149. The secret common music dream

149. The secret common music dream

In their Peony-Gondola-Vision they saw this:

* * *

And as Palmina also laid down beside Palma il Giovane, in the nature, under the stars of Venice, on their secret little island, she looked up to the stars. Then she gave Palma a little kiss on his cheek during he slept, but carefully, not to wake him up…

The stars seemed to shine a little bit brighter and the silent red-orange Planet Mars seemed to be more colourful then ever.

Palmina whispered with a sigh: »Oh, my Palma, my composer and painter…«

And they dreamed now together a music and it was like that:

VIDEO: [Piano solo 2018-10-18 »Marco Polo Variation«] https://youtu.be/vCbhn6j4Umk

(to be continued…)


148. The Secret of the »Marco Polo Variation«

148. The Secret of the »Marco Polo Variation«


picture – West Lake in China

And both saw now during this little Mandolin solo a common Peony-Vision:

* * *

They saw Marco Polo sitting in a Chinese Chunk at the West-Lake together with his Chinese Princess.

Marco Polo is playing this »Spring Melody Hymn« and Palmina is sitting with him in the Chinese Chunk.
It is a very romantic atmosphere, here on the West-Lake.
She is looking very beautifully like an innocent Princess, smiling and listening to this Melody of the 8-Images *) Melody Marco Polo played on his Mandolin.

Palma, as Marco Polo, expressed his deep love to her with this Melody and was lucky to have her back in his life. She came through a Peony-Miracle***) suddenly back in his live. (see also the Miracle in the Chinese Opera »The Peony Pavilion« (Mǔdān tíng / 牡丹亭) **)

**) »The Peony Pavillion« (Mu Dang Ting) – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Peony_Pavilion

»[…] also named The Return of Soul at the Peony Pavilion, is a romantic tragicomedy play written by dramatist Tang Xianzu in 1598, and the plot was drawn from the short story Du Liniang Revives For Love. It depictes a love story between Du Liniang and Liu Mengmei, overcomes all difficulties, transcending time and space, life and death, and finally get together.«

***) A legend, told in Venice, says that Marco Polo’s Chinese princess came through a miracle back into his live as he took the Chunk over the West-Lake in China. A similar miracle like this is depicted in the Chinese Opera »The Peony Pavillion« / Mǔdān tíng 牡丹亭 – Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Peony_Pavilion


* * *

And also during this Melody they saw as Vision Palma il Giovane composing a »Marco Polo Variation« about this »Spring-Melody-Hymn«.
A Variation for Pipa solo, Viola solo and Harpsichord (or Organ, or 4 Flutes (S,A,T,B).

Palma felt so inspired from that moment as he saw Palmina the first time playing her Lute for his presentation at the Chiesa San Zulian.
Palma felt inspired as he spoke with her for 8 minutes after the concert on the 4th September in the year 1580.
She played so beautifully 40 minutes of his composition »8 Soli for Pipa« for his Speech in Venice with international guests of the Republic, that he felt thankful and composed this little »Marco Polo Variation«
as love-dedication for her.

* * *

After this beautiful Vision they looked long from their little island in the direction of Venice. They looked to the evening stars.
They hugged and spoke about their future music projects and Palmina started silently to sing the »Spring Melody Hymn«

»Sun, Moon, Stars, Wind and Weather, Water, Fire, Mother Earth,
Heaven, Water, Wood and Thunder, Lake, Fire, Earth and Mountain.«

Palma leaned his head on her, being a little bit tired.
Palmina felt that he worked hard, with painting, but what did him make so tired.»…did he compose something bigger for me?« Later he laid down and Palma felt asleep while Palmina caress his head tender, soft and slow.

Palmina observed him sleeping and smiled. »…like a little boy…«, she whispered

The little fire under the stars of Venice shined soft and made a warm light all over the little place in the nature. This golden light made Palmina’s smile very harmonic and beautiful. If Palma could see her he would paint her, but now he is sleeping.
A soft Wind breeze moved her beautiful hairs and moved Palma’s drawing-folder, beside her.
A second Wind breeze opened the folder and Palmina turned interested her head to the open folder.

Palmina wanted to close the drawing folder but she saw all the beautiful drawings Palma made of her in the last time.
She smiled. She looked on all his drawings. A lot of her are with lute – Venetian Lute and Chinese Pipa Lute. He painted her also in Asian traditional cloths, which he saw from the Chinese friends living now in Venice.
Then she saw some papers looking like a music score. She discovered 21 sheet of music score.

»Hm, what did Palma compose for me…? Oh a Marco Polo Variation…Like we dreamed in our Peony-Vision«

She looked at the music scores and tried to find out what these compositions are about.

The first four pages are the »Marco Polo Variations« as Pipa score and the next 17 pages are the same music as an Orchestral-Version for a lot of music instruments, but a little bit longer…

»…Oh, my Palma, my secret composer, it is an orchestral Version for a longer Music Piece… Ah, he puts the Marco Polo Variation into a bigger Composition so it is now for Pipa and orchestra. …Hm, hm…and this is a smaller music score, a so called »particell« – a part of a bigger orchestral music score hm…..Wow, how big is then the whole music score? I will ask him tomorrow….He needs his sleep now, my Palma…He wrote this »particell« for me, so that I can orientate and so I can rehearsal my Pipa Part in the whole music piece…ah, here are some Vocalists, he wrote for me the vocal parts, so I follow the score…«, Palmina thought.

