417. Palma’s new Chapter about Uncle Vily

417. Palma’s new Chapter about Uncle Vily


And as Palma finished his new chapter about his remembering of Uncle Vily from the 20th century he showed Palmina his new text:

Uncle Vily – Back to Earth


[22.] Mars, Venus, Mercury


60 years ago, at Uncle Viliy’s time, they had no fast and powerful computers and also no really automatic space ships who could made a lot of photos from an other planet. Of course, they sent automatic probe space ships to the planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars and they made photos, but it was not possible to remote control in real time and to react very efficiently..

A remote controlled probe space ship cloud not fly very near along the surface of planet Venus in real-time: So man-mission space exploration was the only option to explore the surface of an other planet and to make photos during the tight flight.

Today of course, we have very good computers on board of automatic probe space ships, and they are getting smaller and smaller, better and faster.

They can be remote controlled from earth and it is no more necessary to send humans on a planet. It is cheaper, faster, more secure and nearly without any risk for loosing the life astronauts.

Today, over 60 years later, no one would send again 20 astronauts to Mars to build there a big space station.

over 60 years old Mars Space Station

[ picture 1 ] Mars-Space-Station after over 60 years

It took so much time to install the space-station there at the beginning.

All this cosmic radiation, radio-active radiation, all the danger – and all this only to bring some pictures and photos home to earth to show how the surface of an other world is looking like:

If I remember all my uncle said and what the others uncles remembers about uncle Vily – they said it was very hard for the astronauts and not very funny.

If you are once on Mars you cannot come back to earth without being changed.

From the point of view of the medicine you can survive for maximum 1 year back on earth.

The human body and its biological functions are changing completely on Mars – Every night at 12.p.m. the magnetic field on Mars changes suddenly 20 times stronger than on earth. This and maybe much other factors are the reason why a human can only survive, back on earth, not more than 12 months, than he dies.

So my Uncle died after one year.

His message is: No man missions space exploration to other planets if it is not really necessary! Remote controlled probe space ships help to do this much better!


On Uncle Vily’s birthday – the 9th of August – I remember that afternoon as it was yesterday – he came back to the family house with garden and as he came in his room on the 1st floor he saw that I have opened the box with the materiel for his Venus-Mission-novel for children. He stood in the door and smiled because, I think, he was lucky that I was reading as first child in history his novel.

Uncle Vily? You made not only photos and filming… There are also audio recordings…”

Ah, yes, Gerald. This is interesting…”

and he sat to me on his scientific table with all his astronomic calculations,

…this has a little previous story:

In my novel I do not describe this but our colleagues had been the first in the orbit of Planet Venus.

-170°C on Venus

[ picture 2 ] -170°C in the clouds of the Pol Region of Planet Venus

They did not fly down to the surface of Venus like we did it, because we did not know if there is also a permanent wind like in the clouds with a speed of 500km per hour. And we also discovered that there are -170°C temperature in the clouds on the Pole region. We did not know which temperature will be at continent Ishtar Terra at the surface of the planet. Is it snowing or melting hot there…

We had to send a probe ship to make also little drilling in the surface of Venus at the Oceans and at the land side and we made a high quality audio recording…”

Wow, can I hear it?”

Yes, look I have a copy of the original tape…”

..Oh, this is an high quality sound document from Planet Venus! Did they transmit it to earth as radio broadcast – but how?”

In the first mission the colleagues did try to send it as radio-transmission to the orbit station but it had too much sound-interference maybe from the thunder electricity at the thin clouds around Venus.”

But how this audio recording came to earth if a direct radio transmission of the audio recording was not possible?”

Yes, that’s why a man mission to the orbit of Venus was realized.

To have control about the probe ship to make some remote controlled fine navigation without any risk on human life and to navigate the automatic probe ship on its way back to the orbit station so thy could get the audio recording, the photos and drilling probe.”

So I see: this way they made their first Venus explorations. And what was the result of the probe material?”

They find out that it is not very windy on the surface of Venus. It is not that dangerous as we thought and the probe ship was secure enough to transport a small team of astronauts and also a little Venus-dragon-fly rocket helicopter.

And with the remote-probe-ship, which was exactly similar constructed as the later man-mission-space-ship-lander, we cloud also try out the landing procedure and the starting back procedure directly flying in the heaven through the upper Y-epsilon arm, which seems to be a stable windows corridor within the thick clouds of Planet Venus.

And the stone material from the Venus Ocean area had the same chemical structure like on the Ocean ground on our planet earth. This was a breakthrough: This means that Venus has the same oceanic history like planet earth, otherwise such material would never be the same like the ocean ground at Earth.

So after that mission it was clear that a man mission to Venus was possible with our technical equipment. Of course in 50 years this will also not be necessary to send man on Venus, Mars or Ceres because programmed remote controlled robot probe ship can do this work much better – but in my generation (the time before you have been born) our technical possibilities were not developed enough to make remote-ship missions. Our automatic ternary calculators are very heavy and can only help to make an automatic landing or start.

But in the future it will not be necessary to send humans to the surface on Venus because the computer-based automatic navigation can better be assisted in the next century.”

* * *

As I hold the scientific material in my hand I saw a sheet of paper with a little Planet near sun and I asked him about these calculations:

Oh, Gerald this was the calculation for an unrealized Mammut project. The Tyche-Mercury-Venus-Mars-Ceres-Mission”

You mean they planed a man mission fly also to Mercury…?”

Yes, Gerald! A plan was to send a 40 man team to the planets, also to Mercury, Venus, then a flyby to earth to increase travel speed and then send 20 astronauts to Mars, others to make a little space station on planet Ceres.”

The space ship was planed to be a double sized space ship then in the Mars Mission, I described it in the novel. It should also have an artificial gravitation with a concentric rotation hall with rooms for the astronauts to sleep inside the rotating spaceship cylinder. Look here are the plans of such a space-ship, never realized, but it was completely planed till the Ceres-Mission. Every second was also planed by a huge scientific team….Look here, Gerald…”

This was like Christmas for me, to see such a huge space mission project and I looked for a while without speaking on all the papers and calculations and graphics and drawings…

But, but what was so interesting about Planet Mercury?”

There is an interesting crater, Gerald. Look here on the Globe…

There is never sunlight shining and this crater has frozen water. There they wanted to make a big space station like on Mars with a mobile solar-shield.”

A big space station on Mercury with a team?”

Yes, 17 Astronauts should live there and explore the Planet within 3 years…”

But is it not much hotter than on Venus there?”

Oh, no, the surface has a few hundred degrees Celsius. Not so hot like on the Equator of Venus at midday. But look, the night side is also very cold.

Special Solar Dragon-Fly helicopter with ionic-rocket power should make it possible to fly a few meters over Planet Mercury without touching the surface. Special isolation helps to protect from UV-Light from the sun. There they can make photos, filming etc…”

But what is so interesting to do this, Uncle Vily?”

Yes, we had some interesting photos from the automatic probe ships with old structures like buildings, like we got from Venus, from Mars and from Ceres.

The 17 astronauts had the Mission to document the fact that millions of years ago someone tried to colonize or to live on Mercury.

Also interesting is the analysis of the Water on Mercury in the frozen Ice and the analysis of the orange colored atmosphere of Mercury.”

Mercury has an orange colored atmosphere?”

Yes, a very thin, Gerald, and the 17 men team was also planed to help to keep the contact between the 20 astronauts on Mars and the 3 astronauts on Ceres with the Earth Station…”

You mean they help to transmit text messages between Mars and Earth but why on Mercury, so far away from Mars and Earth?”

As you could read in our Mars-Mission Novel there is a repeating constellation between Mars and Earth: At that time of over a half year the sun is between Mars and Earth. That means: NO RADIO-TRANSMISSION-CONTACT between Earth and Mars for over 6 months and of course no contact between Ceres and Earth, because Ceres is far behind the night-side of Mars during the Mars-Mission. And look: at the planet constellation in our solar system: Here is Mercury. If Mars sends first to Mercury and Mercury transmits to earth station: Earth can answer.”

This is great, but why not using also an Orbital Team at Venus?”

It was not clear if Venus will have Thunder and electricity in the thick clouds and this maybe disturbers radio-contact.

