352. Ancora una Volta, Palma!

352. Ancora una Volta, Palma!

01 IMG_20200402_154835

picture 1 – Gondola and Rialto Bridge in Venice

Today a bird sung in the morning in the little garden, bringing a message for Palma il Giovane.
Palma listened and was lucky.
He send Palmina an imaginary heart-to-heart kiss and Palmina could feel it.
Palmina smiled also.

Now they continued to dream their Peony Gondola Dream and it was like that:

* * *

After they played together on the Rialto Bridge the „Waiting on the Rialto Bridge“ – Song Palmina made a soft sigh and said with her soft voice like a Pigeon:
„Oh, Palma! Bellissima“ Tai haude! – Ancora una volta, Palma! – Once More, Palma!“
„Certo, mia dolcissima columba! Wode zui ke aide gezi! My sweetest pigeon!“

And Palma lifted his Mandolin and made silent „uno, due, tre“ with his mandolin and now they played together once more and they looked each other into their eyes and smiled.
And there was again the golden light between their hearts.

VIDEO: „Waiting at the Rialto bridge“ by Gerald Spitzner
Mandolin (Violin or Pipa) +Guitar (Lute or Piano ) – https://youtu.be/HggoNeJE7K4

„Waiting at the Rialto Bridge“ by Gerald Spitzner

music: composed by Gerald Spitzner
Mandolin: Gerald Spitzner
Guitar: Gerald Spitzner

And Palma and Palmina made music and played and played.

During the music they remembered that they often met there to exchange their letter-pigeons sitting in a big golden cage.

They saw also the people of the 16th century going along the Rialto bridge like in a remembering-Vision.

Palma’s cage stood under the north arc of the Rialto Bridge with his Pigeon – Palmina’s cage stood under the south arc with her Pigeon.


picture 2 – Letter Pigeons

Palmina took Palma’s cage and Palma took Palmina’s cage.

So they could send each other a little letter with the help of the letter Pigeons.
This they made because it often happened that their normal mail was stolen in the 16th century by the illegal criminal church of O.S.

The bird-mail was more secure than the normal mail.

Both thought now about this remembering, both smiled.

Is this not like once? – Today Palmina send a little heart message on facebook Messenger but someone stole her message, read it and erased it – maybe a facebook administrator payed by the church of O.S. with money.

Sometimes Palmina recorded herself on the Pipa Lute and send an audio-recording to Palma but, facebook Messanger blocked her audio-file and on Palma’s handy there was no audio-file by Palmina any more since once.

But here in the Peony Gondola they can communicate from heart-to-heart and make music from heart-to-heart in the golden light.
„Palma?“, Palmina asked looking shy and innocent,
„Can I have the music score?…“

And Palma was lucky that she asked him for the music score – of course he gave it to her.

Palmina said lucky: „Woooh! I love it! Oh, Palma! My composer! Ti amo! Wo ai ni! Mille grazie! henduo XieXie!“

And Palmina wanted to jump on her place like a little bird and smiled and she took the music score and touched with her cheek the paper and kissed it tender.

„Like once, in the 16th century…“, Palma thought happy.
„This is my Palmina, my Pigeon, my little yellow canary bird, my inspiration, my Santa Cecilia, my big old love…“

pictures – music score of „Waiting on the Rialto Bridge“



















(to be continued…)

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351. „Waiting on the Rialto Bridge“

       351. „Waiting on the Rialto Bridge“

02 IMG_20200312_092303

            picture 1 – view middle Steps of Rialto Bridge during the
Corona-Virus-Epidemic with closed shops

   So they continued to dream their Peony Gondola dream and it was like

                * * *
– He saw her smiling in an old remembering vision sitting there with
her traditional bakers shop cloth of the 16th century, holding her lute,
playing his composition and smiling into Palma’s eyes.

  – She dreams that Palma wears a beautiful traditional cloth like the
16th century in Venice it was usual and he came to buy some fresh fine
little white breads from her.

  And during their hearts were connected dreaming Palmina dreamed that
Palma is holding Palmina on his arms and carrying her up to the Rialto
Bridge – step by step –  while she is holding her arms around his neck
and smiling lucky.

Palma dreamed this scene also and he saw that Palmina smiles very lucky.

Palma also remembered that he composed a Mandolin solo about
„Waiting-Melody“. He played it standing at the Rialto Bridge so that she
can hear it down to her baker market stand while she is selling her
breads at the marked stand.

  Palma remembered also the music score of the Lute-part Palmina
composed for her.
He remembers that she came up the steps to him, there on the Bridge
with his Mandolin and painting utensils..

Palma played also today, in the 21st century, the „Waiting-Melody“ on
his Mandolin and Palmina said after she heard it:

„Wooh, now I remember…this Melody…you played it for me…I listened
it and came up to the bridge… We were often up there and sometimes:
One was waiting for the other.
You played this Melody so I could hear it on my marked stand. As I
heard it I realized that you came with your painting utensils to paint
there under the arc of the bridge…“

            01 IMG_20200330_163058 picture 2 – South Arc of the Rialto Bridge (behind the north arc)

„Yes, Palmina. Sometimes you waited for me on the south side of the
bridge and you played this Waiting-Melody on your Venetian Lute…“

Palmina and Palma went talking step by step along the south side of theR ialto Bridge.

  „And at the Peony Gondola – where our souls meet – we made together
music:  You on your Mandolin and I on my Lute…“, Palmina whispered
Palma in his ears.

They moved slow but continuous step by step upwards to the highest point
of the bridge.

  „…Here in the 21th century we have now the Corona-Virus-Epidemic.“

04 IMG_20200330_163504

    picture 3 – view from Venice without people

„…No tourists are in this mounts in Venice.
10000 people died in Italy!“

„These poor people. It is a so dangerous time!
We often thought in the 16th century about the poor victims of the
Pest-Virus-Epidemic in Italy and in the whole World.

… We often made a prayer with our music instruments for them.“,
Palmina said with a sigh in her voice.

„…So no one is allowed to go out of the streets in Venice.
Only we both – we are in our dreams here…“, Palma said.

They went step by step up to the bridge.

„…the people can only make music alone at home.
Record themselves and send the music to them they like or love….

This remembers me, Palma. As I recorded own audio-files with my
I-Phone.  I recorded myself on my lute and I send It to you for your
speech….“, Palmina said friendly like a Pigeon.

„…Now is the time for home recording music, because all concerts in
the world are cancelled these days and no one is allowed to make music
in these days with ensembles….“, Palma said thinking „Palmina?“,

„Hm, did you know that I send you a few hearts these days on facebook

Palma answered: „My handy made sounds but as I looked on our
Chat-protocol…you know…
But, I felt your positive energy… I felt that you also are sad that
your message to me are erased by someone…

This morning I heard a sweet bird singing in the garden.
I listened 5 minutes to this singing bird and was lucky to have a
heart-to-heart message from you, my pigeon, my Saint Cecilia!
I told also to this bird he should send you a sweet bird message if you
look short out of your windows…“

03 IMG_20200330_163613

         picture 4 –  View from the Rialto Bridge

As they arrived the highest point of the Rialto Bridge Palma took his
Mandolin and played his creation for Palmina „Waiting on the Rialto
bridge“ and Palmina took her lute and played with him like that:

          VIDEO: „Waiting at the Rialto bridge“ by Gerald Spitzner
Mandolin (Violin or Pipa) +Guitar (Lute or Piano ) –

„Waiting at the Rialto bridge“

   music: composed by Gerald Spitzner

       Mandolin: Gerald Spitzner

       Guitar: Gerald Spitzner

(to be continued…)

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158. The big deal, the honour of three women and the saved friendship

158. The big deal, the honour of three women and the saved friendship

And Palmina thought on Palma. Palma could feel it and smiled.
She touched in her thoughts Palma’s right hand and Palma could feel it.
Palma was lucky and smiled. In her thought at their Peony-hour Palmina gave Palma a little cheek kiss on his right cheek and Palma could feel it and smiled.

»My Du Liniang«, Palma said in his Peony-dream.
»My Liu Mengmei«, Palmina said to Palma in her Peony-dream.

Palma plugged on this Viola:

c – g- d‘- a‘

Palmina answered and plugged on her Lute:

A – D – E – a

Both smiled in the same moment.

Palma hugged her with his right arm. And Palmina hold Palma with her left arm.