Palmina was lucky about his creativity and she feels that she is the reason for that music, she inspired him and he composed secretly as surprise for this music.

Soft she kissed Palma several times tender, during he slept and Palma smiled and had a beautiful dream of an Angel bringing him spiritual food during he is painting and he saw the painting »Elia nutrito dall’angelo« he will paint once during his dream.

And the music scores she found were like that:

»Marco Polo Variation«










music score (Particell)

of the Orchestral Version of the

»Marco Polo Variation«

































(to be continued…)

*) see also:
The 8 Images of Psalm 104 at the Cantico delle Creature (太 陽 歌)
– see speech at the DGPA Conference 2016 in Luxembourg [LINK…]

8 Images of Book of Changes I-GING,

3×3 Angel-Choires of the Spheres at Dantes »Divina Commedia« (7 Planets + Mother Earth)

5 Elements in the worlds cultures an its relations to to the 8 Images


144. Painting Music Rose (Palma il Giovane)

144. Painting Music Rose (Palma il Giovane)

Bildschirmfoto von 2018-10-09 12-31-44
picture – Painting Music Rose

»Oh, Palma, you painted at a lot of places in Venice! Big paintings and little paintings…
I am so proud of you…« Palmina said full of love.

»But Palmina, without your inspiring smile, without your inspiring Lute playing, with your inspiring performing secretly my little compositions I would not have the power to do so much big artworks. I would not live my whole life in Venice since 1570 without YOU, Palmina…Ti amo, I love you, Wo ai ni, …my saint-spirit-inspiration-pigeon…«

»Here is my letter, I give it you personally, because your letter from today the Church of Security stole it…these criminals…«

Palmina smiled and took Palma’s fresh letter and read it now in their Peony-Gondola:

* * *

»Venice, 11.Oct

Dear Palmina!

Yesterday and especially today I could feel deep in my heart, that you tried to send me a letter…
But the letter didn’t come. It could be that the Church of Security, a criminal organisation, which is specialized to isolate and to steal the Jade of people and plunder people, did steal your fresh written letter!
But in my heart I could feel that we are really THINKING ON EACH OTHER.

I take my music instrument every day to be connected with you by our Peony Gondola.
I send you my painted music rose…

With love, your Jacopo Palma il Giovane«

Palmina read this fresh Pigeon post and was lucky to be with him in this Peony Gondola at 23 h (11 p.m.).

The Church of Security really did steal my fresh letter I wrote today to you.
The contact between my island (Giudecca-Island) where I am living at the »La Zitelle« as music teacher seemed to be blocked by criminals. Hmmmm…Should we inform the local authority of our Republic of Venice to report this criminal act against our privacy…hmm?«

Palmina kissed Palma tender and Palma hugged Palmina with his strong arm.

After a while Palma took his Viola da braccio and played for Palmina a »Painting Music Rose«.
Palmina smiled and send him so much love from her heart and Palma send Palmina so much love and he covered her with hundreds of music roses tenderly.

Each short tone is a little kiss on her talented Pipa-playing-hands and each tone is a tender kiss on her cheeks.

Palmina could also find the secret music melodies which Palma composed into this Viola solo composition.

With each note of his composition he is sending her love and roses like a music painted rose.

The composition ends with a tender and soft »Pi-Pa-Liuto-Kiss« at the last tone c².

Palma is painting music image with his instrument Viola and it was like that:

VIDEO: [Viola solo 2018-10-11 »Painting Music Rose«] https://youtu.be/ezoXuEmZ0v4

(to be continued…)

129. Palma and Palmina founding a Children Orchestra in Venice

picture 1 - Chiesa delle zitelle - where Plmina was music teacher to teach beautiful poor girls
picture 1 – Chiesa delle zitelle – where Plmina was music teacher to teach beautiful poor girls

And after they saw this beautiful Peony-Vision in their Peony Gondola, cat Kalu purred and purred.

Palmina said: »He seemed to tell something…Kalu, what do you mean?«

»Purr, purr, purr, puuuuuur…..«, Kalu made.

Palmina understood the cat language very good.
»Ah…Kalu, you mean…we should….we should found a new….really?…with all of them?«

Palmina smiled and came with her mouth to Palmas ear very near.

She whispered into his ear very softly: »Kalu…wanted to tell us…that we should found a little children and youth orchestra at the ‚La Zitelle‘ with the poor girls and young women there…«

»But this will cost a lot of money…Buying the music instruments…the music score papers…buying or writing the music score..buying the music stand buying the music teachers…«

Palmina smiled and whispered »Palma?… Kalu said the Jesuits have a secret rich sponsor who pays not only the concerts at the ‚Ospedale‘ at the Jesuits and the big painting artwork there, Kalu says the rich sponsor, it was maybe the mighty dogan or his friend, will pay all costs of the Children orchestra, and all teachers and all music utensils….and Palma…the fine women*) who found the ‚La Zitelle‘ social-institution for poor girls to prevent child-prostitution and to give education to girls, also founded a foundation who pays the art-and-painting education for these girls at your ‚Venice-Titian-Art-Shool‘ and all costs for the body guards for these both schools to protect the girls and institutions against attacks of the so called (criminal) ‚Church of Security‘ who tried to attack these institutions with the dark-sugar-earth-network here in Venice and Worldwide…«
Palma moved his eyes clockwise around, three times, because he was surprised to hear these good news.

