246. Bach’s first secret Inspiration in Arnstadt

246. Bach’s first secret Inspiration in Arnstadt

And they continued to dream their Peony Gondola dream and they saw this vision:

* * *

After 5 weeks a young handsome 18 year old man now stepped in this bakery shop beside the church (Today the Johann Sebatian Bach Church) in Arnstadt and wanted to buy some bread. The bakers daughter was 21 year old, 3 years elder then this man.
Although she did not know that he is the famous Johann Sebastian Bach she was nevertheless very lucky smiling and very friendly as she saw him the first time.
»I take this…and….please I take this little bread, and….could I have this nice little fine fresh breads over there….«
»Of course Sir…«, she said very lucky because he was interested in her new Italian creation.
»…Is this a special creation, this fine bread?«
»Oh, yes, it is a special old baker’s creation from Venice…It was invented by the secret love of the famous painter Palma il Giovane, the Master scholar of Master Titian. She played lute like me…her name was Palmina Albina…«
Johann Sebastian stopped moving as he took the fine white fresh bread in his hands and she was also holding also the same piece with her hands and she smiled. Now he looked up to see her face and to see her eyes, so he realized that she
wear a yellow white traditional cloth.
»Oh, you are a musician! You play the lute…?«, he asked.
»Yes, I studied all the old masters from the 16th century till now and I can play the harpsichord. My mother has one at home…and, and, and I sing Soprano very well..«, she said like an innocent little girl although she was 21 years old.
»5 Weeks ago a great musician played on our new organ as opening concert. He
played so wonderfully. I felt in love but I had never seen him again.«
Johann Sebastian Bach smiled and looked for a long while into her direction. Yes, they are completely alone in this moment, in this little fine bakery shop at Arnstadt beside the church where Bach played.
»Can I have a fresh coffee?«, the young famous organ virtuosi said.
»Of course, sir, please, take a seat over there on the little table I will cook for you fresh coffee«.
Johann Sebastian sat down to the table and felt very inspired.
Inside his heart he heart a storm of music and sound. At this moment something changed inside his heart. Till today Bach wanted only to be a famous Violinist, a famous Organist and a famous harpsichord player.
But now he hears music in his heart and now in this moment he would like to compose a little piece for lute maybe a „Praeludium in C-Major“.
Johann Sebastian Bach understood: Palmina did not only do her Job as baker to make traditional bread every day, SHE CREATED A NEW CREATION: The little fine white fresh breads in Venice – which are known also today in the 18th century at Arnstadt.

This is like a musician not only playing music, but is also making own creation as music compositions.

Johann Sebastian Bach is inspired: »I have to create also an own composition like
the creative bakers daughter…«.
During she cooked smiling the coffee and prepared it so nice Bach felt „at home“,
now sitting here. He took a piece of paper and started to write a piece which is known in the future as „Praeludium in C-Major“ of the „Well tempered piano – part I“.
But in its version for lute. (Bach wrote later several versions about this praeludium in the future).
The bakers daughter stopped working as she saw that his handsome man is now writing his first composition in his life. Yes, this moment is the beginning of over thousands of compositions he will write in the future.

246 Praeludium in C BWV 846

picture – manuscript of Bach’s Praeludium in C- Major, BWV 846

The bakers daughter understood and could feel „SHE is the women who made Johann Sebastian a composer“, she is his Saint Cecilia and she is his inspiration.
Now she brought him the fresh coffee in a nice can and smiled as she saw how fast Bach wrote on his music sheet and that he wrote „Praeludium“ and he wrote „Lute“ on it. She got red on her innocent cheeks and she felt now that she is not a little girl any more.
A mystic warm energy came from heart to heart between him and her.

Bach smiled and the bakers daughter smiled.

VIDEO: ( Bach Praeludium in C- Major , BWV 846, Version for Lute ) https://youtu.be/5Tj9T9BFaJc


(to be continued…)
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165. Palmina as Saint Cecilia

___ 165. Palmina as Saint Cecilia ___

picture 1a – Saint Cecilia with Angel

And this eternal tender soft kiss made Palma very lucky.

Suddenly the weak lantern light radiated more light then in the last hours and was very strong and shined on Palmina’s beautiful face.

Palma saw now how beautiful Palmina looked and was deeply touched and inspired.

»Palmina?…« he whispered fast.


»Can you sit down at your music table where the little table organ is?«

Palmina smiled and could feel how inspired Palma was in these minutes and sat down at her music table.

Palma put the strong shining lantern on the window to shine on the place at the music table. He could see that Palmina looked so good sitting at her little table organ and smiled looking into Palmina’s innocent eyes.

Palmina understood: Palma wants to paint her as »Saint Cecilia«.

For a moment he felt on his knees and looked up to her. He folded his hands and said silent a short prayer.
Then he kissed her talented hands.
Palmina understood wordless and smiled and she put her beautiful and talented hands carefully on the little organ and started to play a Saint Hymn of the Saint Cecilia.

