Bach left the church he was surrounded by the people of Arnstadt like a shooting star.

picture 10 view on the historic baker's shop in Arnstadt.png

picture 10 view on the historic baker’s shop in Arnstadt

The baker’s daughter wanted to see how Johann Sebastian is looking like, but she could not see him, so much people are outside at the place around the church.

»If he would come in our bakery shop? This amazing Organ playing star?«, the bakers daughter said to her mother and again her mother understood and smiled.

picture 11 young women wearing traditional cloth of the 18th century.jpg

picture 11 young ladies wearing traditional cloth of the 18th century

»He played so wonderful the Organ like Apollo. We could even hear his concert outside here on the street.

picture 12 Bäckerei Fischer Arnstadt (as example).jpg

picture 12 Bäckerei Fischer Arnstadt (as example)

Whole Arnstadt is celebrating him, it is a big honour to have a concert by Bach here in our little city. If he will stay here and play the Organ every week?

picture 13 Original Bach Organ manuals and Pedals in the Bach Museum Arnstadt.jpg

picture 13 Original Bach Organ manuals and Pedals in the Bach Museum Arnstadt

Let us pray that the heaven decides to lead his way to us, mother…«
And again mother smiled silent and understood.

* * *

After they saw this Peony Gondola Vision Palmina put her head on Palma’s side and they heart suddenly a music like that:

VIDEO: (Storms on the way to the light – Violin and Piano)  https://youtu.be/3Xmxoru2nRY

(to be continued…)


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160. Again their the last hours and a white angel

160. Again their the last hours and a white angel

picture - La Pieta by Palma il Giovane (See also »Lacrimosa« by Gerald Spitzner

And they continued to dream their Peony-Gondola-Dream and they saw this at 11 p.m.:

* * *

And the Choir and the Musicians continued to make music during the feast mass in the San Marco Cathedral in Venice.
Palmina smiled from the music-gallery on the left upper side down to Palma who is very lucky to see her and to hear her performing his artwork.

The famous Cardinale Borromeo listened to Palma’s music compositions very interested.

»He is not only painting very good, he is also composing sacred music…Why a so famous painter of Venice, like Jacopo Palma il Giovane is composing this music…?
Hm, maybe he is in love and he is composing for a women to express his love for her… Composing for love…So beautiful…
Maybe a music dedication to a musician like the Lute Playing Girl? Or it is a dedication to Emperor Rudolf II or also a dedication to me? Hm, interesting, interesting… Yes, yes, I learned now something from him: Music will save the world once… I am sure! Palma is right – Palestrina, the famous composer in Rome; I have to order that he has to compose a Holy Mass for Rome! – That’s a good idea, Palma…«, Cardinale Borromeo was inspired to hear that music and was silently thinking.
And they heard also the »Benedictus« which was sung by Mihaela, Palma’s talented cousin, and she was very lucky and she smiled and smiled as she wants to jump of luckiness in the air because she is the first Mezzo-Soprano to perform this music in music history. Palmina played the Lute-part (it can be played also by a Pipa lute).

* * *

VIDEO: [»Benedictus« of »Prager Messe«] https://youtu.be/zicEEF45hJw



see also: LINK PLAYLIST »Prager Messe«: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBr_c49ajzY9LqTB5Bx-kVXxj61AN_psJ


* * *

And as they listened this music in their Peony Vision Palmina smiled and looked into Palma’s eyes.

And they saw now this in their Peony Vision:

* * *

Palmina had a big success in the San Marco Cathedral and in order to that she got an official Invitation to play with the »La Zitelle Chamber Orchestra«, the LZCO to have a concert in Vienna, Austria, the city of music.

But that means again an new sponsored concert tour.
But sponsored by whom? Who gives so much money to lead again Palmina out of the Republic of Venice? And again Palma can not see Palmina for a long time. What a pity!

Palma was lucky that his »Benedictus« was a big success in Venice, also for Palmina, but it means also that Palmina is on concert-tour for long.

She will not be in the morning at the little fine bakery store to sell mothers fine fresh little Venetian breads and to meet Palma there in the morning to smile for him.

And for her: It means not to see Palma painting in the San Antonin Church and not to play for him at the scaffolding.

It means also not to see her in the little atelier at the »Fondamenta dei Furlani« House Nr. 3291« where Palma paints during Palmina is playing for hours for him to inspire him.
It means also for them: Not to see each other at the beautiful Garden of »Giardino«. Not to speak to each other. Not to write to each other (As long the criminals of the dark sugar earth Administrators are not arrested by the Republic no letter will be un-stolen by them).

But they have the Peony Gondola !!!

* * *

Today Palma will finish his famous painting »La Pieta« and Palmina will play the last day before she is invited to travel to Vienna, to give a concert for mighty Emperor Rudolf II, the emperor of Austria.

picture - La Pieta by Palma il Giovane (See also »Lacrimosa« by Gerald Spitzner
picture 2 – »La Pieta by Palma in Giovane«

»Palmina, you played so beautiful here in my little atelier… Your little sweet compositions for me are so amazing. I love you Palmina!
He laid his paint brush to the side and looked a last time on his finished painting.
Palmina said: »Well done, Jacopo Palma il Giovane. You painted me also wonderfully with my red concert cloth and with golden hairs like on Master Titians »Pieta«.
And Palma took Palmina’s talented hands and kissed her carefully several times.
»And I have to thank this talented hands that they played over 40 minutes music for me now. Thank you my Pigeon.«

»Oh Palma, its ok. I like you Palma, you know, it makes me lucky to inspire you and to help you to go your way here in Venice.«.

»Yes, my pigeon, my inspiration, my deep love.«
Palma kissed her arms several times.
Now they are the last time alone and they hugged deeply and tender and long.
Yes, after today’s invitation at the Giudecca Island, and they will go there, there where the gardens of the Chinese friends are, there where the members Family of the Ming Dynasty are living, after that concert they will not be alone. Tomorrow Palmina will leave Venice for a long time to travel to Vienna with the »La Zitelle Chamber Orchestra« to make it famous in Europe.

