313. Palma’s Composition in the San Marco Cathedral in Venice

313. Palma’s Composition in the San Marco Cathedral in Venice

picture - 1 Basilica San Marco in Venice.jpg

picture – 1 Basilica San Marco in Venice

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After they saw this music Peony Gondola Vision they continued to dream:

* * *


At Epiphany, the 6th of January they reached with their Peony Gondola the San Marco Place, they went over the long place to go in the Basilica San Marco.

A lot of people, living in Venice are invited to attend this annual feast celebration on 6th of January, even if they are from an other cultural tradition.
The feast of the traditional Epiphany feast is about the 3 holy kings, which had not been Christians or Catholics.

Also the Ming Dynasty Chinese People are here to show their respect to the culture of the republic of Venice.

During the annuals traditional Christmas ceremony from the left side, up at the choir, Palma’s Cousine Mihaela stood with a music score in her hand.

She will sing today the Aria „Benedictus“ composed by Giacomo Palma il Giovane.

This time Palmina had nothing to play in the church with her lute, now they can listen to the music and enjoy the magic moment, sitting beside her Palma.

On the Organ Master Giovanni Gabrieli is sitting, a famous world wide known composer. organist and Choir Master of the Basilica San Marco.
And now he gives the sign to start the music composition of Palma.

picture - 2 Basilica di San Marco, Venice.jpg
picture – 2 Basilica di San Marco, Venice

Mihaela sung very beautiful and full of heart.
Palma looked up to her cousin and was proud on her.
Palmina smiled also, sitting on Palma’s right side and was proud of her Palma, the most famous painter in Venice , her composer, her writer, her astronomer, her philosopher, her director of the famous Venice Titian School.
On the left side was sitting Crezia and her sister Giulia.

Giulia listened to the music very interested and she was also proud of her daddy Palma and his cousine Mihaela.
Crezia, which was the elder sister, looked also short shy to a man, also sitting in this golden church.

picture - 3 'Piazza di San Marco, Venice' by Carl Ludwig Rundt.jpg
picture – 3 ‚Piazza di San Marco, Venice‘ by Carl Ludwig Rundt

Giulia observed this. The young man was also smiling back shy to Crezia. He is nearly in the age of Crezia.
The man was the new music student Heinrich Schütz¹) from Germany.

Today he was visiting Palma’s flat in the 2nd floor on the San Marco Place to have tea time with Palma’s family:

Signore Schütz will study for 3 years in Venice at Master Giovanni Gabrieli ²).
At first he will play the Harpsicord at the Venice Titian Art Gallery, together with the most famous musicians of Venice – a lot of them are known in the whole world.
It is a big honour to play as student with these famous artists here in Venice in the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery.

picture - 4 San Marco interior.jpg

picture – 4 San Marco interior

Signore Schütz is coming from Germany and he wants to bring the Venetian music tradition to Germany.

Palma smiled as he saw how lucky his daughter Crezia is looking in the direction to Signore Schütz.
At tea he also felt that there is a special harmony between them.
»Maybe, who knows…«, Palma thought silent, »…he will stay not only for 3 years here in Venice. Master Gabrieli is searching for a Master Student…
and maybe he and Crezia, hm, two artists…she is my painting student and he the musician.
He is a Sympathetic young men who would become my sun-in-law.
Hm…why not…he is a good composer and musician…he will save the Venetian music tradition….«

picture - 5 venice-church-san-marco-gold-byzantine-style.jpg

picture – 5 venice-church-san-marco-gold-byzantine-style

Now they looked up to listen Mihaela singing the Aria for Sopra in this Golden Cathedral.

The Original Version of this »Benedictus« Aria is for Sopran, Violin and Viola and Choir. ( There is also an additionally Mandolin part).

VIDEO: Aria »Benedictus« (Prage Messe) https://youtu.be/zicEEF45hJw

(to be continued…)



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¹) HEINRICH SCHÜTZ – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinrich_Sch%C3%BCtz

²) Giovanni Gabrieli – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giovanni_Gabrieli

»Giovanni Gabrieli (c. 1554/1557 – 12 August 1612) was an Italian composer and organist. He was one of the most influential musicians of his time, and represents the culmination of the style of the Venetian School, at the time of the shift from Renaissance to Baroque idioms. «


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168. Variation of the ‚Thinking on each other Melody‘

 ·168. Variation of the ‚Thinking on each other Melody‘

And after they heart Palma’s music answer Palmina smiled.
And how is the music score?
Can I see it?
Yes, Palmina, here it is.
And the Peony Gondola transmitted the music score and it looked like that:

picture - music score of »Variation of the 'Thinking on each other Melody'«

Palmina smiled and looked at the music score.
Then she looked into Palma’s eyes and gave the music sheet a little kiss.

»Thank you my Palma…«

                  (to be composed.....continued....)

167. Palmina’s secret composition for Palma

_ »Venice, 15..
(Love-Letter 167)

   Dear Palmina!

My heart feels lucky to think on you.
Especially now, my heart could feel and hear a little melody you composed for me.
I could feel that you send a beautiful music-message to my heart.
You are so touching deeply my heart if you play something for me. Especially your fine compositions.
I love you. I feel it, you are coming from a higher dimension to take care for my music development in my heart.
I thank you so much, my dear Pigeon,
my Saint Cecilia, my little inspiring yellow canary bird.