And, Gerald, this is also interesting:

Planet Mercury is also rotating very, very slow like Venus. This means it is possible also to fly along the day-night terminator – the border line area between day and night on Planet Mercury. The line is moving very slow (on Venus it is moving only 6000 meter per hour (6km/h) this is slow like running slowly along the planet.

And we have also the same advantage like on Venus: along the day-night shadow it is much cooler than on the day-side.

So if there is a reason to land on the surface of Mercury during an exploration-flight and to walk along there, to take probes, photos and so on, the Planets‘ surface has not over hundreds of degrees Celsius and this is not dangerous.”

Ice on Mercury

[ picture 3 ] North Pole Region of Planet Mercury with Shadow Regions with Ice

Oh, Uncle Vily, so the exploration flying team is starting from that “Shadow crater” and is carefully flying along the day-night-zone to make photos from the entire planet. So they fly from pole to pole and backwards, isn’t it?”

Yes, but they have to choose the right day-night horizon…”

Why this?…They can fly along the morning or evening zone from the same Pole-Shadow-crater – what makes the difference?”

Yes, they can do this for the first test flights and this makes no difference to fly along the morning or at the evening twilight zone. But if they make a longer exploration flight this could be dangerous…Do you know why, Gerald?”

Hmmmm…” and I remember looking intensive at the Planet-Mercury-Globe on Uncle Vily’s tables trying to find the answer.

With my fingers I moved from the pole where the icy-cold-”shadow-crater” is and tried to fly along the morning-day-night-border at the east-horizon and also at the west-horizon.

No Idea…only that the sun is rising from the east horizon and the strong sunlight will shine very flat from the left side and at the west evening horizon the sun will shine flat from the right side during the flight, seen from the right window of the Mercury-Dragon-Fly-Ionic-Rocket-helicopter…Am I right?”

Look, Gerald, flying along the morning east horizon has the same warming-up effect like on Venus, but this all without a thick cloud in between.

This means the sunlight is slowly heating up the ground of the Planet and during your flight it is becoming hotter and hotter. But if you flight along the west-evening horizon the sun is slowly setting and it is getting cooler and cooler.”

Oh, I understand in a case of an emergency landing they are not going to be grilled slowly be the sun and the hot stone ground of Planet Mercury!”

Yes, you understand very fast the problem….”

Uncle Vily was proud that I understood all these thinks so fast although I am a child of a musician family since generations and my field is more art and inspiration. I composed a lot of music pieces about planetary music and made some art-music-videos (I love the planets Symphony of Gustav Holst very much).

But Uncle Vily, if the sun is setting on the right window side during filming to the north the exploration ionic-rocket-helicopter has also to move slowly to the right side, a little bit north-north west to have enough sunlight to see the surface of Planet Mercury, isn’t it? And they have also to have sunlight to load the battery of the helicopter with solar-energy!”

Uncly Villy was surprised that I followed all these consequent thoughts without previous explanations.

Yes, they have to fly sometimes directly in the west direction to get more sunlight and to land, to make a break, to take probes and photos, to walk around the planet and to refresh finally the electric batteries with the mobile solar shield with transforming sunlight into electricity.”

I see, if they need more solar energy they fly more west for more stronger sunlight to refresh the batteries. But is it also possible to use the sunlight directly during flying?”

Yes, theoretically, yes, but these heats up the cockpit of the helicopter – by the way this is not a helicopter with rotating wings like used on earth, but it is called “helicopter” because it can fly like a helicopter

– So if the cockpit is heated up so much, so much that it might could be a risk for overheating…. So now you see why they are not allowed to fly from pole to pole along the east-horizon. If they are loading their battery too long the sun is rising and it could be too late for a starting because of over-heating and the team needs an emergency pick up team from the basic-station in the “shadow crater” and that’s why we need 17 astronaut: to help each other…”

Fascinating, Uncle Vily!!! So this inspection flight from the north to the south pole and from the south pole to the north pole is not easy so that a lot of astronauts are needed and they can change the pilots during the other pilots can make a rest or sleep in the helicopter.”

Uncle Vily gave me a draft of an other novel for children and the youth:

…and as we had decided which astronauts will make the first test flights outside of our “Shadow-crater” the dragon-fly started at the same moment.

The first impression to see the sunlight coming very flat over surface of planet Mercury was unforgettable. The thin orange atmosphere was only visible along the horizon where the sun was shining.

One team has the special mission to make photos of the ice along the crater and inspect the landscape in the crater but our team is flying along the shadow line which is between day and night. The sunlight is coming very flat from the right side through our right window which has a very strong UV-filter. On the left side we see the reflection of the sunlight on the landscape which gives the mountains a very special atmosphere. We have always to fly a little bit to the right side following the setting sun to have enough light for orientation and making photos and filming…”

(to be continued…)

415. Rememberings about El Greco


415. Rememberings about El Greco

Detail of an Painting from El Grecco who was 4 years Student at the Titian School

[ Picture  1 ] Detail of a painting from El Greco who was 4 years student at the Titian School in Venice

Palma il Giovane wrote in his diary, written in a secret Alphabet:

Today is Uncle Vily’s birthday and I am working on a new chapter about my remembering about him so I will show it later…

This week daily I could feel that Palmina was thinking on me every day. She seemed to prepare a music surprise for me – Maybe she is planing to play a music piece which I composed for her especially over 4 years ago.

She will perform it maybe in her afternoon concerts at 14:30 on her island. And really, deep in my heart I could feel her performance during I was painting sitting on a scaffolding in a church in Venice. I stopped painting, laid myself down on the scaffolding, closed my eyes smiling and enjoyed her warm, golden light coming directly to my heart.

In this moment, as Palmina played at her afternoon concert the music, I could see a remembering-vision of the year she was playing the first time during a painting session at the famous Titian School.

She sat there in the famous Titian-school palazzo, innocently on the little wooden stage with her lute, performing a music piece which I composed for her a few days ago.

No one, no painting student, not even El Greco or Master Titian realized that this music was composed by me for Palmina as secret love dedication for her.

Palmina smiled secretly in the moment as I looked secretly in her direction.

No one observed us smiling to each other.

Master Titian had been concentrated on the painting work of each student.

The new model which I organized to come from the Girls Orphan Music School at the Titian school, she was an innocent beautiful inspiring girl was sitting with her beautiful cloths on the stage beside Palmina and looked up like the saint virgin, getting the saint message from the angel. “Ave Maria, Gratia plena. Dominus tecum. Benedicta Tu in mulieribus et benedictus fructus ventris tui Jesus.”

Palmina’s music inspired us all, also the little model Hanna-Sopie seemed to look really as if she is the little saint virgin getting the message from the heaven.

All students tried to paint as best they can this scene of

L‘ annunciatione”.

I remember that I was someone like a secretary or speaker of Master Titian in his painting school at that time. Master Titian, since he had his pandemic disease, we had a terrible pandemic here in Venice, was a little bit weak and he was not talking much.


[ Picture 2 ] Self portrait of Master Titian at 1567 (hie died 1576 in the age 88 in the Republic of Venice)

Only necessary words Master Titian spoke. But I could understand every thought behind his gestures or the secret moving of his eyes.

Master Titian observed El Grecos development very sever the last years without saying a word.

Today he stopped and looked a while on El Grecos way to paint the saint virgin, our young model Hanna-Sopie. His eyes are not so good like before the pandemic, but today he seemed to look in a controlling way at very detail of El Greco’s work, as if he is something searching in the picture.

El Greco was afraid that master Titian will say something about his individual style. I was standing beside Master Titian to help to interpret master Titian’s gestures.

Often El Greco asked me “Palma il Giovane, what do you think wants the master to tell me. He did not say any word about my painting style. I have a new individual way to transform what I learned from Master Titian in the last 4 years. He looks so sever along my pictures – but he does not say any word and I do not dare to ask him if he likes my way of modern painting.”

Today El Greco was looking afraid to me and his eyes asked me “Palma, you are his Master Student: Is something wrong with my paintings?”

In this moment Master Titian looked to me as if he wants to say something to me – maybe later, maybe not here, not in front of the other students here. Titian never told his opinion in front of the student class.

I nodded and closed my eyes slowly to show El Greco, he should not worry and also to show Master Titian that I understood that I will speak with El Greco ALONE during a walk in Venice, if no one is listening to help to clear all questions which are in the air since over 4 years.

