323. Pythagora’s fine morning concert on the hill

323. Pythagora’s fine morning concert on the hill

01a picture - Theano (looked like this Statue).jpg

picture – Theano⁵) (looked like this Statue)

And after they saw and listened to this Peony Gondola Vision they suddenly saw a dreaming Vision in the 5th Century BC like that:

* * *

Pythagoras, the famous music philosopher, and founder of the Philosophical Music School of Croton, dreamed.

He saw the beautiful Chinsese Princess, Princess Miao Shan.
Now she looked like Santa Lucia.
Santa Lucia looks now like the famous Delphic priest.
She warns Pythagoras with a sever voice:
»Milo should not marry your daughter Myia.
Oh, he is a Sportsman and wants to become a student in your school.
Oh, he has a lot of money and wants to sponsor your school.
Oh, but: he is observed influenced by the O.S.
The The O.S. wants to spy and destroy the Philosophical Music School of Croton. Even he wants to give money as listener in the Philosophical academy he will be killed by the magic influence of the O.S.
So he will try to make something dangerous:
Oh, A huge tree will give him the end.
Oh, wild animals and Wolfs will rip him apart.«

»But, Mia has made engagement with him. What shall I do?«

»Warn her! As fast you can see Myia. She should not make a long travel with him. The O.S wants to know details about your School asking your daughter during this travel.
She has to be silent.
In the next time the O.S. is attacking Europe and Asia. (The life of Millions will be endangered by the criminal activities of the O.S.)
This is the warning of the heaven to all cultures of the world.

If the School is attacked or destroyed you have to travel along the Tyrrhenien sea to north Italy (etrusc.: tuscania) to the land of the Etruriens, the land of the artists and engineers and astronomers, the land of the teachers of culture of the ancient Europe and Asia.
The oldest high-culture of Europe and the friends of Asia.
They have no central government, they have a 12 city cooperation.
They are peaceful.

Take Master Lao and his master students like his musician and secretary Xuan Ming with you to Etruria. There is no persecution for musicians and there are no hidden-political-collaborations with the O.S. in this country.«

* * *

Later in the family flat of Master Pythagoras:

»Theano, what did our servant observe today at the AGORA?«

»He said: 2 Members of the O.S. talked about that they want use sportsman Milio of Croton to spy informations of our Philosophical music school here in our City – One Man said: If he marries Pythagora’s daughter he will sure give informations to the Church of the O.S. – They pay for every information very much and: they want to destroy music and culture in the world….«

»Oh, no Theano. We have to protect our daughter from the O.S. But how?“

»There is no way which is secure. We can only protect our philosophical school if no one talks any information to lower level students.. We have to talk with our daughter and tell her to be careful; we are V.I.P and the O.S is specialized the plunder V.I.P.-families to take their family Jade…«



»I had a warning dreaming about Myia.
Come, the morning is coming and we have to make our morning music with the higher level-students. I will tell you about the warning dream during our walk along the nature to the music-hill … the music-students are waiting and preparing their music instruments.«

* * *

After they talked about the warning dream they passed the entrance to the secret garden (picture 1).

Pythagoras and Theano with daughter Arignote³), beside them little sun Telauges ⁴) / Τηλαύγης observed that someone is speaking with Myia at the entrance of the secret garden.

picture 01

»Stay out Milo! Please, why you followed us?
You are not a music student of our philosophical music school.
You are only beginner student.
And even you say you are my ‚Body guard you are not allowed to enter these secret gardens here.
The Master will now teach his music students. Wait till your time will come and attend the official academy as usual, hm?«

»I am sportsman. I am a hero. I am famous. I am strong. I am a prominent Greek athlete. I am rich.
I am engaged with you…why can I not listen to this morning concert…?«, Milo said wondering.

Myia told him not to enter this area and he went away.
But later he tried to follow them secretly and he hide himself in the background.

Mia went respectful with her wise sister Arignote slowly up to the hill where they are making music during the sunrise at this early morning.

Here in Croton, in south-Italy the morning-weather is not cold at this time.

picture 02

The musician played soft and Myia was fascinated.

picture 03

She did not move and looked a long time how the musicians played harmonic and cosmic together – she is also a musician and she likes that way of creativity much.

picture 04

Mia’s little brother Telauges, said soft and touched her left arm, not wanting to disturb her intuitive listening:

»Psst… Myia. Myia. Pssst… The Athlete Milo came secret in our secret gardens and he followed you… What does this man want here…? It is forbidden for him as low-level-student. I think he is a spy. You know the O.S. uses prominent persons to spy famous schools, like ours….«

picture 05

Behind them, behind Myia’s little brother and her wise sister Agrinote, slowly the Athlete came and hid himself in the background (not on the image visible) and wanted to see where they are making music together to tell it to the O.S.
He hopes to get a lot of money for that, so he can make a successful career as sports-man in his future and to make a long and expensive travel with Myia.

picture 06

But the power of authentic music was stronger. The sun raised soft and the music seemed to express the cosmic spheres, which are known in all spiritual cultural traditions in the world.

The music students on the hill felt that a spy was here, but they know that he does not understand the deeper meaning and the deeper secrets of the sacred music tradition and they will not speak any word since the concert.

picture 07

So they did not stop to make music and the hidden-listener had respect although he was a spy for the O.S.


picture 08

The music was very fine and coming deep from the heart.
Myia wanted also to play with them. She waited till Master Pythagoras will finish his morning music Inspiration.

picture 09

Pythagoras sung the Canticle of Creation – The Cantico delle Creature – The Canticle of brother sun and his little student orchestra accompanied his Cantico-singing very soft and fine.

picture 10

Myia was fascinated, she knows to be an artist of this musicians was a big honour and she knows that she has to be careful that no spy is trying to come in her near.


picture 11

Myia and Agrinote are very proud of her Master. He is the famous director of this famous philosophical scientific music art school – all generations will know this man and his music family, even 2000 Years later in Venice..

Myia’s mother, Theano, has now to warn the whole music family about the different secret attacks of the Church of O.S.

picture 12 – Pythagoras with music students at the Sunrise

painted by Bronnikov-gimnpifagoreizev

(to be continued…)

VIDEO: ‚5 Elements in the worlds culture music by Gerald Spitzner‘ – https://youtu.be/jVKJBxYiuzU

Alternative Link: Alternative link: https://www.facebook.com/venitemusizieren/videos/1689011837816481/



Pythagoras had 3 daughters:

Myia Μυῖα¹), Damo Δαμώ ²), Arignote Ἀριγνώτη³) and one son Telauges Τηλαύγης ⁴):

¹) MYIA (Phytagora’s daughter)

Myia (/ˈmaɪ.ə/; Greek: Μυῖα, literally „Fly“; fl. c. 500 BC) was a Pythagorean philosopher and, according to later tradition, one of the daughters of Theano and Pythagoras.