This inspires me to compose as little music answer to your composition –
a little variation of our »Thinking on each other – Melody«.

Our love is strong and it goes beyond all borders and problems! 🙂
There are enemies against our relation and love but love is always stronger.
Yes, we can exchange our love and music ideas here in our Peony Gondola at 11 p.m.

I am so looking forward to see you there.

I send you from my heart this music-Variation directly to your heart.
But listen good and find the melody. It is a little bit hidden. Tell me if you could find the hidden melody.

With much love

Your you loving
your deep love, your painter,
your composer

      Your Palma il Giovane,«

             * * * 

And Palmina and Palma continued to see this Peony-vision and both smiled.

Palmina hold his right hand. Yes, this could Palma feel and he smiled and was very thankful about her heartfelt thoughts.



»Yes, today I played an own composition for you from heart-to-heart.
Later I send you also a short message but I saw that the brother of a music colleague of our little orchestra, which father is member of the dark sugar network, did steal her letter and showed it to her father. Her father observed this poor innocent daughter through his false brother since about two years. And…he also opened YOUR LETTER box and he steal also MY letter to you, I mean your letter…he did steal YOUR letter, because you are the normal owner of my letter if it is in YOUR letter box…so this guy has stolen our letter from YOU AND ME.«

Palmina kissed Palma on his right cheek soft and tender, Palma smiled.

»Yes, Palmina! Today I could feel your positive thoughts in my heart and suddenly I composed a variation about the »Thinking on each other melody«, Palma whispered to her in her ear.

»Oh fine! Can I listen to it?…But first I play my composition for you!!!

picture – manuscript

And Palmina started to play her beautiful composition.
Palma looked at her face and he felt all her love energy.
She played although her right middle finger painted a little bit.
But her love for Palma was stronger than her pain, she really cares for him, she really loves him.

Again she looked so beautiful playing her composition for him.

Palma smiled and such moments were Palma’s most beautifull moments in his live:
That Saint Cecilia is playing for him and to hear her playing only for him.

»Thank you my angel,
thank you my pigeon,
my little yellow canary bird,
Thank you my Pipa-Princess Wang Chun Chao
Thank you my Saint Cecilia.«,
Palma said and hugged her with his heart long and deeply.

Now I show you the copy of my letter which had been stolen and erased by the brother of my music colleague from my little orchestra«.

Palma hugged her and gave her a tender cheek kiss – a tender kiss to his white Pigeon.

And Palmina read her love letter to Palma:

»Venice, 15..

Dear Palma!

My deep and only love. Today I write you a short message. I hope that this letter will not be again stolen by the members of the dark sugar earth social network.
I decided to protect your creativity with my loving heart.

Today I played my composition as music answer for you.

I am so proud that you are composing the Cantico delle Creature.
It will be a big manifest for the divine light and against the darkness of the evil child-prostitution-networks worldwide.
Everywhere were evil people try to pay a lot of money to avoid a music performance of your Cantico delle Creature there are maybe criminal persons who are in connection with the children-sellers network like the Church of Security and its dark sugar earth connections.

I love your Cantico delle Creature and thank you that you dedicated so much Lute soli for my instrument to play in this artwork and I am really proud of you.
I came into your life as I was send to help you in your difficult life – in good times and in evil times.
Day by day I feel the music-mission together with you.
Even we can not often see us, speak us, write us and be together in the Gondola in Venice we have our Peony Gondola at 23 o’clock, a present of the heaven, to stay in deep contact over big physical distances and big cultural distances – But are they big?
Yesterday I thought on you at 11 p.m. Did you feel it also?
Let’s talk about our music-ideas in the next meeting in our Peony-Gondola.

With much love

your Pigeon,
your yellow canary bird,
your Inspiration,
your personal Saint Cecilia,
Your Y…
       …ou loving Palmina«

            * * *

And Palma’s heart was so warm surrounded by her tender words.
Palma could not say any word but Palmina felt how he reacted in his heart.

And the Peony Gondola transmitted the music Palma composed about the »Thinking on each other Melody« and it was like that:

    VIDEO: [2018-11-26 Violin+Viola »Variation about the 'Thinking on each other' Melody« ] https://youtu.be/MMUqE1UclDQ
            (to be composed.....continued....)

154. Music and Painting – Friendship (3 Peony Roses)

154. Music and Painting – Friendship (3 Peony Roses)

And they continued to dream and they saw this in their Peony Gondola Vision at 11 p.m.:

* * *

During this music they heard together these »3 Peony Roses«, the Peony Gondola flew soft and slowly over the Landscape of Planet Mars.

»Look an interesting light reflection in this crater…Interesting to Paint, hm, Palma…?«

Crater on Mars

picture – Crater on Mars

As they flew again over the »Sciaparelli Crater« they saw this huge gigantic landscape like huge mountains, but it was the border of the Crater.

Later Palmina said: »You composed such beautiful Music Roses for me Palma. I love you…«, Palmina said very thankfully and full of love and was strongly smiling.
Palma smiled also.
In this moment they saw 3 orange suns over the horizon on Planet Mars *)

»Oh, Look, Palma… They have here tree suns. So yellow-Orange coloured…«

Palma looked surprised.