Palmina gave Palma fast a tender kiss on his ears to calm him down.

And Palma was calm after this tender soft ear kiss.

»Puurr, purrr, purrr…«, Palmina whispered to Palma secretly.

Palma put his arm around Palmina and was lucky and they saw this sitting in their Peony-Gondola at their 23h (11 p.m.):

* * *

It was morning in Venice. Palma went as usual to buy some fresh breads at Palmina’s bakery.
Again only her collegue was there. Again she observed that Palma’s eyes desired only to meet Palmina. But Palmina was not here, she was also not upstairs rehearse-ling in her little room over the little garden.

Palmina has now an own room at the ‚La Zitelle‘ as music teacher for the poor girls of the ‚La Zitelle‘.

»She is not here…She is now music teacher at the Jesuits at Giudecca Island…«, the nice colleague said.

Palma made small, thin lips and looked to the side and made only »hmm, hmmm…«

Palma was diplomatic, he did not show that he already knows that.

»The breads are good, hmm…hmm…«

Outside a byzantine Pigeon sung her song at the window.
Palma stopped to listen to her. And then he listened that the female pigeon answered from the tree in the middle of the Place »Campo Bandiera e Moro«.

Then the little pigeon flew to his big love where she was sitting in the tree.

Palma smiled and followed the way of the 2 pigeons.
»Ts,ts,ts….«, said Palmina’s bakery colleague, »…Palma is in love…he loves his little sweet pigeon Palmina…you can see it in his eyes…ts,ts,ts…«

And she looked long behind the big man who was dreaming like a child and going to the tree in the middle of the place.
Once he planted these trees with the help of the official authorities of Venice to protect the view into the »Calle de la Pieta« where Palma often stood with his Mandolin.
So the other women in the street on the other side of the place could not see into this street from their window.

Palma smiled remembering this little story about his tree.

Then he saw a Pigeon looking like a little Pigeon walking on the floor and this Pigeon inspires him to send to Palmina a new Pigeon-letter.

Palma went fast home in his room to bring the breakfest to Mihaela, Adriana in the 3rd and 2nd floorr and to Kalu and Mum, at his little room beside the big rooms of the »Venice Titian-Art-Gallery«

* * *

»Venice, 1583

(letter 129)

Dear Palmina!

My saint pigeon! My deep and only love!
It was such a beautiful walk with you after the concert on the 4th September.
How long are 2 years. How much we have to tell about. So much thinks you saw in China an Asia and India at you concert tour. I am lucky that the Chinese delegation is now protected by the mighty Republic of Venice and can stay there for the rest of their live.

In the morning I went today to your bakery and, of course, I missed you in the morning at your bakery house. I forgot that you have now a 2nd flat at the La Zitelle…
So I will come today after the painting sessions at the Ospedale to your new official room in the 3rd floor on the left side of the ‚la Zitelle‘.
Are the new rooms big enough for your music teaching lessons? How is the view in the direction of the San Marco Place?
I am so lucky that you have not to earn money with playing at the restaurants of Venice as your father wanted a lot of years ago. You showed him that you are not willing to go this way…Once he will understand it..
In these 2 years I thought about an idea what painting project there should be after these 10 years at the Ospedale-painting at the Jesuits…
I have an idea how we can make a painting project near the »Campo Bandiera e Moro«.

In the Titian-School there was a little student, they send it from the la Zitelle to our school, told me the legend of a baker in the middle age here in Venice.


picture 2 – painting »Miracolo del fornaio by Palma il Giovane (1593) (detail)

He had an encounter with the saint SABA who gave him a dough for making thousands of little breads for the pilgrim-groud who came with ships to Venice to visit the saint tomb if the Saint SABA.
I know this legend and the old people of Venice at the ‚Ospedale’are telling this story daily.
They said to me: »Oh, Signore Palma il Giovane, perche ti….why dont’you paint this legend of the Saint SABA and the baker who was living at »Campo Bandiera e Moro«. Palmina, this is a legend about your bakers-house!!!…We have a few years to think about this art project…
I will tell you more at our Peony Gondola time later…

And now about the new LA ZITELLE GIRLS-ORCHESTRA:

The administration of the Jesuits asked me to compose something for the girls. They want also to hear the »Peony Gondola Song« with this new La-Zitelle-Girls-Orchestra!!

All the concerts will be well organized- also financed.
The Girls can earn money with making music instead of being forced to prostitution!!!
What a wonderful mission. The girls will learn good behaviour and are getting the best education from the Jesuits.

Now someone incognito rich people, who gave secretly a few millions of Venetian Dollars, made it possible that you can play daily at the ‚Ospedale‘ for the poor woman and to be a teacher at the ‚La Zitelle‘.
The Idea to found a new girls-orchestra combined with ballet dance was a genius idea.
The money and the costs for that educational projects are completely ready to be used for that music-social educations projects. I spoke with a lot of honourable persons with big influence. They know also possibilities for that new girls-orchestra to play concerts all over Venice at churches and palazzi. It could be also possible that some rich families will support this girl orchestra. Why not?