Myia was married to Milo of Croton, the famous athlete. She was a choir leader as a girl, and as a woman, she was noted for her exemplary religious behaviour. Lucian, in his In Praise of a Fly, states that he could say many things about Myia the Pythagorean were it not for the fact that her history is known to everyone.

One letter attributed to Myia is still extant. It is spurious, and probably dates from the 3rd or 2nd century BC. The letter is addressed to a certain Phyllis, and discusses the importance of fulfilling the needs of a newborn baby according to the principle of harmony. According to the writer, a baby naturally desires moderation in all things, such as food, clothing, heating, etc., and a nurse of that baby must be moderate also.«

²) DAMO (Pythagora’s daughter)

»Damo (/ˈdeɪmoʊ/; Greek: Δαμώ; fl. c. 500 BC) was a Pythagorean philosopher said by many to have been the daughter of Pythagoras and Theano.


Though references to Damo can be found in the works of Diogenes Laërtius, Athenaeus and Iamblichus, little is known about her life. Tradition relates that she was born in Croton, and was the daughter of Pythagoras and Theano. According to Iamblichus, Damo married Meno the Crotonian. Some accounts refer to her as an only daughter, while others indicate that she had two sisters, Arignote and Myia (married to Milo of Croton). With their brother Telauges, they became members of the Pythagorean school founded by their father. As the school credited Pythagoras with authorship for members‘ work, it is likely that Damo contributed to the doctrines ascribed to the philosopher. According to one story, Pythagoras bequeathed his writings to Damo, and she kept them safe, refusing to sell them, believing that poverty and her father’s solemn injunctions were more precious than gold. Damo, in turn, passed the writings (memoranda hypomnemata) on to her daughter Bitale and Telauges, and to her mother’s brother. The writings, as well as those by Damo herself, are not known to have survived. According to Iamblichus, she was a sister of Telauges.«

³) ARIGNOTE (Phytagora’s daughter)

»Arignote or Arignota (/ˌærɪɡˈnoʊtiː, ˌærɪɡˈnoʊtə/; Greek: Ἀριγνώτη, Arignṓtē) was a Pythagorean philosopher from Croton or Samos who flourished around the year 500 BCE. She was known as a student of Pythagoras and Theano and, according to some traditions, their daughter as well.


According to the Suda, Arignote wrote:

Bacchica (Βακχικά, Bakkhika, „Of Bacchus“)
The Mysteries of Demetra (Περὶ τῶν Δήμητρος Μυστηρίων, Peri ton Demetros Mysterion)
A Sacred Discourse (Ἱερὸς Λόγος, Hieros Logos)
Mysteries of Dionysus (Τελεταὶ Διονύσου, Teletai Dionysou)

Writings attributed to her were extant in Porphyry’s day.

Among the Pythagorean Sacred Discourses (Ἱεροὶ Λόγοι, ΄΄Hieroi Logoi΄΄) there is a dictum attributed to Arignote:

The eternal essence of number is the most providential cause of the whole heaven, earth and the region in between. Likewise it is the root of the continued existence of the gods and daimones, as well as that of divine men.«

⁴) TELAUGES (Pythagora’s son)

Telauges (Greek: Τηλαύγης; fl. c. 500 BC) was a Pythagorean philosopher and, according to tradition, the son of Pythagoras and Theano. Little is known about his life and works other than a scattering of remarks from much later writers.


Little is known about the life of Telauges. According to tradition, he was the son of Pythagoras and Theano. Iamblichus claims that Pythagoras died when Telauges was very young, and that Telauges eventually married Bitale the daughter of Damo, his sister. It was said that Telauges was a teacher of Empedocles, perhaps in an attempt to link Empedocles to Pythagoras.


Diogenes Laërtius says that Telauges wrote nothing, but then makes use of a supposed letter from Telauges to Philolaus for some information concerning Empedocles. Iamblichus claims that a work of Pythagoras concerning the gods was said by some to have been composed by Telauges, using the notes which Pythagoras bequeathed to Damo. The Suda claims that Telauges wrote four books on the tetractys. Marcus Aurelius, in his Meditations, contrasts Telauges with Socrates.

⁵) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theano_(philosopher)


303. Palmina playes the Hymnus Melody at her concert in Venice

303. Palmina playes the Hymnus Melody at her concert in Venice


     Picture –  Palmina will play Palma’s composition at her concert at the Doge’s Palace.

„Can I have the music score if this Saint of Alexandria Inspiration? Hmm, it is the music to this painting, here in the frari church, isn’t it…“

„Yes,  I will write a copy for you and give it on my working table…“

Palmina smiled very lucky.

And  Palmina gave Palma a tender kiss on the right cheek and over his left eye and, yes, Palma could feel it during his dreams and visions and smiled.
And after they saw this Peony Gondola Music Vision they saw this:

   * * *

Palmina did rehearsal today the whole day and could not bring fresh bread in the morning.

So Palma took his way to the backery shop to buy 8 fresh little fine breads.
He smiled as her colleague in the shop said: „Oh, Meastro Palma il Giovane, Singnorina Palmina prepared this little breakfast basked for you. She is doing her reharsal for the big concert in the Doges’s Palace at San Marco Place.

Palma thanked friendly and went now to his painting working place at the chiesa frari, which is a long walk over the Rialto Bridge.
Sometimes, on other days, he mets Palmina playing at the market there,  in front of the little church, at the Rialto bridge, playing her lute and selling fresh breads.
Today she is not there. Palma looked at the 24 h hour clock of the little church.
Palma was looking forward to see her at the concert.
Palma went to the frari church to continue painting the golden light on the huge painting of the saint of Alexandria.

* * *

Later, at the concert Palmina announced suddenly that she will play the Lute solo Nr. 4 about the Image of THUNDER (zhen 卦震)
„Today I will also play a composition THUNDER from the composer Maestro Palma il Giovane.“
Palma was lucky and Palmina played.
The golden light was now in the hall which is also decorated with huge paintings by Palma il Giovane.

The chinese honour guests, also Master Lao from Giudecca island know the meaning of the 8 Image of the I-Ging very well and smiled also nodding.

And now the birth of the melody wich is a symbol of their music love inspiration Palmina played with her lute along the 11 min performance:

Video: (Hymnus Melody Theme) https://youtu.be/YbumhbqHxkM

And after this Pipa solo Nr. 5 of the „8 Soli for Pipa“ the special guests of the Republic of Venice applauded happy, especially the Chinese people who are living now in the gardens of Giudecca Island.
They will soon invite also to a chinese concert with asian music instruments  at Giudecca and Princess Lin, which Palma painted with all the other princess in white cloth once very beautifully, will play with her students and colleagues.

