404. Music Score Video (95c) Violin and Piano by Gerald Spitzner

404. Music Score Video (95c) Violin and Piano by Gerald Spitzner


picture [1]-[5] Music score (95c) Violin and Piano by Gerald Spitzner


01 [95c] Music score of Violin and Piano 95c DSC00818


02 [95c] Music score of Violin and Piano 95c DSC00819


03 [95c] Music score of Violin and Piano 95c DSC00820


04 [95c] Music score of Violin and Piano 95c DSC00821



05 [95c] Music score of Violin and Piano 95c DSC00822


06 [95c] Music score of Violin and Piano 95c DSC00823


07 [95c] Music score of Violin and Piano 95c DSC00824


08 [95c] Music score of Violin and Piano 95c DSC00825



Music score video:
(95c) Violin and Piano by Gerald Spitzner:
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/j8hokQb1FaM


(to be continued…)


403. Music Score Video (89b) Violin and Piano by Gerald Spitzner

403. Music Score Video
(89b) Violin and Piano by Gerald Spitzner

picture [1]-[5] Music score (89b) Violin and Piano by Gerald Spitzner

01 DSC00803 (89b) Vl-Kl by Gerald Spiztzner

02 DSC00804

03 DSC00805

04 DSC00809

05 DSC00807


Music score video:
(89b) Violin and Piano by Gerald Spitzner:
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/IvS2us9Xe9E

(to be continued…)

402. Music Score Video (93f) Violin and Piano by Gerald Spitzner

402. Music Score Video
(93f) Violin and Piano by Gerald Spitzner

[picture 1-5] Music score (93f) Violin and Piano by Gerald Spitzner












Music score video:
(93f) Violin and Piano by Gerald Spitzner:
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/_wWCtIVu2vM

(to be continued…)

401. Music Score Video – Violin and Piano (93e)

401. Music Score Video – Violin and Piano (93e)

[picture 1-12] Music Score Violin and Piano (93e) composed by Gerald Spitzner













































Music Score Video – Violin and Piano (93e)
music composed by Gerald Spitzner
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/XPF2vgs1glI

(to be continued…)





400. Yellow Rose Inspirations

400. Yellow Rose Inspirations


[picture] wide open corridor in the clouds of Planet Venus over huge Continent Ishtar Terra]



„Today I wrote you a private Message via facebook messenger…“

Palma smiled because he could feel her positive thoughts very strong today in the morning.

„Yes, Palmina. I could feel this in my heart and nevertheless the handy made today a tone to show me that you wrote something to me…

Today I dreamed 3 times intensive about you.:.“

Palmina smiled lucky that his heart could receive her lovely tender thoughts – although as her message had been read by some facebook admins (illegally) and although that they erased her private message.



„What did your Uncle discover at Planet Venus…

how is the next chapter going on which your Uncle wrote for Kids?“

„Oh, the next chapter…I am still writing my remembering about him … it will be soon finished

But I tell you:

The expedition brought a lot of photographic material.

They saw huge blocks like elements for huge buildings for giants.

They find out that the blocks have the same material like on earth: Diorite. (like diamond hard material)

„Oh, Palma, there are also the same blocks on earth? Interesting….hmmm

„Yes, my Pigeon. My Uncle made pictures of them…They started to build a whole city, but never finished their huge buildings – immense huge and wide for huge humans…“

01 [picture] Big H-Blocks of Diorite serial formed in ancient time


Palmina put her head on Palma’s side and he gave her a tender kiss as he put his arm around her.

„Wow, I am looking forward to read the next chapter…

did you compose something new – a new inspiration – Flower inspirations…?“

„Yes, my Pigeon. Yes, my inspiration. Yellow roses are the symbol of the blessings of the saint virgin…“

„Oh, my Palma…“

Oh, my Saint Cecilia…”

and they heard a music and it was like that:

VIDEO: Violin and Viola (92c) composed by Gerald Spitzner –  https://youtu.be/SZpVuyMBqHE


…and both are now thinking at each other at this 23 p.m. Peony Gondola time.

Now their hearts are connected deeply.


