244. Long live Cardinale Karolus Borromeus the saviour of children and sacred music

244. Long live Cardinale Karolus Borromeus the saviour of children and sacred music

picture 01 - venezia-festa-del-redentore

picture 01 – at Palma’s time a new traditional was born – The Il redentore feast in Venice as big Thank – you – festival

And they continued to dream their Peony Gondola dream at 23 o’clock and they saw this:

* * *


Palmina went this morning along the San Marco Place and bought this fresh printed ‚Worldpress‘ newspaper.

She started reading and said: »Look Palma, they write about you…and,and, the Cardinale will today come to Venice….read, read, looook,look, Palma…“

Palma took the newspaper and read:

»…the highest court announced today that „…it IS NOT A CRIME to help too much poor and ill persons… “ The orders given by Cardinale Hell from the Vatican State to arrest the innocent Cardinal Borromaeus are not accepted by the highest court in order that Cardinale Hell is now declared as officially as criminal.


Today at the traditional ‚Il Redentore feast“ the Republic of Venice will welcome this famous Cardinale with big fireworks and concert for being freed from wrong arrest.
The „Cantico delle Creature“ for children will be played by the Le Zitelle Orchestra at the official opening ceremony and a new painting of the famous painter Palma il Giovane will be presented as official thank you for saving Cardinale Borromaeus from imprisonment.

picture 02 - 1581 (chiesa il redentore) »Virgin and Child with the Infant Saint John and Saints Jerome, Anne, Francis and Catherine of Alexandria«

picture 02 – 1581 (chiesa il redentore) »Virgin and Child with the Infant Saint John and Saints Jerome, Anne, Francis and Catherine of Alexandria«


Being protected during the gun shooting terror attack during the ‚Tridentinum Council‘ by the saint virgin „Karel“ give promise to the saint virgin to speak with a famous composer, because he composed a big composition as music therapy for victims of child-prostitution.

As big thank you being protected by the gun shooting of Mr. Ali who said by himself: „I was payed to shot on Karel by Cardinale Hell, who wanted to become the pope of the catholic church and he wanted to support all my friends if he gets the new pope, but now he will not support our Church of Social Media because he is in prison.“


Cardinale Borromaeus did found a lot of institutions to protect poor children and girls from child prostitution in the tradition to the Saint Nicolaus.
Today he will visit the „Le Zitelle“-institution on Giudecca island and the girls orchestra will play Welcome concert in their church and in their beautiful gardens behind the buildings of the „Santa Maria de la Presentatione“.
Cardinale Borromaeus has announced to hold a speech on Giudecca Island supporting poor children, girls and the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery.



Thousands of all over the world are expected today at the „Redentore feast“.
Honour Guests also from Asia, China, Thailand, Japan, Korea, even from Formosa, where strong relations to the catholic church are since the 16th century, will send their representatives to congratulate and sent their best wishes.


The Republic of Venice, the R.O.V, announced a very big fire work to this special day in the history for protection of children, protection of music therapy and art.


„This feast should now be that big every year“ the representatives of the R.O.V., the Republic of Venice announced now, „…the feast is a traditional feast as ‚Thank you‘ for surviving the Pest“ – but now we decided to make it as one of the biggest feast in the year in Venice“.

picture 03a - bridge build only for the days of the Thank You Festival
picture 03 – bridge build only for the days of the Thank You Festival



Along the new feast there will be a new long bridge only for the duration of the days of the „Il Redentore feast“.
The people can go along the big bridge to go over the water to the „Church il Redentore“.

* * *

After they read the newspaper standing on the San Marco Place a lot of pigeon had landed around them and looked up to them as if they did understand the newspaper.
Now the pigeons flew to the Gondola which was waiting for them at the other end of the San Marco Place.

Both went there and Palmina and Palma entered a Gondola .Palma helped her to enter the Gondola and smiled.