* * *

(To be continued…)

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226. House concert in Palma’s flat in Venice

226. House concert in Palma’s flat in Venice

They continued to dream their Peony Gondola Vision and they saw this:

* * *

Palma went fast home at his flat on San Marco Place to get the Pigeon-Letter-Mail.

And as he arrived and opened his window in the second floor and the snow-white Letter-Mail-Pigeon waited and made friendly „Groo, Groooooo“. Palma smiled and took her carefully in her hands.
Now he opened her letter and read it.
Palma’s eyes where very lucky and he sat down to his table and continued to read her beautiful Pigeon-Mail.

Then he looked out of his window. From here he can not see the windows of Palmina’s flat in the 3rd floor on Giudecca Island but he feels that she is also standing now at the window and smiling.

Palma looked into the direction of Giorgio Maggiore and said:
»The church of »Isola San Giorgio Maggiore« is complete erected. This is a symbol of our love…I have to answer Palmina on her letter…«

Palma kissed the letter and he started fast to write an answer:

»Venice, 16…

Dear Palmina!

Thank you, I received your Pigeon-Mail,
I also can’t wait to be with you in our Peony Gondola at 23 o’clock.
Today the breakfast you made on my birthday was so nice, especially the music you played for me on my bed with your lutes.
You made a new composition for me and you made a nice variation of my composition for your lutes.
I hear it the whole day during my painting work in my remembering, in my deep heart.
Thank you Palmina.
And today at midday you and Michaela made such a good lunch for me, and you made the first celebration on this birthday for me.
Mihaela made a surprise, you know, she searched the »happy birthday music version in my language – in Veneto!«.
As you saw Crezia and Julia made two paintings for me – So nice – My daughter like you very much, You all women are all my personal angels since my wife died and I am a lonely man.

I am locking forward to celebrate my birthday with you – You are now a part of my family.
I love you my sweet pigeon,
my inspiration, my Santa Cecilia

Your you deeply loving

Jacopo Palma il Giovane

PS: Do you think that Natalie from Russia, you know the talented Organ Playing musician, will come to our nice birthday feast in our big flat on San Marco Place and play with us some music with our family? Mihaela said her mother was at the ospedaletto and is not well, let’s pray for her mother. Mihaela is praying for her…«

* * *

picture - house concert like it was at Palma's time in the 16th cecury in Venice

And as they saw this Peony Vision Palma and Palmina hugged and kissed soft and they remembered the beautiful house concert for Palma’s birthday at his home:

And Palma and Palmina looked this concert together in this Peony Vision:

This concert was beautiful and it was like that:

VIDEO: (original Renaissance concert )


(to be continued…)


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141. Organ solo at the moon palace

141. Organ solo at the moon palace

organo Chiesa_di_San_Zulian_-_Organo.jpg

picture – Organ at Chiesa San Zulian

Palma was long very silent.

Palmina, sitting beside him in the Peony Gondola at 23 h (11 p.m.), she realized that and she thought on the beautiful high inspiring moments they had together…
»You are so silent in the last time, Palma…?«
»Oh, my beloved Palmina, my inspiration…
You are inspiring me so much, also now.
I am thinking always about you and me.
Signore Ridolfi is now coming in a few days to Venice.
He has interest to write a book about my live as artist or a longer biography about my live.
And he will listen to my speech in a few days in Venice.
I will tell also about the beautiful time as you played your Lute in the year 1574-1576….«
Palmina put her head on Palmas shoulder and then she kissed soft his cheek.
»Oh, Palma…You will really do that?
You will tell about me playing at Master Titian during he was painting at the very famous artwork ‚Pieta’…?«
»Yes, my Pigeon, my Inspiration, my deep love…
Do you want again to play your Lutes during my speech in Venice…?«
»Oh yes, Palma! I am so looking forward to play for your speech in Venice…«
Palmina’s cheeks went a little bit red being shy.
And Signore Ridolfi*) can not write all I will write it so that even the people in 300 or 400 years will hear about you, my inspiring Lute playing Angel…«

*) Carlo Ridolfi – Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlo_Ridolfi
Carlo Ridolfi (1594–1658) was an Italian art biographer and painter of the Baroque period.

Ridolfi is Palma’s Biographer who printed the first biography of his live in the 17 century
»Le maraviglie dell’Arte ovvero, Le vite degli Illustri Pittori Veneti e dello Stato.«

And Palma put his strong arm around Palmina and he gave her a good hold and kissed also her cheek.
Palmina smiled and Palma smiled.

And now they continued to see their Peony dream and Vision and it was like that:

* * *

After Palma gave a copy of the music score to the moon princes all the beautiful moon princesses beside her looked and whispered.
»We want also to have some copies of Palma’s music score – we love his music…«
A little moon princes with a 2 year old girl-baby came and pointed to Palma il Giovane.
»Oh, look, she likes you, Palma«, Palmina said.
And as the little moon princess with her baby came near to Palma with his Mandolin the princess said:
»Dear Palma il Giovane, we heard you Organ playing here from the moon…
Can you play on our moon-palace-organ some music for us all?
This is was my little baby daughter princess wanted you to ask…«
Palma made a very respectful Venetian gesture in front of the little princess mother and her baby.
»Yes, It is a big honour to play for you on your organ here on the moon…«
And Palma went to the Organ which has not been played long time.
The moon princess whispered and said: »Ooooooh! An Organ Concert for us!«
»Palma looked into Palmina’s eyes.
»I am proud of you, Palma«, Palmina said smiling and sending him Inspirations from her heart to his heart and it felt so warm in his heart to get her deep love every evening at 23 h ( 11 p.m.)

And Palma sat down at the Organ and played some Inspirations like that:

VIDEO: [2018-10-06 »Organ solo at the moon palace (Palma il Giovane 141)«] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTaFjWhUkH8

(to be continued…)


114. The original letter of Palmina (was stolen and manipulated by the administrators and members of the dark-sugar-earth social-network)

114. The original letter of Palmina (was stolen and manipulated by the administrators and members of the dark-sugar-earth social-network)

Under the stars over Venice reflecting their bright light in the waters of the lagoon, Palma stood with his Mandolin looking from the promenade at this evening.

As he played his composition for his Palmina Palma felt that he was not alone.
He could feel that Palmina played music »together with him« his composition. He saw her smile shining into his lonely heart. There, deep in his heart, he felt a warm light.
»The light of Palmina« – Yes she is with him in this Peony hour, she send him a tender kiss on his cheeks and he could feel her.

