160. Again their the last hours and a white angel

160. Again their the last hours and a white angel

picture - La Pieta by Palma il Giovane (See also »Lacrimosa« by Gerald Spitzner

And they continued to dream their Peony-Gondola-Dream and they saw this at 11 p.m.:

* * *

And the Choir and the Musicians continued to make music during the feast mass in the San Marco Cathedral in Venice.
Palmina smiled from the music-gallery on the left upper side down to Palma who is very lucky to see her and to hear her performing his artwork.

The famous Cardinale Borromeo listened to Palma’s music compositions very interested.

»He is not only painting very good, he is also composing sacred music…Why a so famous painter of Venice, like Jacopo Palma il Giovane is composing this music…?
Hm, maybe he is in love and he is composing for a women to express his love for her… Composing for love…So beautiful…
Maybe a music dedication to a musician like the Lute Playing Girl? Or it is a dedication to Emperor Rudolf II or also a dedication to me? Hm, interesting, interesting… Yes, yes, I learned now something from him: Music will save the world once… I am sure! Palma is right – Palestrina, the famous composer in Rome; I have to order that he has to compose a Holy Mass for Rome! – That’s a good idea, Palma…«, Cardinale Borromeo was inspired to hear that music and was silently thinking.
And they heard also the »Benedictus« which was sung by Mihaela, Palma’s talented cousin, and she was very lucky and she smiled and smiled as she wants to jump of luckiness in the air because she is the first Mezzo-Soprano to perform this music in music history. Palmina played the Lute-part (it can be played also by a Pipa lute).

* * *

VIDEO: [»Benedictus« of »Prager Messe«] https://youtu.be/zicEEF45hJw



see also: LINK PLAYLIST »Prager Messe«: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBr_c49ajzY9LqTB5Bx-kVXxj61AN_psJ


* * *

And as they listened this music in their Peony Vision Palmina smiled and looked into Palma’s eyes.

And they saw now this in their Peony Vision:

* * *

Palmina had a big success in the San Marco Cathedral and in order to that she got an official Invitation to play with the »La Zitelle Chamber Orchestra«, the LZCO to have a concert in Vienna, Austria, the city of music.

But that means again an new sponsored concert tour.
But sponsored by whom? Who gives so much money to lead again Palmina out of the Republic of Venice? And again Palma can not see Palmina for a long time. What a pity!

Palma was lucky that his »Benedictus« was a big success in Venice, also for Palmina, but it means also that Palmina is on concert-tour for long.

She will not be in the morning at the little fine bakery store to sell mothers fine fresh little Venetian breads and to meet Palma there in the morning to smile for him.

And for her: It means not to see Palma painting in the San Antonin Church and not to play for him at the scaffolding.

It means also not to see her in the little atelier at the »Fondamenta dei Furlani« House Nr. 3291« where Palma paints during Palmina is playing for hours for him to inspire him.
It means also for them: Not to see each other at the beautiful Garden of »Giardino«. Not to speak to each other. Not to write to each other (As long the criminals of the dark sugar earth Administrators are not arrested by the Republic no letter will be un-stolen by them).

But they have the Peony Gondola !!!

* * *

Today Palma will finish his famous painting »La Pieta« and Palmina will play the last day before she is invited to travel to Vienna, to give a concert for mighty Emperor Rudolf II, the emperor of Austria.

picture - La Pieta by Palma il Giovane (See also »Lacrimosa« by Gerald Spitzner
picture 2 – »La Pieta by Palma in Giovane«

»Palmina, you played so beautiful here in my little atelier… Your little sweet compositions for me are so amazing. I love you Palmina!
He laid his paint brush to the side and looked a last time on his finished painting.
Palmina said: »Well done, Jacopo Palma il Giovane. You painted me also wonderfully with my red concert cloth and with golden hairs like on Master Titians »Pieta«.
And Palma took Palmina’s talented hands and kissed her carefully several times.
»And I have to thank this talented hands that they played over 40 minutes music for me now. Thank you my Pigeon.«

»Oh Palma, its ok. I like you Palma, you know, it makes me lucky to inspire you and to help you to go your way here in Venice.«.

»Yes, my pigeon, my inspiration, my deep love.«
Palma kissed her arms several times.
Now they are the last time alone and they hugged deeply and tender and long.
Yes, after today’s invitation at the Giudecca Island, and they will go there, there where the gardens of the Chinese friends are, there where the members Family of the Ming Dynasty are living, after that concert they will not be alone. Tomorrow Palmina will leave Venice for a long time to travel to Vienna with the »La Zitelle Chamber Orchestra« to make it famous in Europe.

Today they will meet at afternoon tea time at the Chinese Ming Family, with princess Lin and all the famous artists of the Ming Dynasty who survived the military attack against the Ming in the year 1583.
Maybe in later years, at peaceful times, they can go to China an live there as artists with big honours.
Today there will be a friendship concert – for a friendship between the mighty Republic of Venice and family members of the Ming-Dynasty.
The Chinese musician will play traditional Asian Music and the La Zitelle Chamber orchestra will play European and traditional Venice music pieces.
Today they can speak with Master Lao, who is a wise old man who can tell them some of his Visions he had last night.

mnigPalma and Palmina, after they hugged and kissed full of sympathy and love, they went both along the »Fondamenta del Furlani« along the San Antonin Church, along the big place »Campo Bandiera e Moro« to visit mum in the bakers shop, to get some fine fresh breads, to go along the »Calle de la Pieta« in the direction to the long Promenade »Riva degli Schiavoni«.
They went slowly along the clear sea water in the south direction to the famous »Giardino« garden.
There was also the bank to sit in front of the statue and they sat down again like on other important days in their life.
Palma hugged her. He kissed her on her cheek. She smiled but both were silent and they know, these are their last hours to be alone together.
How often they sat here on this bank and looked to the stars. How often they drove with the Peony Gondola to the Moon-palace to visit the Moon Princess Chang’e and how often they visited planet Mars to great the Mars princess there in their common Peony-Dreams.
Yes, their dreams are sometimes more real then some real days which seems to be sometimes unreal and hard.
How much people died in the last century in Venice on the pest… 30 precent of the people died in Venice. Therefore the Venetian Republic build the »Chiesa Il Redentore« Church on Giudecca Island as »thank you« for surviving that hard time and the Republic ordered also paintings by Palma il Giovane for that beautiful Church.

¹ »Chiesa Il Redentore« – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Il_Redentore

»Il Redentore was built as a votive church in thanksgiving for deliverance from a major outbreak of the plague that decimated Venice between 1575 and 1576, in which some 46,000 people (25–30% of the population) died.«
»Il Redentore contains paintings by Francesco Bassano, Lazzaro Bastiani, Carlo Saraceni, Leandro Bassano, PALMA IL GIOVANE, Jacopo Bassano, Francesco Bissolo, Rocco Marconi, Paolo Veronese, Alvise Vivarini and the workshop of Tintoretto. «

* * *

Exactly this thoughts were also spoken at the friendship concert at the Gardens on Giudecca Island where the Chinese People are living under the protection of the Republic of Venice.

»…and we also are thankful for surviving the pest and also the attacks by the dark sugar earth network here in Venice like you, my Chinese friends, you also survived the war attacks of the Qing Dynasty, who will now own whole China for a long time. So we are thankful for your invitation and your beautiful friendship concert…«, Cardinale Carolus Borromeo continued to speak:
»…and we can announce that there will be a charity concert in Vienna against child-prostitution by our La Zitelle Chamber Orchestra and if some of you will come with them to Vienna to see this beautiful old city and to listen our concerts there the Republic of Venice will send a lot of Bodyguards to protect you during your travel. Palmina Albina, our best Lute player will have 6000 Varanguards to protect her during her concert travel to Vienna…«.

And all spectators applauded here in the big wild gardens of Giudecca-Island.
The buildings and gardens are surrounded by walls and a lot of Soldiers are protecting all entrances: Chinese Soldiers in traditional Ming-Dynasty-Uniforms and Venetian Soldiers, and also some Varanguards for Palmina are standing to protect them all.

* * *

The afternoon concert went very well. Palmina played also a solo composed by Palma and a solo composed by Palmina on her lutes.
After the concerts a lot of Chinese servants brought fresh cooked Chinese traditional food, some specially adapted for the European taste.

Palma went to the stage to see Palmina and he asked the musicians if he can try out the traditional Asian Instruments.