Palmina smiled and said: »Palma, I am so proud on you. Cardinale Borromaeus will visit our „Le Zitelle Orchestra“ on Giudecca and the „Cantico delle Creature“ will be performed, and, and your painting will be presented at the Chiesa Il Redentore.
Oh, Palma, oh, Palma, what a big feast today will be. Oh, I love you, my painter, my composer, my love letter writer, my children protector….“

And Palma and Palmina looked sideways to the island Giudecca and smiled.
Soon the big traditional ‚Il Redentore festival‘ will start here in Venice.

Palmina put her hand on Palma’s hand very tender and Palma could feel it.
Now he looked at her beautiful smiling face. He realised how much he loves her and the sun made her hairs beautiful.

Slowly the Gondola moved to the other side in the direction of Giudecca Island.
They will have a few hours of rehearsal for the concert today at evening.
The innocent girls came all with their music instruments and also the girls and children choir was there.
As they saw Palma and Palmina coming to the Le Zitelle they waved all from their windows.

„Look, Palma and Palmina are coming to make a rehearsal with us. Let us take all our music instruments and come at the concert stage in the garden.

And all the girls and children came in the Le Zitelle Garden to sit at their place on the stage to be ready to make a rehearsal of Palma’s Hymnus.

How often Cardinal Hell tried to pay millions to stop this music-social projects for children. How often he gave a lot of money to people to sabotage this social projects. But now Cardinal Borromaeus is their strong hand of the heaven to stopp this intrigues against these poor children.

And now they made the rehearsal like that:

VIDEO: [Peony Gondola Song] https://youtu.be/4YfXRwOwHWE

At he evening the saint Cardinale Borromaeus came and the fireworks in Venice begun and it looked fantastic like that, so that also painters made paintings of this historic moment in modern civilization – to protect children, art and culture.
»Long live our Cardinale Borromaeus!«

picture 03b  -  Venezia-Festa-del-Redentore-2.JPG


»Long Live the Protector of our children the new saint Nicolaus!«

picture 04 -  05-Festa-del-Redentore-Carlo-Grubacs.jpg


»Yes long live he, down with Cardinale Hell, he should never leave the prison – This Children killer«

picture 05 -  06-Festa-del-Redentore-Maurice-Prendergast-1899.jpg


»Long live the saint Cardinal – Down with Cardinale Hell, this murder!«

picture 06 -  07-Festa-del-Redentore-Cipriano-Mannucci.jpg


»Long live the Le Zitelle Foundation and its Girls Orchestra and Choir! Let’s listen the Cantico delle Creature – The big Manifest against child-prostitution!«

picture 07 -  22.jpg


»Let us celebrate this day from now on in all future, here in Venice on Giudecca Island«

picture 08 -  0707-venezia-redentore-215.jpg

pictures 1-72 – traditional feast on Giudecca Island as big thank you

(click on the image to see it in full size)

(to be continued…)


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Palma il Giovane ‘Ritratto di Paolo Veronese’ music dedication

Palma il Giovane ‘Ritratto di Paolo Veronese’ music dedication


Music dedication for our neighbour who suddenly died
1. Violine solo
2. Violine and Viola (at 4:23)
painting: Palma il Giovane ‚Ritratto di Paolo Veronese‘

Violin solo: Renate Spitzner
Viola solo: Gerald Spitzner

VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/257452935

Mozart Coffee Talk / Reconstruction of the Viola Part of KV 306a /

Gerald Spitzner talking about the Reconstruction

of Mozarts Viola part in the Sonata for Violin and Piano Kv 306a

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VIDEO: https://youtu.be/15Mda_YLbik


Happz birthday! Mozart

Mozart-Coffee-Talk: Hat Mozart eine Violastimme zu KV 306 gespielt?

Mozart-Coffee-Talk: Hat Mozart eine Violastimme zu KV 306 gespielt?


Mozart-Coffee-Talk: Hat Mozart eine Violastimme zu KV 306 gespielt?


„Mozart hat sich gemeldet und will seine Violastimme…“,
„das wäre die Erklärung warum wir nur EIN Kegelstatt Trio [von Mozart] haben…“,
„Eintragungen von Mozart selbst [in der Klavierstimme], offenbar von der neuen Mozartausgabe anerkannt“.