Palmina looked again along the horizon of the sea and the air has now a completely other smell. She smiled looking to the stars, thinking on her Giacomo Palma il Giovane. Still she is holding her Pipa-Lute sitting on the big Royal Chinese Ship. The ships from China are very big because the sea is much dangerous then the Adriatic Sea here in Europe.
Palmina felt very secure on that big Chinese Chip.
But she smiled seeing Palma with her heart. And Palma smiled seeing Palmina with his heart now at 11 p.m. (23 h).

Venice was quite, and the people and musicians on the ship from Venice are now sleeping.
Only a Pigeon sat on the wood of the ship -a Byzantine Pigeon made soft with a high voice: „Groo, Grooooo, Grooooooo“
Palmina looked at her and smiled.

* * *

As Palma and Palmina saw this tender dreaming-Vision in their Peony Gondola Palma kissed Palmina softly.

»What a remembering…«

»What a unique China-Concert-Tour…«

»YES, my Master…«
»Palmina, did I tell you what happened in Venice as you were on concert Tour…?«

Palmina looked surprised: »No, tell me…«

And they saw this in their Peony Vision:

* * *

On one of these lonely evenings, Palma went along the promenade after he ate an Italian Pizza at the »Campo Bandiera e Moro«, and went directly to the Dogans’s Palace.
Palma was invited to listen an official concert.
Palma was not sure what today will be played without Palmina.

As the concert started there came a lady with a Lute in a golden metallic cloth.

All the people of Venice were wondering.
»Palmina is not playing this concert?….«, some people ask.

There was a while of whispering in the hall.
The conductor had problems to start the concert, because of the noise of the whispering and wondering and asking audience.
»Palmina is the best Lute player and she is now not here. Why is an other Lute player playing instead of her…?«, a fine lady was asking.

Mihaela asked: »What happened? The first soloist position belongs to Palmina! Palma?..Did they expect that Palmina comes not back from China?«

Palma was shocked.
Beside him a pair whispered »Look,!… The lady with the golden cloth has a father which is member of the Church of Security. All in Venice are saying he pays the high costs of the membership and then the church does not steal their letters…«

»Really? They are members of the forbidden criminal network of Mr.Cambridge??…«

»She plays instead of Palmina here. Her 1st lute position is only for the best lute player of the Republic of Venice – the mighty R.O.V.«

Palma was sad to see an other first lute soloist.

»Her father is very rich and the Church of Security takes a lot of money to organize intrigues…«

»Palmina is our best lute player!!! We want to hear Palmina!!!….«

»She is the best lute soloist…«

»What is here going on…???«

Palma and Michaela were so sad that Palmina is not here.

At the little break of the concert Palma and Mihaela and a lot of Venetian »Palmina-fans« leaved decently the concert and were disappointed that a member of the Church of Security did pay for that expensive concert.
Palma and Mihaela went slowly the same streets Palma often went with Palmina to the »Campo San Provolo« where Palma is living and Mihaela is living in the little house straight ahead.

»Don’t be sad, Palma. Palmina will be soon back to Venice, it is such a deep love which connects you both, don’t forget that.«, Mihaela said to his Cousin.

* * *

This night Palma dreamed from a letter which Palmina wrote as she arrived the far-east island.

Yes, this letter Palmina wrote really, but the Church of Security stole it from Palma’s letter box. It was the brother of the lute player with the golden cloth.

And the text of the stolen letter was like this:
»China, Kingdom of Tungning, 1581 –

Dear Palma!

I write you from my Concert-Tour here in China from the Kingdom of Tungning.
It is a beautiful island here. Much sun, and the temperature is quite warmer as in Venice.

It happens all like you dreamed once in the night.
Daily I see 6000 pigeons flying near to me, it looks so beautiful.

The Chinese ship brought us to this Chinese Kingdom south-west-part of the little island.
The European gave that island the name ‚beautiful‘ and the Chinese gave them the name ‚East Peace‘ 東寧 and the indigenous have their own name of it.
They all liked your composition very much and are very thankful for you paintings.
Especially Princess Lin liked the copy of your painting »Virgin with child and Saints« *)
It looks so European-Asian…

*) picture of »Virgin with Child and Saints« by Palma il Giovane

Every day I have a performance with your compositions here on that island.
We travelled several times around the island.

Tomorrow I will have the possibility to warn the last members of the Ming Dynasty that 1683 will be a dangerous year and they should now come back in a few months with us to Venice to save their live.

I hope I am diplomatic enough and find the right words – I have to be careful…
I will ask princess Lin to translate into Chinese Language and into the 26 languages of the indigenous people here on the island. They should also be warned about the year 1683 to save their culture.

I have now a little bit time to play all your compositions you sent me via our Peony-Gondola. And you will hear them as music transmitted in Venice.

I don’t know how this music transmission will work, but if it works I will play for the poor women of the »Ospedale« at the Jesuits in Venice now every day at the time of the daily concert in Venice in your local time-zone time.

I am with my thoughts and music playing with you, my Palma and with the poor women of the »Ospedale«.

I am not forgetting you, my Palma. I have much career success here on that island.
But I miss you and I always think on you, and your artworks and your compositions.
I love you so much.
The ship came so early, as we wanted to marry, you and me.
We are connected with our hearts every day.
As we met and spoke in Venice for 8 minutes, my heart did find your heart – It was as if we are already married with our hearts.
So please wait for me. The two recent concerts are taking my time a little bit longer as expected on that island.
I hope my letter comes secure to Venice.
The contact between this Kingdom and Venice is very good. So they bring personally the letter with a ship to Venice, they guaranteed me (Royal Postal Ship).

Oh, I should not forget you to write about the encounter with the »Cantico delle Creature« with the indigenous cultures and the Ming Dynasty.

I explained to the 26 representative of their 26 indigenous cultures about the »Cantico delle Creature«.

They wondered that this text was written by an European.
They say that this words of the »Cantico delle Creature« with its ANCIENT NATURE-IMAGES, like –


– are the same principles the most indigenous traditions are believing in.

Princess Lin translate the old Italian text into the 26 languages *) and they were thankful to get this peace message of the »Canticle of Brother Sun«.

With this text, they hope, they can keep their traditions, the »Cantico delle Creature« in old-italian original text, as bridge between the two traditions, and they are protected by massive colonisation by the European and Chinese Cultures.

They say if this text was given also to the indigenous people of America the catholic church would never try to destroy indigenous traditions so brutally, because »SISTER MOTHER EARTH« and so forth are the same principles all indigenous people in the world are believing and respecting.

It was interesting that our translation, you and Princess Lin made in Venice into Chinese Language is also accepted in the Kingdom of Tungning.