In this moment, as if Palmina could read my thoughts, she smiled again in my direction and I smiled to her back. Her music performance was so nice and beautiful and warming my heart so I was able to create a “bridge” between Master Titian and El Greco.

Yes, Palmina is my personal Saint Cecilia which is bringing light in my whole life.

I looked to the model Hanna-Sopie and I thought how I discovered her painting model talent once: The La Pieta Orphan Music School girls made a music rehearsal and she played on her Violin – I think she was 9 years old – and her music part had a break during the other girls continued to perform she looked up and her eyes shined like she was looking to the angel who was telling to her “Ave Maria…” and I saw a saint circle around her head.

In this moment – I observed her innocent behavior; she was like the saint Virgin – I had the idea: El Greco has to paint her as saint virgin in the Titian Master Class!

This is it!” I thought in this moment of inspiration. Palmina was also there, playing a soft Lute part in the girls orchestra – And of course she smiled in my direction and she observed that I was looking happy.

If this little girl inspire El Greco for a Master piece he will get the traditional Master Degree this year! Master Titian will agree to send him out in the world to paint saints. (Titian was not sure which real change he will have with his individual style)

In the last 4 years there was a unexplained silence between Master Titian and El Greco.

But the students are often waiting days or, weeks or even months till master Titian is telling only one word to the student:

Like “Good”

Now better”

This is much better now”

More Colour”

Not too much red”

First finishing the white painting grounding”

Take more time”



or he said nothing – and this was not easy to make any interpretation. This of course was more and more my job the more older and weaker Master Titian was getting.

In the last months I had to build “bridges” between master Titian and the Master class students.

Often I spoke after the painting lessons with Master Titian and asked him if it is ok if I speak with each student alone and tell him or her what Master Titian maybe wants to tell him or her (to make it better in their painting work and development).

Often I talked with the students at the Titian-Art-Gallery-Artists where also the musicians, dancers, poets, actors came together meeting to plan the next performance in Venice for the special guests of the Republic of Venice, which often take place in my mother’s palazzo which is in front of the home of my cousin Mihaela.

With model Hanna-Sopie and Palmina’s music performance we could solv the problem between Master Titian and El Greco.

Do you think master Titian will like my new painting of the saint virgin?

I have the feeling that master Titian has a problem with my new modern and individual way of painting persons and how I am using the colors making light and shadow. But I am painting in master Titian’s traditional way: First making painting only-white on a dark background and then: working out the main colors…”

… and then you are using your own way to work out the colours…hm?”

…yes, but this is not a problem or, he did not say anything!?

I understand and I know Master Titian is spending much time to work out the different main colors on a painting. But it takes so much time wait and to dry an oil painting…

Master Titian is financially independent – he can take a lot of time to make a painting perfect, isn’t it? But we students have to solve to problem of time and inspiration…How would you solve the problem if you will once be a very famous painter in Venice and if you will get a lot of painting commissions? You have to paint in a fast method to realize all the commissions? Or you have to give your students the order to finish the paintings like master Titian often did?”

Yes, my friend El Greco. Titian’s painting method was also created to save time and make it possible to paint on several paintings at the same time while others are waiting for drying and cannot continue to paint…”, I started to tell him and in this moment I heart the music of Palmina as if she was performing at home something from my composition, thinking on me and my heart was inspired and not angry.

…it is not that you make your own working out of the colors. Your style is “El-Greco-style” and Master Titian has nothing against modern painters. But…”


Look, El Greco. I arranged it that you can paint model Hanna-Sopie here in the Titian School in Venice so perfectly. This artwork can be the reason that Master Titian will give you the Master-degree this year! But your strong side is not making portraits or painting for rich traditional families for the private palazzo as decoration. You know, the people are very traditional, especially here in Venice… Your powerful talent is to paint saints in the moment of their inspiration. To paint the moment as the light of the heaven was coming into their life. The moment as the “IHS – sun” was shining as vision in the life of Saint Bernhardin.”

Palmina’s telepathically music helped me to find the right words for El Greco and to tell him the right way what master Titian wants to tell him since years – without hurting his feelings and respecting his individual talent.

Look, El Greco: Master Titian realized that all the big painting masters in Venice are very old and soon dying or already died. There is a big whole after them because the “School of Venice” has no traditional important followers from all the important masters of Venice. Master Titian is afraid that there is a sudden breakdown of the old tradition in art coming in Venice. Modern painting will soon come and slowly we all can feel that this is coming, but then there is no way back – no easy way to keep the old traditional painting school, here in Venice. Our Titian school is the last traditional school in Venice which can keep its influence to Europe maybe for the next decades, or centuries.

Venice need urgently tradition keepers, that is what makes Master Titian so worried about the future of Venice. It has nothing to do with your modern style, it is a historic line, a living line…”

Oh, yes! Palma, He is not angry with me and he is not ignoring me?

I never wanted to stay longer in Venice than my student years – I want to go out in the world!

Oh, I am so lucky that there is no problem between me and master Titian!

Do you think he would give me the master degree and he agrees in my individual painting style of painting saints. Of course, I understand this is my talent! Painting Saints in the moment of inspiration on facing the miracle light. But Palma, I think Master Titian is searching also for a new director of the Titian School: Don’t you like to lead his school after him in the future? Your place is in Venice and you understand Master Titian more than other does… You could be the tradition keeper he is searching for his whole life!”

I remember this scene as it was yesterday.

I was lucky that he accepted my message from master Titian and he really painted saints very, very good in his future life and the next generation will say “This is a painting by El Greco!” because he found his own individual style.

Years later I was the next director of the Titian-School and I kept the tradition of Venice. I had a lot of commissions to paint, and I had a lot of students to teach.

Secretly I composed a lot of music piece for Palmina and she played it. It is ok that no one knows my name as composer.

In this century I am well known painter but I know: Palmina wants to make me to be a composer because she loves my creations very much and if she plays my music and this feels as if she is hugging me with her heart and giving me soft tender telepathically kisses on my cheeks all over my head.

* * *

After Palmina finished to play my artwork at the afternoon concert on Sunday I decided to meet her at the island Giorgio Maggiore, where a painting from me is in the church.

So I played with my Mandolin under her window and this meldoy means:

I wait for you in the Giardino” (Mandolin solo):

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/IhhGy5tuzFc

On the Island I went to the organ and started to play for my Palmina, for my Pigeon, my inspiration my angel and played an Organ solo as music heart-to-heart message to her.

Organ solo (7) at Giorgio Maggiore
painting by Palma il Giovane
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/xvo0Kqg5NgM

Palmina sat there with her bakery basket with some little fine fresh breads listening and waiting for me. And as we met again in our Peony Gondola I took my Mandolin and played the Mandolinpart of “Eternal Love” for her:”

„Eternal Love“ [music score] (+Mandoline):

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/_99fpjMkHqo

(to be continued…)


414. Palma plays on his Violin for Palmina

414. Palma plays on his Violin for Palmina

Piazzetta_San_Marco_Venice_BLS (1) (kleiner)

[picture] Palazzo Ducale (left) in Venice

The next days Palma il Giovane continued to write on his next Chapter he remembers about his Uncle from the 20th century:

Uncle Vily – Back to Earth

[21] Bright Yellow light and a short Thunder sound on Planet Venus

“…As we discussed if we should take our Venus-Space-Suite to go out of the Venus Dragon fly for making some historic photos and films, we suddenly heart a strong sound of a thunder above us coming from the clouds.
Our Dragon fly was covered by a bright yellow light from above. We looked up through our UV-secure glass window and we saw also that this clouds are immense fare away. Here on Venus the light has more UV than on earth (all our windows have very strong light blue UV-light filters) and here on Venus the clouds are 5 times higher than on earth. Although we landed on the highest point here on Danu Mountains – the area was perfectly flat to land and to walk there – the clouds from where the mighty thunder sound came seems to be so far away from us. (On earth the clouds are often below the highest point of a mountain but here on planet Venus: they are far above). We observed no flash-light in addition to the thunder sound.
We got after a few minutes, via radio transmission, the permission to go out and to take photos and filming. After we put on our heavy space suites – it takes a lot of time to put it on – we went out and made this amazing photos and filming which my uncles and aunts all have seen in the home presentation in our family villa.
It is a historic moment: The first humans on a very high mountain on a planet which has nearly the same size like our mother earth.