With much love

Your Palma il Giovane, your painter, yo9u9r composer

PS: I am playing a Viola solo for you«8282

VIDEO:  [Viola solo »Abendstimmung«  (2)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDWUDJQy5gE

(to be continued…)



77. Palmina as secret modell at »Madonna col Bambino in gloria e Santi«

77. Palmina as secret modell at »Madonna col Bambino in gloria e Santi«

01 picture - San Monika in 'Madona con bambino in gloria e santi''

01 picture – Palmina was Model in »Madonna col Bambino in gloria e Santi« ~1600 by Palma il Giovane

»Did you remember our painting ‚Madonna col Bambino in gloria e Santi’«
»Oh, yes, how could I.. I would never forget this…
It was later in history found in a backers‘ shop….« *)
– »…You draw me with deep expression as Saint Monica…«, Palmina said joyful.
»Yes, you are my deep love and great hope, especially at that time, I remember. You helped me…
You helped us all: Adriana, Julia, Crestia, Michaela…«
Palmina hugged Palma and hold him like she wanted to say : »Let us stay together«
»Yes, and I was lucky that Adriana blessed us in her last days during her hard illness. She was so weak and we helped her.
»…be a good mother for Julia and Crestia. They need you…«, she said as her last words.

»…You played on your lute for her, also at her death bed…«
»…and later Julia and Crestia said the first time ‚Mum‘ to me…«
Palmina had tears in her eyes. Palma hold her strongly with his arm.

02 picture - 1600 - Madonna col Bambino in gloria e Santi

02 picture – Madonna col Bambino in gloria e Santi  ~1600 by Palma il Giovane *)

*) This picture was discovered in a backery shop:

»[…] ritenersi prodotto de la bottega [..]«,
Stefani Rinaldi in »Palma il Giovane – Opera completa« on page 169


03 picture – Rinaldi p169 – Madonna col Bambino in gloria e Santi – Palma il Giovane

»Come, Palmina, let us see now how I answered and wrote my next letter to you after you wrote yours…«

* * *

And they saw this in their 23rd hour of the day, sitting together in the Peony Gondola:

“ Venice 15..

Dear Palmina!

I felt that you wrote now again a letter and you played for me on your lute with much love…
Thank you, Palmina, thank you for your deep love.
As answer I write also this short letter without having your address. But: We have our Gondola!
I can give it to you there. I can give you my first composed music-image music score from the 8 Images of the I-Ging. In the Peony-Gondola we can rehearsal with our music instruments! A transmission of our sound of music is there possible.
I hug you and send you some music roses with deep and tender love:

Your composer, your painter
and your old love
Palma il Giovane«

As they saw this in their 23rd hour (11 p.m.) they continued to dream their common dream and they saw this vision:

VIDEO: [Music Roses 2018-06-29] : https://vimeo.com/277755547

(to be continued…)


75. Palma’s answering letter without an address

75. Palma’s answering letter without an address

As Palmina and Palma dreamed this in their 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.), sitting together in the Peony-Gondola they saw in their vision this:

* * *

Palma is sitting at his table, beside him his »Viola da braccio«.
He played the »I-felt-that-you-wrote-me-a-new-message-Melody« on his Viola a few moments ago. Now he takes an empty letter paper putting it on his table.
He looked into the sky, through his window, and started to write:

» Venice, 15..
Dear Palmina!

Today I decided to write a letter to you.
Today I had an inner vision, and it is also my deep feeling, that you are thinking on me and trying to write a letter to me. I hope my letter will arrive soon.
I feel also that you are writing something beautiful for me and you are sometimes playing on your lute for me.
This I can feel, even if you are maybe thousands of miles / kilometres away from me.
Where are you now?
Preparing a new concert? Don’t rehearsal too hard… Take care on your talented hands for your next concert…
It will sure be also a big success like the recent one.
But I have no address of you.

The neighbours said that your family is short on an island for founding some new little backers shops and then you will be back in a few days with them. But they could not say on which island you are now with your family.

Nevertheless I write this letter to you on a blank paper, but maybe someone will tell me where you are in this moment and is knowing your address and maybe I have the big luck to get your recent address to send you THIS letter.
Even I cannot send this letter to an address I write it on my paper…LATER I will give it you personally in Venice.
My heart feels it: Our hearts can communicate about big distances.
So maybe you feel it now also that I am writing to you. I send you also a little smile…
Since we met after a long time – I mean also: after a long time – a time of hundreds and thousands of years ago.
Yes, today I had the inner feeling that you are also remembering our old love.
I feel this, yes I see it sometimes in little images. Maybe I can write them down or it inspires me also to new compositions and paintings.

As we spoke after your beautiful concert about your Pipa-Lute and you explained me your instrument, I felt such a big luck inside my heart.

I am now composing the 8 Images after the ancient Wisdom Book of Change I-Ging. (This Book is known all over in Asia, soon also in Europe) I can’t wait till I can send you my music score and I am looking forward to hear you playing it for my speech here in Venice at our Gallery, which works for the Dogan’s Palace.

I am sure in 300 or 400 years there will be a way of transmitting music over long distances as »music-letter«. But this will never come as long the »Church of Security« is reading our letters and destroying it.

So I send you a »heart-to-heart« music message and I played our melody on my »Viola da braccio« as I felt that you are trying to write a letter to me.

I huge you tender and surround you with lighting music flowers.

With deep love
Your painter and composer

Palma il Giovane, Venice, 15..«

PS: Take care on your hands, especially your fingers on your left hand. Maybe you are rehearseing now very intensive…«

( to be continued…)


73. The lost letters from Palmina to Palma

73. The lost letters from Palmina to Palma

As Palma kissed her talented beautiful hands, wishing that her hands are healed from all the pain she has from rehearsing for the next concert, they dreamed of »music-flowers« which where composed for Palmina.