The Chinese People from the Kingdom wondered that this text has so much similarities to their old 8 IMAGES of the I-GING *) Text in Asian traditions –


– which is known as living tradition in Daoism, Confucianist and Buddhist tradition at old Ming dynasty and in India.

They wondered also that this text is coming from an European writer, inspired by the Psalm 104, the »Creation Psalm«.

Maybe this text has rood of an old tradition which was told into all cultures of the world, Indigenous, European, Asian, Egyptian and so on.*)

The Indigenous people hope that this text of the »Cantico delle Creature« will help that not the same thinks happen in the future to them like in America to the indigenous people.
It is also a much smaller island and the problems could really be managed in a creative peaceful and respectful way to keep all traditions – to keep in Dialogue.

So I wrote you so long now, my Palma, my painter, my composer and deep and old love.

I hope to be soon with you again together in Venice.

Your you deeply loving Palmina Albina, soon your Palmina Negretti-Albina or Palmina Albina-Negretti.

(to be continued…)

*) see also DGPA-publication of the Speech at the Congress in Luxemburg 2016 with Chinese Lute 琵琶 Pipa Audio-Examples (很精美的表演) : pdf-document:

Klicke, um auf pdf-dgpa-publikation-2016-luxemburg-r-u-g-spitzner-der-sonnengesang-als-vertraute-erinnerung.pdf zuzugreifen

**) 26 cultures:

a) 16 cultures – Wikipedia – https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indigene_V%C3%B6lker_Taiwans#Die_16_offiziell_anerkannten_Ureinwohner-V%C3%B6lker

b) 10 cultures – Wikipedia – https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indigene_V%C3%B6lker_Taiwans#Zehn_nicht_offiziell_anerkannte_V%C3%B6lker_Taiwans


108. Inner-heart decision for common art projects

108. Inner-heart decision for common art projects

01 Cardinale Cristiano (left) and Dogan Pasquale sicogna (right) (»Ospedale« Venice).jpg

01 picture – painting by Palma il Giovane – (»Ospedale«, Venice), Cardinale Christiano (left) and Dogan Pasquale Cicogna (right)

Palma lifted her hand and kissed her hand secretly and her eyes shined and Palmina smiled innocently.
»I am so looking forward to play your new creations for me and my lutes…«, Palmina said being lucky.
Now the voices of the young students and artists could be heart at this moment and Palmina and Palma went on their place to expect the students and to begin this painting lesson…

* * *

02 picture - Island Giudecca with church 'La Zitelle' (left)

02 picture – Island Giudecca with church ‚La Zitelle‘ (left)

Palma and Palmina saw this vision and they smiled silently.
»Yes, the Titian School…the famous Titian-school…«, said Palma with a sigh in his voice.
»So much artwork we made there…especially your compositions…your secret compositions for me…!«, Palmina answered.
»And don’t forget the music art projects for the poor women and for the poor girls of Venice«
»…especially at the Jesuits at Giudecca, ‚La Zitelle‘ and at the ‚Ospedale‘, the »Ospedaletto dei crociferi«
»Yes, I remember, Palma… I remember very good…specially as I came back after a long time…«

* * *

In their Peony Gondola at the 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.) they remembered at the birthday feast at the garden of the Jesuits on the evening at the island Giudecca in Venice.

* * *

Palma arranged a big private music birthday-feast for Palmina and the artists played the »Peony Gondola song« composed by Palma il Giovane, performed by 30 »Gondolieri« with their mandolins, first on the San Marco Place, then in the gardens of the Jesuits at ‚La Zitelle‘.

There was also Cardinale »Christiano«, an old friend of Palma il Giovane.
Palma knows him since his childhood.
He was impressed by the art performance on the San Marco Place.
At this evening, sitting together with Palma il Giovane and Palmina, he said to them:
»Today I heard that the mighty Dogan was amazed by the performance on the San Marco Place and he had the idea that Palmina should play for the poor women at the »Ospedale« and you, Palma, my friend, should paint 8 paintings there at the Jesuits…He will make this projects possible…would you agree to realize that great idea of our Dogan? The Jesuits of the »Ospedale« agreed that you, Palma should paint the painting artwork and you, Palmina should play there for the poor women,… this great music creations….by the way… who composed this music dedicated to Palmina?…«

03 picture - Palma il Giovane - Pasquale Cicogna in the Church of the Crociferi Receives News of His Election to the Dogeship (»Ospedale« Venice)

03 picture – Palma il Giovane – Pasquale Cicogna in the Church of the Crociferi Receives News of His Election to the Dogeship (»Ospedale«, Venice)

Palma and Palmina smiled and Palma said »We agree… Christiano, we are ready to start this big art projects… «

Cardinale Cristiano was happy to bring good news to the Jesuits at the »Ospedale« and to the mighty Dogan, which was mightier than the Pope.

»Hmmm…Palma? May I ask a personal question?…«

»Yes, Christano…«, Palma answered.

»My elder sister Sabina and my younger sister Manuela wants to ask if they can come to the Titian school…? I could arrange an official meeting…«

»Hmm…why not, they want to learn to paint and to draw?«

»A little bit…but the reason is they want to be painted…«, Christiano answered.

»What does your father say, Christiano,…?«

»Oh he says YES, for paintings like the saint virgin paintings, angel paintings, saints paintings… but for mythological paintings I don’t know his opinion…«

»Ask him first…, dear Cardinale Christiano, my old friend, we need always the permission of the parents…
You know, we are the best painting school with a high level of quality and a high honour codex.
After that: talk to my secretary to make an official meeting at the Titian-school…«, Palma answered very fast.
»And it is ok…that you and Palmina are working together at the Ospedale…?
I mean, we can arrange concerts for the poor women…! They can listen to Palmina’s lute playing as a variation of music-art-therapy…? also during you are painting….«
Palma looked asking into Palmina’s eyes and her heart said »YES, Palma, where you go – I follow you, my Palma, my painter, my composer, my big love…«
The Pigeons in the trees made »Gro, Groooooo« and Palma understood the Pigeons and the thoughts of Palmina.
Both looked into their eyes and nodded »YES!«

Both said now YES to work together at their future projects at the »Ospedale«.
It was also a YES to their own creativity – a YES to their own INSPIRATION – finally a YES to the Saint Spirit.
A YES to a new big change – their big change for their secret growing love – this art project will be very important for their common future. This art-project will bring them slowly together.

Cardinale Christiano was lucky and smiled.

04 picture - early evening view from Giudecca

04 picture – early evening view from Giudecca

»And Palma…? The new church ‚La Zitelle‘ will be build in 4 or 5 years, here at the Jesuits. You can make a painting and Palmina can play for the opening of the new church…«

Palma and Palmina smiled.
What a wonderful present on Palmina’s birthday here on Giudecca at Venice.