Today they will meet at afternoon tea time at the Chinese Ming Family, with princess Lin and all the famous artists of the Ming Dynasty who survived the military attack against the Ming in the year 1583.
Maybe in later years, at peaceful times, they can go to China an live there as artists with big honours.
Today there will be a friendship concert – for a friendship between the mighty Republic of Venice and family members of the Ming-Dynasty.
The Chinese musician will play traditional Asian Music and the La Zitelle Chamber orchestra will play European and traditional Venice music pieces.
Today they can speak with Master Lao, who is a wise old man who can tell them some of his Visions he had last night.

mnigPalma and Palmina, after they hugged and kissed full of sympathy and love, they went both along the »Fondamenta del Furlani« along the San Antonin Church, along the big place »Campo Bandiera e Moro« to visit mum in the bakers shop, to get some fine fresh breads, to go along the »Calle de la Pieta« in the direction to the long Promenade »Riva degli Schiavoni«.
They went slowly along the clear sea water in the south direction to the famous »Giardino« garden.
There was also the bank to sit in front of the statue and they sat down again like on other important days in their life.
Palma hugged her. He kissed her on her cheek. She smiled but both were silent and they know, these are their last hours to be alone together.
How often they sat here on this bank and looked to the stars. How often they drove with the Peony Gondola to the Moon-palace to visit the Moon Princess Chang’e and how often they visited planet Mars to great the Mars princess there in their common Peony-Dreams.
Yes, their dreams are sometimes more real then some real days which seems to be sometimes unreal and hard.
How much people died in the last century in Venice on the pest… 30 precent of the people died in Venice. Therefore the Venetian Republic build the »Chiesa Il Redentore« Church on Giudecca Island as »thank you« for surviving that hard time and the Republic ordered also paintings by Palma il Giovane for that beautiful Church.

¹ »Chiesa Il Redentore« – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Il_Redentore

»Il Redentore was built as a votive church in thanksgiving for deliverance from a major outbreak of the plague that decimated Venice between 1575 and 1576, in which some 46,000 people (25–30% of the population) died.«
»Il Redentore contains paintings by Francesco Bassano, Lazzaro Bastiani, Carlo Saraceni, Leandro Bassano, PALMA IL GIOVANE, Jacopo Bassano, Francesco Bissolo, Rocco Marconi, Paolo Veronese, Alvise Vivarini and the workshop of Tintoretto. «

* * *

Exactly this thoughts were also spoken at the friendship concert at the Gardens on Giudecca Island where the Chinese People are living under the protection of the Republic of Venice.

»…and we also are thankful for surviving the pest and also the attacks by the dark sugar earth network here in Venice like you, my Chinese friends, you also survived the war attacks of the Qing Dynasty, who will now own whole China for a long time. So we are thankful for your invitation and your beautiful friendship concert…«, Cardinale Carolus Borromeo continued to speak:
»…and we can announce that there will be a charity concert in Vienna against child-prostitution by our La Zitelle Chamber Orchestra and if some of you will come with them to Vienna to see this beautiful old city and to listen our concerts there the Republic of Venice will send a lot of Bodyguards to protect you during your travel. Palmina Albina, our best Lute player will have 6000 Varanguards to protect her during her concert travel to Vienna…«.

And all spectators applauded here in the big wild gardens of Giudecca-Island.
The buildings and gardens are surrounded by walls and a lot of Soldiers are protecting all entrances: Chinese Soldiers in traditional Ming-Dynasty-Uniforms and Venetian Soldiers, and also some Varanguards for Palmina are standing to protect them all.

* * *

The afternoon concert went very well. Palmina played also a solo composed by Palma and a solo composed by Palmina on her lutes.
After the concerts a lot of Chinese servants brought fresh cooked Chinese traditional food, some specially adapted for the European taste.

Palma went to the stage to see Palmina and he asked the musicians if he can try out the traditional Asian Instruments.

»Oh, you know how to hold a traditional Pipa¹ lute and to make a few tones…?« a very young Chinese musician in white traditional Asian cloth said friendly smiling.
She allowed him to play on her Pipa and Palma played and (he tried it) played.
»Thank you, Xie Xie«, Palma said smiling after he played (tryed) a long time
Later Palma tried the traditional GuZheng² instrument and made some tones.
»Oh, that’s interesting…I would like to learn to play…«

¹ Pipa – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pipa
² GuZheng – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guzheng

The musician smiled and said »Signore Palma il Giovane, you painted us so beautiful in the last years here in Venice. If we can take painting lessons from you, here in our gardens we would feel very honoured. If you like, our talented princess can teach you and show you the secrets of our Asian culture and arts, especially of our music. They would love to explain you how this instruments are played. And…, and if you like you can write some music for our little Ming-Dynasty-Orchestra…«
And Palma was surprised for this friendly invitation.
»Palma, say yes! This is a big honour…!«, Palmina said.
Palmina was 2 years in China at the pacific island and learned not only the language a little bit, she knows how Asian people are fealing inside their heart.

»During I am in Vienna you will be here with the Ming Dynasty Family, here on that little beautiful secure Island in our Republic.«

Palma made a big sigh because he will miss Palmina and agreed to that big honour of cultural exchange.
Yes, Palma wants to learn about Asian cultures. Palmina lived on that Pacific Island for years. It is now a part of Palmina’s live and experience. He wants to understand this because he loves her.
»Yes, we have to learn from each other. The East from us West and we, West from your Eastern traditions.«

The little musician in the white beautiful cloth said: »Marco Polo was a Venetian and he married a Buddhist nun, a real Chinese Princess and lived here on that Island with her, the Chinese legend is telling.«

And as he saw that her eyes shined very beautifully Palma begun to study her eyes to be prepared to paint her and to teach her and to give her painting lessons in the future.

»I see you both are understanding very well, hm?«, Palmina said and hoped that Palma will manage now the time without her here in Venice.

»And..and…can I have some Violin lessons by your mother…Xíng ma?« the little Chinese Princess asked innocent and hoped that Palma will say yes.

* * *

The beautiful and ceremonial afternoon transformed into a long evening with lanterns – Chinese lanterns and Venetian Lanterns – with Chinese music and Venetian music from the 16th century.

It was a little fine feast and all enjoyed it but Palma did know that if Palmina will now go to Vienna with her orchestra and some Chinese delegation Palma will be again lonely for a long time.
Again it is a sponsored concert tour. Will Palma again have to wait on Palmina for years?

* * *

And after they saw this Peony-Vision at this 23 o clock time (11 p.m.) they dreamed what they say today at the »Giardino«-Garden. Palmina and Palma remembered this and they saw this in their Peony Vision sitting together now at the Peony-Gondola:

* * *

Today they saw a white Pigeon at the Giardino of South Venice and the Pigeon landed on a leave.


picture 3 – white pigeon

In their dream the Pigeon spoke to them with a soft voice:

»Dear Palma and Palmina! Be careful the next time! The Criminal Church of Security took money from the Administrators of the Dark Sugar Earth Network to make an attack to you. Don’t go alone on the streets of Venice. Stay at the Chinese Family at their gardens. For a while the Titian Art School should take place there. Till the secret service of the republic found out and arrest the criminals of the international child-prostitution network stay at them as long as you can. There are good security Elite-soldiers protecting you. Chinese Soldiers and Venetian Soldiers and Varangian Guards¹!«

¹ Varangian Guard -Wikipedia –

»The Varangian Guard (Greek: Τάγμα τῶν Βαράγγων, Tágma tōn Varángōn) was an elite unit of the Byzantine Army, from the 10th to the 14th centuries, whose members served as personal bodyguards to the Byzantine Emperors.«

Palma and Palmina looked surprised to the white speaking pigeon.