»Now we saw two different visions…from two different moments«, Palma said.

»I remember,… that 2nd vision is nearly 11 years earlier then that first vision in 1593…«

»Oh, Palmina, my soft innocent Pigeon. I love you as you are…«
And in that moment they saw again a vision, sitting together in their soft seats of their Peony Gondola and they saw this:

* * *

Palmina was very sad that the priest did not like Palma’s artworks.
This day she went her way carefully to the Island Giudecca in Venice.

She took an other way with the Gondola so that she will not suddenly meet the priest on the streets of Giudecca.

At a little Pizzeria the restaurant owner greeted Palmina:
»Ciao, Palmina. Principessa, tutto bene? Fa bene? Are you ok?«

Palmina shows with her finger on her mouth that he should be silent in this moment.
»What’s up in Venice? Palmina, I heard that your father was seen in the city with an unknown women….«

Palmina stopped walking so fast and then she asked him:
»Porca Miseria! My father is back…!? After so much years….? Sure?«

»I did not see him but an other Pizzeria owner on San Marco Place said today he is back.«

»Hm? Mother did say nothing and at our bakery she was the whole morning alone. And was my brother also with him?«

»Mi dispiace, Io nolo so – I don’t know, Palmina…«

* * *

Palma il Giovane was now teaching in his Titian School and today was the open day for the public. The public was only on this day allowed to enter free this famous Titian-Art-School to see Palma’s famous students getting public painting lessons by him.

A lot of interested people from all over the world wanted to see how the students are getting teaching lessons by Palma il Giovane.

Palmina’s father said to a women: »Come, let us visit the Titian School. Let us see how the teaching painting lessons are. Normally no one can enter this famous Venice Palazzi…«

As they entered the big representative hall they saw Palma il Giovane teaching.

Palma said: »…And there is a beautiful legend here in Venice about a Lute player women, she was very beautiful and Titian wanted to have her playing for his painting school. And she played very beautifully. But there was a priest who did not want that. He went on one day to her father to talk with him secretly…«

As Palmina’s father heard that legend he was very nervous and the women beside him looked surprised at him.

»What is with you?«, she asked him.

* * *

In the meanwhile Palmina went slowly along the long Promenade on the little Giudecca Island in the direction to the „La Zitelle“.

There was a pure women on the house side sitting and opening her hand for something because she is poor and needy.
For a moment Palmina did not see the needy women.
Then her pure and friendly heart was stronger: She went back and gave to the needy women some of her fresh white fine breads.

Now she has something to eat.
The women was very thankful and Palmina made a little sigh and looked how lucky the women was to get such a good food, such a fine little bread, handmade and baked by Palmina’s mother.
She wanted to caress the head of the poor women and she smiled very lucky.

As she stood there Palmina heard the voice of two man from a window of the 1.floor of this house.
There are the rooms of the priests and a priest said:

»No thank you, we don’t buy any dark sugar from your institution. How often I told you: We do not make a business with the devil, your dark-sugar-earth organisation…«
»Oh no, father…today I want to tell you that a Millionaire asked me to ask you if you can make it possible that Palmina will not play Palma’s compositions in the next time, you know. Today he said you will get several millions of money if you can influence Palmina’s father to tell his daughter that he, her father, will finance her music career with his own money if she promise him that he will not play the compositions of Palma il Giovane in the next future.
And if he agrees then he also will get some millions and he can finance Palmina’s music career with that money. – Hm??«

For a moment the priest looked left, then right, if there is no one else here in this room.
»How much will I get? How much will Palmina’s father get?«
And the men from the church of the dark sugar earth social network whispered him some words.
»Ooooh, so much…I am sure this is enough money to make him agree. He will believe every lie for money. I will tell him some lies about Palma il Giovane. If a priest says that then he believes it for sure.«

* * *

»…and Master Titian was surprised that his Lute Playing Women did not come to the Titian school. But as he asked her why she should not play lute at the Titian school she answered Master Titian: „I am so sorry, but I had to promise my father not to play for you in the Titian School“ – „Why?“, Master Titian asked her. And she answered: „My father took a lot of money from a priest and he promised to take this money to pay for a big concert for me for a tour abroad, outside of Venice“, Palma explained to the painting students.

»And you can see that our big Master Titian had problems with a priest who did pay a lot of money against that connection.

And Palmina’s father started to shake nervous like he is afraid and suddenly he stood up from the seat and went straight ahead in direction of the exit of the big hall.
All the spectators looked surprised an started to whisper:

»Isn’t that the father of Palmina Albina, the best lute player of the Republic of Venice?«

»Look the baker from the Campo Bandiera e Moro is back from his Island…«

»Oh, whole Venice are talking about him…he left his wife because of an other wife from that island, isn’t it?«

»He left his wife and his daughter. He took with him his sun on that island…«
»And I heard he and his sun is member of the Church of Sec…how was the name?«
»Oh, yes, look, he has a new women with him…«
Palmina’s father was very nervous and wanted to go.
»Hm…the Chinese emperor had also several woman…«, Palmina’s father thought by himself.

He took the woman on his hand and tried to force her brutally to leave the hall.

»Let me, let me, I don’t want to be hurt by you again…Let me.. What are the others telling? You have a wife and a daughter? – What, YOU are still married with an other women – YOU LIER! – You hurt my feelings and my honour as women!!!«

And she gave him a loud slap in the face…«.

And the Venetian and Italian people are clapping with their hands:

»Bravi, bravi …amore! Give him another slap… He hurt two women’s heart and an innocent beautiful daughter…«
»Bravi.. Bravi!«
And there was a big applause in the big hall.
Palmina’s father run away.

The unknown women shouted loud behind him: »You lier!!! Porceria! Today I will find your wife and will tell her how cruel you have been to me…«
And she also went fast away and all people said »Bravi, Bravi…« and applauded.
A lot of whispering was in the hall and some said:

»Does the lute player made the concert tour with the money of that priest? And who was the talented young lady who played on Titian’s death bed in the year 1576?«

Palma smiled as he heart the question from the audience.

* * *

As Palmina realized what the priest and the man spoke, standing under the window, listening she realized also that the poor women stood up and was looking like a very, very beautiful Chinese women, with white cloths, like a saint.
She smiled and went slowly away.
Palmina looked behind her a little bit wondering.
Then she went up in the 3rd floor where she has her music teaching rooms at the la Zitelle.

After a few hours Palmina looked out of the window and saw down on the promenade her father speaking with a priest.
She listened carefully, not to be seen by them.
The priest and Palmina’s father does not know that Palmina has her three Windows to that Promenade.
Palmina shook her head and could not believe what she heard; what those both are speaking.

»Oh, no…my father takes money from the priest. Oh no, poor Palma il Giovane…
Oh, father left mother only for money. But I will stand with my lonely mother!
Oh, father payed a lot of money against Palma il Giovane’s artworks. But I will stand with Palma il Giovane!
Oh, the people are taking money to destroy the »La Zitelle« Institution and it’s girls choir and orchestra – I will stand with the poor ladies!«

* * *

And after they saw this Vision Palma said to her:

»Palmina that’s why we are here in our Peony Gondola.

We have to learn and to remember what in these years happened against our relation.

Especially around the year 1582.

It was not your father who supported your music career with his own money.
It was the money from the priest.
And the priest got the money from the members of the Criminal Security Organization, which is trying to destroy our Republic! Think on Cyprus-Island.

Your father took a lot of money from that priest who did not want that I compose for you and that you play for me on your lute.
The Peony Gondola will help us to understand what happened behind our backs.
To understand what people are doing for money.

They even lie to their own children, only to get some millions for their secret private life.
And as your father got the millions from the priest he left your mother and he left also you to go to that island, to start a new love with an other women.
Don’t forget that. Why you should not also have your own friendship with a famous artist?
He promised your mother to stay with her and what he did to her?
He started a relation with an other woman.
And the women did not know that he was married and has two children.
She thought that she is the only women loved by him.
So your father hurt the feelings of three women! The feeling of your mother, who supported his baker tradition with her family money, the feelings of the unknown other women and the feelings of you, Palmina.
You trusted him, you promised him not to play…
He is not the nice sugar-daddy that loves his daughter and is supporting her career.
You can not get his love back, what he did is not a »promise« worth.
He took the money from the priest to have a new secret life with an other women to leave your family in Venice.
He supported also the Church of Security, they maybe expected this from him, with its connections to the Dark Sugar Earth Social Network Administrators. They are erasing the letters of other people, they read the letters of other people, and they are selling the letters to those who pay for it. They sell dark sugar to little children so they also sell the children for men who want to be alone with them in a room.