05 picture - painting by Canaletto

05 picture – painting by Canaletto

Palma and Palmina made then a little private walk under the stars of Venice.

06 picture - view from Island Giudecca in the directon to the Pieta and »Ponte de la Pieta« where Palmina is living (16th century)

06 picture – view from Island Giudecca in the directon to the Pieta and »Ponte de la Pieta« where Palmina is living (16th century)


They went along the north-side of Giudecca-island to see a little bit into the direction of the Venice city,

Two lamp posts - Giudecca, Venice, Italy

07 picture – The two pink lantern (like in whole Venice) remembering the Peony Gondola and the shining peony flowers as symbol of the eternal love between Palma il Giovane and Palmina Albina


especially in the direction of the »San Marco Place«, from where all the international guests from Venice came with their Gondolas.

08 picture - Gondola with lanterns moving between San Marco Place (down) and 'La Zitelle' (up)

08 picture – Gondola with lanterns moving between San Marco Place (down) and ‚La Zitelle‘ (up)

Some lantern shined on San Marco Place. Some Gondola had a shining lantern .

»What a beautiful evening…«, Palmina said.
Palma gave his arm around Palmina and said: »A wonderful evening, and a wonderful inspirational birthday…«.

09 picture - evening view from Giudecca direct to San Marco from where the Gondola came

09 picture – evening view from Giudecca direct to San Marco from where the Gondola came

Palmina smiled and gave Palma a short kiss on his cheek and smiled very, very happy. Now they walk into a very creative common future…

10 giudecca at night

10 picture – Giudecca at night

(to be continued…)


99. Secret Music Heart on the Sky over Venice

99. Secret Music Heart on the Sky over Venice

„Venice, 15..

 ( Letter 99 )

Dear Palmina!

I am so lucky that you are back to Venice.
How long did I wait to hear your wonderful Lute playing.
You are the only one who can play the Venetian Lute AND the Chinese Lute.
Yes, Your concert I liked very much – the whole night I dreamed from your music performance.
Especially your heartfelt Lute playing I love very, very much.
Here in Venice you are a free artist, protected by the mighty state of Venice, the Republic of Venice – the R.O.V.

Thank you that you played my composition.
Also It makes my heart lucky that you are playing again in our famous Titian-School.
It is a tradition since Master Titian that a lute is played during the painting session with the students.
The results are much better if YOU are playing in our Titian-painting-school!!!
Tomorrow we will have a big moon solstice…

* * *

And as Master Palma il Giovane wrote this imaginary letter to Palmina in his diary Palmina could feel his positive thought to her.
Yes, she could understand the meaning of his letter although she was not in the same room with him.
She took his Pipa lute and started to send him love.

Palmina Albina played on her Pipa the »Pipa Solo 5 – LAKE«.

* * *

Palma smiled and could feel her love and took in this moment his Viola da braccio and played the self composed Viola part of „Pipa Solo 5 LAKE…“.
Palmina appeared in his dream sitting beside him and playing the Pipa-Lute Part of Palmas tender composition, which he composed for her to play it for his speech in the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery.

Palma appeared beside Palmina in her little room at the »Calle de la Pieta.«

Palmina could hear Palma playing the Viola-part…
Palma could hear Palmina playing the Pipa Part…
Although every one was in an other room in Venice a miracle happened:
They could make music together over a big distance – Secretly and cultivated.
And they played together and it was like that:

VIDEO: [Solo 5 for Pipa and Viola – LAKE ] https://youtu.be/1VJ0ID2g2Mo

* * *

After they played this on the sky over Venice a secret music heart appeared:
Palmina looked on the sky sitting at her window over her little beautiful garden in the »Calle de la Pieta«
Palma looked also at this pink heart on the sky sitting at his window at the »Campo San Provolo« where the famous Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery is.
Palmina smiled.
And as Palma felt that Palmina smiled they saw each other with their hearts and smiled to each other.

VIDEO: [Secret Music Heart on the Sky] https://youtu.be/DxErPK3AkKo

(to be continued…)


87. As Michaela discovered Palmina’s Lute talent in a bakery

 87. As Michaela discovered Palmina’s Lute talent in a bakery

Palma il Giovane played this secret »I miss you melody« for his beloved Palmina in their Peony Gondola and Palmina looked a little bit shy.
»Palma, you played it so tender. I love you!«
Palma smiled and he was so thankful to be with her for this saint Peony-Gondola moments.
He sat beside her a little bit nearer and put his arm around her.
Yes, Palma loves his best-of-the-Republic-of-Venice-Lute-Playing-lady. Now he played for her on his Mandolin and she liked it.
She is a Master-Lute player and she said that to him… that he played it »so tender«.
Palma was a little bit proud, because he is officially »only« a painter.
He kissed her on her head and she laid her head to his side and they saw now this in their 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.):

* * *

A female Greek priestess appeared on a cloud on the heaven. She hold her hands like praying. She had her hairs like in the old traditional asian-european-Greece style.
She was dressed white with blue and gold-silver striped at the end of her beautiful cloth.


02 pictures – Greeck dressing Style like in the Vision Mihaela appeared

»Oh look, she looks like your cousin Michaela.

She is praying and sending blessings to us…«

»Oh, yes this is Michaela as ancient female Greece priestess.

How strong her praying are…«

* * *

After that vision they saw now Palma in Giovanne in Venice:

He was so lucky that the Cyprian lady will bring his letter to Palmina on this far east living island.

So he played the »I miss you – melody« now in G-Magior.

The next day he went to visit his cousin Michaela.
He went from the flat beside the Art-Gallery directly to Michaela’s flat in the 2nd floor.
Her window is straight-across from the art-gallery. From Michaela’s window in the 2nd floor you have only to turn left and you see directly the famous Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery in the 1st floor.

04 picture - in the 16th century there was once the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery (right) and the flat of Palma il Giovane's cousin Mihaela (left) at the »Camp de la Provolo« in Venice in

03 picture – Art Gallery (right) in the 1st floor »Campo S. Provolo«

* * *

»…yes she is really the best lute player of Venice. A backers daughter,… but talented like a secret Eurasian-Byzantine Princess…«

»She played for my presentation so beautifully….«, Palma begun to say and Michaela saw the light in his eyes and smiled wordless.
Michaela liked Palma very much; yes she liked also his compositions and she felt very familiar to him.
At this moment she realized that the lute playing lady, named „Palmina“, is more then a new member of the Art-Gallery. Palma has completely changed since he saw her the first time.
»…Yes I know, my cousin… I know it was a special moment as she played to the presentation of your painting in San Zulian, near the San Marco place….I will not forget. She makes your artwork coming out very good…«, Michaela said, »It seemed that you know her a long time…«
»Hmm, hmm.. I think you can feel this also…very long time, very long time…«
»Isn’t on that big painting beside Jesus as Saint Virgin Mary…isn’t her looking a little bit like Palmina?….Hmm?«
Michaela felt that she touched a deep unexplainable secret between Palmina and Palma…

Both looked out of the window where the 2 Pigeons did pet en co with their bill.