(to be continued…)



399. The Secret Streets at Sacajawea Lake


399. The Secret Streets at Sacajawea Lake

During the next night Palma il Giovane heart at 00:50 a.m. Pigeons loud making together “Groo, Groooooo, Grooooo” and “Groooooo, Groo – Groooooo, Goo” very excited.

Palma looked out of his window, but it was dark in the night.

Whats the matter, my Pigeons?”, Palma whispered to them.

The Pigeons tried to transmit Palmina’s new “Secret Conversation Message”.

Now Palma understood that Palmina tried to send her a message – in this moment…

* * *

Later, as they met at 23 p.m. in the Peony Gondola Palma wanted to ask if…

Palmina put her finger on her lips and looked into Palma’s eyes.

Palma smiled and understood…

Now they continued to read Palma’s new chapter:

Uncle Vily – Back to Earth


[18.] Amazing Flight to Sacajawea Lake on Planet Venus (part 3)


[picture 1] Triangle landing Area (right up), The “Big Wall” (middle right top), Danu Mountains (middle left)

…We are amazed standing on the area which we called “Wall”. We saw the wide “south-view” over Planet Venus looking at the Area where the Oceans are. On the right side there is the yellow light of the rising sun in the west horizon (60 days till the sun is in the south at “Midday”). Will the Planet stand still in the future and rotate in the other direction?”

We saw also the “north-view” behind us with the “Streets”, and also my colleagues said “there are signs of «artificial working» beside the streets”.


[picture 2 ] South view over Lakshmi Terra (behind the Oceans), left the “Big Wall”, Sacajawea Planum (middle) and the deep-region of the Danu Mountains (middle up)

Maybe the “Ancient Terra Forming” was first to create the “Sacajawea Lake” and bringing the “digging-out-material” to the south borders of the Lakshmi Terra Region, where the streets are ending. It looks also that the “North-side” of the “Danu Mountains” have the same Terra Forming at the foot of the Danu Mountains at the north side. The reason could be: Collecting fresh water from the mountains to have water for a future civilization. The area there, at the foot of the Danu mountains, seemed to be as big as the “Adriatic Sea” on earth in Europe. A lot of Material had been dug out and brought over the borders of Lakshmi Terra and pushed down into the Ocean.

But why they stopped suddenly their Terra Forming working – what happened?

* * *

Palmina stopped reading the chapter and thought a while.



I tried today to send you an end-to-end encrypted message on facebook messenger 10 minutes before 8 a.m. in the morning after my time dimension.

I asked the Pigeons in your garden to tell it to you.

Yes, Palmina. The Pigeons talk to me and I understood them and looked if facebook messenger really sent me your “end-to-end- encrypted” message of the “Secret Conversation” – Message – feature of facebook messenger.

And now it is clear: facebook administrators can even read secret end-to-end-encrypted private message between two messenger users.”

Oh, Palma… What does this mean?

What does this mean in history of communication?”

Maybe that facebook administrators are paid by fanatic religious people to read private message.

..or let’s say it in other words: facebook administrators earn money with reading encrypted message or they are selling them to those who pay or they are paid to erase them… It is maybe the dark influence of the church of “Steal and Plunder

Yes, you said it yesterday: This church stole a lot of money from your family.”

My Aunt was from the protestant religion… But it is not the only reason why they are doing Cyber crimes…think on all the victims of child prostitution…all their facebook accounts and messenger are hacked by admins…

So I think we both are not the only one which private message are read and erased by admins – How much people on earth have this problem with facebook and Co.?

Maybe Thousands or even million users. Yes, I think facebook admins are reading a lot of private end-to-end encrypted message and I heart and could read in the news paper that they are selling it to religious communities and their financial representatives… In one online petition against facebook it was possible to read that facebook admins sold private encrypted messages of messenger users to NETFLIX to earn money.”

How good to be and to met together at 23 p.m. in our Peony Gondola!”

Yes, Palma our hearts can communicate from heart-to-heart.

Palmina smiled and gave Palma a little tender soft cheek kiss and Palma could feel it. But Palmina was a little bit sad that not even an end-to-end encrypted message is secure from facebook administrators.