It was our luck that some one from the Dogan’s Palace found out these crimes against children. There are world-wide protests against these Criminal Administrators of the Dark Sugar Earth Social Network. The Europeans founded in these days new commissions to avoid these crimes against privacy and to bring them now into prison. Today they arrested a few of them. The founder will have a big hearing in the public and all the people will hear what the crimes of this so called »Security Organization« are – Whole Venice is expecting the big trial against this criminal organization and all are expecting results against these crimes.

And it was also our luck that some one from the government of the Republic of Venice tried to repair our friendship with protecting the honour of the »La Zitelle« – Institution.
And it was our luck that they make it possible that you, Palmina, could see me officially daily at the Jesuits at the »Ospedaletto« where I painted during 10 years. These concerts were not supported by your father, but by the Republic of Venice. Your career was not at an end, it continued now in little fine concerts, playing for poor women, teaching poor children, and playing the openings of my painting presentations in famous churches of Venice, famous palazzi and also outside of Venice, which is a big honor. And only the best music artists can play for these events for the Republic of Venice. I arranged it also that your mother’s bakery gets more interest by the pilgrims for San SABA at Chiesa San Antonin. With my paintings of the life of San SABA the miracle was »Miracolo del fornaio«², the bakers-miracle…« was documented and the pilgrims had to come to this church and to eat the breads of your mother’s bakery.
So your family is financial independent from your father.«
Palmina cried a little bit because of the big shame of her father.

VIDEO: [ Violin and Organ and AGNUS DEI ] https://youtu.be/jN7tpvVgMS0

Her heart now understood that her father was not fair to her mother and to Palma and to the unknown other women. And now she understood that not her father supported her music career; it was only money against the relation of Palma il Giovane and Palmina Albina. And this was also not fair. How often he was violent to her and she was afraid from her father. With brutal violence he tried to force her to do after his will. What father did endangered Palmina’s place in the music history. But the miracle of the Peony Gondola saved all.
Now her heart understood that this was not correct.

He caress her head and hold her like a big brother, like a father, like a husband, like a good, old friend and a deeply loving soul.

»Oh, Palma you saved my music career and my honour! The big money deal between father, who was so violent and brutal to me, and the Organised Security, the „Security Organisation“ could have destroy our music-painting friendship and my position in the Republic of Venice. Thank you Palma, thank you Palma, you are a hero, you are my hero!«

And she gave him a tender cheek kiss and laid her head on Palma’s side.
And she heard how strong Palma’s heart is beating, beating for her.

This was a soft music: Yes, Palma is forgiving her, she is not responsible for her father. She was innocent and not knowing about the million money deal. Palmina, his big love, did not know that she was promising her father not to play a composition from Palma if he is supporting her music career with the money from a dangerous priest, a priest who gave him money for an other 2nd unknown women, to leave Palmina’s mother.

Yes, Palma is a very, very good music-painting friend. In good times and »in evil times…«

Now all misunderstandings had been cleared by the Peony Gondola.
(But our story is not finished; it is only an important moment of our story)
Now they can go their tender Peony-Gondola-Way, together.
Together, from Heart to heart, blessed by the heaven.

And both smiled and hugged, sitting in their soft seats of their Peony Gondola at 23 o’clock at 11 p.m.

Palma touched with his nose her nose and both smiled.
Palmina touched with her sweet nose Palma’s nose and they smiled.

And as they made this several times they looked like two Pigeons which love themselves with their heart, like pigeons who tender bill and coo.

And they heard the music »Peony Gondola Song« like this:

VIDEO: [Peony Gondola Song] https://youtu.be/4YfXRwOwHWE

( of course to be continued…)

¹ the word »father« is also used if you mean a priest. In the Western tradition a Christian monk or priest is often called »father« not because he is a father of a child, because he is thought to be a spiritual father.

² 1593, paintings by Palma il Giovane about the live of San SABA:

Episodio della vita di San Saba

* Sant’Antonio e San Spiridione;
Esequie di San Saba

* Morte di San Saba

* San Saba visita gli ammalati

* Miracolo degli abiti del fornaio

154. Music and Painting – Friendship (3 Peony Roses)

154. Music and Painting – Friendship (3 Peony Roses)

And they continued to dream and they saw this in their Peony Gondola Vision at 11 p.m.:

* * *

During this music they heard together these »3 Peony Roses«, the Peony Gondola flew soft and slowly over the Landscape of Planet Mars.

»Look an interesting light reflection in this crater…Interesting to Paint, hm, Palma…?«

Crater on Mars

picture – Crater on Mars

As they flew again over the »Sciaparelli Crater« they saw this huge gigantic landscape like huge mountains, but it was the border of the Crater.

Later Palmina said: »You composed such beautiful Music Roses for me Palma. I love you…«, Palmina said very thankfully and full of love and was strongly smiling.
Palma smiled also.
In this moment they saw 3 orange suns over the horizon on Planet Mars *)

»Oh, Look, Palma… They have here tree suns. So yellow-Orange coloured…«

Palma looked surprised.

And now they both heard a voice speaking like that:

»Palma and Palmina!
You are the first who are kissing here on Mars in historic time…
We can see that you think on each other every day and that’s why you got the Peony Gondola…«

Palmina and Palma looked at each other wondering, but they are not afraid.

»… The mystic Peony Gondola should help you to overcome all what is against your friendship, your love, your common love for music, painting, arts and spiritually growing…

Palmina we ask you:

Palmina Albina, a Baker’s daughter in the Republic of Venice, the last secretly known East-Byzantium-Princess and the best Lute player of the Republic of Venice:

Do you want to inspire Palma il Giovane for the rest of his life?
Do you want to play his compositions?
Do you want to compose little compositions to inspire him daily?
Do you want to play your Lutes to inspire him, to give him love, to give him hope, to inspire him for new images, paintings, compositions, writing stories?
Palmina Albina, will you inspire him to paint
the golden-orange heaven in his paintings,
the saint spirit pigeons,
the light-beam from the heaven,
the saint virgin,
the life of the saints…?
Do you want to help him to see the beauty of the spiritually word…?

Do you really want to do this deeply from your heart?

In good times and evil times…?

Even if someone has something against this friendship and connection?
Even if criminal organisations try to destroy your music and painting friendship and love?
Even if Palma has maybe crisis, as it is usual for artists, like painters, composers, writers or explorers…?
So you want to compose for him endless variations, even if some of your artwork will not be named in the history and are maybe „Anonymous“.

Do you want to support him to paint the St.Lucy in a orange-coloured heaven?

Do you like to be with him, even he run with simple painting-cloth trough the streets of Venice, so that some think he is a „Nobody“?

Do your really want to support him deeply from your heart…?

…then answer clear and loud „YES, I WILL“«

Palmina smiled and said without hesitating fast and clear: »YES, I WILL!«

Palma looked now also to the three yellow-orange suns of the horizon and smiled.

A lot of mystic little blue flames came slowly to them and surrounded the Peony Gondola like in a secret ceremony.

»and Palma, we ask you:

Jacopo Palma il Giovane, Negretti, famous Master Scholar of the famous Painter Titian, the last secretly known West-Byzantium Prince.

We also proofed your heart like we proofed Palmina’s heart.

Do you want to be inspired for arts like painting, composing, writing by Palmina, the best Lute Player ever?

Do you want to be inspired be her innocent smile and lute playing and her secret compositions for new paintings with the golden orange heaven, saint virgins, saint angels, saint spirit pigeons.. by Palmina the Rest of your live?

Do you want to compose for her, even if your composition will be performed as „Anonymous“.
Do you want to compose for her even if others want to destroy your music friendship with Palmina Albina?

Do you want to be inspired from her lute playing even if criminal organisations, who hurt little children, who sell them to rich people, wants to erase your letters and you can therefore not communicate with her in written form.
Even if this will last for months or years…?
Do you want to compose, paint and write for her in Good Days and Evil Days?