»And you Palmina, be careful: One of the Bodyguards is a FAKE BODYGUARD and he is paid by the international child-prostitution-network of the Dark Sugar Earth Dealers. He wants to isolate you and destroy your concert-career in Vienna. He has orders not to allow cultural exchange with the famous artists of Vienna so that no one will know your name as lute player in music history. Don’t trust him, don’t eat his dark sugar earth. He cancels your artist contacts and meetings without your permission! And don’t be alone with a man or a fake priest (an »Ostary³« which wears false priest cloth). The false Bodyguard will try to isolate you the whole concert in order to destroy your future music career. Don’t be alone with any man in a room also if this bodyguard said that this is expected from you otherwise you will loose your position as solist. Order always two, listen: two soldiers to protect you: A Chinese Soldier and an European Soldier. Good luck Palma and Palmina. Groo, Grooooo.«.

³ »Ostiarius« – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ostiarius
Is NOT priest, »In the Roman Catholic Church, this „porter“ became the lowest of the four minor orders prescribed by the Council of Trent. This was the first order a seminarian…«


picture 4 –  starting white pigeon

After that the white Pigeon started to fly high in the heaven and was not seen after a while.


picture 5 – heart leave

As Palma looked down to earth he saw that old leave.
It had a tiny hole like a heart.

»The white Pigeon showed us to find this symbol of an old, old, old love, my Wang Chun chao – my Marco-Polo Princess, My Du Liniang, My Palmina, my white Pigeon.«

Palmina laid her head on Palma’s beating heart and Palma reacted with putting his strong arm around his little Palmina Albina.

She thought also on the old vision of the little yellow canary bird in the wooden cage who will inspire the most famous composer of Europe to do his artwork in over 100 years.

And they heard now this mystic music:

VIDEO: [Violin and Organ »Lacrimosa« ] https://youtu.be/lzQ5Y_IS_98

(to be continued….)


148. The Secret of the »Marco Polo Variation«

148. The Secret of the »Marco Polo Variation«


picture – West Lake in China

And both saw now during this little Mandolin solo a common Peony-Vision:

* * *

They saw Marco Polo sitting in a Chinese Chunk at the West-Lake together with his Chinese Princess.

Marco Polo is playing this »Spring Melody Hymn« and Palmina is sitting with him in the Chinese Chunk.
It is a very romantic atmosphere, here on the West-Lake.
She is looking very beautifully like an innocent Princess, smiling and listening to this Melody of the 8-Images *) Melody Marco Polo played on his Mandolin.

Palma, as Marco Polo, expressed his deep love to her with this Melody and was lucky to have her back in his life. She came through a Peony-Miracle***) suddenly back in his live. (see also the Miracle in the Chinese Opera »The Peony Pavilion« (Mǔdān tíng / 牡丹亭) **)

**) »The Peony Pavillion« (Mu Dang Ting) – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Peony_Pavilion

»[…] also named The Return of Soul at the Peony Pavilion, is a romantic tragicomedy play written by dramatist Tang Xianzu in 1598, and the plot was drawn from the short story Du Liniang Revives For Love. It depictes a love story between Du Liniang and Liu Mengmei, overcomes all difficulties, transcending time and space, life and death, and finally get together.«

***) A legend, told in Venice, says that Marco Polo’s Chinese princess came through a miracle back into his live as he took the Chunk over the West-Lake in China. A similar miracle like this is depicted in the Chinese Opera »The Peony Pavillion« / Mǔdān tíng 牡丹亭 – Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Peony_Pavilion


* * *

And also during this Melody they saw as Vision Palma il Giovane composing a »Marco Polo Variation« about this »Spring-Melody-Hymn«.
A Variation for Pipa solo, Viola solo and Harpsichord (or Organ, or 4 Flutes (S,A,T,B).

Palma felt so inspired from that moment as he saw Palmina the first time playing her Lute for his presentation at the Chiesa San Zulian.
Palma felt inspired as he spoke with her for 8 minutes after the concert on the 4th September in the year 1580.
She played so beautifully 40 minutes of his composition »8 Soli for Pipa« for his Speech in Venice with international guests of the Republic, that he felt thankful and composed this little »Marco Polo Variation«
as love-dedication for her.

* * *

After this beautiful Vision they looked long from their little island in the direction of Venice. They looked to the evening stars.
They hugged and spoke about their future music projects and Palmina started silently to sing the »Spring Melody Hymn«

»Sun, Moon, Stars, Wind and Weather, Water, Fire, Mother Earth,
Heaven, Water, Wood and Thunder, Lake, Fire, Earth and Mountain.«

Palma leaned his head on her, being a little bit tired.
Palmina felt that he worked hard, with painting, but what did him make so tired.»…did he compose something bigger for me?« Later he laid down and Palma felt asleep while Palmina caress his head tender, soft and slow.

Palmina observed him sleeping and smiled. »…like a little boy…«, she whispered

The little fire under the stars of Venice shined soft and made a warm light all over the little place in the nature. This golden light made Palmina’s smile very harmonic and beautiful. If Palma could see her he would paint her, but now he is sleeping.
A soft Wind breeze moved her beautiful hairs and moved Palma’s drawing-folder, beside her.
A second Wind breeze opened the folder and Palmina turned interested her head to the open folder.

Palmina wanted to close the drawing folder but she saw all the beautiful drawings Palma made of her in the last time.
She smiled. She looked on all his drawings. A lot of her are with lute – Venetian Lute and Chinese Pipa Lute. He painted her also in Asian traditional cloths, which he saw from the Chinese friends living now in Venice.
Then she saw some papers looking like a music score. She discovered 21 sheet of music score.

»Hm, what did Palma compose for me…? Oh a Marco Polo Variation…Like we dreamed in our Peony-Vision«

She looked at the music scores and tried to find out what these compositions are about.

The first four pages are the »Marco Polo Variations« as Pipa score and the next 17 pages are the same music as an Orchestral-Version for a lot of music instruments, but a little bit longer…

»…Oh, my Palma, my secret composer, it is an orchestral Version for a longer Music Piece… Ah, he puts the Marco Polo Variation into a bigger Composition so it is now for Pipa and orchestra. …Hm, hm…and this is a smaller music score, a so called »particell« – a part of a bigger orchestral music score hm…..Wow, how big is then the whole music score? I will ask him tomorrow….He needs his sleep now, my Palma…He wrote this »particell« for me, so that I can orientate and so I can rehearsal my Pipa Part in the whole music piece…ah, here are some Vocalists, he wrote for me the vocal parts, so I follow the score…«, Palmina thought.

Palmina was lucky about his creativity and she feels that she is the reason for that music, she inspired him and he composed secretly as surprise for this music.

Soft she kissed Palma several times tender, during he slept and Palma smiled and had a beautiful dream of an Angel bringing him spiritual food during he is painting and he saw the painting »Elia nutrito dall’angelo« he will paint once during his dream.