Yes, Palmina thinks what all now on Planet Earth are thinking:

Only a new strict “Digital Communication- and Social Media Law” can protect our private messages in the future and only a neutral “Open Source”-algorithm should be prescribed in every social media.

Now they hugged and after a while they continued to read Palma’s new chapter:

* * *


[picture 3] Sacajawea Lake (left top), The Big Wall (middle), Landing Triangle (right below)

…After all these impressions on making photos and filming we took our flight directly along the “straight line” to the “Sacajawea Lake”.

Our flight was along the huge, wide and big “streets”. We could see that, left and right of the “streets”, had been “digging out-hills” maybe from immense huge working machines (We could not see exactly if there are still huge machines there).

As we came nearer and nearer we tried also to fly very tight over the surface of Planet Venus, but with a slower speed. We wanted to explore an area, which was looking like a “little city” with buildings for huge living beings, much bigger than on earth.

As long we are following the “orientation signal”, to find the automatic fuel station, which landed here remote controlled by the Venus-Orbit-Station Team, we realized that we can not fly too much around.

We had enough fuel but:

What if the fuel station is damaged or refilling is not possible? In that case we have to fly back from where we came. The more fuel we have the more we can explore on our way back.

We have soon to refill the tanks of our “Venus-Dragon-fly” and find that automatic-fuel-station.

What is the right decision?

1.) Explore the “Venus City” at Sacajawea Patera before we are refilling the fuel? Or:

2.) Refilling our tanks and after that exploring the “City”? Or even:

3.) Explore the “City” before we are refilling the fuel and then refilling our “Venus Dragonfly” a 2nd time and then flying back to space ship?

I made some calculations during the pilots had to find the fuel station to take no risk.

The signal became stronger as we flight along the Lake. (It has the size of the Black Sea on Earth in Europe!)

There, the station is maybe on the left side beside the Lake!”, one Pilot said.

Now our “Venus-Dragon-fly” moved fast down and we could feel it like we are in a fast high speed elevator in a high building. Our astronauts stayed calm – they are trained to move in the “free fall” or to move in space without gravity.

On Earth we trained it flying along the “Parable-curve-flight”. This is a way of simulation of “zero gravity”.


[picture 4] Danu Mountains (left), Sacajawea Planum (middle left up) and the “Big Wall” (middle right)

Again the radio signal became stronger, so we made the right turn!

I filmed from our small side window to document the structures we could see.

This lake was artificially “dug-out” along huge spiral-formed-streets around the Lake. This looks like those huge dig-wholes we have on planet earth.

For us was now only one question in our brains and thoughts:

Will the automatic fuel station be OK so that we can use it?

Is it possible to make an remote refilling without going out?

Can we explore the “Venus City” at the Sacajawea Lake?

(to be continued….)


398. Difficult communication between Planet Venus and Earth

398. Difficult communication between Planet Venus and Earth

And Palmina continued to read the next chapter:

* * *

Uncle Vily – Back to Earth
[17.] Amazing Flight to Sacajawea Lake on Planet Venus (part 2)

03[picture] of Sacajawea Patera on Planet Venus

“[…] It makes us to feel so small in this “ancient world of giants”. After a while we reached the same height which Lakshmi-Planum-Plateau has. In this moment, suddenly we saw the wide Plateau rising behind the Wall very fast.”

And slowly we could figure out where Sacajawea Lake is.
Between “Siddons Patera” and the Lake, in the middle of Lakshmi Terra there was something surprising looking like big and wide “streets”, like artificially made, but much bigger and wider than on earth.
We tried to describe this with short words for the “Earth Station”, but our communication from the surface from Planet Venus with the Earth Station was not easy and never directly:
The radio signals are first sent to the orbital space station, which is moving around planet Venus. After receiving it, it takes minutes to send to Earth.
We can only communicate with Earth via “short audio messages”, recorded on a portable audio-tape-machine. This audio message has to be sent “repeated” several times, this is especially useful if a part of the message could not be received on Earth or if sometimes the radio signal was to weak to understand some words. (The same problem we had on Planet Mars, especially if the Earth was exactly “behind” our big sun.)