Der heutige Venite-Mozart-Coffee-Talk ist ein musisch-soziales Projekt und stellt sich musizierend die Frage: Hat Mozart eine Violastimme zu KV 306 (KV=Köchelverzeichnis) gespielt? – Was bedeuten Eintragungen Mozarts in der Klavierstimme? – Dachte er an eine Zusatzstimme „ad libitum“?

 Mozart-Coffee-Talks gibt es schon seit 30 Jahren in Wien

„Liebe Musiker und alle Zuhörer und Gäste, die hier gemütlich bei Kaffee sitzen, darf ich die Noten durchreichen?…“, so eröffnet der Komponist Gerald Spitzner, selbst ein Venite Musiker, den Mozart-Coffee-Talk (den es in verschiedenen Variationen seit 1984 in Wien gibt):
Es werden Noten der anerkannten neuen Mozartausgabe weitergereicht in der ein schriftlicher Beleg für eine zusätzliche Violastimme aus der Feder Mozarts enthalten zu sein scheint. Somit wären die Violinsonaten auch als „Kegelstatt-Trios“ in der Besetzung (vgl. Köchelverzeichnis, KV 498) für Violine, Viola und Klavier zu spielen.

Neuentdeckte Mozart Eintragung einer „geheimnisvollen Zusatzstimme“ in der Klavierstimme durch die neue Mozartausgabe

Die alte, Jahrzehnte bewährte „Universal Edition“ der 18 Violinsonaten von Mozart enthält DIESE EINTRAGUNGEN Mozarts NICHT. Erst mit Hilfe der NEUEN MOZART AUSGABE kann man, so meint Spitzner, eine Eintragung Mozarts (Siehe Abbildung) in der Klavierstimme der D-Dur Violinsonate (KV 306) als eine vermutete Violastimme erkennen.

Mögliche Szene aus dem Leben Mozarts nachempfunden

Diese Entdeckung wird auch durch folgende gedachte Szene aus dem Leben Mozarts vorstellbar:
Mozart unterrichtet mit seiner Schwester Nannerl einen Geigenschüler anhand der Violinsonaten (siehe besonders die „Facile“-Sonate).
Mozart belohnt seinen Schüler für das fleißige Üben mit seiner Schwester Nannerl indem er eine 3. Stimme auf der Viola dazukomponiert und mitspielt.

„Violinsonaten Mozarts durchaus auch als Kegelstätter-Trios denkbar“,

meint Spitzner, der selbst ebenfalls die Viola (Bratsche) bei diesen Trio-Rekonstruktionen mitspielt.Mozart könnte die Violastimme immer wieder zu seinen „Violinsonaten“ (gemeint sind die Mannheimer- (KV 301-306), die Auernhammer-, die großen Wiener-, besonders auch die „Facile-Sonate“(KV 547),…) innerhalb von kleinen Privatkonzerten (Musizier-Projekten, „Musizier-Coffe-Runden“) selbst als Ergänzung zu den Violinsonaten dazugespielt haben. (Als Trio für Violine, Viola und Klavier)

Rekonstruktion der Violastimme zu Mozarts Violinsonaten „sind eine Widmung an Mozart“

„So wie wir jetzt sitzen wird wohl Mozart auch gesessen sein, vielleicht mit einem Schüler, oder vielleicht mit [seiner Schwester] Nannerl oder mit zwei Schülern, mit einem Fortgeschrittenen oder einen Anfänger, die „facile-Sonate“ in F-Dur (KV547). Mozart bezeichnet  tatsächlich KV 547 „Für Anfänger… „. hier wird wohl Mozart als Ergänzung eine Violastimme mitgespielt haben. So unterstützte er seine Schüler indem er mit ihnen die Violinsonaten als Trio praktizierte, möchte Spitzner anhand der neuen Mozartausgabe belegen.

Seit 1984 wird diese Ergänzungsstimme in der Mozart-Stadt Wien mit Musikern gepflegt.

„Aus der Musikpraxis hat sich gezeigt dass die Zusatzstimme sowohl für den Pianisten als auch für den Geiger eine Unterstützung ist“, fügt Prof. Renate Spitzner, Venite-Präsidentin hinzu.

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