After the decent slow but tender kissing ceremony, Palmina smiled to Palma and said:
»Oh, my Palma,
…my painter,
…my composer,
…you are my CREATIVE,
…my one and only love…

You are so full of love to me. Every moment I feel this eternal moment
in my heart again,
as I saw you,
and spoke with you,
the first time,
after the concert….«

– »Palmina,
…my Pigeon,
…my Princess,
…my Lute…,
…you are my RECEPTIVE,
…my angel,
…my inspiration…
…my only hope and joy in my live…

Yes, I remember also that day and also later the 4th September,…you played so beautifully and I wanted to speak with you and to compose for you…«

»Yes, Palma…
and you invited me to come to be an artist of the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery nearby the »Campo S. Provolo «. Yes, I wanted to come and to be a member of that famous Art-Gallery…
I wrote you, my first letter ever, I remember…“
Palma kissed her left hand soft and looked into her shining smiling eyes.
Then they saw this in their vision, sitting in their soft seats of their Peony-Gondola:

* * *

They saw Palmina sitting on her table, beside her a candle light.
She is writing a letter and she wrote:

»Dear Palma!

I hope you could read my last letters I wrote to you.
I have to tell you that I am again thinking on that beautiful moment after the concert on the 4th of September.
I was so lucky that you spoke with me. Your interest on my Chinese Pipa was so big and you said that you want to compose 8 Images after the old Wisdom Book of Change, the I-Ging.
You impressed me strongly on that day. I remembered slowly that we know each other for a long time… I could feel that from the first beginning so strongly…
Now I fell it deeply in my heart: all this remembering of our earlier common life time.
And it was my biggest wish to hear from you. I hoped that you will compose soon for my Pipa Lute. I am expecting and looking forward full of joy.
The next day in the morning I thought only about you.
I feel so strong connected to you so that I feel no distance to you, even if I am thousands of Miles/Kilo-meter far from you.
There is a dimension, which will once be discovered by scientists, where the existence of time, space has no distance.
Since I meet you on that short moment I never stopped thinking on you.
The next days we could not see us, because my father asked me to help him at the bakery, then he locked my door every day for 3-4 hours till he came back from the marked.
So I played my lute and thought on you – only on you –
In my dreams I am always with you. Sometimes I play some melodies for you on my lutes and it seems that your heart is answering in that moment to my heart.
As you started to compose for me, I could feel the music coming very strongly.
I write you also to give you this feedback – please compose for me, even you see or hear me not in this days – I am so looking froward to see you again and to rehearsal the first bars of your composition.

You are the first European artist in history who compose a music for the Chinese Pipa lute in our 16th century. Soon the whole island will speak about you…

Today we arrived at Cyprus-Island. **)

**) Cyprus Island is member of the R.O.V., the Republic of Venice and
it has now the state-of-the-art and most secure letter communication service in the world in the 16th century.

Father said, and at that moment I believe him what he says, that we will be back in a few days to Venice and I am looking forward to see you again and to get your music creations. I am so looking forward…
I hug you, my composer.

With much love
Yours sincerely Palmina

PS: I write you my Venice address, so you can send me in Venice some letters (I will be back in a few days an read them)

my Venice address:

Nr. 9396 *),
Calle dei Pieta,
Campo Bandiera e Moro,
R.O.V. – Republic of Venice«


picture – old and new House-number where Palmina lived in the 16th century at »Campo Bandiera e Moro«. The house on the left, was also the family house of Palmina’s family

* * *

They say how Palma, at home in Venice, smiling as his heart felt that she wrote a message to him.
He took his Viola and played thinking on his Palmina and Played for her:

VIDEO: [Angel + Heart of Clowds] https://vimeo.com/276585354

* * *

As they saw this Vision in their Peony-Gondola they both hugged each other very decent and tenderly. Palma kissed again her left hand.

And suddenly on the sky they saw a this Vision:
The saw in this 23rd hour of the day (at 11 p.m.) an angel on the left side of a white pink shining cloud, forming into a beautiful big heart on the sky.

(…to be continued)

*) old historic Nr. 9396 – Today 3724)
In Venice have all doors/house a Number. E.g.: The Number 1 is in the south of Venice.

01 picture – Palmina’s original house number (old and new)
02 picture – Palma’s family house – right was the backers shop in the 16 century
03 picture – Palma’s family house – front view
04 picture – Here was the backers shop in the 16th century
05 picture – Front view of the house in the »Calle de la Pieta«

72. music flowers as »heart to heart communication«

72. music flowers as »heart to heart communication«

Pigeon from 1628 'Annunciation'_by_Palma_il_giovane_ San_Geremia

Pigeon from artwork painting of Palama il Giovane


Palmina send him a tender hug as »heart-to-heart« message ond the Pigeons helped them to Palma answered with a music flower:

VIDEO (1) Music Flower (2018-06-021) ] old: https://vimeo.com/276384205 new: https://youtu.be/YBC4aY72I9k

The letter Pigeons helped them to stay in contact – they empower this doing mentally. Palmina sent him a tender smile as »heart to heart message« as she got the music flower and Palma could feel it.

So Palma send her a 2nd music flower:

VIDEO (2) Music Flower (2018-06-21 (2) ] old: https://vimeo.com/276384393 new:https://youtu.be/Cydlaj733-o

The Pigeon helped them to stay in contact only with their »heart-to-heart«-communication.