We are here nearly on the highest place on planet Venus, only the huge Maxwell Mountains (Lakshmi Patera East) are higher and they are the highest in our solar system! Our team did not forget to make some IR-pictures (Infra-Red-pictures). It was one of our important parts of our Venus-Mission to take IR-pictures from the surface of Planet Venus, also during the flight and especially from continent Ishtar-Terra (at a height of over 5 000m) , where we are now at Lakshmi Patera in the south. But the views from here at the Peak of Danu Mountatin was amazing and unforgettably.

If we turned to the north-view we saw the Lakshmi Terra Region (West-Ishtar Terra) and its wide landscape we look in the direction of the foot of Danu mountains the fresh water lake, which was maybe artificially created long time ago.


1. [picture] South view of Danu Mountains and Venus Oceans diving area (dark blue on the left side)

And if we turned around to the south-view we saw far away our next flying target: The Venus Ocean. Our job was to fly to the next deepest diving place to explore the wide Venus Ocean which lies nearby the line from here to our landing site where our landing ship is waiting to bring us back to the mother ship in the orbit.

Will we find under the sea old rests of an ancient civilization?
But if the Venus Ocean had once a much higher sea level – this is proven by the scientists – why there was much longer time ago a much lower sea level on Venus? If we look at the ancient history of our planet Earth we can see that there was once “The big flood”.
Was there once also a big flood on Planet Venus?

So this could be the reason why ancient buildings could be under water on Venus like there are ancient buildings also under water on earth like in the pacific at Nan Madol and in Indonesia (also build from ancient basalt blocks). A big flood might force people on earth to evacuate all living beings till the big flood was finished.

There are very old texts in India where big cities in the “sky” like ancient space-stations are precisely described. Maybe they had been build because of the big flood. Maybe there is a connection between the ancient event of the big worldwide flood and the evacuation of an ancient civilization. The old Indian texts describe how the Space shuttle ships, called “Vimana”, are technical made and used by pilots to move between the space city and earth. As result of the “Big Flood” the sea level was much higher then before and a lot of historic civilizations became now covered by water and they can be found and documented till today on planet earth – so maybe also on planet Venus! – The old Mayas say that their “gods” and “civilization teachers” came once from planet Venus!


2. [picture] Yellow light coming through the thick Venus clouds (It has much UV)

So all these important historic questions had been discussed before we started our trip to Planet Venus.
Yes, all these thoughts came again through our mind as we looked silent and with much respect over the impressive wide landscapes under our foots, looking in the north and in the south view.

The bright yellow light which came suddenly here on Danu Mountain made us all looking a little bit different. We all had been very lucky to make these historic pictures here on Planet Venus…”

After this text from Uncle Vily’s novel for children and the youth should follow the chapter of the deep-sea-diving at the prehistoric Ocean area,
I wanted to ask Uncle Vily about this chapter, especially I wanted to know why he is not planing to make this chapter public in his novel. (I thought as little boy it is only a novel for children)
Later, as I was a little bit elder, I asked uncle Pepi much about these details and later I spoke with his nephew Uncle P. (“little Paul”).
They told me also a lot of details about the Mars Mission they could remember and today they would be very, very proud to realize that parts of the famous Novel which my Uncle and our family’s friend Ludevit created together are the inspiration of a shortly premiered movie which has been seen worldwide in the cinemas – and it was a big success!

(to be continued…)



After Palma finished he showed Palmina his new chapter so that she could read it.
If Palma will see her again in the Peony Gondola he is looking forward to hear how she likes the chapter.

But for the evening in Venice he prepared a little music surprise for his Pigeon Palmina Albina,
So he made this afternoon at the Orphan Shelter music school Ospedale La Pieta a final rehearsal with the La Pieta Girls Orchestra, which is nearby Palmina’s home at the Campo Bandiera e Moro in Venice where her mothers backers shop is and Palmina has her little room over the little garden at the Calle de la Pieta in Venice.

The Orphan Girls Orchestra „La Pieta“ is the best orchestra musicians in Europe, also in the world.

* * *

As now the slowly evening was coming in Venice and the stars begun to shine over Venice Palma met Palmina in the Gondola and the Gondola moved slowly to the San Marco Place where Palma once performed with the Titian Art Gallery Ensemble and 30 Gondoliers playing the Mandolin for Palmina’s birthday, performing Palma’s composition „The Peony Gondola Song“,
Palma took his Violin and he performed, conducting with his Violin, at this early evening on the San Marco Place in Venice, together with the La Pieta Girls Orchestra which are friendly smiling as special music surprise for Palmina:

And the Music was like this:


(music score)

Hymnus of Cultures (String Orchestra Version) by Gerald Spitzner

[piano score] „Hymnus of Cultures“ (String Orchestra Version)
Violin solo: Gerald Spitzner
Mandolin solo: Gerald Spitzner
Piano solo: Gerald Spitzner
String Orchestra (Violins, Violas, Celli) : Gerald Spitzner
music composed by Gerald Spitzner
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/pgQ23sE9VjI

(to be continued…)

413. Palma writes about his rememberings about his Uncles

413. Palma writes about his rememberings about his Uncles

After that Palma continued the next days to write the next chapter of his rememberings about his Uncles and it was like that:


Uncle Vily – Back to Earth
[20] Reaching the highest point of Danu Mountains on Venus

[picture] Uncle Pepi with dog Misha and me

“We continued to fly on Planet Venus to explore the south food of the Danu Mountains to explore if there was artificially created as a huge “dug-out” for collecting fresh water on the whole south part of Lakshmi Patera of Ishtar Terra continent. As we reached the huge beach there we dived into the water to make some sonar measurements. In the case that there are living creatures like Whales and Dolphins we used harmless frequency on sending out sonar sound, not to disturb them or to harm them (Some Military ships on earth are using sonar frequency which are harming whales and dolphins so they die, but it is not necessary that they die, using other frequency solves the problem). After this Venus diving we started to fly along the Danu Mountains to get the highest point. We flew first in the west direction and fast we got more and more heights with a speed of nearly 500 km/h.

[picture] Danu Mountains (left) with Water collecting areal – was it artificially created?

So it was easier to decrease height of our Venus-Dragon-Fly and to explore the Danu Mountain Area.
Before we turned back to the east direction to get the highest point of Danu Mountains we made some pictures of the west region:

[pictures] West region of Danu Mountains looking like something is artificially created there

Now we reached the highest point of Danu Mountain and landed there to make the best view pictures ever before and we will fly down to the Ocean in the South to dive and to take maybe pictures of an ancient civilization under water in the Deep Ocean of Planet Venus…”

Again a few days later, again after I walked in our little Rose Garden at our family villa and smelled on the amazing roses which had been founded by aunt Sophie and aunt Fanny, which were born as twins, I thought again on the original version of Uncle Villy’s Venus-Mars- Mission novel for children and for the youth.

Of course TODAY the public book which is famous known worldwide was printed only as Mars-Mission.
Of course TODAY I know that, and I know that this book was also initially created with paintings from our family’s friend Ludevit as book illustrations. But they were so realistic that someone could think these paintings are drawn from a real photograph on Mars and once someone will ask why Ludevit has this copies of the original high resolution pictures from Mars. So he decided not to print his paintings in this book.
Of course I know that TODAY the book has won a lot of prize and it was written by my uncle AND Ludevit.
Of course TODAY I know my uncle decided not to be mentioned as co-writer of this book to avoid the public world press always knocking on our doors and asking for explanations.

BUT: I am very proud to remember how this book was written in our family house, here in the first floor, during the birds sung in our garden and the roses smelled amazingly.

ONCE: I did not really realize that the novel will be printed in today’s version, without the Venus-Mission. So It is also my turn to remember all the details.
Yesterday I found also some drafts for this Novel, one interesting chapter about the Planet Ceres.
One chapter was dedicated to this mission and its details:
He wrote something like: 3 Astronauts did not land with the other 20 Astronauts on Mars, they continued with a “fly-by” around Mars to increase speed to fly to Planet Ceres which is between Mars an Jupiter. Their Mission was to land on Ceres, take Photos and take probes and also to create a stable Space-Station on a region which could be the “beach” of a little continent on Ceres.
I saw the calculation maps but I did not understand the technical things of the calculations and graphics.