They smiled wordless…

»..today I found someone to bring her a letter from me…«
»Oh, Palma, I am so lucky that you… «
»Yes, it seems that your saint prayers helped me…«
»…I prayed for you both…«
»A miracle happened yesterday: I did not know her address to write a letter to Palmina. In the Pizzeria was a man who said that she is at Famagusta at Cyprus Island. And a lady from there was sitting also with us on that evening. She said she will bring letters to Palmina…«
»Yes, a miracle.. I prayed for a miracle… Saint Lucy…and a lot of saints prayed also for us…«
»I send her also a little composition. Do you think she will love it…«
»I think that she heard the music as you wrote it as music score directly in her heart…You are both strongly connected…She understands you without explaining «

»You and Palmina,…this is something special… you fit together… I hope she will soon answer your letter and come back to Venice…«, Michaela said full of understanding Love.

How do you think did her parents react as I invited her to be a member of the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery. …To play a concert there? …Did she talk to her parents? How did her father react. Was he proud of her daughter to get this big honour? Or didn’t he understand what this invitation means for her whole family?

„I think, Palma, her mother was very happy and proud…You have to know that I know her mother very good…I talked nearly daily with her at her backer’s shop. She is very fine and a friendly women.
Once something miracle happened:
I came as usually to buy some fine, little, fresh, Venetian breads…
Palma’s mother was for a short moment not in the backers shop and I had to wait.

The door to a room behind was a little bit open.
I saw Palmina sitting and playing her lute so beautiful and talented.
She didn’t realize that I listened for a few minutes.
I never heard such a beautiful and talented lute playing young lady.
»If Palma could hear that…», I thought, «..his painting-presentation will be tomorrow at the San Zulian church…such a big and beautiful painting…«

In this moment a lady entered the backer shop and Palmina’s mum came to sell us her breads.
The lady was not from here, she seems to have a problem..
As we bought our little breads and fine backed, she suddenly asked:
»I am in a hurry. May I ask something important?…
I should play the lute solo of a lute playing lady which has her fingers hurt and can not play at the painting presentation…She asked me to play instead of her and I agreed. But my ship is going today instead in 3 days… I have to take my ship to a far island. There is no 2nd ship for me. So I search someone who can play lute in a very fine and cultivated way for the painting presentation in San Zulian of Palma il Giovane…«

»Palma in Giovane?«, Michaela said with a very sympathy tone in her voice, »I am her cousin…I know someone who can play the lute very good… ‚Palmina‘ is a very good lute player… she did not play in the public at a concert… but she plays very good and very professional! Ask her mother if she would agree…«

The lady smiled saying; »What a miracle! Yes? Can I ask your daughter to play something nice for Palma il Giovane…?«

Palmina’s mother repeated slowly:»Palma il Giovane… He is the Master scholar of Master Titian, the big and famous Painter of Venice…«

»Yes, and he is the next director of the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery… In-officially HE IS now the director, because Master Titian is very weak and ill. My cousin say he is planing to paint his last artwork but is waiting for the art inspiration…«

»Palmina, Palminaaaaaa…. Come, there are people asking for your lute playing talent…«, Palmina’s mother said smiling.

01 picture - Art Gallery (right) in the 1st floor

04 picture – in the 16th century there was once the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery (right) and the flat of Palma il Giovane’s cousin Mihaela (left) at the »Campo S. Provolo« in Venice in the 2nd or 3rd floor

* * *

»This I remember…«, Michaela said.
Palma’s eyes smiled and shined. Now he felt that Palmina is also thinking on him and he looked out of the windows. He saw there those 2 Pigeons who flew yesterday in direction of the San Marco Cathedral, now sitting on the Balustrade of the Art Gallery on the left side (seen from Michaela’s window). The pigeons did pit and co.

Palmina smiled also now sitting in her little room on her little east island thinking on his Palma il Giovane.

»How far is my island from Venice – how near my heart is to Palma’s heart in Venice…« , Palmina said.

Thinking on Palma takes her all her recent pains on her arms and fingers away, which she has from that hard rehearsal for the concert for Venice…

Palmina looked also now out of the window and she heart the birds singing: »He is thinking on you…he loves you..can you feel it?…«

Palmina smiled and nodded to the sweet little birds.

VIDEO: [I miss you melody in (G-magior version)]:  new link: https://youtu.be/SH2l4PIxJxk

 old link: https://vimeo.com/279333607

(to be continued…)


75. Palma’s answering letter without an address

75. Palma’s answering letter without an address

As Palmina and Palma dreamed this in their 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.), sitting together in the Peony-Gondola they saw in their vision this:

* * *

Palma is sitting at his table, beside him his »Viola da braccio«.
He played the »I-felt-that-you-wrote-me-a-new-message-Melody« on his Viola a few moments ago. Now he takes an empty letter paper putting it on his table.
He looked into the sky, through his window, and started to write:

» Venice, 15..
Dear Palmina!

Today I decided to write a letter to you.
Today I had an inner vision, and it is also my deep feeling, that you are thinking on me and trying to write a letter to me. I hope my letter will arrive soon.
I feel also that you are writing something beautiful for me and you are sometimes playing on your lute for me.
This I can feel, even if you are maybe thousands of miles / kilometres away from me.
Where are you now?
Preparing a new concert? Don’t rehearsal too hard… Take care on your talented hands for your next concert…
It will sure be also a big success like the recent one.
But I have no address of you.

The neighbours said that your family is short on an island for founding some new little backers shops and then you will be back in a few days with them. But they could not say on which island you are now with your family.

Nevertheless I write this letter to you on a blank paper, but maybe someone will tell me where you are in this moment and is knowing your address and maybe I have the big luck to get your recent address to send you THIS letter.
Even I cannot send this letter to an address I write it on my paper…LATER I will give it you personally in Venice.
My heart feels it: Our hearts can communicate about big distances.
So maybe you feel it now also that I am writing to you. I send you also a little smile…
Since we met after a long time – I mean also: after a long time – a time of hundreds and thousands of years ago.
Yes, today I had the inner feeling that you are also remembering our old love.
I feel this, yes I see it sometimes in little images. Maybe I can write them down or it inspires me also to new compositions and paintings.

As we spoke after your beautiful concert about your Pipa-Lute and you explained me your instrument, I felt such a big luck inside my heart.