If you want to do that then answer clearly and loud: „YES, I will!“

Palma looked to her side, smiling in Palmina’s smiling shining eyes and said loud and clear:

»YES, I WILL !!!«

The voice continued:

»So from that moment you are official Music-Painting Friends«

Palma and Palmina smiled and they are holding their music instruments, he: the Viola and the painting colour palette and she: the Pipa Lute.

»Now you can…

…compose and paint for your Proud – Music-and-Painting-Girl-Friend«

And they took their music instruments and started to play together
and they heard a huge applause here on Mars and
they played the new composition „Three Peony Roses“ **) like that:

VIDEO: [Vl+Va »3 Peony Roses«] https://youtu.be/FfG1EgqHjkw

(to be continued…)

*) See also the next Chapter of »Uncle Willy – Back to Earth«. It will soon be written there as Chaper 3

**) The music score is at chapter 152 – https://geraldspitzner.wordpress.com/2018/10/26/153-three-peony-roses/

150. Music Dialogue with Tang Xianzu in the 16th century

150. Music Dialogue with Tang Xianzu in the 16th century

Tang Xianzu (湯顯祖· 汤显祖) September 24·1550 – July 29· 1616
picture – Tang Xianzu

And now both dreamed in their Peony Vision this:

* * *

Palma felt suddenly, during he dreamed and slept, Palmina’s sympathetic hand, holding his right hand, lying beside him, here on that little secret island.

Palmina took his hand and they hold now, sleeping and dreaming, their hands and they gave themselves a warm and love-fully heart to heart communication.

The Peony Gondola, which was beside them, not far at the water, send them a dreaming Peony Vision:

* * *

As Palmina was on her China-concert tour for 2 years she could speak with a famous artist and writer.

At the time of the Ming Dynasty he was a very well known and famous writer.
But now, as the Qing Dynasty is taking the Mainland China and it looks as if the end of the Ming Dynasty is slowly coming, the Kingdom of Tungnning here at the so called „East Peace“ seemed to be the last chance for the Members of the Ming Dynasty to get back their country. So he decided to move to this Island to be at a secure place, for a while…

They saw in their Peony-Vision that the famous, wise, Master and artist talked to Palmina and asked him if there is someone waiting in Venice for her and if it is really necessary to leave that island and to come to Venice, to live the next years a secure life…

Palmina thought on her Palma and was a little bit sad that she can not write, can not talk, can not make music with her beloved Palma il Giovane.
But the »Peony Gondola« made a heart to heart connection possible.

As Palmina told her long love story to this whise Master, the famous artist was a few minutes quite with thinking.

»A Peony Gondola as place to meet for to loving souls…? In a timeless dimension…? Hmmm…? Palma and Palmina«

Palmina is very sensitive and could feel that this silence is a creative silence.


picture – detail of Tao Gu Presents a Poem by Tang Yin

Then the Master took his writing utensils and started to write »Mu DangTing – The Peony Pavilion«

Palmina smiled, she knows, yes, she feels that she inspired a famous writer to write a very important love-story about two loving souls who are thinking on each other and all he writes is dedicated to all who really deeply love each other deeply from their heart. Palmina had two little tears on her left eye, but no one realized that, so she dried her eye fast and tried to smile friendly not to disturb the inspiration of Master Tang Xianzu.

The old wise Chinese Master, thought and looked at the clouds, which looked a little bit like a Peony Gondola on the sky and then he nodded and wrote and wrote and wrote…

He decided to write his play in 55 Images.

And Palmina took her Venetian Lute and played and then she took her Chinese Pipa Lute and played the »8 Soli for Pipa« by Jacopo Palma il Giovane and the Master smiled and wrote now a little bit faster.

Yes, Palmina could inspire big artists, who are important for the history of the Culture.

And this Palmina made every day and she was lucky that the love story of Palma and Palmina was now inspiring to the play of the »Peony Pavilion«.

And if the artist, and also this Master, comes once to Venice, they have to ask him to allow to perform his »Peony Pavilion« Opera at Venice at the famous Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery.
Maybe the talented Claudio Monteverdi can be inspired in Venice from this Chinese Opera to compose the first European Opera in History.

If Palmina’s love for Palma did not exist this would never happen in the future and the development of culture in Europe would never went this way.

* * *

And as they saw this Peony Vision Palma took Palmina’s hand and kissed her talented hand, while holding her hand. Palmina smiled and in this moment they heard from the Peony Gondola a music coming to their heart expressing a Music Dialogue like that:

VIDEO: 2018-10-19 Clavichord+Violin »Music Dialogue with Tang Xianzu in the 16th century – Palma il Giovane 150« https://youtu.be/bkXnHhCePlY



(to be continued…)

Tang Xianzu’s Peony Vision – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tang_Xianzu

»Tang Xianzu was one of the greatest dramatists and writers in Ming Dynasty, and The Peony Pavilion can be regarded as his most successful masterpiece in his life. It is also one of drama in Tang’s famous collection Linchuan si meng (The Four Dreams in the Jade Tea Hall), the other three plays are Zichai Ji (The Purple Hairpin), Nanke Ji (A Dream Under the Southern Bough) and Handan Ji (The Handan Dream). Both the play and its dramatist get a high reputation on Chinese and international stages, and the study on Tang Xianzu has become a popular subject today.

The play has a total of 55 scenes, [1] which can run for more than 22 hours onstage«

additional information from Wikipedia

Prehistory to 1624
Dutch Formosa 1624–1662
Spanish Formosa 1626–1642
Kingdom of Tungning 1662–1683 <—-
Qing rule 1683–1895
Republic of Formosa 1895
Japanese rule 1895–1945

Republic of China rule 1945–present

122.The Peony Gondola in Hong Kong

122. The Peony Gondola in Hong Kong

As Palma dreamed about this letter and stood up the next morning, alone, in Venice, his black white cat named »KALU«, came and »purred« very friendly.
»Kalu, are you hungry? Let’s make us a little breakfast….«

Palma went to the window in the »Campo San Provolo« and the air smelled like fresh bakery bread.

He made a long sigh an thought: »Where is my Pigeon? Where is my little yellow canary bird? Where is my Lute? Where is my eternal love and inspiration?«

»Ah Mihaela is awake«, Palma said as he saw her window, up there, straight a head in the 2nd floor, »…she takes care of Adriana. She makes for her a breakfast, I am sure…
I will go to Palmina’s bakery shop and bring some little fresh »Panini« (the little fine, white fresh breads, which Palmina once invented and all people in Venice are loving).

And Palma went along the Campo dei »San Zaccaria« and along the long promenade on the lagoon water along »Riva degli Schiavoni«.

The birds and especially the Pigeon, and especially a sweet byzantine Pigeon greeted him in this fresh morning hour. At 6 o’clock it is not so bright in the morning as in the last weeks. But now, one hour later, it is very bright here in Venice »Yes, the days are going to be shorter now. The Summer will end in a month…«
After Palma went to the left side to go directly to the »Campo Bandiera e Moro«, where Palmina’s bakery shop is, he went into the shop and the smell of fresh bread was amazing.
But something is missing here the smell was not perfect…Palmina is not here.
»Oh, Signore, Palma il Giovane. You came only to buy the fresh breads because of me, isn’t it?«, the female colleague of Palmina said.

Palma smiled shy but his eyes said »I desire to see Palmina, but she is now in Hong Kong performing my compositions in Asia.«

As if she understood his eyes she did not expect any answer from him.

Palma took some »Panini« and some chiffon, the »chiffel«, which only taste the best if Palmina sold them.
Oh how Palma is desiring to see Palmina again. His thoughts are only with her. She is his inspiring Chinese Lute playing Pigeon.

»Have a nice day, Signore Palma il Giovane…Your sweet Pigeon will soon be back in Venice. Believe me, we all love her. Her mother, you, me, Mihaela, Adriana, your mother, whole Venice is hoping, praying and expecting that she comes back…Don’t lose your hope…«, the backers colleague lady said friendly. Yes she also feels how much Palma is loving her.

The byzantine Pigeon at the window made in a soft high tone »Groo, Groooooooooo, Grooooooo« and Palma smiled and thought «today I will think on her in the Peony hour«

And Palma went home bringing the fresh bakery things to Mihaela and later to Kalu which was still waiting during his mother was sleeping.