* * *

As they saw this in their Peony Vision, in their Peony-Gondola at the 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.) they hugged tenderly and where so happy to be connected with their hearts.

As they sat beside in their soft seats in their Peony Gondola, Palmina asked:

»Why do you think the members of the Church of Security are doing this to other people?«

– »Hmmmm…..I don’t know….It is their Religion…Since Doctor Martinus made the freedom of religion possible there are also churches who do criminal things to reach their goal and to get more influence and money for their church… They believe that it is good to steal the letters of others who are not members of their church…. The believe to make the world ‚CLEAN‘ so they call themselves ‚Security Organisation‘ They teach: ‚Human’s letters are olay 20 % usefull. All other letters are useless and this amkes the world ‚un-clean‘. ‚Un-clean‘ letters had to be destroyed and so on…«

»..but why?…«

»Maybe its their strategy to isolate other people for their social contacts. If a family is isolated from their social-network they can come and ask them for some money for their church…«

»…You mean isolation is their strategy?«

»I think it is only to get control of the social environment of an individual person or of a family – only »isolated people« can be easier manipulated and they get their family money step-by-step.«

»They attack also our Republic: Mr. Cambridge – he is now imprisoned – and his Organisation stole also letters from the government and from the mighty Dogan here in Venice, also from the Pope in Rome…«

»They stole also letters from them! Oh, dear..they are criminals…this is worse than censorship. At censorship a letter arrives, even the whole text is forbidden by the state. But the letter will arrive, even with massive censorship. That means: without the forbidden text… But you can see that some one wrote you a letter and he or she is thinking on you… But ‚Happy new year!‘ or ‚Happy birthday‘ a state will never make censorship on – compared to this – destroying a letter and NOT let them arrive – is worse than censorship.«

»Yes, Mr. Cambridge Security Organisation is even worse then a censorship by any state. With Mr. Cambridge ‚world order‘ there is a »complete isolation« and »no letter communication« of each person who did not invests a lot of money in his church even he is member of this church: Only money is their believe… A world-order of money.«

»….A terrible vision, isn’t it. Poor people and especially poor women would have a very, very hard life…
If I write you ‚Happy new year‘ in Mr. Cambridge’s world a letter would not arrive you. In a censured state – maybe – this text would NOT be censored if there is not a political or a dangerous content – from the point of view of an censorship state… Or a music score or ‚Happy birthday‘ wishes would also not be censored by them. But in Mr. Cambridge ‚world order‘ there would not be even ‚Happy Birthday‘ and no ‚ Happy new year‘ letter and no sending of a music score as mail – IF YOU DO NOT INVEST A LOT OF MONEY TO HIS CHURCH…
Yes, they only want money…money…money.. This is a fake religion…«

»Mr. Cambridge’s‘ Church of Security‘ is a Church of Suppression… for all who are not a member of their Organisation…«

»Oh, Palma, this is so terrible… Let us hear your Music Flower again. We have the world vision of Hope – Love and Inspiration. This is our world’s vision. We are artists – Our world is the world of the spirit and in-spiration…«
and 2 pigeons flew about their heads.

Palma took her left hand and kissed it tender.
»Take care of your talented hands. Don’t rehearsal with to much energy. Your fingers should be well for your next concert…«

And Palmina dreamed as he kissed her hand and her first finger of her left hand did not hurt so much and they dreamed of music flowers like that:

VIDEO (2) Music Flower (2018-06-21 (2) ] old: https://vimeo.com/276384393 new: https://youtu.be/Cydlaj733-o

(to be continued…)

Pigeon from 1628 'Annunciation'_by_Palma_il_giovane_ San_Geremia

Pigeon from artwork painting of Palama il Giovane


31. The Vision of the Asian Virgin with child and Saints


picture: 1580, Palma il Giovane (is 32 years) ‚Virgin with child and saints“, Venice

 31. The Vision of the Asian Virgin with child and Saints

* picture: 1580, Palma il Giovane (is 32 years) ‚Virgin with child and saints“, Venice

„You played so beautifully for me on this Venetian Organ! Thank you Palma, my composer!“, said Palmina with tears of joy and love.

Palma took her tears from her eyes smiling and said:
„Yes, you inspire me to be a composer and a great artist, and I love you!“

And they suddenly saw on the sky an appearance in a vision:

* * *

They saw an Asian virgin like it was at Titian’s Vision he had for his „Pieta“ *) with Saints around her.

*) see also: Chapter 26 – THE PIETA

The sky became light-blue-white bright like „as if“ it is now day.

They saw this from their Peony Gondola in the 23rd hour of the day (11p.m.):

The Virgin had a child and the saints where around her.

The virgin looked like princess Lin from the Chinese-delegation who came with hundreds of Chinese people here to Venice to honour the Republic of Venice and to show to the Venetians the beauty of Asian Culture and also the music and the instruments, especially from traditional China.

The baby looked like the baby of princess Lin.

Palma made some fast drawings…

Palmina smiled, she seemed to know what this miracle means.
Palmina has a secret connection to heaven…“, Palma thought and Palmina smiled because she could feel his thoughts.
Palmina’s heart was deeply connected with Palma.

Palma drew and drew. As long he painted the first draft the miracle didn’t disappear.

As he has done it they sat into the soft seats of their Peony Gondola which is a present of the heaven, the symbol of eternal compassion.

Palmina put her head on Palmas side and Palma put his arm around her.