»Oh, you know how to hold a traditional Pipa¹ lute and to make a few tones…?« a very young Chinese musician in white traditional Asian cloth said friendly smiling.
She allowed him to play on her Pipa and Palma played and (he tried it) played.
»Thank you, Xie Xie«, Palma said smiling after he played (tryed) a long time
Later Palma tried the traditional GuZheng² instrument and made some tones.
»Oh, that’s interesting…I would like to learn to play…«

¹ Pipa – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pipa
² GuZheng – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guzheng

The musician smiled and said »Signore Palma il Giovane, you painted us so beautiful in the last years here in Venice. If we can take painting lessons from you, here in our gardens we would feel very honoured. If you like, our talented princess can teach you and show you the secrets of our Asian culture and arts, especially of our music. They would love to explain you how this instruments are played. And…, and if you like you can write some music for our little Ming-Dynasty-Orchestra…«
And Palma was surprised for this friendly invitation.
»Palma, say yes! This is a big honour…!«, Palmina said.
Palmina was 2 years in China at the pacific island and learned not only the language a little bit, she knows how Asian people are fealing inside their heart.

»During I am in Vienna you will be here with the Ming Dynasty Family, here on that little beautiful secure Island in our Republic.«

Palma made a big sigh because he will miss Palmina and agreed to that big honour of cultural exchange.
Yes, Palma wants to learn about Asian cultures. Palmina lived on that Pacific Island for years. It is now a part of Palmina’s live and experience. He wants to understand this because he loves her.
»Yes, we have to learn from each other. The East from us West and we, West from your Eastern traditions.«

The little musician in the white beautiful cloth said: »Marco Polo was a Venetian and he married a Buddhist nun, a real Chinese Princess and lived here on that Island with her, the Chinese legend is telling.«

And as he saw that her eyes shined very beautifully Palma begun to study her eyes to be prepared to paint her and to teach her and to give her painting lessons in the future.

»I see you both are understanding very well, hm?«, Palmina said and hoped that Palma will manage now the time without her here in Venice.

»And..and…can I have some Violin lessons by your mother…Xíng ma?« the little Chinese Princess asked innocent and hoped that Palma will say yes.

* * *

The beautiful and ceremonial afternoon transformed into a long evening with lanterns – Chinese lanterns and Venetian Lanterns – with Chinese music and Venetian music from the 16th century.

It was a little fine feast and all enjoyed it but Palma did know that if Palmina will now go to Vienna with her orchestra and some Chinese delegation Palma will be again lonely for a long time.
Again it is a sponsored concert tour. Will Palma again have to wait on Palmina for years?

* * *

And after they saw this Peony-Vision at this 23 o clock time (11 p.m.) they dreamed what they say today at the »Giardino«-Garden. Palmina and Palma remembered this and they saw this in their Peony Vision sitting together now at the Peony-Gondola:

* * *

Today they saw a white Pigeon at the Giardino of South Venice and the Pigeon landed on a leave.


picture 3 – white pigeon

In their dream the Pigeon spoke to them with a soft voice:

»Dear Palma and Palmina! Be careful the next time! The Criminal Church of Security took money from the Administrators of the Dark Sugar Earth Network to make an attack to you. Don’t go alone on the streets of Venice. Stay at the Chinese Family at their gardens. For a while the Titian Art School should take place there. Till the secret service of the republic found out and arrest the criminals of the international child-prostitution network stay at them as long as you can. There are good security Elite-soldiers protecting you. Chinese Soldiers and Venetian Soldiers and Varangian Guards¹!«

¹ Varangian Guard -Wikipedia –

»The Varangian Guard (Greek: Τάγμα τῶν Βαράγγων, Tágma tōn Varángōn) was an elite unit of the Byzantine Army, from the 10th to the 14th centuries, whose members served as personal bodyguards to the Byzantine Emperors.«

Palma and Palmina looked surprised to the white speaking pigeon.

»And you Palmina, be careful: One of the Bodyguards is a FAKE BODYGUARD and he is paid by the international child-prostitution-network of the Dark Sugar Earth Dealers. He wants to isolate you and destroy your concert-career in Vienna. He has orders not to allow cultural exchange with the famous artists of Vienna so that no one will know your name as lute player in music history. Don’t trust him, don’t eat his dark sugar earth. He cancels your artist contacts and meetings without your permission! And don’t be alone with a man or a fake priest (an »Ostary³« which wears false priest cloth). The false Bodyguard will try to isolate you the whole concert in order to destroy your future music career. Don’t be alone with any man in a room also if this bodyguard said that this is expected from you otherwise you will loose your position as solist. Order always two, listen: two soldiers to protect you: A Chinese Soldier and an European Soldier. Good luck Palma and Palmina. Groo, Grooooo.«.

³ »Ostiarius« – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ostiarius
Is NOT priest, »In the Roman Catholic Church, this „porter“ became the lowest of the four minor orders prescribed by the Council of Trent. This was the first order a seminarian…«


picture 4 –  starting white pigeon

After that the white Pigeon started to fly high in the heaven and was not seen after a while.


picture 5 – heart leave

As Palma looked down to earth he saw that old leave.
It had a tiny hole like a heart.

»The white Pigeon showed us to find this symbol of an old, old, old love, my Wang Chun chao – my Marco-Polo Princess, My Du Liniang, My Palmina, my white Pigeon.«

Palmina laid her head on Palma’s beating heart and Palma reacted with putting his strong arm around his little Palmina Albina.

She thought also on the old vision of the little yellow canary bird in the wooden cage who will inspire the most famous composer of Europe to do his artwork in over 100 years.

And they heard now this mystic music:

VIDEO: [Violin and Organ »Lacrimosa« ] https://youtu.be/lzQ5Y_IS_98

(to be continued….)



128. Tender walk under the stars of Venice

128. Tender walk under the stars of Venice

And they continued to dream their common vision in the Peony Gondola at 23 h (11 p.m.). They hugged and smiled and cat Kalu purred silently and friendly.
Now they saw this:

* * *

As Palma and Palmina made their walk for hours under the stars of Venice, suddenly Palmina said:
»Let us never stop to fight for our deep love, Palma….we can see us at the daily concerts, we can make walks, you can paint me as »L’Assunta«, you can give me your compositions for my daily new concerts… I will be a good music teacher at the »la Zitelle«… Venice gives our love the best opportunities… We are artists and we are inspiring each other…I will help you if you need me…Let me be your Pigeon till the end of our life and longer…. in hundred years… Yes, I will be your yellow canary bird beside and so we can see us 300 years earlier and then we can met us again with my Pipa lute on the bridge in 400 years…«

»My Pigeon…my innocent deer…you will be a good music pedagogue …and the poor young girls will need your lute playing and music teaching lessons like a MUSIC ART-THERAPY for the young poor girls…isn’t it?« Palma answered and Palma hugged and kissed her talented hands and her cheeks and her ears (very tender).

»…yes in hundred years also… Even you will be a yellow little canary bird« and he kissed her left and right cheek.
»…and yes we want to meet again in 100 years and in 400 years at the bridge…let us believe in our eternal love…I love you. Ti amo. Wo ai ni!«.

»Yes, my painter, my composer, once you will be a famous composer and I will be again your inspiration…«.

And as they walked along the »Giardino of Venice« in the south of Venice they came to the little bank in front of a stone statue where they sat the last time during Palma played his Mandolin solo for her. They sat down and looked to their left side to the stars.

They looked a long time at the stars:

picture 1 - view of SIRIUS-SOTIS (left) - Orion (Riegel-Beteilgeuze) - Aldeberan of the Taurus (middle) - moon-jupiter-saturn at Venice on the 5thSeptember 1583 in Venice at 3 a.m. in th

picture 1 – view of SIRIUS-SOTIS (left) – Orion (Riegel-Beteilgeuze) – Aldeberan of the Taurus (middle) – Moon-Jupiter-Saturn at Venice on the 5th September 1583 in Venice at 3 a.m. in the morning

»Look, the stars moved along the sky. Here left, the ORION had risen with Sirius-Sotis in the east…Aldeberan in the South…Moon, Jupiter and Saturn… Look Saturn seemed to move in the direction of the West-Horizon… «

»..Did he move in these hours?…The line between moon-Jupiter-Saturn is now not any more along the horizon and has moved in the West-direction 45° degrees to the horizon.«

»No, Saturn did not move so much within these hours… the whole sky with all its stars is moving from east to south and then to west. And so it looks as if they are moving »up« and »down«…«

»Oh, my Palma…you are not only my composer, my painter and writer…You are also my astronomer…Hmm?…«

And Palmina put her head on Palma’s shoulder and smiled right up looking to the stars.
Palma was lucky to be with her here in the Giardino in the south-part of Venice. He put his arm around her and gave her tender but secure hold.

Yes, Palma will be a secure hold for Palmina for the whole life. They are like to eternal loving Pigeons, they never let the other one alone.

The «Cicala» sung her tender and soft song now a little bit softer and slower. She sung since hours there »only for Palma and Palmina«.

Palmina and Palma had this thought in their same moment.

The moon shined strongly, so the light of their lanterns seemed to shine golden-orange and the moon shined like silver light.

The moonlight made Palmina’s amazing silver-light-blue-angel-winged metallic reflecting concert cloth shining in the moonlight on her skin and free shoulder.