Palma smiled and in his heart the sun was rising like in the morning.
He took his painting easel and painting brush, mixed fast a few colours – Palma has always some paintings utensils with him, because it could happen, suddenly, that Palmina inspires him only with her smile.
So he started to paint a new painting.

        picture 1b - detail Saint Cecilia

He painted her golden hairs.
He painted her beautiful Eurasian eyes looking as if she has it opened a little bit and closed a little bit.

    picture 2 - detail of Palmina

(This Palma knows from some Buddhist paintings of the female Guan Yin – This he learned at the Buddhist nun on Giudecca Island)
He painted her with white-orange cloth.

        picture 3 - detail organ

Palmina played wonderfully on her little organ which she normally used only for her music-lessons for the talented la Zitelle girls, here at the Jesuits.

And suddenly, as his love to Palmina was pure and innocent he was allowed to see the Angel from St. Cecilia¹ which is protecting her virginity.

picture 4 - detail Palmina and the Angel 
holding a music score of Palma il Giovane 

Beside her, right, he painted a little beautiful angel.
The angel is holding a little music score, a little Melody by Palma il Giovane. (Angels can transport music messages and are Messengers of the highest)

Palmina has now the composition by Palma learned in her heart and she could play the inspiration directly from her heart, completely by-heart.
And she played an own variation and a music ANSWER as notes for her Palma.
During Palma painted he listened to her music very interested. And he felt lucky that she is composing a beautiful music answer only for him. A secret music answer from St. Cecilia to Jacopo Palma il Giovane.

»Palmina, I did not know that you are composing also for Organ…«

And as he said that he realized that a golden light was shining around her head – The Symbol of saints – he realized that the Saint Spirit of the Saint Cecilia was moving her fingers and she seemed to play with closed eyes.
Palma felt again on his knees and prayed with tears of joy. He the famous painter and unknown composer in Venice of the 16th century, he, he has the big honour to hear the miracle music of this Western Guan Yin, the borderless compassion, the Saint Virgin, one of the mystic 8 Saint Virgins together with the Saint Virgin.
He felt blessed, if his live was only for this night with her, if his live was only to paint only this miracle painting of his Saint Cecilia, he knows now why he was born.

Dear Palmina, dear Saint Pigeon Inspiration, Dear Saint Cecilia!

I am so Thankful to know you.
I am so Thankful to have you in my heart.
I am so Thankful for the inspiring encounters with you in the present,
It opens a whole life in our hearts:

The life in the past and future.

In the Past – 400 years ago and century ago –
In the future – in 300 or 400 years and in centuries«

Palmina played like in trance.

»The Saint Spirit is leading her…the Saint Light is around her head and the angel is protecting her virginity«, Palma il Giovane thought.

Over her head he painted very secretly a golden light.

Palma also painted the Organ Pipes and the wings of the little angel.

The first time Palma painted so fast; normally this is impossible to paint such a painting in one night.

The colours are drying normally within days or weeks and you cannot paint in one night. But this night there happened a miracle and Palma felt this and Palmina felt this.«

Outside an old monk, who often has visions, heart the little organ music from Palmina’s flat and wanted to look after Palmina.
But as he stood at Palmina’s closed door he felt the warm golden light energy radiation from Palmina’s room and music. He folded his hands and made some silent prayers. Now he felt on his knees and understood that there is inside a miracle happening and the monk is not allowed to disturb the miracle.
»This is the Spirit of Saint Cecilia. I have to pray that this miracle is protected by the angels«, he whispered.

And the monk prayed on his knees the whole night without being weak or tired for a moment.

During this night Palma painted and painted and Palmina played and played. They felt that their hearts united stronger than ever, It was like a spiritual marriage, blessed by the heaven and all Saints.
Inside his heart Palmina hugged Palma with her music and Palma hugged her with his painting creativity.

Palma and Palmina had such a warm light around and in the hearts that even the night air would be cold from outside they would only feel warm radiation from their hearts.

        picture 5a - Saint Cecilia with Angel

This painting is a miracle and an image of their spiritual love.

Never Palma painted Palmina so directly and realistic – normally he always painted her in several variations as a fantasy creation – but this time it was a real image of Palmina Albina.

If you look longer at it Palmina seemed to move her thin eyes: a little bit closed – a little bit opened looking down to the keys of the little organ.

They both breathed like one soul and they loved each other spiritually leaving their bodies and uniting in an eternal dimension.

As Palma finished his painting – and outside at the window on the right side there was the heaven a little bit brighter, because in the east the sun will soon rise – Palma felt again on his knees in front of Palmina Albina.

Now the monk outside felt soft sideways on the floor and slept in peace.

Palma said: »You are my Saint Spirit Inspiration – You are the Inspiration of music, the inspiration of St. Cecilia. You ARE…«

»Pssst… Don’t say it so loud…. We both know now the secret. Master Lao and his monks and also a Jesuit Monk, which has Visions, said the same to me a few days ago…It is our deep love secret… Palma we have to be silent about this secret…«

Palma kissed again her talented hands and stood slowly up.

Then he sat on her bed, very, very tired.

Suddenly Palma felt tired sideways and soft on her bed and felt asleep in peace like the monk outside.

»Poor Palma…«, Palmina said, »He painted yesterday from the early morning till the evening in the Chiesa San Antonin and then this painting miracle during the whole night…He needs a rest.«

Palmina smiled and came and caressed his head.

Two Byzantine Pigeons came at the window and made their soft pigeon music sounds and loved each other spiritually from heart-to-heart.

