2. Mandolin solo inspiration – Part II

As Palma finished his mandolin solo he listened if she is playing a music answer from her window. She thought if she plays a little dance as her own composition no one will say anything against it. And so Palmina did. No one will forbid her to play an own composition.
Palma listened to her and started a drawing of her showing her with the lute and his mother playing the violin.
After she ended her own dance composition Palma raised his Mandolin and played this music: LISTEN:



music composed and played by Gerald Spitzner, Jan.2018

painting: Palma il Giovanne, Venice

painting by palma il giovanne

(To be continued…)


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Interludium for Violin and Harp – Opera AELIA (composing video)

Nun habe ich mich entschlossen meine Oper „AELIA – Roemerin in Virunum“
durch das „Interludium für Violine und Harfe“ zu ergänzen.

Um das Video zu starten klicken:

Hier sieht man auch etwas aus der Schreibarbeit…

Ich widme das Stück den Rissos Delphinen die jetzt am 5.und 8.11.2013 in Japan in der Bucht (Cove)
schrecklich misshandelt und ermorderd wurden…

please click to start video:

Interludium for Violin and Harp – Opera AELIA (composing video)

„Virunum“ is a big archaeologic
ancient Roman city
under the earth
located at „Zollfeld/Maria Saal“
in Austria (Europe)
Special dedication to Rissos Dolphin Family (abused and killed at Cove, Japan on 5.11.2013)

Artwork dedicaton to the Rissos Dolphin Famly (abused and murdered) at the Cove, Japan