And now they both heard a voice speaking like that:

»Palma and Palmina!
You are the first who are kissing here on Mars in historic time…
We can see that you think on each other every day and that’s why you got the Peony Gondola…«

Palmina and Palma looked at each other wondering, but they are not afraid.

»… The mystic Peony Gondola should help you to overcome all what is against your friendship, your love, your common love for music, painting, arts and spiritually growing…

Palmina we ask you:

Palmina Albina, a Baker’s daughter in the Republic of Venice, the last secretly known East-Byzantium-Princess and the best Lute player of the Republic of Venice:

Do you want to inspire Palma il Giovane for the rest of his life?
Do you want to play his compositions?
Do you want to compose little compositions to inspire him daily?
Do you want to play your Lutes to inspire him, to give him love, to give him hope, to inspire him for new images, paintings, compositions, writing stories?
Palmina Albina, will you inspire him to paint
the golden-orange heaven in his paintings,
the saint spirit pigeons,
the light-beam from the heaven,
the saint virgin,
the life of the saints…?
Do you want to help him to see the beauty of the spiritually word…?

Do you really want to do this deeply from your heart?

In good times and evil times…?

Even if someone has something against this friendship and connection?
Even if criminal organisations try to destroy your music and painting friendship and love?
Even if Palma has maybe crisis, as it is usual for artists, like painters, composers, writers or explorers…?
So you want to compose for him endless variations, even if some of your artwork will not be named in the history and are maybe „Anonymous“.

Do you want to support him to paint the St.Lucy in a orange-coloured heaven?

Do you like to be with him, even he run with simple painting-cloth trough the streets of Venice, so that some think he is a „Nobody“?

Do your really want to support him deeply from your heart…?

…then answer clear and loud „YES, I WILL“«

Palmina smiled and said without hesitating fast and clear: »YES, I WILL!«

Palma looked now also to the three yellow-orange suns of the horizon and smiled.

A lot of mystic little blue flames came slowly to them and surrounded the Peony Gondola like in a secret ceremony.

»and Palma, we ask you:

Jacopo Palma il Giovane, Negretti, famous Master Scholar of the famous Painter Titian, the last secretly known West-Byzantium Prince.

We also proofed your heart like we proofed Palmina’s heart.

Do you want to be inspired for arts like painting, composing, writing by Palmina, the best Lute Player ever?

Do you want to be inspired be her innocent smile and lute playing and her secret compositions for new paintings with the golden orange heaven, saint virgins, saint angels, saint spirit pigeons.. by Palmina the Rest of your live?

Do you want to compose for her, even if your composition will be performed as „Anonymous“.
Do you want to compose for her even if others want to destroy your music friendship with Palmina Albina?

Do you want to be inspired from her lute playing even if criminal organisations, who hurt little children, who sell them to rich people, wants to erase your letters and you can therefore not communicate with her in written form.
Even if this will last for months or years…?
Do you want to compose, paint and write for her in Good Days and Evil Days?

If you want to do that then answer clearly and loud: „YES, I will!“

Palma looked to her side, smiling in Palmina’s smiling shining eyes and said loud and clear:

»YES, I WILL !!!«

The voice continued:

»So from that moment you are official Music-Painting Friends«

Palma and Palmina smiled and they are holding their music instruments, he: the Viola and the painting colour palette and she: the Pipa Lute.

»Now you can…

…compose and paint for your Proud – Music-and-Painting-Girl-Friend«

And they took their music instruments and started to play together
and they heard a huge applause here on Mars and
they played the new composition „Three Peony Roses“ **) like that:

VIDEO: [Vl+Va »3 Peony Roses«] https://youtu.be/FfG1EgqHjkw

(to be continued…)

*) See also the next Chapter of »Uncle Willy – Back to Earth«. It will soon be written there as Chaper 3

**) The music score is at chapter 152 – https://geraldspitzner.wordpress.com/2018/10/26/153-three-peony-roses/

153. Three Peony Roses

153. Three Peony Roses

And in their Peony Gondola Vision they saw this:

                * * *

„…Thank you for your love-fully thoughts“

   „It is ok…


„Yesterday, I did not write any letter to you…It is too dangerous in the moment to write a letter. But our Peony Gondola is really good transmitting heart-to-heart messages. Let us communicate that way…“

 “ Oh, but you touched my heart with your smile.. I could feel it… and it was so positive…a pink-peony-flower light energy…and I had a nice vision: You played Pipa with your Platin Angel winged cloth in our Peony Gondola together with me, I played Violin.“

„You also had this vision yesterday, Palma?
This Vision made me remembering to our day…yes, and I smiled and you felt this. This is our Peony Gondola!

  “ Hm?“

„Yesterday I did really think on you…
I thought about our first day of our friendship years ago.
I remembered our first moments in our Peony Gondola playing the Pipa for you, our deep secret.
Yesterday it was the day as I said YES to our friendship, you know.“

  „Oh, yes! Yesterday was the day you said YES to our friendship. I don’t forget this day, Palmina.