[picture] View of Mars and Ceres encounter (up middle) during the Mars Mission which makes communication possible between the Ceres Space Station for 3 Astronauts and the Mars Space Station for 20 Astronauts

He wrote in his draft of this Novel initially that he observed every day at the evening with his telescope on Mars the dwarf planet Ceres. He explained me that at this time planet Ceres was slowly coming nearer to Mars so this is good for the communication between the 3-Man-Ceres- Team to their 20 men Mars-Team on Mars after they reached Ceres, landed there and created a Space Station there.
He wrote that they had to write down the scientific message reports from Ceres which they had to send to earth station with transcribing the text into abbreviation “number-text” which can be decompressed on earth.

I did not understand why this amazing Ceres-Mission chapter of the Mars-Mission novel was also not printed in the finally version of the Mars-Mission Novel.
Maybe it was not for the public or it was to complicated for children or for the youth!
OR: I think – uncle Pepi , his brother, had this theory, long after uncle Vily died – that this should be a separated novel for children and for the youth and he started to write some drafts here in our family house.

Uncle Pepi told me a lot of Uncle Vily especially technical things which I did not understand as I was a very young boy. But as I was a little bit older Uncle Pepi helped me to understand all the details he remembered of Uncle Vily especially about the Space Mission and the Novels of Uncle Vily.
I remember that Uncle Pepi taught me to write and to read letters and calculate with numbers years before I went to school and learned there the first time the Alphabet. He did this day by day in the kitchen with writing slowly letters at the border of the fresh printed newspaper with a small short pencil while explaining me the meaning of his “drawings”. (Later at school my teacher was shocked and surprised that I wrote my first stories while my school colleges just learned the Letter “A” surprised about that). So Uncle Pepi explained me all the details of the Venus-Mars Mission during all the later years after Uncle Vily died.

It was always a little bit like a family secret.

I remember also that my uncle Pepi had an old clock from one of the two Mars-Dragon-Flys (an other construction, completely different from the Venus-Dragon-Fly especially for flying on planet Mars which could not dive)

I have to make a photo of this Mars-Clock, but it is looking not different from an earth clock. And there is nothing printed on this clock which identify it as different clock from Mars. (Uncle Pepi means that this was the reason they allowed to bring this clock home as remembering from the Mars Mission)

They brought it back to earth because it was a document of the broken 1st Dragon fly, which had an accident in a huge storm on planet Mars.
The clock, I remember, looked like a 24 h Clock but it was going 30min slower than 24 hours -it was designed for a Mars-day (~24,5 hours)

I had this clock than with me in Vienna and long time I did not speak about the story of this clock, till I slowly reconstructed all details around my remembering of Uncle Vily and his 2-3 years lasting Venus-Mars Mission.

Magellan radar image of Sacajawea Patera, a large elongate caldera located in the western Ishtar Terra of Venus. Sacajawea is a depression approximately 1-2 kilometres deep and around 120 to 125 kilometres in diameter. It is elongate in a south-west-northeast direction. The formation is thought to be related to the drainage and collapse of a large magma chamber, producing numerous faults and graben that circumscribe the patera. Rough areas appear bright, flat ones dark. The image is approximately 420 kilometres wide at the base.

[picture] Sacajawea Patera at Continent Ishtar Terra on Planet Venus

* * *

In this days Palma went often to the Organ at Giorio Maggiore and he played for Palmina a Organ solo and it was like that:


Organ solo (6) at Giorgio Maggiore
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/k8UZbG5KAq4

And later Palma composed a Inspiration to his own Painting ‚Venere e Cupido‘ which he painted in the years 1620-28 for the Palazzo Vendramin in Venice – The two pigeons are the symbol of Palma and Palmina – and it was like that:


(Violin-Viola) ‚Venere e Cupido – Palma il Giovane 1620-28‘
painting: Palma il Giovane 1620-28
music composed by Gerald Spitzner
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/6XH1T5Ha6jI

(to be continued…)




412. Palmina as Cleopatra’s Harpist

412. Palmina as Cleopatra’s Harpist

01 - Palmina as Cleopatra's Harpist

[picture]  Palmina as Cleopatra’s Harpist (Peacock is listening from outside)

* * *

[from Palmina’s secret diary, written in a secret Alphabet]

“..Today Palma showed me his new chapter of his remembering about his Uncle which explored Planet Venus and Planet Mars in the past over 50 years ago.
It is very interesting to read…I can’t wait to read his next chapter…

Later he played in our Peony Gondola at 23 p.m. on his Violin a version of our Cantico-Hymnus, which is also called the “Hymnus of Cultures”.
I did not know that he plays the Violin so great and I was very surprised because as musician I understand that to play Violin on a high level is a very fine art and it means to be a very high ranking musician.

I am so lucky to be with him in our Peony Gondola at 23 p.m. deep in our hearts.

Today the Peony Gondola showed us both an interesting Vision:
– Normally I would not write this in a diary but the text is written in a Secret Alphabet –
The Gondola moved in the past at the time of Pharaoh Cleopatra in Alexandria in the 1st century before Christ.
It was the century as the Romans wanted to expand the Empire in Africa. *)


*) WIKIPEDIA: „Cleopatra VII Philopator (Koinē Greek: Κλεοπάτρα Φιλοπάτωρ; 69 BC – 10 August 30 BC) was the last active ruler of the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt. A member of the Ptolemaic dynasty, she was a descendant of its founder Ptolemy I Soter, a Macedonian Greek general and companion of Alexander the Great. After the death of Cleopatra, Egypt became a province of the Roman Empire, marking the end of the second to last Hellenistic state and the age that had lasted since the reign of Alexander (336–323 BC). Her native language was Koine Greek, and she was the only Ptolemaic ruler to learn the Egyptian language.“

I realized that I was Cleopatra’s best Harpist.
It was a good job but a hard job. I had always to be prepared to play at every day and night time for her. So my life was to live for music and nothing else.
I had a stable life as long I do follow all prescriptions at the court of Cleopatra. Even if she had depression or she wants music to get asleep, if she had honor guests or if the Roman Marcus Antonius came visiting her to speak with her privately: I had to be ready to play for hours. (Sometimes my fingers had pains)

Palma was my music master and teacher, he was much older than I, but I liked him very much. He thought me the music philosophy of Pythagoras and I had always the feeling that this comes very near and familiar to my heart and this is not the first time I learned this music philosophy.

I learned all the music pieces to play without music score by heart.
Palma thought me to heal with music Cleopatra’s depressions and every psychosomatic diseases like a music therapist for Cleopatra.

My thoughts had been like that:
“Now the Romans are coming in our country with our old tradition.
What will happen if the Roman Empire expands here in Egypt? Can we musicians keep our position on the courts? Have we also to perform and to study Roman music as cultural bridge between Egypt and the Romans? What happened to the Etruscan musician as the Roman Empire expanded in Etruria?
Did they live free as artists or did they become slaves?”

I remember that I had to be very careful as musician in that century.
Palma often told me which music piece I had to play in which moment.
If Cleopatra was excited and angry Palma asked me to play something calming and if Cleopatra had a depression I should play something therapeutic. I remember that the music philosophy of Pythagoras showed also to play special rhythm and melodies in different situations to make the soul and psyche stable.

* * *

Palma put his arm around me as we saw this Peony Gondola Vision in this ancient century.

How much different is the life for a musician in the 16th century compared to my life in the first century before Christ in Alexandria?

Now I can play and rehearsal at the whole forenoon after bringing Palma the fresh breads from our Bakery shop and to help to buy vegan food at the market.
I had not to clean the rooms like other maidens. I could play and do rehearsal on my music instrument instead of doing typically maiden work.
At afternoon and evening often there are concerts in Palma’s family Palazzo at the San Marco Place for the special guests of the republic of Venice. Compared to Cleopatra’s century I am not a slave at the court. I am officially a maiden but at evening I am a real famous music solist and not a maiden or a baker’s daughter. This was the only way to work again as musician in Venice after I did my 5 year concert tour around unimportant cities. So Palma’s mother helped me to find my way back as artist in Venice (Once I had the 1st solist position in the Palazzo Ducale in Venice; because I had no contact to Venice I was forgotten there).
I think Palma likes me to paint and to draw me in my maiden cloth and also in my bakery maiden cloth. For the evening concerts he gives me beautiful cloth to be a very representative artist and musician.
In the Vision of the century of my music life in Alexandria at the court of Pharao Cleopatra I saw how difficult the life was for slaves – always to follow the orders of other persons, always to have the prescribed behavior…My luck was that Cleopatra had choosen me personally as best harpist because Palma spoke as music master for me, so no music organizer (or manager or cough) is giving me any directions or prescription as it is done usually to other music slaves on that court.