And the music scores she found were like that:

»Marco Polo Variation«










music score (Particell)

of the Orchestral Version of the

»Marco Polo Variation«

































(to be continued…)

*) see also:
The 8 Images of Psalm 104 at the Cantico delle Creature (太 陽 歌)
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5 Elements in the worlds cultures an its relations to to the 8 Images


144. Painting Music Rose (Palma il Giovane)

144. Painting Music Rose (Palma il Giovane)

Bildschirmfoto von 2018-10-09 12-31-44
picture – Painting Music Rose

»Oh, Palma, you painted at a lot of places in Venice! Big paintings and little paintings…
I am so proud of you…« Palmina said full of love.

»But Palmina, without your inspiring smile, without your inspiring Lute playing, with your inspiring performing secretly my little compositions I would not have the power to do so much big artworks. I would not live my whole life in Venice since 1570 without YOU, Palmina…Ti amo, I love you, Wo ai ni, …my saint-spirit-inspiration-pigeon…«

»Here is my letter, I give it you personally, because your letter from today the Church of Security stole it…these criminals…«

Palmina smiled and took Palma’s fresh letter and read it now in their Peony-Gondola:

* * *

»Venice, 11.Oct

Dear Palmina!

Yesterday and especially today I could feel deep in my heart, that you tried to send me a letter…
But the letter didn’t come. It could be that the Church of Security, a criminal organisation, which is specialized to isolate and to steal the Jade of people and plunder people, did steal your fresh written letter!
But in my heart I could feel that we are really THINKING ON EACH OTHER.

I take my music instrument every day to be connected with you by our Peony Gondola.
I send you my painted music rose…

With love, your Jacopo Palma il Giovane«

Palmina read this fresh Pigeon post and was lucky to be with him in this Peony Gondola at 23 h (11 p.m.).

The Church of Security really did steal my fresh letter I wrote today to you.
The contact between my island (Giudecca-Island) where I am living at the »La Zitelle« as music teacher seemed to be blocked by criminals. Hmmmm…Should we inform the local authority of our Republic of Venice to report this criminal act against our privacy…hmm?«

Palmina kissed Palma tender and Palma hugged Palmina with his strong arm.

After a while Palma took his Viola da braccio and played for Palmina a »Painting Music Rose«.
Palmina smiled and send him so much love from her heart and Palma send Palmina so much love and he covered her with hundreds of music roses tenderly.

Each short tone is a little kiss on her talented Pipa-playing-hands and each tone is a tender kiss on her cheeks.

Palmina could also find the secret music melodies which Palma composed into this Viola solo composition.

With each note of his composition he is sending her love and roses like a music painted rose.

The composition ends with a tender and soft »Pi-Pa-Liuto-Kiss« at the last tone c².

Palma is painting music image with his instrument Viola and it was like that:

VIDEO: [Viola solo 2018-10-11 »Painting Music Rose«] https://youtu.be/ezoXuEmZ0v4

(to be continued…)

141. Organ solo at the moon palace

141. Organ solo at the moon palace

organo Chiesa_di_San_Zulian_-_Organo.jpg

picture – Organ at Chiesa San Zulian

Palma was long very silent.

Palmina, sitting beside him in the Peony Gondola at 23 h (11 p.m.), she realized that and she thought on the beautiful high inspiring moments they had together…
»You are so silent in the last time, Palma…?«
»Oh, my beloved Palmina, my inspiration…
You are inspiring me so much, also now.
I am thinking always about you and me.
Signore Ridolfi is now coming in a few days to Venice.
He has interest to write a book about my live as artist or a longer biography about my live.
And he will listen to my speech in a few days in Venice.
I will tell also about the beautiful time as you played your Lute in the year 1574-1576….«
Palmina put her head on Palmas shoulder and then she kissed soft his cheek.
»Oh, Palma…You will really do that?
You will tell about me playing at Master Titian during he was painting at the very famous artwork ‚Pieta’…?«
»Yes, my Pigeon, my Inspiration, my deep love…
Do you want again to play your Lutes during my speech in Venice…?«
»Oh yes, Palma! I am so looking forward to play for your speech in Venice…«
Palmina’s cheeks went a little bit red being shy.
And Signore Ridolfi*) can not write all I will write it so that even the people in 300 or 400 years will hear about you, my inspiring Lute playing Angel…«

*) Carlo Ridolfi – Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlo_Ridolfi
Carlo Ridolfi (1594–1658) was an Italian art biographer and painter of the Baroque period.

Ridolfi is Palma’s Biographer who printed the first biography of his live in the 17 century
»Le maraviglie dell’Arte ovvero, Le vite degli Illustri Pittori Veneti e dello Stato.«

And Palma put his strong arm around Palmina and he gave her a good hold and kissed also her cheek.
Palmina smiled and Palma smiled.

And now they continued to see their Peony dream and Vision and it was like that:

* * *

After Palma gave a copy of the music score to the moon princes all the beautiful moon princesses beside her looked and whispered.
»We want also to have some copies of Palma’s music score – we love his music…«
A little moon princes with a 2 year old girl-baby came and pointed to Palma il Giovane.
»Oh, look, she likes you, Palma«, Palmina said.
And as the little moon princess with her baby came near to Palma with his Mandolin the princess said:
»Dear Palma il Giovane, we heard you Organ playing here from the moon…
Can you play on our moon-palace-organ some music for us all?
This is was my little baby daughter princess wanted you to ask…«
Palma made a very respectful Venetian gesture in front of the little princess mother and her baby.
»Yes, It is a big honour to play for you on your organ here on the moon…«
And Palma went to the Organ which has not been played long time.
The moon princess whispered and said: »Ooooooh! An Organ Concert for us!«
»Palma looked into Palmina’s eyes.
»I am proud of you, Palma«, Palmina said smiling and sending him Inspirations from her heart to his heart and it felt so warm in his heart to get her deep love every evening at 23 h ( 11 p.m.)

And Palma sat down at the Organ and played some Inspirations like that:

VIDEO: [2018-10-06 »Organ solo at the moon palace (Palma il Giovane 141)«] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTaFjWhUkH8

(to be continued…)


136. Palmina’s music mission in Titian’s and Palma’s live

136. Palmina’s music mission in Titian’s and Palma’s live

picture 1 - »Suonatrice di liuto« by GENTILESCHI Orazio (1626)
picture 1 – »Suonatrice di liuto« by GENTILESCHI Orazio (1626) *)

* * *

And they did not stop hugging deep and tender and very heartfelt in their Peony-Gondola at 23h (11 p.m.)