After 30 minutes flying “straight ahead” we found an landing place on the “Big Wall” at Siddons Patera.
What will happen if the Earth Station defines that this “Wall” and the “Streets” had been artificially created? We tried to transmit directly the visual impression with using TV-cameras. (in colour!)
So we used the first color television cameras in history for transmitting video signals to Earth via the Venus Orbital Station.
(Not all people have even a black-white TV at home on planet earth at this time and sure no one has any color TV…)
We used also the first color monitors in our space ships. – It was also used at the “Trip to the 2nd sun” [see my chapter] to see what is outside our spaceship, to see this in colors, because we didn’t dare to look long at the red-orange light of the sun.)
Our Radar Monitors brought also a good view of the surface of Planet Venus.
Again we went out and made our photos and films.
It was also very risky to walk outside on Venus:
99 times more pressure as on earth, because the weight of the “Venus-clouds”, which are 5 time higher than on earth, are so heavy.
We have to thank all people who helped to develop this “astronaut-cloth” and we want to think about all who lost their health and life during the development of this cloth, which are not mentioned in the history of space missions!
[My uncle often lit a candle for all his colleagues who died in the past]
My personal view is this: Man mission is very risky (!) and a lot of people give their life before there is any success.

Therefore: UN-MANNED-SPACE-MISSION are quite more efficient! It is more efficient sending probes to planets like
dwarf Planet Ceres and
dwarf planet Pluto or even
dwarf Planet “Triton” of Neptun’s Orbit to explore if there are signs of any ancient civilization or so called “Terra forming” from an ancient time.
In our time we have no fast “electron-brain-calculators” [my Uncle means simply what we call today “Computers”] . But if the time makes it possible to use them in the future in little unmanned space missions we can send automatic computers to the planets to explore them or to “re-plant” them. Yes, this makes sense! (Man mission should only made if the landing area is really a secure place – maybe through Terra Forming). During the next 800 years it would be possible to re-plant Planet Mars with vegetation, to develop slowly an oxygen-atmosphere which protects the surface of Planet Mars from very dangerous “cosmic radiation” and to transform the whole surface so that there is no more radioactivity any more. But no man should go there any more till this had been done by secure working robots for planting vegetation.
I hope this novel will make the right inspirations to all future readers.
So I continued to report:

We are amazed standing on the area which we called “Wall”. We saw the wide “south-view” over Planet Venus looking at the Area where the Oceans are. On the right side there is the yellow light of the rising sun in the west horizon (60 days till the sun is in the south at “Midday”)
Will the Planet stand still in the future and rotate in the other direction?

(to be continued…)“

* * *

And after Palmina also read this new chapter Palmina said:


„The communication between two Planets seems to be quite simpler than using facebook messenger in the 21st century…“

„Yes, Palmina the communication, which the explorers of the Venus-Mars-Mission used, had been quite better than this facebook messenger – it is not the securest and technical best developed standard…A lot of people are using „Telegram“ and „Signal“ (I am also on Telegram and Signal with the same phone number I am on Whats app)

„Oh Palma, do you think that someone is reading our message and erasing especially my message to you…?“

„Yes, I am sure – they have got money to block our communication… Maybe from the „church of plunder and steal“? (They have stolen a lot of money from my Aunt 20 years ago)
It is not end-to-end encrypted communication. So 3rd persons are able to read our message since years and than they erase it.
Today the pigeons and birds in the garden told me that you send me a facebook messenger message and I saw some hearts in the clouds on the sky – they are from you isn’t it?“

Palmina smiled shy and Palma could understood and he could feel that she send also a heart-to-heart message to him.

Palma hugged Palmina and Palmina hugged Palma.

After a while Palma said:

„Do you know that there is a „Secret Conversation“-feature on facebook messenger which is end-to-end-encrypted?“
„Yes, but how can I use it and send you with this a secure message?“
„Look, Palmina. Here is your facebook Messenger…And here is  my user-account. We started a long creative conversation years ago with sending each other music score and audio-message since months. Do you remember I received your self recorded audio-files where you are playing on your instrument for me?“

„Yes, Palma, Yes!“
„Look you go to our chat-protocol with me and here: on the top-right side up is a little „i“, tipp on it – and then choose „Got to Secret Conversation“ and send the same message here.
Facebook grants that the message is „end-to-end encrypted“ so that no 3rd person or not even a facebook administrator can read it…“

„Oh, really Palma…Wooooh!…“

Palmina smiled lucky.