  Yesterday I composed a new composition called „Three Peony Roses“. Your smiling inspired me strongly , my dear Peony Music Rose.

Wooooo, Palma, I love Peony Roses!

  …and,… Palmina. Here is the music score….









Picture – music score of „Three Peony Music Flowers“

The first Rose describes our first moments as I saw you playing for me painting presentation.

The second Peony Rose describes our first heart- to-heart dialogue after the concert.
This was like I felt your thoughts in peony pink light visions deep in my heart.“

Palmina looked at the music score and laid her head on Palma’s shoulder.

Palma smiled and continued:
„..The third rose describes our Music Dialogue…“

„Oh, fine, Palma, I am so looking forward to hear these 3 Peony Music Roses.“

   „Ok, the Peony Gondola will transmit you my music again today at 23 o clock (11 p.m.)




And they slowly moved their heads to their lips, tender and both said whispering:

          „Liu – to – kiss!“

And they kissed flying slowly and soft over Mars in their Peony Gondola.

„Palmina, we are the first who kiss each other on Mars“

„Yes, my Palma, my Music flowers painter..“

And they hugged deeply and the Peony Gondola transmitted this music:

    VIDEO: Violin+Viola [„3 Peony Music Roses“] https://youtu.be/FfG1EgqHjkw

 (to be continued…)



152. Gondola over Mars

152. Gondola over Mars

And they continued to dream their common dream:

* * *

And as they heard this Painted Music Rose together Palmina smiled about this tender dedication.

She touched Palma’s left hand carefully and Palma could feel her hand and he could feel: this was direct from her heart. The Peony Gondola transmitted all between two loving hearts.

Palma smiled and Palmina gave him a tender thank you cheek kiss on his right cheek.
Palma smiled and was inspired.

Palmina felt that Palma is inspired by her to compose a next composition. Palmina could read in his heart and she was lucky to lead him to be a good composer.

Yes, Palmina smiled about that and was very proud of him.
»He is my Palma, my composer, my painter…I help him to be a great artist.«
She put her head on Palmas right shoulder and wanted to be very near to him.
With the Peony Gondola they can meet together in their dream as it is described in the »Peony Pavilion« of the famous writer of the Ming Dynasty in the 16th century.

She thought and Palma could hear her thought »My Liu Mengmei,,,,«
And Palma answered with his thoughts »My Du Liniang…«

And they saw also this Peony Vision:

* * *

Palma sat on his little table in his little room in Venice at the »Campo San Provolo« beside the Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery in the first floor. This he did after he came from the bakery to see Palmina. But there was no Palmina at this morning today and the female colleagues noticed that today he did not buy much bread if there is no Palmina in the bakery shop:

»Ts, ts, ts… He is still dreaming from his sweet little Palmina…«

He felt a warm pink-light in his heart and he started to write his secret love letter for Palmina:

»Venice, 15 – –

Dear Palmina!

(Letter Nr. 152)

Today I feel that you are writing me a message. I feel a soft warm pink Peony light in my heart. This light is from you, Palmina, my Peony flower, my Inspiration.

Because of your good thoughts I have now the power to write down a new composition as a wordless music-dialogue, inspired by your positive thoughts.

But be careful: The illegal Church of Security will try to erase your letter.
They think there is no way to make an »Erasing-Protocol« by our secret service of our Republic. Our Republic is tracking them since months.
If they tried to erase your beautiful message to me, a protocol will be made by the officers of the Republic with time and device from where the »erasing« was made. If they have the names, and some names they have already, and the identity of this »letter thefts« they will secretly observe this person for months by our secret service of the Republic of Venice. They will find out if they have something to do with the »Dark Sugar Earth Social Network« and then they will put them to jail to protect our »La Zitelle-Girls« to protect them from Child-Prostitution. Maybe…. They have illegally stolen too much letters of our Republic. They are responsible for the loss of Cyprus-Island and responsible for the »Cypr-ex«. (Venice lost the government of Cyprus Island in the year 1571, you know…)

But this criminals can not manipulate our Peony-Gondola transmission of love music and Peony-light from heart to heart.

Today, we can met us again at 23 o‘ clock (11 pm.) in our Peony-Gondola and we can listen to my new composition, and: you can get my new music score.

Oh, I fell in this moment your positive thoughts, my sweet Palmina.
You are supporting me with your love.

In deep love,
your Jacopo Palma il Giovane«

* * *

And Palma’s heart was full of love and suddenly the Peony Gondola started from that secret Island at Venice in direction to Planet Mars.
Again they felt a soft wind in their hairs and saw all the stars over the evening sky at Venice.

»So beautiful. We are flying over Venice to the stars, Palma, I love you…«

And as they arrived on Mars the Gondola flight was very harmonic over the landscapes of Mars.

This is a Peony Vision Dream which comes directly from their heart.

Palma is now inspired to compose a

»Duo Dialogue – Gondola over Mars« for two music-instruments.