»Palmina, you are my deep and only one love…«

*) Painter – GENTILESCHI Orazio (1563 – 1639) – Wikipedia
[it] https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orazio_Gentileschi
[en] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orazio_Gentileschi

»Did you know that as I was 12 years old and I was assisting as painting student at Master Titian at his painting »Transfiguratione« that I saw you the first time in my live?«

»What? As you where a young student at Master Titian…me?????«

»Yes, there was a female lute player playing for Titian’s painting lessons in the big church »San Salvador« *) there. And your parents went through the church and had a look at our students class to look at his painting. Your mother hold you as little baby and you pointed to the lute playing lady and then you pointed to me and you smiled so lucky and looked at me and I smiled back to you.
Your mum allowed me to hold you a few moments and it was so beautiful to hold you in my arms. I did not know that you will once be the young women who will play for my presentation of my new paintings in the »Chiesa San Antonin« church and the »Chiesa San Zulian« Church near the San Marco Place.
Holding you in my arms it was the same warm feeling as I hold you now In my arms, but now you are a young adult women and I love you…

*) San Salvador, Venice – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Salvador,_Venice

»The Chiesa di San Salvatore (of the Holy Savior) is a church in Venice, northern Italy. Known in Venetian as San Salvador, is located on the Campo San Salvador, along the Merceria, the main shopping street of Venice. The church was first consecrated in 1177 by Pope Alexander III shortly after his reconciliation with Emperor Frederick Barbarossa at nearby San Marco.[…]«


picture 2 - Transfigurationa by Titian
picture 2 – Transfiguratione by Titian

»Really,.. you hold me in your arms as you was a young student?«

»Yes, Palmina and there was a light beam from a top window of the church for a short moment coming to us both. Your mother smiled about this light.
And…you gave me a kiss on my cheek…and I was shy and my face was red being shy…I remember that the other students said in this moment ‚Oooh ..eterno amore..this is a big,big love… an eternal love…«

»Palma…this is really true…hmmmm?«, Palmina wanted to know.

»Yes, really this was told long time in the Titian School, but the students did not know who you are…
Only Titian looked long and very serious as if he was knowing that you, Palmina, will play the Lute during his last painting sessions during his last 3 living years before he died.

picture 3 -  Pietà by Titian (finished by Palma il Giovane).jpg

picture 3 – Pietà by Titian (finished by Palma il Giovane)

As the light beam came from heaven to you and me as I hold you as baby Titian felt that you are the artist who will play Lute for him in the last moments before he closed slowly his eyes in the year 1576. Palmina, Titian could feel the saint moment…«

Palmina smiled, but she was thinking about the music-art mission with Palma il Giovane and Titian.

»Titian really felt that I will be his Lute playing artist on his death bed as I was a baby?…Amazing!!«

»Yes, your mother knows that till today, Palmina. She feels that I love you and there was a magic between us both from the first encounter. She understood also that you like the sound of the lute…«

* * *

After a while of silence Palma and Palmina heard a beautiful Violin solo played during the glowing clouds on the heaven and it was like that:

VIDEO: [2018-09-23 »Violin solo Evening Impression« by Renate Spitzner ] https://youtu.be/3MlnjPKi7zk

(to be continued…)


108. Inner-heart decision for common art projects

108. Inner-heart decision for common art projects

01 Cardinale Cristiano (left) and Dogan Pasquale sicogna (right) (»Ospedale« Venice).jpg

01 picture – painting by Palma il Giovane – (»Ospedale«, Venice), Cardinale Christiano (left) and Dogan Pasquale Cicogna (right)

Palma lifted her hand and kissed her hand secretly and her eyes shined and Palmina smiled innocently.
»I am so looking forward to play your new creations for me and my lutes…«, Palmina said being lucky.
Now the voices of the young students and artists could be heart at this moment and Palmina and Palma went on their place to expect the students and to begin this painting lesson…

* * *

02 picture - Island Giudecca with church 'La Zitelle' (left)

02 picture – Island Giudecca with church ‚La Zitelle‘ (left)

Palma and Palmina saw this vision and they smiled silently.
»Yes, the Titian School…the famous Titian-school…«, said Palma with a sigh in his voice.
»So much artwork we made there…especially your compositions…your secret compositions for me…!«, Palmina answered.
»And don’t forget the music art projects for the poor women and for the poor girls of Venice«
»…especially at the Jesuits at Giudecca, ‚La Zitelle‘ and at the ‚Ospedale‘, the »Ospedaletto dei crociferi«
»Yes, I remember, Palma… I remember very good…specially as I came back after a long time…«

* * *

In their Peony Gondola at the 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.) they remembered at the birthday feast at the garden of the Jesuits on the evening at the island Giudecca in Venice.

* * *

Palma arranged a big private music birthday-feast for Palmina and the artists played the »Peony Gondola song« composed by Palma il Giovane, performed by 30 »Gondolieri« with their mandolins, first on the San Marco Place, then in the gardens of the Jesuits at ‚La Zitelle‘.

There was also Cardinale »Christiano«, an old friend of Palma il Giovane.
Palma knows him since his childhood.
He was impressed by the art performance on the San Marco Place.
At this evening, sitting together with Palma il Giovane and Palmina, he said to them:
»Today I heard that the mighty Dogan was amazed by the performance on the San Marco Place and he had the idea that Palmina should play for the poor women at the »Ospedale« and you, Palma, my friend, should paint 8 paintings there at the Jesuits…He will make this projects possible…would you agree to realize that great idea of our Dogan? The Jesuits of the »Ospedale« agreed that you, Palma should paint the painting artwork and you, Palmina should play there for the poor women,… this great music creations….by the way… who composed this music dedicated to Palmina?…«

03 picture - Palma il Giovane - Pasquale Cicogna in the Church of the Crociferi Receives News of His Election to the Dogeship (»Ospedale« Venice)

03 picture – Palma il Giovane – Pasquale Cicogna in the Church of the Crociferi Receives News of His Election to the Dogeship (»Ospedale«, Venice)

Palma and Palmina smiled and Palma said »We agree… Christiano, we are ready to start this big art projects… «

Cardinale Cristiano was happy to bring good news to the Jesuits at the »Ospedale« and to the mighty Dogan, which was mightier than the Pope.

»Hmmm…Palma? May I ask a personal question?…«

»Yes, Christano…«, Palma answered.

»My elder sister Sabina and my younger sister Manuela wants to ask if they can come to the Titian school…? I could arrange an official meeting…«

»Hmm…why not, they want to learn to paint and to draw?«

»A little bit…but the reason is they want to be painted…«, Christiano answered.