Palmina looked to the two loving Pigeons at the morning window and smiled. Then she looked back to her Palma and smiled also.

Yes, Palma has fallen in love to Saint Cecilia¹, who was sent by the Saint Lucy² (they are 2 of the 8 mystic Saint Virgins) and who really loves Palma il Giovane. She cares for Palma’s spiritual development as painter and composer.
Her smile leads him step by step into the dimension of the heaven of light and love.

But both tried to keep their common secret as long as possible.

Palmina let Palma sleep in her fine little bed, the bed of a Saint. Palma smiled like being in the highest heaven.

At this slowly coming early morning Palmina started to play on her Pipa-Lute very soft and Palma could hear in his dreams all music ANSWERS Palmina was sending from her saint pure female heart to his pure male heart.

Palmina looked long at this mew fresh painted artwork.

»Hm…This is really me… The first time he painted me exactly like I am looking. It was necessary to have one or two pictures so that the world in 300 or 400 years can figure out that I really exist in Venice and how I was looking like….«, Palmina thought and played on her Lute.

»…but we have to be careful. My father has now a lot of money since the fake-priest gave him so much money to destroy the relation between me and Palma sending me always on concert tours outside of Venice…He will maybe again buy all paintings, as he did in the past, where I am painted on… He gives so much money and then he owns Palma’s painting so that no one can see the painting³…who knows? This should not happen to this miracle painting…Hm?…«

³ there is a historic report that a big beautiful painting where Palma painted Palmina was found hidden in a dark room at the backers shop.

Palmina played and thought long about their secret future in Venice.

picture 5b - complete painting of Palmina

»…Palma should ask his friend Orazio¹ to make a copy of this painting…I think he is also his scholar and student… He makes excellence copies, which looks like a real duplicate.

        picture 6 - detail original and copy 

Sure Orazio will make this copy…It is our only one chance to keep an authentic painting of me in the memory of the music history…my father tries to destroy all about me…He wants to erase me in the memory of music history… I don’t know why… But he is hardly influenced by the church of …. I mean the members of the international dark sugar earth network…
So there is hope we can keep this image for the world…«, Palmina silently thought and smiled about this solution.

She looked to Palma who seemed slowly to wake up, now the 2nd time, not in his Atelier, but in her clean and pure and fine little bed.

»My Palma….«, her heart softly said.

»…My Palmina….«, Palma’s heart answered her and she could hear it.

»…This is a very good Idea to ask Signore Orazio to paint a copy of this. He is a good friend and scholar of mine. He will take care of this painting-copy if it is necessary. Tomorrow I will ask him…

picture 7 - detail original and copy  - The Lute Player Women (Palmina)

picture 8 - detail original and copy -  The Lute Player Women (Palmina)

and I will ask him also a copy the other image with you…
A real painting of the real Saint Cecilia…«, Palma said to Palmina communicating with her heart.

Today at night as Palma painted Saint Cecilia both felt that their hearts united eternal.

    * * *

And as they saw this Peony Vision at 23 o’clock, 11 p.m. Palma’s and Palmina’s hearts where so strong connected that they felt also the same warm feelings like once at Giudecca-Island in Venice at this special evening and during this special creative and inspiring night.

     (to be connected...continued...)

¹ Saint Cecilia – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Cecilia

»Saint Cecilia (176–180 or 222–235 AD Sicily) (Latin: Sancta Caecilia) is the patroness of musicians. It is written that as the musicians played at her wedding she „sang in her heart to the Lord“. Her feast day is celebrated in the Latin Catholic, Eastern Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches and in the Anglican Communion on November 22.
³ She is one of seven women, in addition to the Blessed Virgin, commemorated by name in the Canon of the Mass.«

Feast: November 22
Attributes: Flute, organ, roses, violin, harp, harpsichord, singing, Lute…
Patronage: Hymns, great musicians,…

»According to the story, despite her vow of virginity, she was forced by her parents to marry a pagan nobleman named Valerian. During the wedding, Cecilia sat apart singing to God in her heart, and for that she was later declared the saint of musicians. When the time came for her marriage to be consummated, Cecilia told Valerian that watching over her was an angel of the Lord, who would punish him if he sexually violated her but would love him if he respected her virginity. When Valerian asked to see the angel, Cecilia replied that he could if he would go to the third milestone on the Via Appia and be baptized by Pope Urban I. After following Cecilia’s advice, he saw the angel standing beside her, crowning her with a chaplet of roses and lilies.«

³ »She is one of seven women, in addition to the Blessed Virgin, commemorated by name in the Canon of the Mass.« (see ¹)

² Saint Lucy – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Lucy
»Lucia of Syracuse (283–304), also known as Saint Lucy or Saint Lucia (Latin: Sancta Lucia), was a Christian martyr who died during the Diocletianic Persecution. She is venerated as a saint by the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, and Orthodox Churches. She is one of eight women along with the Blessed Virgin Mary who are commemorated by name in the Canon of the Mass. Her feast day, known as Saint Lucy’s Day, is celebrated in the West on 13 December. St. Lucia of Syracuse was honored in the Middle Ages and remained a well-known saint in early modern England.[«

4) Orazio – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orazio_Gentileschi
»Orazio Lomi Gentileschi (1563–1639) was an Italian painter. Born in Tuscany, he began his career in Rome, painting in a Mannerist style, much of his work consisting of painting the figures within the decorative schemes of other artists.«

142. Music wishes of the moon princesses

142. Music wishes of the moon princesses

picture – View in the direction of the moon from the Dogan’s Palace in Venice

Palmina was proud about his Palma, that he can play the organ on the moon palace of the moon princess Chang’e without preparations.