Palmina could feel it in her heart.
»Is it again a composition which can be played in different Instrument combination…?«

»Yes, it is
for Violin and Viola

or Pipa Lute and Viola
or Pipa 1 and Pipa 2
or Violin and Pipa

or Harpsichord solo
or Organ solo (a 2 Manuale)
or Clavichord solo,
or ad lib…

»ad lib.« means: »ad libitum«,
this means »like you want«

And Palma composed the music directly from his heart and the Peony Gondola
transmitted now this music directly, so that Palmina could hear the music in the moment as it comes from the composers heart…«

And as they flew with the Gondola quite silent and harmonic over the surface of Planet Mars, Palma started to write down the composition on his music score in 14 music score Systems.
He writes his Viola part not, as usual, in the Alt-Key, he writes it in the Treble-Key, so that Palmina can play it on her Pipa-Lute or on her Venetian Lute.

Palmina could read this intention and dedication in his heart.

And as Palmina saw him writing so fast this composition she smiled very, very happy. She feels it, yes, she knows it:She daily thought on him,that gives him daily inspiration to work on his artwork.

She wants to be beside him what ever comes…
Palmina wrote and wrote and wrote.

»I am proud of you…« Palmina said with much love.

And as they flight again over the »Sciaparelli Crater« Palma was ready and gave Palmina the fresh composed music score and the Peony Gondola transmitted it like that:

pictures 1-6 – music score of »Duo Dialogue – Palma il Giovane 152 – Gondola over Mars«


202 - 2018-10-24 Violin and Viola »Duo Dialogue - Palma il Giovane 152 - Gondola over Mars«.jpg

303 - 2018-10-24 Violin and Viola »Duo Dialogue - Palma il Giovane 152 - Gondola over Mars«.jpg


505 - 2018-10-24 Violin and Viola »Duo Dialogue - Palma il Giovane 152 - Gondola over Mars«.jpg

606 - 2018-10-24 Violin and Viola »Duo Dialogue - Palma il Giovane 152 - Gondola over Mars«.jpg
And the music they heard in the Peony Gondola flying over Mars was like that:

VIDEO: [2018-10-24 Violin and Viola »Duo Dialogue – Palma il Giovane 152 – Gondola over Mars«] https://youtu.be/nSTtmzu2WNA

(to be continued… in the meanwhile you can read the 2.chapter of »Uncle Willy – Back to Earth

at this LINK https://unclewillybacktoearth.wordpress.com/2018/10/24/2-a-flying-libelle-dragon-fly-on-mars/


146. The Peony Rose Music Dialogue

146. The Peony Rose Music Dialogue

And they saw in their Peony vision:


Emperor Rudolf II said to Ludevit:
»Oh, I think Jacopo Palma il Giovane will understand that you want to paint landscapes on far places, like Moon, Mars, Saturn. I think he is the right man.
It is told that he helped once El Greco to keep ongoing to paint in his own painting style as he learned at Master Titian in Venice. Palma helped him and said to him that he is on the right way…«.

Ludevit was a little bit shy. He has so much respect of Palma il Giovane, he is so well known in whole Europe and also in Asia and China.
Even his music is loved by the people there.

Emperor Rudolf II continued speaking slow an wise: »He will sure teach you in painting these ideas. Why not, he is a very tolerant Master…He is well educated…He knows a lot of old traditions, cultures and religions.He spoke with Chinese, Asian, Buddhist, Taoist, Lutheran, Christians, Muslims, Jewish…I think as Venetian Citizen he will also understand that you love to learn painting planets and planets-landscapes…Ludevit, try it.. I send you to him.«.
Ludevit made a respectful gesture and went slowly backwards to show his respect to the Emperor Rudolf II who is collecting arts from all over Europe and the whole world.
»Ah, Ludevit…«.
Ludevit stopped moving.

»Ludevit… I want some paintings from Master Palma il Giovane…and,and I want later to come to Venice to see and to hear the performance of the «Peony Gondola Song» in the San Marco Cathedral to hear our famous Choir from Podebrad.«

Ludevit smiled, nodded and went slowly respectfully backwards.

* * *

As Palmina saw this Peony Vision she said full of joy:

»Oh my Palma. My composer… Isn’t it amazing… They will come to play your compositions – Our Love Song in Venice!!! Oh Palma….«
»Oh Palmina. I want to hold you in my arms and kiss your cheeks and your talented hands!«

»Oh Palmina, I want to make with you a music Dialogue. You and me.
I play some notes on my Viola and you play some answer on your Lute…«
»Oh this would be fine…and the Peony Gondola will transmit our tones so we can hear each other. A music from heart – to heart«

Palma kissed her cheek and she kissed also his cheek and they saw a Vision on a Peony Rose and they heard a music dialogue like that:

VIDEO: [2018-10-14 »Peony Rose Music Dialogue«] https://youtu.be/WG3Frq_72lo

(to be continued…)


140. Music for the moon palace

140. Music for the moon palace

Now they continued to see their Peony Vision at their 23 h ( 11 p.m.) and they saw this:

»You played so wonderful. Signore Palma il Giovane.«, Chang’e, the Moon princess said.
»He played so wonderful – he touched our heart« all the other princesses of the court said.
Palmina smiled.
»Also the composition for two instruments we could also hear here on the moon. Can you also give us a copy of the composition?« princess Chang’e asked.
»I can give the music score to our musicians on our court and we will play it every time when the moon festival is on earth and our princesses will dance to it with the beautiful cloth to express your composition, Palma, which came directly from your heart.«

picture 1-5 – music score »Looking to the moon in Venice – Palma iI Giovane 137«


picture 01 - »Looking to the moon in Venice - Palma Il Giovane 137«.jpg









Palmina was proud of her composer and painter Palma.
»Oh here is the music score«
And the Peony Gondola transmitted not only the music score (see pictures), also the sound of music was transmitted in the whole palace.
And they heart the music like that:

