7. The big Chinese Reception at the Doge-palace in Venice (Palma il Giovane music inspiration 8)

The big Chinese Reception at the Doge-palace in Venice

(Palma il Giovane music inspiration)

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Doge’s Palace Sala del Senato at Venice – paintings by Tintoretto und Palma il Giovane

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„Do you think the Chinese princess did feel that Marco Polo is coming into her live? I mean a women can feel that something is going on…“,
Palma asked Palmina, because he was inspired.

„Maybe, women can feel more things between HEAVEN and EARTH as others…Maybe they dreamed from each other before they met the first time.“, Palmina made a short accord on her Lute playing the Notes „A-D-E-a“ together as a soft arpeggio very poetic and tender. Palma was inspired again and made again some drawings of her playing the Lute – Palma is famous for his fast drawings…

Travels of Marco Polo

„Did they have children?“
„Maybe…There is an official version of Marco Polo’s life and a version the people of Venice are telling since his arrival in Venice…In 400 years the historic knowledge will be sure an other version then what the people observed here in Venice.“

„What kind of music the Chinese people have?…and what kind of drawing they have?…Are there different nature philosophic IMAGES?“

Palma looked suddenly to the heaven thinking strongly and then he said:“Palmina, did you know the news of Venice?
„No…tell it!“
… but it is a secret!“
„Ok, I will not talk to anyone…“
„You know my mum is organizing always concerts for the government of Venice, now the mightiest state in the world…“
„Yes, yes you told me…“, Palmina said it with a soft voice.

Junk-Ship from China visiting Venice

„Now a big ship from Asia, from China, has arrived the borders of Venice.
The ship is so big that they wait outside at the Lido and sent a little ship for announcing their arrival.
The Government of Venice is now planing a big Chinese Reception at the Doge-palace here in Venice! There will be Chinese guests – hundreds – bringing presents to Venice – Chinese artists will make a greeting performance for our Venice government – they will bring also paintings from China and asked Titian to draw portraits of 44 important Chinese women – Titian asked me to do this work because this is too much for him – AND they want to hear a few music pieces for Lute and I should compose some music as present…“
„Oh…that’s great, Palma, this is your chance! Paint the Chinese guests and compose for them…but who will…?“
„…you mean who should perform my music…?“, Palma asked her, „…Of course you Palmina, you play that fantastically !!! I LOVE YOU playing my creations!“
„But our love, our relation is secret – None knows that we are friends!“, Palmina had her soft voice again.
„…and you are no official member of the Titian Artists Gallery so I have to ask my mum to organize an official invitation by the government of Venice for you to be a permanent soloist of the Doge-palace. Would you…?“
Palmina started to smile like the sun, stood up and jumped into to air putting her arms around Palma and kissed him tender and soft hundred times.
„That would you do for me? Really?“
„Oh, this is ok…I like you and you are the best Lute of the State of Venice…Mum, which is also a good musician and composer, will manage that. BUT don’t tell anyone before the invitation comes. Your family will be surprised if the Doge’s palace-safety-guards come to your home and overhanding the official invitation personally asking your father for agreement…“
Palmina said with her soft voice:“Yes, but why this will be such a giant act, this invitation…?“
„You know, that there are sometimes criminals who steal personal messages or letters. The government has realized that it is not possible to write a normal letter because someone will erase it for sure…“
„Ohh..oh..I see what an important invitation this is and a big honor!“
„Yes, it is a big honor also for your family…“, said Palma.

After a while of silent thinking Palma said:“But how can I give you the music score for the performance in the Doge’s Palace for over hundred of Chinese guests?“
„Hmm…don’t send with the normal post…it is too dangerous!“

„We have to meet again here with the Gondola on that island. Here we are alone with the animals.“
The animals are knowing Palma very well, he always has some bread for them. And now Palmina brought so much fine little Venetian breads. They also liked Palmina. She also loves flowers and animals…

Birds at the secret island

„And Palmina, don’t tell it to anyone, before it is official…None of your family or friends, no word to your brother…“
If your father has agreed officially than you go straight with your Lute with the guards to the Doge’s Palace at the Saint Marco Place to make a test-play with your Lute. I think this will be no problem for you, isn’t it? But tell none who made this invitation possible. It is a good moment for us artists in Venice! The Titian-Gallery has a good position at the Doge’s Palace!“

Venice (Italy), Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace) –   Sala del Senato (1574 paintings by Palma il Giovane and Tintoretto).

If you have the job you are as female artist accepted and you will be specially protected by the Doge’s Palace. You will be a V.I.P of Venice.
None may touch or abuse you any more, not even your relatives, because you are protected by the state of Venice. Your talent will be protected.
„Oh, I am so looking forward!!!“, Palmina smiled so inspiring.

Palma made some fast drawing of her as she was smiling.
„…we will see Chinese Art, Chinese Music and Chinese Painting, maybe Chinese Poesies …“
„…and you, Palma, will paint 44 Chinese Women…sure they are very beautiful…“-„Yes, So much paintings! more than a year of painting work!!! This is for master Titian to much….44 woman…“

Palmina smiled and looked into Palmas eyes:
„Really 44 Chinese women?….really?…Palma?…really?“

Palmina and Palma started to make jokes…

„…shure they are all very beautiful..hm?…“

Painting by Palma il Giovane – Doge’s Palace, Venice

„This is the first visit by Chinese people since a long time.
The Venetian people do not know how Chinese people look like…There are no paintings here to look at…Maybe they are very beautiful…“

„…maybe some Princess will be there…“

„… But we can not speak Chinese, Palma…“
„…They have an translator for Venetian and Chinese language. No problem of communication…Its a peace project!“
„Fantastic…! I am so looking forward to play your composition…“, Palmina said with her soft beautiful voice.

This made Palma inside his heart so strong that his mind begun to create the first melodies and she could feel that immediately…

And Palma created her beautiful compositions especially for her in the old Venetian and an old Chinese style.
But Palma was not sure if he made it well but soon they can ask a Chinese Lute player at the big Chinese Reception at the Doge’s Palace in Venice… There will be a group of Chinese artists with traditional Chinese instruments. Palma wanted to see this instruments.

So they met here on the secret island nearly every day to draw, to compose, and to rehearsal the music for „The big Chinese Reception at the Doge’s Palace in Venice“.

left: Doge’s Palace on the Saint Marco Place

Palmina got the official invitation, her test-play went well and she was now member of the V.I.P Doge’s Titian-Artists-Gallery of Venice.

But although she was now the 1.Lute solist of the Doge’s palace she did not get arrogant… She was always PALMINA, the girl with the little fresh breads in the early morning in the small short street with the big heart and with the big music talent playing the Lute from her tiny small room over the small little garden where always sweet birds came to listen to her and to answer her.
But she was now very careful: Letters where really stolen, letters she wrote to Palma and letters which Palma wrote to her…

Stairs at the doge’s Palace in Venice, where Palmina sometimes went

She did not tell anyone that she is 1.solist in the Doge’s Palace, only the other musicians and artists who are members of the Titian-Gallery, are knowing that.
Now she has more freedom about her time then before she got the big musician-job at Venice Government.
Palmina, Palma, his mother and the artists of the Titian-Galery and over hundred of Chinese guests where now looking forward to „The big Chinese Reception at the Doge’s Palace in Venice“.

Listen to Palmas Venetian Chinese Creation about the 8 classic IMAGES of the I-GING:

The 8 Images of the I-GING: VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/252415653


(to be continued…)

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