»What does your father say, Christiano,…?«

»Oh he says YES, for paintings like the saint virgin paintings, angel paintings, saints paintings… but for mythological paintings I don’t know his opinion…«

»Ask him first…, dear Cardinale Christiano, my old friend, we need always the permission of the parents…
You know, we are the best painting school with a high level of quality and a high honour codex.
After that: talk to my secretary to make an official meeting at the Titian-school…«, Palma answered very fast.
»And it is ok…that you and Palmina are working together at the Ospedale…?
I mean, we can arrange concerts for the poor women…! They can listen to Palmina’s lute playing as a variation of music-art-therapy…? also during you are painting….«
Palma looked asking into Palmina’s eyes and her heart said »YES, Palma, where you go – I follow you, my Palma, my painter, my composer, my big love…«
The Pigeons in the trees made »Gro, Groooooo« and Palma understood the Pigeons and the thoughts of Palmina.
Both looked into their eyes and nodded »YES!«

Both said now YES to work together at their future projects at the »Ospedale«.
It was also a YES to their own creativity – a YES to their own INSPIRATION – finally a YES to the Saint Spirit.
A YES to a new big change – their big change for their secret growing love – this art project will be very important for their common future. This art-project will bring them slowly together.

Cardinale Christiano was lucky and smiled.

04 picture - early evening view from Giudecca

04 picture – early evening view from Giudecca

»And Palma…? The new church ‚La Zitelle‘ will be build in 4 or 5 years, here at the Jesuits. You can make a painting and Palmina can play for the opening of the new church…«

Palma and Palmina smiled.
What a wonderful present on Palmina’s birthday here on Giudecca at Venice.

05 picture - painting by Canaletto

05 picture – painting by Canaletto

Palma and Palmina made then a little private walk under the stars of Venice.

06 picture - view from Island Giudecca in the directon to the Pieta and »Ponte de la Pieta« where Palmina is living (16th century)

06 picture – view from Island Giudecca in the directon to the Pieta and »Ponte de la Pieta« where Palmina is living (16th century)


They went along the north-side of Giudecca-island to see a little bit into the direction of the Venice city,

Two lamp posts - Giudecca, Venice, Italy

07 picture – The two pink lantern (like in whole Venice) remembering the Peony Gondola and the shining peony flowers as symbol of the eternal love between Palma il Giovane and Palmina Albina


especially in the direction of the »San Marco Place«, from where all the international guests from Venice came with their Gondolas.

08 picture - Gondola with lanterns moving between San Marco Place (down) and 'La Zitelle' (up)

08 picture – Gondola with lanterns moving between San Marco Place (down) and ‚La Zitelle‘ (up)

Some lantern shined on San Marco Place. Some Gondola had a shining lantern .

»What a beautiful evening…«, Palmina said.
Palma gave his arm around Palmina and said: »A wonderful evening, and a wonderful inspirational birthday…«.

09 picture - evening view from Giudecca direct to San Marco from where the Gondola came

09 picture – evening view from Giudecca direct to San Marco from where the Gondola came

Palmina smiled and gave Palma a short kiss on his cheek and smiled very, very happy. Now they walk into a very creative common future…

10 giudecca at night

10 picture – Giudecca at night

(to be continued…)


101. Let’s take a walk through the Secret Gardens of Venice

101. Let’s take a walk through the Secret Gardens of Venice
01 picture - Secret Gardens of Venice

01 picture – Secret Gardens of Venice

Palmina and Palma holding each other during seeing their common dream from their Peony Gondola Vision:

* * *

  And as Palma played like that, very heartfelt for Palmina, sitting beside him at that unique evening, here at the beautiful garden named »Giardino« in Venice, Palmina smiled very lucky and shy.
Although it was dark, the moon is now slowly getting his old colour, and the sky was dark-blue, Palma could see Palmina smiling – Palmina had her beautiful lantern on her seat.
The light was strong enough to cover both with golden-light.
Yes the golden-light was again around Palma and Palmina. A light Palma very often did paint in his famous paintings. Palma was the only one who tried to paint the light in golden colour, which seemed to be impossible to draw. But the strong light-inspiration coming from his saint pigeon Palmina Albina gave Palma the secure feeling that it is possible to draw light in the golden colour, a light from the heaven.
Palmina smiled and this makes Palma always lucky and he smiled also.
Suddenly the Planet Mars did rise over the Laguna water of Venice in the south east.

»Oh, look this is Planet Mars!«
»Oh, really ?«, Palmina answered innocently being proud that Palma knows that this little red orange point over the water horizon is Planet Mars.


»Huo sing?«

»HuoXing is the Chinese Name for Planet Mars. »Huo« means fire and »xing« means star.«

»You play not only the Chinese Pipa lute like a Chinese Princess you know also the Chinese words…
How did you…?«

»Master Lao and Princess Lin did…«, Palmina fast answered.

»Oh my sweet little Chinese Princess« said Palma and he lifted the lantern in the high of their eyes.
Palmina’s eyes shined wonderfully in the light of the lantern.
Palma sniffed.
Palmina was surprised and after a while she laughed and smiled also and sniffed also.
Both sniffed and laughed like on the day they met again after a long time in the small »Calle de la Pieta«.
Then they looked into their eyes very silent for a while and then both made their mouth like wanting to say »Liu-to«, this means in Italian »Lute«.
Then their moth touched each other for a tender short kiss.
They closed their eyes and the lantern light blessed them.
Behind them on the horizon there was Huoxing, planet Mars, shining beautifully in his red-orange colour, right over Mars is the moon who is a little bit red-orange and the stars.
All seemed to bless these secret lovers.

And the Evening Sky was like this:

02 picture Planet Mars and Moon (Giardino, Venice)

02 picture – Moon and Mars on this beautiful evening at Giardino, Venice

* * *

At the next day, it was a bright, sunny and beautiful day in Venice, Palma and Palmina couldn’t but thinking on each other.

Palmina sat again in her little room over her little beautiful garden at the short small »Calle de la Pieta« and did rehearsal a music piece on her lute.

* * *

Palma sat also at his little room at the »Campo San Provolo« looking down to the street.
There was a little orange canary bird in a window sitting and singing.
Palma took his lute played the »Let’s take a walk through the Secret Gardens of Venice – Melody«. Palma did rehearsal this melody several times.

* * *

Palmina looked suddenly along the flowers in her little beautiful garden.
She smiled and stopped playing as she felt that Palma is playing their secret melodies. She smiled because she realized: Palma is now training the »Let’s take a walk through the Secrets Gardens of Venice – Melody«.
»It is a little bit difficult to play, because the little melody has a lot of 4 strings accords«, Palmina thought with much love and understanding.

* * *

And really Palma repeated the melody till he played it better than before.
The bird sung friendly to show that this melody sounds now better then before.

* * *

Palmina looked again to the beautiful flowers in her beautiful garden and smiled feeling that Palma is playing for her on his music instrument.
This could mean that Palma will soon be playing under her little window with his mandolin over her little garden.
There are such much little beautiful and secret gardens in Venice.
Palma and Palmina knew them all by heart.

* * *

And as Palma did his daily painting artwork in a church of Venice he went directly to Palmina’s »Calle de la Pieta«. To be not seen by others he took his way over the little bridge over the »Rio de la Pieta«. Coming from this direction no one, who has his windows to the place »Campo di Bandiera e Moro«, could see Palma coming.