And they dreamed and saw together in their vision sitting in their Peony-Gondoly:

* * *

They saw themselves in the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery:
Palmina played Lute Soli.
Palma held an other new part of his speech.
Master Lao explained the different cultural and religion traditions of China.

The Chinese musicians explained their instruments* for the audience.

Every instrument played some tones as example.

* Chinese music instruments like

Pipa (琵琶) – pear-shaped fretted lute with 4 or 5 strings
Guzheng (古箏) – 16–26 stringed zither with movable bridges
Qin – Chinese historical zither, early zither in Chinese.An ancient classical Chinese musical instrument similar to Guqin.
Erhu (二胡) – two-stringed fiddle
List of all at Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Chinese_musical_instruments

The European part of the audience was fascinated and the Chinese Audience looked now to Palma il Giovane, the famous Painter of Venice.

And now Palma explained the Pipa *).

And now we will hear an example how the Chinese lute, the „Pipa“ is making music:

Princess Lin and Palmina played some examples and they looked as if they knew each other of ancient time in China and looked at each other very friendly.

*) Pipa: Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pipa

Palmina played the music examples…

Then the little child of princess Lin came to her mother and wanted to be lifted by her.

Palmina came to take friendly princess Lin’s Pipa.

As Palma observed this scene he remembered suddenly the vision in the Peony Gondola.

Palma asked the translator for Chinese-Venetian language: „May I ask, princess Lin to draw her with her little child as traditional Venetian Saint Virgin, this is a very old Venetian Painting Tradition, with child and Saints to have a remembering of the important friendship between Western and Eastern Traditions?“

The translator spoke Chinese, she smiled and answered him and he translated:“ It would be a great honour to be again portrayed by the first Master scholar of Master Titian. It will be a great pleasure to know that a remembering will stay here in Venice and the other portraits are going to China… and we all will be very proud to have this European artwork. And you can paint me a little bit more in the European tradition if it is possible…“

Palma nodded. Palmina holding her Pipa smiled and saw that Palma understood the miracle vision and what it told him silently.

The Chinese audience spoke in Chinese a few silent words of administration to another and then, after a few minutes, Palma started to paint….

As the baby of princess Lin started to move more and more, Palmina had the idea to play on the Pipa some Chinese lovely music, some bars of Palma’s composition.

And suddenly the baby listened to the music and was very quite.

Palma smiled and was lucky to hear his composition, performed by his sweet Palmina, his Albina, his white soft friendly pigeon.

So Palma could continue painting his artwork vision…

Later the baby wanted again to move very much, then a servant took the baby and Palmina had the idea to let the princess hold the Pipa, so her arms had not to be in the air and can rest on the Pipa.
Of course Palma would not paint the music instrument Pipa, he will paint the baby.

Palmina could hold now the Chinese baby and the princess hold the Pipa.

Palma painted and painted….

And so they made it day by day, often after the speech by Master Lao and Master Palma il Giovane.

Often Palmina supported the drawing artwork of Palma with her Lute playing:
She played the Venetian Lute and she played the Chinese Lute very beautifully.

The Chinese audience was fascinated by Palmina’s talented Lute performance. Often the people stood up from the seats to come and to look carefully respectfully how Palma is painting the Chinese Princess Lin.

Palmina realized that Palma liked to paint Chinese women very much.
„Maybe in 300 or 400 years I will be again a Chinese Pipa player…“, Palmina thought by herself.

Palma turned his face to her side and looked at her playing the Chinese Pipa so beautifully. He waited till her eyes looked in his direction to send her a heart full smile.
He seemed to feel what she feels now.
Again a golden light was around them.
Princess Lin smiled, she seemed also to know that they both like another and that there is a deep secret to the instrument Pipa in their common life.
It was as if Princess Lin came with her delegation of hundreds of people was not only to make the diplomatic contact to the Republic of Venice, the mightiest State in the 16th century in Europe and the whole western world, it was because Palma and Palmina have a special cultural mission which is going over centuries and Princess Lin could feel the secret golden light and supports them secretly.
She also smiled now to them.
In 300 or 400 years she will again help them to find together and to overcome the problems of their secret tender love…

Master Lao smiled as if he could read the thought of all of them and he nodded slowly with an old friendly silent smile of an old Chinese Master.

On one day Palma’s painting and music student came to watch and to study how Palma is making this painting.

Palmina played and meanwhile Martin stood up to look suddenly to the beautiful eyes of princess Lin.

Bildschirmfoto von »2018-02-10 09-35-11«
It is his first time that he saw Asian Women in his whole life.
He was fascinated by the aesthetic Asian eyes of the Asian women.
So he could not stop to look at her beautiful Asian face and especially Asian eyes.

Palma liked also to paint the Chinese Asian Women and her Eyes and Martin stood on the left side of princess Lin and looked, and looked, and he did not stop looking.
Palma wondered a little bit.

Bildschirmfoto von »2018-02-10 09-38-31«

„And…and…could you, dear saint virgin, be also my mother…?“
he said and Martin started to cry as he felt that positive energy of all people here.

Palmina came, Palma and the Chinese women came to console him.
„My art scholar Martin cried because he lost his mother a few years ago… and he is asking if the saint virgin could also be his mother….“

The translator understood and translated for the Chinese friends.
All Chinese women tried to help Martin touching him tender on his head.
Palmina was also full of understanding for him and stroke his head.
And then Palmina started to play some beautiful soft music to give him warm energy.