The Romans had also slaves and they made the Etruscan artists and musicians to their slaves.

Compared to this time I feel a little bit more free in our 16th century in Venice and I think civilization is developing step by step in the coming centuries. Maybe in the future there will be no more slaves, but: there are spices from Arabic countries which are giving to women making them willingness and if this spices expanding and getting a new market it could be that in the future centuries the people are officially no slaves but “invisible slaves” (they even do not realize that they are slaves because someone gave them spices into their eating or drinking for several years)

In the vision we saw that Palma composed a special composition for my Harp and I loved the music piece very much. As I played it on the court Cleopatra was amazed by the sound of the composition so she wanted also to learn to play the harp and this composition.

Later she said to me, I remember her words:” If you are playing your music teacher’s composition it looks so easy that I thought I can also learn it but if I tried to play it, it was much difficult.
How do you make it that it looks and sounds so easy?”
At some days Cleopatra was outside of Alexandria and I had not to play for her so there was time to study difficult music pieces or beautiful music pieces which Palma il Giovane composed especially for me. (He often made secret dedications for me in his music compositions and this makes my heart smiling and lucky).
We saw that in such “time corridors” Palma and I often took an evening walk at the harbor of Alexandria. We had time to speak about art and music and sometimes we went hand in hand, arm in arms, side by side, looking at the stars and hoping to have much, much time in the future life.

* * *

After this Peony Gondola Vision Palma took his Violin and played his composition for me and I felt luck.

(music score) «Hymnus of Cultures» (Violin solo – Piano version)
Violin solo: Gerald Spitzner
Mandolin solo: Gerald Spitzner
Piano: Gerald Spitzner
music composed by Gerald Spitzner
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/ASV7xKDcuRw

(to be continued…)

411. Preparing for Diving on Planet Venus

411. Preparing for Diving on Planet Venus

  [Secret Diary from Palma il Giovane, written in a Secret Alphabet]

„Today and all the last days I saw clouds formed of hearts in the sky.
Yes, I know it is from my Palmina. She sent me as heart-to-heart message happy birthday wishes and I did this also on her birthday.
I created some new music creations and she likes to play along my music scores and I can feel it deep in my heart.

The next time we met together in our Peony Gondola at 23 p.m. I will show her also my new chapter, the remeberings on Uncle Vily I just wrote now:


Uncle Vily – Back to Earth
[19.] Preparing for Diving on Venus

01a [picture] Venusmap(detail) Ishtar Terra
[picture] detail of Venus Map at Continent Ishtar Terra with 0° degree Meridian

„…As our team landed carefully nearby the automatic fuel station one colleague said:
»Let’s hope they have low fuel price here at this fuel station…«
We all lough heartfelt and loud and long.
Yes, in this moment we could feel that we are very far away from the „normal life“ on planet earth.

01 [picture] Art Impression of Earth (below) and Venus’s Magnetosphere (above)
01 [picture] Art Impression of Earth (below) and Venus’s Magnetosphere (above)

We are on a planet which is similar big like earth, with nearly same gravity, but with different Magnetosphere.
Yes, we are millions of kilometer far away from our families and we cannot buy thinks in a shop like in a fuel station of earth.
We are exploring a world which had once a similar and friendly climate like we have on earth with very big oceans. What changed this sister planet so much? The rotation of Venus was much faster. Was there once life or even a civilization, maybe thousands, millions or Billions of Years ago?

We are on a planet which is clockwise rotating in the other direction, doing this very slow, slower and slower. During the last 16 years the Venus rotation had decreased for 8 min (!). We are on a planet which still is loosing much water in the outer space.

02 [picture] Venus is still loosing water in outer space

02 [picture] Venus is still loosing water in outer space

We cannot turn around and go home within the next 2-3 years because our Venus-Mars Space Exploration Mission is planned in each detail from the beginning.
I stopped thinking about all this as I saw that in this moment the procedure of refilling our Venus-Dragon-Fly has started. We are feeling secure in our Rocket Helicopter, which is using only little rocket engines to fly along the Venus surface.
Our “Venus-Dragon-Fly” is also designed to dive into deep water.
If the refilling will be without troubles this will bring us to a different decision what we will do next here.
During the refilling has started we looked up to the sky, looking through the transparent window in form of a sphere. Special glass – our so called “Transparent Aluminum Window”.

03 [picture] This glass sphere is similar looking, but the Venus Dragon-Fly had a much bigger one

03 [picture] This glass sphere is similar looking, but the Venus Dragon-Fly had a much bigger one

At the sky, directly over our heads we saw the “open corridor” which opens a small line into the thick clouds in the zenith, formed as a line from the east horizon to the west horizon, from where the slowly rising sun was sending her daylight carefully and bright.

04 [picture] Impression of sunlight coming from a small corridor through the Y-epsilon clouds on Venus
04 [picture] Impression of sunlight coming from a small corridor through the Y-epsilon clouds on Venus

I filmed it and we all were amazed by this open light corridor. The sunlight is much stronger here than on earth because Venus is much nearer to the sun than our mother earth.

05 [picture] Y-epsilon (90°lying ) formed corridor in the thick Planet Venus atmosphere]
05 [picture] Y-epsilon (90°lying ) formed corridor in the thick Planet Venus atmosphere]

The open corridor is a part of a huge Y-epsilon which is around the whole Venus globe.
A special gravity field is responsible for this strong effect, it opens the thick clouds so from

06 [picture ] Planet Venus – open corridor at the northern Hemisphere over continent Ishtar Terra

06 [picture ] Planet Venus – open corridor at the northern Hemisphere over continent Ishtar Terra

there comes sunlight directly to the surface of planet Venus and makes the Danu Mountains in the south of Ishtar Terra (at Lakshmi Patera) and the metallic looking peaks of Maxwell Mountains (they are higher than mountains on earth) golden reflecting the sunlight…“

I remember that I never read the whole Novel at once.
Here I stopped reading because our nice cat Frusina – she has a beautiful Byzantine name – comes up in the first floor to look how I am feeling and what I am doing. In this moment I heard dog Misha barking down in the kitchen. This means he is hungry and there is no food for him…

07 [picture] Dog Misha (right in our garden) with me as child (this photo was taken in an earlier time of my life)
07 [picture] Dog Misha (right in our garden) with me as child (this photo was taken in an earlier time of my life)


So this afternoon I went out with dog Misha to go to the main place, where the church is and the little shops on the side of the big main place are.
I asked Aunt Bea and uncle Pepi if I can go alone and buy some food for Misha there.

The street heading to the east was not very long and in this diplomatic quarter there was no car traffic so it was nice and secure to go to buy some food. During I went with lucky jumping Misha, who seemed to feel that I want to buy something to eat for him, I suddenly had one question and now I stopped going on the street asking Misha: „Where is the chapter about the diving at Planet Venus? I found no chapter about that! What is the reason that there is one chapter missing in this novel for children and young people?“

Misha wants to tell me something as if he knows the answer. He made some soft typical dog-sounds observing my reaction, moving his head to look at me from different perspectives.

Now we went to the long place around the church at the main place and reached directly on the left side the little grocery shop.


08 [picture] The grocery shop where I bought some food for Misha (the second building from left behind)
08 [picture] The grocery shop where I bought some food for Misha (the second building from left behind)

After we went up the stairs to the little shop (in the picture on the left side) I bought some food for us and I gave him directly his fresh food, standing at the platform before the entrance of the little shop – I saw he was lucky and the view from this place over the long main place was nice. After a while we went slowly back to our way the our family house in this silent peaceful district, which was created initially only for diplomatic families.

It was interesting that the last part of the street divided in two ways like a huge Y-epsilon.