* * *

As Palmina and Palma saw this morning-scene sitting in their Peony Gondola, Palmina kissed Palma on his right cheek.
Palma smiled and put his strong arm around her shoulder and kissed her also on her cheek.
Both smiled.
»Oh, how I wished to be with you now together with this Gondola in Hong Hong and you can hear me performing your compositions there on my Pipa Lute and Venetian Lute«, Palmina said.

And in this moment on the heaven appeared the image of Saint Lucy (see image)

picture 8 - Palmina inspired Palma to paint Saint Lucy

picture – painting of Palma il Giovane of Saint Lucy

She changed to the Chinese princess Mioa Shan, who lived in the 7th century in China and is known and famous and loved all over Asia, and she made a gesture with the plant in her hand and suddenly the Peony Gondola started to fly over Venice, over Italy, over all countries till they arrived the Harbour of Hong Kong.

The flying wind was very soft and the clouds had beautiful colours as they crossed the heaven. Palmina and Palma were surprised.
They hold themselves in their arms and loved each other with their hearts and they covered themselves with light and love.

(to be continued…)


111.Palmina is invited to play in China Palma’s composition

111. Palmina is invited to play in China Palma’s composition

Palmina remembered exactly this emotional moments in her live.
She put her head on Palma’s shoulder in this 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.).
He gave her again a tender kiss on her head as he put his strong arm around her beautiful body.
Continuing to see their Peony-Gondola-Vision they saw this:

* * *

All were very happy that this was the beginning of a lot of successful concerts at the »Ospedale« of the Jesuits in Venice. Palmina is now a famous artist on the side of the famous Palma il Giovane. It seems that someone is loving Palma’s music creation there outside of the R.O.V. – the Republic of Venice – Somewhere far in the east in China.


picture 1 - Palma_il_Giovane_-_Pasquale_Cicogna_in_Dogal_Robes_Visiting_the_Church_and_Hospital_of_the_Crociferi_-_WGA16900

picture 1 – Palma il Giovane painted the »Ospedale« of the Jesuits on Venice here in background of the painting

Now it was the time of the finest art creations… Palma will use very good, his best colours for this painting artwork here at the famous »Ospedale« in Venice.
Palma paid now a few painting-students to mix the colours for this 10 year-art-project . So Palma il Giovane used here very, very fine and good pigments for his 8 famous paintings here in the »Ospedale«.
Often they had to mix the pigments with the oil for several days till Palma could use them in his painting. Palma’s painting students had some times to travel far to buy special colour-pigments.

»Master Palma il Giovane…are now this colours ready to use…?«, the students often asked his master. Often Palma shook his head saying: »No, they are not ready yet..«
Palma never used 2nd quality pigments for his colours…

Nearly every day there was a painting session and a concert by Palmina.

Palmina wear always a beautiful cloth in a special colour only for Palma il Giovane. She knows that he liked this colour so much to see on her body. (Secret Garden of Venice Painting Sessions).
As Palma saw that she wear this clothes only as love for him, he smiled and Palmina realized that he understood her colour-love message especially to him.

»I wear this cloth at this concert only for my Palma, my painter, my composer…I know he loves that…«, Palmina thought.

On one day Palmina wear the amazing silver-metallic one.
Palma was amazed and inspired to see her so beautiful and he smiled and Palmina smiled shy back.

He saw her standing with the lute looking innocently in Palma’s direction.
Her silver cloth was like the wings of an angel.
Her smile was friendly and inspiring transcendental.
Palma is painter and what he saw »as painter« was deeply impressing in his heart.
Her free shoulders looked so beautiful. But only on Palmina he liked the cloth with the free shoulder.

She looked so pure, so innocent; he saw her as if she is standing on a cloud like a saint, like the Saint Virgin surrounded by little angels.

Suddenly he had the VISION: »Here… over here in this room…here I have to paint a big painting of the Saint Virgin with angels being lifted in the heaven by the little angels.
She is surrounded by the light of the heaven. Here in the octagonal wood frame on the top of this saint room !«

Palmina felt that and stood still in this moment. She knows that he has now the »Moments of INSPIRATION«. She knows »I am his Saint Pigeon, bringing him the inspiration of the heaven, the Saints, the Saint Virgin.« And in these moments she only smiled and her heart connected with his heart and both are lucky.
No one could see this heart-to-heart-connection. It is invisible for the normal eyes.
Palma tried to paint what others could not see: »The higher Inspiration.«


picture 2 - Palmina as model for this painting of the saint virgin but he painted her in a variation (Ospedale, Venice)
picture 2 – Palma il Giovane – Octagonal Painting of the Saint Virging with little angels – Palmina as »High Inspiration« (Venice, Ospedale)

And Palmina is his »HIGH INSPIRATION«.

Palmina waited till Palma was ready with doing his fast drawings for this big octagonal painting on the top.
She understood wordless, this means they will meet again in the Gondola and drive to a Secret Garden of Venice and Palma will draw her as Saint Virgin during the next weeks…«

Palma smiled as he felt that Palmina thought this in these moments.

»Such an amazing silver-angel-cloth – If I already was not in love with you till now, only with this cloth I would fall again in love with you… I love also your personality which is radiating from your heart…a heart, so pure like a white pigeon«, Palma said to his silver-angel-pigeon. Palmina smiled shy and decently. Palma knows that she liked this and the whole procedure of Inspirations with her Palma il Giovane.

Now Palmina started her concert and she played the whole time very beautifully.
Again all the poor women and the honour guests and also frater Manfredo and some other fratres listened now with big interest.

Adriana was always in the auditorium and enjoyed these concerts and later also the feasts. Every month at the first Friday there was a feat-meal for the poor women after the daily concert.

After Palmina’s concert: A big applause and the feast-dinner for the guests.

Again all were very happy and they eat the good food and spoke friendly with each other; this is also the Venice in the 16th century…
Palma sat on the long dinner table on the left end and Palmina, who packed her lutes into her cases came now to her Palma il Giovane.

Adriana sat again beside them and smiled.
»Buon Giorno, Signora Adriana Fontana!«, Palmina said friendly.
»Buon Giorno, Signora Palmina…Palmina Albina?…or Negretti?«

Palmina smiled shy and answered:»…Palmina Albina!«.
»But if you marry him you will have the name »Albina« or »Negretti?«

Palma looked to Palmina Albina and answered: »Palmina Albina-Negretti…?«

»…or Palmina Negretti-Albina?«, Palmina said with her soft beautiful voice like an angel, like a little girl.

Adriana said: »… you are a loving pair…
You both should soon marry…«

After a while, Adriana looked very serious, she asked:
»Will you make the China-Concert-Tour alone or together…?«

Palma and Palmina were suddenly silent.
With this question they realized that the question if Palma il Giovane should also travel with Palmina during the whole China-Concert tour was never overthought.

»I mean, you two loving pigeons should marry first…It is better to go as a pair to China then to go alone as a single virgin…you understand me, Signore Palma?«

Adriana smiled very understanding to Palma and observed his reaction very long.

At this moment Palma realized that he loves his silver-angel Pigeon so strong that he felt in his inner-heart a pain. A pain of possible separation for a long time.
»Palmina goes now to China? Will I see her the last time in this days or minutes…? Will I have contact to her with our Peony-Gondola…?«, Palma thought.

»I can’t leave Venice, have to work on these artworks it will take nearly 10 years of work and I need my Lute-Inspiration by Palmina.
I want to compose every day a new short composition and she will play it for me during I paint and also for the poor women as a kind of creative »art and music-therapy«.

„If these concerts in China will only take a few days or weeks…But today in our 16th century we cannot travel from Venice to China in only 15 hours…if we could travel within 15 hours, then YES…this should not be a problem for us both…«, Palma thought.

Adriana helped him to think about this fact how long would Palmina have this concert Tour »maybe 21 months….this is like to travel from Planet Mars to Planet Venus.«, Palma thought.

Longly looked Palma into Palmina’s eyes and he saw her also in his »Saint Virgin Vision« and her silver-angel-cloth inspired him very, very much.

The evening was long and they spoke a lot during the meal.

picture 3 - giardino-collezione-guggenheim-gazebo

picture 3 – A Secret Garden in Venice – giardino collezione guggenheim gazebo

Later at the evening, Palma took with Palmina a little walk in a Secret Garden of Venice.

Their thoughts where also about the China-Concert-Tour.