03 picture – music score »Let’s take a walk through the Secret Gardens of Venice – Melody«

And Palma arrived and took his Mandolin and played for Palmina, his secret Byzantine Eurasian princess, their secret Melody like that:

VIDEO: [»Let’s take a walk through the secret Gardens of Venice – Melody«] https://youtu.be/qDHlZODGGto

Palmina sat at her window holding her Chinese Lute Pipa and smiled as she heart and saw Palma il Giovane standing with his Mandolin playing for her.

She understood the meaning of this melody: Palma wants to make a walk through the secret Gardens of Venice.
The sun shined and Palma had time to be with her for the rest of this day.
Palmina was free, she finished her daily rehearsal for her concerts in Venice and this afternoon was a good weather to go out through the secret gardens of Venice.
Palmina saw that Palma has also his drawing utensil with him.
»Maybe he wants to draw me or he wants to compose…«, Palmina thought smiling.

After Palma finished playing on his melody.

Palmina answered on her lute with the »Spring Melody« to say in music:
»YES, I will, my Palma, my composer, my painter and secret writer, my old and deep love!«

And she played like that:

VIDEO: [Pipa-Lute – »Spring Melody«] https://youtu.be/YbumhbqHxkM

(to be continued…)


97. First painting session with Palmina’s Lute playing in Venice

97. First painting session with Palmina’s Lute playing in Venice

And they continued the see their Peony-Vision in their 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.):

* * *

Palmina played wonderful and all loved Palmina and the audience where amazed by her beautiful interpretation of Palma’s compositions for Pipa-Lute.
They brought Palmina flowers and she smiled very happy.
It was if she was yesterday playing here in Venice and not for such a long time on her island.

Suddenly Palmina went down from her wooden stage and went into the first row, where Palma il Giovane was sitting. She took his hand and went with him on the stage.

»He is the composer!!!« Palmina said.
A lot of well known persons did know »This is our famous painter Palma il Giovane!«
»Yes, bravi, bravi…the famous painter of the big paintings in the Dogen’s Palace.«
»Bravi, bravi… He finished Master Titian’s Pieta as he was weak and old!…«

»And the lute player is the little girl who played lute in his last years before Master Titian died in 1567 to support Palma il Giovane’s artwork…!«

»Bravi, Bravi…Palmina Albina’s Lute music and Palma’s compositions did make Master Titian keep alive for 3-4 years….instead of dying of weakness «
»Yes, all, here in Venice are telling this about them…Bravi, bbravi, Braaaaavi…«

* * *

As they saw this in their common dream as Peony-Vision Palma said to her:
»This was very nice from you deciding to play my compositions!«
»Oh…I like them really and I love you…«
»But you also told the public that I am the composer…«
»I know, you are shy…but I learned to stand to OUR CREATIVITY…No one has the right to suppress our creativity… I’m not a product with a Number of any organisation…«

Palma kissed her tender and soft and she put her arms around him.

So they continued to dream their common visions in Venice and they saw this:

* * *

Palmina put her both lutes (The Venetian Lute with 6 Strings and the Chinese Lute Pipa with 4 Strings) on the little stage and went the long way along the empty, but beautiful and big atelier hall of the Titian-painting-school which was in a bigger palazzo than the Venice-Titan-Art-Gallery at the »Campo di San Provolo«.

The atelier was filled with empty easel, maybe 12 to 15 easel.
As Palmina left the big room she thought: »How beautiful are these rooms.
As I was last time living here in Venice the Titian School had not so fine and big rooms.
It seems that the Titian-School has developed to a very fine art-school with a high ranking in the Republic of Venice – The R.O.V.«
Palmina saw also the servants who cleaned the floor so it was like a clean mirror.
Looking around this amazing big palazzo Palmina was impressed. She looked around the famous building, she had a few minutes till her first painting session in this Titian-School will begin.
»Such a long time I did not live here in Venice.
I hope in Palma’s live did all turn to a better live.
I was only connected with my heart with him. Now I see that Palma is very, very respected in Venice, more then on that time our family moved to Cyprus-Island«.

Palmina was now happy to live again here and she decided to be on Palma’s side as near as possible. She decided to live a creative life with and around Palma.
»On that beautiful island I am only a number. How was it ……hmmm…….I forgot it…. Here our fine white fresh little breads all Venetian are likening and loving. All asked me and mum for them..Mum wants that we start to produce again our fine breads here in Venice. Our bakery is backing again for Venice and the Dogan’s palace. Now we have so much servants in our bakery so I have enough time to rehearsal for the concerts here in Venice. Here I am a free artist. No one makes me any prescriptions…«

Meanwhile the students came in the big atelier very slow and silent. They are dressed in the finest cloths…
After a while 15 students, girls, women and young men take their place at the easel.
They cleaned their painting brush and prepared themselves for the painting session with Master Palma il Giovane.

The painting model lady came with a beautiful red cloth and sat on a chair on the stage.
She should be painted today from all the students.

The students looked around the model to see how she looks like from the near.
During the painting session it was not allowed to come near to look at her.
Some students tried to say how she should sit on the chair and in which direction she should look.
The model lady in the red cloth was now a little bit uncertain in which direction she should smile. They discovered the two lutes of Palmina and took them as it was only a utensil for paintings.

(to be continued…)


95. Formosa Inspiration – traveling from the Island to the concert

Formosa Inspiration – traveling from the Island to the concert

And as their Peony-Gondola flew their way back to Venice, Palmina and Palma had a warm feeling in their hearts.
They know that their decision in their hearts brought them more together and will bring them again together in their real live.
Palmina smiled as she heart Palma playing their secret melody for her.
Palma smiled and felt that she said »YES«. She looked a little bit shy and thought about their future in Venice.
Palmina’s beautiful hairs moved in the soft wind of the flying Gondola along the pink white clouds. Both looked at the clouds and smiled. Palma put his arm around Palmina and loved her.
They observed the beautiful landscapes, the mountains of Italy below them.
They tried to see over which cities they are flying so soft and fast.

Now at their 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.) Palma and Palmina saw this new vision:

Video: [Mandolinsolo inspiration III ] https://vimeo.com/250977540

* * *

Palma went waiting at the promenade the »Riva degli Schiavoni« (It is only a few steps from the living place from Palmina in Venice at the backers shop at »Campo di Bandiera e Moro« in the 16th century) up and down. He went up and down there in the morning and in the evening.
He looked every day at this promenade, where he went so often with her at the evening and early morning, for something coming along the waters of the Laguna of Venice.
»The concert is in two days… Where is the ship?«
Palma made a long neck to see if there comes a new ship from the south of Venice.

Every day he went to the »Chiesa Santa Maria Formosa«*) and prayed.

