268. Palmina painted as Maria L’Assunta

268. Palmina painted as Maria L’Assunta

picture - painting of Maria L'Asunta (maybe Palmina as model, the angels maybe painted by Palma's students much later).jpg
picture – painting of Maria L’Assunta (maybe Palmina was model, the angels maybe painted by Palma’s students much later)

And after they saw this Peony Gondola Vision Palmina said at 23 o’clock:

»Palma?« –
»Do you remember as you painted me in the year 1574 as Maria L’Assunta secretly…?« –
»Oooh, oh yes, it was our second secret painting. After I painted you as Samaritan I painted you secretly as Saint Virgin as Maria L’Assunta…«

Palmina’s face seemed to smile and she said: »Secretly because I was very very young…I was maybe the youngest Saint Maria ever«

Palmina smiled shy and secretly and she hold Palma’s right hand and Palma could feel it so he smile also.

»Yes, Palmina I was 26 year old and you: ten years younger than me…The youngest Saint Maria Venice had ever seen….«, Palma said with a sigh in his words.

Palmina put her head on Palma’s side.

»It was a time of secrets…You had been often a victim of violence at your home…You had been closed in your little room in the ‚Calle de la Pieta‘ and you did rehearsal on your music instrument for hours…«

»Yes, Palma, I was young and victim of domestic violence and there was no way to get some distance than to play lute and to make music and to go to your painting atelier to have a rest from this violence. Art freed my live. And I have to thank you that you supported me being an artist and to play in the famous Dogan’s Palace at the San Marco Place and in the Titian-Master-School and in the Art Galleries…«

»…Oh, Palma, your love to me saved several times my live.
Thank you, Palma. – My Palma.“

Palma put his arm around her and gave her a good hold as if she was again a victim of domestic violence and full of pain and he want to give her a good hold to overcome these difficult moments.
Now they saw this painting music vision and they both listened to the music in their Peony Gondola and it was like this:

VIDEO: (2019-08-02 (41b) Vl+Kl (painting Maria L’Assunta ): https://youtu.be/WcLuCgXVPnU

After that music Peony Gondola Vision Palmina gave Palma a sweet kiss on his cheek and Palma could feel it and smiled and now he took his Mandolin and played for her his composition ‚Maria L’Assunta‘ like that:

VIDEO: ( 2018-08-14 GS (HQ) [Piano+Mando score] ‚L‘ Assunta (Palma il Giovane-»Ospedale«) [music-score] ): https://youtu.be/oITGAy7VQAE

music composed by Gerald Spitzner

Mandoline: Gerald Spitzner
Piano: Gerald Spitzner

(to be continued….)

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