1. »Palma il Giovane – The Peony Gondola« – Mandolin solo Inspiration I – by Gerald Spitzner

1. »Palma il Giovane – The Peony Gondola«

– Mandolin solo Inspiration I – by Gerald Spitzner

· 470 years ago Palma il Giovane lived (* ~1548 in Venice; † 1628 Venice) in Venice (Italy), who was a famous painter and pupil of the great master Titian.
At Venice his painting was presented the first time in a little church. He saw her the first time in his live. She played very beautifully the Lute. After the concert he spoke with her about her beautiful concert and thanked her very much. He spoke with her about the names of the strings of her beautiful instrument. And she was very lucky to explain him the names of the strings. And there was a light-beam coming directly from the church window to that place where they stood. He wanted to see her again but he had no address, he had only her name „Palmina“.
So after a long time it happened during an early morning in Venice that Palma il Giovane went through a very tight and very short street.
Suddenly he met her again in this street:
She was carrying tiny white breads which where freshly backed. Palma made some pantomimic movings with his fingers in the air. It looked like he was playing Lute. Palmina smiled very happy.
As they so meet each other again they smiled and said no word and looked smiling into their eyes. She allowed him to sniff on the fresh tiny fine breads. He sniffed and she sniffed also, both smiling and looking each others into their eyes.
Without saying any word they met again in the next morning in this little street. This they made every early morning in this short tiny street without speaking any words while smiling and looking into their eyes and sniffing at the fresh fine white little breads which where backed fresh and transported by Palmina through this tiny street.
But on one day she was not here on that morning and Palma was very sad because he didn’t not know where she is living here in Venice. Suddenly he heard her playing the Lute. So he raised his eyes up to the windows over the lovely little garden on the right side which was on the other site of the tiny wall and he saw a lot of open windows and he could not figure out from which window Palminas Lute music is coming from and decided to run home and bring his MANDOLINE.
As he heard that she is playing so beautifully he listened to her music. After she stopped playing for a while he started to play on his Mandoline this music:

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[video-link]: https://vimeo.com/250000429

composed and played by Gerald Spitzner, Jan.2018


(To be continued…)

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Todays ART Expressing #Hope…

Todays ART Expressing #Hope (Violin+Viola) click to listen:
For lonely and ill – Für Einsame und Kranke

Violin + drawing: Renate Spitzner
Viola: Gerald Spitzner


#music, #dedication, #musicANDdrawing, #ViolinViola, #musicDedication #mywork

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Pianistin, älteste Holocaust Überlebende im Alter von 110 Jahren gestorben

 Alice Herz-Sommer

Am 23.Februar 2014 verstarb die legendäre Pianistin Alice Herz-Sommer (* 26. November 1903 in Prag; † 23. Februar 2014 in London)

Sie war eine ursprünglich österreichische deutschsprachige Pianistin und Musikpädagogin aus Prag, die später die israelische Staatsbürgerschaft annahm. Sie war Überlebende des KZ Theresienstadt, in dem sie über 100 Konzerte gegeben hatte. Sie war die älteste bekannte Überlebende der Shoa.

„Mit drei Jahren saß Alice das erste Mal vor dem Klavier, mit fünf Jahren bekam sie Klavierunterricht. Zudem erlernte sie mehrere Fremdsprachen. In ihrem Elternhaus in Prag verkehrten bekannte Wissenschaftler, wie etwa Sigmund Freud, sowie Musiker, Schauspieler und Schriftsteller wie Franz Kafka, der für Alice wie ein älterer Bruder war und oft mit ihr spazieren ging.“ können wir bei Wikipedia lesen.



Alice Herz-Sommer, also known as Alice Sommer, (26 November 1903 – 23 February 2014) was a pianist, music teacher, and supercentenarian from Bohemia, and a survivor of the Theresienstadt concentration camp, where she was sent by the Nazis because of her Jewish origins. One of the few supercentenarians known for reasons other than their longevity, she lived in Belsize Park in London from 1986 until her death, and at the age of 110 was the world’s oldest known Holocaust survivor.

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„The Lady In Number 6“

INFO SEE also: http://www.tomgrossmedia.com/mideastdispatches/archives/001149.html

[#] Alice Herz-Sommer, oldest known Holocaust survivor, musik, music

‚For Nelson Mandela‘ (Artwork dedication)

Nun habe ich als Österreichischer Komponist
eine Widmung für Nelson Mandela gespielt:
„For Nelson Mandela“
(Bitte Link unten anklicken um das Musikstück zu hören)

Artwork dedication ‚For Nelson Mandela‘
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Orgel+Violine video R.I.P. Rissos Dolphin Family – abused and murdered 2013-11-16 at Cove (Japan)

Dieses Musik-video ist unsere Widmung an die Rissos Delphin Familien –
misshandelt und ermordert (grausam) in der COVE (Taiji, Japan)

This music-video is our art-dedication for the Rissos Dolphin Family:
R.I.P. Rissos Dolphin Family – abused and murdered 2013-11-16 at Cove (Japan)

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