Bellotto - Campo Santa Maria Formosa about 1742

01 picture – painting Campo Santa Maria Formosa by Belloto

*) Santa Maria Formosa – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Maria_Formosa

»Santa Maria Formosa is a church in Venice, northern Italy. It was erected in 1492 under the design by Renaissance architect Mauro Codussi. It lies on the site of a former church dating from the 7th century, which, according to tradition, was one of the eight founded by San Magno, bishop of Oderzo. The name „formosa“ relates to an alleged appearance of the Holy Virgin disguised as a voluptuous woman

Interior – The artworks in the interior include the St. Barbara polyptych by Palma the Elder (Palma il Giovane’s uncle), one of his most celebrated works. The Conception Chapel houses a triptych of Madonna of Misericordia by Bartolomeo Vivarini (1473), while in the Oratory is the Madonna with Child and St. Dominic by Giambattista Tiepolo (18th century). There is also a Last Supper by Leandro Bassano.«


There is an organ and a painting of Palma’s uncle »Palma Vecchio«.

02 picture - painting of Palma's uncle at Santa Maria Formosa
02 picture – painting of Palma’s uncle *) at Santa Maria Formosa

*) Palma Vecchio – Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palma_Vecchio

»Palma Vecchio (c. 1480 – July 1528), born Jacopo Palma and also known as Jacopo Negretti, was a Venetian painter of the Italian Renaissance. He was born at Serina Alta near Bergamo, a dependency of the Republic of Venice, but his recorded career all took place in or near Venice. He is called Palma Vecchio in English („Palma the Elder“, in Italian Palma il Vecchio) to distinguish him from Palma il Giovane („Palma the Younger“, 1548/50-1628), his great-nephew«


He played now every day something »For Palmina« on the organ and Palmina could feel the moment he plays for her in her heart. Her little finger of her right hand made some pains from her hard rehearsal with the tremolo on her Pipa Luta.

In this moment she smiled secretly and her smile was so beautiful that it was worth living only for her lovely smiling.

Every time he went to the organ at »Formosa«, every time Palmina stopped to rehearsal on her Pipa Lute, closed her eyes and listened to Palma’s Organ playing.

She smiled and she was connected with her heart to him in this secret moment.
Now some birds flew above the ship which is heading to Venice from Palmina’s Island in the east.

She is thinking on Palma’s composition for Pipa solo:

»The 8 Image of the I-Ching 易經«
VIDEO: [ »The 8 Image of the I-Ching 易經« ] https://youtu.be/M9yPwdJuQrg

»It was if the birds wanted to say to Palmina: »He is thinking on you… He is playing a music piece for you… He is expressing his love for you…«
Palmina understood and smiled.
The ship in which she is travelling to Venice since weeks is moving a little bit left and a little bit right. Palmina’s mother saw that Palmina stopped her hard rehearsal for the recent concert on Sunday. She left the cabin, so Palmina could be now alone with her »heart-to-heart communication« with her love Palma il Giovane. Palma’s mother slowly understood how important the relation between Palmina and Palma il Giovane is and what is depending on this artwork for the history of the Republic of Venice and Europe.
Palmina had pains at her left hand, especially at her left wrist.
Palma’s love-waves direct from the heart of Venice, direct from »Formosa« reached Palmina at her »inner-heart« journey to Venice, sitting in the moving ship.
She had her eyes closed and smiled beautifully – her wrist did not hurt any more. She know: It is his love to her – It is her love to him.

Secretly she took the music score – it was not a secret any more that Palmina decided to play Palma’s composition in Venice – and she kissed now the paper on which Palma wrote his composition for her. »His hands wrote this fro me…«
Palmina got all ‚love-letters‘ from Palma by a friendly women who travelled to her island and gave them all to her personally. And there where a lot of music scores for Palmina:

A few composition in Venetian / Asian style like the

* »Marco Polo Love Song (Palmina il Giovane)« – https://youtu.be/aPXhQVjYMsU

* »8 Soli for Pipa and Viola« (Peony Gondola Version )
VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QzmYcEXM7A&list=PLBr_c49ajzY99w8-TftI2aV7xqsX9Ewq6&index=1

(see also part 8. –
https://geraldspitzner.wordpress.com/2018/01/28/8-palmas-and-palminas-great-chance-the-venetian-chinese-concert-palma-il-giovane-8/ )

* Pipa solo »Planets on the evening sky«
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/rqXFQts8x-c

* Solo A + B for The Finale if the Cantico delle Creature

* »Dialogue for Pipa and Viola« (3 movements)
* »Dialogue for Pipa, Violin and Viola« (3 movements)
* »Concert for Pipa and Strings« (3 movements

… which are all dedicated to Palmina

and so forth…

Palmina had all this music score on her table in her cabin now.

The ship moved left and the ship moved right – it is like the feeling inside of Palmina. She is preparing for the concert and she is looking forward to see her Palma il Giovane.
The first time she decided to say YES, I want to play this music, even if others don’t accept that.
So she had to face some turbulences because of this decision. But Palmina was now clear: She loves his Palma il Giovane and she wants to follow him during his whole life to support him as human and artist. YES, she wants to play on her lute as much as possible in Venice.

Palmina’s mother was proud of Palmina for this clear decision. This decision made the future between Palma and Palmina much clearer then before.
Palmina opened her eyes and looked on all music scores on her table and smiled so lucky.
Sometimes she lifted a sheet of music paper and kissed it and sometimes she put it on her cheeks to be »a little bit near to her Palma, to her composer, to her painter and to her writer«

Palma felt in this moment that she did this and smiled during he played at the beautiful organ at »Formosa« for her.

03 picture - Palma plays Forma Inspiration on this Organ in Venice

03 picture – Palma plays Formosa Inspiration on this Organ in Venice

Some pigeon sat down at a window at the church to listen how Palma plays for his beloved Palmina.

04 picture of 2 Pigeons by Palma il Giovane - detail of Venus and Mars

04 picture of 2 Pigeons by Palma il Giovane, detail of Venus and Mars

The Pigeons understood how deep Palma is loving his Palmina Albina. Today two white pigeons sat at the window of the church.

Palma plays and played with all his heart thinking on her.
He prayed that the ship comes good and secure home to Venice.
Palma il Giovane asked the monks to pray.
Palma il Giovane asked Mihaela (Palma’s cousin) to pray.
Palma il Giovane asked princess Lin and their friends and Asian monks to pray for her.
Palma il Giovane asked the Jesuits at the ‚Zitelle‘ on island Giudecca in Venice praying for her. (Their special mission was supporting talented women to have a good and independent cultivated life ) and
Palma il Giovane asked his mother to pray for Palmina.

Now Palma’s mother came with her Violin into the church »Formosa« to play together with Palma at »Formosa« for Palmina.

Palmina smiled as she felt the music now.

And Palmina heart a music like that:


VIDEO [‚Santa Maria Formosa Inspiration for Organ and Violin (Palma il Giovane)‘] https://youtu.be/M8VzPDYH1fw

(to be continued…)