All the moon princesses and also the little 2 year old moon princess baby of the little moon princess mum gave a fine applause on the moon palace.

»Oh, Signore Palma il Giovane can you play again the organ solo for Palmina’s birthday which you played so full of love for your beloved Palmina….? We heard it once here on the moon as you played it in Venice for her birthday.«

Palma looked smiling a little bit questioning in Palmina’s direction.
Palmina smiled and she could read in his heart and his heart asked Palmina »should I…?«

Palmina send him again so much love from her heart to his heart that he felt strong enough to play the Organ solo for Palmina which was dedicated for her birthday.

»Oh, fine, master Palma will play for us the happy birthday organ solo for Palmina…« all the fine moon princesses with beautiful traditional Chinese cloths whispered decently.

Palma prepared the organ with switching the registers on that moon palace organ and played after a moment of silence like that:

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/ccxX2WFXcTM

(to be continued…)


141. Organ solo at the moon palace

141. Organ solo at the moon palace

organo Chiesa_di_San_Zulian_-_Organo.jpg

picture – Organ at Chiesa San Zulian

Palma was long very silent.

Palmina, sitting beside him in the Peony Gondola at 23 h (11 p.m.), she realized that and she thought on the beautiful high inspiring moments they had together…
»You are so silent in the last time, Palma…?«
»Oh, my beloved Palmina, my inspiration…
You are inspiring me so much, also now.
I am thinking always about you and me.
Signore Ridolfi is now coming in a few days to Venice.
He has interest to write a book about my live as artist or a longer biography about my live.
And he will listen to my speech in a few days in Venice.
I will tell also about the beautiful time as you played your Lute in the year 1574-1576….«
Palmina put her head on Palmas shoulder and then she kissed soft his cheek.
»Oh, Palma…You will really do that?
You will tell about me playing at Master Titian during he was painting at the very famous artwork ‚Pieta’…?«
»Yes, my Pigeon, my Inspiration, my deep love…
Do you want again to play your Lutes during my speech in Venice…?«
»Oh yes, Palma! I am so looking forward to play for your speech in Venice…«
Palmina’s cheeks went a little bit red being shy.
And Signore Ridolfi*) can not write all I will write it so that even the people in 300 or 400 years will hear about you, my inspiring Lute playing Angel…«

*) Carlo Ridolfi – Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlo_Ridolfi
Carlo Ridolfi (1594–1658) was an Italian art biographer and painter of the Baroque period.

Ridolfi is Palma’s Biographer who printed the first biography of his live in the 17 century
»Le maraviglie dell’Arte ovvero, Le vite degli Illustri Pittori Veneti e dello Stato.«

And Palma put his strong arm around Palmina and he gave her a good hold and kissed also her cheek.
Palmina smiled and Palma smiled.

And now they continued to see their Peony dream and Vision and it was like that:

* * *

After Palma gave a copy of the music score to the moon princes all the beautiful moon princesses beside her looked and whispered.
»We want also to have some copies of Palma’s music score – we love his music…«
A little moon princes with a 2 year old girl-baby came and pointed to Palma il Giovane.
»Oh, look, she likes you, Palma«, Palmina said.
And as the little moon princess with her baby came near to Palma with his Mandolin the princess said:
»Dear Palma il Giovane, we heard you Organ playing here from the moon…
Can you play on our moon-palace-organ some music for us all?
This is was my little baby daughter princess wanted you to ask…«
Palma made a very respectful Venetian gesture in front of the little princess mother and her baby.
»Yes, It is a big honour to play for you on your organ here on the moon…«
And Palma went to the Organ which has not been played long time.
The moon princess whispered and said: »Ooooooh! An Organ Concert for us!«
»Palma looked into Palmina’s eyes.
»I am proud of you, Palma«, Palmina said smiling and sending him Inspirations from her heart to his heart and it felt so warm in his heart to get her deep love every evening at 23 h ( 11 p.m.)

And Palma sat down at the Organ and played some Inspirations like that:

VIDEO: [2018-10-06 »Organ solo at the moon palace (Palma il Giovane 141)«] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTaFjWhUkH8

(to be continued…)


56. The secret music princess and the famous painter

56. The secret music princess and the famous painter

As Palmina saw that Palma played for her birthday, she smiled and said „Oh, thank you, my Palma, my composer and painter!“ She touched with her hands his head and kissed his cheeks very tender and often.

And Palma get from all these cheek kisses inspired and dreamed during this a music which he wants to write down on a music score and wants to play for her as „Piano solo for Palmina’s Happy Birthday!“


 <picture> facsimile of the“trillo“ (short-melody) „Piano solo for Palmina – Happy Birthday!“

Each „trillo“ (short-melody) symbolises a tender kiss:
The higher „trillos“ represent the kisses by Palmina and the lower „trillos“ represent the tender kissing answer by Palma on her talented hands. *)

So he transformed their heart-fully tender music-play into inspired music.