Will Palmina write an end-to-end-encrypted facebook Messenger Message to Palma il Giovane?
Will the Message arrive him without any hack-attack by cyber-criminals?

(to be continued…)

397. Palma’s new chapter about Uncle Vily from the 20th century

397. Palma’s new chapter about Uncle Vily from the 20th century

And after they saw this Peony Gondola Vision they where lucky to communicate with music with their hearts.
Also they remembered their time they had at the 13th century…

After a while sitting together in the Peony Gondola at 23 p.m. Palmina touches Palma’s right hand and he could feel it – Palma smiled.

Palmina asked: „Palma?“


„Did you write also a new chapter about your childhood rememberings about your Uncle from the 20th century?“

„Yes, Palmina, my Pigeon, my inspiration…
I wrote chapter 16. how they fly to the Sacajawea lake on Planet Venus“

Here is the Text of the new Chapter:

Uncle Vily – Back to Earth
[16.] Amazing Flight to Sacajawea Lake on Planet Venus (part 1)

„After waiting for the message of the “Earth Station” for getting the orders for
„diving or flying up“ we planed to fly over the immense big walls
of Ishtar Terra to inspect the south „Danu Mountains“ and later the Lakshmi
Terra region and its 2 Lakes (if possible). […]“

Often I went down to make a break and went in the garden which aunt Sophie and Aunt Fanny created so beautifully with their special Rose flowers.
I often smelled on them and then I felt lucky and today I heard the little birds, making their beautiful tweets, as if they are speaking to me.
I thought a long time about Uncle Vily’s Venus and Mars Mission, walking around in our little garden.
* Will they fly to “Sacajawea Lake” first before inspecting the Danu Mountains?
* Was the Sacajawea Lake and the North-area of the “Danu Mountains” artificially made for collecting fresh water while the Oceans in the south of the Isthar Terra Continent is Salty-Sea-Water?

After I breath the fresh and clear morning air in our garden I could not wait to continue to read Uncle Vily’s novel for the youth and for children.
I run fast the stairs up in the 1st floor, before that I passed today the Piano without forgetting playing on it an own composition. I sat down again on Uncle Vily’s working table with scientific material and photos from the Planet Venus Mission.
Carefully I picked up the official protocol material and the the papers of his novel. I tried to compare the material, but as a young boy I was not thinking like a scientist…
I continued to read:
“…We realized that it is better to fly first along the straight line which is formed from our landing place at the 0° – Meridian in the South area of Ishtar Terra and the Sacajawea Lake and the Colette Lake and our actual landing place on the triangle-area with the highest hill on it.
One point was that we have more fuel for special exploration flights to explore something interesting and after that we start to fly to our “Automatic fuel station” at the Sacajawea Lake (We have to search for the exact landing place with using the positioning signal which comes from that station).
If the station is damaged we can use our remained fuel to flight back to the 0°-degree meridian where our space ship with our waiting colleagues.
We have not to make any risk.

I write about taking “no risk”:
My colleague and I had been actually asked to go out to make some high quality photos and films while the others stay in the “Venus-Dragon-Fly”.
This was a very dangerous job! We accepted this request but we asked also if we do this we want to have the permission not to have to go outside the stations on Planet Mars (The dangerous radio activity and the cosmic radiation – in our point of view as scientists – is more risky to die on Mars as these short minutes on Venus – As long we will have no storm on Mars – and we had no storm for the first 60 days – it is really not very risky, BUT if a storm comes on Mars we all could die within seconds.)
So we went out on Venus – we could hardly move and we looked rather not like astronauts, we both looked like deep sea divers. Finally we made our high quality photos and films in colors.
Our colleagues from inside the “Venus-Dragon-Fly” waved to us and made some funny photos of us asking us if we have seen some Whales or Dolphins.
They asked us “to move a little bit to the right” or “a little bit to the left” so we are standing perfectly before the “Big Wall” for a good photo.