09 [picture] in our Rosegarden: Uncle Pepi (left), beside aunt Bea, uncle Pavel, his wife aunt Zdenka and mum Renate with me as little child
09 [picture] in our Rosegarden: Uncle Pepi (left), beside aunt Bea, uncle Pavel, his wife aunt Zdenka and mum Renate with me as little child

So we had to decide which way we want to go to the street where our house with garden full of roses of aunt Sophie and aunt Fanny is.
Normally an Y-epsilon is a symbol of “decision” – to go the left or the right way. But in this case both of our Y-epsilon-Ways lead us to the same street where our family Villa is.


Today uncle Vily will come a little bit later as usually and I wanted to read his novel to look for the original photos, taken on Planet Venus to compare it to the actual reading text chapters of his novel.

10 [picture] Flying Lake – Impression

10 [picture] Flying Lake – Impression

I was missing exactly this text which is fitting to all the film and photo material we saw as “private home movie” here in this family villa of my grand grand father. I remember they filmed nearly all on Planet Venus:

The Oceans, the huge Water-Falls as the fly over the „Big Wall“,

* Sacajawa Lake,

11 [picture] Flying Lake – Impression12 [picture] Flying Lake – Impression13 [picture] Flying Lake – Impression14 [picture] Flying Lake – Impression15 [picture] Flying Lake – Impression
(11-15) [pictures] Flying Lake – Impression
and the Ancient City with the H-Blocks looking similar like we had from prehistoric time of our Planet Earth,

16 [picture] prehistoric H-Blocks Diorith17 [picture] prehistoric H-Blocks Diorith

(16-17) [picture] prehistoric H-Blocks (Diorith)

and the prehistoric streets and prehistoric Impressions of Landing Platforms like we can find also on Planet Earth.

18 [picture] Impression of ancient Ancient Landing Platform

(18) [picture] Impression of ancient Ancient Landing Platform

18 [picture] Thousands of Years old Landing ancient Platform
18 [picture] Thousands of Years old Landing ancient Platform

19 [picture] Danu Mountains and the interesting region (black)

19 [picture] Danu Mountains and the interesting region (black)

* The huge artificial Lake (big like the Adriatic sea) at the foot of the Danu Mountains at Lakshmi Patera.
* The 80 km clear view from the peaks of the Danu Mountains.
* The Sunlight which shines through the Y-epsilon Corridor of the Venus Clouds.

20 [picture] LAKSHMI PLANUM with Danu Mountains
20 [picture] LAKSHMI PLANUM with Danu Mountains

After I looked again at this amazing pictures from Planet Venus I looked in a Box with some papers which seemed to be some drafts.

– Yes! This might be the missing chapter! – I found some texts fitting to the photos in the box.

I started to read and at this afternoon I wanted to ask uncle Vily why he did not describe the Diving on Venus and all the Waterfalls directly in his novel for children and the youth.
But soon I realized that he did it in a more discrete way as I expected, he mentioned it indirectly, very diplomatic, really a son of a diplomat:


Description of our long preparations for the DIVING on PLANET VENUS.

Before our first start from Earth we did not know what we will really expect to see on Planet Venus. So we had to train to fly and to dive like on Planet Venus here on Earth.

21 [picture] Danu Mountains (left down) Sacajawa Patera (middle-left) and Ocean Diving Area (down-left blue)
21 [picture] Danu Mountains (left down) Sacajawa Patera (middle-left) and Ocean Diving Area (down-left blue)

In the case that we found some Ocean Waters which are still on Planet Venus, we had the Mission to dive in this Venus-Oceans at the place south-est beside the Danu Mountains.

22 [picture] The Venus Mission was prepared to dive in the Ocean at this area – In this Radar-Map of Planet Venus we see Continent Ishtar Terra
22 [picture] The Venus Mission was prepared to dive in the Ocean at this area – In this Radar-Map of Planet Venus we see Continent Ishtar Terra

There should be a deep possible area for diving with ancient buildings in the Ocean Area.
If we will find some buildings like at Sacajawa Lake we should take some photos there and make some films.
The automatic probe seemed to make some secret radar pictures there and it could be that there are some huge architecture there under water.

So we have to train to dive on planet earth because as soon we will arrive the automatic fuel station at Sacajawa Lake we plan to do these things:

1. Exploring the „Venus City“ at the Sacajawa Lake, taking some photos of the H-Blocks (Diorith) which look like on Puma-Punka on Earth
2. Flying short along the Sacajawa Lake for photos and filming.
3. Refiling at the automatic fuel station.
4. Flying to the foot of the Danu Mountain in the south and take photos if there is a fresh water lake.
5. Flying high up to the top of the Danu Mountain. (Maybe landing there for some photos and taking some probes)
6. Flying down directly to area of the Venus Ocean

23 [picture] DIVING AREA for our Venus Dragon Fly (down-right south of the Danu Mountains (red colored left) is the dark-blue diving Area)
23 [picture] DIVING AREA for our Venus Dragon Fly (down-right south of the Danu Mountains (red colored left) is the dark-blue diving Area)

On Planet Earth our Venus-Dragon-fly was transported to Kamchatka at the nearest point of the half island which lyes directly on the flying line to NAN MADOL in Micronesia in the Pacific.

So we started there, and we trained the refilling procedure of the Venus dragon fly.

We had reached a speed of 500 km/hour on our direct flight from Kamchatka to Nan Madol. We all know that this is a training flight and if we had a problem a lot of ships are waiting nearby to pick us up, especially if we are in an emergency – But on Venus we are completely alone on the Earth sized Sister-Water planet.

We trained in this case also „blind flight“ only having orientation with the technical instrument of our Venus-Dragon-Fly equipment.
This was important if we have not enough sight or daylight on planet Venus.
We could not be sure if there is enough daylight coming through the huge Y-epsilon on the clouds of Planet Venus.
Our Landing Area was exactly at the 0° Meridian where the Twilight Zone between Day and night is on Venus at time we will land there.

So we had two training flights: The first was at day and the second was in the morning-light.

In both cases we had to dive in the Waters around Nan Madol which is called the “Venice of the Pacific”.
Nan Madol is a prehistoric city build in the waters on 100 artificial islands build with huge columns with a weight of each column up to 5 tons weight. All the long and heavy columns have a weight over 250 Millions Tons (!).
The people of Nan Madol tell a story that these columns had been moved by a huge magnetic field. (Some experts say maybe by a higher technology)

An ancient king has a prehistoric tomb on one of the 100 artificial islands for a skeleton which is 3 meters tall. (The Germans tried to bring this huge skeleton to Europe)
Interesting is that the steps to that buildings are huge and not made for humans, they are made for giants.

24 [picture] Nan Madol - Prehistoric City at Micronesia (Pacific)


24 [picture] Nan Madol – Prehistoric City at Micronesia (Pacific)



25 [picture ] Nan Madol submerge

25 [picture ] Nan Madol submerge



26 [picture] Rests of an Ancient Civilization with huge building documented in the Pacific

27 [picture] Nan Madol Ancient Cities (above and under water)
27 [picture] Nan Madol Ancient Cities (above and under water)

Of course in the Ocean waters around Nan Madol there are prehistoric huge buildings of an ancient city like we should explore on Venus.
The Japanese explorers found there gold-platinum sarcophagi and maybe on Venus there is also a lot of ancient Gold and Platinum from the same ancient civilization of giant humans.
Maybe there is a historic connection between the giants of the ancient texts of the monotheistic religions and also the ancient-texts of the old pre-Buddhist giants, etc…
Maybe the giants of these old texts are the same giants of Venus and Nan Madol!

The Skeleton which was found on earth and the Terra-forming relics on Planet Venus could be the proof of it.
The material of the Buildings on Venus are also made from Diorith like on Earth at Puma-Punka.
On earth and Venus the Stone Material seemed to be melted artificially and brought in to serial formed H-Blocks.
Normally the stone Diorith material is not so homogenic if you find it in the nature.

As we dived in the Oceans we made photos and filming use our artificially light to document the huge prehistoric city in the Ocean.
Our team was perfectly trained and prepared for this Venus Mission…“
I remember that Uncle Vily wrote in his novel that there was also at Kamchatka historic artificially findings of a technology (see stone wheels at the picture) looking like parts of a prehistoric machine.