I am now composing the 8 Images after the ancient Wisdom Book of Change I-Ging. (This Book is known all over in Asia, soon also in Europe) I can’t wait till I can send you my music score and I am looking forward to hear you playing it for my speech here in Venice at our Gallery, which works for the Dogan’s Palace.

I am sure in 300 or 400 years there will be a way of transmitting music over long distances as »music-letter«. But this will never come as long the »Church of Security« is reading our letters and destroying it.

So I send you a »heart-to-heart« music message and I played our melody on my »Viola da braccio« as I felt that you are trying to write a letter to me.

I huge you tender and surround you with lighting music flowers.

With deep love
Your painter and composer

Palma il Giovane, Venice, 15..«

PS: Take care on your hands, especially your fingers on your left hand. Maybe you are rehearseing now very intensive…«

( to be continued…)


67. Palmina’s music surprise for Palma at her concert

67. Palmina’s music surprise for Palma at her concert

And after he kissed her talented hands decently but full of love and tenderness, they saw in their Peony-Vision, in their Peony Gondola, how the late afternoon at the Dogan’s palace on this day went on:

* * *

It was a fine late afternoon. With all the cultural presentations of a lot of cultures of Europe and Asia. The late-afternoon dinner was also very fine and nice.
As usual Palma held the conversations with all the international guests. After a time he looked with his eyes decently to Palmina over all that fine decorated tables.
He wanted to go to her table but both had to leave the dinner earlier then the others, to go to the recent preparations at the Venice-Titian-Art-Galery.
A selection of honour guests, like the emperor Rudolf II, Princess Lin, the Queen of Thailand, and a lot of other representative of their country and culture will later come to the presentations in the Art-Gallery.

Palmina will play a few soli on her lute.
As she looked smiling in Palma’s direction she thought: »Oh, how sweet this was from my Palma…this little music-surprise…Violin, Viola and Pipa…He knows that I play and love Pipa…He composed it because he loves me and my instrument…I will play today – he does not know it – a Pipa solo which he composed for me… I tried to ask him sending a letter if it is ok, if I play it at a concert…But the letter he never got. Mr. Cambridge an his »Security Organisation« «stole this letter and tried to manipulate the text of our messages…till we used the letter-pigeons…I will surprise Palma with this performance today. Today on my concert…Today on my birthday..«

Palma smiled also. He felt that she had positive thoughts for him.
After their short dinner they left the dinner to go to the gallery.
As usual they took the »secret unofficial entrance« of the Dogan’s Palace.
The Guardians saluted military, but with friendliness as they passed the exit.

Now they went at this very late afternoon – it was rather an early evening – along the »Salizida S. Provolo« to get the fastest way to the Art-Gallery at the »Campo S.Provolo« where a lot of musicians waited for them.

Palma and Palmina went side on side and smiled. Their hearts had both secrets with them. Palmina will surprise him with playing his Pipa solo at the Gallery and Palma will surprise Palmina with a music surprise bringing her there with a Gondola.

They smiled at each other and looked wordless at each other during they walked through Venice – the city of Art and heartfelt Love.

Also the guardians saluted as they came in the first floor of the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery.

»How was it? Did the concert went fine?«, Palma’s Mum and Palma’s Cousin Michaela asked exited. »Did our prayers help?«, Michaela asked and folded her hands and smiled friendly.

»Yes, yes, thank you, it went fine. Thank you for your prayers for me.«, Palmina said with her sweet soft voice.
»Palmina played 1¼ hour without a break. A miracle happened…«, Palma said

»The paintings of Palma il Giovane are prepared for the presentation for Rudolf II…«, said a servant.
Today Rudolf II wants to order some paintings of Palma il Giovane. Palmina will play to the presentation on her Lutes.

* * *

As Palmina saw this in the Peony-Vision she gave Palma a cheek kiss, tender decently, but heartfelt. Palma was lucky about her tender kiss an his cheek
And they saw this in their Peony-Vision at the 23rd hour (11 p.m.):

* * *

And this early evening in the Gallery went also fine:

The honour guests came.
* Palmina played for Palma’s artwork presentation very beautifully.
* The Queen of Thailand hold her speech about the daily using of the „Kripa-Chacra“ for care of health.

»Use the Kripa-Chacra every day 5 minutes a day for your health. It helps much…« she and her doctor explained.

* Master Lao explained the 8 Images of the I-GING. (known in Asia and Europe)
* Palma explained some stories about the life of Master Titian:
»And in the life of Master Titian there was a Lute playing lady who inspired him to finish his last artwork ‚The Pieta‘. He ordered the best Lute Player Lady of the Republic of Venice – the R.O.V. «.
As he said that, he smiled to Palmina and she smiled back.
So now their hearts connected from heart-to-heart.
She knows that Palma is not only inventing a story to express his sympathy and to express his secret love for her – Palmina really played the last 3-4 years at Master Titian and Palma helped to finish the painting.

Palma continued: »…The daily Lute-playing-concert of Palmina was a ‚daily music therapy‘. Our Lute player Palmina played for Master Titan in his last living years during he was painting.

»OOOOOh…really? …what a big honour…«,
»…she played for Master Titian….«,
»…a daily music therapy concert..«,
»…how beautiful she is dressed…«,
»…the best lute player of the R.O.V…«,
»…she is inspiring to big artworks…«, all the guests said from Asia and from Europe.

Rudolf II was very interested about the story of the mystic lute player lady. He was very interested in arts and has a big collection of artworks and music instruments in Prague.

»…and now we have a special presentation of the Lute Pipa from Asia…«, Palma announced.

Palmina took her Pipa-Lute and explained the instrument to the audience.
All guests looked interested and listened what Palmina explained.

After she played an original classical Chinese music piece she said:
„And now I will play a composition which was specially composed for this Instrument by an European Composer describing the Image of the Sea after the 5000 year old book of change, the »I-GING« “

Palma looked surprised, but he understood: Palmina will play the Solo Nr.5 of his Composition »8 Soli for Pipa« and he thought: »I am the first composer from Europe who composed for this instrument…but composed a Viola part to this solo« – Palma stood up, took his Viola da braccio and went also on the stage.

Palmina looked understanding. She could read in his heart: »Palmina, I will play the Viola Part of this solo with you now…«

Palmina smiled and they started to play the version for Pipa and Viola beautifully like that:

VIDEO: [ 5. of „8 Soli for Pipa and Viola“ (recorded for Luxembourg speech 2016) ] old: https://vimeo.com/261694622

new: https://youtu.be/5QzmYcEXM7A?list=PLBr_c49ajzY99w8-TftI2aV7xqsX9Ewq6

(to be continued…)