[picture 1] “The Big Wall” on Planet Venus (left) and our “tringle-landing-place” (middle) and its highest point like a mountain from where we made the first pictures of Planet Venus

The “Big Wall” looks so near on our photos but it is quite over 200 km far away and it will take 1000 km within two hours to reach “Sacajawea Lake” from here, if we fly directly with a speed of 500km/h along the calculated “straight line”.
But the “Earth Station” send us a radio message a few minutes ago and asks us to land on the “Big Wall” to make some photos and films. We should find out if the 500 km long “Big Wall” has signs of artificially Terra forming.
Again my colleague and I should go out to document this with our high definition photos- and film cameras.


[picture 2] map of the west-part of Continent “Ishtar Terra” on Planet Venus (Lakshmi) with Sacajawea Lake (middle) and Danu Mountains (left)

And after a few minutes we started to fly to the big and immense long Wall.
As we lift off we felt the fast and soft moving of our “Venus Dragon Fly” and we realized how the perspective changed. Slowly the big mountain on the “triangle area” was going to be smaller and smaller behind us while the “Big Wall” seemed not to move – nevertheless this was an amazing view! (I filmed this)
It makes us to feel so small in this “ancient world of giants”. After a while we reached the same height which Lakshmi-Planum-Plateau has.
In this moment, suddenly we saw the wide Plateau rising behind the Wall very fast.

(to be continued…)

Chapter 16 – Link:
[16.] https://unclewillybacktoearth.wordpress.com/2021/02/03/16-amazing-flight-to-sacajawea-lake-on-planet-part-1/

Read also other Chapters: https://unclewillybacktoearth.wordpress.com

396. „Marco Polo Variations“ rememberings on Giorgio Maggiore in Venice

396. „Marco Polo Variations“ rememberings on Giorgio Maggiore in Venice


 [ picture]  music score of the CANTICO HYMNUS Melody by Gerald Spitzner *)

After they saw and they heard this Peony Gondola Music Vision Palmina smiled lucky and gave Palma a tender cheek kiss.
„Oh, thank you Palma. You played so nice for me on your Mandolin.
Does it mean that some parts of your Mandolin-part in this music score is also possible to play by my Pipa instrument?“

And Palma smiled like Marco Polo once did as he smiled to his Chinese Princess, which he married in China in the 13th century, as he was here on that island in Venice with her in the Secret Gardens of Venice and Palma nodded wordless.

Palma took his Mandolin and played the Melody of the „Marco Polo Variation“ and now they remembered the composition „Marco Polo Variation“ which Palma composed years ago for his innocent Pigeon as insert of the part 12 of the „Cantico delle Creature“ (The Song of Sun)

VIDEO: (Mandolinsolo „Spring Melody Hymnus“ https://youtu.be/PNgiJ_cT7Jo

Palmina took her Pipa and played the Melody of this Variation and sung the text of the short Melody *)

„Sun, Moon, Stars, Wind, Fire, Mother Earth –
Heaven, Water, Wood and Thunder, Lake, Earth and Mountain“

The music was like that:

VIDEO: »Marco Polo Variation« **) (Pipa solo) from Cantico Delle Creature (part 12)
composed by Gerald Spitzner (Piano solo-version)


*) for music score – see Chapter 182. The Cantico Hymnus) – > https://geraldspitzner.wordpress.com/2018/12/28/182-the-cantico-hymus/

**) for music score – see Chapter 148. The Secret of the „Marco Polo Variation“) -> https://geraldspitzner.wordpress.com/2018/10/17/148-the-secret-of-the-marco-polo-variation/

(to be continued…)

395. Secret Garden Fantasy (1) as Mandolin (Pipa) – Piano Version

395. Secret Garden Fantasy (1) as Mandolin (Pipa) -Piano Version


[ picture ] – painting by Palma il Giovane – Portelle organo di Palma il Giovane 1628

They continued to dream their Peony Gondola Dreaming Vision like that:

During Palma played now on the Organ at Giorgio Maggiore in Venice
he remembered that Palmina spoke to the Pigeons and birds to transmit Palma a secret message:

„Dear Palma!

I am now preparing my concert and in a few minutes I am entering the stage with my music instrument.
I see and fell that you are still sleeping in your bead but the birds in your garden under your window will wake you up and tell you my bird-message. I can feel now that you are smiling. For a moment – I have this time – I will be with you and I send you a tender hug and a few heart-to-heart kisses.