Suddenly they stopped in the middle of the secret garden.
Both hugged and kissed and loved each other deeply…

Palma kissed her ear, her neck, her cheeks, her head, her talented hands.
Then he lifted her with his strong arms and carried her on his arms. Palmina put her arms around his neck and smiled and kissed him on his cheeks.

  VIDEO: [»Let’s take a walk through the Secret Gardens of Venice – Melody«] https://youtu.be/qDHlZODGGto

* * *

As Palma and Palmina saw themselves in their Peony-Vision Palmina started to huge and to kiss Palma tender on his cheek. They remembered the deep love.
They loved each other with their hearts as if they never wanted to be separated again also not separated by a China-Concert Tour for 21 months…«


picture 4 – music score of »Let’s take a walk through the Secret Gardens of Venice – Melody«

(to be continued…)


110. Palmina’s first concert for poor women at the Ospedale in Venice

110. Palmina’s first concert for poor women at the Ospedale in Venice


picture 01 - painting by Palma il Giovane (»Ospedale«) - Frater Manfredo (right) bringing the message to the future Dogan
picture 1 – painting by Palma il Giovane (»Ospedale«) – Frater Manfredo (right) bringing the message to the future Dogan

Both are lucky to remember this beautiful 8 minutes in their live.
»I remember that you couldn’t carry all the little breads…so much you bought on this day…nearly 23 breads…or even more…«, Palmina said funny.
»Yes, I did it for you…I wanted to have some minutes with you… 8 minutes«

picture 02 - Palma il Giovane - Pasquale Cicogna in the Church of the Crociferi Receives News of His Election to the Dogeship

 picture 2 – Palma il Giovane – Pasquale Cicogna in the Church of the Crociferi Receives News of His Election to the Dogeship 

»8 minutes…? Why you know it so exactly?…«, Palmina asked.
I looked at the clock. It was 8 minutes to 12 o’clock in the midday…
As the white pigeon-pair landed and loved each other on the windows the church bell of the San Marco cathedral ringed and this means »12 O’clock midday…«

picture 03 - Palmina as model for this painting but he paintet her in a variation

picture 3 – Palmina as model for this painting of the saint virgin but he painted her in a variation (Ospedale, Venice)

Palmina made thin eyes and smiled and said:
»Oh, I love you Palma, live wasn’t always easy for us…but I love you…«

»The first concert at the ‚Ospedale‘ at the Jesuits changed maybe our life completely. But our love was strong enough…«

»…but it is a long story….«

Palmina and Palma made long breaths.
And as Palma put his arm around Palmina and she put her head on his strong shoulder sitting in their Peony Gondola, in their 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.), they saw this Peony-Gondola-Vision:

* * *

picture 04 - paintings by Palma il Giovane (Ospedale Oratorio)

picture 4 – paintings by Palma il Giovane (Ospedale Oratorio)

Palmina was now prepared to play for the poor women of the »Ospedale« in Venice.
Frater Manfredo (he was model for the painting in picture 1) and Cardinale Christiano opened the ceremonial concert at the Jesuits for the poor women in Venice:


picture 6 – Poor Women (Ospedale) – painting by Palma il Giovane

»Cari amici,…dear friends! Today we will have the best lute player of the Republic of Venice, Palmina Albina…«

All applauded…

Palmina smiled shy and looked into Palma’s direction.
She knows that not only her music talent on lute playing brought her on this top position in Venice, the mightiest state in the world, it was also the deep love of Palma il Giovane.


picture 7 – Poor Women (Ospedale) – painting by Palma il Giovane

As backer’s daughter she would never have a chance to be a famous lute player in Venice in the 16th century. Palmina never forgot this fact and she was very lucky about Palma’s dedication for her.
Now he loves her and now she loves him.
It is only a question of time if both will make their love official.


picture 8 – oratorio dei crociferi – Palma il Giovane

After the long speech of Cardinale Christiano, a good friend of Palma, and the speech of frater Manfredo, the cousin of a poor women in the auditory with the name »Adriana«, the music started and all people here listened very, very heartfelt.

The poor women felt very honoured to be able to have concerts in the next 10 years.
Someone, who did not want to tell his name, or maybe the mighty Dogan made this financial project possible: the 8 paintings of Palma il Giovane (see picture 1) and the concerts for the poor women.

picture 08 - oratorio

picture 9 – oratorio dei crociferi – Palma il Giovane

Palmina played with all her heart. Palma could feel it and the poor women also.

It seemed that the face of the poor women turned from sad to lucky within minutes.

Cardinale Christiano and frater Manfredo thought the same: »This is a miracle. The music is transforming the soul of the poor women from sad to happy. We give them every day good food and they are thankful but never we saw them being so happy as in the moment as Palmina Albina played a composition of Palma il Giovane for them.«


picture 09 - oratorio_dei_crociferi

picture 10 – oratorio dei crociferi – Palma il Giovane

»Palma is a good composer and his friend Palmina Albina is a good interpret of his music! Fantastico!«, Cardinale Christiano thought.

The Cousin of frater Manfredo, Adriana, smiled to her cousin and saw that Palma and Palmina seemed to like each other.
She smiled and understood them.


picture 10 - oratorio-dei-crociferi-9

picture 11 – oratorio dei crociferi – Palma il Giovane

The music concert went on very good and was a big success.

The poor women and especially Adriana applauded and said: »Bravi, Bravi, Bravissimo…long live the composer and painter and his best lute player Palmina Albina!!!!«

picture 11 - oratorio-dei-crociferi-18

picture 12 – Palma_il_Giovane_Crociferi_endowment

The Cardinal and the frater looked into their eyes and nodded and this means »This was a good decision«.

The Jesuits organized a feast meal with candle light after the concert.
All are sitting together at a big table: The Cardinale, the fratres, the poor women and of course, Palma and Palmina.
Adriana sat beside them and said: »Palmina, you played for us so beautifully. I will never forget your performance…«

picture 12 - Palma_il_Giovane_Crociferi_endowment

picture 12 – Palma_il_Giovane_Crociferi_endowment

»O thank you Signora Fontana. I am only a backer’s doughter and I thank Palma that he choose me for his live…«

»..oh you are a pair…I thought you are man and women…«

»..yes it is not official yet, we plan to make our engagement in a short time official here in Venice…we need some official permissions…I am only a backers daughter, you know…«

»…but love is love… Palma loves you and you are loving him… You should marry as soon as possible…This is a wise feeling. I am a poor women…who will marry me?..But you both found yourself – you should not hesitate too long…«

picture 13 - Palma_il_Giovane_-_Pasquale_Cicogna_Hearing_Mass_Celebrated_in_the_Oratory_of_the_Crociferi_-_WGA16898

picture 13 – Palma_il_Giovane_-_Pasquale_Cicogna_Hearing_Mass_Celebrated in_the_Oratory_of_the_Crociferi_

Palma and Palmina looked into their eyes and heard this wise words.

The candle light made all eyes now shining.

Adriana liked the fresh good and fine food from the Jesuits at this evening.
She learned to behave like a fine women. This she learned from the Jesuits day by day and she prayed there a lot.

picture 14 - Palma_il_Giovane_-_Pasquale_Cicogna_in_Dogal_Robes_Visiting_the_Church_and_Hospital_of_the_Crociferi_-_WGA16900

picture 14 – Palma_il_Giovane_-_Pasquale_Cicogna_in_Dogal_Robes_Visiting_the _Church_and_Hospital_of_the_Crociferi

»Think on my words…make your love as soon as possible official…or other could destroy your connection… The church of Security tries to make intrigues on artist with a HIGH position at the dogan’s palace here in Venice….I heard something…, so be careful… They fake letters and they steal letter between artists to stop their spiritual artistic friendship. They want only to sell sugar…also to little children and young girls they give sugar…I read it in the book named „Diabetics“…If this is the true?… Who knows…«

In this moment Cardinal Christiano came standing behind them and said:
»What a wonderful concert here at the »Ospedale«, Palmina. Palma and Palmina…this is a good sound in my ear…when the engagement of you both will be official?….and when will you marry?…….hmmm? Palma, I drink this glass of excellent Venetian vine for you both. Cheers.. «


picture 15 – Cardinale Cristiano (left) and Dogan Pasquale sicogna (right)

All applauded…..

»High! to Palma and Palmina, the future pair….«

„High!….Cheeers….“ also the poor women said very shy.

All lifted their glass of vine in honour for Palmina and Palma.