*) He took her hands and kissed softly her talented musician hands several times, this as tender answer meaning: „Take care on your hands…do carefully rehearsing…for the concert…“


And they continued to dream their Peony-Gondola-Vision in their 23rd hour (11 p.m.) of the day:

* * *

„Oh, he played for your birthday, Palmina – He likes you really much!
Palmina, I remember also that day you played the lute here in Venice in this church for Palma’s presentation.
As you came home you smiled so full of light – I will not forget how happy you smiled.
We all could see it. Only your brother was angry and I do not know why – I hope he is not jealous about your success as artist. He seems to understand his father more then me… Hm…
…But you, Palmina, where so lucky about this concert and that day. And as we where over one year on Cyprus you seemed always thinking on Palma il Giovane…
It seemed for me that your heart was still in Venice and »only« your body is on that Island because it is the will of your father but not the will of your heart.
Often your rehearsal on your lute on Cyprus Island, and also the way you played on your lute – I could see this as mother – done with so much love. You seemed to play every day only for him as if he could feel your music dedications over thousand of kilometers. Palmina, a heart of a mother can see something more then others, believe me…“, mother whispered to her silently into her ear.

Palmina was shy, smiled and looked up to the organ up where Palma – her first and only love in her live is sitting at the Organ speaking with a white Pigeon.

„Palmina,… What I wanted to say is…“, she continued whispering,
„…The 4 horses would belong to our family…
…you would be the owner of them…

Palmina looked questioning to her mother…

„…how should I tell it…
this means for you to live »only« as backers daughter and as famous artist is a more secure life, and: this brings much freedom-live for you then to be searched by the last survivors of our Byzantium state.
YOU ARE THE LAST PRINCESS. They want to find their princess…
…the best for us is that you are an artist here in Venice…
I heard that our byzantine Elite-safety-guard are searching for the last princess here in Venice…
If they find out that you are the princess of Byzantium they would not allow that you be in the public with others…“, she whispered Palmina into her ear.

After a while of thinking Palmina answered whispering: »But our state did not survive; all soldiers, officers and citizen where killed… So no one can make us any prescriptions for our future live…«
– »…Yes this is possible, but also the enemy of our state could search after the princess of Byzantium.
If they find you, you are automatically under the protection of the Republic of Venice. Venice guarantees our family security – This is Venetian law.
So they would not search you as Venetian backers daughter and Venetian Lute player artist…«

– »Yes they would not…«, Palma answered carefully and slowly.

They heard outside the church a lot of voices of soldiers speaking very excited trying to find the entrance of the church…

* * *

As both saw this vision in their Peony-Gondola, Palmina again kissed Palma on the cheeks saying „Thank you, thank you, thank you!“ and Palma kissed again Palmina’s talented sweet hands as tender answer.

And both listened now to the composition for Palmina:

VIDEO: „Piano solo for Palmina – Happy Birthday!“ old:https://vimeo.com/271718514 new: https://youtu.be/IHBxdoWTlh4


music: Piano solo: Gerald Spitzner

( to be continued…)

55. Palmina listens to Palma’s Organ playing with her mother secretly

55. Palmina listens to Palma’s Organ playing with her mother secretly

4 byzantium horses Venice

<picture 1> 4 Byzantium horses in Venice

…and they saw in their 23rd hour of the day in their Peony-Gondola this common vision and they gave themselves tender cheek kisses:

* * *

The bird flew now fast to Palma il Giovane at his window and continued singing his „happy birthday variations“.
Palma listened and understood as if the bird said to him:
»Follow me, I will lead you to Palmina and you can play for her on the Organ…«
And Palma followed him step-by-step. So he went along all the streets of Venice till the church where Palma saw Palmina the first time official playing the lute for his presentation of his big artwork »trionfo di san Giuliano«.
As she played once the presentation it was a great success.

<picture 2a+2b>

At this day as he saw her playing here in the church her fine lute he suddenly remembered, that she was the little young girl who came to the fontaine as he painted the Residenza, right beside the »palazzo Soderini«. She wanted to take some fresh water from that fontaine behind Palma. Palma turned arraund and he saw her the first time in his life standing there. Suddenly he stopped his drawing the Residenza and made fast same drawings of her standing at the fontaine.

It was the inspiration for the painting „Jesus and the Samaritan“.

She was his first big inspiration – he could fell that – and she came and looked how he was painting and smiled, nearly every day. Something very familiar both feld for each other, but they where silent and didn’t tell anyone anything.
So she came to look after Palma and his painting during she came on that big place for the water of the Fontaineand going back to mothers backery shop at the „Cale de la Pieta“.

A few years later he draw her as saint virgin in the big artwork in that church only from remembering her…
After the concert they talked for 8 minutes, Palma invited her to be an new artist-member of the Venice-Titian-Art Gallery which was the highest honour a musician or artist can get in Venice, because it is usually not possible to get the membership there.
Suddenly Palmina was for over one year not reachable…
All the letters between them had been stolen from her post office box and destroyed.
A man, the Venetian called him „Signore Cambridge“, but his real Name was Bruce Monte Dolce, was known to steal all letters of post office boxes if they where on vacation.
Palmina suddenly moved with her family to the island of Cyprus, because her father thought that going back to their island brings a secure future for them.
Soon they did realize that this island will not be secure in the future any more.