It looked as if the stars are reflecting the moonlight around her neck like little diamonds on a decent necklace.

Palma loved her as she is, but her beautiful cloth is sooooo amazing. As painter he likes often to paint and to draw her with different coloured cloth.

Palma kissed her talented hands and their hearts spoke secretly with each other.
Palma kissed her cheeks and kissed her arms and hugged her and explained her the other stars.

»Yes. my Master, your little yellow bird has learned fast.
Pi – Pi -Pi -Pi – …«

»….Pa – Pa – Pa -Pa -Pa«







picture 2 - Aldeberan in the star sign TAURUS
picture 2 – Aldeberan in the star sign TAURUS

»You see this is »Aldeberan« of the »Taurus«

»Hmmm…«, Palmina made with her high, innocent, soft voice.

– Taurus is one of the 12 Astrological star-sign. and here are the two corns of the Taurus on the heaven – The lower star is named »Tianguan and the upper is Elnath«

»Tianguan*) sounds like a Chinese name? Tien is HEAVEN and Guan means GATE…?«
Palmina looked up to the star »Aldeberan« and thought about her and Palma’s common future here in Venice.

picture 3 - Aldeberan - Tianguan and Elnath in TAURUS

picture 3 – Aldeberan – Tianguan*) (left below) and Elnath in TAURUS

*) TienGuan – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeta_Tauri
»In Chinese astronomy, Zeta Tauri is called 天關 [ Tiānguān ] meaning Celestial Gate«

Palmina was sure: Never she wants to leave Venice without her Palma il Giovane. Now she travelled along the world and now she knows what she really wants. To be with Palma means to be at home. This is where Palma is living, painting, composing, writing, smiling helping poor women and poor girls.

And after a while a little yellow golden light was visible between the bush.
Palma an Palmina looked searching from where the golden light was coming.

There was a light over the lagoon water coming from the south east direction directly to them.

»Isn’t it our….?«, Palmina asked like a little girl.

»Yes, this is our…«, Palma said surprised.

Now both said together: »Si, Certo…, Dui, dui…, this is our Peony Gondola!!!«

And the Peony Gondola came bright shining yellow-golden from the inner room of the Gondola and all around looked bright from the light of the Gondola.

Palma stood up and Palmina stood up. He took her hand and kissed her talented hand.

Palmina smiled like a little princess.
Palma made a gallant gesture of the 16th century and invited her to enter the Peony-Gondola.

picture 4 - Peony Gondola Song at Venice

picture 4 – »Peony Gondola Song« at Venice

And now both entered their Peony Gondola and the Gondola started to move soft and slowly and made a nice tour around the whole city of Venice and they heard the music of the »Peony Gondola Song« during this and they heard like that:
VIDEO: [»Peony Gondola Song (Choir+Mandolins)«] https://youtu.be/4YfXRwOwHWE

(to be continued…)


116. Today I want to paint you – Melody

116. Today I want to paint you – Melody


After he made music with their heart over a such long physical distance he went direct home at the »Campo S. Provolo« at the little flat beside the rooms of the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery in the 1st floor.

Mihaela, in the house straight ahead in the 2nd floor, looked at this late evening out of her window and saw that Palma has still light in his little room.
»What is with Palma?… Hmm, hmm….He is missing his Palmina… Hmm…why he is working still at night…? Maybe he is composing something new… I have to ask him tomorrow…«

* * *

And they saw this in their Vision, sitting in their Peony-Gondola at their »Peony-hour« (11 p.m.) together in their soft seats.

»Oh,Palma..«, Palmina said to Palma, »you worked the Mandolin-part out and wrote it down…Such a beautiful composition…Did you show the music score to Mihaela? She could sing the Mandolin part as Soprano, isn’t it?…Without a text…. Because the saint Virgin is singing and feeling joy…being loved by the angels and the highest dimension in the cosmos…«

»Yes, Palmina I showed her the new composition, which is dedicated to the best Lute player of the Republic….«

»…and to the saint Virgin!…«
»…of course…her prayers and her love lead us all again together…«
»The saint Virgin send you St. Lucy, and Saint Lucy sent you Palmina…and so on…«

picture 1 - Saint Lucille (Venice at San_Geremia) - by Palma_il_giovane_1628.jpg

picture 1 – Saint Lucille (Venice at San_Geremia) – by Palma_il_giovane_1628

picture 2 - Santa_Lucia,_Jacopo_Palma_il_Giovane,_Chiesa_dei_SS._Geremia_e_Lucia,_Venezia
picture 2 – Santa Lucia, Jacopo Palma il Giovane, Chiesa dei SS.Geremia e Lucia, Venezia

»Yes the order of the HEAVEN is very mystic but the only thing which really makes happy. So in your composition »L’Assunta« you describe the wordless luck of the Saint Virgin being loved by the HEAVEN as singing music…«

»…and I could describe this luckiness in music being inspired by the best lute player of our Republic: Palmina!“«

»Palma, I remember how often we met us secretly…especially to this Octagonal painting »L’Assunta«at the »Ospedale« at the Jesuits.

»Yes I picked you up with my Gondola, very often at the morning after you filled the boat with fine fresh breads…«

»YES, you composed a special short melody on your Mandolin to show me that you will pick me up from here, at the Ponte over the »Rio de la Pieta«


picture 2a – music score of Mandolin solo »Today I want to paint you – melody«

And at this moment the Peony-Gondola showed them this beautiful vision and they saw this:

* * *

At this late morning Palma went along the »Salizzada dei Greci« at the bridge over the »Rio de la Pieta« to went along to Saint Anton Church to the bakery to see if Palmina is ready with her helping work at mother’s bakery shop. So he looked on the right side to see if Palmina is there on the other bridge over the »Calle de la Pieta«

picture 3 - view from bridge at Saint Anton Church

picture 3 – view from bridge at Saint Anton Church

As he saw her going over the bridge with her baskets full of fine fresh and little breads, the so called »Pannini«, Palma called a Gondolier.

picture 4 - Palma il Giovane - Palmina with Lute (right) Palma's mother (Violin) Mihaela (middle)

picture 4 – Palma il Giovane – Palmina with Lute (right) Palma’s mother (Violin) Mihaela (middle)

»Scusi, per favore, una Gondola…Subbito, Gondola, Gondola, subito…«, said Palma and the Gondoliere came to his bridge.

picture 5 - »La vergine coronata di stelle e l'angelo che uccide l'idra« (1582)

picture 5 – »La vergine coronata di stelle e l’angelo che uccide l’idra« (1582) by Palma il Giovane

»…can you bring me over there…? Hmm..? Ok…fa bene! Molto bene… And can you drive the Gondola a little bit slower if you are driving under the bridge there…very slow…per fa vore….molto lento,,,molto lento…molto ritardando«

»Si, certo….«, answered the Gondolier with his basked hut and Palma entered the Gondola.

As the Gondola came slowly driving along the »Rio de la Pieta« in the direction to the »Isola Giorge Maggiore« Palma started to play on his Mandolin the »Today I want to paint you – Melody«

picture 6 - from this view from a Gondola Palma played often his Mandolin solo for Palmina

picture 6 – view from a Gondola Palma played often his Mandolin solo for Palmina

Palmina looked smiling in Palma’s direction. Palma’s Gondola came nearer and nearer.
»And now ritardando…piu lento…«, Palma said to the Gondolier.

And Palma’s Gondola moved very, very slow so Palmina and his mother could hear the music very good and long.

Palmina put the last breads from her basked into the boat and sat down at the steps to the water to listen Palma’s little private concert.
She put her both hands on her both knees. Her knees where together and it looked as if Palmina is sitting on the steps like she is holding a Pipa-Lute on her knees.

In this position she is smiling and listening to his Palma il Giovane.
Her mother worked on loading the boat with baskets of breads.

During the music some windows opened over them.
A few ladys looked out of the windows and one said : »Oh…, Palma is playing for me! Only for me….«

An other lady heard that and said: »ohh, noooo..He is playing for me, not for you…for me!!!«
Also a third lady at her windows said: »He is not playing to your window…he is playing to my window…«

And Palmina smiled silently.. Yes, Palmina knows for whom he is playing and she smiled stronger and shy. She knows what the melody really means.

picture 7 - Palmina as Saint Virgin in the left upper part of the big painting Trofo di san Julian by 1Palma il Giovane

picture 7 – Palmina as Saint Virgin in the left upper part of the big painting Triofno di San Julian by Palma il Giovane

If Palma played it means »Today I want to paint you…. and I will pick you up in 30 minutes coming again with my Gondola and you have only to enter the Gondola….“

This only Palmina knew so Palma did nothing wrong with playing now his Mandolin solo.

picture 8 - Palmina inspired Palma to paint Saint Lucy

picture 8 – Palmina inspired Palma to paint Saint Lucy

Palmina put her head on her left hand and smiled secretly to her Palma. Her smile only Palma could see, because in Palmina’s direction there was no one looking from a window.
Palma saw her smile and he was lucky to see her smiling.