VIDEO: [Violin + Viola »Looking to the moon in Venice«]

old: https://youtu.be/xP9MDaudsvs

new: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoBiuWC0LeA

 (to be continued…)

79. Palma’s and his beloved saint Pigeon

 79. Palma’s and his beloved saint Pigeon

2 Pigeon of »Venere a cupido« Palazzo vendramin (1620-1628)

 picture – 2 Pigeons of painting »Venere e Cupido« by Palma il Giovane, Venice, Palazzo Vendramin Calergi (Venezia) (1620-1628)

As Palma kissed Palmina in this Peony Gondoly the first time a little bit longer, Saint Lucy – »Santa Lucia« – appeared as Chinese Princess Miao Shan and gave them their saint blessings. They felt that they want again to meet, not only in this live, they felt deeply heartfelt also to want to meet again surly in 300 or 400 years, even if they have to overcome some little difficulties.

»Did you remember as you painted me as Saint Pigeon?«
– »Oh, yes.. I..do..I expressed our tender deep and secret love with this…
My Pigeon, my Albina, my princess«

He kissed her and they dreamed together now this music-image:

VIDEO: [Venere e Cupido]: old: https://vimeo.com/277987925 new: https://youtu.be/tFGn3kQsEyo

(to be continued…)

78. Dark Sugar Earth and the help by music roses

78. Dark Sugar Earth and the help by music roses

»Oh, I am glad to read your letter. And your music roses I love very much. I can feel the fine smell of the roses in my heart.
Thank you Palma, my composer, my painter, my deep old love.“
Palmina gave him a tender kiss. Palma il Giovane liked that.
In this 23rd hour of the day (11 p.m.) they sat in their soft seats of the Peony Gondola and in their common vision they say also this:

* * *

On the heaven Saint Lucille appeared standing on a cloud, pink white shining.
She prayed with her hands like the saint virgin.
Then she transformed herself into the Chinese Princess Miao Shan *) and smiled very fine and appearing slowly as the Guan Yin *) of Asia.

She showed Palma and Palmina a secret vision:

They saw that Palmina did rehearse again in her little room for her next concert.
Palma send her a music-flower and it landed on her fingers to heal her because she has pains on her little fingers. Birds sung very fresh and friendly from outside and she heard it and smiled to them.
Palmina could understand the birds and their love-messages from Palma to her.
They can bring »heart-to-heart-messages«

*) Princess Miao Shan – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guanyin#Legend_of_Miaoshan


01 - picture - chinese princess Miao Shan 妙善

01 – picture – chinese princess Miao Shan 妙善

**) Guan Yin – Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guanyin

see also artikel about Guan Yin and Miao Shan –

»Kuan-Yin or Guan Yin
Known as one of the „four great Bodhisattva“
(Shambala Dictionary of Buddhismand Zen, 119)
of Buddhism, Kuan-Yin is an important element of Buddhism.
Ever-present in temples and iconography, she is venerated throughout Asia.

02 - picture Guan Yin (Japan) Daienin_Kannon

02 – picture – Guan Yin

Kuan Yin (also spelled Kwan Yin or Quan Yin and known as Kuan Shih Yin), is known as the Goddess of Compassion & Healing. She is one of the most popular deities in all of Asia. Her name in Chinese roughly translates as „The One who Hears the Cries of the World“. She is the most beloved and revered of the Chinese dieties. Kuan Yin is the Divine Mother we all long for: merciful, tender, compassionate, loving, protecting, caring, healing, and wise. She quietly comes to the aid of her children everywhere. Her mantra is ‚Om Mani Padme Hum.‘ (that is, ‚Hail the Jewel -or pearl- in the Lotus.‘) Many believe that she is the female representation of Avalokitesvara, who is the Tibetan and Nepalese God of Compassion. In Asia, statues of Kuan Yin can be found in front of, or on the grounds of, many Buddhist temples.

Just as Catholic Christianity has provided an antidote to pure theological patriarchy by encouraging the reverence of the Virgin Mary****), so Chinese Buddhism evolved a feminine bodhisattva, or Buddha-to-be, named Kuan Yin. And just as Mary captured the hearts of Catholic worshipers, so Kuan Yin far outstripped the male bodhisattvas in popularity. Both in Japan (as Kwannon, who is often pictured as male) and in pre-revolutionary China, this semidivine being was honored in virtually every home; she was the most powerful being in the entire Chinese pantheon. […]«

03 picture - Sancta Lucia by Palma il Giovanne - Venice
03 picture – Sancta Lucia by Palma il Giovanne – Venice

***) Saint Lucy (Sancta Lucia) – wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Lucy

»Lucia of Syracuse (283–304), also known as Saint Lucy or Saint Lucia (Latin: Sancta Lucia), was a Christian martyr who died during the Diocletianic Persecution. She is venerated as a saint by the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, and Orthodox Churches. She is one of eight women along with the Blessed Virgin Mary who are commemorated by name in the Canon of the Mass. Her feast day, known as Saint Lucy’s Day, is celebrated in the West on 13 December. St. Lucia of Syracuse was honored in the Middle Ages and remained a well-known saint in early modern England.«


04 picture – Chinese Madonna – St. Francis‘ Church – Macao

****) Sain Virgin Mary – wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary,_mother_of_Jesus

»Mary[ was a 1st-century BC Galilean Jewish[2] woman of Nazareth, and the mother of Jesus, according to the New Testament and the Quran.