Palma, I will perform today a music piece, composed by you for me. I am sure that the Intrigues of Cardinal Herodes (I mean Cardinal Well) and Cardinal Beauty and Mon Signore Saulus from Austria cannot do any intrigues against our concerts in the future any more – Their influence is going slowly down. I can feel this, right where I am now playing my concert. Maybe they have to go to prison like their criminal colleague again soon.
During the pest-epidemic it is not easy to make concerts and to paint, we both know this – We saw how Master Titian felt weak because of the Pest-epidemic in the year 1574-1576, as I played on my Lute private concert in his family flat for him during you helped him to paint Damo – the painting model from Syria – on the famous painting „Pieta“ of Master Titian, which was finally finished by you after his death 1576.
Now, I am ready to play my concert –
Oh, my Palma. I will play it with all my heart and love especially for you, so if you are standing up from your bead and heaving breakfast today, you will feel in your heart my music-performance in my afternoon concert.

I love you my painter, my composer, my writer, my astronomer.

Your Pigeon,
your yellow canary bird,
your „Marco Polo-princess“,
Your Pipa Princess Wang Chao-chun,
Your Saint Cecila,
Your Palmina Albina“

And Palma smiled as he heard her words in his heart, told from a soft female angel-voice while the birds are tweeting and the Pigeons made their “Grooo, Groooooooo”

After Palma il Giovane ended his Organ solo for Palmina on the Organ at the island Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, Palmina came up the steps and as she was with him up at the Organ she said:
„Oh my Palma, you played so nice for me, thank you. I love Organ music…“
Palma said: „I understand, my Pigeon, my Saint Cecilia.
Saint Cecilia loves Organ music isn’t it?“

And both remembered how it was in the year 1510 as the building of this new church was now finished, the Benedictine Monks got 40 million to finish it faster – Palma il Giovane arranged it, with his contacts – but Palma had one whish: He asked the Monks not to trough out the old fine lady Signora M.Czak from Triest from her old private-family flat at the Benedictine Monks on Giorgio Maggiore.
As the church was opened in a solemn ceremony with honor guests of the Republic of Venice a beautiful, solemn composition of the young student Heinrich Schütz from Germany was performed and Palmina played with her instrument.
Palma il Giovane sat in the audience and looked to the musicians.
As he saw Heinrich Schütz he thought silent:
„Maybe he stays in Venice after he finished his studies at Master Gabrieli and will marry my doughter Creszia? She is now old enough… Both like each other – why not! but he tend to go back to Germany to bring the polyphonic knowledge from Venice and all what he learned from Master Gabrieli out in the wide world. So he will take my daughter to the protestant Germany. So Julia will stay in Venice but Creszia and Julia are working and helping hard to finish my paintings. Heinrich Schütz is Protestant and Creszia is born as catholic…Hm,hm. Will they marry? For living in Germany she has to change from catholic to protestant religion. Hm,hm,hm…?“

Palma observed Creszia how lucky she is looking with shining eyes in the direction of Heinrich Schütz.

And after Palma and Palmina had this heart-to-heart Peony Gondola Vision they both smiled because both dream now the same vision.

Now Palma took his Mandolin in his hands.
Palmina smiled and she could feel that Palma has a music surprising for her.

“The Concert for Mandolin-Pipa and Strings “The Secret Garden Fantasy in Venice?”, Palmina said like a little girl, reading Palma’s thoughts.
„You can play it also as Mandolin and Pipa Version…
Listen, Palmina, I play now the Pipa and the Mandolin parts – both – on my Mandolin…“

Palma took his Mandolin and started to play.

During the music Palmina remembered all the inspirations and paintings Palma il Giovane created in Venice in the last years and in a Vision.
They could also see which paintings Palma il Giovane will also paint in the future…

And the music was like that:

VIDEO: Secret Garden Fantasy (1) (Mandolin Version): https://youtu.be/HS6VBR70b2M

Mandolin part (also Pipa part possible): Gerald Spitzner
Piano: Gerald Spitzner

(to be continued…)