And Palma played for his beloved Palmina to show her his love but also to ask her to be her »secret painting model« for his recent painting artworks.
And he played today like this:

VIDEO: [Mandolin solo »Today I want to paint you – Melody (Palma il Giovane)« ] https://youtu.be/0Hn-7YG01yE

(to be continued…)

read the story from beginning:


87. As Michaela discovered Palmina’s Lute talent in a bakery

 87. As Michaela discovered Palmina’s Lute talent in a bakery

Palma il Giovane played this secret »I miss you melody« for his beloved Palmina in their Peony Gondola and Palmina looked a little bit shy.
»Palma, you played it so tender. I love you!«
Palma smiled and he was so thankful to be with her for this saint Peony-Gondola moments.
He sat beside her a little bit nearer and put his arm around her.
Yes, Palma loves his best-of-the-Republic-of-Venice-Lute-Playing-lady. Now he played for her on his Mandolin and she liked it.
She is a Master-Lute player and she said that to him… that he played it »so tender«.
Palma was a little bit proud, because he is officially »only« a painter.
He kissed her on her head and she laid her head to his side and they saw now this in their 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.):

* * *

A female Greek priestess appeared on a cloud on the heaven. She hold her hands like praying. She had her hairs like in the old traditional asian-european-Greece style.
She was dressed white with blue and gold-silver striped at the end of her beautiful cloth.


02 pictures – Greeck dressing Style like in the Vision Mihaela appeared

»Oh look, she looks like your cousin Michaela.

She is praying and sending blessings to us…«

»Oh, yes this is Michaela as ancient female Greece priestess.

How strong her praying are…«

* * *

After that vision they saw now Palma in Giovanne in Venice:

He was so lucky that the Cyprian lady will bring his letter to Palmina on this far east living island.

So he played the »I miss you – melody« now in G-Magior.

The next day he went to visit his cousin Michaela.
He went from the flat beside the Art-Gallery directly to Michaela’s flat in the 2nd floor.
Her window is straight-across from the art-gallery. From Michaela’s window in the 2nd floor you have only to turn left and you see directly the famous Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery in the 1st floor.

04 picture - in the 16th century there was once the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery (right) and the flat of Palma il Giovane's cousin Mihaela (left) at the »Camp de la Provolo« in Venice in

03 picture – Art Gallery (right) in the 1st floor »Campo S. Provolo«

* * *

»…yes she is really the best lute player of Venice. A backers daughter,… but talented like a secret Eurasian-Byzantine Princess…«

»She played for my presentation so beautifully….«, Palma begun to say and Michaela saw the light in his eyes and smiled wordless.
Michaela liked Palma very much; yes she liked also his compositions and she felt very familiar to him.
At this moment she realized that the lute playing lady, named „Palmina“, is more then a new member of the Art-Gallery. Palma has completely changed since he saw her the first time.
»…Yes I know, my cousin… I know it was a special moment as she played to the presentation of your painting in San Zulian, near the San Marco place….I will not forget. She makes your artwork coming out very good…«, Michaela said, »It seemed that you know her a long time…«
»Hmm, hmm.. I think you can feel this also…very long time, very long time…«
»Isn’t on that big painting beside Jesus as Saint Virgin Mary…isn’t her looking a little bit like Palmina?….Hmm?«
Michaela felt that she touched a deep unexplainable secret between Palmina and Palma…

Both looked out of the window where the 2 Pigeons did pet en co with their bill.

They smiled wordless…

»..today I found someone to bring her a letter from me…«
»Oh, Palma, I am so lucky that you… «
»Yes, it seems that your saint prayers helped me…«
»…I prayed for you both…«
»A miracle happened yesterday: I did not know her address to write a letter to Palmina. In the Pizzeria was a man who said that she is at Famagusta at Cyprus Island. And a lady from there was sitting also with us on that evening. She said she will bring letters to Palmina…«
»Yes, a miracle.. I prayed for a miracle… Saint Lucy…and a lot of saints prayed also for us…«
»I send her also a little composition. Do you think she will love it…«
»I think that she heard the music as you wrote it as music score directly in her heart…You are both strongly connected…She understands you without explaining «

»You and Palmina,…this is something special… you fit together… I hope she will soon answer your letter and come back to Venice…«, Michaela said full of understanding Love.

How do you think did her parents react as I invited her to be a member of the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery. …To play a concert there? …Did she talk to her parents? How did her father react. Was he proud of her daughter to get this big honour? Or didn’t he understand what this invitation means for her whole family?

„I think, Palma, her mother was very happy and proud…You have to know that I know her mother very good…I talked nearly daily with her at her backer’s shop. She is very fine and a friendly women.
Once something miracle happened:
I came as usually to buy some fine, little, fresh, Venetian breads…
Palma’s mother was for a short moment not in the backers shop and I had to wait.

The door to a room behind was a little bit open.
I saw Palmina sitting and playing her lute so beautiful and talented.
She didn’t realize that I listened for a few minutes.
I never heard such a beautiful and talented lute playing young lady.
»If Palma could hear that…», I thought, «..his painting-presentation will be tomorrow at the San Zulian church…such a big and beautiful painting…«

In this moment a lady entered the backer shop and Palmina’s mum came to sell us her breads.
The lady was not from here, she seems to have a problem..
As we bought our little breads and fine backed, she suddenly asked:
»I am in a hurry. May I ask something important?…
I should play the lute solo of a lute playing lady which has her fingers hurt and can not play at the painting presentation…She asked me to play instead of her and I agreed. But my ship is going today instead in 3 days… I have to take my ship to a far island. There is no 2nd ship for me. So I search someone who can play lute in a very fine and cultivated way for the painting presentation in San Zulian of Palma il Giovane…«

»Palma in Giovane?«, Michaela said with a very sympathy tone in her voice, »I am her cousin…I know someone who can play the lute very good… ‚Palmina‘ is a very good lute player… she did not play in the public at a concert… but she plays very good and very professional! Ask her mother if she would agree…«

The lady smiled saying; »What a miracle! Yes? Can I ask your daughter to play something nice for Palma il Giovane…?«

Palmina’s mother repeated slowly:»Palma il Giovane… He is the Master scholar of Master Titian, the big and famous Painter of Venice…«

»Yes, and he is the next director of the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery… In-officially HE IS now the director, because Master Titian is very weak and ill. My cousin say he is planing to paint his last artwork but is waiting for the art inspiration…«

»Palmina, Palminaaaaaa…. Come, there are people asking for your lute playing talent…«, Palmina’s mother said smiling.

01 picture - Art Gallery (right) in the 1st floor

04 picture – in the 16th century there was once the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery (right) and the flat of Palma il Giovane’s cousin Mihaela (left) at the »Campo S. Provolo« in Venice in the 2nd or 3rd floor

* * *

»This I remember…«, Michaela said.
Palma’s eyes smiled and shined. Now he felt that Palmina is also thinking on him and he looked out of the windows. He saw there those 2 Pigeons who flew yesterday in direction of the San Marco Cathedral, now sitting on the Balustrade of the Art Gallery on the left side (seen from Michaela’s window). The pigeons did pit and co.

Palmina smiled also now sitting in her little room on her little east island thinking on his Palma il Giovane.

»How far is my island from Venice – how near my heart is to Palma’s heart in Venice…« , Palmina said.

Thinking on Palma takes her all her recent pains on her arms and fingers away, which she has from that hard rehearsal for the concert for Venice…

Palmina looked also now out of the window and she heart the birds singing: »He is thinking on you…he loves you..can you feel it?…«

Palmina smiled and nodded to the sweet little birds.

VIDEO: [I miss you melody in (G-magior version)]:  new link: https://youtu.be/SH2l4PIxJxk

 old link: https://vimeo.com/279333607

(to be continued…)


71. 6000 Pigeons helping Palma and Palmina

71. 6000 Pigeons helping Palma and Palmina

picture 1 – Pigeon by Palma il Giovane

And as they sung the »Peony Gondola Song« for Palmina’s birthday in the gardens of the Jesuits at the small, little Giudecca-isIand in Venice (direct in front of the St. Marco Place) the Pigeons who crowded meanwhile on the St. Marco Place started all together to fly directly to Giudecca-Island. Thousands of Pigeons flew…

All the guests in the gardens saw this and observed that all the Pigeons landed softly in the gardens.