The gospels of Matthew and Luke in the New Testament and the Quran describe Mary as a virgin; according to Christian teaching she conceived Jesus while a virgin, through the Holy Spirit. The miraculous conception took place when she was already betrothed to Joseph.She accompanied Joseph to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born«


She rehearsed all the day. During that her mother tried to buy some tickets for the ship back to Venice.

»Oh,… the last tickets for 3 persons bought your husband, dear Signora«, said the Ship Officer.
– »You are sure, that my husband bought 3 tickets to Venice for next week?«
»Yes, it had been the last 3 tickets. I remember very good, because he wanted to buy 4 tickets. He said ‚We need more place for us 3…‘. The tickets are very expensive, because all people seems to leave this beautiful island, but why…?«, the officer said.
Palmina’s mother looked wondering, but she didn’t tell what she heard. She often was very shy, she was educated after the strict traditional education (family secret).
»Thank you, officer. My husband knows what he did. Thank you officer. I wish you a good day. Buy, buy.«

As she came back to their family house, Palmina was still doing rehearsal with her lute.
»Oh, my talented daughter. She wants to be perfect at the concert in that new Venice-Titian-Art-Gallery from the Dogan’s palace.« She looked up to the open window.
»Something is going on in the heart of my girl. She plays her Lute with so much love. As woman I can feel that. It remembers me as I was in love to ‚HIM‘, but this is long time ago… Now he talks not even with me to inform me that he has bought 3 tickets as I asked him for that today in the morning. What is going on there?«

* * *

After that Princess Miao Shan, appearing as Guan Yin, she showed them this secret:

* * *

Palmina rehearsed till the late evening.
Father had his ‚backer-business-meeting‘, but he didn’t come home.
So Palmina’s mum went to look to the little restaurant where the ‚business-talk‘ started today.
A high-security-officer stood there for the security of that area.
It seemed to be quite there.
»Ni hao«, Palmina greeted the officer and he greeted also friendly back.
As mum entered the restaurant she found him alone at this table and she sat to him.

»…Ni hao. Did the business went good today?«, she asked him.

»..Ah, you here?…Hm,..the business. Yes but I wait for the next business partner. Please go back home… Women should not be at this talk…«
Then he said nothing to her. He looked not very friendly.

Then she went away but she sat on a far table behind a big porcelain-flower-vase to see what her husband is waiting for. »Something is wrong…«, she thought.

After a while a lot of man came sitting on the neighbour table of her husband.
On the neighbour table was a lonely man drinking too much wine.
So the man came to him, gave him »Dark Sugar Earth« into his wine and he did not realize that. As he drunk the dark sugar earth he lost the control of himself.
He sung and the group of men sung with him.
»Qin aide peng you! Dear friend, did you bring us today your money and Jade and silver…for us – for our Church of Security? You know our church was founded in the mystic land of MeiGuo-Land! From their all Missioner are going to the world to expand ‚In dark sugar earth we thrust’…«

»La,la,la…MeiGuo-Land, MeiGuo-Land, MeiGuo-Land, the land of all free churches…
The land of Dark Sugar Earth,
give me more of that dark sugar earth!
I give you my Jade.
Give me dark sugar earth – I give you my silver!
Give my dark sugar earth – and I give you all my family money!
La, La, La… Let us sing.
Waiter…, I pay the wine of all guests in this restaurant….Come all! Drink with me wine – Venite, Venite…«

Palmina’s mother was shocked., »Dark sugar earth? Mr. Cambridge is not a European – he is from the mystic land of how did he say…?«
Palmina’s mum ran out to inform the high-security-officer who is still standing outside of the restaurant. Mum wanted to help this poor lonely Cyprian citizen.
»If they take his family money, his family is ruined…they gave him ‚Dark sugar earth’…«
– »Dark sugar earth? This is strict forbidden on our island! Quick…they have to be arrested… Let’s get them!«
Other security-officer came from other streets to assist.
Palmina’s mum talked so outside the restaurant to the officer and he saluted her and came in and searched for the criminal group of man.
»Where are the Dark-sugar-earth-people…?« the officer asked holding his weapon of the 16th century. But nobody seemed to know where the criminal group of man is.
Palmina’s father said cool nothing. Palmina’s mother didn’t want to believe what she saw.
»Husband, you did see it also, isn’t it? They gave him ‚Dark sugar earth‘ and then they took all Jade, Silver, and Money from him….I saw it…all saw it, isn’t it?«
But all in the restaurant did not say anything. All this guests who drunk free-wine, paid by the poor Cyprian man, did refuse to drink their glass wine, as if they where afraid that »dark sugar earth« is also in that wine.
The officer asked fast »Is there a 2nd exit?«
»Here..there!« a lady from the restaurant« answered.
The officers run with their weapon and tried to follow the criminals of the »Church of Security«.
Too late: they run down to the sea and took a boat in this dark night.
»Why didn’t you help your poor table neighbour, husband? The Security Officer was standing outside…You had to call for help!«, Palmina’s mum asked very disappointed.