Martin still looked and looked at Princess Lin in his vision to see her as saint virgin, the music and the warm energy of Palmina and of all members of the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery seemed to support him mentally.
He breath very slow and calmed slowly.
„He felt now that the saint virgin will protect him and will also be mother for him“

And as Martin stood so quiet looking fascinated of the Asian eyes of princess Lin Palma il Giovane started to paint and to paint Martin as Saint beside the Saint Asian Virgin with child.

Bildschirmfoto von »2018-02-10 09-37-11«

Now her baby seemed to bless all standing around here with his hands.
„This is a miracle“. All the Venetian and Chinese Audience felt a miracle happened now.
During Palmina’s playing the ‚golden-light music‘ all happened harmonic as a sacred miracle.


A priest came from the audience and felt on his knees and fold his hands for praying.
Palma started to paint this scene and asked the priest to stay in this position to finish Palma’s traditional painting because the miracle will stay as long he paints and Palmina is playing.

And really as long he painted the baby blessed the priest and all around with his hands.

* * *

This could Palma and Palmina see sitting in their Peony Gondoly.

And now Palma took his Viola and played for Palmina like this:

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/Fw52BCk23SY (old: https://vimeo.com/255156832 )


Viola solo music inspiration (Palma il Giovane-Virgin and Child with Saints)
painting:  Palma il Giovane-Virgin and Child with Saints


After that Palmina took her Pipa 琵琶 and played as music answer this, and then the voices of the sphears sung suddenly like this around their Peony Gondola and Palma and Palmina played also:

VIDEO: [Cantico delle Creature 1-4 with Pipa 琵琶 +Viola ] https://youtu.be/ZjJU6j0yur8  (old: https://vimeo.com/255156832 )

(to be continued…)

painting: Palma il Giovane
‚Virgin with child and saints“, Venice, 1580

11. Palma il Giovane music inspiration – Thinking on each other

After Palma il Giovane dedicated this morning music to Palmina he prepared himself mentally for the event in the Titian-Art-Gallery.
„Today I will paint the Chinese women delegation… This will take hours…Palmina will shurely play for them very beautifully on her lute….“

* * *

Palmina felt that Palma played music in this moment for her; she smiled and her soul seemed to listen and feel his music…

She decided to begin AGAIN A LETTER FOR PALMA:
She always writes down a copy of her letter on paper an hides always this copy on a secure place for the case that someone tries to steal her letters.

„Dear Palma,
I love your compositions…“

* * *
In that moment Palma tried to paint
some studies of the Chinese women he remembered the last concert.
He tried to paint their eyes and made some studies…
This afternoon, after Palmina’s solo playing, he will start to paint them.

This event is part of the cultural bridge between East and West here in Venice, the city of art and music.
As he painted some studies suddenly he felt a warm friendly thought coming from Palmina’s heart.
He started to smile…

* * *

Palmina felt this and smiled stronger during she wrote his letter for him.

* * *

Palma felt her positive thoughts so much and all her love she is now radiating.

Palma took his Viola and started to play:

e’g e   d – e ,  c – a   a – –

* * *

Palmina felt his smiling and took also her lute and played:

c’d c   a – c ,  a – g   g – –

* * *

and both now played together:

g a g   e – g , e – d   d – –

c° d e   g a c ,

e° g a   c d e ,

c d e   g a c‘

* * *

Palma wrote this melody on his paper…

* * *

Palmina wrote his letter for Palma…

* * *

And always as Palmina wrote a short letter for Palma he could feel it.
He then always plays this music inspiration
on his music instrument. Sometimes on his Viola da braccio, sometimes on his little Venetian Mandoline.

* * *

Palmina started to exercise and to rehearsal for her next concert very hard.
Her fingers begun to hurt and sometimes she must make a break so her fingers get not hurt or bleeding.

* * *

As Palma continued drawing on his studies of Chinese women eyes he suddenly felt a pain in one left hand finger.
The Index-finger hurt so much that he couldn’t draw.
He stopped drawing ad looked at his Index-Finger.
His finger begun to bleed.

„Oh, no,…what’s that?“

He suddenly felt that Palmina has pain on her left hand.

He tried to write a letter with his right hand:

„Dear Palmina,
I want to thank you for playing my compositions.
You played it so beautifully and full of heart. You are inspiring me so much for composing for you.

But you are sure now rehearsing and working hardly for your next concert!

Please take care on your hands! (My left Hand Index-Finger begun suddenly to bleed…)

If so much people are reading our private letters, It it’s like posting a personal letter in the public…

Maybe in 300 or 400 years later this will be a better time of communication and people are more open hearted than today in  this 16th century.

The reason could be: You are now the 1st Lute Solist of our Dogan’s Palace and there are people who want to isolate you from being in contact with others to push you away from your 1st position at the Palace.  You are now protected by our state…

I am not shure if this letter can reach you…

Looking forward to see you again!

Sending you greetings
for this new year,
symbolising the thought of fidelity

With much love

Your Palma,

                        Venice, 5th September 15..“

* * *

Palmina thought now about Palma and smiled.

She nodded a little bit during her thoughts.
Than she looked wondering on her left hand…

LISTEN to the music inspiration:
Palma il Giovane music inspiration – Thinking on each other

music: Viola solo by Gerald Spitzner
painting: Palma il Giovanne

VIDEO: old: https://vimeo.com/256815541

New: https://youtu.be/VMZfZXjtK3s