One Pigeon flew to Palmina and she hold it and one Pigeon flew to Palma and he hold the bird.

picture 2 –  2 Pigeons by Palma il Giovane

The Pigeons send a »heart-to-heart« – message to them: »Palmina and Palma!
We are your letter-pigeons. We are 6000 Pigeons. We will transmit you a message between you both. Only think on us and we will come, or a few or one of us will come. Happy birthday Palmina! Don’t be sad if Mr. Cambridge’s organisation erases your letters. They are criminals and soon all in prisons. Mr. Cambridge will be judged official and his Organisation will be forbidden in whole Europe. We will help you to stay in contact and we great you Palma and Palmina…«

Both thought now the same: »Yes, these animals are helping us to send letters and no one can read and steal and manipulate the text of our private messages.
We searched a secure way of exchanging letters… Thank you friends…«

As Palma and Palmina felt that they both thought the same in that moment,
he send her a secret »heart-to-heart« music message as »music-flower«

VIDEO: [‚Music Flower (2018-06-20)‘ ]  https://youtu.be/3bOeFkxUWiI

(…to be continued)


70. Their common way of Light and Hope

70. Their common way of Light and Hope

001 picture

And Palmina opened her beautiful Chinese umbrella, a present of Princess Lin from China. After that she took her Chinese Lute Pipa and played the »Spring melody« beautifully like that:

VIDEO: [spring Melody on Pipa played] old: old: https://vimeo.com/272241145 new: https://youtu.be/YbumhbqHxkM

All musicians and artists on the St.Marco Place and the honour guests of all over the world, standing at the balcony of the Dogan’s Palace, applauded.
Palmina smiled and played the melody again.


VIDEO: [spring Melody on Pipa played] https://youtu.be/YbumhbqHxkM

* * *

As Palma and Palmina saw this in their Peony Gondola at the 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.) both continued to hug each other.
»How much beautiful music and painting adventure we had here in Venice…«
– »Yes, my Palma… my Painter.. my big and unique love…
Let us stay together… no separation… I missed you also at our long break, as my parents moved to Cyprus Island.
…It is a beautiful Island, but Mr. Cambridge stole all letters of the people living there. So we lived unfree and isolated till we had to leave that island and came back to Venice. It was too dangerous and the influence of the »Church of Security« from Mr. Cambridge was too dangerous for our family. They wanted always our family’s money… I am sure Mr. Cambridge and his »Security Organisation« will be made responsible for the lost of that island and will be made responsible that the R.O.V. is no more the government of that beautiful island.
…Every day, I missed you, my Palma, my composer, my painter, my only love…«
»I missed you… But as I looked to the stars I thought always about you and your beautiful lute playing. I wished only to see you again…That I can continue to compose for you…to draw you…that you are my secret model for all my sacred paintings…“
»I painted so much women, but you are the first who opened my heart…especially with your lute playing…

002 picture – San Marco Place (above) and »Le Zitelle« (below) with green gardens

Did you remember the day as you played in the church »Le Zitelle« *) nearby the San Giorgio Maggiore on Venetian Island Giudecca, direct on the opposite side from the Saint Marco Place?
A Jesuit from the monastery came, and asked you…«

– »…Yes, yes…I remember.. he asked me what the music is about…
and I said to him that this music piece is describing a painting of Palma il Giovane…and then the Jesuits wanted also to have a painting from you for their new church…«

Yes, Palmina played beautifully in that church on her lute a music composed by Palma and varied by Palmina, and this lead to a painting**) for that church…
Earlier Palmina was invited to play for the poor women to educate them in singing and musics. The Jesuits helped young women to get education and to prevent prostitution.***)

*) The Zitelle – observatory for the arts: http://www.observatoryforthearts.com/web/places/church-of-santa-maria-della-presentazione-known-as-zitelle/?lang=en

003 picture – The Zitelle

»The Zitelle almshouse and the church of Santa Maria della Presentazione were founded with the noble purpose of offering refuge, assistance, and an honest trade (lace making) to poor girls who, for their good looks, were likely to be forced into prostitution. […]
A first project for the construction of a new lay almshouse providing room, board, and an education to girls who had still not come of age was presented in 1574.«

004 picture – Chiesa di Santa Maria della Presentazione (Le Zitelle)

Chiesa di Santa Maria della Presentazione (Le Zitelle) – wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_Zitelle

»Le Zitelle (officially Santa Maria della Presentazione) is a church in Venice, Italy. It is part of a former complex which gave shelter to young maidens („zitelle“ in Italian) who had no dowry, and is located in the easternmost part of the Giudecca island.
Generally attributed to Andrea Palladio, the original design dates to 1579-1580 and the construction to 1586. Its housing edifice surrounds the church in a horseshoe shape, with a court behind the apse.«

005 – 007 picture:

005 – 007 picture

»Chiesa annessa al pio luogo delle Zitelle, fondato a metà del 1500, dove venivano educate ragazze povere la cui bellezza poteva essere motivo di perdizione«

»Fondamenta Zitelle, Giudecca – 1581-1585 by Andrea Palladio«

**) 02 picture – Jacopo Palma il Giovane (Orazione nell’orto con, ai piedi, i committenti Pasquale ed Elisabetta Foppa) [ev. sw-foto]

* * *
Now at this 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.) they continued to dream their dream and they saw this:

* * *

011 picture – Venice light evening impression (St. Marco Place is left outside of the image)

As Palma entered again the big Gondola in which the smiling beloved Palmina waited for him, they saw together all musicians and singers standing on the St. Marco Place.
Now the 30 Gondoliers went with their mandolins to each gondola with a few shining lanterns in different colours.
15 Gondolas of them drove now to the small long island Giudecca, starting from the left side of Palma’s and Palmina’s Gondola, and 15 Gondolas drove in the same direction starting from the rights side of them.
As Palmina and Palma looked into the direction of Island Giudecca they saw the lanterns of the 30 Gondolas forming 2 lines, driving on the lagoon waters of the »Canale Grande«.
So the 30 Gondolas made a beautiful street of lanterns in the water directing all Gondolas from San Marco Place to the place where the Zitelle*) in 4 or 8 years will be build, where the Jesuit monastery and the beautiful gardens are there.

010 picture – Gonoliers moving the Gondola

Palma knocked 2 times and the Gondolier started to drive along and between the water street of the 30 Gondolas with their lanterns.
Palmina smiled and said:
»My Palma…my painter…my composer…my big and only love…
How creative you are. You are so creative to make this beautiful ceremony for me on my birthday…«
– »Yes, thank you, Palmina..you know, I love you also so much…
I want to carry you in my arms…with your Pipa.
…and with your Gondola…I love you so much…«
– »Palma?… Me and my Pipa… AND my Gondola…?
Isn’t that a little bit to much…Palma?«
»Ok, I will hold and carry you, on my arms with your Pipa, my princess…«

011 picture

Palmina smiled and played on her Lute the »Spring Melody« which Palma composed for her.
The Gondolier tried also to play this Melody on their Mandolin, standing on their Gondolas with the lanterns, holding their positions on the Canale Grande.
Palma was so lucky to see all the lanterns on the Water, left and right to her Gondola which is heading to Guidecca at the Zitelle*).

012 picture – here will be build within 8 years the church »Chiesa di Santa Maria della Presentazione (Le Zitelle)«

Palmina put her head on Palmas side. Palma put his arm around her and moved his head to her head.

»How did you arrange this. Palma?«

»It is a secret, but I love you and it is our common secret:
I have connections to the R.O.V. – The Republic of Venice – and they make it possible that the Jesuit monastery will now realize your idea: You know, it was your idea,.. years ago, as we had a walk there, as usual and you spoke with the Jesuit monks, you asked to create some plans of building a church there….The Government of Venice will support them now to built it very fast.
As »thank you« they will allow to use their gardens for special welcome evening events of the Dogan’s Palace. Today, on your birthday, we will celebrate the first opening feast here with all honour guests of Venice, which also wants to celebrate your birthday with our artists…The Jesuit monastery will make this using of their gardens possible for »all life-time« also for our Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery as »thank you« for supporting the building of the church ‚Zitadelle‘. Maybe in 4 or 8 years the church will be finished….«

013 picture – by Canaletto – left San Marco Place and right Giudecca with the ‚Zitadelle‘

– »Oh really…?
Palma, this is fantastic!
My idea!…To build a church for the poor women and to make concerts there in the garden for them and in the church… Thank you Palma, you made this possible…
This are good news on my birthday!…
I love you… my painter…my composer…my one and only love…«

Palmina kissed him tender on his cheek several times.
Suddenly a little firework started from S.Marco Place and behind the Gardens of the monastery on the little, small island of Giudecca.
Palmina looked like an innocent dear and kissed Palma again.
»You are so sweet to me…«

014 picture – left San Marco Place and right Giudecca with the ‚Zitadelle‘

As they looked behind their Gondola they saw that all guests and artists followed them with their big Gondolas along the »30-Lantern-Gondola-Water-Way«.
They all came:
The Dogan, the emperor Rudolf II, Princess Lin from China, the Queen of Thailand, Prince and princess of Bangladesh, from Nepal, and a lot of Asian and European countries came with their Gondola driving behind them.
»So beautifully…Palma, so beautifully..thank you…thank you…thank you Palma!«