But »HE« did not answer…

»He lost now all his Jade,
he lost all his Silver,
and he lost all the whole family money –
He is now a poor man – and his children are poor now also, his wife is poor also…
No one wants now to talk with them…And the criminals will lie about them and will say ‚No,no, they are rich… they are not victims of the dark-sugar-earth-social-dark-network..they are soooooo rich….‘
Why didn’t you inform the safety-officer. Should all people in the world now think:
On that island only criminals have a free live and all other have to follow strict rules. This is ‚correct‘ – this is ’not correct‘- Talk only with THIS and not with THEM – We should always follow rules on that island, but no one puts these criminals into jail…?
…Is that the future of our beautiful island? Is it what you teach to our son…?
Is he a member of that ‚Church of security‘?…
Did you allow him to go to this fake religion?…«

But HE did not answer. He looked around, his nose up like being arrogant. And he ignores his wife. He looked around as she is not his wife. He looked searching around the restaurant as he waits for another person…

A high-safety-security-officer asked the waiter of that restaurant: »Did this criminals often came to your restaurant?«

– »Oh,noo..today they came the first time. But this man, over there, he is with a false name, he is member of the ‚Church of security‘ and the ‚dark sugar earth social network….Over there…Do you see him….He tried to pay me 2000 Venetian Dollars that I should not tell anybody that he is often here. He is collecting information about rich families of that island for Mr.Cambridge and reading their private letters and also destroying it. He is often with rich families here and he seems also to give them sometimes this ‚dark sugar earth‘ – I heard this sugar is dangerous: It is the reason of diabetes, adipositas and caries and the people loose control of themselves and they wont more and more of this ‚dark sugar earth‘.
Here are the 2000 Venetian Dollars – I don’t want this money«

»Thank you for all that information, Signora. We have to inform the local authorities about this man… How is his fake name in the ‚dark sugar earth network’…«, the Officer said and thought: „»We need to observe this man for a short time to find out which criminal network he has… «
The Waiter gave the 2000 Venetian Dollar to the officer and the criminal man saw this. He stood up and went fast out of the restaurant.

The officer gave three other officers with weapons directives to follow this man discretely and silently and if he runs away he should be arrested.

* * *

As Miao Shan – Guan Yin – showed them this secret, Palmina was very sad.

»Oh no,…my father is guilty on this poor man. He did not help this man and his family… Oh no, oh…noooooo.. how respect-less he is to my mum….Yes, he is a backer… But also backers has a feeling for honour and correctness….a real backer would help in this situation…My father is only interested in money, money, money… I hope his son is not member of that ‚dark sugar earth social-network‘.
Oh, no… I always thought, that my father is an authority because he knows the difference between good and evil. He is strict to correct people and speechless against injustice people.«

* * *

After that, the Guan Yin showed them also:

At late night Palmina’s father was very cruel to the poor Chinese women.
She was in the 1st floor of that restaurant. He was violent to her and she cried.
She does not know what happened in the restaurant below.
She does not know how he really is to others.
She was very shy and he often hurts her cruelly.
She does not know that he is a backer-business-man and
she does not know that he is here with his wife and with his daughter.

* * *

As Palmina saw this in the Peony-Gondola Vision, she saw the first time how cruel father was to this poor Chinese women and she cried.
»Poor women. If we could help her at this day….But it is now years ago…«

Palma put his arm around her and tried to help Palmina covering her with is heartfelt love.

»What did your father had to do with this poor women…«
»Maybe he left our family for her years ago…«
»In the year 1571 our island was taken by the Ottomans by 60.000 troops and they killed all people there… we had only to move back to Venice to save our lives. Maybe the little poor lady went to an other country and waited for HIM there.
Yes, maybe father left us all because of her…
But he was also so violent to her than to us – to me and to mum…«

»Yes, maybe, Palmina, and his son went also with him…he is maybe also a member of the ‚dark sugar earth‘ – social-network and has the permission to read and erase letters of other persons…«

»Oh no, this Mr. Cambridge destroyed our family… We will never be a family again…I am so lucky to be with you Palma…«
After a while of silence she said: »Palma?..«
– »Hmmm..?«
»Did you know that mum likes you?…«
Palma turned his face to her and smiled.
Then he hold her soft-strongly with his arm and kissed her the first time longer.
And both hugged and their hearts connected, much intensive then ever.

* * *

Saint Lucia, »Sante Lucia«, standing on a pink-white cloud, smiled to them down and her eyes looking friendly like the Chinese Princess Mio Shan and she sent their blessings to them.

They heard a beautiful music like that:

VIDEO: [Music Roses 2018-07-01] : old https://vimeo.com/277849542 new: https://youtu.be/jJVXvsv8P2M

(to be continued…)