* * *

Palma saw a little white female Pigeon flying into the church and landing at the organ.

Chiesa di San Zulian - Organo

picture 3 (picture of Organ)

She always is looking down to Palma in an asking way and made: „Groo, Groooo..“.
It was as if she wanted to say »Come up to me and play for your love Palmina«
Palma looked wondering up to the organ and decided to play for Palmina’s birthday here alone in the church where their deep love-story begun in their life.

* * *

Outside Palmina and her mother went very fast along the »Calle Bande Castello« from the beautiful place where a church was.
„Oh, mum… I think it was not a good idea to go shopping for shoes today… I have to prepare my concert today…. Oh, please, it is my birthday. Today the Emperor Rudolph II, he is an expert in arts, also Princess Lin from China, and the mighty Dogan will come and listen me playing for the opening at the Dogan’s Palace and after the official dinner all will come together at the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery…“
Mum stopped looking at the shops for shoes and said: „I understand , my daughter…but it is necessary that we »go shopping« today »for shoes«. I wanted to tell you an important thing from our family history your father should not know because he has no good philosophy about the history of Byzantium. He thinks like an old Venetian. Once Venice attacked Byzantium and they stole also artworks like the four horses < picture 1> which is now on our San Marco Cathedral. Now it seems that Venice and the Byzantium are no enemy any more.
They realized who is their real common enemy in history…
But I wanted not to shop shoes…really not… I wanted to talk to you secretly!“

Then they went directly from the place of the Formosa church, which is closed today at this early time, along the „Calle Bande Castello“ straight ahead till they come to the Church San Zulian.
„Come let us sit there in the church – We have to talk silently about this secret…“
Palmina was surprised and followed her mother into that church.

<picture 4> – »Il trionfo di san Giuliano« by Palma il Giovane (Chiesa_di_San_Zulian)

Chiesa di San Zulian - Soffitto

Now they sat in the middle of that church and looked up to the big Painting of Palma il Giovane.

<picture 5>  detail with Saint Virgin Mary form “ Il trionfo di san Giuliano „

„Look, this is you…“, her mother suddenly said.
„He painted you as saint virgin! Look…. here, this is you beside Jesus as Saint Mary!“

Palmina got red in her face, now her mother knew their common secret.
„Mother, I played 7 years ago here for the presentation of that big artwork with my lute…I remember. No one realized that this St.Virgin »I am« in that painting . It is painted so decently by Palma. Only a mother or someone who love can realize that.“

„Oh, this is nice…“, mother answered.

-„And Palma il Giovane liked my playing very much…“
Palmina’s mother looked questioning to her daughter and said her in her ear:

„Is he »he« ?

Palmina smiled shy and the way she looked was an answer for her mother.
Palmina’s mother looked to Palma as if she wants to check him with her »eyes of a caring mother« than she looked back down to her daughter.

Palmina nodded silently looking with very beautiful eyes down and it looked so beautifully that if Palma would have seen her now, he would paint her suddenly again.

Palma il Giovane didn’t realize that they are here. He looked to the white Pigeon and said to her:
„My sweet white Pigeon, If you could fly to my sweet Palmina and bring her this music as music greeting message I would tell her as »happy birthday, dear Palmina! I love you so much !«“

In this moment Palma started to play on the Organ like that and Palmina and her mother listened to this secret happy birthday concert very interested and smiling:

VIDEO: Organ solo »Organ Solo For Palmina’s birthday“

   Old: https://vimeo.com/271242541

New: https://youtu.be/ccxX2WFXcTM

(to be continued…)

<picture 1>
four original Byzantine hourses

<picture 2a+2b>
place with fontaine where Palmina inspired Palma the first time.
Here Palma il Giovane painted and Palmina came and inspired him

<picture 3>
The organ on which Palma il Giovane played was on older instrument than today’s instrument of the eighteenth century by Gaetano Callido op.12 (1764).

<picture 4> – »Il trionfo di san Giuliano« by Palma il Giovane (Chiesa_di_San_Zulian)

<picture 5>  detail with Saint Virgin Mary form “ Il trionfo di san Giuliano “


33. Palma plays an Inspiration during painting session on the Organ

33. Palma plays an Inspiration during painting session on the Organ

And they saw in their Peony-Gondola that vision at 11 p.m.:

* * *

Palma was again alone in the church where he paints nearly every day on the artworks in the north of Venice.

During he was painting he always thought: “ What should I compose or play for Palmina?“

After a while he went up to the organ to try out secretly a new music „Inspiration for Palmina“.

Should I play this for her birthday… a few days I have…?

Would she like this…hm…?

I can not ask her…

If I could ask her…

But: It should be a surprise,… for my Palmina, my Pigeon!“

Palma selected some Register of that little Venetian Organ and started to play, hoping that his Palmina will like:

VIDEO: „Inspiration for Palmina“ old: https://vimeo.com/267042105 new: https://youtu.be/pHpzyaEY0to

(to be continued…)


30. Palma forgets about his birthday – Palmina inspires him with her Lute playing

Organ of Chiesa dei Gesuiti (Venice)

30. Palma forgets about his birthday – Palmina inspires him with her Lute playing

* picture: Organ of Chiesa dei Gesuiti in Venice

Palmina and Palma continued dreaming in their Peony Gondola:

* * *

„You played my composition ‚MOUNTAIN‘ so fantastic… I am full of thankfulness. This you played for my speech in the Art-Gallery where Master Lao will be amazed about your interpretation.“

He took Palmina’s hands and kissed her hands and fingers tenderly.