015 picture

As they reached the gardens behind the monastery and all the honour guests arrived, the feast continued with cultural dedications from all countries of the friends of the Republic of Venice.
The Jesuits monks and the sisters made today special cooking for this beautifully evening.
Michaela (Palma’s beautiful Cousin) brought her very young little talented son and he sung an aria for Palmina.
All representative of their culture showed their culture: dancing, singing, playing their instruments from Europe and Asia. They repeated the „Inspiration“-music piece which Palma composed for Pipa, Violin and Viola.
Palmina was very, very, lucky to see how Palma loves also to compose for Pipa-Lute.
Finally all wanted to hear a short piece from Palmina played on her lute.
And Palmina played wonderfully and her eyes shined and her heart was deeply connected with Palma’s heart and the golden light was again all over around here, in the garden with all the lights of the hundreds of lanterns in different colours and the mystic light…

And as the late evening came and all stars shined above them the sung again this for Palmina:

VIDEO: [ Peony Gondoly Song ] old: https://vimeo.com/275380598 new: https://youtu.be/4YfXRwOwHWE

Palmina smiled and Palma smiled

 * * *

(…to be continued)

69. The Peony Gondola Song on the St. Marco Place in Venice

69. The Peony Gondola Song on the St. Marco Place in Venice

They saw in their Peony Gondola-Vision this:

* * *

01 picture – San Marco Place seen from a Gondoly view

Palma gave now the starting signal and the music started beautifully like that:

VIDEO: [ Peony Gondoly Song ] old: https://vimeo.com/275380598 new: https://geraldspitzner.wordpress.com/2018/06/16/2504


Palmina opened her curtain sitting in the big Gondola.
What she saw was a big group of musicians standing on the St. Marco Place between the big two columns before the St.Marco Cathedral, here in Venice looking to Palmina’s Gondola on the Venetian water.
Palma conducted with his painting brush, used as bâton, and they sung and played beautifully for Palmina. All the 30 Mandolin playing Gondoliers of Venice played now in the new „mandolin tremolo style“ imitating a Pipa-Lute-tremolo.

02 picture – Venice Dogan’s Palace

»..How fine!… Oh my Palma!… My composer!
…This is our Peony Gondola Love-Song!!
…Our symbol of our eternal love for all centuries…
…Palma loves me…
….even after 400 years…
…I remember the moment as he composed it in the Gondola: He painted me playing my lute…and he said that this melody is a music-drawing of me, drawn as melody…
My Palma, my composer, …my painter…always creative…
Such a beautiful birthday surprise…
I did not expect this…“, Palmina thought and send this to him as »heart-to-heart« message.

03 picture – Palmina saw this maybe

Palma smiled as he got her secret »heart-to-heart« message during he was conducting the Choir and Orchestra.
His heart answered to her: »Yes, Palmina, this is for you… a secret dedication for my secret principessa, on your secret birthday… I love you, Palmina…«
A lot of hundreds of Pigeons flew in this evening sky over the big famous Saint Marco Place.
During the music performance the pigeons landed on the place.
And more and more Pigeons came flying to listen to the music.
The music of Palma il Giovane could be heart at all over Venice.

04 picture – view to the San Marco Place from other places of Venice

And even the inhabitants of the other little islands in front of the Saint Marco place could silently hear the music.
They opened their windows on the islands and looked along the Laguna to see what’s up at the St. Marco place and they saw a lot of lanterns shining in Peony colours.
»Here is a miracle happening. See that pigeons are all coming to listen to the evening concert at the St.Marco place in Venice«, the people said.
Palmina smiled and had tears of joy in her eyes.

»It is maybe the secret birthday feast for the secret princess…«

She understood what this means, what Palma wants to say to her with the language of music.

During the music the honour guests of Venice came in the 1st floor at the balustrade at the Dogan’s palace to listen to the secret music surprise. They understood that secret gesture.
The Dogan, Emperor Rudolf II, Princess Lin, The Queen of Thailand, Palmina’s mother, yes she was also invited as honour guest, and a lot of representative of their culture and countries where listening from the balcony of the Dogan’s palace.

As the »Peony Gondola Song« was finished the musicians said: »Tanti Auguri! Happy birthday! Sheng ri kuai le, princess Palmina!“

All musicians and the honour guests applauded and said loud and often »Bravi, bravi, bravi…Happy bithday!…tanti auguri!…..Palmina principessa High! Altina, high, high!«
The pigeons started all together to fly over the big place into the evening sky along the soft coloured evening sky where the first stars shined for them between some pink little clouds.

* * *

And as they saw this in their Peony Gondola Vision at their 23rd hour of the day ( 11 p.m.) they smiled and hugged themselves deeply tender and their hearts connected strongly and they breath slowly and soft.

»Whatever comes, let us stay to each other. Let us think this is like the edification of the church on the island San Giorgio Maggiore: It is build slowly but continuous….
One day she will be edification and finished.«, Palma said to her.
– »YES! Let us stay together whatever will come. 400 years ago I was your miracle Chinese princess and you my Venetian Marco Polo. We had problems. But not even separation through time and space could stop our deep love. A miracle happened…
Finally we found us through art music and inspiration and we both moved to Venice…Yes, it is a continuous edification of our love…like the church of San Giorgio Maggiore…«

And they kissed each other on the cheeks and hugged deeply and long.
They lied side by side in their Peony Gondola holding themselves, beside their music instruments Viola and Pipa.
A big soft pink Peony flower appeared on the sky in this moment. Palma and Palmina understood: This was a blessing sign from above.

(to be continued…)


68. How their deep love changed music history

68. How their deep love changed music history

And they saw in their Peony-Vision:

* * *

01 picture - Here Palma's mother had one of the rooms of the famous 'Venice-Titan-Art-Galery' in the 1st floor in the 15th | 16th century
( 01 picture – Here Palma’s mother had one of the rooms of the famous ‚Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery‘ in the 1st floor in the 15th / 16th century )

Palma and Palmina’s first performance with Lute and Viola was a big success and Emperor Rudolf II liked also all the beautiful painting artwork of Palma il Giovane. He ordered a few artworks from Palma for Prague. (The economic relations to Venice – Bohemian Glas – are again very good now.)
He was also interested to order a Chinese Lute Pipa for his instrumental collection in Prague – Princess Lin will make it possible that a new Pipa instrument will brought from China to Prague.
And: He wanted also to hear a concert from the talented inspiring Lute-player Palmina. The early cultural-evening went well in the Gallery…

02 picture - Here Palma order a big Gondola to wait for her Palmina

(02 picture – Here Palma ordered a big Gondola to wait for his Palmina )

Palma ordered a big Gondola near the Art-Gallery to wait for her.

The way from the entrance of the Art Gallery to the Gondola along the »Campo S. Provolo« and along the »Fondamenta de l’Osmarin« was decorated with Peony Flowers on the left side and on the right side of the floor.

03 picture - the way from »Campo S. Provolo« along the »Fondamenta de l'Osmarin« where the Gondola waited (in the middle of the picture)

(03 picture – the way from »Campo S. Provolo« along the »Fondamenta de l’Osmarin« where the Gondola waited (in the middle of the picture))

On each side on the decorated way stood a lot of little lanterns. Each lantern symbolizes a lantern from Palmina which she brought to him: Once Palmina came with a lantern to pick up Palma il Giovane at the evening of a church where he painted till the darkness came and he could not see enough to paint and he felt asleep.
Palmina saved always his life with that, avoiding falling down from his dangerous painting-scaffoldings. (Palmina is Palma’s Personal Angel)

04 picture - street map of the »Fondamenta de l'Osmarin« where the Gondola waited (in the middle of the picture

( 04 picture – street map of the »Fondamenta de l’Osmarin« where the Gondola waited (in the middle of the picture)

»This lanterns shine now for your way, Palmina…as thank you remembering how often you came and brought me light with your lanterns and heartfelt Lute playing during my hard painting working in the church and at a lot of palazzos here in Venice and at the Dogan’s Palace… «, he said to her as he lead her holding her hand.
Palmina smiled and followed him his »Peony flowers way«, especially made for her. A way full of Peony-Music-Flowers and shining lanterns. A Way of Love and tenderness. A way of CREATIVITY and INSPIRATION.
Palmina looked very lucky on each Peony flower on their way. She looked on each lantern on their common way to the waiting Gondola.
All guests of the Art-Gallery seemed to know what now will happen in Venice: The big music surprise for Palmina.
The choir singers and the 30 Gondoliers prepared themselves waiting on the place where the music surprise will happen.

A lot of people, most artists and painters, students of the Venice-Art-Gallery and students of Palma il Giovane came slowly together at this early evening, which was not dark. The sky was strong blue and full of evening lights and little pink clouds.
Palmina followed step-by step the way Palma showed her with the flowers and lanterns.

