105. Deeper Meaning of Wise Words – Palmina is a clever musician

105. Deeper Meaning of Wise Words – Palmina is a clever musician

This they saw in their Peony hour in their Peony Gondola, sitting in their soft seats.
Palmina put again his head to Palma’s side and Palma surrounded her with his arm giving her again a good hold.
They continued to dream their common Peony-Dream and they saw:

* * *

Palma and Palmina hugged themselves long and deep.
Palmina said: »Now we can see us every day….«
Palma also said: »Yes, this is wonderful. As we could not see and hear and write each other I thought every day on you. I wrote nearly every day…I played for you on my instruments and I hoped, and Mihaela prayed also for us, that we can see us again… hear us again,…«
Palma stopped suddenly thinking about his day-dream.

»’hear‘ …’see’… this where Master Lao’s words in my day-dream«

»In your daydream…?«

»Yes, he said: ‚First you will feel her,
then you will hear her,
then you will see her.‘ – What did he mean with this words…?«

Palmina thought and was silent.

»I don’t understand the meaning of this words, Palmina…..«

»first you feel her…could Master Lao say ‚First you feel her with your heart…’«, Palmina said fast an made her beautiful small eyes, like she does if she is concentrated.

»Oh YES… Do you remember?…..as we could not speak, and could not see us, could not write us, could not hear us….During this time we could FEEL us with our heart-to-heart communication….«, Palma said.

»Yes, Master Lao wanted to say us: First you feel me with your heart – without hearing and seeing me the first time…«

»…then I will hear you – Playing the Pipa-Lute…«, Palma said joyful.

»….’Then you will ’see‘ her – means not only to see someone with the eyes – it means ‚to see somebody‘ – ‚to meet somebody‘ or ‚to talk personally with someone’«, Palmina said now lucky.

»’First you feel her – then you hear her – then you see‘ Now this words of Master Lao have a deeper meaning. Master Lao wanted to say us that our hearts are directly travelling to meet us in our future live – You will play for me the Pipa – and I will speak with you after I heard you playing.«, Palma il Giovane said.

»Only to understand the deeper spiritual meaning of wise words… It is like the old Chinese ‚Book of Change the I – Ching‘ only a deeper understanding opens our eyes and ears to see and hear and to feel what is the right meaning of the wise words.«, Palma il Giovane said.

»It is the right understanding of Master Titian’s mythological paintings…The paintings are not only to show the human body after it’s nature – it is to understand the spiritual dimension of his creations. The SPIRIT in the artworks is like the SPIRIT in the words of the I-Ching«, Palmina said very wise.

Again Palma was surprised about Palmina’s wise words. She learned so much by only silent listening the lessons in the Titian-School and Palma’s speech about art, culture, traditions, old texts*) he held in the Venice-Titian-Art-School.

*) The Renaissance was also the time of discovery and translation of ancient texts which are hundreds and thousands of years old.

Palma nodded and smiled.
Palmina played not only wonderful her Lutes, she understands also all which is told in Schools of Venice. This moment remembers Palma also the Peony-Vision of the »The School of Athens«**) *) with Theano, Pythagoras best Scholar and ‚Little Palmina‘ , his’s best musician playing on his new created music instruments for Asia and Europe.
Palma could study this painting in Rome as he lived at the embassy.

Palmina could read in his heart and saw his thoughts.

Palma felt that she understood him with the ‚heart-to-heart‘ communication.

*) painter Raphael (wikipedia) did express this moment with »The School of Athens«**)
Raphael – Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raphael

»Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino March 28 or April 6, 1483 – April 6, 1520), known as Raphael, was an Italian painter and architect of the High Renaissance. His work is admired for its clarity of form, ease of composition, and visual achievement of the Neoplatonic ideal of human grandeur. Together with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, he forms the traditional trinity of great masters of that period.«

**)»The School of Athens«  – Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_School_of_Athens

02 picture - TEANO, Phythagoras and his best scholar - detail of painting by Raphael »School of Athens«

picture – Raffael »The School of Athens«**) with Teano, Pythagoras and music student ‚little Palmina‘ (detail)

Palma send her a spiritual kiss and Palmina felt this imaginary ‚heart-to-heart‘ kiss on her cheek.
Palmina smiled and opened and closed fast her eyes like an innocent deer.
Her beautiful decent smile was for Palma a secret answer who gave him hope, love and light.

In his heart he transformed also this inspiring talks in their secret gardens of Venice into paintings full of beauty and into secret compositions for Palmina.

How lucky Palma was if Palmina learned a new composition from him on her lutes and played them during the painting artwork of Palma.

How lucky his heart was to say silently »This is my Palmina Albina; this is my Lute playing Palmina. She plays only for me this composition. No one knows that I am the creator and composer of this music. All students and people in Venice liked my music creation but only Palmina knows that I am the composer. Music is also connecting our hearts. With music we can say us things other can never understand by listening the music.«,Palma thought and Palmina heart his thoughts and smiled.

»Palmina you are my personal Angel and my personal saint spirit. «
»Isn’t the white pigeon often a symbol of the saint spirit on your paintings?«, Palmina asked directly after she followed his deep secret thoughts.

»Yes, but not only in my paintings…all over Venice…and..«

In this moment the two white Pigeons landed on the Y-psilon formed tree in the background of that beautiful secret garden.

Palma and Palmina turned around and felt that this Pigeons had a long common flight over Venice.

Both smiled.

»Groo, Groooooooo« made the sweet tender loving Pigeons.

* * *

(to be continued…)