The evening went very beautiful.

Suddenly at the late evening came a servant with a big letter.

All guests were suddenly silent.

»I have officially the order to bring this message to Palmina Albina!«

»Oooooooooooooooooh….«, the guest said

»Palmina Albina our famous lute player «

»Pssst ! we want to hear the official message…silent… SILENTIUM !! «

The servant opened the letter.
He broke the seal. It was a seal of the Chinese court.

picture 16 - scala-contarini-del-bovolo-oratorio-dei-crociferi-jacopo-palma-ii-giovane_7756_1_zoom

picture 16 – scala-contarini-del-bovolo-oratorio-dei crociferi-jacopo-palma-ii-giovane

»Dear Republic of Venice!
We sent you a friendly peaceful cultural message.
We want to invite your best lute player Palmina Albina, who learned not also to play the Venetian lute excellently and later to play the Pipa lute, our Chinese lute, by Princess Lin, to visit our empire in China and to play in several countries from East to West-China…We will pay you all costs for the travel. We will send a ship and a delegation to protect and to transport you… We hope that Palmina Albina will agree to play in our empire the Venetian Lute and the Pipa Lute. We ask also for some compositions of the famous painter Palma in Giovane and some new paintings in European style. We want also to hear the »Peony-Gondola Song here in China. Maybe you can bring a Choir and a little ensemble with European instruments with you. However, we are looking forward to have a fast decision. Also the 17 prince in the West are looking forward to hear Palmina Albina with the ‚Peony Gondola Song‘.

With big and high honour and best regards and greetings to the citizen of the R.O.V- The republic of Venice.

The Secretary of Princess Lin, China 1581«

»Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…« all made now.

»What a honour……….«
»Our Palmina Albina invited in China…. Like to Marco Polo’s time…«
All were happy and made a big applause.

»Let us lift our glasses for Palmina and Palma the famous artists«, Cardinale Christiano said and lifted his glass of vine.

All honour guests and the poor women,
Mihaela, Palma’s Cousin, and Palma’s mother, raised their glass and said:

»High, High, High,…honour our principessa…!

»Long live our principessa..!«

And Palma’s mother stood up and said Palma some words into his ear.
Palma nodded YES and stood also up and took his Viola da braccio
Palma’s mother took her Violin and they played a festive music like that:

VIDEO : [Vl-Va »Palmina’s first concert for poor women at the Ospedale in Venice«] https://youtu.be/-dgurDQcoNM

(to be continued…)


95. Formosa Inspiration – traveling from the Island to the concert

Formosa Inspiration – traveling from the Island to the concert

And as their Peony-Gondola flew their way back to Venice, Palmina and Palma had a warm feeling in their hearts.
They know that their decision in their hearts brought them more together and will bring them again together in their real live.
Palmina smiled as she heart Palma playing their secret melody for her.
Palma smiled and felt that she said »YES«. She looked a little bit shy and thought about their future in Venice.
Palmina’s beautiful hairs moved in the soft wind of the flying Gondola along the pink white clouds. Both looked at the clouds and smiled. Palma put his arm around Palmina and loved her.
They observed the beautiful landscapes, the mountains of Italy below them.
They tried to see over which cities they are flying so soft and fast.

Now at their 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.) Palma and Palmina saw this new vision:

Video: [Mandolinsolo inspiration III ] https://vimeo.com/250977540

* * *

Palma went waiting at the promenade the »Riva degli Schiavoni« (It is only a few steps from the living place from Palmina in Venice at the backers shop at »Campo di Bandiera e Moro« in the 16th century) up and down. He went up and down there in the morning and in the evening.
He looked every day at this promenade, where he went so often with her at the evening and early morning, for something coming along the waters of the Laguna of Venice.
»The concert is in two days… Where is the ship?«
Palma made a long neck to see if there comes a new ship from the south of Venice.

Every day he went to the »Chiesa Santa Maria Formosa«*) and prayed.

Bellotto - Campo Santa Maria Formosa about 1742

01 picture – painting Campo Santa Maria Formosa by Belloto

*) Santa Maria Formosa – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Maria_Formosa

»Santa Maria Formosa is a church in Venice, northern Italy. It was erected in 1492 under the design by Renaissance architect Mauro Codussi. It lies on the site of a former church dating from the 7th century, which, according to tradition, was one of the eight founded by San Magno, bishop of Oderzo. The name „formosa“ relates to an alleged appearance of the Holy Virgin disguised as a voluptuous woman

Interior – The artworks in the interior include the St. Barbara polyptych by Palma the Elder (Palma il Giovane’s uncle), one of his most celebrated works. The Conception Chapel houses a triptych of Madonna of Misericordia by Bartolomeo Vivarini (1473), while in the Oratory is the Madonna with Child and St. Dominic by Giambattista Tiepolo (18th century). There is also a Last Supper by Leandro Bassano.«


There is an organ and a painting of Palma’s uncle »Palma Vecchio«.

02 picture - painting of Palma's uncle at Santa Maria Formosa
02 picture – painting of Palma’s uncle *) at Santa Maria Formosa

*) Palma Vecchio – Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palma_Vecchio

»Palma Vecchio (c. 1480 – July 1528), born Jacopo Palma and also known as Jacopo Negretti, was a Venetian painter of the Italian Renaissance. He was born at Serina Alta near Bergamo, a dependency of the Republic of Venice, but his recorded career all took place in or near Venice. He is called Palma Vecchio in English („Palma the Elder“, in Italian Palma il Vecchio) to distinguish him from Palma il Giovane („Palma the Younger“, 1548/50-1628), his great-nephew«


He played now every day something »For Palmina« on the organ and Palmina could feel the moment he plays for her in her heart. Her little finger of her right hand made some pains from her hard rehearsal with the tremolo on her Pipa Luta.

In this moment she smiled secretly and her smile was so beautiful that it was worth living only for her lovely smiling.

Every time he went to the organ at »Formosa«, every time Palmina stopped to rehearsal on her Pipa Lute, closed her eyes and listened to Palma’s Organ playing.

She smiled and she was connected with her heart to him in this secret moment.
Now some birds flew above the ship which is heading to Venice from Palmina’s Island in the east.

She is thinking on Palma’s composition for Pipa solo:

»The 8 Image of the I-Ching 易經«
VIDEO: [ »The 8 Image of the I-Ching 易經« ] https://youtu.be/M9yPwdJuQrg

»It was if the birds wanted to say to Palmina: »He is thinking on you… He is playing a music piece for you… He is expressing his love for you…«
Palmina understood and smiled.
The ship in which she is travelling to Venice since weeks is moving a little bit left and a little bit right. Palmina’s mother saw that Palmina stopped her hard rehearsal for the recent concert on Sunday. She left the cabin, so Palmina could be now alone with her »heart-to-heart communication« with her love Palma il Giovane. Palma’s mother slowly understood how important the relation between Palmina and Palma il Giovane is and what is depending on this artwork for the history of the Republic of Venice and Europe.
Palmina had pains at her left hand, especially at her left wrist.
Palma’s love-waves direct from the heart of Venice, direct from »Formosa« reached Palmina at her »inner-heart« journey to Venice, sitting in the moving ship.
She had her eyes closed and smiled beautifully – her wrist did not hurt any more. She know: It is his love to her – It is her love to him.

Secretly she took the music score – it was not a secret any more that Palmina decided to play Palma’s composition in Venice – and she kissed now the paper on which Palma wrote his composition for her. »His hands wrote this fro me…«
Palmina got all ‚love-letters‘ from Palma by a friendly women who travelled to her island and gave them all to her personally. And there where a lot of music scores for Palmina:

A few composition in Venetian / Asian style like the

* »Marco Polo Love Song (Palmina il Giovane)« – https://youtu.be/aPXhQVjYMsU

* »8 Soli for Pipa and Viola« (Peony Gondola Version )
VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QzmYcEXM7A&list=PLBr_c49ajzY99w8-TftI2aV7xqsX9Ewq6&index=1

(see also part 8. –
https://geraldspitzner.wordpress.com/2018/01/28/8-palmas-and-palminas-great-chance-the-venetian-chinese-concert-palma-il-giovane-8/ )

* Pipa solo »Planets on the evening sky«
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/rqXFQts8x-c

* Solo A + B for The Finale if the Cantico delle Creature

* »Dialogue for Pipa and Viola« (3 movements)
* »Dialogue for Pipa, Violin and Viola« (3 movements)
* »Concert for Pipa and Strings« (3 movements

… which are all dedicated to Palmina

and so forth…

Palmina had all this music score on her table in her cabin now.