05 picture - painting 'Orpheus' the hero of the opera· with a violin· by Cesare Gennari

( 05 picture – painting ‚Orpheus‘ the hero of the opera, with a violin, by Cesare Gennari )

The very young**) composer Claudio Monteverdi *) saw how Palmina followed smiling and wordless her Master Palma il Giovane.

»This inspires me….So beautiful…this idea of Master Palma il Giovane!… I have to compose once a big artwork, which will change the music history in the future. I will call it ‚Eurydice‘ or maybe ‚L’Orfeo‘ ***), let’s see…
I am so proud to be now a member of this big Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery! It is a big honour for an artist…I want once to be a choir master of the Saint Marco Cathedral of Venice, if I am grown as composer….
…Let’s learn from this great masters and artists of Venice…
…Let’s learn from Palma and Palmina…«, Claudio Monteverdi thought silently smiling.

Claudio Monteverdi (1567 – 1643) – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claudio_Monteverdi

»Claudio Giovanni Antonio Monteverdi (15 May 1567 (baptized) – 29 November 1643) was an Italian composer, string player and choirmaster. A composer of both secular and sacred music, and a pioneer in the development of opera, he is considered a crucial transitional figure between the Renaissance and the Baroque periods of music history.«

**) »[…] Monteverdi’s early musical training, or evidence that (as is sometimes claimed) he was a member of the Cathedral choir […]. Monteverdi’s first published work, a set of motets, Sacrae cantiunculae (Sacred Songs) for three voices, was issued in VENICE in 1582, when he was only fifteen years old.«

06 picture - Frontispiece_of_L'Orfeo( 06 picture – Frontispiece of L’Orfeo )

***) »L’Orfeo – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L%27Orfeo
L’Orfeo, sometimes called La favola d’Orfeo [la ˈfaːvola dorˈfɛːo], is a late Renaissance/early Baroque favola in musica, or opera, by Claudio Monteverdi, with a libretto by Alessandro Striggio. It is based on the Greek legend of Orpheus, and tells the story of his descent to Hades and his fruitless attempt to bring his dead bride Eurydice back to the living world. It was written in 1607 for a court performance during the annual Carnival at Mantua. While Jacopo Peri’s Dafne is generally recognised as the first work in the opera genre, and the earliest surviving opera is Peri’s Euridice, L’Orfeo is the earliest that is still regularly performed.«

07 picture - A page from the 1609 score of L'Orfeo

( 07 picture – music score of the composition by Monteverdi )

****) Eurydice – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eurydice
»Eurydice -In Greek mythology, Eurydice; Greek: Εὐρυδίκη, Eurydikē) was an oak nymph or one of the daughters of Apollo. She was the wife of Orpheus, who tried to bring her back from the dead with his enchanting music.«


* * *

Then they reached the big Gondola.
Now they entered the Gondola very ceremonial without saying a word. Palmina’s eyes shined and she smiled lucky.
Inside the Gondola were also Lanterns and a lot of fresh Peony Flowers. In the Gondola were a lot of music score and a…, really a paint brush!
Palmina looked questioning to Palma.
»It is a surprise…« he said very silent to his big love.
As they both sat in the big Gondola with soft seats and curtains.
Palma closed the curtains and knocked 2 times on the Gondola, so that the 31st Gondolier had now the signal to start to move the Gondola to the place of the music-surprise.

Palmina did not know where the Gondola now will drive.

»…this is your birthday surprise for you…«, Palma said to her very silently and Palmina did not hear it.

»Shen me?…scusi, what did you say…«

»Not so loud, Palmina, our Gondolier should not listen what we are talking about… it is a secret…«

Palmina came with her mouth very near to Palma’s ear and whispered to him: »Why is it a secret? Whole Venice seem to know that today is my secret birthday… «
Palmina repeated smiling this sentence and said it more silent and came more and more to Palma’s ear and whispered into it like a little sweet bird. »pss pss, pss pss pss«
Palma smiled about this tender secret communication with her.
He answered also something whispering into her ear, also very tender and she smiled. Both liked this whispering. They made it the whole travel through Venice Laguna.

08 picture - Gaspar_van_Wittel_-_View_of_the_San_Marco_Basin

( 08 picture – Gaspar van Wittel – View of the San Marco Basin )

And they came nearer and nearer to the »music surprise«.
The Gondola was inside en-lighted because of the shining lanterns.
The whole Gondola had the beautiful decent smell like the fresh Peony flowers.
As the big Gondola arrived at the place Palmina could hear through the curtain that a lot of musicians tuned now their instruments very carefully and silently. She heard also that there are a lot of Mandolins tuning there, but they made „tremolo“ like a Pipa-lute.

Palmina stopped whispering into Palma’s ears and listened to the sounds of the music instruments.

»…so much instruments you organised for my birthday music-surprise…?
…Palma, how much musicians are there outside?…«, Palmina asked surprised and smiling. She was really surprised about so much musicians.
»…Palma, what did you do…?«, she said and smiled questioning.

Palma smiled and said nothing.
His lips formed themselves like saying the word »liuto«.


Palma said nothing.


Palmina hit him softly in his side.

»…Palma, how much musicians are there outside??…It sounds like all musicians of Venice are standing there outside on a big place… «

And now the big choir made some short voice exercises.
»..Oh noooo, Palma, so much musicians for my birthday surprise?….«

He whispered into her ears: »Wait here in your Gondola. I will go with a little Gondola to the musicians…
After a while there will be the music-surprise…Then you open the curtains on your right side«.

And he kissed her ear tenderly – the first time in his life.
Palmina was overwhelmed by his tenderness and closed her eyes beginning to dream: She saw all the lanterns and all peony flowers which shined pink in her heart-to-heart-vision and smiled.

* * *

The musicians waited till Palma il Giovane came with the little Gondola to enter the Saint Marco Place. He made a short greeting and ‚thank you‘-gesture to all the musicians.
All Choir singers for the Venice-Titian-Art Gallery, a little Orchestra and also the Choir of Emperor Rudolf II and the 30 Mandolin-Gondoliers was ready to sing and play the „happy birthday surprise“ for Palmina. Palma stood now behind a little easel standing in front of his Orchestra. So he used it to hold the music score and he used his paint brush as bâton.
All musicians looked now to Palma il Giovane.
Now the „Peony Gondoly Song“ will now be performed in a few seconds.
Palma gave now the starting signal and the music started beautifully like that:

Which music will they perform for Palmina’s birthday?

(to be continued..)


63. The isolation of an island and the Chinese Princess

63. The isolation of an island and the Chinese Princess

Michaela (Palma’s Cousin), Palma il Giovane and Princess Lin looked up to the big heart over Venice. – They felt it was a »miracle«.
Both looked smiling to Palma and nodded worthless.
Both are believing in „miracles“, both in their traditions.
But both looked to him as if they could know that this is a heart which connects Palmina and Palma secretly.

After they finished their rehearsal for the concert at this Art-Gallery they went down to the street. Michaela went with Princess Lin in Michaela’s Flat. She invited her for little tea and they spoke about culture and about Palma and Palmina’s future.
Princess Lin asked her if she got her letter years ago as they where at the Island of Cyprus (during the Government R.O.V.).
Michaela said that she did not receive ANY of her LETTERS from Cyprus-island.
The Reason is and all Venetians tell it here: The »Church of Security« had at this time a big influence on that island. They read all letters and 90% of the letters had been destroyed, exchanged, stolen, copied and sold to the enemy of that beautiful island.
So after years of influence the »Security Organisation« of Mr. Cambridge sold the letters to the military enemy of the island of Cyprus – So the Island was invaded in 1570 – And he earned much money, so he is now the richest man of Europe.
Today Mr. Cambridge will be officially judged for being responsible that the State of Venice lost their island of Cyprus. They make him responsible for the so called „Cy-pr ex-it“.

The »Church of Security« will now be forbidden in whole Europe, because of criminal reports. Michaela said also: Mr. Cambridge stole the letters of the rich family H.T.C, so that »Church of Security« is now owning all the money of the H.T.C.
Princess Lin was surprised to hear that »Security Organisation« of Mr. Cambridge was able to isolate a lot of rich people of the island with controlling all their letter communication and telling wrong »stories« and »lies« about their international contacts. So Venice could not send any military help against the 60.000 Troops who invaded Cyprus-island the year 1570.
All Venetians say today: If the letter was not destroyed by members of Mr. Cambridge big Organisation, the beautiful Cyprus-Island would be still a part of the Republic of Venice – The R.O.V. – and Cypriots had not to move to other countries.

* * *

During the pretty and well educated ladies spoke at their Tea-Time, Palma was now alone in the Gallery – For a moment – He thought on his Palmina, his big and one love and smiled – Palmina covered him with an energy of love and sympathy, he could feel this and he loves this moments of »heart-to-heart connection« with her.

Again he saw a second heart over Venice. Yes, this is from my music-princess Altina – Albina – Palmina.