28 [picture] Kamchatka - prehistoric machine or wheels, maybe millions of years old
28 [picture] Kamchatka – prehistoric machine or wheels, maybe millions of years old

29 [picture] complete Venus Map – Continent Ishtar Terra is on the left side up
29 [picture] complete Venus Map – Continent Ishtar Terra is on the left side up


(to be continued…)


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410. Dialogue trough birds

410. Dialogue trough birds


[Palmina’s Diary]

»Since over two days I want to tell Palma il Giovanne that I will play his composition at today’s afternoon concert at 14:30…

But the admins of facebook messenger read my PRIVATE message to him and erased it – yes, sometimes they tried to manipulate the content of our communication. This makes the social media admins so mighty – to be able to manipulate user’s digital private life – So they can destroy communications and relations like they want to do it. So the people call them the „church of social media“ – they think they are mighty cardinals and they act like religious fanatics without respect or tolerance – Their religion is money and manipulation.

The more money they get – the more likes they collect for a special user
The more money they get – the more information about a user they give
The more money they get – the more suppression of a user they make
The more money they get – the more likes are switched INVISIBLE for other users
The more money they get – the more messages they read, sell and erase.

So I asked the birds here on my island to tell other birds that I will play Palma’s music artwork today at the concert on this island!!!
I send him so much brids and hearts on the sky so that I hope Palma is not surprised or confused about it. I asked the birds to send him so much, much love…«

* * *

[Palma’s Diary]

„[…] The last days went so fast and I am always working on a new artwork.

I hope that Palmina could hear all my recent music creations. (I made a lot)

This days something interesting happened:

A lot of birds tried to come in my near in the gardens, especially when I want to take a walk.

They sung very intensive and started always as I came nearby the animals in the nature.
They showed themselves for a moment and made a nice melody and went or flew away.

This means that Palmina tried in the last days to sent me a message and someone stole it.
By the way: My Handy made each time a special SOUND to show me that Palmina wrote me a new message.

The birds brought to me these thoughts from heart to heart.
I think that Palmina was in earlier time a bird and she helped me in my life often and I loved her much and often I gave her carefully kisses.
Yes, a sweet yellow bird she was, I remember.

So she has good relations to the birds and the birds understood her heart and they can read in their thoughts and bring message to other birds till the message reach his goal.
(It works like the modern internet but – from peer-to-peer from bird-to-bird )

The communication system of the birds seemed to work much better and faster than the message system of humans, especially better that facebook messenger. (which is not really end-to-end encrypted – SMS Service is much secure than facebook)

In the last days the sweet birds sent me greetings from Palmina – this I could feel in my heart.

I feel she has a concert today (I felt it at 11 p.m. yesterday)

Now I created a music piece with that I-Ging-Neums.*)


*) The I-GING-NEUMS are explained in a chapter much earlier

I hope that Palmina can listen to this creation…

music score of Violin and Piano (101ab) composed by Gerald Spitzner:

























 (music score video) Violin and Piano (101ab)
music composed by Gerald Spitzner
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/xlxdU_s_G1k

(to continued…)



409. Birthday Inspiration – Heart to heart communication

409. Birthday Inspiration – Heart to heart communication

[Palmina’s Diary]

„Today I was the whole day thinking on Palma il Giovane.
Tomorrow there will be his birthday.
I send Palma a Message to greet him for his annual birthday…
After the 5th try I realized that the administrators of facebook messenger erased my message for Palma.
What shall I do? Who is responsible for this?

I am not shure, but as I allways prepared the concerts on Murano Island in Venice I saw that my father had some secret business with Benedictian Monks, friends of Cardinal Herodes and Mon Signore Saol…
I have allways pains on my fingers after these stupid concerts.
I was just wondering why my father makes these concerts there on that island, because the concerts for the Dogan’s Palace at the Palazzo Ducale for the Republic of Venice, which Palma and his mother organized for me, bringing much more money than on Murano (And it is a higher honor to play a solo there).
Each time I play on Murano, I play not at the Palazzo Ducale…I think this is not very diplomatic by my father.
If I drive alone in the Gondola to the little Island Murano for the evening concerts there, (Father allways ordered a Gondola to bring me there) I allways think on my Palma il Giovane. I hope he is not sad that I play allways at Murano island…
Maybe this is a secret intrigue by the Monks to block the contact between Palma and me…
Someone payed the facebook-admins of the church of social media to block my „Happy birthday wishes“ to Palma.
I wanted just to tell Palma:“
«Dear Palma!
Every evening I look up to the stars, especially our Stars over Venice: Sirius, and Mars and Venus, and all other planets at the evening sky and I am allways thinking on you, especially at 23 p.m.!
To your birhtday I want to play a music piece for you…
In our Peony Gondola hour I will play it at the first minutes past 23 p.m.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Wishing you good inspiriations for your artworks!!!
I feel also that you are thinking on me, Palma.

Your Palmina Albina
PS: Maybe I should send you a message via SMS.»

Now I will take my music instrument and will play full of heart, for him in my tiny little room, here on Giudecca Island at the „Le Zitelle“ where I am the music teacher for the girls there…“

And after Palmina wrote in her secret diary, she took her music instrument and played full of heart for her Palma il Giovane.

* * *

Palma felt in this moment her music deep in his heart and saw that the birds outside sung a melody as bird message for Palma il Giovane.

He listened and saw a big heart in the clouds on the sky and felt a warm feeling in his heart.
„Yes this is from my Palmina. She did not forget my birthday, alltough she is now giving allways concerts at that island…“ Palma thought secretly.

He sat down at his little window over the little view over a little garden where the birds sung „greetings“ from Palmina and he opened his secret diary and wrote:

„Today Palmina send me a bird message and deep in my heart I could feel a heart-to-heart music she was playing for me.

I was just wondering – my facebook messenger made 5 times a sound to show me, that Palmina sent me a message, but the admins of facebook messenger stole her message, read it and erased it. Maybe they got a lot of money for that intrigue…(In the news I read that there is a big facebook-scandal about similar cases)

«Dear Palmina!
I thank you for your Happy birthday Greetings! The handy made today 5 times a sound to show me that you wrote me on facebook messenger 5 messages, but your message was erased, so I could not read it – but my heart got all your love and light… I will compose something…»

Deep in my heart I felt her smile and saw a big heart at the sky.

I have to write a music inspiration…
Palmina inspires me again…“

And Palma’s heart did not stop thinking on her and he wrote a new music inspiration:

* * *

And at 23 p.m. their secret „Thinking-on-each-other-Peony-Gondola-Hour“ Palma send Palmina this Music Vision and it was like that:

VIDEO: Rose Inspiration (Violin and Piano 99c) by Gerald Spitzner
music composed by Gerald Spitzner
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/em4kEn1iVok

(to be continued…)

408. Music Score Video – Violin and Piano (98c) by Gerald Spitzner

408. Music Score Video Violin and Piano (98c) by Gerald Spitzner

picture 1-5: music score Violin and Piano (Nr.98c) composed by Gerald Spitzner




Music Score Video:


[music score] Violin and Piano Nr. 98c
music composed by Gerald Spitzner
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/qA1m425WTX8

(to be continued…)






407. Himmelsrose – Celestial Rose – Music Score Video (96d) Violin and Piano by Gerald Spitzner

407. Himmelsrose – Celestial Rose – Music Score Video (96d) Violin and Piano by Gerald Spitzner

picture 1-7: music score (96d) [1]-[14] Himmelsrose – Celestial Rose – Violin and Piano composed by Gerald Spitzner


1 (96d) Violin and Piano Himmelsrose - Celestial Rose by Gerald Spitzner


2 (96d) Violin and Piano Himmelsrose - Celestial Rose by Gerald Spitzner


3 (96d) Violin and Piano Himmelsrose - Celestial Rose by Gerald Spitzner


4 (96d) Violin and Piano Himmelsrose - Celestial Rose by Gerald Spitzner


5 (96d) Violin and Piano Himmelsrose - Celestial Rose by Gerald Spitzner


6 (96d) Violin and Piano Himmelsrose - Celestial Rose by Gerald Spitzner


7 (96d) Violin and Piano Himmelsrose - Celestial Rose by Gerald Spitzner

Music Score Video:

Violin and Piano (Nr. 96d) – Himmelsrose – Celestial Rose
music composed by Gerald Spitzner
VIDEO: https://youtu.be/r0_yPJTqzKU

(to be continued…)