The ship moved left and the ship moved right – it is like the feeling inside of Palmina. She is preparing for the concert and she is looking forward to see her Palma il Giovane.
The first time she decided to say YES, I want to play this music, even if others don’t accept that.
So she had to face some turbulences because of this decision. But Palmina was now clear: She loves his Palma il Giovane and she wants to follow him during his whole life to support him as human and artist. YES, she wants to play on her lute as much as possible in Venice.

Palmina’s mother was proud of Palmina for this clear decision. This decision made the future between Palma and Palmina much clearer then before.
Palmina opened her eyes and looked on all music scores on her table and smiled so lucky.
Sometimes she lifted a sheet of music paper and kissed it and sometimes she put it on her cheeks to be »a little bit near to her Palma, to her composer, to her painter and to her writer«

Palma felt in this moment that she did this and smiled during he played at the beautiful organ at »Formosa« for her.

03 picture - Palma plays Forma Inspiration on this Organ in Venice

03 picture – Palma plays Formosa Inspiration on this Organ in Venice

Some pigeon sat down at a window at the church to listen how Palma plays for his beloved Palmina.

04 picture of 2 Pigeons by Palma il Giovane - detail of Venus and Mars

04 picture of 2 Pigeons by Palma il Giovane, detail of Venus and Mars

The Pigeons understood how deep Palma is loving his Palmina Albina. Today two white pigeons sat at the window of the church.

Palma plays and played with all his heart thinking on her.
He prayed that the ship comes good and secure home to Venice.
Palma il Giovane asked the monks to pray.
Palma il Giovane asked Mihaela (Palma’s cousin) to pray.
Palma il Giovane asked princess Lin and their friends and Asian monks to pray for her.
Palma il Giovane asked the Jesuits at the ‚Zitelle‘ on island Giudecca in Venice praying for her. (Their special mission was supporting talented women to have a good and independent cultivated life ) and
Palma il Giovane asked his mother to pray for Palmina.

Now Palma’s mother came with her Violin into the church »Formosa« to play together with Palma at »Formosa« for Palmina.

Palmina smiled as she felt the music now.

And Palmina heart a music like that:


VIDEO [‚Santa Maria Formosa Inspiration for Organ and Violin (Palma il Giovane)‘] https://youtu.be/M8VzPDYH1fw

(to be continued…)

67. Palmina’s music surprise for Palma at her concert

67. Palmina’s music surprise for Palma at her concert

And after he kissed her talented hands decently but full of love and tenderness, they saw in their Peony-Vision, in their Peony Gondola, how the late afternoon at the Dogan’s palace on this day went on:

* * *

It was a fine late afternoon. With all the cultural presentations of a lot of cultures of Europe and Asia. The late-afternoon dinner was also very fine and nice.
As usual Palma held the conversations with all the international guests. After a time he looked with his eyes decently to Palmina over all that fine decorated tables.
He wanted to go to her table but both had to leave the dinner earlier then the others, to go to the recent preparations at the Venice-Titian-Art-Galery.
A selection of honour guests, like the emperor Rudolf II, Princess Lin, the Queen of Thailand, and a lot of other representative of their country and culture will later come to the presentations in the Art-Gallery.

Palmina will play a few soli on her lute.
As she looked smiling in Palma’s direction she thought: »Oh, how sweet this was from my Palma…this little music-surprise…Violin, Viola and Pipa…He knows that I play and love Pipa…He composed it because he loves me and my instrument…I will play today – he does not know it – a Pipa solo which he composed for me… I tried to ask him sending a letter if it is ok, if I play it at a concert…But the letter he never got. Mr. Cambridge an his »Security Organisation« «stole this letter and tried to manipulate the text of our messages…till we used the letter-pigeons…I will surprise Palma with this performance today. Today on my concert…Today on my birthday..«

Palma smiled also. He felt that she had positive thoughts for him.
After their short dinner they left the dinner to go to the gallery.
As usual they took the »secret unofficial entrance« of the Dogan’s Palace.
The Guardians saluted military, but with friendliness as they passed the exit.

Now they went at this very late afternoon – it was rather an early evening – along the »Salizida S. Provolo« to get the fastest way to the Art-Gallery at the »Campo S.Provolo« where a lot of musicians waited for them.

Palma and Palmina went side on side and smiled. Their hearts had both secrets with them. Palmina will surprise him with playing his Pipa solo at the Gallery and Palma will surprise Palmina with a music surprise bringing her there with a Gondola.

They smiled at each other and looked wordless at each other during they walked through Venice – the city of Art and heartfelt Love.

Also the guardians saluted as they came in the first floor of the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery.

»How was it? Did the concert went fine?«, Palma’s Mum and Palma’s Cousin Michaela asked exited. »Did our prayers help?«, Michaela asked and folded her hands and smiled friendly.

»Yes, yes, thank you, it went fine. Thank you for your prayers for me.«, Palmina said with her sweet soft voice.
»Palmina played 1¼ hour without a break. A miracle happened…«, Palma said

»The paintings of Palma il Giovane are prepared for the presentation for Rudolf II…«, said a servant.
Today Rudolf II wants to order some paintings of Palma il Giovane. Palmina will play to the presentation on her Lutes.

* * *

As Palmina saw this in the Peony-Vision she gave Palma a cheek kiss, tender decently, but heartfelt. Palma was lucky about her tender kiss an his cheek
And they saw this in their Peony-Vision at the 23rd hour (11 p.m.):

* * *

And this early evening in the Gallery went also fine:

The honour guests came.
* Palmina played for Palma’s artwork presentation very beautifully.
* The Queen of Thailand hold her speech about the daily using of the „Kripa-Chacra“ for care of health.

»Use the Kripa-Chacra every day 5 minutes a day for your health. It helps much…« she and her doctor explained.

* Master Lao explained the 8 Images of the I-GING. (known in Asia and Europe)
* Palma explained some stories about the life of Master Titian:
»And in the life of Master Titian there was a Lute playing lady who inspired him to finish his last artwork ‚The Pieta‘. He ordered the best Lute Player Lady of the Republic of Venice – the R.O.V. «.
As he said that, he smiled to Palmina and she smiled back.
So now their hearts connected from heart-to-heart.
She knows that Palma is not only inventing a story to express his sympathy and to express his secret love for her – Palmina really played the last 3-4 years at Master Titian and Palma helped to finish the painting.

Palma continued: »…The daily Lute-playing-concert of Palmina was a ‚daily music therapy‘. Our Lute player Palmina played for Master Titan in his last living years during he was painting.

»OOOOOh…really? …what a big honour…«,
»…she played for Master Titian….«,
»…a daily music therapy concert..«,
»…how beautiful she is dressed…«,
»…the best lute player of the R.O.V…«,
»…she is inspiring to big artworks…«, all the guests said from Asia and from Europe.

Rudolf II was very interested about the story of the mystic lute player lady. He was very interested in arts and has a big collection of artworks and music instruments in Prague.

»…and now we have a special presentation of the Lute Pipa from Asia…«, Palma announced.

Palmina took her Pipa-Lute and explained the instrument to the audience.
All guests looked interested and listened what Palmina explained.

After she played an original classical Chinese music piece she said:
„And now I will play a composition which was specially composed for this Instrument by an European Composer describing the Image of the Sea after the 5000 year old book of change, the »I-GING« “

Palma looked surprised, but he understood: Palmina will play the Solo Nr.5 of his Composition »8 Soli for Pipa« and he thought: »I am the first composer from Europe who composed for this instrument…but composed a Viola part to this solo« – Palma stood up, took his Viola da braccio and went also on the stage.

Palmina looked understanding. She could read in his heart: »Palmina, I will play the Viola Part of this solo with you now…«

Palmina smiled and they started to play the version for Pipa and Viola beautifully like that:

VIDEO: [ 5. of „8 Soli for Pipa and Viola“ (recorded for Luxembourg speech 2016) ] old: https://vimeo.com/261694622

new: https://youtu.be/5QzmYcEXM7A?list=PLBr_c49ajzY99w8-TftI2aV7xqsX9Ewq6

(to be continued…)