* * *

After a while the next musicians came and greeted Palma friendly:
And he greeted them also friendly back:

„Chiao, Natalia“
– She was from Russia, she studied Russian art-history but loves to play Organ in Venice.
»Chiao, Elisabetha«
– She is from Austria, Vienna. She sings also Palma’s music creations here in Venice and she was author of a secret book about her live.
»Lucy, Chao!“«
– She is a very good Pipa Player – She learned Chinese Pipa-Lute from Princess Lin and wants also to perform a composition of Palma here in Venice. This Month she plays in an ancient palazzo in Venice together with a harpsichord player.
»Sabina, Chiao«
– She is also from Austria, but she is more a model for Palma’s ancient mythology paintings, like »The Three Gratias« and later he will paint her maybe as »Saint Virgin«,
»Chao, Ilona« – She is also member – like the others – of this Gallery’s Artist – and is painting Landscapes and flowers.
And a few more artist’s came to rehearsal also Palma’s happy birthday song for Palmina. They all will sing together with the Gondoliers on the St. Marco Place after the concerts today. (at Dogan’s Palace and Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery).

* * *

After Palma and Palmina saw this in their Peony-Vision on the 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.) Palma kissed Palmina’s hands and said »…Palmina…carefully rehearsing with your talented hands…you need them at your concert…« and he practised – Palma called is for fun »kissing acupuncture« – along her meridians (TCM) on her arms, starting with her fingers. Palmina smiled. His tender kisses along her hands and Meridians along her arms – this was an interesting idea – only Palma could have such tender ideas.

Then he kissed her cheeks full of tenderness. Palmina closed her eyes and saw a lot of Peony-flowers, some flowers lighting soft in pink colours.

And as they dreamed this together and their hearts connected so strongly, they saw a Vision:

* * *

Saint Lucille (Palma will Paint her and Palmina will be his inspiring Model) appeared in their dream.
She transformed herself into a Chinese Princess in the history of China.
The beautiful Princess lived with her poor family, who adopted her, in the nature and grew up far away of the King’s Palace far away of her real father and her real mother – The Chinese King and the Queen.

Evil priests tried to kill her as baby – So the King allowed to escape her »lady-in-waiting« with his baby-daughter as she was born. So she grew up at poor, but friendly people on the Mountain and could speak with the animals.
But the Safety Guards had been informed that she is still alive and wanted to find her – The official orders seemed to be: The King (her father) ordered to bring the Chinese princess to a secure place – officially…

And they saw in their Peony-Vision this short sequence in Chinese Language:

VIDEO: (Video starting at 33:06) – old: https://youtu.be/FX57ZkGoVBw?t=33m6s new: https://youtu.be/vfR9KMK9wXg?t=33m6s


(to be continued…)


60. Palmina’s tears and Palma’s love

60. Palmina’s tears and Palma’s love

 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.): Normally this is the harmonic moment in the Peony-Gondola, a relaxed and harmonic hour. But what they saw now in their vision starts with a very dis-harmonic scene, lets see:

* * *

Palmina was full of harmonic thoughts and full of love for Palma.
She rehearsals on her Pipa-lute.

Suddenly the door to her little room opened.
He came in.
He said unfriendly words to her.
He left her little room.
He closed the door unfriendly.

This was all he did on her birthday.
Palmina was sad and started to cry.

Outside in the »Calle de la Pieta« the people looked out of the windows and they said „HE did it again…. – poor girl…. – little poor princess…“. All people knew it – HE did it again.

Palmina had tears in her beautiful eyes…her left eye was full of pain.
The birds came to her window to see if they could help her and tweeted.

* * *

Palma rehearsed with Michaela in the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery the little Aria for Palmina’s birthday surprise. Suddenly Palma thought: »…Palmina, I hope you are well…«

As he finished playing his Harpsichord part at the end of the little aria Michaela saw that he was sad.
„Something is wrong now with him…- The Aria was very good…- but Palma is sad, why?“, she thought and asked him: „Palma, what happened?“.
-“ She is crying…He did it again…my poor Princess.“, Palma said very excited.
Deep in his heart he thought „Palmina, I love you…Today is your birthday…we think on you and are looking forward to make the music surprise after the Gallery event only for you…
So much musicians I organized for the surprise…“

* * *

Palmina suddenly stopped her crying and between her tears she looked a little bit hopefully outside to the garden under her window where the birds tweeted for her as if they wanted to say:“ Palma is sending you love and hope…“.
Palmina smiled slowly and raised her head and her body.

* * *

Palma asked now: „Michaela, let us pray an ‚Ave Maria‘ for her…“.
Michaela folded in this moment her hands and both looked to the paining of the saint virgin. They prayed „Ave Maria….“ – In this moment Princess Lin entered the Gallery with her servants and her family members. They stood full of respect about their heartfelt prayers and waited.
Princess Lin and Master Lao could see with their heart that they prayed for help for Palmina, but they did not speak about what their heart could see.
A Buddhist Monk, a Taoistic priest and a Confucian representative came a little bit nearer.
As they finished praying Princess Lin greeted them and also the Monks and servants. They wanted to hear not only Princess Lin on her Pipa, also Palmina on her lute and the other musicians of Emperor Rudolf II.
After they greeted each other Princess Lin asked: „Can we support also your prayers with our different prayer traditions?…“
„Oh, why not…molto bene…“, Michaela said.
-„We can need any help of all traditions…“, Palma said.
And now the Buddhist monk prayed to the „Guan Yin“ and said „A – mi – to – fu“. Later the Taoistic priest prayed in his tradition. – Finally the Confucian made silently a short prayer. – And all made some respectful gesture.

Michaela was always lucky to pray and to help others with praying.

* * *

Palmina, sitting in her little room, made some slow breaths – slowly breathing „in“ and slowly breathing „out“. (This is called „Qi Gong“ in the Asian Tradition.)
Now she feels a little bit better then before.
„Thank you, Palma…birds say him that I thank him for his love and prayers, I could feel them…“. The birds started to fly and they took their flight directly to the street where Palma and the Asian Delegation prayed for her.
The birds flew around the window in the 1.floor and tweeted very, very beautifully.
Palma and Michaela and Princess Lin heard that and smiled.

* * *

Mr. Cambridge went around down in the street and looked at the post-box of the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery. He wanted to steel and to destroy some letters. But he saw no letters inside.

„Heart-to-heart Messages“ can not be stolen, cannot be sold, and cannot be destroyed by Mr. Cambridge’s Security Organisation.*)

*) Mr. Cambridge (it is his false name) founded a »Security Organisation« and his philosophy is: Humans are using their letters only 10 % in their private life. So the »Security Organisation« offers the service – if they are allowed – to read the letters of others and they decide if a letter is relevant or not for a private person. So his philosophy says »only 10 of 100« letters are useful. So they destroy the other 90 letters. But in reality they copy the letters for selling them the enemy of the R.O.V. – the Republic of Venice.
His aim: to destroy the R.O.V. and to set world wide control of all »useless letters« of the world civilisation.
His philosophy is also and he teaches it to his members: »Who can control the letters of all people of the world is able to control the world. Only OUR »Security Organisation« makes the world secure! So be member of our »Church of Security«.
But more and more people are leaving his »Church of Security« because they realize soon that the members are doing much criminal things like stealing letters without permission of the owners. The R.O.V. will soon forbid Mr. Cambride’s »Church of Security« in Venice and soon in whole Europe. (A lot of members of the Church are judged by the official law.)

* * *

The security Guards of the Dogan’s Palace realized that Mr. Cambridge tried to steal the letter and run to arrest him:

„Hey, over there is the criminal Mr. Cambridge…. – The mighty Dogan gave orders to arrest him for 10 Years! Let’s get him…! Fast!…. We are also responsible for the security of the Chinese delegation, Princess Lin and the other delegations here in Venice!…
In the name of the Republic of Venice – Stop! you are under arrest! Come, you criminal!. Subito, subito…
Come here… How much letters did you steal from the officers of the Republic? You are the enemy of our Republic! …You are arrested!!!“ –

* * *

Palmina and Palma had been surprised of seeing this in the Peony-Gondoly-Vision.
This was really exciting to see. The Peony-Gondola shows also this…
Palmina hold her arm around Palma and came a little bit nearer.
„Look, Palma, They arrest Mr. Cambridge for 10 Years because of doing criminal things for his church…All Venetian are talking about this Criminal Organisation…They should call them C.S.O. – Criminal’s Security Organisation!“

Palma gave Palmina a kiss very tender on her cheek saying:“You are right, my dear princess…“.
Palmina gave also Palma a tender cheek kiss in the same way as she gave him her „first tender cheek kiss“ on the Island. Palma puts his arm also around Palmina and moved his head also to her head.

And they saw again the big heart on the sky a little bit pink coloured…

(to be continued….)