„Take care on your beautiful, well talented hands.“,
Palmina smiled decently and her eyes shined.

And so they played now all 8 Images in the order of the „Spring Melody of the 8 Images“ here in the Gondola at their 23rd hour of the day:
Each IMAGE has now a Pipa solo composition with a Viola voice: [1] – [8]


And they looked at the evening stars and observed that some clouds are turning to be light-red-pink forming a heart on the evening-night sky.

Palmina made some soft breath and Palma also.

Two birds fly poetically along the pink sky which looked sometimes like a traditional Chinese painting of nature. So at some moments they feel in a Chinese Chunk or in the Venetian Gondola.

Palmina plucked on her Pipa smiling:

A – D – E – a‘

* * *

And Palma plucked also on his Viola smiling back to her:

c – g – d‘ – a‘

* * *

Palmina moved her Lute towards Palma’s side so that the head of the Lute came very near to the head of Palma’s Viola.

Palma moved his Viola so that the head, the scroll of his Viola, came to the head of Palmina’s Pipa very near.

„Oh, look…“, said Palma, „…look, the Pipa Princess seems to like the Viola… She gives him a tender kiss…“

– „…yes, the Viola composed the music for her and she, the Pipa princess, likes this creations so much…“

In this moment the Pipa touched with his A-string-peg “ **) the a‘-string-peg of the Viola.

*) this is the left upper peg from the deep A-String, seen from the front side of the Pipa music instrument. (see picture 2)
**) this is the right lower peg from the a‘-String seen from the front side of the Viola music instrument. (see picture 1)


picture 1: Parts of the Viola

picture 2: Parts of the Pipa

picture 2: Parts of the Pipa

„Look, they are holding their hands, I mean their pegs, tenderly…“

And Palmina moved her Pipa-music-Instrument now in that way that the Lute head touched the Viola-head.

„Hmm…, The Viola and the Pipa kiss each other at the cheeks…“, Palmina said smiling.
The instruments touched now each other’s „cheek-side“.
„And look…how long they kiss each other. I think they are fallen in love…“
Palmina plucked now with her finger the 4 Strings of Palma’s Viola carefully:

c – g – d‘ – e‘

Palma smiled and plucked with his hand now Palmina’s 4 Strings of her beautiful Lute:

A – D – E – a‘

And so their real hands touched now themselves tenderly and their real heads came nearer, and nearer and touched themselves with their nose and they smiled.

The clouds on the sky they saw from their Peony Gondola in their 23rd hour of the day (11.p.m.) turned more and more to be pink-coloured.

Now they saw both a new vision:

* * * * * * * * *

They saw Palma still painting on a big artwork which has to be finished in a few month – Palma forget often to eat something at the middle of the day and he was very hungry.

He was alone in this church of Venice painting and painting.

The only thing he is thinking: „Palmina and her smile – Palmina and her beautiful Lute playing – Palmina and her friendliness and her cleverness and his deeply love to her and her deeply love to him.“

* * *

Palmina prepared some rehearsal note in her little small room.

After that she looked out of her little window of her little garden, where some birds sung. Today they sung especially fine and friendly. Palmina is listening to the little birds and said very softly:“Oh, today it is Palma’s birthday – the birds are telling me: Oh, sure he is still painting on his big artwork – in that church and he forgot his birthday… I have to go to him there and play for him a little Lute solo as happy birthday surprise for him.“, she thought.

She turned inside her room and sat on the little chair and took her lute at her window looking to the flying birds over her little garden.

She played softly the „Spring-Melody of the 8 Images“ on her Chinese Lute Pipa.
„This is our love-Melody! He played 400 years ago, once for me in the Chinese Chunk…“, Palmina played with all her heart like that:

‚Spring Melody of the 8 Images‘
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/rrUiJxY4ksc (old:  https://vimeo.com/261534433 pw: dgpa)

* * *

In the church alone at his paining artwork he suddenly felt a warm light around his heart.
„Oh, this is my Palmina, she plays my ‚Spring-Melody of the 8 Images‘ thinking beautifully on me… This is so, so lovely from her…My Palmina, my Albina, my pigeon!“

Palma painted now the whole morning with much inspiration and much spiritual power, because Palmina send him so much love with her Lute playing.
After a while he had now problems with the colours; he had to mix several colours because a colour was used up. So he was forced to make the same colour with mixing two or more other colours to one colour.

As he stood up – with his painting cloth – to prepare the colours he need – suddenly there was a soft sound of a Pipa in the church.

Palma heard suddenly beautifully played his „Spring Melody of the 8 Images“…

Palmina was standing behind a column and played on her Pipa secretly like that:

‚Spring Melody of the 8 Images‘
VIDEO:  https://youtu.be/rrUiJxY4ksc

Palma looked around to see if it is Palmina who is playing. (He was sure that SHE is it).

Only a little basked on the floor with little potty and Venetian fine little breads in the middle of the church was visible during the heart-to-heart music.

And after she played their „Love-Melody“ Palmina moved his Pipa sideways so that his head of her music instrument looked behind the column and the Pipa music instrument suddenly said: „Tanti auguri… Shēngrì kuàilè …Happy birthday, my Palma, my composer!“.
And Palmina came from her secret position behind the column speaking like a Chinese-Melody with her soft beautiful voice, coming out behind the column where she was hidden.

At one arm she holds her heavy Pipa and with her other hand she is now picking up and holding the picnic basked.

Palma looked smiling at her.
She looks so great and naturally standing in front of him – Palma thought that he could draw her like she is now standing smiling here for him…

In his fantasy he draw her fast standing with her Lute and her basket and a few moments later he said:
„Oh, Palmina…Gratie, mille gratie, mio amore…Ganxie, Wo aì ni! …..thank you, my angel…Wode meilide bái sède gēzi „.

Really…, today is my birthday!!!!

I forgot it completely …. I am working so intensive on this painting here…

…had no time to celebrate my birthday…hm…

My thoughts are only at the artwork and at you Palmina. I could feel today that you played the „Spring Melody of the 8 Images for me.
It warmed my heart and it makes this day so beautiful and full of light.“

* * *

As Palmina and Palma saw this in their vision they moved their music instruments more and more together that their heads gave each other a sweet short kiss.

Then Palmina leaned her head on Palma’s side and they sat in the soft seats of their Peonoy Gondoly, which is a present by the heaven, watching their vision. Palma took his arm around Palmina.

* * *

In their dreams they saw them in the church together at Palma’s painting working place having a little picnic-rest there. Yes, this was Palma’s little birthday-picnic-party.

„I am so happy to be with you on my birthday, Palmina. You are for me the most important person in my life…“, Palma said very shy.

It was not easy to tell it with words what he feels since month about her and what Palma expressed in his music and in his heart-to-heart messages to hear.
Palmina looked very shy smiling to him, but she was very lucky to hear it from him now.
Their hearts did connect together on that day they „found“ each other after hundreds of years and they decided to stay together and to be creative and inspired.

They spoke and ate so on the art-working place of Palma il Giovane on this very special happy birthday. „Happy“ because he could see his Palmina and she played his „Spring Melody“ he composed for her. She played it for him to support his speech at the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery mentally.

They spoke about art, music, painting, composing, about the speech in the Art-Gallery Palma will soon held there. They are speaking also about the meaning of the ‚8 Soli for Pipa and Viola‘ and his connection to the Chinese Culture and also to it’s connection to European Venetian Culture.

After they had their little picnic in the church Palmina played a sweet little composition she made for him.

A very, very sweet and beautiful composition she made only for Palma…

Palma felt very honoured to hear ‚his Palmina‘, the best Lute player of the whole Republic of Venice, here especially playing for him – only for him – here in this empty Venetian church in Venice in the 16th century, where Palma is working lonely on his artwork.

Without Palmina his life would be very lonely and sad…he would not be able to paint so fast and so good…

He looked very slowly and tender at her during she is playing and he saw that Palmina was completely in ‚trance‘ in the spiritual sphere of art and music as if she is the messenger of music. Yes she’s Palma’s personal music angel – And he was sure, yes he felt it: He wants to stay here with Palmina and he wants not to leave Venice any more. So he wants to see Palmina every day in his live and even secretly or only at the Titian-School, he is now leading, or in mum’s Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery, or on the Dogan’s Palace or at secretly at the beautiful Rialto Bridge (which was designed especially for them by Da Ponte) or in a secret Gondola and at their little „Isola Madona del Monte“.
„Travelling“ once like Marco Polo was only to meet her as Chinese Princess and to bring her to Venice 400 years ago, but: „Art and music“ is now his live, Palmina is also a great artist and musician and he can learn from her so much in musics, he is sure. And: He loves Palmina and he didn’t want to be separated from her any more for such a long time – If she will stay in Venice, so he will stay in Venice…

Palma could feel her warm heart-to-heart message without using any word.
He smiled more and more and felt very lucky: the „Golden-light“ was again around them, here in this little mystic church in Venice.
Since that magic moment he saw her the first time he never stopped thinking on Palmina and he remembers every day at that short moment of maybe only 8 minutes he spoke with her about her beautiful lute after her concert.

She finished her little „Happy birthday Lute concert“ and he gave her a little, but very very tender kiss. „Thank you, Palmina, you played for me so beautifully. I like also YOUR creations!“. Now she gave him a tender kiss.

Now Palma felt very inspired, he stood up and said: „You see this organ here above…
I will play for you a beautiful music dedication as music-answer on it….“

Palmina smiled and looked how he is going up to the organ.

This was the begin of their secret music-dedications and secret music-games they often made if they were alone.

And he played for her like that:

VIDEO [ Organ solo ‚For Palmina‘ ] : https://youtu.be/t0tsI66wvEk (old: https://vimeo.com/264779552)


picture: Organ of Chiesa dei Gesuiti (Venice)
music: Organ solo „For Palmina“ by Gerald Spitzner

( to be continued… )